Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 5

b/b/ oral/ anal/mast

"I need you to teach me how to take it up the butt," Jimmy said, looking at me with puppydog eyes that I knew I couldn't resist, especially when I was wrapped up tight in his warm, naked embrace.

"There's not a lot to learn about it," I said. "You just have to get used to having dicks in there."

"But will it hurt?" he asked, looking genuinely concerned that there might be some pain involved.

"Maybe a little," I said, using the palm of my hand to gently carress the smooth skin on his tummy. "But if you do it right, it won't hurt at all. It'll feel amazing."

"When can we do it?" he asked, and I shrugged.

"Can you spend the night at my house tonight?" I asked.

"My mom has to go back to work tomorrow, so probably," he told me. "Is it okay with your mom and dad?"

"I'll ask when they get home."

With that, he rolled on top of me and we locked lips. I slid my tongue into his mouth and he reciprocated as he reached back with his right arm, pulling my leg up as our makeout session intensified. My hard on was sticking straight up into his stomach, and his was nestled confortably in my crack, right underneath my ball sack. We broke our kiss and smiled dumbly at each other for a moment, then I lifted my other leg so that I could get into position once again.

Jimmy used his left arm to reach back and grab my leg, then he lifted both my my legs up and rested them on his shoulders as he lined up with my eager entrance. I moaned when I felt his head slip in, then I grinned up at him as he slid the rest of the way into my love tunnel. When he was all the way in, he rolled his hips, causing his boner to grind against the walls of my butt, and I moaned again, prompting him to start a slow thrust back and forth.

"You're ass is so tight," he panted as he worked his stiffness back and forth. I wrapped both of my arms around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss, feeling an intense desire to be made love to. As his hips rocked back and forth, his cock started to plunge in and out of my horny pooper, creating a queefing effect that felt amazing. Jimmy giggled in my mouth when he heard it, but we didn't break our kiss.

When he we finally did break our kiss, Jimmy kept his face right above mine and puckered his lips, prompting me to do the same. Our kiss on the lips was sweet, and when our lips parted, Jimmy smiled and whispered "I love you."

"Love you too," was my reply, then he dove in for another French kiss as his thrusting got harder. I started to feel the intense burning deep inside of my butt, and I knew I was about to cum. At the same time, Jimmy had an intesne look in his eyes as he started to dominate me with his tongue, the way he was dominating me with his cock.

With every thrust, I was becoming more and more delirious with pleasure and the queefing got louder. My breathing quickened and my chest and stomach started heaving. At the same time, I felt the walls of my butt squeezinig down on his hard on, over and over again as my cup overflowed with sex and I came hard.

When I recovered, I realized that Jimmy was no longer kissing me, but had lifted his head and was groaning with each thrust. It looked like he was trying to fight his impending orgasm, but to no avail. The strokes of his cock were still hitting my button, and I was moaning loudly as the after-effects of my own orgasm were still overwhelming my mind and senses. All of the sudden, he gave one last, hard thrust that nearly drove my head into the bedboard and came deep inside of me, firing his load with a velocity that I didn't think he was capable of.

We'd already fucked that day, and the first time was amazing too, but there was something about the way he'd performed this time that blew my mind. It was more intense than the fuck sessions I'd had with others, but I couldn't put my finger on why. We hadn't done anything out of the norm that day. I let my gaze travel down to his now soft cock, and examined it closely. It didn't seem bigger to me, and I think I would've noticed, especially since I'd had it in my mouth twice already.

As soon as my mom and dad were gone, I was on the phone with him, anxious to see him. His mom let him go, in spite of the fact that she was off work and wanted to spend her time with him. When he told me he was able to come over, I quickly made myself over in the mirror.

I was only wearing my tighty whities and a white tee-shirt, so I quickly lubed up, sliding my fingers deep into my hole and letting them strum over my prostate for about a minute. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and washed my face. Then I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to straighten it out as much as possible. I even went to the trouble of brushing my teeth, even though I knew that before the day was over, I'd have my mouth wrapped around his juicy cock and that I'd be using my tongue to probe his heavenly pooper.

