Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 50

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How's that feel, buddy?” my dad asked, rubbing Mike's back tenderly as the small, missile shaped dildo disappeared in his rectum. Mike let go with a contented sigh, then, at my dad's direction, he pushed it back out. As it started to emerge from his anal canal, my dad put his finger on the end, pushing it like a button and sending it back inside. This carried on for about two minutes before he moved up a size, reaching into the box and producing a medium sized dildo that seemed to be as long and thick as Jimmy's little boy cocklet when it was fully engorged.

Mike winced a little, but offered no complaints as the somewhat larger phallus invaded his love tunnel. He was resting the side of his head on the pillow where my dad's head had been resting moments earlier, when he was slobbering all over his cock. Mike's knees were tucked tightly to his chest, making his rear end stick up just far enough that his buns parted on their own. His hole, which was already bright red and dilated from the deep ass licks that I'd given it, was now swollen, its lips distended and seeming to shrink and expand in size with every stroke in and out.

Right beside Mike, Matt was sitting Indian style with Jimmy in his lap, watching the show with a wanton stare. His eyes were switching back and forth between Mike's boy pussy, which was being worked out by a dildo and my dad's talented hand, and the juicy, 9 inch dick that had raged back to life between my dad's legs. I could appreciate his predicament, because at the moment, I was equally enthralled with both sights. My boy pussy was yearning to be penetrated, and at the same time, my mouth was watering for a chance to wrap my lips around my daddy's dick and suck it like a good little pussy boy.

Jimmy had a far away look in his eyes as he watched the scene unfold. His boy cunt had been fucked for a solid 15 minutes, causing him to experience several boygasms in a row. His first few produced loads of cum that shot from the end of his hard boy cock. The last few were bone dry, his balls unable to keep up with the demand as Matt fucked him to orgasm over and over again. Finally, the squeezing and grabbing of Jimmy's little boy snatch was too much, and Matt filled him up with a large load of teen spunk before pulling out. Jimmy sucked Matt's dick clean like a good girl, then they snuggled closely while my dad unloaded into Mike's eager mouth. Mike swallowed everything that my dad gave him, sitting up with a cute grin and letting go with a long, satisfied “ah!” when he was done. On the bed below him were several shots of boy sperm that he'd fired out of his own dick while he was being treated to both a mouthful of hot dick and a powerful rim job, courtesy of my slutty mouth.

After a few moments of being fucked by this dildo, Mike started to moan with satisfaction. He had goosebumps forming on his skin, a sure sign that his orgasm was building, and he seemed to be bearing down around the silicone invader. My dad placed his palm flat on the small of Mike's back and increased the pressure of his fucking motions, causing Mike to whimper like a little girl as his prostate responded to the added stimulation. Once he was sure that Mike was accustomed to the size and girth of the medium sized dildo, he pulled it out and instructed me to eat my boyfriend out while he retrieved the next largest dildo and a little more KY. I anxiously got back into position and buried my tongue up Mike's poop-chute, treating myself to a long sniff in the process. My own little boy cocklet was now stiff as a board, straining hard in my panties as Mike's sweet, stinky aroma drifted into my nostrils and his flavor danced on my tongue. I moaned into his backside as I carried on with my task of eating his rear end out, then I felt my daddy kiss the nape of my neck, encouraging me to pull my face out.

Was that good, baby?” he asked, and I nodded with a smile.

Yes daddy,” I lisped, then I looked up at him with pleading eyes. “But I want to get laid in my pussy.”

You will, baby, I promise,” he said with a loving smile. “Daddy wants you to wait for a little bit, though, okay? I promise you that it'll be worth it.”

Okay,” I sighed, letting my small shoulders drop in resignation as my dad pushed a pair of lube coated fingers up Mike's pooper, causing him to moan in an almost animalistic way. Jimmy rested his head on Matt's shoulder and smiled up at him, prompting his top to plant a sweet kiss on his lips. As my dad's fingers ran up and down Mike's love tunnel, we could all hear the moist crackle of the lube that now lined its walls.

Mike's face registered sheer delight as my dad continued on with the task of finger fucking him, then he pulled them out and picked up a longer, somewhat thicker dildo that was colored with a blue and white swirl. The familiar black knob at the base told me that Mike was in for a pleasure filled experience, a fact that was further cemented when I noticed that my dad was using KY warming jelly to lube it up. With his boy pussy now void of any object, he was moaning lowly and grinding his rear end around, just like I do when I'm feeling especially hot for some action at my back door. His pooper looked like it was throbbing on its own, almost as if driven by the pulse of his heartbeat. There was a noticeable heat rolling off of it, and the scent of ass juice was strong right where I was sitting.

My dad, sensing Mike's urgent need to be pleasured back there, placed the head of the dildo at his back door and very carefully pushed in. Mike, feeling the slicked up phallus at his back door, tried to push back on it, but my dad was quick to stop him before he could.

Slow down, baby,” my dad said softly. “I don't want you to get hurt. Just let daddy do all of the work, and I promise, it won't be too much longer.”

It feels so good,” Mike moaned, and once again, my dad placed the palm of his free hand flat against the small of his back to steady him before adding a little more length, then a little more until the entire 7 inches was moving effortlessly in and out of Mike's pleasure hole. While my dad was adding length, Mike didn't wince at all, instead responding to the invasion with horny moans as he smiled pleasurably over his shoulder at us.

