Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 48

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When we got out of the shower, Mike and Matt were waiting to dry us off. I stepped into the towel that Mike was holding opened for me, taking note of the fact that it was damp from when he dried off earlier, but still warm. Plus, it smelled like him, and I couldn't help but melt into his embrace as he ran the towel up and down my little body, making me feel loved. I looked up at him, batting my eyes, and sighed. I'd eaten multiple poop loads and swallowed copious amounts of hot pee, so my breath was really stinky. But I loved how it tasted in my mouth as I leaned up against my top, who knelt down and secured the towel around my shoulders, then he surprised me by kissing my cheek and hugging me tightly.

I love you, Kyle,” he told me with a sigh. “I'm ready to take care of my little girlfriend the right way. Are you ready for some more cock?”

Yes,” I sighed, then I smiled at the sight of Jimmy being treated to an equally tender moment with Matt. “Aren't you worried about smelling our stinky breath?”

Before Mike or Matt could answer, Nathan spoke up.

I have a couple of extra tooth brushes if you want,” he offered Mike, who looked up and nodded. Moments later, Jimmy and I were sitting on the counter of Nathan's bathroom vanity, our mouths opened wide while Matt and Mike brushed our teeth over and over. After the third time, Nathan gave them some floss, then they ran it between our teeth before accepting a travel size bottle of mouthwash. It was the green kind that burns when you rinse, but it left our breath minty fresh and ready for kissing. Mike and Matt treated us to long French kisses, then Nathan surprised me by leaning in close to sniff our breath, then engaging both of us in a sensual kiss.

There's no shit,” he announced, as if he'd been the one chosen to go in and test. Then, as if to confirm what he said, he leaned in and planted another kiss on my lips, letting his tongue slip into my mouth as he groped my buns. Without breaking our kiss, he lifted me off of the counter and kneaded my buns forcefully as he carried me into the room, where he laid me flat on my back on the bed. We broke our kiss just in time for Matt to come into my view, carrying Jimmy like a baby as they shared another sweet kiss. I reached back up and wrapped my arms around Nathan's neck, encouraging him to continue kissing me while his hard cock poked me in the butt. I heard the drawer of the nightstand right beside us open up, then I felt a lubed up finger at my back door.

I moaned into Nathan's mouth as he slipped his finger inside of me, lubing me up and getting me ready for more back door action. Moments later, he was lining up to my boy pussy and pushing in, causing me to moan even louder into his mouth as I felt him bury his shaft all the way in.

How's that, Kyle?” he asked, breaking our kiss and smiling lovingly at me.

It feels good,” I lisped. “I want you to make love to me.”

With that, he started a steady in and out motion that caused my little legs to rock back and forth in the air, sending long shivers of pleasure up and down my spine as I moaned like a girl. I was looking forward to another kiss from Nathan, and was about to initiate it when I sensed a cock being waved over my face. I looked to my left, where Mike was holding his hard boy prick just above my lips, and moaned again. I parted my lips eagerly, wanting to feel him slide it in more than anything so that I could suck it for him.

When it glided between my dick sucking lips, I felt another powerful shiver run through me, then I started to suck his dick like the cock hound that I am. I could feel his cock working its way into my cum tube, catching my throat clit while Nathan's 18 year old dick pleasured the clit in my boy cunt. Before I knew what was happening, I felt out of control with pleasure as I bobbed my head back and forth along the teen shaft that I had my lips wrapped around. Nathan was feeding me powerful strokes of cock between my open, raised legs, and I was being treated to the sight of Mike and Nathan kissing deeply, giving me even more pleasure while I was fucked at both ends. My little boy cocklet was still limp and hiding inside of my skin, by now an afterthought for all of us because I had resolved that I only needed it to pee.

At the other end of the bed, Matt was seated with his legs hanging off, right beside Nathan's feet. Jimmy was on his knees between his legs, blowing him with lustful moans while he accepted long strokes of hard dick up the butt from Ethan. Kevin was sitting right beside Matt, kissing him with passion as Steve used his hand to piston up and down around his 17 year old boy dick, anxious to get his lover off anyway that he could. The sight of Matt and Kevin making out seemed to edge Jimmy on, driving his desire to be a good little cock hound and service both cocks that were inside of him well. His little boy dick had already fired off twice, the result of having his rear end serviced for the second time that morning by Ethan's hard fuck stick, and there was another anal orgasm stirring inside of him, his immature balls trying desperately and unsuccessfully to keep up with the waves of passion that were pulling spunk from them.

My little nut sack didn't have that problem, though, because there wasn't any cum for them to shoot. I liked it that way, I decided, being a perfect little girl with tiny little boy parts. Parts that weren't working, parts I didn't use. I was enjoying a long, powerful climax as my mouth and my boy pussy accommodated the hard cocks that had taken residence in them, giving me tremendous pleasure as they used my holes for their pleasure while I enjoyed having them used. I concentrated on the heads of their dicks, which were running so blissfully back and forth in my fuck holes, hammering my clits over and over again while I moaned sissily.

