Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 47

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Am I pretty, daddy?” I asked hopefully as my mom fastened the straps of my new outfit into place. I felt Mike kiss the top of my head, prompting me to tilt my head back far enough to look up and smiled at him. He responded by kissing my lips tenderly, then he ran his fingers through my still damp hair.

You're very pretty, princess,” my dad answered softly. “Both of my baby girls are pretty.”

I smiled over at Jimmy, who was sitting in Matt's lap with a very serene look on his face. While my mom and Mike were dressing me in my pretty new outfit, my dad and Matt were doing the same for Jimmy.

When we got out of the shower, my dad told Matt and Mike to take us to my bathroom and help us brush our teeth. They readily complied, holding our hands and being very tender with us as we made our way to the sink, where they readied my toothbrush and took turns scrubbing our teeth before pouring mouthwash into a cup for us to rinse with. When our breath was minty fresh, we were treated to long, tongue heavy kisses until my dad joined us. At his direction, Jimmy and I bent over the sink and offered up our boy pussies. After admiring them for an agonizing 60 seconds, my dad poured KY Warming Jelly into Mike and Matt's hands and instructed them to lube us up.

With Mike's middle and fore fingers working furiously in my boy cunt, I moaned with desire, eager for more sex at my back door. I could feel Mike's once again hard pecker poking me in the left butt cheek, but before he could slip it back inside of me, my dad instructed him to take me down the hall to my parents' room so that my mom could help me into my new clothes. I groaned when his fingers left me, then I reluctantly let my lover guide me back to the room, where my mom was standing by the bed, running her hand over the new clothes to straighten them out.

Are you ready to try on your new clothes, sugar?” she asked me, and I nodded. I felt a strong shiver run through me when she held out a clean pair of 101 Dalmatians panties for me to step into. As I was stepping into my new panties, I looked down at my hairless little pecker, taking note of the fact that it had once again retracted so that it looked smaller than normal. She picked up a tee shirt with the same pattern of characters and a very pretty pink collar. I happily held my arms up so that she could slip it over my head, then she guided my arms into the holes and pulled it down.

Just then, Jimmy, Matt and my dad returned to the room. Jimmy and Matt were grinning naughtily at me when they spotted my attire, and I couldn't help but lick my lips as I considered being a girl all day with Jimmy. I wanted to service another cock so bad, with my mouth, my boy pussy or my hand. I didn't care how I did it, I just knew that I was craving cock in the worst way. I wanted to be a good little girl for anyone who would let me, and I wanted others to watch while I did it. I was so horny at the moment that my lubed up boy cunt was starting to juice hard, sending powerful pheromones into the air around me. I knew that everyone could smell my desire as it wafted into the air, and I was hoping that it would serve as enough of an aphrodisiac for someone, anyone, to give me access to their dick.

As it turned out, I didn't have to wait long. Mike took a seat on the bed, and my mom instructed me to sit between his legs. While I was doing this, she lifted my feet and put my new overalls on while I engaged my top in another tongue heavy kiss. At the same time, I reached down into his lap and wrapped my hand around his hard on. We both moaned at the same time, then our kiss got more intense as I treated myself to the joy of giving a hand job. I felt my mom's hands grabbing both sides of my torso, prompting me to break my kiss with Mike and give her my attention.

I need you to sit up and pick your butt up, baby,” she told me gently, and without letting go of Mike's hot cock, I did as I was told. Seconds later, we fell back into our kiss while she worked to pull the straps over my shoulders. To our right, my dad and Matt had already gotten Jimmy into his outfit, having his full cooperation the entire time.

When we were dressed in our new outfits, we got up and pranced around. I felt especially feminine when I spotted my reflection in the mirror. I looked just like a little girl, save for my short hair and my Adam's apple. Jimmy looked equally girlish, his sweet smile accenting his pink overalls. We held hands and skipped around the room gayly for our audience, then we kissed deeply while they all watched. When Jimmy and I separated, Mike and Matt were both sitting in my dad's lap, having each taken a thigh, and were sharing a very loving kiss of their own at his and my mom's urging. Jimmy and I very quickly climbed back onto the bed and treated ourselves to a mouthful of their cocks. I moaned hotly around Mike's dick while Jimmy did the same with Matt, then I felt my dad's hand on the back of my head. I squealed sissily as he guided my head up and down while I blew my lover, taking note of the fact that he was doing the same for Jimmy.