When he arrived, I could tell that he had rolled out of bed, got dressed in sweats and a tee-shirt and put a ball cap on over his messy head. He even had a little sleep in his eyes, and I thought it was so sweet that he rushed over to see me. As soon as I closed the front door, I was all over him, eager to kiss his deep red lips. I slid my tongue into his mouth with a smile as he wrapped his arms around me and engaged my desires.

"I missed you yesterday," I told him when we broke our kiss. I rested my head on his shoulder and playfully used my nose to nuzzle into the side of his neck, then I purred and licked his earlobe. He giggled and squirmed, so I did it again as he held me close but let his hands travel down to my buns, which he squeezed with both hands. I lifted my head off of his shoulder and looked deep into his eyes, and he leaned forward and kissed me, sliding his tongue back into my mouth for another thirty seconds. When we broke our kiss, he looked tenderly at me for a moment, then he took me by the hand and we walked upstairs.

"I missed you too," he said as we climbed the staircase. When we got to the top, I rested my head on his shoulder as we walked down the hall to my room, where he started to get undressed. I slid my tee-shirt off and dropped my undies while he kicked his shoes off and pulled his shirt off over his head. While he was pulling his shirt off, I playfully groped him through his sweat pants.

“Hey,” he said with mock astonishment, then he got a lustful look in his eyes as I held on to his stiff organ. “Is there something down there you like?”

I bit my lower lip and nodded as I started to squeeze his package, then I dropped to my knees and hooked the waistband of his sweatpants to pull them down. When I did, they fell to his feet, exposing his hard on through his own tighty-whities. I used the palms of my hands to press down on them as he stepped out, then I lifted them to my face and planted my nose in them, eager to inhale their aroma. They smelled like Downy fabric softener and his crotch, so I folded them up and laid them down on the floor, resting my knees on them for padding.

As if Jimmy were reading my mind, he pushed his crotch out toward me, prompting me to rub my cheek against his hard on, which was throbbing in his underwear, causing them to tent out. I reached down into the front of his briefs and fished his cock out, then I selfishly took it into my mouth and started to blow him. As I did this, the tantalizing scent of his stink hole drifted into my nostrils, and I knew I couldn't wait.

I let his stiff organ fall from my mouth, then I very gently grabbed his hips and smiled up at him as I guided him to face away from me. When he did, I planted my nose in his crack and inhaled through his underwear. Unlike Jason, who panicked the day before when I did this, Jimmy pressed back against my face, knowing that I was a glutenous lover of stinky butts.

Like Jason, however, there were light brown streaks in the seat of his otherwise white underwear. I grinned and opened my mouth, inhaling deep through my nose and mouth as the elixir drifted into my head, sending my senses into overdrive. I could smell all of the farts that lingered in the seat of his pants, and when I slid my hands up through the leg hole to spread his cheeks, the sharp smell of his butt hole filled my nostrils, causing me to moan with desire. At that moment, I knew what I needed.

I pulled his underwear down off of his hips and let them fall to his ankles as I licked all around his cheeks, then I spread them once more. When I did, the sharp aroma that had filled my nostrils before was back, and it was an amazing aphrodisiac that set my body on fire. I immediately dug my tongue into his moist, stinky poop-chute and ate it like I was starving. The spicy scent that lingered all around my face was only making my lust intensify, and I started moaning even louder. I could tell that he'd pooped not long ago, but it didn't faze me at all. In fact, I felt my body tremble at the thought of his hole marinading after his morning trip to the bathroom to poop, as well as a long series of hot farts that stayed trapped in his pants.

As I ate him out, I could feel my horny bottom starting to stir, and I knew that I needed his cock inside of me. I sucked hard on the lips of his pooper, then I used my tongue to try and burrow my way inside before I finally pulled off of him. I stood up and took his hand, encouraging him to step the rest of the way out of his underwear. When he did, I wrapped my arms around his neck again and engaged him in another kiss as he guided me down to the bed. While Jimmy was on top of me, he surprised me by trapping my tongue with his lips and sucking on it, then closing his eyes and sniffing all around my face with a very big grin. He was obviously enjoying the scent of his own butt hole, and I was being turned on by the fact that he seemed so intoxicated by it.

