Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 53

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Is that good, baby?' my mom asked warmly as I closed my mouth, grinning appreciatively at her and my dad as I chewed up the tasty mouthful of hot poop that moments earlier, she had retrieved from the seat of my pants. I nodded my reply, wanting her to know that I was enjoying my late afternoon feast of hot, delicious turds.

Mmm,” I moaned with satisfaction as I turned the brown, firm log that she'd just eased into my mouth into a soft, gooey mush before swallowing it with a sigh of contentment.

When I got home from the park, my tummy was starting to cramp, a sure sign that my day of poop eating had caught up to me. I'd taken so many hot loads throughout the day, and even though I'd unloaded my own pile of turds into Jimmy's watering mouth twice, I'd eaten six more loads of poop from various feeders in the last two hours. Of course, that was after Jimmy and I dined on a steaming pile of Buck's delicious turds in his backyard, an act of sheer indulgence that only exacerbated my need to be an even busier, sluttier toilet than I already had been all day.

I walked into the house and closed the door, my hair matted and my face smeared with the poop loads that I'd taken at the park, and sought out my mom and dad. I could hear the sounds of activity in the kitchen, alerting me to my mom's presence, so I wandered in to announce my need and seek her help. She was rifling through the refrigerator for something when I walked in, but seemed to know that I was there because she spoke to me while she was still searching for whatever it was she needed.

Hi Sweetie, did you have fun?” she asked, her sniffing nose giving her an indication of what I'd been up to without even having to look my way.

Mommy, I need your help,” I said, prompting her to pull her head out of the fridge and look my way. She looked almost alarmed at my state, prompting me to look down at my clothes. My pants were soaked with pee, and my Duke University sweater, which had been clean and dry when I left, had smears of butt fudge along the front and on the draw strings. Even more alarming to her, I'm sure, were the dark smears all over my face, along my upper lip and on my forehead, where my poop matted bangs rested against my skin.

Baby, you didn't take a shower before you came home?” she asked, and I shook my head yes.

I took a shower at Nathan's house, but then I went to the park,” I told her, causing her to raise an eyebrow.

Did you meet a friend at the park?” she asked, and I shook my head no.

I made two friends there,” I said with a naughty grin. “I wanted to give head really bad when I left Nathan's house, so I went to the park and waited in the bathroom.”

You gave head to two strangers in the bathroom?” she asked, and I nodded. “Did you ask one of them to poop for you?”

I asked both of them to poop for me,” I admitted. “I wanted it so bad, mommy.”

Well, it certainly looks like you got what you were after,” she said with a loving smile of approval, causing me to grin up at her and nod.

I went to Nathan's all by myself and everyone pooped for me,” I said with a dreamy sigh. “Plus, I ate poop at Jimmy's house, too.”

Jimmy had to poop again?” she asked curiously, and I shook my head no.

It was dog poop,” I said with a naughty smile. She smiled back down at me with a look of approval, then she gave me a questioning look.

Do you have to go potty?” she asked. As I was nodding my reply, I heard my dad's foot steps coming down the stairs.

Hi pumpkin,” he said with a smile when he saw me standing there, then he stopped and looked me over, almost as if he were evaluating my disheveled state. “Uh oh, buddy, it looks like you've been on a tear.”

I have been, daddy,” I told him. “I went home with Jimmy and we ate dog poop, then I went to Nathan's house and everyone pooped for me. Then I went to the park and gave head and took it in the butt from two sexy guys, and they both pooped and peed for me.”

Well it sounds like you've been a busy little boy, then,” he said, and I nodded up at him with a naughty grin.

I'm ready to go poop and pee,” I said with a lick of my lips, then I looked over at my mom. “I want you to help me.”

Okay, baby,” she said, letting me lead the way down the hall to the downstairs bathroom, where she put the lid down on the toilet and let my dad have a seat before taking a spot on his knee. I saw them share a sweet kiss, then they smiled at me adoringly as I hung my bottom out and filled the seat of my pants and underwear with a torrent of hot, delicious smelling turds. At the same time, I let go with a powerful stream of pee that soaked my crotch, legs and even coursed around the many turds that were in my underwear. I gave a second push and felt the seat of my underwear fill up beyond capacity, causing the many turds that were pushing in to smash, giving me chills of delight as I dreamed about how delicious they were going to be once I had them in my mouth.

While I was pushing my poop load out into my pants, my mom reached out and ran her palm over my butt, running it along the growing bulge. I felt her lift my brown pant load up gently as I continued to add to the mass, then I farted into it with a naughty smile. When she let it go, I felt the heavy load settle back down, causing me to grin at her as I released one more turd, loving how it felt as it pushed into the already massive pant load.

Wow, it looks like someone had to go really bad,” she observed with a warm smile, and I nodded up at her through a loud strain, wanting to make sure that I was completely empty before my feast was served.