They're very sexy little girls, aren't they?” I heard my dad say, but I didn't hear a response from either of our lovers. “They love giving head. How many blow jobs do you think they'll give today?”

A lot,” Mike said with a sigh. “When we go to Nathan's house, they'll give everyone head a bunch of times.”

I'm sure that will make them happy,” my dad observed, and I nodded my head in agreement. I felt his fingers run gently through my hair as he continued to guide my head up and down. “Do you see how eager they are to suck dick?”

Yes,” Matt hissed, then I felt Mike's hand replace my dad's. At the same time, I felt Mike raise his midsection slightly, then he settled it again with a sigh.

Does that feel good, little buddy?” I heard my dad ask.

Yes, Mr. Smith,” Mike answered. “I like it a lot.”

I could tell that you liked it last night,” my dad said tenderly. “Do you think Matt would like it, too?”

Maybe,” he answered, his tone hopeful.

Do you think we should ask him?” my dad asked, and I heard Mike sigh blissfully.

Uh huh,” he said, his voice very passive. “I think he would like it a lot.”

What do you think, pal?” I heard my dad ask. “Would you like to have daddy's finger in your tight little tush? Mike really enjoys it.”

Okay, daddy,” Matt said dreamily, then I watched as he lifted his butt up so that my dad could slip a finger up his hole. I heard Matt draw in a sharp breath through his teeth, then he let go of a long breath as he got used to the invader. He and Mike shared another kiss, then I heard him let go of a moan that told me he was enjoying this new arrangement. At the same time, I felt Mike's left hand running up and down my back, then he used it to grope my horny bottom. He ran his palm all over my corduroy covered rump, prompting me to moan sissily once again.

While Mike was groping my bottom, I felt his cock start to expand in my throat, giving me chills of delight as it continued to work my clit. Throbbing waves of pleasure were running down the backs of my legs and my boy pussy was juicing hard, burning with passion as my anal orgasm erupted gloriously. I was pushing my hips up, wanting his groping hand to grab my bottom more forcefully as I worked my throat muscles around his dick, eager to enjoy having it there for as long as I could. When I felt the cum rising up his shaft, I pulled it out of my throat and wrapped my lips around the head. Moments later, I was moaning like the little girl I had become, gulping furiously as he unloaded his tasty boy spunk in my mouth. When there was no more of his creamy treat to swallow, I ran my tongue all over his rod, then down to his nuts as my climax started to wane.

When I finally pulled my mouth off of his dick, I sat up and swallowed the remainder of my treat. I licked my lips and moaned hotly, then I felt my mom grab me from behind and lift me into her lap. As soon as I was seated in her lap, she slipped my binky into my mouth and kissed the top of my head. While I was nursing on my pacifier, I watched my dad and Mike kiss deeply while Jimmy continued to blow Matt. When they broke their kiss, Mike slid out of his lap and treated himself to another mouthful of my dad's hard cock, taking it like a pro while my dad worked a second finger into his rear end. As soon as two fingers were buried to the hilt inside of him, Mike smiled appreciatively at my dad, his lips still wrapped tightly around the stalk of his dick. He let go of a horny moan and raised his bottom up into the air, prompting my dad to finger fuck him more forcefully.

While I watched the scene unfold in front of me with a pacifier in my mouth, my mom was rubbing my back lovingly and rocking me slowly, telling me what a good baby girl I was and that she loved me. I smiled up at her, sucking my binky furiously, feeling completely fulfilled at the moment because I was the center of her affection and because my craving for cock had been temporarily sated. Matt was kissing my dad in an almost urgent fashion, his own little boy hole being pleasured while Mike moaned and ground his bottom around in the air, eager for more back door action.

Do you see that?” my dad asked when they broke their kiss, and Matt nodded dreamily. “He was doing the same thing last night when he came to my room, looking for more cock to suck. He swallowed three of my loads before he finally fell asleep. Jimmy ate at his back door while he sucked me off the first time, then he fucked a load into Jimmy's tight little rear end and put him to sleep. He still needed some action back there, so while he was looking for another load to swallow from my balls, I fingered him and he loved it. He came while he was sucking dick and getting his boy pussy worked out.”

