Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 49

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Take it easy, buddy, we've got all afternoon,” my dad said, stroking Mike's head gently. “You're doing a really good job. Take your time and enjoy it.”

Mike responded with a soft moan, his mouth filled with my dad's fully engorged member. He was smiling widely, his pleasure derived not only from the mouthful of hard dick that he was being treated to, but the fact that my tongue was lodged deep in his delicious poop-chute. He was flowing ass juice and precum heavily, and while I was enjoying my feast, I longed to wrap my lips back around his hard boy cock and suck it again.

The way his pooper was contracting around the tip of my tongue, though, I knew that he would fire off a load soon enough. I was hoping to reposition myself so that I could catch his teen spunk in my opened, watering mouth, but I wasn't sure if that was possible. My dad instructed me to get behind Mike and eat a load out of him. I understood his reasoning, and I'm always hot to eat out a stinky, sweaty butt hole, but I was itching for more cock.

Unlike Jimmy, who was laying on the bed beside my dad with her legs up in the air and her boy pussy being serviced by Matt, I was fully dressed in my panties, pink overalls, pink socks and cute undershirt. When we left Nathan's house, Matt and Mike held hands with Jimmy and I all the way home. Jimmy and I put on a show for anyone who might have seen us, letting our well serviced behinds switch from side to side like true cock sluts. There was nobody in their front yards, but if there had been, they would have seen two lovestruck little girls being walked home by two very cute boys. As we were walking up the pathway from the sidewalk to my front porch, Mike announced his need.

I have to take a piss,” he said, and I moaned hotly. He and Matt grinned at the two of us knowingly, and I hurriedly dug my key out and unlocked the door. As soon as we were inside, Jimmy and I were led up the stairs to my bedroom, where Mike and Matt helped us out of our clothes, then they folded them neatly before getting undressed themselves. I wanted to take his pee load right there in my room, but Mike took my hand and led me down the hall to the bathroom, with Matt and Jimmy right behind us. As soon as we were in the bathroom, I climbed into the tub with Jimmy and we dropped to our knees, eager for our toilet mouths to be used.

Mike aimed his semi-hard pecker into my opened mouth and released a stream of hot pee that coursed over my tongue, causing my mouth to fill up quickly. He was peeing so hard into my mouth that his puddle started to foam, causing him to let up so that I could keep up and swallow. Right beside us, Jimmy had his lips sealed tightly around Matt's pecker, gulping down his pee load furiously. Once I'd swallowed the pee I had in my mouth, I followed Jimmy's example, wrapping my lips around the head of Mike's pee firing cock and letting him finish while I swallowed like a good girl.

When Matt was done, he turned around and hung his bottom out over Jimmy's face, treating him to a hot, delicious smelling fart that made us both moan with desire. I looked up hopefully at Mike, who smiled down at me and gave me what I wanted. As he hung his rump out, I opened my mouth and turned my face up, giving him a comfortable place to rest while he treated me to hot, spicy farts. While Mike was treating me to his stinky treasures, I heard Jimmy moaning almost uncontrollably, then I heard what sounded like a full poop load erupt. I looked over just in time to see his cheeks bulging tightly and several shots of boy sperm erupting from his untouched little cock.

My mouth was watering as I surveyed the scene beside me, prompting me to lick Mike's hole with my eager tongue, wanting him to give me the same treatment. I felt him lift his rump from my face, then, much to my delight, Matt lifted his rump from Jimmy's face, which was smeared with soft, dark brown poop. He had a solid, delicious looking turd between his lips, protruding just slightly beyond them, and he was chewing with a very naughty smile on his face. I kept my mouth opened, an invitation for Matt to come sit on my upturned face, and felt my boy pussy shiver with passion when he accepted my offer. As he lowered his poop smeared cheeks over my toilet mouth, I sniffed hard and moaned as the dark, wonderful aroma carried into my nostrils.

When he was comfortable, I used my hands to grab his hips, then I rubbed his thighs with my palms, wanting him to know how grateful I was to him for using me as his toilet. I used my tongue to grab the thick heaps of boy poop that lined his crack, pulling them all into my mouth at once and giving off a satisfied moan, then I swallowed and opened wide, anxious for my payload.