You're doing great, little buddy,” my dad said proudly, prompting Mike's grin to get even bigger as he accepted persistent strokes from the long dildo that my dad was fucking him with. I leaned over and looked into the box, noting that there was only one dildo left in the box, one that was a little bigger than the 7 incher that Mike was currently accepting. I realized that Mike was almost ready to take his first ride on my dad's skin flute, something I was sure he'd been hot for since the moment he took the step of wrapping his lips around it the night before. Out of nowhere, I heard the familiar sound of a vibrator, and knew that Mike was reaching the heights of anal ecstasy, at least until he was treated to his first real butt fucking, which was mere minutes away.

As this was happening, Matt was watching even more intently while he waited for his own deflowering. His eyes were now glued to the vibrating dildo that was sliding in and out of Mike's asshole, listening to the moist squishing sounds that it was making as it pushed in and pulled out of the well lubed orifice. He slowly let his gaze travel down into my daddy's lap, licking his lips as he once again took in the beautiful sight of the hard dick that was raging almost angrily there.

After several minutes of butt fucking that put Mike on the edge, my dad pulled the vibrator out and motioned for me to re-assume my position at his back door. I took a long, sensual whiff of his stink hole, then I ran my tongue up and down the valley of his crack, bringing out loud moans of pleasure every time it brushed over his poop-chute. Finally, I centered my tongue against his brown eye and ate it deeply, once again treating us both to a luscious, pleasurable rim job that lasted until my dad was ready to insert three lubed fingers into Mike's boy cunt. He kissed the top of my head, causing me to look up at him and smile, then he treated me to a long French kiss that made my head spin with pleasure. When our lips parted, he told me, “It's going to be your turn soon enough, pumpkin. Just be patient. Daddy promises to pump a load into your tight little bottom, okay?”

Okay daddy,” I said dreamily, sitting back on my butt and watching while he inserted three fingers into Mike's rear end. From my right, I heard Matt let go with a whimper, then he voiced his desires.

Will you do me too?” he asked as his face blushed deeply, and my dad nodded with a confident smile.

I promise, little buddy,” he said gently. “I know how much you're looking forward to having daddy's dick up that hot little rear end of yours. I promise that before the afternoon ends, you'll get your wish.”

Thank you, daddy,” Matt said, then he gave Jimmy a warm hug.

Would you like to suck a dick, baby?” my dad asked Mike, who nodded with a glazed over smile. My dad turned to Matt and said, “Why don't you go sit up there, buddy, and let Mike have some of your cock?”

Okay, daddy,” Matt said obediently, gently scooting Jimmy off of his lap and moving to the front of the bed, where he sat back down Indian style with his hard cock just inches from Mike's watering mouth. They shared a very tender look, then Mike wrapped his lips around Matt's steel hard cock and began to suck it, moaning hotly while my dad retracted his fingers long enough to place the longest dildo at the entrance of Mike's boy twat. Matt was watching from the top of the bed, his eyes glued to the large, penis shaped dildo that looked impossibly large compared to Mike's narrow waist and tiny rear end.

Normally, whenever Jimmy and I are alone with Mike and Matt, we see them as the hunks that they are in our eyes. Even when we take them to Nathan's house for some group fun, they don't look terribly small compared to the others. Maybe that's because Nathan and his friends are so much younger and still somewhat smaller than most adults. But when Mike and Matt are near my dad, their presence becomes less commanding and they take on the appearance of little boys, just like Jimmy and I. True, they're a little bit bigger than we are physically, but compared to my dad, they're small in stature, and it shows.

Which is why it was a site to behold as the massive dildo, easily the same length and girth as the monster that dangles between my dad's legs, was seemingly sucked into Mike's hungry hole with a fluid like motion. Once my dad pushed past his anal ring, the large phallus seemed to travel up his chute on its own, only stopping once it was over halfway in. When it finally came to a stop, it was bouncing around with the contractions of Mike's boy pussy while he moaned like a common whore around Matt's hard dick. He reached out with his hands and fondled his lover's balls, no doubt feeling passionate about his new invader and happy to have a dick to suck on while his boy pussy was pleasured so expertly.

Jimmy had moved over to sit beside me, watching with amazement as Mike accepted the large dong in his pooper. We shared a tender smile, then we kissed each other passionately without taking our eyes off of Mike's butt, which was being fed the remainder of the large dildo by my dad. He was slowly pushing it all the way in, and just like before, Mike was taking it without hesitation or, seemingly, any discomfort. My dad let the dildo settle in his behind, wanting him to get used to the large invader, and took the time to run his hands all over Mike's back side, caressing his cheeks and running his forefinger up and down Mike's crack.

I'm going to love getting into that hot little rear end of yours, little buddy,” my dad said softly. “Are you looking forward to finally feeling daddy's dick back there?”

Mike nodded silently without pulling off of Matt's dick, then we heard a wet sucking sound and a soft moan as Mike made love to the dick he had in his mouth. He was cupping Matt's balls with his left hand while running his right palm all over Matt's tummy, smiling up at his lover with starry eyes. At the same time, Matt was running his fingers through Mike's hair and grinning down at the contented cock sucker, no doubt reveling in the feelings he had, not just from the blow job he was getting, but from the feelings of love he felt for Mike. My dad was still using his hands to caress Mike's buns and trace his fingers up his crack, then he held his finger between Jimmy and I, right at our noses, prompting us to take a long sniff while we continued to kiss.