It feels really good,” Matt admitted with a contented sigh as Mike shamelessly pushed back against my dad's pleasuring hand.

I bet he'd love another finger in there, wouldn't you pal?” my dad observed, and Mike nodded with a depraved moan. With that, my dad placed a third finger at Mike's stretched entrance, not inserting it right away. Instead, he continued his fucking motion in a slow, methodical fashion that I was sure drove Mike up the wall as he waited for another finger to be added. At some point, while my dad was sliding his fingers back in, he gently slid the third finger in, just slightly, while the other two slid all the way in. He continued this motion over and over again, adding a little bit more of the third finger each time until he had all three fingers up Mike's rear end. Mike gave out a series of loud moans, his blissful smile evident as my dad pleasured him at both ends.

Out of nowhere, I heard Matt inhale sharply, then I heard Jimmy moan and gulp over and over, telling me that he was being treated to Matt's warm load of cum. My mom kissed my cheek again, prompting me to look up at her and smile as Jimmy leaned into Matt's side, watching Mike with a naughty smile the entire time.

Did you get a good mouthful, baby girl?” my dad asked, and Jimmy nodded with a contented smile.

Yes daddy,” he said sissily. “I feel like a pretty girl.”

That's because you are a pretty girl, baby,” he answered. “I'm sure you're going to get to swallow plenty of cum loads today. Are you excited about that?”

Uh huh,” Jimmy answered, nodding eagerly. “I want to give head a hundred times today, daddy.”

That sounds very sexy, sweetie,” I heard my mom say, prompting Jimmy to smile over at us. He was watching longingly while I nursed on my binky, prompting me to look up at my mom questioningly. She pulled the pacifier out of my mouth and handed it to Matt, who eased it into Jimmy's mouth while I latched onto my mom's breast, eager to nurse at her teat. While I was breastfeeding, I heard my dad and Matt talking.

Kyle's like a baby sometimes, huh?” he observed.

Well, Kyle is our baby,” my dad told him softly, still using three fingers to fuck Mike in the ass. “So is Jimmy. They're both very special little cock hounds with special needs.”

How come Kyle still has a binky and breastfeeds?” Matt asked curiously, and I watched while my dad leaned down and kissed the top of his head.

Because he loves his mommy,” my dad explained. “And she loves him, and she wants to feed her baby when he's hungry.”

Is that why she feeds him poop?” Matt asked, prompting my dad to smile warmly and nod.

We know that our baby needs as much as he can get,” my dad said, sending a shiver through me because he was right. “If he could get another mouthful right now, he'd take it. I can tell that you and Mike both have a load waiting in those tight little bottoms of yours, ready to come out.”

We're supposed to save it for when we go to Nathan's house,” Matt explained. “We're all going to feed Kyle and Jimmy our poop when we get there.”

Mmm,” I moaned loudly around my mom's nipple, feeling my tummy rumble for another load of hot poop.

Do you hear that, buddy?” my dad said. “He's hot for it right away. I bet Jimmy can't wait for another hot load to swallow, either. Can you baby?”

Jimmy shook his head no and grinned, still sucking the blue and red pacifier. He knew that his true desires were no secret to anyone in the room. Matt reached down and rubbed his tummy, then he kissed his forehead.

They always eat poop,” he said, looking up at my dad. “Yesterday they ate poop more than ten times.”

Still suckling at my mom's teat, I nodded his way, then I held out all ten of my fingers twice. Everyone but Jimmy looked stunned at this, but their eyes got wider when I held up three additional fingers, indicating the true number of times that I accepted a hot load directly from the rear end of a feeder the day before. That didn't include the hot poop that my mom fed me from the seat of my own underwear, or the steaming pile of dog poop that Jimmy and I shared after we had sex with the meter man in his garage. That number also didn't include the number of times Jimmy swallowed a stinky pile of turds from other rear ends. The only one who didn't see me confess to eating almost two dozen poop loads the day before was Mike, who seemed to be working more diligently than ever on my dad's dick, his moaning now reaching a fever pitch.

You were very hungry for it, weren't you baby?” my mom said in a soothing tone, and I nodded up at her. “Are you that hungry for it again?”