With what seemed like no effort, Matt expelled a large volume of soft boy poop that pushed into my watering mouth with force, causing my boy pussy to burn sweetly as his pile of turds crammed tight within the confines of my oral orifice. I could feel the tip of a firm turd pressing against my nasal passage as its length pushed into the already massive pile, then I felt it break off from his anus, only to feel him push another one out that added to my bliss.

I moaned loudly around my stinky mouthful, then I felt him get up, allowing me to show off my brown treat. Jimmy was swallowing the last of his own brown treat, then he licked his lips and moaned when he spotted my mouthful, leaning over and taking a long sniff before smiling up at Matt, who was grinning down at the two of us.

I have a little more,” he told us, and I saw Jimmy's already big smile get even bigger. Without having to be told, Jimmy opened up and waited for Matt to get back into position. I was still chewing and swallowing the pile of hot turds that were occupying my mouth as Matt released a long, brown turd that Jimmy accepted easily, releasing another shot of boy spunk in the process. When there was no more boy poop in Matt's tummy, I begged Mike to squat over my face and feed me another load from his bowels. I scraped all of Matt's boy poop from around my mouth, then I licked my lips clean so that Mike would have a clean toilet seat to rest on. While Mike was getting comfortable, Jimmy was using his toilet paper tongue to lick the poop from Matt's butt crack, then all around his cheeks.

I was watching this out of the corner of my eye, dreaming about how delicious and stinky Matt's poop load had been, and how lucky Jimmy and I were to have Mike and Matt as feeders when a hot fart erupted above me, blowing directly into my opened mouth. A split second later, I felt my mouth fill up with a long, hot, crackling turd that bullied its way past my lips and conformed to the contours of my mouth, giving me chills of delight as it coiled tightly. When it detached, there was a brown, stinky tip sticking out of my mouth that I sniffed over and over again until I had chewed and swallowed enough to pull it into my mouth with a moan.

Jimmy was still licking Matt's dirty butt clean, so when my mouthful was gone, I rubbed Mike's right butt cheek, encouraging him to make another stinky deposit that I could savor and swallow. With a loud strain, Mike treated me to two hot turds that exited his anus in fast succession and sent a long series of shivers down the back of my legs that originated in my boy pussy. As my mouth filled up with Mike's luscious poop, I moaned like a little girl, then I opened wide and showed off my stinky mouthful with a naughty grin before swallowing like a good toilet. Mike gave another hard strain, treating me to a gassy fart that blew projectile splatters of poop in my mouth and all over my face, then he sent one last medium sized turd down his rectum that I accepted with glee, happy to have it pushed into my toilet mouth.

When Mike got up, Jimmy stood up and aimed his hairless pecker into my opened mouth. I stayed where I was and accepted his full pee load, then he squatted over my face, sending another shiver through me as I contemplated eating his poop load. I used my hands to grab his hips and urge him to get comfortable, wanting him to enjoy sitting on my face as much as Mike, Matt, Nathan, Ethan, Steve and Kevin did. When he settled his rump on my face, I moaned into it to communicate my desires to him, as if he weren't already well aware.

I have to poop a lot, Kyle,” Jimmy advised me, causing me to moan again, rolling my horny boy butt around at the same time.

I felt his well used poop-chute start to expand, then I felt him send a powerful thrust of hot, stinky air into my mouth that was being pushed out by the head of a soft, thick turd. I could hear it crackling with moistness as it traveled down his chute, then I felt his hole pooch out for a brief period before a heavenly flavor filled my senses and his poop load emerged, filling my mouth instantly. The lining all over the inside of my mouth, which had already been teeming with hot, stinky poop logs all day, was inundated with another hot load of steaming, stinky poop that felt incredible as it pushed in. The stink was so wonderful, literally a culmination of every poop load that Jimmy and I had swallowed over the past week, and I was in heaven as it drifted into my nostrils and danced on my palate. I could feel the heat rolling off of it, sending its stinky aroma pushing up into my already overwhelmed nostrils.

