Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 46

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I opened my eyes and blinked slowly, feeling around my bed as I tried to find my bearings. Behind me was Matt, spooned tightly to my back with his arms wrapped around my torso. I could feel his chest moving in and out slowly against my shoulder blades and his semi hard cock nestled comfortably in my crack. To our left was a noticeably vacant spot where Mike and Jimmy were lying together just two hours earlier when we all settled into our comfortable embrace. Matt serviced my boy pussy one more time before wrapping me in his arms for security, while Mike fired a hot load of cum down Jimmy's gulping throat, cooling the embers of passion that were still red hot in his tummy.

My door was slightly ajar, and through the opening, I could see a warm glow in the hallway. The light wasn't coming from the overhead bulb in the hallway ceiling, though. No, the source of the light was coming from the end of the hallway, shining through my parents' opened door. I listened carefully as the sounds of lustful moaning and wet sucking carried faintly throughout the second floor, knowing that there was sex taking place in my absence. I carefully lifted Matt's arm from atop my shoulder and turned to kiss him on the lips, then I extracted myself from his loving embrace and got out of my bed, determined to survey the carnal scene for myself.

As I padded down the hall, my naked bottom was switching shamelessly from left to right, then back again. As I approached the source of these tale tell noises, it became clear to me that Mike and Jimmy were enjoying themselves. I could hear Mike's muffled moans getting a little louder with every step I took, then I heard Jimmy's feminine whimpers, sounding almost smothered. When I reached the door, I carefully peaked my head through and was greeted by the sight of Mike on his hands and knees, his mouth full of hard, horny man cock. His eyes were shut tight and he had a glorious smile on his face that was evident, even though his lips were slightly distended due to the massive cock they were accommodating. He was slowly bobbing his head up and down, allowing the dick to glide freely between them in a smooth fucking motion, and while he wasn't able to take all of it to the back of the throat, he was clearly trying to.

Behind Mike was Jimmy, who was using his tiny hands to hold Mike's butt cheeks open, giving him unfettered access to his sweaty butt hole. He was in a state of pure bliss as he used his tongue to eat deeply at Mike's back door, alternately whimpering and moaning into the orifice that he was enjoying so much. I could hear his eager nose sniffing as he pleasured both himself and his lover, giving him even more satisfaction as the spicy aroma of hot butt hole drifted into his nostrils. He was becoming more and more involved in the task he was performing, his jaw seeming to open and close systematically as he dined at the puckered entrance of his teenaged Adonis.

My dad was laying flat on his back, his legs spread just far enough apart for Mike to fit comfortably between them. He was running his right hand through Mike's brown head of hair, then occasionally over the left side of Mike's face, as a show of affection. Each time he would caress Mike's cheek, he was rewarded with a moan of satisfaction from the 13 year old cock sucker. To my dad's left, my mom was snuggled up to his chest, watching the show with a very lustful gaze, knowing that Mike was now addicted to the intoxicating thrill of servicing my dad's massive prick. My dad's left arm was wrapped tightly around her delicate frame, the flat of his palm running up and down her back as her engorged breasts pushed into his side.

Is that good, buddy?” my dad asked softly, and without pulling off, Mike moaned hotly and nodded. “You're doing a really good job for daddy. Is Jimmy taking care of your boy pussy?”

Once again, Mike moaned and nodded, prompting Jimmy to moan even more femininely into his rear end. Without waiting to be noticed, I quietly slipped in and padded over to my mom's side of the bed, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. My parents' eyes lit up when they spotted me, giving me warm smiles as I crawled into the bed and cuddled with them. I felt my mom kiss the top of my head at the exact moment that my dad planted his lips to mine, encouraging me to open my mouth for a big boy kiss.

Mmm,” I moaned as I felt his tongue invade my mouth. He engaged me for close to 30 seconds, then our lips parted, prompting me to sigh contentedly as I watched the sex continue.

Are you hungry, baby?” my mom asked, and I nodded up at her. She offered me her right breast, which looked engorged with milk, and I instantly latched on so that I could nurse. As soon as I tasted the sweet milk and felt it flow into my tummy, I experienced the joy of feeling my dad's thick finger in my crack.