Mmm,” I moaned, still nodding my head. She smiled lovingly at me and kissed my cheek, then she rocked me back and forth while we watched my dad unload his man jizz into Mike's mouth. When my dad pulled his fingers out of Mike's rear end, he held them up to Matt's nose. Matt gave a long whiff, then his lips parted and he gave my dad a daring look before sucking on his fingertips. When my dad pulled his fingers away, Mike was on them the way he was on my dad's cock, sucking them into his mouth and moaning loudly as he crawled back into my dad's lap. There were several splatters of cum on the sheet, where Mike had been kneeling while he was giving my dad a blow job. I looked over at his spent boy cock, noting that it was drooling with cum that was seeping out over his ball sack. He rested his head on my dad's shoulder and was breathing heavily, a look of deep devotion on his baby face as he gazed down at the cock that had just unloaded in his mouth.

Did you get enough of daddy's dick for now?” my dad asked him tenderly, and he responded with a slow nod. “How does your tight little rear end feel, baby?”

It feels good, daddy,” he sighed. “If my mom says yes, can I spend the night again?”

Of course you can,” my dad said, then he gently caressed his face. “Do you want to spend more time between daddy's legs?”

Yes,” Mike hissed, almost as if nobody else was in the room. “I love you.”

I love you too, pal,” my dad told him, then he addressed all of us. “Daddy's going to get off of work early today. Do you boys think you can be home by one o'clock today from your little friend Nathan's house?”

We can,” Matt answered eagerly, reaching out to rub Mike's heaving chest. “I want to spend some time with you, too.”

I know you do, baby,” my dad said affectionately. “In the meanwhile, I want you to make sure you take care of my baby girls. They need plenty of cock, and they want to swallow a lot of cum and poop. Can you help them with that?”

Yes, daddy,” Matt said. “We promise to keep them happy.”

Good boys,” my dad said, offering Mike and Matt each a kiss that they accepted eagerly. “And you remember what we talked about last night, right?”

Yes, daddy,” Mike said. “We'll never tell anyone about this.”

We promise,” Matt swore. “We'll never tell.”

I know you won't,” my dad said confidently, then he smiled at Mike. “When daddy gets home, we'll work on getting that bubble butt of yours ready, okay?”

Okay,” Mike said with a happy nod, prompting Matt to speak up.

Can we work on mine, too?” he asked hopefully, and my dad nodded.

We will, little buddy, I promise.”

With that, my dad scooted them out of his lap and stood up. My mom used her fingers to make me disengage, then she held her arms out for Jimmy, who joined me in her lap. She took the binky out of his mouth and we made out while she rubbed our backs and told us what cute little girls we were. Mike and Matt followed my dad out of the room, walking behind him as his manly buns flexed in their faces. While they were in my room, he encouraged them to climb onto my bed on their hands and knees, making their boy pussies available to him. He took the opportunity to eat deeply at Mike's back door while he slipped a finger up Matt's rear end, then he traded off, eating Matt to a frantic climax while he fucked Mike with three fingers.

We could hear the lustful moaning coming from my room, followed by the sounds of wet sucking as Matt and Mike treated themselves to one more load of cum from his balls that they shared, their mouths wide opened as he unloaded his ball juice. Moments later, we heard the snaps of two waistbands, then my dad re-appeared, this time with Mike and Matt hoisted up in his arms, resting their heads on his shoulders as he carried them back to the bedroom. They were wearing clean underwear and white tee shirts, but nothing else. They both had their legs wrapped tightly around my dad's midsection, their knees making contact at the front and back. He set them down on the bed and laid down, wrapping an arm around each boy as they settled into another post orgasmic snuggle. My mom scooted Jimmy and I out of her lap so that we could cuddle with the three of them while she went downstairs and started a pot of coffee and boiled water for his oatmeal.

Do you want to take your clothes off?” Ethan asked, and I shook my head no, eager to move things along. I reasoned that it was going to take too long to unbuckle the snaps of my overalls, and besides, I was feeling just depraved enough that I was looking forward to dirtying my girl clothes with some stinky poop and hot pee. More importantly, though, I didn't want to wait a second longer than I had to. I was anxious to start receiving poop loads right away.