I let go of another involuntary moan when Jimmy stopped pushing, prompting him to get up so that everyone could see my full mouth. I grinned up at the three of them, then I started to chew over and over, turning the already soft load into a stinky, gooey mass that sent shivers up my spine as I continued to enjoy its flavor. When it was down, Jimmy settled back down on my face, his stinky hole lined up perfectly with my 11 year old poop receptacle of a mouth.

I moaned appreciatively into his crack, and was rewarded with another load of boy poop, this time in the form of a massive, warm heap of turds that seemed to push out of his rear end all at once. It was very thick, heavy and felt like it was shaped like a brick as it rested in my mouth. It's sharp stink was even more heavenly that the first mouthful that Jimmy fed me, and once again, I felt a powerful throb in my boy pussy that triggered a hard orgasm in my little body. I felt like I could sort out every poop load that Jimmy had eaten just from sniffing and tasting. I even detected Buck's extra stinky turds mixed into the boy poop that I was enjoying, driving me to an even more furious climax.

Holy crap, you dropped a massive load in his mouth,” I heard Mike exclaim, causing Jimmy to grin brownly over his shoulder at me when he stood up. I moaned again, then I chewed and swallowed as quickly as I could, eager for more. I knew that my own poop load was ready to be expelled, and I was anxious to present it to my lover. Jimmy leaned down and sniffed my stinky mouthful, then he gave me a hopeful smile, silently communicating his desire for a butt load of my boy fudge. I nodded as I swallowed a large portion of the mouthful I was enjoying, causing him to sigh with contentment before taking another seat on my face, ready to make another deposit of boy poop for my dining pleasure.

I was still coming down from my boygasm when Jimmy settled his stinky rump back over my opened, watering mouth and filled it with three more turds that I happily accepted, followed by a series of wet farts that were only a prelude to his final gift. While I was swallowing the last of his three turds and enjoying his wet farts, an explosive load of diarrhea filled my slutty mouth so fast that I couldn't keep up, then shot all over my face and torso. Once again, I could taste and smell all of the poop loads that he'd ingested, and I felt so grateful to have them shared with me. I swallowed as quickly as I could, then I held onto his hips and begged him to keep going diarrhea in my mouth. He eagerly acquiesced, treating me to four more mouthfuls of the hot, liquidy treat that I swallowed with the certainty of a true little poop lover.

When he was done, I licked his butt crack deeply, then I took to his cheeks. When there was no more poop to be enjoyed from my little lover, he dropped to his knees and we licked each others' faces clean. There was still a lot of Matt's boy poop all over his cheeks and around his mouth, and I took extra pleasure in licking it off. While I was doing this, he was using his fingers to scrape the diarrhea off of my body like a squidgy, leaving faint smears behind. He was alternately licking his fingers clean and feeding me bites, occasionally treating me to French kisses while doing this.

Once he determined that I was clean enough, he rubbed my poop filled tummy with a loving smile and encouraged me to squat over his face. Just like I had done for him, he opened wide and turned his cute little face up so that I could get comfortable on his face. I used my legs to make sure that I didn't sit down with all of my weight, then I felt his tongue in my crack, eating my pussy deeply and moaning like the depraved turd lover he is while he waited for me to push.

I felt a sharp gas pain in my tummy, the result of the multiple poop loads that I'd taken all morning since the last time I released a hot, stinky load. I gave a firm push, and with the sound of a juicy fart, I felt several hot turds push out of my butt almost all at once, the last one completely detaching as my hole closed. At the same time, Jimmy's moaning seemed to get louder, prompting me to get up and look over my shoulder at him. The look on his face was pure pleasure as he chewed and swallowed. He seemed to be in a trance, his little Adam's apple bobbing up and down slowly as he gave off light whimpers in between his moans. Mike and Matt were watching with huge grins, their boy cocks stiff as a board and pressed tightly against their pubic bones. When his mouth was empty, he smiled sweetly at me and made his request.

More please,” he said innocently, then he licked his lips before opening wide, his adorable face once again turned up so that I could sit comfortably and poop into his mouth. When I was seated with my little butt over his toilet mouth, I felt his warm breath blowing into my crack, tickling my boy pussy. I used my thighs to bear down, giving a hard push and expelling a large helping of soft boy poop that felt like soft serve as it pushed out of my butt and into my lover's mouth. I could hear Jimmy moaning almost uncontrollably beneath me as his mouth filled up, then I heard the muffled sounds of a very satisfied little poop eater sighing with contentment.