When I received their cum loads, they switched places. Nathan eased his dripping cock into my mouth while Mike slipped up inside of my boy pussy, which was pointing up, lewdly on display because I had grabbed my legs with my arms and pulled them back as far as I could, holding them wide opened as an invitation for the next dick to service my hungry orifice. Before long, I was moaning hotly as both cocks brought me back to the heights of pleasure, causing my legs to shake violently as another climax ripped through me. While my pussy was grabbing Mike's fuck stick over and over again, I started to queef loudly, giving us both extra pleasure. In the midst of my ecstasy, I used the muscles in my throat to pull the climax from Nathan's balls. I was fucking my face hard on his dick, wanting to feel him drive in and out of my cum tube, all the while massaging the shaft by swallowing hard over and over. My efforts paid off in the form of a warm mouthful of hot cum that boiled up his shaft, causing me to whimper like the little girl I'd given into being as I gulped it down with passion.
When Nathan pulled his throbbing meat from my mouth, I felt desperate to suck more dick, so I announced my need in a very blatant way.

I want to give more head,” I moaned, feeling Mike's cock running in and out of my love tunnel, giving me chills of delight as I continued to queef loudly. I felt a cock at my lips, and without looking to see whose it was, I opened wide and accepted it. I picked up the distinct flavor of boy poop and ass juice, mixed with frothy cum, then I smiled up just in time to see Ethan grinning down at me. While I moaned around his cock, Mike cupped the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss that looked delicious.

Their kiss, along with the continuous grabbing of his cock by my boy butt, sent him over the edge. He sank himself all the way down and froze, then he filled my twitching little boy snatch with a hot load of cum that made me squeal like the sissy that I am. When Mike pulled out, he and Ethan broke their kiss long enough to trade places, leaving me empty for about 30 agonizing seconds. As soon as I had access to it, I wrapped my dick sucking lips back around Mike's sticky shaft and sucked it clean while Ethan sank his massive shaft back into my pussy.

I was moaning around Mike's dick like the fairy I am as I luxuriated in feeling two hot dicks pleasure me the right way. As usual, it didn't take long for Ethan to bring me off, fucking a powerful boygasm out of me while my feet waved back and forth in the air like little flags of surrender. At the same time that I was accepting long, thick strokes of Ethan's hard dick, Mike raged back to like in my moaning mouth, giving me more chills of delight as I considered having him back between my legs, servicing my high traffic rear end all over again. I reached out and caressed his balls with my right hand, loving how they felt in my hand as he reached down and grabbed my head, fucking my throat forcefully.

A minute later, Ethan was blasting off in my pussy, causing me to let Mike's cock fall from my mouth and beg them to trade places again. Mike slipped back up inside of me while Ethan let me lick his limp cock clean, then he let me nurse on it, even though it stayed flaccid. I could hear the sound of Jimmy's moans carrying into my ears, as well as the sound of cock sucking taking place in the room, telling me that someone was servicing his tight rear end, but I could tell that there was no cock in his mouth. I knew that meant Steve was probably sucking a dick, but I wasn't sure whose because at the moment, I had two lovely cocks at my disposal. One was flaccid, but I still wanted to suck it, if only for the chance to be filled at both ends with any cock I could find.

When I finally received Mike's load, he pulled out and let me suck him clean while Ethan kissed him. This cleared my view, allowing me to see Jimmy taking it from behind, courtesy of Steve, while Matt treated himself to a mouthful of Kevin's teen cock. He was sucking him off with a very contented smile while he played with his own hard dick, reaching down and running his hands up and down a few times, then pulling them away, as if to edge himself. Seeing this only made me want to suck harder on Mike's dick, hoping that he'd come raging back to life so that Jimmy and Matt wouldn't be the only ones being treated to hard cock. Kevin looked over at me, taking note of the fact that my boy pussy was available for the next hard cock, and he very lovingly pulled Matt off and leaned forward to kiss him.

You did a great job, buddy,” he told him tenderly. “How about if we go over and split roast Kyle?”

Matt looked up at Kevin with a very dreamy smile as he nodded his agreement with their plan, then he got up and watched while Kevin crawled between my legs, pointing his saliva coated cock at my lewdly exposed boy cunt and pushing in. I smiled up at him with stars in my eyes as I felt him sink his shaft deep inside of me, then I looked up with a grin as Mike and Matt shared a sweet kiss. Mike eased his soft dick from between my sucking lips, and it was immediately replaced by Matt's hard shaft, which felt incredible as he buried it to the hilt in my throat. I grabbed his hand and placed it on the back of my head, looking longingly at him as I silently communicated my need to be face fucked with reckless abandon.

It didn't take long for me to get my rocks off all over again, this time while I was being fed hot cock from two different lovers. I was moaning quite sissily as my boygasm coursed through my little body, then I felt Matt's shaft start to expand and the cum start to rise up his shaft. I quickly repositioned it in my mouth so that I was nursing on the end, then I felt him flood my sucking mouth with a delicious gush of boy spunk that I swallowed insatiably. Moments later, I felt Kevin empty his ball juice into my high traffic rear end and pull away, placing it at my lips so that I could suck him clean. While I was doing this, Jimmy crawled between my legs and ate my pussy deeply, moaning hotly as I pushed as much spunk and ass juice as I could into his mouth.

