Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 52

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The chill in the air was sharp, belying the clear sky and the bright sun that was casting shadows down into the yard. I was bundled up tight in a blue Duke University hooded sweatshirt, the strings drawn just tight enough to keep me warm while still allowing me to breathe. My blue denim jeans were keeping my legs warm, and my white cotton undies were doing their job, keeping my stiff little boy parts in place while my little girl parts juiced with passion. Jimmy was dressed in a red Alabama Crimson Tide sweater, his cheeks flush from exposure to the cold. His own pair of jeans were tight against his legs, hugging his hips so perfectly, and his boy undies were doing their best to contain his hard, hairless pecker. His teeth were chattering and his hands had little goosebumps all over them, a sure sign that he was cold and that we had to move things along.

I was resting between his legs in his backyard, letting him hold me close while we enjoyed the moment. Directly in front of us, Buck was perched on his hind quarters, releasing a hot, delicious smelling pile of long, thick, curly turds that were making my mouth water. I let go of a soft moan, then I smiled up at my lover, eager for a taste of his sweet kiss. He returned my smile with one of his own, then our lips met and it felt like magic. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and sighed, nuzzling the top of my head into the cotton fabric of his red sweatshirt. When we broke our kiss, Buck was finished and had trotted off to pee on the fence. While I watched him lift his leg and mark his territory, Jimmy reached out and picked up the first of what looked like five poop logs, bringing it to my nose.

I smiled widely as I inhaled the lovely aroma, knowing that soon, my taste buds would be treated to pleasures untold. Jimmy rested his chin on my shoulder and joined me in sniffing the soft, steamy poop log, letting go of a whimper as he enjoyed the spicy aroma. I gazed up at him wantonly, ready for my meal to be served, and without delay, Jimmy eased the long, thick piece of dog poop into my watering mouth. I felt a shudder run through me as its powerful heat, aroma and flavor filled my senses, rolling up into the back of my nasal cavity as its hefty body rested so perfectly on my tongue.

Mmm,” I moaned, closing my mouth and using the top of my tongue to smash the poop log against the roof of my mouth. I smiled up at him and began chewing, loving how soft and spicy it was from start to finish. When my stinky mouthful was almost down, Jimmy planted another long kiss on my lips, then he eased his tongue back in and sought out the luscious flavor that he was craving. When we broke our kiss, we both had a substantial amount of dog poop smeared around our mouths. He quickly reached down and picked up another piece, once again sharing its aroma with me before easing it into my mouth, giving me more chills of delight and triggering a powerful boygasm that made me moan loudly.

While I was smashing the second turd with my tongue, Jimmy picked up another piece and crammed it into his own watering mouth, letting go with a long, depraved moan in the process. I could feel his boner, which was pressing against my back through his jeans, pump out several hot shots of boy spunk. I loved feeling it erupt against my body, knowing that he was experiencing a level of sheer ecstasy that only we shared. When our tasty mouthfuls were down, Jimmy reached over and picked up what was left, two massive turds, and brought them up to our faces. We took our time sniffing and licking them, then he used his free hand to ease the largest turd into my mouth. While he was cramming my mouth full with dog poop, I felt another shiver run through my little body and out of nowhere, I came to the realization that I was in the midst of another boygasm.

While I was climaxing, Jimmy was experiencing his own little boy nirvana, cramming his mouth full of what was left of the pile, moaning hotly as his hairless little pecker fired off more cum into his boy undies. My own little pecker was dancing around on its own while my boy pussy soaked my white underwear in the back. I used my tongue to smash and smear the long turd that was resting on it against the roof of my mouth, then I sighed with satisfaction as I swallowed my tasty treat. When there was nothing left but fresh smears on the grass, Jimmy and I licked his hands clean, then we made out on the ground while Buck watched with an inquisitive stare.

I was worried that you were going to miss out,” Nathan said, looking relieved that I had arrived. “I didn't know how much longer any of us could wait.”