As soon as we got to Nathan's house, everyone was all over Jimmy and I, treating us to kisses and telling us how cute we looked in our pink overalls. My hot to trot rear end was filling out the seat of my outfit so perfectly, just like Jimmy's, causing it to stick out enticingly as it switched from side to side. I was hoping for an audience of my neighbors as we made the walk to Nathan's house, but there was nobody outside to see me. Still, I got a thrill from the idea that as soon as we got to our destination, six hunks would be ready to fill my mouth with hot poop. The night before, Jimmy and I each took three of our own feeders. This morning, I decided, we were going to share feeders. I wanted to sample everyone's butt candy, and was feeling especially hot for a wide variety of delicious tasting turds to fill my mouth.

Everyone was still in their underwear when we arrived, affording Jimmy and I the opportunity to access their cocks with our hands while we luxuriated in the French kisses that each hunk engaged us in. We both took the time to plant our noses in their cracks, moaning as we sniffed their stinky rear ends and were treated to hot farts that blew into our watering mouths. We took extra time at Steve's backside, enjoying the smell of the dark brown streaks that colored the seat of his white briefs while his gassy farts made us lightheaded with lust. As Steve's sweet, stinky aroma drifted into our nostrils, I started to get more and more impatient, and finally, I announced my urgent need.

I want you all to poop in my mouth,” I begged , taking Ethan by the hand and rushing him down the hall to the bathroom. He had a huge grin on his face the entire way, no doubt looking forward to finding relief in my watering mouth.

Without waiting to discuss the logistics of how we were going to do it, I yanked Ethan's boxers down to his ankles and got behind him. He was looking over his shoulder at me with a sarcastic smile as I pulled his hips down and shoved my face up into his back side, not even waiting for everyone else to finish filing into the bathroom. I moaned hotly into his butt as I listened to the sounds in the background of the others getting undressed. I heard Jimmy moaning hotly, behind me, his small head right next to mine as he took deep sniffs of Ethan's rump.

Holy crap, they want it bad,” I heard Kevin exclaim right at the exact moment that Ethan pushed, simultaneously letting loose with a hot, juicy fart and a hot pile of turds that pushed into my mouth all at once, causing my cheeks to bulge almost obscenely as I let loose with a long moan. The pile of moist turds smelled very sharp, exactly like fresh cat poop, and I was in heaven as I negotiated the stinky load with my tongue. With my face still buried in his rump, I rolled my pink corduroy covered rear end around in the air, then I pulled my face out and smiled blissfully around the delicious, stinky meal I had just been treated to.

I opened wide to show everyone my treat, then I chewed and swallowed while Ethan filled Jimmy's mouth with an equally large, super stinky mouthful that caused him to cream himself almost instantaneously. When I got back into position, Ethan fed me three hot turds that pushed out in rapid succession and filled my mouth cumulatively. They were dark brown, lined with a moist sheen of ass juice and extra thick. The first one was the longest, curling up as it filled my watering mouth. The next two were shorter, but still so long and thick that they pushed forcefully into the first one, causing all three turds to smash until there was a thick, stinky mass packing my mouth. The load in my mouth was packed so tightly that it started to push up into my nasal cavity, giving me chills of delight as my boygasm erupted.

While I was letting my senses calm down, Jimmy was accepting the last of Ethan's hot load of boy poop, causing his hairless cocklet to spew more semen as the powerfully stinky trio of turds filled his mouth. I was swallowing the last of my mouthful while Jimmy took to Ethan's rump, so I took the initiative and scraped the poop that was smeared thickly around my mouth, licking it off of my fingers and moaning loudly. When it was gone, I took Matt's hand and dropped to my knees, eager to finally have his morning load. I saw Mike give an urgent look of need when I didn't select him right away, so I smiled.

You can feed me right away, too, honey,” I lisped sissily as Matt squatted over my face. I opened wide and moaned while Jimmy crawled on his hands and knees to me, still scraping the boy fudge from his face as Matt's hole opened up. The loud crackle that carried into my ears made my mouth water all over again, and as if I were accepting my first turd of the morning, I moaned loudly and sniffed hard. Seconds later, I was negotiating a heavy mouthful of hot, clay brown boy poop that had an intoxicating aroma.

The volume was incredible, not necessarily a pile of turds, yet still somehow a long, firm mass that came out all at once. The odor that was rolling off of it was amazing, almost a combination of the sweet stink of a poop stained pair of underwear and the dark aroma of a brown, creamy turd. I had to keep my mouth opened to avoid smashing it with the roof of my mouth, something I was looking forward to, but I wanted to show my gift off to the room first. Jimmy leaned forward and took a long whiff that caused him to shoot another string of cum into his panties. I watched him shudder while everyone else examined the massive heap of boy poop in my mouth, then I shivered with passion as I finally closed my mouth and began to smash, chew and swallow.