How many times have you eaten poop today, buddy?' my dad asked, and I had to think about it. While I was tallying up my feedings for the day thus far, my mom guided me by the shoulders to come closer to her, then she pulled the waist band of my pants and underwear back and looked inside. The luscious stink that was already rising up all around me got stronger when she did this, prompting me to look over my shoulder so that I could see down into the seat of my pants, where a large, brown pile of turds and soft poop were resting.

People went poop in my mouth more than twenty times, daddy,” I announced, realizing that I had lost count of how many feedings I'd been treated to that day. It was as if the hot loads of poop had no real impact on my appetite, and that my tummy was always rumbling for another one. I'd taken four large poop loads at Nathan's house, and my tummy was nowhere near satisfied when I left. I went to the park and treated myself to another heaping helping of butt fudge, but I was still craving it badly.

Well, you have a healthy appetite for it, honey,” my mom said lovingly, reaching down into my undies and pulling out a long, dark turd that had an intense stink rolling off of it. I could see steam rising up from the center, and I felt insatiable for it. My mom held it under her nose and took a long whiff, giving herself a preview of what I was going to be tasting. Her maternal glow was very strong, and I knew that after my meal, my mom and dad would take me upstairs to the shower, where my boy pussy would be serviced by my dad's massive prick. After that, I knew, my mom was looking forward to nursing me.

She pulled the turd away from her nose and held it under mine, letting me take a long, intoxicating whiff of my own. When she eased it into my mouth, I let go with a soft moan, loving how hot it was and how firm it felt as it glided through my lips. When I had the entire turd in my mouth, I felt it pushing against my cheeks, taking note of its weight and thickness as it rested on my tongue.

While I was chewing up my first mouthful, I opened wide, wanting my mom and dad to see how I had smeared it with my tongue, then I swallowed. While I was doing this, my mom reached back down into the seat of my pants and pulled out another long turd, scooping out a sizable mound of soft, smashed boy poop at the same time. She held it under her nose again, watching me with a look of satisfaction as I swallowed what I had in my mouth, then she treated me to a sniff of my own before cramming the large handful into my poop receptacle.

This time, my cheeks were bulging much more tightly, sending long shivers of passion down the backs of my legs as my juicing boy butt throbbed with pleasure. As she was stuffing the last of the boy poop into my mouth, she used my lips to scrape off a large, stinky smear that was still in her palm. I felt another shudder run through me when she did this, then she used the same hand to caress my bulging cheek. As she ran her hand over it, I could feel it pressing into the mound of hot poop that was in my mouth, then she added pressure, causing the load in my mouth to smash slightly. I moaned when she did that, so she pushed again, this time more forcefully, and I felt my stinky mouthful smash again, triggering my boygasm as the stinky smell and flavor got even more powerful.

The stink was rolling up into my nostrils at the same time that the super heavenly texture and flavor of the poop load I was enjoying overwhelmed my senses, almost causing my legs to give out as I shivered hard with passion. My mom and dad, realizing what was happening in their little poop lover's body, ran their hands up and down my back, helping me through my orgasm until I was able to settle down.

Did you like that, baby?” my mom asked, and I nodded happily, opening wide to show her that I was still swallowing my treat. While I was chewing and swallowing with depraved moans, I released another stream of hot pee that coursed down my legs. My mom waited for me to swallow a few more times, then she went into my pants and fetched another pile of hot turds, holding them under my nose while she leaned forward and took a sniff of her own, closing her eyes and shuddering with pleasure as she did.

Does it smell good to you, mommy?” I asked curiously, and she nodded, her maternal glow still strong.

Mama thinks that her baby makes the best smelling poop,” she said with a smile. “I know how much you love it, sweetie. That makes me very proud of you.”

Will you smash it in my mouth again?' I asked hopefully, opening wide and waiting for her to cram the handful of turds that she was holding. Much to my delight, she nodded, then she proceeded to feed me the entire mouthful. When my mouth was crammed full, she went back into my underwear, producing a lone, long turd that looked delicious. She sniffed it with me, then she pushed it into my already impacted mouthful, giving me more chills of delight. With my mouth packed tight, she once again used her fingers to push on my cheeks, causing the stinky pile of hot turds in my mouth to smash into each other. The force of her smashing caused the poop load to soften so much that it started to push up into my nostrils, then down my throat, sending another shudder through me.

Open up so that mommy can see,” she encouraged me, giving me all of the incentive that I needed to open wide and show off my soft, stinky meal. I moaned with pleasure when she leaned forward and took a long whiff of my chocolatey treat, knowing that she could smell exactly what I was tasting. When she sat back, she rested her head on my dad's shoulder and watched with a wanton gaze as I swallowed with another moan.