While Jimmy was eating at my back door, Mike and Nathan disappeared for a few minutes. While they were gone, Matt and Kevin lifted my torso slightly so that they could snuggle up to each other against the head board, then I rested my head in Matt's naked lap while they both rubbed my chest and my poop, pee and cum filled tummy. They were both smiling dumbly at each other, then lovingly down at me and Jimmy, as their conversation carried into my ears.

They're so adorable,” I heard Kevin gush. “It's hard for me to believe how much they love sex and even more, eating shit and drinking piss.”

They took our full shit loads last night when we took them home,” Matt told him. “Kyle doesn't even try to hide it from his mom and dad. He just tells them when he's going to his room to take a dick up the ass, or when he's been eating shit. They know he's that way and they don't really do anything about it.”

That's fucking crazy,” Kevin exclaimed, rubbing my heaving chest as Jimmy continued to pleasure my back door with his tongue, then he smiled down at me. “What do you tell them, Kyle?”

I just tell them that I'm horny and need to get laid,” I lisped, whimpering because Jimmy's rim job felt so good. “They know I like to give head and take it up the butt, and sometimes I tell them when I've been doing it.”

They don't care?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

They bought me some dildos to make sure I can always be happy,” I told him in a dainty voice. “But I told them that I love sucking dicks and feeling boys cum in me. They also know that I love eating poop from other boys.”

That's crazy,” I heard Ethan say from the floor, where he was holding his brother close in his arms. “Do they know how much you eat?”

Yes,” I lisped, letting go of another moan. “I told them this morning how many times other people pooped in my mouth yesterday.”

What did they say?” Kevin asked, still running his hand over my chest.

My mom said it sounded like I was hungry for it,” I told him, still lisping thickly as Jimmy ate me out more forcefully. “Then she asked if I was still that hungry for it, and I told her yes.”

Does she know that you were going out to be fed poop this morning?” I heard Steve ask.

Yes,” I admitted with a moan as Jimmy's tongue drove in and out of my boy twat. “I told her I was really hungry for it. Me and Jimmy both ate our poop this morning, and they knew that we did. But we were both still so hungry for it.”

Are you two still hungry for it?” Ethan asked, and I moaned hotly.

Yes, we're both really hungry for it,” I admitted, nodding my head frantically. “I wish there was a butt that made hot poop all the time that I could eat from.”

Just then, Mike and Nathan came back into the room, holding hands and looking affectionately at one another. They turned to face each other, their hands still joined, and Nathan leaned down far enough to plant a kiss in Mike's lips. When their lips parted, then smiled sweetly at each other before taking a seat on the edge of the bed and joining the conversation.

Tell us how many times someone took a dump in your mouth yesterday, Kyle,” Kevin encouraged me, and I smiled blissfully and sighed.

Twenty three,” I lisped, then I bit my lower lip. “But I ate poop more times than that, because I ate my own poop, too.”

How many times did you eat your own poop, Kyle?” Mike asked, and my mouth watered.

Two times,” I admitted. “I always eat my poop when I have to go.”

What about your pee?” he asked knowingly, and I grinned up at him naughtily as Jimmy's tongue continued to pleasure me.

I pee in a cup and drink it when Jimmy isn't there to drink it,” I admitted with a strong lisp.

How long have you been eating shit?” Nathan asked, and I sighed, thinking back on the first time I slipped a hot, steamy turd between my lips.

When I was ten,” I told them all. “First it was with my poop, then it was with Jimmy's poop. Sometimes he would poop on me after he peed in my hair, then I sucked it like a dick and it tasted so good. Plus, I always ate poop off of my fingers when I was giving it to myself up the butt.”

Fucking horny little poop lovers,” Kevin exclaimed, emboldening me to continue with my story.

I always dreamed about having other boys go poop for me, but I didn't think they would want to,” I told them all, then I smiled up at Matt and Mike. “I really wanted to eat Mike and Matt's poop, but I was scared to ask them because I didn't think they'd like me anymore. So I always just did it with Jimmy until my mom and dad found out that I love eating poop.”

How did they find out?” Kevin asked, and I sighed contentedly as I recounted the time I packed my own fudge with a dildo and sucked the poop off before going downstairs and reporting my deed to my mom and dad. I described in detail telling my parents how much I loved it, and everyone seemed stunned.

Holy crap, you told them that you liked the taste?” Ethan said, and I nodded.

I wanted to be out of the closet all the way,” I told him with a girlish tone. “When they said that they wouldn't think I was a dirty boy for eating poop from other boys, I knew I wanted to start doing it right away.”

What's the nastiest thing you've ever done?” Kevin asked, prompting Jimmy to pull his pleasuring tongue from my rear end and give me a knowing smile before resuming his task.