Sorry, I wanted to walk Jimmy home because his mom's coming home soon,” I explained as I disrobed, noting that my lisp was once again absent. In fact, I sounded more boyish than I had in the last week. “Do you still want to see us later on?”
“I have to wait and see if my mom and dad are going out tonight,” Nathan told me, then he grinned at me, his eyes drifting down my body to my white undies, which were slightly tented. “You're dressed like a boy.”

Yeah, I kinda wanted to be a boy right now,” I said shyly, my cheeks blushing at my revelation.

I think that's so cute,” Kevin said, watching with a lecherous smile as I dropped my undies to the floor. My hard little pecker was pressed against my hairless pubic area, straining tightly as I contemplated taking four poop loads in a row from my feeders.

Leaving Jimmy at home to wait for his mom wasn't my first choice, but I knew that he had to be there. I also knew that Nathan, Ethan, Kevin and Steve were ready to feed us their hot loads of poop, and I was very eager to let them use my mouth as a toilet.

Of course, there was another reason I had to see Nathan that afternoon.

I want you to bring your little boyfriends over here tonight,” my dad instructed Jimmy, Mike, Matt and I. “Mommy and I want to get to know them a little better.”

My dad was in the process of pumping one last load into Mike's eager bottom before he and Matt were to go home for the afternoon when Nathan sent me a text message, asking what time we would be there. My mom looked at my phone, taking note of Nathan's cute picture, and showed it to my dad. They shared a knowing smile, then we were given our marching orders.

I have to admit that I was more than a little intrigued at the thought of Nathan, Ethan, Steve and Kevin servicing my rear end in my bed. Even more enticing was the prospect of being fed under the rim chair by all of my lovers. I wondered what my mom and dad had in mind for them, too. Would it be a casual meeting and an approval of our sex? Would it be a chance for them to spy on our lovers in action? Or would it be an eventual deflowering, as it was for Mike and Matt. Certainly not for Steve, as he was already an eager bottom, but what about the others?

Whatever the plan was, I knew that my mom and dad had everything under control and decided to enjoy myself. I could still feel the thick, heavenly dog poop that Jimmy hand fed me just a half hour before, and I was hot for some boy poop to savor and swallow. I quickly dropped to my knees and assumed the position, my mouth wide opened and my face turned up so that my feeders could have a comfortable place to sit while they made their stinky deposit.

I felt a surge of ass juice course down my poop-chute as Nathan took his place over my toilet mouth, his cheeks parting slightly as he gently rested his rump on my face. I took the initiative and parted them the rest of the way, giving my nose and mouth unfettered access to his spicy, sweaty crack. I took a long whiff and moaned, loving how his cheeks bore the odor of a long, busy day. When I let his cheeks go, they closed around my face and I moaned, wanting to keep their stink on me for the rest of the day. I lanced up with my tongue, giving his stinky crack a long, deep lick, then I rested my hands on the top of his stiffening thighs.

The heat that was pouring off of his poop-chute was intense, more so than I had ever noticed, and its stink was giving me chills of delight. So when his hole opened and he forced an even more powerful thrust of hot, stinky air into my watering mouth, I knew that I was in for a real treat. I heard the loud crackle of his poop load making its way down his rectum, first slowly, then the crackle got more swift and even louder as a pile of moist, hot turds pushed into my mouth with force. As they pushed in, I could feel them building up, one on top of the other, then they started to push into each other, smashing and making room as the firm, stinky pile occupied my whole mouth. My cheeks bulged tightly and my lips protruded, then my mouth was forced to open as wide as it could as turd after delicious turd pushed in. When there was no more room, his poop logs started to smash against my face and cake up against his crevice, pushing up into my nostrils and smearing across my forehead and bangs.

When he stopped pushing, he lifted his rump from my face, causing the smeared poop that was caked between his butt and my face to pull apart with a moist smack. I stayed where I was, quite pleased with my mouth crammed tight with his boy poop, taking note of the fact that there were two thick turds resting between my lips, which were distended due to the sheer volume that Nathan had produced. I let go of a muffled moan, then I used my tongue to negotiate my stinky meal, eager to smash it up and smear it against the interior lining of my mouth as I took long, drawn out sniffs. Nathan looked over his shoulder at me with an almost regretful, remorseful look, but I grinned up at him through my moan, and his look turned to one of amazement.

