Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 51

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After unloading into Mike's rear end, my dad turned the water off and held his little lover close. My dad took a seat on the floor of the tub and pulled Mike into his lap, letting him recover from the intensely pleasurable ride he'd just been treated to. In the meanwhile, Matt and I joined them on the floor as well, with Matt nuzzling his head against my dad's shoulder while he held me in his arms. Mike engaged my dad in a long French kiss while I snuggled closely with Matt, then he and I made eye contact and shared a knowing smile. Matt gave me a kiss on the cheek, prompting me to smile up at him sweetly. He surprised me by planting a long, tongue free kiss on my lips, then he hugged me tightly while I rested my head on his shoulder. I reached out and ran my little fingers through Mike's wet head, prompting he and my dad to let their lips separate.

I love you, daddy,” Mike sighed, then he rested his head against my dad's chest.

I love you too, baby boy,” my dad answered, then he gave Mike a firm squeeze before addressing all three of us. “Why don't you go brush Kyle's teeth, then get back in the bed and wait for daddy to go downstairs. We're going to have to get a move on if Matt wants to take a ride on my cock this afternoon. I know you boys have to check in at home.”

Okay, daddy,” Matt agreed, scooting me out of his lap and getting up behind me. Mike reluctantly got up too, letting my dad pull the curtain back. The rim seat was gone, and there was no trace of my feeding on the floor. In fact, the only clue that remained of my luscious meal was my poo poo breath and the prevalent stink that still lingered in the air, one that I found enjoyable. My dad got out first, opening a large towel that was big enough for Matt, Mike and I to step into all at once. He lovingly dried us all, then he let Mike and I take the towel from him. We dried him carefully, reciprocating his loving treatment until he was nice and dry. When we were through drying him off, he took the towel from us and spread it out on the floor, soaking up the bath water that we all dripped when we stepped out.

While my lovers and I were walking hand in hand through my parents' room, I took note of the fact that Jimmy was still out like a light, sleeping on his tummy with an adorable smile on his face. I knew that he'd been fucked thoroughly while at the same time sucking as much dick as he could. He just looked so content as his naked little rump stuck out, his knees slightly tucked beneath him so that his back had a slight curve to it. With every breath he took, his skin moved up and down, and even though he wasn't swaddled in blankets, he looked comfortably warm.

When we got to my bathroom, Mike retrieved my toothbrush from the medicine cabinet and carefully added toothpaste. While he was doing that, Matt surprised me again, this time by sitting on the edge of the tub and pulling me into his naked lap. While I watched Mike prepare my toothbrush, Matt kissed my right cheek over and over. I leaned my head back far enough to smile up at him, and he planted another long kiss on my lips, seeming not to care about my stinky breath. When we broke it, I sighed, sending a powerful blast of poop breath his way, prompting him to fan the smell away from his nose with a silly grin.

I love you, Kyle,” he told me, then he wrapped his arms around my torso. “You're such a sexy little lover.”

You don't care if I have poo poo breath?” I asked, and he shook his head no.

I just want to kiss you so bad,” he confessed, then he leaned back down and planted another kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling of his warm, wet lips against mine when out of nowhere, I felt his lips part and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I opened my eyes and watched his dreamy expression as we shared a long, loving French kiss, noting that he didn't even seem to notice that the flavor of poop was still so powerful in my mouth. When we broke our kiss, it was as if nothing were out of the ordinary for him. He helped me up, holding my hand the entire time, then he told me to open up so that he could brush my teeth.

When my teeth were brushed, he engaged me in another long kiss while Mike poured some mouthwash into a cup for me. After I rinsed, Mike treated me to another kiss while Matt took the lube down from the medicine cabinet. While I was wrapped up in Mike's passionate embrace, enjoying the feeling of being kissed up by him, Matt knelt behind me and spread my buns, revealing my well fucked boy pussy. I felt him rub lube all over my brown eye, then he slid two lubed up fingers deep inside of me while I moaned into Mike's mouth. My pussy was burning sweetly while Matt finger fucked me, then he pulled his digits out and placed his palm on my back, rubbing it softly while Mike and I swapped spit.

When our kiss was finally finished, Matt turned me so that I was facing him and took me into his arms, kissing me with as much passion as Mike had just seconds earlier. I could feel his arms envelop my shoulders while I wrapped my arms around his neck. Mike picked the bottle of lube up and applied a liberal amount to his fingers, then he treated me to another round of finger banging while Matt treated me to all of the tongue that I could have dreamed of. My pussy picked up right where it left off, burning sweetly with pleasure as Mike used two, then three fingers to pleasure me. I was whimpering like a good little pussy boy, enjoying the double action that I was getting and hoping that sooner than later, I would be taking a hard cock in my rear end.