While we were sniffing his stinky finger, we didn't notice that he began to feed Mike strokes of the large dildo, bringing out loud moans from the boy of the hour. There were goosebumps erupting all over his butt and the back of his legs, and I noticed that his hair looked like it was standing up, as if drawn by static electricity. Out of nowhere, Mike's cock sucking got more aggressive, and he began to run the cock in his mouth back and forth between his lips with a very aroused look on his face. At the same time, he was using his tongue to bathe the head of Matt's dick, obviously eager for another mouthful of hot cum. I watched Matt place both of his hands on the back of Mike's head, then he shuddered hard and closed his eyes as his hips arched up, telling me that he was pumping a hot load of cum into Mike's eager, sucking mouth.

Mike started to swallow right away, gulping audibly as volley after volley of cum spurted into his mouth. When there was no more cum left to swallow, Mike continued to suck for several more moments while my dad relentlessly fucked him with the large dildo. Finally, Mike pulled off of Matt's cock and raised his torso so that he was now in the doggy style position, then he moaned again, his face pointed to the ceiling. My dad fed him a few more strokes, then he pulled out and instructed me to get between his legs while Jimmy ate at Mike's back door. I scrambled into position, anxious to treat myself to his length and enjoy a throat fuck. In one quick motion, I swallowed my dad's entire length, then I began to bob my head up and down and moaned like a whore.

My dad let me carry on for about a minute, then he pulled me off of his dick and wrapped his hand around it, adding plenty of lube to it while Jimmy continued to eat Mike's poop-chute. When my dad's dick was sufficiently lubed, he instructed Jimmy to end his feast, then he added three heavily lubed fingers to Mike's rear end and fucked in and out for about a minute. Mike was writhing around, his body yearning for the action that his back door was calling out for. Matt moved to sit beside Jimmy and I, watching the show and rubbing his friend's back, wanting to be there for him. When my dad pulled his fingers from Mike's boy pussy for the final time, we all sat still and watched his hole wink at us.

Mike, baby, I want you to be sure this is what you want,” my dad said tenderly. “I don't want you to do this because you think daddy won't love you if you don't. I'll love you no matter what, buddy.”

I'm sure, daddy,” Mike sighed in a dreamy voice. “I really want it bad, and I want you to give it to me.”

Okay, then I want you to tell me if it hurts, or if you want me to stop, okay?” my dad said cautiously, and Mike nodded.

I promise, daddy.”

With that, my dad placed the tip of his prick against Mike's exposed hole and pushed in ever so slowly. We all watched as the large mushroom head of his massive prick gained entry, then was swallowed by Mike's moist hole. I heard my dad draw in a sharp breath, but Mike seemed to be okay. Matt was rubbing his back tenderly, his eyes glued to the scene of carnal sin that was taking place right before our eyes. My dad added a little more length, then he stopped.

How are you doing, baby?' he asked, and Mike answered with a whimper.

It feels so good,” he panted.

I'm glad to hear that, buddy,” my dad said, a hint of relief in his tone. “I'm going slow so that you can get used to it, okay?”
“Okay, daddy,” Mike said, then he added, “It feels so hot. I love it.”

Is that how a dick feels in that amazing little mouth of yours?” he asked in reply, and Mike nodded.

It feels hot, but I think it feels hotter in my butt,” he admitted, and I shared a knowing look with Jimmy, who smiled smartly at me. My dad added more length, then a little more, each time asking Mike if he was alright and each time receiving the same answer. At some point, about 5 minutes into the process, my dad wrapped his thumb and forefinger around the base of his fuck stick and pushed the rest of the way in, then he pulled his hand away and added the last half inch.

Can you feel daddy's hair against your hot little tush?” my dad asked, and Mike nodded, still smiling over his shoulder at us.

You feel so good in there,” he moaned, and my dad nodded.

You're very hot and tight, buddy,” my dad told him. “I'm going to give you a little more time before I start, okay?”

Does it feel good?” Mike asked, seeming a little concerned that his boy pussy might not be satisfying my dad.

It feels very good, baby,” my dad reassured him, then he ran his hands all over Mike's back. “I want you to let daddy know when you're ready, okay? I don't want to start before that and hurt my little buddy.”

Instead of speaking, Mike used his position to ease his body forward, causing my dad's cock to pull back slightly, then he pushed back onto it, letting go of a moan when he did. He smiled back over his shoulder at my dad, making eye contact with him and batting his eyes, then he nodded his head. My dad pulled back a little bit, causing the head of his dick to drag along the lining of Mike's hot chute, then he pushed back in. When he was comfortable in the knowledge that he wasn't causing Mike any pain, he pulled back a little more, then he pushed back in, eliciting a moan from his bottom. Over and over, he pulled back a little bit more before pushing back in, each time taking it slowly until he was finally pulling back as far as he could, then pushing back in.

Before long, he had a steady fucking motion in progress, and as Mike experienced his first ever butt fucking, he let out a series of hot, horny moans while several cum shots erupted from his untouched boy cock, hitting the bed below him. My dad's dick looked like a saw moving in and out of Mike's now cock addicted rear end, hitting his prostate with machine like precision and causing more cum shots to erupt from the end of his teen cock. The sounds of my dad's crotch slapping against Mike's butt cheeks filled the room while Mike's already powerful pheromones filled the air with a sweet stink that Jimmy and I were both enjoying.

Go give your lover a kiss, little buddy,” my dad told Matt, who quickly crawled back to the top of the bed and planted his lips to Mikes. They shared a long, passionate kiss that only seemed to intensify as the moments passed, prompting my dad to grab Mike's hips and pound his rear end with force until he finally groaned loudly and filled Mike up with a hot load of cum.