Did you just take your whole dump in his mouth at once?” I heard Ethan exclaim, and Nathan shook his head no while I chewed and swallowed.

I just had to go so bad,” he explained, and I felt a long shudder run through me when I realized that he had more. “I couldn't help it. I barely pushed, but I shit like a fucking goose.”

I took a little longer to swallow than normal, but only because Nathan had given me such an impacted mouthful that I was having trouble negotiating it all. When I had about a quarter of it down, I opened wide and showed off my delicious meal, wanting them all to see that I was enjoying it so much, then I closed my mouth and continued to chew and swallow like a good toilet. When my mouth was empty, I opened wide and let go of a long sigh of satisfaction, then I turned my face up and waited for more. Nathan took his spot, once again letting me rest my hands on the tops of his thighs, and much to my delight, be filled my turd receptacle of a mouth to the brim with another luscious load. His firm turds seemed to fall right into place on my tongue, pushing in at a rapid but more manageable pace than his first load. I could feel my cheeks starting to bulge, just slightly, then he farted loudly as the last turd detached from his hole.

I grinned up at my audience as they watched me chew and swallow my meal, then I opened back up again, hopeful for more from Nathan's poop buffet. He pushed out one last, long turd, then he treated me to several gassy farts while I licked his crack clean with my toilet paper tongue. When his crack was as clean as I could get it, I used my fingers to scrape the poop off of my face, licking them clean with a depraved moan. As I sucked the last of the boy poop off of my fingers, Ethan took his place over my face, prompting me to open wide once more, wanting him to make a deposit that was as large, or hopefully larger, than Nathan's was.

It's always a pleasure for me to accept a hot load of poop from the rear end of a cute boy or hot man, but dining on the lip smacking turds that are produced in Ethan's fudge factory is a special treat, no matter the time or day. I feel like I'm blessed to have someone as cute as Ethan, whose poop logs are always super stinky and so delicious, squat over my poop depository and fill it with his boy fudge. I was always hot to take a load from his rear end, and even if I had to do it in the middle of a busy street, with millions of people watching, I'd never be able to pass up the opportunity.

Today was no exception to that rule, either. I was moaning almost desperately as he lowered his smooth cheeks over my face and sat down. My mouth was watering hard and I was taking long, drawn out sniffs as I sealed my lips around his poop-chute and waited for my meal. I was rubbing his thighs with my hands, wanting him to know that I was looking forward to his deposit, and without delay, I felt them stiffen. At the same time, I heard his stomach gurgle loudly with what sounded like a massive gas bubble, then I felt his hole expand and all at once, he expelled a loud, juicy fart and a pile of hot turds that filled my mouth almost instantly.

Mmm,” I moaned with satisfaction, loving how hot and moist his turds felt as they pressed into my cheeks and the roof of my mouth. They were extremely stinky, just like they had been earlier, the aroma of fresh cat poop permeating each one. I used my tongue to push into them, wanting to smear them along the flat of my tongue and the roof of my mouth so that I could enjoy their flavor and aroma as much as possible, then I opened wide and showed off the stinky mass to my audience.

Holy shit, he can't get enough, can he?” I heard Kevin exclaim, and I grinned up at him and shook my head no, affirming that what he said was true. I closed my mouth and used my tongue to smear the poop load up a little more, then I swallowed like a good little toilet before opening wide, eager for another pile of turds from my favorite feeder.

He took his place on my face, sitting on it like the toilet seat that it is, and gently added weight until he was comfortable. I responded with a moan, then I sealed my lips around his wrinkled hole and waited for my reward. He gave a firm push, sending three long, thick, juicy turds down his poop-chute that pushed between my lips, crackling loudly the entire time. As they pushed in, the sharp stink of fresh cat poop was so powerful in my nostrils that I experienced a long, shivering boygasm that caused me to roll my rear end around as the sweet burn ran up and down the backs of my legs.