It didn't take long for my dreams to come true, as Mike pulled his fingers out of my yearning pussy and greased his dick up with the lube that was left on his hand. Matt and I broke our kiss, and with a silent understanding of what I wanted, he took a seat on the toilet. I crawled between his legs and treated myself to a mouthful of his hard cock while Mike pulled my hips up, prompting me to moan and roll my hips around in eager anticipation of the hard butt fucking I was about to get. While I was sucking dick and preparing to take a hopefully long ride on Mike's fuck stick, my mom and dad came up the stairs and caught site of my slutty disposition. I saw them watching from the doorway as I let Matt's dick glide between my lips and caressed his balls with my hands, prompting me to smile at them and push up with my hips, wanting them to know that I was hot for it at both ends.

It looks like the baby wants it bad,” my mom observed, and I nodded shamelessly at her, my mouth still filled with Matt's delicious dick. I felt the head of Mike's dick resting at my back door, then I felt him tighten his grip on my hips and push in. I let go of a long, horny moan as his teen dick pushed in, all six inches moving along deliciously until his small pubic patch was brushing my plump cheeks. I felt a shiver run through me when he stirred his dick around in my boy butt, then he began feeding me strokes. I moaned hotly around Matt's dick as I accepted Mike's thrusts, smiling happily as I took both cocks like the pro that I am. My mom and dad were standing arm in arm, watching while I gave into being the cum slut that I am.

I could feel Mike's inward thrusts pushing me forward, causing the top of my head to push into Matt's lower abdomen over and over. This created a natural movement with my lips around his cock, and I no longer had to run my lips back and forth, as Mike's thrusts were doing all of the work for me. I felt Matt's hands running up and down my back, his fingertips pushing into the globes of my upturned bottom as Mike continued to drive in from the back. While he was doing this, Mike placed his hands on top of Matt's, then I felt their fingers lace tightly. As I neared the height of my anal orgasm, my moaning got progressively louder and more depraved. At the same time, I opened my eyes just in time to see that my mom and dad were locked in a French kiss in the doorway, her hand wrapped around his thick shaft and his hand shoved down the front of her pants, obviously finger fucking her. While I was watching this, I heard the moist sounds of kissing above me, and took note of the fact that Matt and Mike were now leaning forward far enough to share a kiss of their own.

I was so driven with lust at this point that all I could do was tighten up the muscles that lined my boy pussy and suck even harder, wanting to experience the ultimate joy of feeling two loads of cum erupting inside of me at the same time. I heard my juicing boy cunt start to queef loudly, and at the same time, Mike started to thrust harder, giving me powerful chills as Matt's fuck stick worked in and out of my cum tube with even more force as a result. With a loud, almost wolf like howl, my boygasm erupted and the room went dark. My little snatch was squeezing Mike's cock like a boa constrictor, trying to pull the climax from his balls. At the same time, I could feel Matt's shaft gaining thickness, telling me that he was about to unload his nut juice in my mouth. My hard little cocklet was throbbing hard, my midsection on fire as my own little nut sack pulled tight to my groin.

With a loud groan, Mike plunged deep inside of my squeezing little boy cunt and started to squirt his hot load. While he was doing this, my own dry orgasm got more intense, sending a long series of sharp shivers up my spine and down the backs of my legs, which were trembling under the force of my climax. I felt Matt's hand on the back of my head, pushing me down onto his rod with glorious force, allowing me to enjoy the feeling of being fucked even harder in my throat before his nuts pulled tight in my hand, then I felt the cum start to rise up his shaft. I sucked harder, letting him pull his length from my throat so that I could seal my lips around it and suck. Seconds later, I was treated to a large mouthful of cum that I swallowed greedily, not wanting any to go to waste. I was gulping furiously, simultaneously taking Matt's load to the tummy while accepting the last of Mike's teen spunk up my butt.

When Mike pulled his magical fuck stick from my still throbbing pussy, I felt him part my cheeks and bury his face in it. While he was eating me out, I was moaning wildly, wanting it to go on forever. As this was happening, I licked Matt's rod up and down, then I took to his balls, licking them like a good little slut, then sucking on them as Mike continued to pleasure me with his tongue. When he pulled his face out of my rear end, I let Matt's balls fall from my mouth and spun around, anxious to suck his dick clean. Because he was on his knees, I had to lay down flat on my back to do it, but once I was in position, I pulled it into my mouth and gave off another satisfied moan. When Mike's dick was clean, I shamelessly licked his balls while my mom and dad watched the show from the doorway, their own sexy encounter now over.