When he pulled his dick out, Jimmy and I were all over it, sucking it like two cum hungry sluts while Mike shared a long, loving kiss with my dad. Eventually, Jimmy pulled off and took to Mike's rear end, eating the cum out of it while I sucked hungrily on my dad's dick. While I had my lips wrapped around the juicy treat, I felt my dad's hands working to loosen the buckles of my overalls, then I felt them pop open. I moaned hotly and rolled my rear end around, listening as Mike declared his love for my dad, then they shared another long kiss while I continued to suck dick like a true cock hound.

Do you want to watch me put the baby girl down for a nap?” my dad asked, running his fingers through my hair.

Okay,” I heard Mike answer dreamily, then he added, “I love you, daddy. Will we do it again after you do Kyle?”

Sure baby, I know you'd like that a lot,” my dad told him. “Just remember, Matt and Jimmy are waiting for their turns, too.”

I looked up and saw Mike clinging tightly to my dad's torso, almost as if he didn't want to let go of him. I saw my dad give him another long kiss, then he instructed Matt and Jimmy to pull my overalls off all the way so that I could stay on his dick. I cooperated with my helpers, raising my legs when I needed to and rolling my hips around when I was down to my panties, urging them to pull them off. I felt Jimmy's little hands tugging at their waist band, then I moaned as they rolled off of my hips and down my legs until they were bunched up around my knees.

By now, my own little boy butt was juicing with desire, eager to be fucked hard by my daddy's big dick. I smiled up at him hopefully, taking note of the fact that Mike was still clinging to him. He planted one last kiss on Mike's lips, then he reached down and pulled me off of his dick.

Would you like to lay on your back or take it from behind, princess?” he asked, and I moaned in anticipation of finally being penetrated.

I want to lay on my back so you can kiss me, daddy,” I lisped, prompting him to pull me up so that he could lean down and kiss me. While our tongues were dancing, I felt Mike run his hands all over my torso, then he reached around and rubbed my back, causing me to whimper with passion. As our kiss became more involved, I felt my dad easing me down to the mattress. He laid me flat on my back, then he pulled my rolled up panties the rest of the way off. When they were off, he laid them down while I lifted my legs, pulling them back to my chest so that he could aim his cock at the entrance of my juicing boy cunt and slip in. I was still lubed up from my morning of sex, so he had no issue gaining entrance to my love tunnel.

From the second his cock head slipped passed my anal ring, I was moaning with desire. He started to push in slowly, almost as if he were trying to feel every inch of my juicing boy pussy, and it was driving me crazy. Moments later, when he was finally buried to the hilt, I smiled up at him and we shared a long kiss. I moaned hotly into his mouth when he started to pull back, then he pushed forward. He bottomed out, then he pulled back again, dragging the mushroom head of his man cock along the lining of my snatch, then he pushed in again. I reached out and hooked my little arms underneath his shoulders, then I dug in with my fingers. This encouraged him to add force to his thrusts, causing me to moan even louder. When we broke our kiss, I called out for him to drive in harder. He grinned down, then we shared another kiss while he continued to feed me strokes of his dick, my girlish moans filling the room as the waves of an anal orgasm started to swell inside of me.

While my dad was servicing my pussy, Mike and Matt fell into a long kiss while Jimmy parted Matt's cheeks, using his tongue to eat at his back door. I saw a small, familiar set of hands running all over my dad's chest and shoulders, and I took note of the fact that Mike was still rubbing his body down, eager for any contact he could achieve with the man he was in love with. I saw another set of hands come into view, and realized that Matt had joined his lover, wanting to show his devotion to my dad for giving them access to his large cock. I heard the smack of their lips, telling me that they'd broken their kiss, then I heard Matt moan hotly as Jimmy's tongue continued to do its job.

Mike's cute smile came into view temporarily, then his head disappeared behind my dad again. I saw Matt shift slightly, causing Jimmy to pull his face out of his cheeks, then I heard him exclaim, “That's so hot!”

I couldn't see what was happening, but I quickly got the picture when my dad buried all nine inches deep inside of my juicing cunt and froze for about 45 seconds, then I heard the muffled sounds of Mike's moaning accompanied by moist, deep licking. I heard a very wet sounding kiss, then Mike's head popped up over my dad's shoulder, his sweaty hair pressed into his forehead and his cheeks bright red with the outline of my dad's two buns.

Did I do a good job, daddy?” he asked hopefully, prompting my dad to smile at him and nod.

You did a very good job, little lover,” my dad said affectionately, then he offered his lips for a kiss. While he and Mike were engaging in a tongue filled kiss, my dad started to thrust again, feeding me more luscious strokes of hot dick that brought about another boygasm. I watched their lips part, then my dad spoke to Mike.

Why don't you show Matt how much you love him and how good you can make him feel with that hot little tongue of yours?”

Without further ado, Mike was guiding Matt to get on his hands and knees doggy style, right beside my dad and I, then he lovingly parted his cheeks and buried his face in his rear end, eating it with reckless abandon. They were both moaning loudly, adding to my delirium as I watched Mike enjoy feasting on Matt's bottom.

Is that good, baby?” my dad asked, and Mike nodded without pulling his face out. I let go of my dad's shoulders and reached out with my right hand, caressing Matt's smiling face, then I craned my neck and offered him a kiss. While we were sharing a kiss, our anal bliss mutual, I felt one last boygasm sweep over me, causing my dad's dick to erupt inside of me, squirting his hot load up my squeezing butt hole while Matt and I moaned into each others' mouths.