Do you want daddy to service your pussy, baby?” my mom asked, and I nodded again, this time around her nursing breast. I heard the sound of a cap being flipped open, then I felt my dad's finger leave my crack. Moments later, I was rewarded for my patience with his well lubed middle finger, moaning lightly as it made its way up my well fucked poop-chute. I felt him start to fuck me gently with it, then he pulled it out before adding a second finger, causing me to moan a little louder around my mom's breast.

As I was enjoying the finger fuck that my dad was treating me to, I heard Mike's moaning getting louder and more depraved. I tried to concentrate on the activities that were taking place between my dad's legs, but the flow of milk and the sweet burn in my boy pussy were working in tandem to lull me into a deep slumber. My mom was rocking me gently, humming a soothing tune that carried into my ears like a gentle rain. My eyes were getting heavy and I knew that I was losing the battle to stay awake. I briefly diverted my eyes over to Mike and Jimmy, taking note of the fact that they were both watching me nurse, and that was all I had left in me. I blinked a few times and sighed heavily, then I let the sandman carry me off to dreamland.

When I opened my eyes again, I was back in my bed. There was a dim light coming through my bedroom window, and I could hear a car running in the driveway of my next door neighbor's house. Matt was holding me close again, only this time I was facing him. I could feel his hard cock pressing hard against my thigh, giving me chills of delight as I thought about wrapping my lips around it and waking him up with a blow job. I pressed my nose into his chest and inhaled, feeling almost dizzy with lust as I contemplated the activities of the night before.

Behind me, Jimmy and Mike were sleeping peacefully in each others' arms. Jimmy was laying on top of Mike with his head just below Mike's chin, and it looked like he was having a good dream. Mike had a serious look on his cute face and his arms were wrapped tightly around Jimmy's torso. His chest was heaving up and down, causing Jimmy's entire upper body to move up and down with it.

I used my hands to reach between Matt and I, eager to run them over his engorged boyhood. I let out a little whimper when I made contact with his cock, then I very carefully eased my way down the bed until I was face to face with the juicy treat. I cautiously leaned forward and planted a kiss on the head, then I used my tongue to trace along the entire length. I felt a shiver run through me as I enjoyed my first taste of cock for the day, prompting me to slip my mouth over the end and suck the head of his dick gently, then I took his entire length to the back of my throat and began bobbing my head up and down, eager to feel him service the clit that I had there.

Not long after I began blowing my lover, I felt him run his fingers through my messy hair, prompting me to moan hotly as his cock worked back and forth in my cum tube. I reached up with my hands, placing them over his and encouraging him to hold my head tightly, wanting to be fucked forcefully by my lover. I manipulated his fingers so that he was holding two handfuls of my brown hair, then I began to bob my head roughly for about 15 seconds. When I eased up, he got the message and started to force my head up and down, sending long shivers through my little body as he brought me to a powerful orgasm. I felt my midsection burning and my hairless little pecker was twitching roughly as he drove in and out of my mouth. At the same time, my boy cunt started to contract over and over on its own, causing ass juice to surge hard enough to spurt from between its lips. I moaned like a girl over and over again as he continued to treat me to a forceful throat fuck, running my hands over his hairless balls until I felt them pull tight, then his cock throbbed in my mouth and he blasted off, treating me to a luscious mouthful of hot boy spunk that I gulped furiously.

When there was no more cum to swallow, I went down further, anxious for a taste of his sweaty stink hole. I felt out of control with passion as I began to eat it deeply, pushing his legs up and using my hands to part his warm cheeks, then letting them close on my face as I searched for as much ass juice as I could find. While I was in the midst of treating myself to a helping of Matt's poop-chute, I felt a familiar set of hands pulling me up by my hips. Without pulling my face out of Matt's crack, I moaned loudly and rolled my hips around, eager for some back door action.

The familiar touch of my dad's tongue against the lips of my boy pussy was enough to re-trigger my orgasm. I was juicing hard as my body reached the height of little boy ecstasy, moaning femininely as my dad ate my pussy so deeply that I thought his tongue would be ripped off by my clutching sphincter. As I was enjoying the two rim jobs I was engaging in, Jimmy and Mike were awakened by the action that was taking place in the bed beside them. They shared a long kiss that ended with Jimmy going down on Mike, eager to swallow another load of hot cum.