As soon as we got back to my parents' room, my dad let Mike and Matt crawl between his legs and suck his dick, wanting to unload another wad of cum before he finally deflowered Matt. I knew that his reasoning for this was that he wanted to seal the deal with Matt , so to speak, by keeping him hot for his cock. At the same time, he knew, if he fired a load of ball juice before fucking Matt, he would be able to make it a long, satisfying lay for his eager new bottom. While Mike and Matt were licking and sucking my dad's long cock, I was posted up at Matt's rear end, sniffing it and eating it hungrily while prepping him for anal sex.

While I was eating Matt's delicious bottom, my mom sat on the edge of the bed and gently woke Jimmy up. He sat up and yawned, then he gave my mom a long hug before crawling into her lap, wanting to be held while he was still coming around. My mom lovingly rocked him back and forth, whispering something into his ear that I couldn't hear. I saw him nod sleepily, then she reached into her pocket and produced the binky that she'd given him that morning. She very gently eased it into his mouth, then she stroked the side of his head and hummed quietly while she continued to rock him like a baby.

While I was still eating Matt out, my mom got up with Jimmy in her arms and they left the room. While they were gone, my dad experienced his orgasm, blowing the first portion of his load right down Matt's gullet before pulling out of his mouth and finishing on Mike's hopeful face. When he was done, Mike and Matt dined on the sticky cock, sucking all of the cum off that they could. When they let my dad's cock fall from their lips, Matt scraped the cum from Mike's face, feeding it to him and licking long strands off of his fingers. When they were through feasting on cum, I let my own feast end, pulling my face out of Matt's rump so that they could give themselves to my dad's embrace once more and await their instructions.

While my dad was holding them close, he asked me to reach into the box and pull out the smallest dildo. He instructed Mike to sit at the top of the bed and for Matt to get between his opened legs so that he could give some more head. They both took their positions without delay, and before long, Matt was accepting three of my dad's fingers while he moaned around Mike's cock. When my dad pushed into him with the smallest dildo, Matt moaned even louder than before. With gentle in and out motions, Matt began to pant heavily and grind his rear end around, causing my own boy pussy to tremble with passion as I thought about the pleasure that he was experiencing.

When my dad pulled the small dildo out, I quickly snatched it from him and examined it closely. There was a sheen of fresh ass juice all over it and several light brown smears of boy poop along its length. I gave it a long, enjoyable sniff, then I selfishly took it in my mouth and sucked as much poop and ass juice off as I could. While I was enjoying the smell and taste of Matt's used dildo, my dad was slowly inserting the next biggest one, a five inch dildo that Matt didn't seem to have much trouble with. I let go of a soft moan when the taste of Matt's boy poop exploded in my mouth, then I used my tongue to bathe every square inch of the small phallus before pulling it from my mouth. When it was back in my hand, I held it close to my nose and sniffed, enjoying the aroma it was giving off and looking forward to sucking on the next one.

While my dad was fucking Matt with the five inch dildo, he started to moan in an even more depraved manner and push up with his hips. I thought I could hear his boy pussy queefing, just faintly, and once again, I felt a stir in my own pussy as I considered his pleasurable position. While this was happening, I heard my mom and Jimmy talking as they approached the room. My mom was carrying him while he rested his head on her shoulder, and he was holding a pair of white underwear up to his nose. His little legs were wrapped tightly around her waist and he was wearing a naughty grin as he took hard sniffs of the undies that were in his left hand. In his right hand were a second pair of underwear, bunched up tight in his fist, and I could clearly make out a deep brown stain coloring the seat of both pairs.

When they came back in the room, my mom took the underwear away from his nose and gave him a kiss, then she produced the pacifier again and covered the nipple with the brown undies. My mouth was watering as she eased both the binky and the underwear into Jimmy's mouth, prompting him to sigh contentedly before he started to suck. My mom spotted me sniffing the poo scented dildo and gave me a warm smile, then she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed so that she was next to me. Jimmy simply adjusted himself so that he was resting in her lap with his legs curled up, letting her rock him while he offered me the other pair of stinky undies he had in his hand. I leaned forward and took a long sniff, letting the smell of poop and dried pee drift into my nose, then I let go with a long moan before reaching out. My mom beat me to the punch, though, snatching the underwear from my boyfriend and turning them inside out, then she took my dildo away and wrapped it in the underwear. She held it up to her own nose, taking a long whiff and closing her eyes with a shudder before easing it into my mouth.

As the delicious tasting undies slipped into my watering mouth, I experienced a burst of flavor as my saliva brought the dark poop smears back to life. At the same time, I could taste the dried up pee being pulled into my mouth as I sucked almost feverishly on the undies that I was enjoying. My mom was running her fingers through my hair and smiling warmly at me while the three of us watched Mike unload his teen spunk into Matt's mouth. When Matt swallowed Mike's load, my dad retracted the dildo from his behind and he sat up, revealing that he had fired several shots of his own teen spunk while he was having his rear end semi serviced by the five inch dildo.