When he opened his eyes, he grinned at me and lifted my legs. I smiled up at him in eager anticipation, as he ground his hard on into my horny pooper. When he pushed into me, I grabbed onto his butt cheeks and held onto them as he started to thrust his cock in and out of me.

“Kiss me,” I said, and he leaned down to meet my request. It didn't take long for me to shudder with a long orgasm, as he was hitting my spot over and over with force. Almost as soon as I started to calm down, he spilled his seed deep inside of me and broke our kiss.

When he pulled out, I sat up and moved down his body so I could take his throbbing cock in my mouth and clean it of all cum and ass juice. I moaned as I ran my tongue all around the rim of his cock head, and I could feel it raging back to life in my mouth. I quickly took it as my opportunity to swallow a load, something I had been eager to do again since Jason left the day before.

I took him to the back of my throat, then I started to hum around the base of his throbbing cock. I used the muscles in my throat to massage his glans, then I started to bob up and down on it, hoping for a satisfying throat fuck. I looked up at Jimmy's face, and noticed that he had his fingers locked behind his head, smiling down at me as I blew him. I smiled back at him, then I closed my eyes and let the sensation of his cock fucking my throat take me over. Five minutes later, he squirted another load in me, this time in my mouth. I sat up and swallowed, then I collapsed in his arms, ready to be held after such a satisfying romp.

When he pulled out of me for the second time, I once again cleaned his cock for him, then I snuggled up to his chest and let him wrap me in his warm embrace once more.

“How are you going to do it?' he asked, and I gave him an inquisitive look.

“Do what?” I asked, and he sighed.

“Teach me how to take it in the ass,” he said, making a silly face at me.

“Well, we can use our fingers first,” I said, running the tip of my pinky around the outer edge of his hard nipple. “Then, when you're comfortable, we'll get something else.”

“Something else?” he asked, and I looked at his face and nodded, still resting my head on his chest as I basked in the afterglow of our very passionate love making.

“Probably a dildo,” I told him. “I have one under my bed.”

“You do?” he asked, and I nodded. It was true that I had a dildo, but the way I came about owning it was a little questionable. When I was nine, about to turn ten, I was looking through my mom and dad's walk in closet for presents. I was hoping for something that wasn't an Apple product, hopefully some new games for my Xbox 360. I happened upon a box the darkest corner of their closet, tucked away behind some shoe boxes, and I just knew that they had hidden my presents there.

When I opened the box I found a variety of toys, but I instantly knew that they weren't the kind I'd be getting from my folks for my birthday. There were furry handcuffs, and plastic and Jelly dildos, as well as some assorted lotions, lube, lingerie and incense. I immediately put everything back the way I found it, but eventually curiosity got the better of me and I found myself going back into their closet from time to time, eager to see what was in the box.

Then one day, after I'd already turned ten, I dared myself to sneak the box out of their closet and into my room while they were working in the yard. I stripped down to nothing and tried on some of my mom's lingerie. I felt incredibly sexy as I stood in the mirror and pretended that I was a girl. I rubbed my nipples roughly with the palms of my hands, and I used a girly type voice to talk dirty.

As if I woke up from a dream, I instantly snapped out of my spell and put everything back. But the bell had already been rung, and there was no way for me to stop myself from going back in over and over until finally, I dared myself to stick a finger up my butt. It felt so good, and when I pulled it out, there was a powerful but pleasing scent that I was instantly addicted to and needed to taste. From that moment, I knew I would always stick my finger up my butt. In fact, I found myself doing it even at inappropriate times, like when I was playing in the backyard, riding in the backseat of the minivan, or while under a blanket, watching a movie on the couch with my mom and dad. I even did it one day when we were grocery shopping.

I told my mom that I had to go to the bathroom. While she waited outside the door, I was standing in a stall in the men's room with my pants around my ankles and my hand down the back of my underwear, alternately running my forefinger and middle finger in and out of my hungry butt hole. When I pulled them out of my underwear, I inhaled their scent, then I sucked lustily on them and moaned before I stuck them back up my butt for more. On the way home from the store, my mom put in a DVD for me to watch, and before we were even out of the parking lot, I'd shoved my hand down the back of my pants and slid a finger back up my butt while we drove home.