Eating poop,” I told him. “But I don't think it's nasty. I think it's fun, and I love it. I want to do it all the time, even at school when we go back.”

Are you planning to dress like a girl at school?” Nathan asked, and I felt a powerful shiver run through me as I considered the prospect.

If my mom and dad will let me,” I told them. “They bought me and Jimmy our pink overalls.”

Fucking hot!” Ethan exclaimed from the floor, still holding Steve in his arms like a small child.

Did your little pecker get smaller?” Nathan asked, and I nodded.

It's hiding because don't use it for anything anymore,” I lisped. “I only use my little girl parts, so I don't need my little boy parts. I only use it to go pee.”

Well, if you pee in your panties, you won't ever have to take it out and hold it for anything,” Mike observed, and I nodded up at him with a loving smile. “Tell us where you and Jimmy pooped this morning before you ate it all.”

In our boy undies,” I admitted with a naughty grin, and once again, Jimmy pulled his face out of my twitching pussy and smiled. Instead of diving back in, though, he crawled up and collapsed in my arms, resting his tired head on my chest and listening to my confession.

No way, you two shit your pants?” Nathan asked with an incredulous smile, and I nodded.

We eat our poop out of our undies,” I told him. “That way we don't waste it. Plus, it's funner that way.”

What do you do with your shitty underwear?” Kevin asked, prompting Jimmy and I both to sigh dreamily at the same time.

We suck the poop and pee out of them when we're done,” I told him. “I do it in front of my mom and dad sometimes, then my mom washes my undies.”

You suck on your shitty underwear in front of your mom and dad?” Nathan asked, and I nodded before making a bolder confession.

I eat poop out of my undies in front of them, too,” I almost bragged. “I always tell them that I'm going to poop my pants and eat it, and then I do it while they watch sometimes.”

That's insane,” I heard Ethan declare from the floor. “I'd fucking pay money to see you eat shit in front of your parents.”

With that, I let go of a feminine moan, my open for business boy pussy still hot for some back door action. I looked up hopefully at the roomful of tops sitting on the bed, and without having to be told what I wanted, Nathan crawled between my legs and slipped his hard cock inside of me, fucking me slowly while the conversation continued.

He did that this morning,” Mike told them. “They both did. It was crazy.”

Jimmy did it too?” Nathan asked as he ran his veiny fuck stick back and forth in my juicing boy snatch.

They both fucking loved it,” Matt said, telling only half of the story. “They were so hot to eat a load this morning that they acted like they didn't care. Kyle's mom and dad saw them crap their pants, then they ate every piece of it right in front of them.”

What were they saying?” Ethan asked curiously.

Nothing, really” Mike lied. “They both took a shit in their underwear while they were in the bathroom, then they started eating it. They were both moaning like crazy and cramming it in their mouths. Kyle was eating poop out of Jimmy's underwear and Jimmy was eating it out of Kyle's. Then they switched and ate their own turds, then they licked each others' asses while everyone watched.”

That's fucking hot,” Nathan said, prompting Kevin and Ethan to nod in agreement.

Kyle's mom calls them both her little poop lovers,” Matt told them, and I moaned with pleasure as Nathan's fuck stick did its job.

We are her little poop lovers,” Jimmy said quietly, and all eyes were now on him. “They know that we're cock hounds, and that we love to eat poop. We're their babies, and they want us to get what we need.”

Do you eat shit in front of your parents?” Nathan asked as he continued to fuck me with slow, rhythmic strokes, and Jimmy nodded.

I eat it in front of my mom,” he admitted. “My dad doesn't live with us. If he did, I would eat it in front of him, too.”

Do you crap your pants first, like at Kyle's?” Kevin asked, running his fingers gently through Jimmy's brown locks. Jimmy smiled and nodded up at him, then he rested his head back down on my chest.

You two are so fucking sexy,” Kevin declared, and I moaned again, feeling the pangs of an anal orgasm beginning to build inside of me. “How many more times do you plan to take a shit load in the mouth today?”

Twenty,” Jimmy declared, and I moaned deeply one more time at the thought of having twenty more poop loads deposited in my mouth. Kevin responded to my moaning by leaning down and kissing my lips.

Would you like it if we all ate enough food to feed you a couple of more shit loads each?” he asked, and I nodded furiously as the sweet burn in my boy pussy started to build in intensity. “That would give you both 12 more loads. How would you get the rest?”

We can find someone else to poop for us,” I told him with a horny moan as Nathan's fuck stick hammered my clit. “I found someone yesterday who pooped for me at the store.”

What did it smell like and taste like?” Nathan asked, pushing up into me with a cute grin.

It was so wonderful,” I sighed, feeling my boygasm start to take hold. “It was really stinky, and I loved how it felt when he pooped in my mouth. It tasted so good, just like it smelled.”

Did he have to go a lot?” Jimmy asked me softly, and I nodded as I bit my lip, feeling out of control with lust as my boy pussy began to contract around Nathan's tool.