When my dad pulled out of me, Mike was all over his cock, licking and sucking it shamelessly while Jimmy took over at Matt's back door, his little face nearly disappearing between the two hot mounds. My dad held my legs in place, keeping my twitching boy butt exposed, in just the right position for another cock to enter me. Mike was rolling his butt around while he sucked on my dad's still engorged tool, obviously eager for more sex at his back door. My dad smiled lovingly at me, then he pushed my ankles together so that he could hold them with one hand, freeing the other one up.

Mike, baby, why don't you come up for some air,” he said, using his free hand to caress the side of Mike's face. His little lover grinned up at him, his mouth still full of cock, then he gave it a few more sucks before doing as he was asked. When he sat up, he rested his head against my dad's chest and looked up at him with hopeful eyes, almost pleading with him for more anal sex. My dad leaned down and kissed his bottom, then he diverted his eyes to my love tunnel, which was still on display.

Do you see that, buddy?” my dad asked, and Mike nodded, biting his lower lip. “Your girlfriend's pussy needs some attention. She loves to have it eaten after she takes a ride on daddy's cock. Do you think you can help her out with that?”

Uh huh,” Mike nodded, his eyes filled with lust, almost as if he were in a spell. Without another word, he buried his face in my pooper and started to eat it deeply, using his tongue to search for as much of my dad's cum as he could find. We were both moaning wildly, this time our roles somewhat reversed as his scratchy tongue tortured the already heightened senses of each and every nerve ending in my rear end. Even over our moans of passion, I could hear the squelching sound of his tongue deep in my juicy pussy, adding to my pleasure as I started to bear down, eager to push as much cum and ass juice out as I could, knowing that he was hot for as much of the heavenly concoction as he could swallow.

I felt his hands pressing against the backs of my legs, then my dad let go of my ankles. At the same time, I noticed that Matt was no longer on his hands and knees beside me, but had moved between my dad's legs and was treating himself to a mouthful of hard dick. Jimmy was still behind Matt, eating him out with soft whimpers while Matt moaned hotly around the dick in his mouth.

Jimmy, come give daddy a kiss,” my dad commanded, prompting Jimmy to plant a soft kiss right onto Matt's brown eye before doing as he was asked. With a very dreamy smile, he wrapped his arms around my dad's neck and treated himself to a long French kiss, then he let my dad hold him close while they spoke.

Have you been getting enough cock today, baby?” my dad asked, and Jimmy shrugged.

I have, but I really want your cock, daddy,” Jimmy confessed. “I need it really bad.”

Tell daddy what you want to do with it,” my dad encouraged him, and Jimmy let go of a dreamy sigh.

I want to suck it,” Jimmy admitted. “Then I want you to service my pussy.”

Okay, baby,” my dad said gently, stroking Jimmy's soft face with his fingertips. “You're going to get your turn down there. Do you want daddy to pump a load in your tight little rear end first, or would you rather suck daddy off first?”

I want you to give it to me back there,” Jimmy said, pointing to his bubble butt. “Then I want to suck it for you, then I want you to put it back in me and service my pussy again.”

You sound very horny for daddy's cock, sweetie,” my dad observed, and Jimmy nodded shamelessly. “How many loads do you want daddy to give you?”

A hundred loads, daddy,” Jimmy said sweetly, looking like the love struck little girl that he is.

That sounds very hot, baby,” my dad said. “Let's see how close we can come to that, okay?”

Okay,” Jimmy sighed, then he pressed his lips back to my dad's and they shared another deep kiss that lasted until my dad unloaded his man jizz in Matt's mouth about a minute later.

While my dad was shooting his load into Matt's hungry mouth, Mike pulled his face out of my pooper and smiled up at me. I grinned back, feeling a flutter of deep love and devotion in my heart for him, then I offered him my lips for a kiss. He crawled between my legs, letting them rest on his shoulders, and planted his lips to mine. I kissed him hungrily, feeling especially smitten over the way he so selflessly used his tongue to pleasure me in a manner he never had before. As we kissed, I trapped his tired tongue between my lips and sucked on it, wanting to pull as much saliva out as I could while his very hard penis poked me in the butt, just above my entrance. I could smell the powerful pheromones that my boy butt had been secreting the entire time that he was between my legs, the sweet scent rolling off of his cheeks and into my nostrils while I continued to suck on his tongue.

When I let his tongue go, we smiled lovingly at each other, then I felt his hard cock moving around, looking for the lips of my boy pussy. When he found it, my smile widened and I sighed, then I felt him push in. When he was all the way inside of me, we shared another smile, this time one of mutual understanding and bliss, then he started to feed me strokes. Right away, I could tell the difference. Having finally been taken by a man, Mike seemed to have a better understanding of what to do when he was inside of me. I could feel his shaft running along the top of my love tunnel, knowing that my sweet spot was located there. He drove in and out with expert precision, not hard strokes but very specific ones that were aimed right for my joy button.

I was in the throes of a hard orgasm in no time at all, my pleasure derived not by the girth or length of Mike's dick, or by the duration of the fuck he was throwing at me. No, this time it was because of the skill and knowledge of my boy pussy that he was exhibiting. Because he knew where the spot was, and how it felt to have that spot hit over and over again. As my orgasm swirled, my juicing little boy butt started to grab his cock over and over again, then it started to queef loudly. I moaned long and loud, not like a girl this time, but like a boy who was getting his butt fucked. As feminine as I still felt, this was a different feeling, almost as if I were losing my virginity all over again. As if it were a year earlier, and I was a nervous, hopeful 10 year old boy who was bent over the toilet with his jeans puddled up around his ankles and his rear end up in the air, waiting for Jimmy to slip it in and give me the butt fucking that I was both curious about and craving so badly.