While Matt was filling Jimmy's mouth with the rest of his morning poop load, Mike squatted over my face and I wasted no time getting into position, hoping for another massive offering as I sniffed loudly. I was still shivering with pleasure as I listened to him strain, then I felt a powerful throb in my boy pussy as his hot load exploded into my mouth, filling it with almost as much force as my dad had earlier that morning. The sheer volume was amazing, occupying every square inch of available space in my slutty mouth. It was such a soft load that I knew I wouldn't have to chew to get the hot pile down. I could just use my tongue to smash it against the roof of my mouth once my boygasm subsided.

Mmm,” I moaned loudly as the sweet stink rose up all around us. It was so luscious, just like diarrhea, and the taste was equally heavenly. I opened wide to show off the blended colored orange-brown load, taking note of the fact that I could feel its steam rising up out of my mouth and into my sniffing nostrils. I quickly gulped it down and looked to my right, where Jimmy was accepting another turd from Matt's rear end. He was chewing and swallowing with blissful moans, the front of his pink overalls splattered with hot poop at the bib and soaked with semen at the crotch. I looked down at the front of my own outfit, finding that it was colored with several smears and splatters of poop from my feeders. While I had no semen to fire out, I knew that my panties were moistening with ass juice that was spurting out of my little boy butt.

Seeing that Jimmy was in the midst of accepting a dark turd from Matt, I posted back up at Mike's rear end and listened while he pushed, sending a firmer but still soft load down his poop-chute and into my opened, watering mouth. It filled up rapidly, stopping just short of pushing past my distended lips, and I once again shivered with lust as I showed off my stinky treat to the room.

How is that, baby?” I heard Mike ask from above, and I responded with a horny moan as I smashed my brown meal up and swallowed.

I still have more,” I heard Matt announce, holding his stomach. Jimmy smiled over at me, silently communicating that he wanted to trade places, so I quickly complied. I got back into position behind Matt and parted his cheeks with another horny moan, then I listened as he farted loudly into my watering mouth. He grabbed his stomach and winced again, then he pushed hard, sending a torrent of hot, liquidy boy poop down his chute that filled my mouth to the brim, then overflowed as I tried to swallow it all as quickly as I could. Before I could get a handle on it, there was diarrhea running down the sides of my mouth, flowing down my body and all over my pink overalls. I finally started to keep up, and was treated to three more mouthfuls of hot, delicious tasting diarrhea that still bore the luscious stink of the first mass of poop that he fed me minutes before. When there was no more of his heavenly diarrhea to be enjoyed, he treated me to a loud fart that sprayed my face, hair and torso with poop, then he gave me one last turd that he had to force out.

Once I'd accepted the last of Matt's boy fudge, Nathan squatted over my opened mouth without hesitation or planning. I moaned loudly in anticipation of being used as his toilet, my 11 year old mouth a warm, welcoming place for him to deposit a pile of hot, stinky turds. I simply stayed where I was, letting him lower his rump down far enough that he could poop comfortably into my mouth. Because of our height difference, he was practically sitting on my face as I moaned into his rear end, but I didn't care. I wanted to be there for his relief and his comfort, knowing that my reward was the load of hot poop that he would leave in my mouth.

Just like Ethan, Nathan's poop load came out with the sound and the force of a hard, juicy fart. In an instant, I was treated to a hot pile of delicious turds that nearly overwhelmed my senses with joy as another anal orgasm started to swell inside of me. I moaned hotly into Nathan's butt, then he lifted it off of me and grinned over his shoulder, taking note of my almost orgasmic smile. I showed off my delightfully stinky mouthful for everyone, then I took my time chewing and swallowing while Jimmy scrambled to his feet, eager for a hot mouthful of his own from Nathan's butt.