He gave me two big mouthfuls with a lot of hot turds,” I moaned hotly, then I caught my breath and continued. “They smelled so stinky, almost like dog poop smells. Then he farted in my face and sprayed it with his poop, then he pooped out another turd that was soft and stinky, and I loved it so much that I made him rub the poop that was on his butt all over my face.”

With that, I lost control and felt my body erupt in little boy ecstasy. I moaned violently as Nathan drove in and out of my juicing, throbbing 11 year old boy snatch over and over until he could no longer stand the vice like action his cock was getting and he blew his load deep inside of me. He pulled out, and in an instant, Mike was back inside of me, treating me to a quick, dirty fuck that made me moan like the cock hound that I am as I sucked Nathan clean. Mike brought about a rapid climax from me, then he filled my cunt with his hot boy spunk.

When he pulled out, Kevin gently climbed back between my legs and slipped up inside of me while I used my slutty mouth to lick the cum and ass juice from Mike's dick and balls. He rabbit fucked me hard for about a minute before coating my insides with another white hot cum load, then Jimmy took his turn at my boy cunt, giving me five minutes of sheer heaven until he came inside of me with a loving kiss. When he pulled out, Matt carefully lifted my head out of his lap and crawled between my legs, filling me with his cock while I took special care to clean Jimmy's dick, then I begged him to sit on my face so that I could dine at his back door while Matt serviced my twat. Matt fucked me to two shivering climaxes, then he fired off inside of me while Jimmy lifted his boy butt from my slutty mouth.

I sucked Matt clean, feeling contented to have been used so freely, when I felt my legs being lifted once again. Moments later, I felt Ethan slide his thick organ deep inside of my yearning boy snatch, bringing out another horny moan from deep inside of me as yet another cock took a turn inside of my easy access boy cunt. While Ethan was fucking my brains out, I moaned loudly and sucked Matt's cock until he eased it from my mouth, then I licked his balls like a good little slut. With Ethan riding my revolving door rear end, he brought me off two more times, then he coated my insides with his sperm before pulling away, encouraging his little brother to take a turn while I blew his cock.

With Steve inside of me, it didn't take too long for either of us to experience Nirvana. He was driving in and out of me with a purpose, and I responded by sucking his brother off with a purpose of my own, At some point, I used my tongue to lap away at Ethan's balls, wanting to do whatever I could to bring him back to life so that he could service my horny boy cunt again. My hot to trot boy butt was juicing hard, anxious to accept its seventh load of cum in less than twenty minutes as he pile drove into it, torturing my clit and lighting the flames of passion as one more climax swept me under, pulling me into the depths of depravity as I accepted stroke after stroke of hard dick until he buried his dick deep inside of me and filled me up with a very large load of boy spunk. When he pulled out, I realized that I was in the room all by myself with Steve and Ethan, whose salty balls I was still licking when his brother pulled out.

They traded places, and once again, I found myself in the throes of ecstasy as Ethan ran his long, thick rod in and out of my juicing boy pussy. I sucked every drop of ass juice and cum that I could find from Steve's dick, then I nursed on it while Ethan used his talented cock to bring me off again. My boy pussy was on fire as the first climax ran through it, causing me to moan like the little girl that I had become around Steve's still flaccid cock. As soon as the first one abated, a second one gripped my little body, and I was calling out Ethan's name in a flurry as I let Steve's dick fall from my mouth so that I could howl out. Before he knew it, Ethan was in over his head as my talented boy butt pulled the climax straight from his balls, giving me intense pleasure as he unloaded his 18 year old teen spunk inside of me before pulling out. I sucked and licked him clean, then I let him and Steve hold me tightly while we recovered from our romp.

While Ethan and Steve were cuddling me, I felt my eyes get heavy and a peaceful sleep overcame me. At some point, I opened my eyes just as Jimmy made his way back into the room with Mike, Matt, Nathan and Kevin in tow. Also in tow were our pretty outfits, which were now clean. I could smell laundry detergent and fabric softener, telling me that my lovers had gone out of their way to see to it that our clothes were fresh and clean after our exhibition in the bathroom.

Steve and Ethan had gotten out of the bed, and I realized that it was much later in the morning than it was when I fell asleep. I blinked and tried to find my bearings just as Mike sat on the edge of the bed and ran his hand over my tummy, then he asked me something that made my mouth water.

Did all of that action help you work up an appetite?” he asked lovingly, and I nodded. “You were such a good little cock hound this morning. Do you think you're ready for something special to eat?

Yes,” I lisped wantonly, feeling another powerful shiver run through me. He leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips, then he spoke softly.

I know that Jimmy's ready for a special treat, too,” he told me. “We're all ready to feed our pretty little poop lovers. We've been eating something special, just for you and Jimmy. I know you're going to love it.”

What did you eat?' I asked daintily, sitting up in the bed and resting my head on his shoulder, still waking up.

Bean burritos and nachos,” he told me, sending a shiver through me. “We wanted to eat something that we knew would make it extra special for our little girlfriends. Are you ready to eat, baby?”

Yes,” I lisped as he stood up and smiled down at me, causing my heart to flutter. “I want to eat your poop first, baby.”