When it was all over, I was yearning for a hot cock up the butt, but my dad didn't give it to me. Instead, the four of us were summoned to my parents' room, where two sets of pink, corduroy overalls were laying on the bed beside two pairs of white boy undies. I felt a shudder run through me and looked up at my dad, who gave me a knowing smile and motioned Jimmy and I to follow him into the bathroom. Matt and Mike were holding hands, following close behind with curious, lustful grins.

Who's hungry?” my dad asked knowingly, prompting Jimmy and I to grin up at him hopefully. “Daddy has a full bladder he needs to take care of, first. Do my two little toilets want to take turns drinking some pee?”

We both nodded eagerly, climbing into the tub and opening wide, anxious for a warm bellyful of pee. I took the initiative and grabbed my dad's cock, aiming it for Jimmy's opened, eager mouth. In response, my dad reached down and petted my head, then he let loose with a forceful stream. Jimmy started to gulp furiously, trying to keep up and not lose any. When it was obvious that his mouth was going to overflow, my dad stopped mid stream and smiled warmly at me. I cheated a little by wrapping my lips around the head, making it easier for me to take everything he had for me. As his warm flow coursed over my tongue, I inhaled deeply, enjoying the strong, acrid aroma that was drifting into my nostrils.

When he was done, I shook him off on my tongue, then I reached out and rubbed his tummy, eager for a hot pile of turds to savor and swallow. To my left, Jimmy's mouth was watering and he was licking his lips, obviously feeling insatiable for the same thing. Matt and Mike were standing in front of my mother, her exposed breasts hanging down far enough that they almost touched the tops of their heads. They were smiling naughtily at us, watching as we prepared to accept my dad's morning poop load.

Are daddy's little poop eaters hot for it this morning?” my dad asked, prompting us to nod eagerly. “Well, daddy has a massive load to feed you this morning. Do you think you can take it all?”

Yes daddy,” I lisped. “I'm so hungry for it.”

What about you, baby?” my dad asked Jimmy, who licked his lips and smiled sweetly.

Me too, daddy,” he said innocently. “I want to eat more poop today than I ate yesterday.”

So hot,” I heard Mike exclaim, his hand still clasped with Matt's, who was nodding in agreement. Both of their boy cocks were standing at attention, pressed so tightly against their groins that their modest pubic bushes were nearly hidden.

Who wants to go first?” my mom asked, and I looked hopefully up at her. She smiled sympathetically at me, then she gave Jimmy a warm smile. “Is it okay if Kyle goes first this morning, sweetie?”

Yes mommy,” Jimmy said. “I got to go first yesterday.”

With that, I leaned over and kissed him on the lips, prompting my mom and dad to gush at my show of affection for my boyfriend. He smiled lovingly at me, then he batted his eyes at me. I gave him a dreamy sigh, then I licked my lips and waited while my dad got into position. As I was parting his cheeks, I voiced my desires so that everyone would know what I wanted from him.

I want you to poop as hard as you can in my mouth, daddy,” I practically stuttered.

Are you sure, princess?' my mom asked, and I nodded furiously with a hungry gaze.

I want everyone who poops in my mouth today to do it hard, mommy,” I admitted. “I want you to watch daddy's poop when it goes in my mouth.”

She smiled warmly at my admission, then she reached out and rubbed my rumbling tummy while I posted up at my dad's backdoor and waited. I sniffed hard, anxious for a preview of my stinky gift, then I opened wide and placed my mouth at his sphincter. He let go with a hot, silent fart that smelled and tasted amazing as I took it in, then I let go of a moan as I watched his hole expand. Seconds later, I was treated to a mass of hot, thick turds that exploded from his rear end and pushed into my mouth with so much force that my cheeks bulged painfully. I nearly choked as his load forced its way to the back of my throat and up into my nostrils, causing my lips to protrude, then forcing them to open widely to accommodate the sheer mass.