The first piece pushed in and hit the back of my mouth, then it curved sharply and continued its journey until I had two stinky tips sticking out of my mouth, resting on my lower lip. The second turd pushed into the first one, the tip hitting it where it curved, causing it to build up nicely in the back of my mouth. At the same time, the two tips that were resting on my lip were pulled back into my mouth as the turd pushed in, heightening my pleasure when I realized what was happening. The second turd detached, and right away, a third one started to push into the first two, smashing into them and collapsing under its own momentum, forming a large, stinky pile of smashed poop that drove me right over the edge, causing my climax to erupt in all of its glory.

I let go of a long, drawn out moan that clued my audience into what was happening inside of my body, then I felt Ethan pull his rump away from my face so that he could watch the scene play out. I was shivering hard and taking long sniffs through my nose, then I used my tongue to smash and smear the stinky pile before I swallowed, loving how hot and delicious it was as it ran past the clit in my cum tube. When it was down, I grabbed his hips and opened wide, pulling him back to my face so that he could feed me more.

Holy crap, he wants it bad,” I heard Nathan say from my right, and I nodded almost frantically with another loud moan. When I had Ethan where I wanted him, I pulled in hard through my nose, eager for more of the delicious aroma that his poop was giving off. I used my tongue to dig deep into his crevice, pulling in a heap of his thick tasty fudge, then I swallowed it quickly so that I could accept another mouthful. With my hands resting on top of his thighs, I could feel them stiffening, then I heard him strain loudly.

An even more powerful stink carried into my nostrils, making me feel lightheaded with lust, then I felt my mouth fill up with a steamy mound of luscious, juicy turds. I felt his thighs stiffen again, and was prepared to receive another large helping, but all he had for me was a medium sized turd that felt amazing as it pushed into the large mouthful he'd already treated me to. I opened wide to show off my stinky treasure to the room, then I chewed it up and swallowed it with a sigh. Then I took to Ethan's backside, using my tongue to clean it thoroughly, making sure that I treated myself to every last smear that I could find before I licked his poop covered hole clean.

When he stepped away, Kevin took his place over my watering mouth. Once again, I went out of my way to make him as comfortable as possible, wanting him to use me as his toilet whenever the need arose. He wasted no time in pushing, filling my mouth up with a trio of firm, dark brown turds that were lined with nuts. I could hear them crackle moistly as they pushed out of his butt hole and into my 11 year old turd repository, giving me goosebumps as they ran between my lips and curled up like dog poop. I grinned up at him when he stood up and looked over his shoulder, then at the rest of the room, opening wide so that they could see my steamy, nutty treat. Their stink was incredibly dark and pleasurable, causing my boy cunt to throb hard with passion as I closed my mouth and chewed them up.

I swallowed like a good toilet, then I watched with a hard grin as his rump lowered back over my poop smeared face. I barely had time to inhale through my nose when I felt his hole expand and one last turd emerged, landing on my tongue, then curving up into the roof of my mouth as its length continued to push into my mouth. When it detached, he gave one last strain, farting loudly and sending several projectile splatters of poop all over my appreciative face, then he stood up and watched with the rest of my audience as I displayed the lovely contents of my mouth like I was showing off a gold metal, then I chewed and swallowed with a moan.

By the time Steve took his turn, he was bursting at the seams. I opened wide and tilted my face up, eager for him to find relief in my watering mouth, then I waited for him to take his seat. As soon as he was seated on my toilet mouth, he released four hot farts right in a row that gave me a mouth watering preview of my meal, then without further ado, he pushed hard, cramming my mouth full of hot, steamy turds. I could feel the body of each one, so soft and somehow so firm, pushing into my mouth, causing my cheeks to bulge just slightly at first, then tightly. They were so stinky, almost as if they had a combination of the stink from the turds that I'd received from all three of my previous feeders, and I loved having them in my mouth. I loved having then there so much, in fact, that I stayed where I was and moaned, wanting him to know that I was hoping for him to add to the stinky pile of poop logs. My boy pussy was burning so sweetly, and I could feel the pangs of another orgasm on the approach.