When I caught site of the five inch phallus, I felt another long shiver run through me. There was a healthy coating of ass juice and a generous amount of smeared boy poop all over it. I quickly took it from my dad and used my tongue to expel the undies and dildo I had in my mouth. This was my mom's cue to remove them, and as soon as she did, I had the five inch dildo in my mouth, sucking all of the poop and ass juice off that I could with a horny moan. When there was no more fresh poop or ass juice to suck off of it, I deep throated it, wanting to feel it in my cum tube. This prompted my mom to unwrap the little dildo that I was sucking on earlier and set it off to the side, then she eased the five incher from my mouth and wrapped it with my stinky undies. I moaned when I saw what she was up to, and once again, she took a long, heavenly whiff of the poop stained underwear before she eased them back in, this time around the larger dildo. I quickly resumed deepthroating the dildo while letting my senses fill with the scent and taste of dark boy poop.

While I was doing this, my mom took the initiative and eased the small dildo into my boy pussy, prompting me to let go with another moan as I rode it up and down. While I was enjoying the two dildos and my stinky undies, Jimmy was absentmindedly fingering his own little boy hole, sighing repeatedly around the undies and binky he was sucking on while we watched Matt prepare to accept the seven inch dildo that my dad was holding up to his rectum. Before pushing in, my dad added plenty of lube, using his fingers to grease Matt's love tunnel once more, then thoroughly coating the large dildo. He gave it a push and it went in with no trouble, but then he added length and Matt winced.

Are you okay, buddy?” my dad asked, a hint of concern registering on his face because Matt had just hunched up. My mom, sensing Matt's pain, immediately got up with Jimmy in tow and moved around to the top of the bed, taking a seat so that she could soothe him.

I'm okay, daddy,” Matt said while drawing air in through his teeth, a sure sign that he was experiencing at least some discomfort.

Baby, if it hurts, you can say so,” my mom said gently, stroking Matt's brown hair in a soothing way that only a mom can. “Mommy and daddy want this to be something you enjoy.”

Why don't we let him get used to it for now,” my dad suggested, seeming to add commentary to the moment more than anything. After all, he was the one in control of the seven inch dildo that Matt seemed to be having trouble with.

Turn it on, honey,” my mom said. “He'll probably like that more.”

With that, my dad nodded and did as he was instructed, turning the back knob carefully while holding the dildo in place, then he very slowly inched it in a little more. After a few minutes, Matt's expression softened, going from mildly panicked to blissfully pleased, and I knew that he was enjoying having the plastic phallus in his boy pussy. A few more minutes went by, with my dad holding the dildo still while my mom and Mike stroked his hair and cheeks. Jimmy even reached out and ran his little hand up and down Matt's back, earning him a loving smile of appreciation from the new bottom boy.

When my dad finally started to move the dildo in and out, it was with slow, deliberate strokes that brought out deep moans of pleasure from Matt. The vibrator was still humming away as my dad carefully increased the pressure with which he was plunging in and out while also gaining momentum. After five minutes of this, Matt was once again grinding his 13 year old rear end around in the air, his face a portrait of sheer ecstasy. I could hear the queefing return, only this time it was loud and abrupt, occurring with every thrust that my dad gave. My little cocklet was standing straight up, pressed tightly to my hairless groin as I watched the show in front of me. My delicious underwear were still filling my mouth with flavors that were exquisite and my nose was picking up the scent of both drying pee and sweet, stinky boy fudge. The little dildo in my boy pussy was adding to my pleasure, causing me to let go of soft whimpers and hot moans of my own as Matt prepared to lose his virginity in my parents' bed.

My dad took a little more time with the seven incher than he did with the five incher, causing Matt to blow his load twice while being fucked with it. I was sure that my dad's reasoning was that he wanted to stretch Matt out a little more, preparing him for the final dildo, the long, nine inch dong that was lined with realistic veins and as thick as the monster that swings between my dad's legs. Matt was shivering so hard, and I swear I could see the throbbing waves of pleasure coursing down the back of his legs. He was moaning very shamelessly, practically begging my dad not to stop what he was doing. He had goosebumps all over his skin, and his hair seemed to be standing up on its own accord. Ten minutes after my dad started to plunge in and out of his boy cunt with force, he pulled the dildo out and retrieved the longest, thickest one from the box.

As soon as I realized that my dad was pulling the dildo from Matt's queefing rectum, I pulled the three inch dildo from my own boy pussy and removed my stinky undies from the five incher. I used my fingers to pull a generous amount of cum and ass juice from my bottom, using it to slick the five incher, then I slipped it up my butt and moaned like a girl. While I was riding the dildo, I snatched the seven incher from my dad and inspected it closely. There was a coating of ass juice all over it, but no boy poop. Still, I shivered with passion as I sucked the dildo into my mouth and licked away all of the ass juice, then I wrapped it in my brown, stinky undies and re-inserted it into my mouth so that I could deep throat it.