I got up and hung my legs over the edge of the bed, then I stood up and stretched. With my arms up in the air, Mike took the initiative and reached down, picking me up almost effortlessly and carrying me into the bathroom, where Jimmy was seated between Mike's legs on the edge of the tub, his mouth watering in anticipation of another stinky meal. His lips were very swollen, a sure sign that he had sucked more than a few dicks while I was asleep. Everyone smiled when they saw us come in, prompting Mike to kiss my cheek before letting me down.

I licked my lips and looked up at Mike, who was standing in front of me, then I wrapped my little arms around his torso and started to kiss my way down his body until I was on my knees, face to face with his rock hard pecker. I leaned forward and kissed the end, then I smiled up at him and grabbed his hips, urging him to turn around so that he could squat over my face and give me what I needed. I had powerful chills of anticipation running through me as I used my little fingers to part his cheeks, then I leaned forward and took a deep, loud sniff. I moaned quietly and opened wide, knowing that my audience was in place, then I used my lips to form a tight seal around the diameter of Mike's hole.

I felt it start to expand, then I felt a thrust of hot, stinky air push down into my mouth like a convection oven. A second later, he let go with a loud fart that vibrated against my lips and my tongue, then I felt my mouth being filled with a large, moist load of soft boy poop. My cheeks bulged right away and my lips pooched out as a thick, brown turd protruded between them, sticking out about two inches. At the same time, a luscious, spicy stink began to rise up all around me, sending a long shiver through me as I pulled my face out of Mike's rump and grinned, happy to have such a delicious, brown mouthful to savor and swallow.

Mmm,” I moaned, then I opened wide to show off my stinky treasure. My little boy butt was juicing with delight as I closed my mouth and used my tongue to smash the load. With my tongue doing its job, I experienced a powerful flavor explosion that heightened my pleasure as I continued to moan in a depraved fashion. While I was chewing and swallowing, Jimmy was on the receiving end of his own stinky mouthful, taking it straight from Matt's rear end with loud moans and two hard cum shots that hit the back of his feeder's legs. I shamelessly crawled on my hands and knees over to Matt, desperate to have him feed me from his rear end, and watched as Jimmy crawled up to Mike's backside, hoping for some of his boy fudge.

I let Matt use my opened mouth like a toilet, the way I had for Nathan, Kevin and Steve earlier in the morning. He took a comfortable seat on my face, his hole right over my opened, watering mouth, and released a powerful torrent of hot, stinky turds that pushed into my mouth, occupying every inch of available space. He pushed so much poop down his chute that his load crammed tightly in my mouth, then it pushed up into my nostrils, where earlier in the day, Ethan's poop load had pushed when I couldn't accommodate it all. I was moaning loudly while he was packing my mouth with his luscious poop load, the aroma so similar to Mike's that I experienced another throbbing wave of pleasure in my boy pussy, my orgasm not far off. I opened wide and showed off my impacted mouthful just as Jimmy was doing the same, his little mouth packed tight with the many hot, steamy turds that Mike had gifted him. His little pecker was dancing around on its own, trying to heave out boy spunk that had dried up and shooting blanks instead.

My own little pecker was still tucked away inside of its skin, nowhere to be seen. My anal orgasm was just around the bend, though, triggered as soon as I began to chew and swallow the mass of boy poop that Matt had pushed into my mouth. As it started to wane, I continued with the task of swallowing my mouthful while I looked up at his rear end. His cheeks and crevice were caked heavily with the poop that Jimmy and I couldn't accommodate, making my mouth water hard. I swallowed as fast as I could, then I opened wide and turned my face up, once again giving him a comfortable toilet seat to rest on while he found relief in my mouth. As he lowered his rump over my face, I moaned loudly and used my toilet paper tongue to pull a thick heap of boy poop into my mouth, swallowing it joyfully before he pushed, sending three extra stinky turds pushing into my mouth, one after the other in rapid succession. They were nice and soft, affording me the luxury of being able to smash them up with my tongue and swallow before he had the inclination to get up. I used my hands to hold his hips, wanting him to know that I was ready for more, and he treated me to one last turd that crackled loudly as it glided between my lips, then it detached from his hole with a moist fart.

I moaned hotly into his cheeks as I chewed up the last of his gift, then I licked his rump clean before he got up. I stayed where I was, shivering with passion as Ethan took his place on the toilet that my opened mouth had become. He squatted down far enough so that he was seated on my face without actually putting any weight on it, so I reached out and held onto his hips with both hands, wanting him to know that I loved having his butt on my face. I moaned into his stinky rump, sniffing loudly and enjoying the smell of his butt hole, which had no doubt passed several farts since the last time I had been in this position with him. I was there for his pleasure, an eager, available 11 year old toilet for him to use at his convenience, just like my other feeders. The only thing I wanted in return was for him to make a large, stinky deposit of hot turds for me to smell, taste and savor before swallowing like a good toilet.