Then one evening, when I was in the bathroom pooping after supper, I did it as usual. This time, though, I shoved my forefinger and my middle finger up my butt at the same time, and it was incredible. I found myself eager for more, and was moaning like a bitch in heat as I sucked them before shoving them back in. At that moment, I found myself wondering how it would feel to put one of those toys up my butt, so I quickly wiped and flushed, then I washed my hands before I slipped unnoticed into my parents' room so I could retrieve the box.

Once I had it back in my room, I rummaged through the various dildos, looking for one that I might like the most. I settled on a slender, rocket shaped one, then I slid it under my mattress and quickly returned the box to their closet. When I rejoined them downstairs, we watched TV, but all I could think about was getting back upstairs to my room so I could try the dildo. I think they could tell that I was agitated, but there were still two hours until my normal bedtime, so I didn't dare try to go to bed early. I didn't want to arouse any suspicions, even though looking back, I can't imagine why they would have suspected anything about it.

Time went by so slowly, and I found myself slipping away at various intervals to shove my fingers up my butt. A few times I did it in the downstairs bathroom, but at least twice I went into the kitchen where it was dark and gave it to myself in the ass because I didn't have enough patience to walk the extra 25 feet to the bathroom. I even did it in the family room after my mom and dad had turned off the lights and we were watching American Idol in the dark. I was sitting in the recliner and they were curled up on the couch. I'd just been in the kitchen fingering myself and sucking on my fingers, but I was insatiable and needed more, so I shoved my hand down into my underwear and stuck my two fingers back up my butt. I had to suppress my moans, especially when I started to rub my insides and hit my sweet spot.

When I finally went to bed, I was practically climbing the walls. In fact, I found myself unable to wait long enough to find something to lube the dildo with to get it up my butt, and I tried to get it to go in the way my fingers went in. When I realized that I couldn't accomplish that, I impatiently shoved my fingers back up my ass and gave it to myself again, then pulled my fingers out and sucked on them as I slipped out of my room, quietly creeping down the hall to the bathroom. I opened the medicine cabinet and looked over the assortment over items, finally settling on a tube of Cortizone 10.

I popped open the cap and sniffed it, then I closed it and hurried back to my room. Once I was there, I squeezed some of the cream out and spread it over the head of the dildo. There was still a film left on my fingertips, so I eagerly slid them back into my willing hole and immediately felt my bottom burst with pleasure.

I laid down on my side and slowly worked the slender dildo into my butt. As first, I had to get used to the invader. It didn't feel the same as my fingers, and I was thinking about taking it out, but I decided to rest and wait. After about a minute, I decided to take it out, and gave it a tug. When I did, I felt a sharp sensation run up my back that felt great, so I pushed on the bottom of the dildo and it traveled back up my butt.

When I felt it go back up, I felt another sensation, so I gave it a gentle tug. Before long, I had a steady motion going and was starting to pant. As I continued to give it to myself with the dildo, I found myself being more forceful with it. I was now gripping it harder with my hand, and I was shoving it in and out with deliberate thrusts, wanting to feel it harder and longer, hitting my sweet spot with the head. I bit down on my pillow and let out a moan, then I rolled over onto my stomach and raised my butt up into the air as I continued to feed my hungry butt hole with harder, deeper thrusts. There was an incredible burn that I'd never felt before, and I wanted to feel more of that burn. At the same time, my head was starting to swim. I lifted my head and moaned again, this time longer and deeper than ever before as I felt the hair on my head stand up and my vision got hazy.

When I pulled it out of my butt, I pulled it to my nose and inhaled the dark scent of my now satisfied poop-chute, then I lustily sucked it the way I sucked on my fingers once they came out of my butt. I slid the dildo back between my mattress and my box spring, then I shoved two fingers back in my ass and let them rub my sweet spot for a while. Finally, I pulled them out and sucked on them until I fell asleep.

“How long will it take for me to get used to it?” Jimmy asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“It might take a couple of tries, but I think it won't take you as long as it took me,” I said. “It took me a long time because I didn't have anyone to help me.”

“You had me,” he reminded me in a seductive voice. I smiled at him and reached down, playfully wrapping my fist around his deflated cock and grinning up at him before I let it go.

“Call your mom,” I told him. “We're going to have fun tonight.”