Steve gave another push, this time sending a long, lone turd down his rectum that pushed into his load, and I moaned hotly as my boygasm erupted all over again. I was rolling my naked rear end around in the air, placing my hands flat on the floor in front of me as I did so, and whimpered as I chewed and swallowed my meal. While I was swallowing the last of my mouthful, Ethan squatted back over my face and released a long, hot fart into my watering mouth that only added to my pleasure, then his rump exploded and he filled my mouth halfway with a soft load of hot poop, the rest of his offering blowing into my hair, eyebrows and all over my cheeks. I was out of control with pleasure as I used my tongue to smash his impromptu gift, then I used my fingers to gather up as much as I could from my face and hair, desperate to have it in my mouth.

When I was done making a pig out of myself with Ethan's offering, Steve got back into position and sent a long, thick turd down his rectum that I accepted with another moan. When it was released, he strained hard, affirming that there was nothing left in his bowels, so I licked his crack clean with my toilet paper tongue, then I stayed on my hands and knees, crawling into the tub and waiting patiently with my mouth wide opened. All four of my feeders unleashed with pee loads all over me, soaking my hair and torso while they took turns filling my mouth and watching me swallow like a good toilet. They all shook off on my tongue, then Ethan got in with me and squatted over my face again.

I was moaning loudly as I pushed my face up into his rump, and was rewarded with another hot mouthful of his super stinky boy poop. As I negotiated his pile of turds, I used my tongue to turn it into a large, stinky mass, loving how it felt to have it smeared all over the roof of my mouth. I opened up and showed it off with a proud grin, then I swallowed. When my mouth was empty, I opened wide and watched hopefully while he released another torrent of hot turds that pushed into my poop receptacle of a mouth, causing my cheeks to bulge tightly and my lips to protrude again. I was taking hard sniffs as I showed off my stinky mouthful, then I quickly chewed and swallowed so that I could get back into position. I was treated to one more long, crackling turd, then a series of hot, stinky farts that filled my senses before I licked his rump clean all over again.

When there was no more of his boy poop to enjoy, I smiled up at him gratefully, wanting him to know how much I enjoyed being his toilet. He gave me a knowing smile, and I knew that he was aware that I would always be there when he wanted to unload a pile of hot turds in my mouth. He reached out with his hand to help me up, then he started the shower and washed me from head to toe. When it was my turn, he handed me the soap and I did my duty like a good little boy slut, washing him from head to toe, then I soaped up his cock and bent over, placing my hands against the tiled wall while he treated me to a five minute ride on his fuck stick that made me shiver with lust as my dry orgasm overtook me.

When he got out, Nathan got in, and I quickly washed him from top to bottom before bending over, wanting to have my rear end serviced again in the worst way. Nathan gave it to me right, making my legs shake hard before he unloaded in my high traffic boy cunt. Kevin got in and once again, I washed him the way a good little toilet slave is supposed to. When he was clean, I soaped up his magnificent teen cock and bent over, eager for more back door action. He rabbit fucked me for about three minutes, filling me with a satisfying load, then he pulled out and I waited for Steve to get in. I gave him the same treatment, washing him thoroughly, then I offered him some ass, and he eagerly accepted. After taking a three minute ride on Steve's not quite man sized cock, I accepted his load, then I lovingly rinsed him off before I turned off the water and got out.

Before I left, I got on my knees and eagerly sucked off Nathan while Ethan pulled my hips up and slipped his cock back inside of me. I was moaning loudly, happy to have a dick in my mouth while I was being fucked from the back. Once I received both loads, I moved over to Steve, feeling horny to give more head while Kevin took another ride on my busy little boy butt. I was back at it in no time, moaning like a true cum slut while being filled at both ends with cock. I very selfishly took Ethan and Nathan by their cocks, wanting to jerk them off while I was fucked in my mouth and up my butt. It didn't take long for Kevin and Steve to unload their teen spunk inside of me, and once I sucked Kevin clean, I found myself with a mouthful of Ethan's rod while Nathan hit it from the back again.