I have to take a really massive dump,” I heard him say from above me, and once again, I moaned sissily while my naked rump rolled around in the air, my boy pussy sizzling with passion at the mere prospect of having my mouth crammed tight with more boy poop than it could accommodate. Without another word, Ethan's hole opened up and he let go with his load, keeping his word and sending a massive offering of hot, thick turds down his poop-chute and into my mouth, causing my cheeks to bulge tightly once more and my lips to protrude so far that my mouth was forced opened by the sheer mass of poop that he forced into it. When he lifted his rump from my face, I had several turds sticking out of my mouth, having been pushed into the pile of turds that actually did fit before my mouth was too full to accommodate anymore. The rest of his turds were smashed against my face, all over my cheeks, across the bridge of my nose and my forehead, smeared into my hair and my eyebrows. There was hot poop pushing into my nasal cavity from the inside of my mouth, as well as up my nostrils from the outside.

Everyone looked stunned as I let go of a loud moan and used my tongue to smash up as much of the hot poop load as I could, by now well practiced. While I was smashing with my tongue, the stinky taste and aroma lit my body on fire all over again, sending long, shivering waves of pleasure up and down my spine and the backs of my legs. As soon as I could swallow, I pulled hard through my nose, clearing up enough of my nasal cavity to allow me to breathe, then I used my hands to cram the large volume of protruding turds into my mouth, causing my entire mouthful to smash over and over until I had a luscious, stinky mound of hot boy fudge that smelled so strongly like fresh cat poop that I never thought I'd get enough. Somehow the taste and aroma was even more pleasing to me than it was earlier in the morning, and I knew that I would always crave this smell and flavor. I was grinding my high traffic boy butt around in the air as my boygasm carried on, spurred by the extra stinky mouthful that I was savoring.

He fucking loves it so much,” I heard Ethan say, and I nodded in agreement, then I opened wide and showed off my newly transformed gift of hot poop. When it was finally down, I used my fingers to scrape what was left on my face and pull it into my mouth, sending more shivers of untold pleasure through me as I savored my treat. Finally, when my face was as clean as I could get it and my mouth was empty, Ethan got back into position over my opened mouth and pushed out another load, this time treating me to a more manageable mouthful of his fresh boy poop, which was still incredibly stinky and delicious. While I was receiving my mouthful, Jimmy was swallowing the last of Mike's load, and he quickly crawled over to sit next to me, his mouth agape as he waited for Ethan to feed him his fair share of hot turds.

I watched while Ethan squatted down over Jimmy, who was mimicking my position and allowing his face to be used as a toilet seat. Ethan grunted hard, and Jimmy's cheeks bulged right away with a steaming pile of turds that caused him to shiver with lust as he enjoyed their super indulgent smell and flavor. While this was happening, I swallowed my last mouthful from Ethan and opened wide, eager for another rear end to eat from.

Nathan got up and took his spot on my face, my little boy snatch still juicing with desire as I contemplated yet another load of hot poop to enjoy. Nathan pushed, sending a thick, crackling turd down his rectum that pushed into my toilet mouth with authority and smashed under its own weight as it piled up on the surface of my tongue. It was moist, clay brown and very heavy. When it detached from his rectum, there was a luscious tip sticking out of my mouth that sent its dark, rich aroma into my nostrils. I smiled gratefully at my audience, then I opened wide, eager for them to see the brown, stinky gift Nathan presented me with. I quickly chewed and swallowed while Nathan watched Jimmy and I eat our warm, chocolate colored meal. I was able to chew and swallow Nathan's turd long before Jimmy was able to finish the large volume of turds that Ethan had gifted him, so he squatted over my face and strained, sending yet another turd down his rectum for my dining pleasure.

This turd was very similar to the first one he treated me to, except that this one curled up like a nice, tight piece of dog poop in my mouth. I was moaning as it pushed between my lips, feeling it take shape continuously until it finally completed its journey into my 11 year old poop receptacle of a mouth. I sniffed loudly and moaned like a true fairy, then I opened wide and showed off the treat, once again feeling anxious for everyone to know how much I enjoyed the way it took the shape of a piece of dog poop in my mouth. When I closed my mouth, I sucked hard on my treat in an almost vacuum like fashion, pulling the luscious flavors from it before I chewed it up and swallowed. As I was doing this, Nathan wasted no time in squatting over Jimmy's opened, watering mouth and treating him to another stinky mouthful of boy fudge.

While Nathan was pooping into Jimmy's mouth, I opened wide and waited while Steve took his place on my face. I felt him blow out a long, gassy fart, then he let go with a loose, voluminous load of hot poop that smelled and tasted very similar to his brother's brown offering. I was moaning like the depraved poop lover that I am as I felt the powerful heat of his load rolling back into my nostrils, sending with it the luscious stink of fresh cat poop. I moaned loudly, then I pushed my tongue into the runny mass to smash up any firm portions before swallowing. I waited while Steve got back into position, and this time, I was treated to a hot mouthful of extra stinky diarrhea that made my head spin with pleasure as I swallowed the tasty treat with a feminine moan, feeling it slide down into my tummy, which was always rumbling for more.