The powerful stink that was rising up all around us was intoxicating, very similar to a steaming pile of dog poop. Smelling it made my mouth water for another taste of Buck's poop load, knowing that at some point, Jimmy would have to go home this afternoon to check in with his mom before coming back to spend the night. I wanted more than anything to go with him, and hopefully, to sneak away from his mom long enough to eat some hot, fresh dog poop.

Once again, I got up and looked over my shoulder at Jimmy, who seemed to be back in his trance as his stiff little cocklet twitched and jerked uncontrollably, having heaved out the last of his boy sperm while he was dining on Matt's tasty turds. His mouth was crammed tight with hot poop and he was using his fingers to push on the end of a turd that was protruding from his lips, letting go with a hot moan in the process. When he pulled his fingers out of his mouth, he reached out and grabbed my hips, manually pulling me back down so that I was seated on his face while he continued to chew and swallow. I heard him moan desperately, and knowing what he wanted from me, I gave a hard push, sending the last of my stinky load down my rectum and into his hungry mouth, eliciting another round of moans from him, though these were moans of pleasure, not desire. While he was chewing up his stinky mouthful, he used his hands to encourage me to grind my butt into his face, treating him to a brown facial. I could tell how much he was enjoying this, because he was pushing his face up into my rump hard, licking my brown eye deeply and pulling back on my hips, which were rolling around in a circular motion.

When he finally swallowed the last of his brown meal, he let go of my hips and let me continue giving him his facial while we both moaned with pleasure. I felt him take hold of my hips and hold them steady, then he licked away all of the smeared boy poop that he could find before pulling me down to the floor of the tub, where we kissed deeply. I licked his face clean, then released my stream of hot pee all over his tummy while we shared another kiss. Eventually I wound up on my back with my legs in the air, moaning as he slipped his hard boy cock inside of me and serviced my pussy. While Jimmy was fucking a nice load into me, Matt and Mike aimed their peckers at us and peed all over us, adding to both of our pleasure and hastening our climaxes.

When Jimmy pulled out, we were a mess of smeared poop and we were soaked in pee. Matt and Mike started the shower and watched while Jimmy and I washed each other, then they got in with us and washed us all over again, taking special care to be tender and give us a thorough cleaning from head to toe. When we rinsed off, we took our turn, washing our feeders from top to bottom, then we soaped up their cocks one more time, bending over and offering to give them some pussy. Matt fucked a very satisfying load into my pussy while Mike did the same for Jimmy, then we got out and they brushed our stinky teeth until we had minty fresh breath. When we were done, they took our hands and led us back to my room, where they helped us back into our pretty clothes. I looked questioningly at Mike as he dressed me, but he only offered me kisses and a sweet smile in reply before Jimmy and I were carried downstairs.

Being the horny girls that we are, it wasn't long before Jimmy and I attacked our teen lovers, our appetites for their cocks insatiable. I practically dragged Mike to the living room, where I yanked his pants down and instructed him to sit down, then I dropped to my knees between his legs and sucked him off for the next 20 minutes, my pink corduroy covered bottom rolling around in the air the entire time . Matt and Jimmy were similarly situated over at the recliner, where Jimmy made sure that her lover was comfortable before treating herself to a mouthful of his cock. As I was sucking Mike's dick, I manually placed both of his hands on my head and encouraged him to face fuck me as hard as he could. While I was doing this, Jimmy was taking a gentler though no less passionate route, slurping up as much of Matt's precum as she could while occasionally taking him all the way to the back of the throat.

While she was in the middle of worshiping her lover's cock, she was simultaneously trying to get her overalls off, fiddling with the buckles and trying to work the straps off of her shoulders. Matt, seeing the trouble that his girlfriend was having, tenderly helped her unbuckle the straps until the pink overalls fell down around her feet. Matt very lovingly lifted Jimmy's head, encouraging her to let the dick fall from between her lips, then he pulled her into his lap so that he could help his girlfriend out of her shoes and shirt, leaving her only in her panties. Her stiff cocklet was pressing against the pretty fabric, revealing her horniness to her lover.