Mike leaned down and kissed me again, adding to my pleasure as I luxuriated in his expert love making. He drove in and out of me for another minute, but when my climaxing boy cunt was too much for him to handle, he buried his love muscle deep inside of me and froze, letting it squirt long and hard while we kissed and gazed into each others' eyes.

I was so caught up in the way Mike was making love to me that I hadn't noticed Jimmy, who was on his back with his little legs pulled all the way back. He had a mouthful of Matt's dick and his boy pussy was being filled by my dad's nine inch rod. He was moaning quite sissily, accepting long strokes in his rear end while Matt drove into his mouth. His little boy cocklet was bouncing around on its own, obviously wanting to shoot out a load of cum, but his immature nut sack had dried up and he was shooting blanks again. Mike was still hard inside of me, and I was in no hurry for him to pull out, so I held onto him and communicated my desires.

You feel so good to me,” I said when we broke our kiss. “Let's just stay like this for a while.”

Okay, baby,” he said, leaning down and giving me another peck on the lips. “You're hot little pussy feels so amazing. It feels like it never has before.”

You felt so good this time,” I panted, realizing that for the first time in almost a week, I wasn't lisping. Then I smiled up at him and said, “I know why you did such a good job.”

He grinned down at me with a knowing look, then we shared another kiss. My dad reached over and rubbed Mike's back, prompting him to break our kiss so that he could offer one to his top.

It sounds like you did a great job servicing my baby,” my dad said when their lips parted.

It's because you showed me how,” Mike said, smiling lovingly down at my dad's cock, which was still pummeling Jimmy's boy pussy. He licked his lips, then I felt his cock twitch inside of me before he made his confession. “I need you to show me again, daddy.”

I promise, baby,” my dad said. “I need to take care of Matt's little rear end, too. I promised him a turn on daddy's dick, and I don't want to go back on that.”

Okay, daddy,” Mike sighed contentedly, sharing a loving smile with Matt as his hard rod rested in my hot chute. I flexed my butt muscles, giving his fuck stick a firm squeeze, then I bit my lower lip and gazed back up at him, eager for more back door action. Mike leaned down and kissed my lips, then he started to feed me strokes of hot cock that were once again centered on my sweet spot, bringing out loud moans from me that caused everyone else in the room, including Jimmy, to watch curiously. Even with a mouthful of hard cock, I could see the look of wonder on his face as my boyish moaning carried on, the experience still new to me too.

Mike quieted my moans by slipping his tongue in my mouth, treating me to a long French kiss while he fucked me the right way. When we broke our kiss, he petted my head and drove up into me, then he smiled down and talked to me.

Such a good girl,” he almost whispered. “Your pussy feels so hot to me, baby. I love you.”

I love you too,” I moaned, my sissy like lisp starting to emerge once more. “It feels so good when you're making love to me, baby.”

That's what I like to hear,” Mike said tenderly, then he planted another kiss on my lips. “I love to hear my little girlfriend talk to me in her girl voice.”

Okay,” I lisped, this time making sure it was thick. “I want to be a good little girlfriend for you, baby. I love it when you're happy.”

With that, he pulled back, then he pushed back in, once again aiming for my clit with expert precision. I moaned again, this time with a feminine shrill, which encouraged him to continue to fuck me. To my right, Jimmy was gulping down a hot load of Matt's boy sperm, swallowing it almost urgently while my dad continued to slam into him. When Matt pulled his cock from between Jimmy's lips, he looked over at me and grinned, then he used his left hand to run his fingers through my hair. I batted my eyes at him, feeling very passionate about the two of us getting laid side by side, then I told him, “I love you.”

I love you too, Kyle,” he whimpered. “Is Mike servicing your pussy really good?”

Yes,” I practically stuttered, feeling my top drive back in, the head of his dick pushing across my sweet spot, then he pulled back again, this time dragging his glans over it and bringing out another loud moan.

You're moaning like you used to,” Jimmy observed, his smile still prevalent.

I can't help it,” I said through a moan. “I feel like a gay boy again, and not a little girl.”

You still look like a cute gay boy, too,” he told me, and I felt my heart flutter again.

You look like a cute gay boy to me, too, Jimmy,” I whimpered, then I felt Mike start to pump in and out of me with more force in a swift, rhythmic motion that made my legs shake uncontrollably as my little boy cunt started to burn sweetly with a swirling climax that I could barely cope with. I looked up at Mike and panted hard, then I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down into a kiss. My little body was shivering hard as our tongues dueled, the climax he'd fucked me to now sweeping me away. It felt like the lights were flashing off and on in the room and I could feel a long, pleasurable hum that originated deep inside of me as Mike's rod plunged in and out until I felt several hot shots of cum being pumped into my hole.

When he pulled out, he let my legs fall to the bed and collapsed beside me. I moved down his body and sucked his dick clean, using my tongue to lick up every inch of cum and ass juice that I could find while it deflated in my mouth. When it was clean, I moved back up to his chest, where I snuggled up to him and let him hold me close while we watched Jimmy wrap his lips around my dad's cock, which was glistening with cum and ass juice. He was moaning like a bitch in heat while he treated himself to a mouthful of the hard dick he'd been craving so badly, using his small hands to fondle my dad's balls in the process. While he was sucking my dad's dick, Matt moved between his legs, lifting them into the air and slipping his boy cock into Jimmy's pussy, treating both of them to a pleasurable ride.