As I tried to stave off my climax long enough to chew and swallow, I watched while Jimmy's cheeks bulged with the hot load Nathan was feeding him. It looked like Jimmy was pushing his face further into Nathan's butt, encouraging him to keep pooping, and before I could think twice about it, I saw Nathan's poop load explode all over Jimmy's face. It was all over him, in his hair, up his nostrils, in his eyebrows and lashes and all over his torso. The only part of Jimmy's face that wasn't coated in boy fudge was his eyes, because he'd shut them tight in anticipation of this outcome. His mouth was so impacted with hot poop that it looked like he had no way to close it other than to begin chewing and swallowing. He was moaning loudly, his little body jerking hard as his climax swept him under. At the same time, he was sniffing loudly and chewing, his cute little Adam's apple bobbing up and down furiously. While Jimmy was negotiating his stinky mass of poop, Nathan squatted over my once again opened mouth and pushed out a quartet of hot, soft turds that I accepted gratefully and swallowed, then I took to his heavily poop smeared butt, using my toilet paper tongue to pull in the thick heaps of poop that were caked all over his cheeks. While I was licking the poop from his crack, I came across a long, dark turd that broke in half in my mouth, giving me chills of delight as its stinky core drove me over the edge of another boygasm.

I finished licking away all of the smeared butt fudge from Nathan's rear end long before Jimmy was finished with his own face full, so I stayed in position and moaned like the little poop lover that I am as Kevin took his place over my toilet mouth. He squatted just like Nathan, sending two long, thick turds down his poop-chute that crackled loudly as they made their way into my mouth. I moaned hotly as the first one pushed into my mouth, taking the shape of a long horse shoe before completing its journey. It felt so heavy on my tongue, its dark, rich stink filling my nostrils and my taste-buds so perfectly. It was a dark brown turd with the creamy consistency of a dark chocolate bar laden with almonds or peanuts. I opened my mouth proudly, eager to show off my brown treat, taken from my fifth feeder of six. I was moaning loudly as I chewed my stinky gift up and swallowed, hot for another mouthful from Kevin's rear end. I was delighted when he squatted over my opened mouth and pushed the second turd out of his rear end. It gave me so much joy to be able to accommodate his morning poop load, knowing that he had nothing for me when I was there the morning before. His second poop log was just like the first, dark brown, creamy and super stinky, just the way I loved it. While he was releasing his second turd into my grateful mouth, Jimmy was smiling hopefully at him, prompting him to feed the last of his brown offering to my lover while I chewed and swallowed my mouthful.

While Kevin was feeding Jimmy another helping of hot poop, Steve got into position over my opened mouth. Just like Nathan and Kevin before him, he squatted down, lowering himself so that he was almost sitting on my face. I let him get comfortable, only wanting to please my feeder, then I moaned into his delicious smelling cheeks as I waited hopefully for him to make his mouthwatering deposit. I heard him start to strain, then I felt his hole expand. I placed my tongue at his entrance, wanting to hasten the moment when I would taste his hot poop load, and was treated to a wonderful collection of the stinkiest, most delicious turds that he'd ever given me up to that point.

They were so firm, yet they curled up so perfectly as they pushed into my mouth, one after the other. When it seemed like there was no more room for his luscious turds to fit in my mouth, he stopped pushing, as if he were somehow aware of how full my mouth was. I gave off a long, horny moan when he smiled over his shoulder at me, then I let loose with a stream of pee that soaked my pretty panties, as well as the crotch and legs of my pink overalls. I opened wide and showed off my stinky treasure just as Jimmy was doing the same, having accepted the last of Kevin's butt load of turds. Everyone's eyes were glued to our faces, then to my wet crotch and butt as I pushed them out for everyone to see.

I felt so naughty to be sitting there in a puddle of my own pee, dining on a mouthful of hot turds from my sixth feeder in that room. I knew that I'd eaten poop from eight different rear ends that morning, but not wanting everyone to know that my dad was one of my feeders, I didn't share that fact. Instead, I sat there with a blissful grin on my face as I chewed and swallowed, anxious for more. Steve got back into position, squatting over my face and releasing two more hot, stink laden turds that pushed out in rapid succession. While I was dining on the hot turds he gifted me, he squatted over Jimmy's mouth and finished, treating him to a few more poop logs and a series of hot farts.

When we were done, I took to Kevin's rump, eating it deeply and licking it clean with my toilet paper tongue while Jimmy did the same for Steve. When there was no more poop to lick away, Mike stepped back up and squatted over my face, pushing out three more turds that I accepted all in one luscious, stinky mouthful, chewing and swallowing while Jimmy continued to eat deeply at Steve's back door. Finally, I laid down flat in my puddle of pee, wanting to soak it all up with my corduroy overalls and my 101 Dalmatians shirt so that I wouldn't leave a puddle on the floor.