Once again, my dad took his time with the larger dildo. He encouraged Matt to bear down, telling him that if he could take this dildo, he could be fucked with my dad's dick. It seemed like Matt became more determined than ever, wanting to accept the dildo quickly so that he could be filled with man cock. My dad, however, wanted to keep him safe, and took it very slow. It was ten minutes before Matt had all of the dildo inside of him, then it was another five before he made any move to start thrusting. Matt seemed to be frustrated by this, grinding his bottom around in the air like a horny school girl, but my dad was able to keep his intended pace. In due time, though, Matt was accepting long, full strokes of the long dildo, every vein tearing across the lining of his boy pussy, along his prostrate in a deliciously wicked manner, sending long shivers through him and causing more teen spunk to fire out of the end of his hard, untouched dick.

Princess, I want you to give daddy a little head, okay?” my dad told me, brushing my bangs away from the tops of my eye brows as he pulled the seven inch dildo and my undies out of my mouth. “When you're done, I'll give you the big dildo to suck on, okay?”

Okay, daddy,” I lisped unintentionally, watching as he unwrapped the seven inch dildo and put my undies off to the side. I quickly got into the doggy style position and went down on him, accepting his full length to the back of my throat while he pulled the five inch dildo from my rear end. I moaned when it came out, then I moaned even more hotly when I felt him place the head of the seven inch dildo at my entrance and push it in. While I was blowing him, he used his left hand to drive in and out of my yearning pussy with the dildo he'd slipped in while, at the same time, using his right hand to resume fucking Matt with the dildo he'd been using on him. I was starting to feel delirious with pleasure again, loving how good it felt to suck my dad's dick while he fucked my butt with a dildo.

I moaned sissily for the first time since Mike fucked me in the bed earlier, then I felt a long climax come over me as overwhelming thoughts of being Mike, Matt and Jimmy's wife took me over. I felt out of control as dreams of being a pretty bride at the alter drifted into my mind, then I imagined being all of their toilets, staying under my rim chair full time for them, and for any other sexy boys and men who wanted to use my mouth for relief. I let go of another feminine moan, then the room went dark and I felt my body shiver over and over again. When I came to, my dad was pushing the massive dildo all the way up into my squeezing rear end, then he used his hands to pull me off of his dick. I reluctantly let it fall from my mouth, then I sat back on my butt so that I could continue to ride the dildo in an up and down motion.

Did you just have an orgasm, baby girl?” my mom asked, and I sighed dreamily and nodded.

Daddy made me feel like a sexy girl,” I lisped, noting once again that I hadn't done so intentionally. “I loved giving him head and taking it up the butt, mama.”

I could tell, sweetie,” she told me with a smile. “You loved it earlier in the bathroom when Mike and Matt were giving it to you the same way, didn't you?”

Yes,” I lisped. “Matt and Mike were kissing me and telling me that they love me, and it made me feel like I was a fairy again.”

You stopped being a fairy, baby?” she asked, and I shook my head no.

I was acting like a gay boy instead of like a little girl,” I told her in a sissified tone. “When we were in the bathroom, I wanted to be a good little gay boy. But when daddy said to give him head, I felt like a little girl again.”

As soon as I had the words out, I felt the tip of the large, dripping dildo at my lips, causing me to moan again, as I parted them and allowed entry. There was so much ass juice along the stalk that I had to use my tongue to lick all over it,then I tried to deep throat it but it was too big around. Instead, I pushed it in as far as I could, then I ran my tongue around the crown and pretended it was a real cock while my dad parted Matt's cheeks and ate him out for several minutes, all the while holding his hand out for my mom, who was squirting lube into it. He greased his hard pole up, then he held his hand out for more. As soon as she squirted it into his hand, he pulled his tongue out of Matt's pooper and slid his fingers all the way in. While he was doing this, Mike came back around to the end of the bed and watched as my dad placed the head of his cock at Matt's back door and prepared to deflower him.

Matt, baby, I want you to be sure,” he said cautiously, and Matt's only reply was to grind his rear end against the head of my dad's engorged cock and moan. “Are you sure, little buddy?”

Again, Matt only nodded with a dreamy look on his face, then he tried to push back again. This was all the incentive that my dad needed. He placed both of his hands on Matt's hips and pushed slowly, trying to gain entry into Matt's most secret place. It was as if time stood still as we watched the large mushroom head of my dad's dick slowly melt into Matt's sphincter, seeming to sink like a drowning animal in quick sand. When his head was all the way in, he stopped and asked for Matt's approval.