When they were drained, I laid on the floor and basked in the afterglow of my sex act. I was feeling especially horny after dining at the turd buffet that I had been treated to before taking on four hot cocks over and over again.

I wish I could see you later,” I lamented. “I want to give you all more head and take it up the butt from you again.”

You're insatiable, Kyle,” Nathan gawked, then he smiled warmly at me. “I'd love to see you tonight, little lover.”

Will you come over then?” I asked hopefully, giving him my neediest smile. I saw Ethan and Kevin bite their lower lips with uncertainty while Steve watched with an observant expression. “I want you to see my new toy.”

Your new toy?” Ethan asked dubiously, and I nodded.

My mom and dad got it for me today,” I told them, reaching down and rubbing my somewhat satisfied tummy. “It's for taking poop loads.”

It's for what?” Kevin said with a disbelieving tone, as if he might have heard me wrong.

It's a chair for me to sit under while boys poop in my mouth,” I said, causing all three of them to sit up and blink.

No fucking way,” Nathan said, but I nodded my affirmation.

I already used it today and they saw,” I told them, and they couldn't believe it. “Mike, Matt and Jimmy pooped for me and my mom and dad saw it. Then I fed Jimmy and they watched. Everyone peed into it when I was under it, too. I really want you to sit on it and feed me.”

You're mom and dad watched?” Kevin asked, and I nodded.

It was my present from them,” I explained. “I wanted them to see me use it.”

So they saw you take full shit loads in the mouth from someone's ass?” Ethan asked with a tone of wonderment in his voice, and I nodded. This caused him to scratch his head with a look of bewilderment, then he looked over to Nathan and Kevin, who looked equally baffled.

I can't fucking believe it,” Nathan said with a grin. “Your mom and dad watched you swallow someone else's shit?”

Yes,” I said quietly. “They bought me my chair because they know I like to be a good toilet.”

Will they be there tonight?” Nathan asked, and Ethan gave him a sideways stare.

They go in their room so me and Jimmy can have fun with Mike and Matt,” I told him. “Besides, Mike and Matt want you to come over, too. They liked giving you head and want to do it some more.”

Ethan looked like he was about to speak up when Nathan nodded his head and told me, “I'll think about it. I don't know if I like the idea of your mom and dad being there when we fuck you and shit in your mouth.”

I promise they won't say anything,” I swore, then I let my deepest desires slip out. “If you come over, maybe you can all spend the night with me and we can do it all night up my butt.”

I watched Nathan lick his lips, then he grinned lecherously as I crawled between his legs, anxious to start sucking dick again before it was time to leave.

The chill in the men's room was closing in on my semi naked body, exacerbated by the cold surface of the toilet I was sitting on. My jeans were puddled around my feet, sitting in a pool of pee on the floor. I didn't mind, though, because I was in the midst getting the thrill that I was hoping for while at the same time, sating my needs. I looked up at the stranger, watching as his hard, sticky cock dangled right above my lips, where it had been nestled just moments before as he fucked a hot load down my throat. My hot to trot little boy butt was juicing hard with desire, the blow job that I'd just given not nearly enough to tamp down my lust for hot cock and something more.

I reached out and took the cock back into my hands, running my hands all over his warm, hairy nuts before guiding him back into my mouth. I moaned softly, then I reached out and pushed on his pubic bone, looking up at him hopefully. He reached out with his hand and caressed the side of my face, then he closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment. Moments later, I was swallowing as fast as I could, his hot pee coursing down my throat, joining the poop loads, the cum loads and all of the pee loads that I had taken at Nathan's house just a half hour earlier. Joining his own cum load in a luscious stew that I knew would have to be expelled soon in the white underwear that were still pulled up, covering my hard boy cock and my horny rear end.

When he was finished, he shook off on my tongue and reached down for his boxers. I looked up at him wantonly and shook my head no, then I reached out and rubbed his tummy. I gave him a hungry gaze to translate my wishes, and he nodded with stunned silence. I grabbed his hips with my hands and turned him so that he was facing away from me. I let go with another moan, then I pulled him back so that he was squatting over my mouth. I reached around and rubbed his tummy again, then I opened wide and waited for my meal.