The entire process took less than three seconds, but it looked like someone had squatted over my face and pooped for about three minutes without stopping. I had thick ribbons of poop pushing out of my nostrils, causing it to drip down onto the floor of the tub as I struggled to catch my breath. My dad looked over his shoulder at me with a panicked look when he realized what he did while my mom, Mike and Matt stood there, stunned at the site. To my right, Jimmy was expressionless at first, then he seemed to snap back into the moment and a look of concern crossed his face. My mom looked up at my dad, almost as if she were going to reprimand him, but before she could, I let loose with a loud moan and smiled blissfully at her.

The taste was so wonderful, and the smell was just as heavenly. I was chewing and swallowing with hot moans of desire that were derived from the pleasure I was experiencing. My boy pussy was burning with passion as an anal orgasm swept over my body, seeming to intensify with every swallow that I took as I continued to chew and smash my mouthful.

I'll take it easier on you, sweetie,” my dad assured Jimmy, who seemed to relax when he realized how much I was enjoying my stinky mouthful of hot poop.

No, daddy, I want you to give me a lot of poop, too,” Jimmy requested, and I saw my mom start to shake her head in protest. Jimmy gave her an anguished look, and she instantly relented, instead looking at my dad with a hesitant but approving nod. Mike and Matt looked like they were in a state of sheer disbelief at what they were witnessing. Even though they'd both seen us eat large volumes of hot poop before, they'd never seen us beg for it to be fed to us in such a forceful, uncontrollable fashion. They were both still sporting major wood, and I was eager to feel both of them service my boy pussy when my luscious brown meal was finished.

I was still chewing up my brown mouthful when Jimmy got into position at my dad's back door, anxious for his turn. His mouth was watering hard, and he was licking away at the heaps of poop left in my dad's crack, treating himself to a delicious preview of what was to come. I reached out and rubbed Jimmy's tummy, knowing that he had a full load of boy poop waiting for me to enjoy. I had a load of my own that I was anxious to share with him, wanting to give him the maximum amount of pleasure before we were mounted by Mike, Matt and my dad.

Just as I was swallowing the last of my brown treat, I heard my dad's rear end explode with the sound of three juicy farts that erupted in rapid succession. In an instant, Jimmy's cheeks were bulging tightly and his hairless boy pecker gave off multiple shots of cum, hitting the backs of my dad's legs and running down to his ankles. He pulled his face out of my dad's crack just in time to reveal his own protruding lips, a dark, luscious looking turd sticking out between them. He had a huge smile on his brown streaked face, and he was chewing slowly, seemingly wanting to savor the stinky mouthful he'd been treated to.

Mmm,” he moaned as he negotiated the large volume of turds in his mouth.

Is that good, baby?” my mom asked gently, and Jimmy nodded. Matt and Mike were both leaking precum like crazy, their teenaged boy cocks still stiff as a board. I licked my lips and got back into position, hot for another load straight from my dad's bowels. I felt my mom run her fingers through my hair as I was shoving my face between his cheeks, then she rubbed my back while she spoke to my dad.

Honey, try to take it a little easier on them,” she said, prompting me to shake my head no in protest.

I don't have that much left, dear,” he assured her, then his hole began to expand and I moaned hotly in anticipation of his offering. I could hear the moist crackling sound of a hot turd making its way down his poop-chute, then I felt it pushing through my lips and into my mouth. It ran rapidly over the flat of my tongue and curved up, then it made contact with the roof of my mouth and fell over under its own weight, giving me the joy of feeling its heaviness as it laid on my tongue and grew in length. When it detached from his hole, I pulled my face out and smiled at everyone in the room, taking note of the fact that Jimmy was still working on his brown mouthful.

After showing off my treat, I chewed it up and swallowed, somehow finishing before Jimmy could get the last of his first mouthful down. His cute little Adam's apple was still bobbing up and down, so I moved back into position for another mouthful. I was treated to a hot, gassy fart that caused several splatters of poop to spray into my face, then my dad pushed and I received one last, slender turd that he had to strain hard to expel, and I knew that he was empty.