When I got up, Mike and Matt helped Jimmy and I out of our dirty overalls, shirts and panties while everyone watched. Nathan showed them where the laundry room was, and while we stood there naked, Kevin, Ethan and Steve talked about how hot it was that we dirtied our little girl clothes because we were so hot to eat poop. Jimmy's hairless little cock was sticking straight up, pressed tightly to his bald groin area. In contrast, mine was barely visible, having once again, retreated into its own skin.

That was fucking amazing,” Ethan said. “I can't believe how many shit loads these two take.”

We love it,” I lisped, rolling my rear end around almost unconsciously. “I want to eat more poop and drink a lot of pee, too.”

How many shit loads do you plan to eat today?” Ethan asked, sounding almost incredulous.

More than yesterday,” I admitted. “People went poop in my mouth 23 times yesterday. Plus I ate my own poop, too.”

Holy shit, that's fucking hot!” Ethan exclaimed. “How many times have you eaten shit today?”

Me and Jimmy pooped earlier and ate it all,” I told him, leaving out the part where my dad deposited his massive, stinky load in our tummies.

So eight times?” Steve asked, and I nodded with a hungry gaze. “You still want more?”

Yes,” Jimmy said with an adorable smile. “We're going to feed Mike and Matt a lot of food today so they can go poop in our mouths over and over. We're going to drink as much pee as we can too.”

Well, I have some piss if you guys want it,” Kevin offered.

Me too,” Ethan said, then he motioned to Steve, who nodded and stepped up. Without waiting another second, I wrapped my lips around Ethan's juicy dick, wanting him to know that I was looking forward to having it in my pussy. He let loose with a torrent of pee that I worked hard to keep up with, his stream so powerful that I could feel his yellow love potion starting to foam in my mouth. To my left, Jimmy was taking all of Kevin's pee load like a pro, not losing a single drop as I listened to it flow audibly into his mouth. Finally, Ethan shook off on my tongue and Steve stepped up, eager to once again find relief in my toilet mouth. While I was gulping down his bladderful, Jimmy was letting Kevin paint a moist trail of pee all over his poop streaked face. When it was over, they grinned down at us and gushed, talking about how much we loved to eat poop and drink pee, and how cute we were. Ethan noted that I was more girly than ever, that my hairless little pecker was almost invisible, and that it was sexy when I peed my panties and overalls.

Jimmy and I responded by making out, kissing deeply while we listened to the conversation around us. At some point, we heard water running in the laundry room, then our lovers returned and we got in the tub, eager for our three remaining tops to give us their pee loads. We dropped to our knees and opened wide, letting them aim for our mouths while we gulped furiously, then they peed in our hair and our faces. Finally, they shook off on our tongues, then we got up and let Nathan turn the shower on from outside of the tub.

We were joined by Mike and Matt first, who washed us lovingly while telling us what good little poop eaters we were. When we were clean, they bent us over at either end of the tub and soaped up their hard dicks, then they fucked us to furious anal orgasms before breeding our love tunnels. When they pulled out, we washed them like good girls, then we waited while Ethan and Steve got in. We dutifully washed our feeders, then we soaped their hard dicks up like good girls and bent over, taking them into our eager, upturned bottoms. Ethan slipped his hard rod up my boy cunt while Steve did the same for Jimmy, and we were both treated to rides that elicited loud, feminine moans from deep inside of us. My boy pussy was burning with pleasure as Ethan fucked me to a fast climax, then he traded places with his brother, who hammered my yearning boy butt to another climax before seeding it.

When Nathan and Kevin got in, we were both so hot for it that it was difficult to concentrate on washing their bodies like good little pussy boys are supposed to. We somehow managed to concentrate on the task at hand, then we soaped their raging hardons and bent over, desperate for penetration. I felt Kevin line up to my horny boy pussy and slide in just as the slapping sounds of butt fucking carried into my ears from the other end of the tub. Five minutes and two anal orgasms later, Kevin pumped a hot load of cum into my rear end, then we watched while Nathan fucked another load out of Jimmy before filling him up with hot cum.