He gave a hard push, and without having to be told what was coming, my mouth watered in anticipation. Seconds later, I was on the receiving end of a long, dark turd that pushed out at a deliberate pace, making my tummy rumble for it. As it filled my mouth, I moaned with satisfaction, loving its powerful stink and the dark, luscious flavor that was exploding in my mouth. The moist sheen of ass juice that coated the turd was heavenly, adding to its pleasant flavor. When it was released, I gave off another moan and sighed appreciatively, then I opened wide to show him what he gave me. He looked even more shaken than before as I chewed and swallowed like a good toilet, then I opened wide and begged him for more. With a look that told me he couldn't believe what he was doing, he squatted over my mouth and pushed another long, thick turd out that smelled and tasted like heaven as it filled my little mouth. I grinned up at him and showed him my stinky meal, then I chewed and swallowed before taking to his crack, licking it clean with loud moans until there was no more poop to ingest. When it was clean, I got up and dropped my undies, revealing my boy pecker to him before bending over the toilet, eager to be butt fucked by this stranger. He quickly shoved his man cock inside of me, fucking me deeply for less than a minute before he seeded my boy pussy with a hot load of cum. When he pulled out, I licked his cock clean and kissed the end of it gratefully. While he was hiking his pants, I scribbled my cell phone number down on a piece of paper and handed it to him, then I watched him beat a hasty retreat.

Five minutes later, I had another cock in my mouth, sucking on it lustily while I sat on the toilet in the park bathroom. This stranger was very cute, around the same age as Nathan, chubby and his dick wasn't very big. Still, I loved having it in my mouth and was looking forward to having him pee for me. When he unloaded his ball juice in my mouth, I swallowed, then I licked his cock clean before communicating my desire to be used as a toilet to him. He gave me a sideways look, then he said the words that sent a shudder through me.

I only have to take a crap, buddy.”

Less than a minute later, I was moaning hotly as he pushed a hot pile of turds into my mouth. I shuddered hard with passion as I negotiated his firm pile of boy poop, loving how the stink absolutely overwhelmed my senses. While I was chewing up my mouthful, I pulled him back into my face, guiding his hips in a circular motion, wanting to receive a brown facial from him. While I was doing this, he was grinning over his shoulder at me with a naughty smile, as if he knew the pleasure I was receiving. When I stopped, I opened up and let him feed me again, this time pushing out three lip smacking turds that crackled loudly the entire time that they were filling my poop receptacle of a mouth. I opened up for him, wanting him to see his luscious gift, then I chewed and swallowed while he ground his bottom in my face again, smearing it with dark, thick heaps of poop. When I was ready for more, he pushed out a firm, oval shaped clump of poop that felt amazing as I smashed it with my tongue, then I swallowed like a good little toilet slave.

I licked his crack clean, then I used my fingers to scrape as much of the poop off of my face as I could. While I was doing this, he aimed his stiff pecker at me and released his pee load, soaking my hair and prompting me to open wide for a mouthful. When he was done, I still had an enormous amount of smeared poop in my hair and all over my face, but I was so horned up that I didn't care. I dropped my undies, which were now smeared with the poop loads of two strangers, and bent over the toilet, eager to take it up the butt again. He quickly took me up on my obvious offer, lining up to my butt hole and pushing in, then he fucked me hard for almost three minutes. My climax was enough to cause him to blow his own load, as the squeezing of my boy butt around his five inch shaft was too much for him to fight off.

Once he filled me up with cum, I got dressed and walked to the sinks, where I saw my reflection in the mirror. I had deep brown smears all over my face, and my hair was matted with poop. I tried to use my fingers to pull it out, but it wasn't working, so I simply got dressed and walked home. The park wasn't completely filled with people, but it wasn't empty either. I made my way through the park toward my street, where people were working in their yards and kids my age were playing. I grinned and acted as if nothing were out of the ordinary, knowing that everyone who saw me walking down the road could tell what I had been up to.