It wasn't long before Jimmy was back between Matt's legs, worshiping the cock that had brought her such pleasure all morning long. While Jimmy was being a good little cock hound for Matt, I was feeling breathless, feeling Mike's fuck stick run roughly in and out of my cum tube. My clit was getting a thorough workout, and with every stroke of hard cock that Mike fed me, I moaned more femininely than before. As my horny bottom ground around in the air, I could feel my boygasm starting to stir, the first signal coming from the hard throb in my twitching pussy. The second one was an even harder throb that traveled down my legs, which were starting to get shaky even though I was on my knees with my ass in the air. I felt Mike drive up with his crotch, meeting the downward push of my face against his hard prick, and that started the chain of events in my little body that culminated in a long, shivering climax for me. Mike was on the edge, which encouraged him to fuck my throat even harder, which in turn gave me even more intense chills of delight as I worked my cum tube around his dick.

I used my hands to fondle his balls, which were beginning to pull tight against his scrotum, then I felt his cock start to expand as his cum started to rise, letting me know that I could treat myself to a few more hard strokes before it was time to wrap my lips around the head so that I could swallow as much spunk as he could pump out. I felt him increase his grip on the back of my head, forcing me down on his cock as his upward humps got even more rough, every nerve in my little body on fire with passion the entire time. When I felt him let go of the back of my head, I knew what was coming, so I quickly pulled his shaft out of my throat and wrapped my lips around the head, smiling up at him blissfully as he unloaded his boy sperm into my slutty mouth, a perfect cherry to top the sundae of hot cock that I'd been enjoying for the last 20 minutes.

As his cum filled my mouth, I diligently swallowed, not wanting to lose a single drop to overflow. I gulped down the first mouthful and was treated to a second one that filled my mouth rapidly. When I gulped the second one down, he treated me to several parting shots that hit the surface of my tongue in joyous fashion, spurting out of his pulsating dick until there was nothing left but a sticky cock, coated with a luscious mixture of cum and spit that I anxiously swallowed a few times in a row, smiling up at him the entire time.

When I was sure that there was no more cum to be found, I pulled up his still rock hard cock, giving me access to his sweaty balls. I licked them over and over, loving how they felt against the surface of my scratchy tongue, then I captured them in my mouth and sucked them with a girlish moan. I was still rolling my rear end around in the air, anxious to feel a hard cock at my back door. I felt Mike caress the side of my face, then I felt him grab my head with both hands, gently pulling me off of his balls and putting me at eye level with the head of his still hard boy cock. He smiled affectionately at me, then he pushed my head back down so that his cock slipped between my lips, causing me to give off a horny moan as I took him to the back of the throat.

Is that good, baby?” I heard from across the room, followed by a long, feminine moan from Jimmy, who was still worshiping Matt's cock like a good girl.

Without letting Mike's dick fall from my sucking mouth, I rolled my horny bottom around a few more times, then I placed my hands on the tops of his thighs and pushed up for support. When I was on my feet, I wrapped my lips tightly around the dick I was sucking, then I carefully climbed onto the couch, resting my head in Mike's lap so that I could lay down and enjoy giving head from a new position. I felt him run his fingers through my brown hair, then he rubbed my back before groping my butt, prompting me to moan hotly in anticipation of the butt fucking that I was craving so badly.

From my vantage point, I could see Matt and Jimmy from across the room. Jimmy was still kneeling between Matt's legs, letting Matt's hard dick glide back and forth between her dick sucking lips, a huge grin plastered to her face. Matt was running his hands all over Jimmy's back, down to her panty covered rump, then all around her face. Jimmy's hard little boy parts were very aroused, bulging prominently through her panties, which I noticed were once again soaked with cum in the front. I smiled at the site of my boyfriend being Matt's girlfriend, knowing how much I enjoyed being a girl for all of my tops. Jimmy had taken to being a little girl almost as fully as I had, loving the feel of a pair of panties and the joy of being taken by a hunky male top. There's nothing that I can compare to it, other than the way we both feel when we're dining on a stinky pile of hot turds, having them fed to us straight from the rear end of a cute boy or handsome man.