I chewed up my final gift, then I got to work on his rump, licking it clean with my toilet paper tongue. I was soon joined by Jimmy, whose tummy looked slightly distended, and together we lapped away all of the left over poop smears on my dad's backside. I looked up hopefully at Matt and Mike, but I understood that they were saving their morning loads for later, when Jimmy and I would be eating again at Nathan's house. They did, however, step up to the tub and wait for us to get on our hands and knees with our mouths wide opened so that they could treat us to their morning pee loads. They peed down our throats, then in our hair while my mom went back into the room.

When she returned, she had both pairs of white boy undies. She held them open, one pair at a time, so that Jimmy and I could get dressed in them.

As soon as I had my pair on, I hung my rear end out towards my audience and pushed, expelling a large, soft load of boy poop that weighted down the back of my white underwear. I pushed out three more turds that pushed into the soft mass that was already there, then I strained hard to make sure that I was empty. While I was doing this, Jimmy pushed and had a nearly identical poop. Through the seat of his underwear, I could see the moist pile of turds he was pushing out, making my mouth water. It was dark brown, but it had a very smooth consistency, almost like chocolate pudding, while mine was more like soft serve ice cream. I took a long, drawn out whiff and realized that I was smelling the end result of almost non stop poop eating and pee drinking since Christmas. I felt a shiver run through me when I thought about all of the hot poop I'd ingested, knowing how much I enjoyed it and wondering how many more hot loads I could eat before the start of school.

It stinks worse than ever,” I heard Mike observe, then he looked up at my mom. “Is that because they eat so much poop?”

Yes, sweetie,” she told him, pulling back the waistband of my underwear while Jimmy continued to push. “It looks like mommy's little poop lovers had quite a load in their tummies.”

When Jimmy was finally finished pushing, we both stood in front of her and my dad while Mike and Matt watched closely, curious as to what was going to happen. I saw Mike's eyes widen when my mom pulled a soft turd from my underwear and offered it to me. I quickly accepted the stinky offering, wanting it crammed into my mouth right away. While I was chewing up my mouthful, she reached into Jimmy's undies and fetched a soft handful of boy poop, holding it under his nose and letting him take a long whiff before easing it into his mouth.

Matt looked enthralled as he watched my mom feed us turd after delicious turd, absentmindedly grabbing himself while Mike leaned over and kissed his lips from time to time. It seemed like the handfuls of boy poop were getting progressively stinkier as the minutes carried on, causing me to moan loudly while I continued to sniff over and over. When our undies were finally empty, my mom lowered them and we stepped out of them. Before she started the shower and took our underwear away, I got on my hands and knees behind Jimmy and ate his stink laden hole deeply, knowing that I was lost in my own little world of pig heaven. When I finally pulled my face away, he treated me to a deep rim job while simultaneously lapping away all of the smeared poop that he could find while my mom, my dad, Matt and Mike all watched from the outside of the tub.

Finally, my dad got in with us with Mike and Matt in tow. It was a little crowded with five of us in the shower, so Mike and Matt sat on the floor of the tub and watched while my dad washed Jimmy and I from head to toe, then we took the bar of soap from him and lathered up his cock. I quickly bent over and let him fuck a hot load into my yearning boy pussy while Jimmy went down on Matt. While he was sucking Matt off, Mike posted up at his rear end and fucked a creamy load into it. When we traded partners, I bent over and begged Matt to fuck me while I watched my dad slip his cock into Jimmy's rear end and screw another load into it.

After we had our boy pussies serviced, Jimmy and I held each other on the floor of the tub while my dad took his time washing Mike and Matt. When they were clean, he engaged each of them in a loving French kiss, then he let them drop to their knees and take turns with his once again hard dick, sucking it and fondling his balls. Mike and Matt were kissing each other deeply with my dad's dick trapped between them, then Mike took the initiative and slipped his mouth over the head while Matt licked my dad's balls and caressed his thighs. While they were on the floor pleasuring my dad, they were jerking each other off and moaning loudly. Finally, my dad announced that he was about to cum, prompting Mike and Matt to get into position in front of him. With a groan, he covered their cute faces in his man cream while they jerked themselves off furiously, blowing their loads all over his feet.