I wanted Steve to continue to have diarrhea in my mouth, but he moved over to Jimmy, who had been watching hopefully as the luscious treat flowed into my mouth. I was watching Steve squat over Jimmy's opened mouth when I felt Kevin step in front of me and lower his rump over my eager face. My mouth was already wide opened, the way I knew it was supposed to be, when he lined his hole up and rested his rear end on my face, grabbing my attention. I moaned hotly into his cheeks, wanting him to know that I was looking forward to his deposit of hot, stinky turds, and that I hoped there would be a lot.

I was still moaning when his hole expanded and he sent down a thrust of hot, stinky air that circulated into my mouth, giving me a luscious preview of what was to come. Seconds later, I heard the swift crackling of a moist turd that carried into my ears for a split second, then I felt a quartet of moist, steamy poop logs pushing into my welcoming turd repository. I moaned hotly around the delicious gift, smiling up at him as I opened wide, wanting him to see the stinky treasure that he made and was now bringing me so much joy. I showed it off proudly to the rest of my audience, then I chewed it up and swallowed while he got back into position. He settled his rump against my face, prompting me to open my watering mouth and accept two firm, thick turds that felt nice and heavy on my tongue. They had a very powerful heat radiating off of them, and their stink was truly incredible. I felt light headed and my boy pussy was starting to burn with passion as I showed off my brown mouthful, then I chewed and smashed it up as my little body shivered hard with another dry orgasm. I opened wide again, this time to show off my chocolatey creation, then I started to swallow, intensifying my pleasure as my orgasm ripped through me without mercy.

I was still moaning in appreciation of my stinky mouthful when Kevin took his place over Jimmy's eager, opened mouth and made the last of his stinky deposits. He sent two more hot turds down his shoot, then he treated Jimmy to several hot farts that smelled incredible. Just when I thought it was over, Ethan stepped back over my face and squatted again.

I have to take another shit,” he panted, then he rested his rump against my face and started to push while I moaned even more wildly. I felt his hole expand, then he farted loudly, treating me to a gassy present while simultaneously letting loose with a large quantity of hot turds that mercifully pushed into my mouth, nearly filling it to capacity while I used my tongue to smash into them, enjoying their heat, texture and flavor. While I was negotiating my delightfully stinky mouthful, he pushed out another hot load that was too big for me to accommodate because of the load I already had in my mouth. It quickly started to overflow from my opened mouth, then it started piling up all over my face. When he finally stopped, I had another large load of boy poop to savor and swallow

While I worked on my newly gifted pile of turds, Jimmy crawled over and opened wide again, eager for another helping of boy fudge from Ethan's rump.

When he received the rest of his brown gift, we stayed at Ethan's back door, licking it with our toilet paper tongues until it was clean. After that, we crawled into the tub and stayed on our knees, allowing all of our tops to aim into our mouths at the same time and let loose with their pee streams. When we could no longer keep up, they sprayed our hair and faces, then they pointed their weakened streams back into our mouths and let us drink freely.

Finally, we got up and someone started the shower. Because they're such caring boyfriends, Mike and Matt got in first, washing us from head to toe lovingly, then mounting us from the back and screwing hot loads of cum into our rear ends. When they pulled out, they were replaced by Ethan and Kevin, who let us wash them like good girls before they pumped hot loads of cum up our butts. When they got out, Nathan and Steve got in. Once again, we washed them dutifully, then we took it up the butt while they held onto our hips. When we got out, Mike and Matt tenderly dried us off and led us back to Nathan's room, where they dressed us in our pretty pink outfits. I laid still and let Mike do all of the work, watching him with a warm smile as he carefully lifted my legs and slid my overalls back on. I lifted my butt for him when he asked, then I sat up and let him put my shirt on before he buckled my straps over my shoulders. At his direction, I laid down and let him put on my socks and shoes, then I sat up and leaned into him when he sat next to me on the bed.

I love you, baby,” he told me as we watched Matt help Jimmy into his pretty clothes. “You've been such an amazing little poop eater this morning.”

I love you too, Mike,” I lisped with a sigh. “Will you make love to me some more today?”

I promise, honey,” he told me, then he took my hand and we got up to follow Matt and Jimmy out to the living room, where everyone else was sitting around in their boxers and underwear. Jimmy and I took a seat in our lovers' laps, letting them hold us close while they spoke with our other tops. Mike and Matt made plans to try to come back later with Jimmy and I, pending their parents' permission. Nathan told us that he wasn't sure if his parents would be gone tonight, so to try to come back before 6pm. I told them that they could come to my house if they wanted, but none of them seemed comfortable with that.

When it was time to go, we all said goodbye. Before we left, we thanked all six of our feeders for being such considerate lovers and for giving us so much hot, delicious poop to eat. Nathan and Ethan promised Jimmy and I that they would be ready to feed us later, and that they would cook food for Kevin and Steve so that they could feed us too, sending more shivers down my spine as I fantasized about taking another hot load from all of their rear ends.