While we were watching Jimmy being split roasted, Mike rubbed my back with one hand and tousled my hair with the other. I planted kisses on his heaving chest and stomach, loving how good it felt to be held in his arms after being made love to by him. His warm skin felt good against my cheek, and I wanted him to know how in love with him I was.

Did I do a good job?” he asked, and I nodded my head silently. “Did I really make you feel like a gay boy instead of like a little girl?”
“Yes,” I almost whispered. “I'm still a little girl, though. I just felt like I used to feel when I felt like a boy, that's all.”

Did you like feeling that way?” he asked, and I nodded my confession.

Sometimes I like being a boy,” I told him quietly. “I always feel like a little boy when I'm being someone's toilet, and I feel like a little boy when I meet someone new and mess around with them. But I like being your girlfriend.”

I knew that you felt like a little boy when I saw your cute little tallywacker come out,” he told me, still rubbing my back. “I think it's sexy that you act like a girl, but I like boys, so I want you to feel like a boy when you want to.”

It won't make you want someone else if sometimes I want to be your little boyfriend instead of your little girlfriend?” I asked, looking up at his face for an answer.

I promise, baby,” he told me with a tender smile. “I love having a cute little boyfriend just as much as I love having a cute little girlfriend.”

With that, we shared a sweet kiss, then I rested my tired head back down on his chest and we watched while Jimmy achieved another long, shivering climax, his empty nut sack pulling tight to his body while his hairless pecker jerked uncontrollably. He was in heaven while my dad fucked his throat deeply and Matt serviced his boy cunt, feeding him hard strokes of cock that were punishing his clit and causing him to squeal with delight. I wrapped my hand around Mike's flaccid dick and held it, satisfied to be there with him as we watched our little lover get split roasted on the bed beside us.

My hairless pecker was as hard as a rock, pressed tight against my pubic bone as I sat flat on my butt on the floor. Above me, the site of Matt's rear end lowering down over my face had come into view, casting a shadow that blocked out the light that was shining through the window of my parents' bathroom. As I contemplated this moment throughout the afternoon, I had planned to sit on my knees with my mouth opened and my face turned up so that my feeder would have a comfortable, clean toilet to sit on so that he could do his business, but my mom arrived home just in time to give us something that changed those plans.

Jimmy was fast asleep in my parents' bed, having had his wishes fulfilled by my dad and Matt, who took turns fucking his rear end while the other was sucked off, then trading places. By the time Jimmy was finished, he'd sucked two loads each out of my dad and Matt, and taken as many rides on each of their dicks. While he was being held by my dad in the afterglow of his cock fest, he slipped into a deep slumber. Matt had taken the opportunity to wrap his lips around my dad's cock, once again seeking a load to swallow in hopes that he would soon have it in his eager rear end.

Before he could do that, though, he had to clear the decks, so to speak. When he announced his need to poop, I felt my insides jump. I looked over at Jimmy, who was sound asleep, and realized that I would be in for a full on feast. I felt a little selfish, taking all of Matt's turds for myself, but I reasoned that Jimmy was wiped out from his romp and would want me to eat his share.

I was about to get up and drag Matt to the bathroom when the unmistakeable sound of my mom's minivan carried into our ears. My dad gently kissed Jimmy on the cheek, then he tucked him in under the covers and got up, pulling on a clean pair of boxers and his robe before heading downstairs to greet my mom, who was home hours early.

When they came inside, my dad was carrying something that grabbed all of our attention, save for Jimmy, who was off somewhere in his own sexy little dreamland.

Is it a potty chair?” I asked, sitting Indian style on the bed, my little boy rod already stiff as a board from the anticipation of being fed from Matt's rear end.

Kind of, pumpkin,” my dad said, setting it down. “It's a rim seat for you and Jimmy. Mommy picked it up this afternoon.”

What does it do?' I asked, having never seen one before. With a knowing smile, he sat down on it and watched my expression.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I was going to crawl underneath it and take hot poop loads. I felt a powerful shiver run through me, knowing that my mom had gone out to get this because she knew that my feeders would be able to take better care of me, and at the same time, I would be able to be a better toilet for them. I looked over at the door, where my mom was watching me with a warm smile, and I grinned. I hopped off the bed and ran over to her, wrapping my little arms around her midsection and giving her a hug, then I walked over and did the same for my dad, leaning into him and letting him hold me close while he sat on the seat.

Are you ready to try it out, baby?” he asked, and I nodded, licking my lips. My dad got up and carried it into his bathroom, putting it in the middle of the floor. I nervously climbed under it, taking note of the fact that the seat was just the right height for me to crawl under it and sit up so that I could push my face into my feeder's rear end and accept turd after cracking turd as they emerged, hot and stinky, ready for my dining pleasure.

Are you comfortable?” my mom asked, and I nodded up at her through the open space with a naughty grin.

Thank you, mommy,” I told her. “I want you and daddy to watch me use it.”