While I was watching Matt and Jimmy, Mike's dick was giving me chills of delight as it glided between my lips, pushing into my cum tube with heavenly force. I felt Mike's hand running all over my bottom, then up and down my back as I continued to moan sissily. I wanted to be a good little cock slave, and a good little cock slave takes it anyway that they can get it. If Mike wanted me to suck him over and over without ever servicing my pussy, I would suck him like a good little girl. If he wanted me to jack him off and not wrap my moist lips around his cock, I would use my hands to give him the maximum amount of pleasure. If he wanted to keep me bent over the sink with my rear end up in the air, his cock buried balls deep all day, I would do it. I discovered long ago that I loved servicing cocks, and would be hot for it anyway I could get it.

While Mike was running his fingers through my hair, I felt my feet being lifted off of the couch, then I felt the cushion shift as my feet were lowered into someone's lap. I let go with another moan, not having to be told that my dad was home. I felt his familiar touch as he ran his hands up and down the backs of my legs, then all over my pretty pink bottom.

Is daddy's little girl enjoying herself?” he asked, and I nodded without letting Mike's shaft go. This captured Jimmy's attention, her eyes lighting up when she spotted my dad. I watched as her sucking became more purposeful, as if she wanted to suck harder on Matt's cock because my dad was watching.

They've been sucking our dicks since we came downstairs,” Mike reported, drawing in a sharp breath through his clenched teeth. “Kyle already swallowed my cum, then he sucked my balls and got me horny again.”

Were they good little cock hounds this morning?” my dad asked, and Jimmy and I both nodded before Matt told him about our morning.

They wanted everyone's poop as soon as we got there,” Matt told him, and once again, I nodded with a horny moan. “They didn't even undress first.”

Is that right, princess?” my dad asked, and I answered with a girlish whimper and another nod. “Your pretty little outfit looks nice and clean.”

That's because we had to wash them while we were there,” Mike revealed. “They had so much poop on their clothes that we washed them two times. Plus, Kyle peed his pants while he was still eating poop.”

Is that true, princess?” my dad asked, and I nodded. “Did you pee in your panties?”

He did, daddy,” Matt said, almost as if he were tattling. “There was so much poop smeared on his clothes that we had to wash them anyway, but he peed in his panties and overalls too.”

That sounds very naughty, baby,” my dad observed, running his hand over my bubble butt. “Were you being a naughty little girl?”

I moaned loudly and nodded, pressing back against his hand with my behind, eager for some back door action. He responded by kneading my cheeks with force, then he went on.

How many dicks did they suck?” my dad asked, and Matt spoke up.

A lot,” he said. “Kyle gave everyone blow jobs over and over again while he was taking it up the butt in bed. Everyone had their dick in his butt and in his mouth, too. Then when he fell asleep, Jimmy gave us all head in the kitchen while we were eating. He got under the table and sucked us all off, then he did it again before we fed them.”

Who do you think sucked more dick this morning?” my dad asked, and there was a long pause.

I think it might be Jimmy, because he sucked us all twice,” Mike said. “Plus all the blow jobs he gave in the room before that. But Kyle took it in the butt more times.”

Daddy's two little cock hounds,” my dad gushed. “I have two little girls who just can't get enough cock.”

I gave off another horny moan at that declaration, feeling both satisfied to have ridden so many cocks while at the same time, proud of my lover for sucking so many hot dicks. What was revealed next, though, sent a long shiver of desire through my body.

Kyle ate the most poop,” Matt said, and Mike quickly agreed.

Everyone was pooping in Kyle's mouth and he was just taking it all,” Mike reported. “Ethan pooped really big in his mouth, like you did this morning, and he loved it. He was sniffing it and chewing it up and wanted more and more.”

Jimmy, baby, weren't you hungry for it this morning?” my dad asked lovingly, and Jimmy responded with a nod.

Jimmy ate a whole bunch of poop, too, daddy,” Mike said sweetly. “But Kyle couldn't get enough. Both times that we were feeding them our poop loads, Kyle ate the most and kept wanting more and more. Matt and Steve went diarrhea in his mouth and he was swallowing it all and moaning for more. Ethan took a massive poop in Kyle's mouth and he just kept eating it and wanting more.”