How are you doing, little buddy?” he asked, and Matt let go with a long, dreamy sigh. My dad nodded and added a little more length, stopping and letting Matt get used to the invader, then adding a little more before stopping again. This went on for almost five minutes, as inch by inch, my dad added his entire length into Matt's rear end. Mike was resting the side of his head on Matt's back, lovingly running his cheek back and forth along the soft skin of his lover, watching as his most precious treasure was given away to the man whose charms were too much to resist. The man who received Mike's treasure just an hour and a half earlier, and the man who Jimmy and I gave ourselves to every day.

My mom was watching with bated breath as my dad finally had his cock buried in Matt's bottom, his pubic bush pushing into Matt's rump and scrubbing the insides of his cheeks, causing them to burn sweetly, the way mine always did. Matt let go with a long, sexy moan, then he silently mouthed the words, “Feels so good.”

Jimmy, Mike, my mom and I all shared a knowing look, a silent understanding that Matt was experiencing the best that sex had to offer. My dad has a very long, very thick and very talented cock. Its head is flared and angry when it gets hard, bringing about the most mind blowing, leg shaking and body convulsing orgasm that you can imagine. I remember taking my first ride on it on Christmas morning. It was the best gift that I received that day, no matter how many gifts Santa, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles or anyone else placed under the tree. Finally having the pleasure of wrapping my lips around it and taking it to the back of the throat, then being treated to a long, satisfying lay as he gave it to me from behind was like heaven. As much as I love Matt, Mike and Jimmy, they can never give it to me the way my daddy does. Mike and Jimmy already knew it, and Matt was about to find out too.

When my dad pulled his fuck stick back, Matt whimpered, then he grinned as my dad pushed back in. Matt let go with another hot moan when he felt my dad plunge back in, then he settled in and rested the side of his face on the pillow below him. As my dad pulled back, then pushed back in, it was obvious that Matt was now hooked on having his 13 year old behind filled with dick. My dad's cock was pulling along the lining of Matt's boy cunt, grabbing his prostrate with every thrust in and out, causing Matt's untouched wiener to spurt volley after volley of teen spunk. I could see the clouds that were swirling around Matt's head as he no doubt dreamt of spending the night in my dad's arms, having his cock available for insertion at all hours, maybe even giving up his boy pussy to Nathan, Kevin, Ethan and Steve.

As my dad picked up the pace, I studied Mike's face. Like Matt, he seemed to be somewhere else, in his own sexy little dream world. His eyes were fixed on my dad's cock, watching it run in and out of Matt's boy pussy with punishing acumen, not missing a single nerve that lined his lover's back side. Just like when it was his time to ride my dad's skin flute, and my dad was pounding him into submission with it, giving him the hard fucking that he'd been craving all day. And now it was Matt's turn to feel that joy, having his first hard lay up the butt, loving every inch as it carved out a new domain to call its own. Like the rest of us, Matt would never be able to resist the allure of taking that monster up his poop-chute anytime the opportunity presented itself. And just like the rest of us, when the craving got too strong, Matt would seek out other cocks to fill that void.

While my dad was pleasuring his boy pussy, Matt raised his head and shuddered almost uncontrollably with a long, loud moan. Having already fired off several shots of cum from his cock, I knew that he was reaching the heights of anal ecstasy. I could see that his hole was constricting around my dad's shaft, twitching hard as the long rod worked its way in and out. Mike crawled up beside his lover in the doggie style position, staying on his hands and knees as wrapped his arm around Matt's shoulders, planting a kiss on his lips and slipping him some tongue. This only seemed to escalate Matt's pleasure, because he started to shudder again and his moans, now muffled by Mike's kiss, were high pitched and almost violent. The two teen lovers were kissing hungrily and for some reason, Mike seemed to be bucking his hips in time with Matt, whose cock hungry rear end was squeezing my dad's cock like a vice. I watched with amazement as Mike's hard, untouched boy cock erupted on its own, sending several hard shots of cum splashing down on the bed spread below him just before my dad let out a loud groan that grabbed my attention.

I looked back at Matt's rear end, taking note of the fact that my dad was buried to the hilt and his eyes were shut tight. Matt's hole was still contracting over and over around the fuck stick that was buried in it, pulling the cum from my dad's shaft as he enjoyed the feeling of hot sperm being pumped into his pooper, giving him more chills of delight as the cum coated its walls. My dad stayed where he was for over a minute, giving Matt's climaxing rear end time to calm down before he slowly pulled out. When he did, I was all over his cock, sucking it like a good girl and moaning like a bitch in heat, eager to let him take me next.