Okay, baby,” she said with a warm smile, prompting me to moan as I watched Matt make his way through the doorway and into the bathroom, where he surveyed the rim seat before taking his seat. When he sat down, his cheeks parted on their own, and all I had to do was open wide and push my face into his delicious smelling crack. He planted his feet firmly on the floor and pushed, and while my mouth watered, I felt his hole start to expand as the sound of a crackling turd making its descent carried into my ears. I was taking loud sniffs the entire time he was over me, only stopping when I felt the moist texture of his hot poop log pushing through my lips, filling my mouth rapidly.

A dark, luscious stink was all around me, and I felt out of control with passion as his turd curled up in my mouth, taking the shape of a piece of dog poop. When it detached from his hole he got up, allowing my audience to look down at me through the opening of the seat. I opened my mouth, eager for all of them to see my brown, stinky mouthful, then I chewed and swallowed like a good toilet. I opened wide to show off my empty mouth, then I licked my lips, eager for more.

Matt sat back down and I quickly shoved my face up into his poop smeared crack, loving how it smelled and tasted while I used my tongue to dart into it. I licked it deeply, hoping to scrape out as much poop as I could, then I swallowed it with a long sigh of satisfaction before he pushed again, sending another long, thick turd down his poop-chute and into my watering mouth. While I was accepting the stinky gift, my mom knelt down so that she was at eye level with me, watching as the brown log pushed into my mouth with ease. There was a moist sheen of ass juice coating the poop log, giving me chills of delight as I was used as a toilet in front of my mom. She was taking hard sniffs while Matt's turd was still emerging, no doubt wanting to know for herself how stinky my brown meal was. When it detached from his butt hole, I grinned at my mom and showed her my brown gift, then Matt got up again, giving everyone in the room a good look at me as I chewed up my meal and swallowed with a another satisfied moan.

Is that good, baby?” she asked, and I nodded, licking my poop coated lips. “You're going to love using this all the time, aren't you?”

Yes, mommy,” I practically stuttered. “I want everyone who poops for me to do it this way now.”

While I was telling her this, Matt took a seat and I quickly opened up for him, wanting to be a good toilet. He fed me one last turd, this one medium in length but still quite thick, and I happily accepted it with another horny moan. While I was chewing it up, he got up and watched me, then he aimed his pecker at my face. I eagerly opened up and let him pee into my mouth, gulping furiously and trying to keep up unsuccessfully, his pee overflowing and running down my torso. He redirected his pee stream into my hair, soaking it momentarily, then back to my mouth, where I gulped like a good toilet one more time until he was ready to shake off in my face.

He sat back down and let me lick his crack clean, then he got up and Mike took his place. I pushed my face up into his rear end and moaned, eager for another pile of tasty turds to dine on, and was treated to an immediate mouthful of soft boy fudge that made my cheeks bulge. His turds carried the luscious aroma of fresh cat poop, and I was in heaven as it overwhelmed my senses, causing my boy cunt to juice hard. Mike got up and looked down, almost in a panic because he was worried about how much he'd pushed out, but I smiled up blissfully through the opening. I opened my mouth again, letting everyone see my treat while the sweet stink of fresh cat poop rolled into my nostrils, then I used my tongue to smash the load up before swallowing. Mike aimed his pecker at me, so I opened up and let him pee in my mouth, then all over my already wet head while I swallowed his yellow love potion.

When my mouth was empty, he aimed and gave me a refill, finishing there while I swallowed. When he sat back down on the seat, I pushed my face up into his hot, poop covered rump. He gave a firm push and fed me another mouthful of hot, tasty turds that pushed into my mouth all at once, making my cheeks bulge again while my boy pussy throbbed, sending another long shiver up my spine and down the backs of my legs. While I was chewing up my delicious meal, the throbbing in my pussy got more and more intense, and as I swallowed, my boygasm exploded, causing me to shudder hard while my little boy cock danced around. My mom was watching me the entire time, a far away look in her eye as the delightfully stinky aroma swirled all around us. I grinned at her, and she responded by leaning over and kissing the side of my head. I used my toilet paper tongue to lap away the thick ribbons of poop that lined Mike's crack, then I opened wide, angling my mouth so that my mom could watch it fill up with the next turd.

He gave a hard push, and I was treated to another soft helping of boy poop. Three clay brown turds bullied their way into my watering mouth, one after the other in rapid succession, their heat and their stink giving me chills of delight as I used my tongue to push into them. My mom was watching me closely, so I made a show of it, chewing slowly and opening wide, taking a long whiff to let her know that I loved what I was doing and that I wanted more. My dad knelt beside her and rubbed her back, prompting her to smile at me, then up at him before they turned their attention back to my show.

When my stinky mouthful was down, Mike pushed out one last turd, a long slender one that I eagerly accepted with a moan, then I took my time licking his stinky rump clean. When he stepped away, my dad aimed his rod down into the seat and peed for me, filling my mouth up and stopping so that I could swallow, then doing it all over again until he was finally done. When I crawled out from beneath the chair, I was a mess of pee and smeared poop, so my dad started the shower and Mike and Matt got in with us. My dad washed all three of us lovingly, and I couldn't help but notice how much attention he was paying to Mike.

When we were clean, he handed me a bar of soap and told me to take care of Matt. I quickly worked up a lather around his hard shaft, then I bent over and placed my hands against the wall. He slipped his hard shaft into my horny bottom and fucked a very hot load of cum into it while I moaned loudly. On the other side of the tub, Mike took his opportunity to bend over in a similar fashion, tempting my dad to slip his hard rod into his eager, upturned rear end. My dad gave in to Mike's seductions right away, treating him to a ten minute ride on his fuck stick before pumping another load into it.