Is that true, baby girl?” my dad asked, rubbing my back, and I nodded. “You've been craving it so bad lately, haven't you?”

I once again nodded, moaning hotly the entire time. My little boy butt was so horny by now that I wasn't sure how much longer I could wait. I needed some action, any action, at my back door, and in the worst way. Unfortunately, my dad wasn't finished inquiring about our morning of sex and poop eating.

How many times did you guys feed them?” he asked, and I gave out another horny moan as I considered all of the hot loads that were dropped into my mouth by my six feeders.

When we were at Nathan's, we each fed them two times, except for Mike and Ethan” Matt said, prompting my dad to give him a curious look. “They did it three times each, because they had to poop again when everyone was done.”

I thought I was done but I wasn't,” Mike explained, stroking the top of my head. “I was waiting for everyone to be finished, and when they were, I went poop again. It was a lot, too.”

After that, we gave them our cocks, then we fed them again,” Matt said. “Ethan fed them the most poop of anyone. He pooped for Kyle and Jimmy twice when everyone else was done.”

When we came back here, Matt fed Kyle and Jimmy again and I fed Kyle,” Mike reported. “Then Jimmy and Kyle pooped for each other, too.”

Did you like that, sweetie?” my dad asked me, and I nodded my reply, my mouth still filled with Mike's steel hard rod, then I listened while he shifted his line of questioning to Mike and Matt's morning. “How about the two of you? Did you two suck plenty of cock this morning?”

Yes, daddy,” Matt said. “I gave head to Kevin this morning, and to Nathan.”

Oh yeah?” my dad said affectionately, then he reached out and ran his fingers through Mike's hair. “What about you, little buddy?”

I sucked Nathan off twice when we were checking on Kyle and Jimmy's clothes,” Mike reported in a shy, sweet voice. “I love sucking his dick for him. It feels so good in my mouth and he's really cute.”

Do you like sucking him off more than you like sucking daddy off?” my dad asked, and Mike shook his head no almost frantically.

No, daddy, I love sucking you off more than anyone,” he swore, and Matt nodded his head in agreement. “I really want to give you some more head today.”

Well, why don't you give my little girl a mouthful of cum, and we can get to it, okay?”

Okay, daddy,” Mike sighed dreamily, then I felt his hand on the back of my head, treating me to another forceful face fuck that drove me to the height of another anal orgasm before he pumped a hot load into my mouth that I gulped down greedily. Moments later, Matt was firing his load into Jimmy's mouth, no doubt turned on by the prospect of sucking my dad off right away.

After we swallowed our lovers' cum loads, we were treated to long French kisses while my dad got up and retrieved Mike's, Matt's and Jimmy's clothes. We followed him up the stairs to his room, where he stripped down to nothing and walked into the bathroom. Without having to be told what was going to happen, I wrapped my lips around his dick, eager to be his toilet. He unleashed a powerful stream of pee, treating me to its heavenly taste, aroma and heat as it coursed over my tongue and into my tummy. While he was doing this, Jimmy got behind him and parted his cheeks, giving him a very tasty looking rim job while moaning hotly into his crack.

When my dad's cock was bone dry, he eased it from my mouth and waved it around, prompting Matt and Mike to obediently get into position, their watering mouths hanging open. I watched while they took turns swallowing his dick, grinning proudly up at him, then at each other the entire time. In the meanwhile, Jimmy was still eating at my dad's back door, sucking on his tight butt hole and moaning like a bitch in heat. Not wanting to be left out, I crawled between my dad's legs and tongued his balls and taint, occasionally letting my tongue join Jimmy's in the stinky anal region of my dad's crack. Five minutes later, Mike and Matt were receiving another facial of hot man spunk, their own boy cocks hard as steel and throbbing almost uncontrollably.

When he was through firing his load, he instructed Matt and Mike to take Jimmy and I to his bed while he hopped in the shower. He gave them specific orders not to let me undress, instead wanting me to stay in my cute outfit. By the time my dad was out of the shower, Jimmy was stripped naked and on his back, his rear end filled thoroughly with Matt's hard dick while I blew Mike once more. I was feeling a little frustrated that nobody was servicing my boy pussy, but I decided to be a good girl and not complain.

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