While I was sucking my dad's cock clean, Matt and Mike cuddled closely with him, sharing long French kisses with him and each other, all the while declaring their love for him. When I pulled off of my dad's dick, Matt went down on him right away, sucking it almost insatiably and planting grateful kisses on the end. While Matt was sucking the dick he now craved all the time, I got behind him and parted his cheeks, eager to eat my dad's load out of him. He was still flowing ass juice like crazy, making it easy for me to enjoy a delicious feast. He gave a nice, firm push and expelled the cum and ass juice that he was holding onto, then he let me eat him out for another minute before I felt him reach back and run his fingers through my hair.

I pulled my face out of his crack and smiled up at him, my face a mess of cum and ass juice. He grinned cutely over his shoulder at me, then he wrapped his arms around my dad's neck and engaged him in a long kiss. While they were kissing, Matt straddled my dad's lap and lowered himself down on his dick. I watched with amazement as it lined up to his still gaping hole and was swallowed right away, then he took another ride on the long fuck stick, moaning the entire time. While they were fucking, my dad gently laid Matt on his back and lifted his legs up onto his shoulders, then he made love to him missionary style. Matt was in heaven as my dad ran his long shaft in and out of his boy pussy, leaning down to kiss him at the same time.

While this was happening, Mike engaged me in a French kiss, then he laid me on my back and hoisted my legs up, exposing my boy cunt for the room to see. I reached out and took his hard shaft in my hand, guiding it to my horny entrance while my mom and Jimmy watched. As soon as he was inside of me, I pulled him back down for another kiss, wanting to be made love to the way Matt was. While Mike was inside of me, he once again took special care to pleasure me the right way, aiming for my sweet spot and making me shiver hard for the duration of our fuck. While he was giving me multiple orgasms, I told him over and over that I loved him, and that I would always be his girl. He told me that he would always be my boyfriend, too, and asked if there was anything else that I wanted him to do before we were finished making love. I told him that I wanted him to promise that he would take me to Nathan's house and make me his toilet again, and he kissed me hard before promising me that he would. This brought about another long, shivering climax, this time in anticipation of taking hot poop loads from my six feeders all over again.

How are you doing down there, princess?” my dad asked, prompting me to moan hotly as Jimmy's hot, sweaty rump filled the space over my head. My body was soaked, having just taken four pee loads at once in my mouth and hair, then all over my torso. I wanted them to give it all to me at the same time, so my dad, Mike, Matt and Jimmy stood over the rim seat and peed into my opened mouth. I was gulping as fast as I could, and considering the sheer volume of their combined loads, I think I did pretty good. As a precautionary measure, my mom placed the rim seat in the bathtub, knowing how much I loved being peed on while I was swallowing hot poop.

Mike and Matt were about to go home, so I was going to accompany Jimmy back to his house. My mom called and spoke with both Mike and Matt's parents, letting them know that they were both well behaved and they were both invited to stay over again. Hearing from my mom, both Mike and Matt's moms agreed to the extended sleep over, on the condition that they come home and check in for supper before going back. I wondered what they would eat, and how badly they would have to poop afterward. I was hoping that I would get lucky and that they'd be feeding me over and over again. I was anxious for as many hot, stinky turds from their rear ends as I could swallow, hopefully while they were sitting comfortably on the rim seat.

Once I'd taken everyone's pee loads, Jimmy took a seat and prepared to fill my mouth with a hopefully large load of hot poop. I was moaning almost uncontrollably as I pushed my face up into his rear end, taking long, loud sniffs the entire time. Much to my delight, Jimmy let go with a series of hot, delicious smelling and tasting farts that served as a preview to the brown meal he was about to serve me.

Once the final fart blew into my opened mouth, I felt his hole start to expand again, only this time, I could smell the luscious aroma of a hot turd making its descent. A loud crackle started to carry into my ears and a thrust of hot, stinky air pushed into my watering mouth. Seconds later, the head of a brown, moist turd started to push its way past my lips and into my oral cavity. The stink was intense, almost like a sharp cheese or bad meat, with a powerful heat rolling off of it. I moaned loudly as it pushed into my 11 year old turd repository of a mouth, hitting the back of my mouth and curving sharply before breaking in half, treating me to its stinky, delicious tasting core. As soon as it detached from his hole, a second, even stinkier smelling turd emerged right away, making a swift exit from his rear end and pushing directly into the broken turd that was already there. The weight and mass of the second poop log caused it to smash as it pushed into the first one, creating a large, stinky mass of hot boy poop that made me moan with pleasure.

Is that good, baby?” I heard my mom asked from above, and I responded with a horny moan. She was sitting on the edge of the tub right beside the rim seat. Jimmy hopped up from the rim chair, looking down into it curiously as I smiled up, my face smeared with his poop. I opened my mouth and showed off my brown treat to my audience, then I closed my mouth and got to work.

Mmm” I moaned loudly, chewing and smashing my brown meal with my tongue. I smiled at my mom and playfully used my tongue to stir the poop load around in my mouth, experiencing a powerful flavor explosion as a result. I opened wide again, wanting to show off my stink laden mouthful once more for everyone to see, then I closed my mouth and swallowed like a good toilet. When it was down, I licked my poop smeared lips and patted my tummy, then I looked up at Jimmy with hopeful eyes as I waited for him to get back on the chair and feed me again.

He smiled down at me and hopped back on, and once again, he pushed. I felt his hole expand around my watering mouth, then he blew out a gassy fart before sending a delicious pile of hot, thick turds down his rectum that crammed tightly into my opened, eager mouth. As they pushed in, my cheeks bulged and my lips protruded due to the sheer volume of Jimmy's offering. When he was done pushing, my mom urged him to get up so they could see me. He hopped off the rim seat, and once again, I opened wide, wanting my audience to see me enjoying my stinky mouthful. My mom leaned over and took a long whiff of my brown meal, running her hand across my bulging cheek as she did. I could feel the inside of my cheek pressing lightly into the pile of turds that rested there. She smiled lovingly at me, then she planted a kiss on my still bulging cheek., watching intently as I used my tongue to smash up the load. I opened up again, wanting to show off my now transformed mouthful of boy poop, then I closed my mouth and swallowed with a naughty grin. When it was down, I opened up and showed off my empty mouth, then I licked my lips and waited for Jimmy to give me the remainder of his tasty turds.

This time he fed me two firm, medium sized poop logs that crackled loudly and were lined with crevices. Each of the turds pushed into my mouth, one after the other, and as they did, I took the time to enjoy the feeling of the firm exterior while I looked forward to smashing them up with my tongue so that I could enjoy their stinky cores. When the last one detached from his hole, he gave a hard strain but nothing emerged, so I took the opportunity to run my toilet paper tongue through his crack, pulling in a large, scrumptious helping of heaped up boy poop that complimented the two turds that he gifted me. When he got up, I opened wide and showed off my mouthful, proud to be a dedicated toilet for my lovers, a place for them to make their stinky deposits. I closed my mouth and gave myself a full minute of heaven as I used my tongue to smash the two turds into the roof of my mouth. I delighted in feeling the firm exterior of the two turds give under the pressure of my tongue, causing their soft, stinky core to push out and smear across the top of my tongue. I opened up again, wanting to show off my tasty treat to everyone. Jimmy and my mom both leaned over and took another whiff of the extra stinky mouthful I was enjoying, then I closed my mouth and swallowed again.

I was licking my lips, smiling proudly up at my audience when Mike took a seat over me, sending a strong throb through my boy pussy as I waited for him to make a deposit into my poop receptacle of a mouth. He gave a firm push, sending a large, tan colored turd down his poop-chute that I accepted with a depraved moan. It tasted just like it smelled, and it had a soft texture to it that gave me chills as it landed in my mouth and coiled tightly. He got up and smiled down at me, prompting me to open wide and show off his impromptu gift of heavenly boy poop. Jimmy knelt down and took a long sniff, then he moaned loudly and gave me a longing look as he licked my cheeks clean.

With my mouth still full, I crawled out from beneath the rim chair and let him take my place. I opened wide and smiled at my mom, letting her draw in a long, satisfying whiff of the stinky, savory turd I had in my mouth before I smashed it with my tongue and swallowed like a good toilet. I opened up and showed off my empty mouth, prompting her to kiss my cheek again and tell me how proud I made her by being such a good little poop eater. We then turned our attention to Mike, who was unloading another long, thick turd into Jimmy's watering mouth. Once his turd was released, he clenched his fists and strained as hard as he could, releasing a second, smaller turd that smelled as heavenly as his first two had. He got up and we all watched Jimmy chew and swallow his brown treat with a glazed over, transfixed smile.

Mike sat back down and pushed out another load of smaller turds, then he let Jimmy lick his crack clean before getting up again. Jimmy's face was a mess of boy poop and he was chewing slowly, his face still registering sheer pleasure. When his meal was down, I stepped up to the rim chair and aimed my hairless little pecker at his opened mouth. I gave him two mouthfuls, then I peed in his hair and, at his request, in his face. When I was out of pee, my mom and dad removed the rim seat from the tub and I crawled in with Jimmy, eager to lick his face clean. When is cheeks no longer had thick hunks of poop smeared all over them, my mom and dad started the shower. Jimmy and I washed each other from head to toe, then I soaped up his hairless dick and bent over, yearning for a hot load of cum up the butt to compliment the hot load of poop in my tummy.