When my mouthful was down, she went back into my undies to fetch the last of my pant load. She pulled out a massive heap of my boy poop, offering it to me with a very motherly smile. She seemed content to know that I was getting the nourishment that I needed, and that she was able to feed me the hot poop that I loved so much. When my mouth was crammed full with the entire poop load that she pulled out of my pants, she once again used her fingers to help me smash it up, as if she were making it easier for me to chew.

When my mouthful of boy fudge was as soft and stinky as it could possibly be, I opened up and once again, she leaned forward and took a long, satisfying whiff of her own. I swallowed eagerly, then I felt her unbutton my jeans and they fell heavily around my feet. I stepped out of them, then I let her ease my soaked, stained undies down and watched with glee as she turned them inside out. I opened wide and let her ease them into my mouth, loving how the seat still had several thick smears of poop resting in it. I eagerly pulled them in with my sucking mouth, along with the pee that had saturated my undies. While I was doing this, I felt her take to my crack, running her fingers along it to scrape out as much poop as she could find. When she lifted her palm to my nose, there was a sizable amount of my boy fudge heaped up on it. I let her use her other hand to pull my stinky undies out of my mouth, then I eagerly used my tongue to pull in the large heaps with more moans of satisfaction. I continued to lick her hand clean, then I let her ease my undies back into my mouth. While I was enjoying the flavor of my wet, poopy underwear, she lifted her hands to her nose and took more long whiffs, then she looked up at my dad. He gave her a nod, and much to my surprise, she sucked all five of her fingers into her mouth and sucked lustily while I watched.

When she was done, she got up and reached down, grabbing me under my arms and hoisting me up like a baby. I rested the side of my head on her shoulder and wrapped my legs around her waist, then I let her carry me upstairs with my dad following close behind. While we were climbing the stairs, she pressed her nose into my head and took a long whiff, then she kiss my cheek, not seeming to care that it was smeared with a stranger's poop. I smiled at her show of affection then I felt her middle finger go back into my crack, this time digging gently into my boy cunt with the tip of her digit. I sighed with pleasure and nuzzled the side of my head into her shoulder, enjoying the treatment she was giving my pussy until we got to my parents' bathroom. She held me in her arms while my dad started the shower, then, without setting me down, she climbed in behind him and stood under the spray. As the water cascaded over us, my dad fetched the baby shampoo and washed my hair twice. While he was doing this, my mom was rubbing my back and humming gently, all the while letting her finger linger just past my anal ring, turning it to and fro gently.

When my hair was lathered up, my mom moved us so that the water would rinse the suds away, then my dad lathered it back up again. When my hair was finally clean, my dad used the washcloth to wash my face and neck, then he washed my back and my butt. My mom pulled her finger out of my butt hole, but my pleasure didn't end because my dad used the washrag to scrub my crack, paying special attention once again to my boy cunt before slipping a soapy finger inside and fucking me with it for about 30 seconds.

When he pulled his finger out, my mom set me down, then he handed her the washcloth and she finished scrubbing me down. She washed my torso, then she moved down to my tummy. When she reached my boy boner, which was pressed tightly to my hairless groin, she very gently ran the cloth over it before moving down to my little nut sack. Once my little pecker and balls were washed, she carefully pulled my boy rod forward and washed my hairless groin before moving down to my legs and feet.

I stood under the spray and rinsed off while my mom and dad proceeded to wash each other off with loving hands. While my mom was washing my dad, she lathered up his hard cock, then she gave him his marching orders.

Take care of our little cock hound, honey.”

I felt a strong surge of ass juice course through my boy pussy when she said that, and I eagerly bent over, causing my rear end to stick up into the air as I waited for my dad to pump a hot load into it. I felt him grab my hips and line up to my hole, prompting me to moan hotly in anticipation of the fudge packing I was so hot to take. I felt the head of his dick at my entrance, then I felt him slowly add pressure

Is my baby boy hot for it?” he asked, and I responded by pushing back, wanting to hasten the moment that his dick was shoved up my butt. I felt the head of his cock push past my anal ring, then he sank it all the way in while I moaned like a bitch in heat.

He really wants it, honey,” I heard my mom observe, and I nodded my agreement while licking my lips. “Give it to him right.”

With that, my dad pulled back, dragging the head of his 10 inch cock all the way back to the barrier of my boy pussy, then he pushed back in. I sighed, then I flexed my anal muscles, wanting him to know that I was in heaven. He pulled back again, then he plunged back in mercifully. When he pulled back, he plunged back in right away, then he began an in and out fucking motion that made my little legs shake almost uncontrollably.

How is that, baby?” he asked through clenched teeth, and I responded with a moan as I smiled over my shoulder at him. I made eye contact with my mom, smiling at her thankfully, wanting her to know that I loved her so much for feeding me from the seat of my pants, then commanding my dad to service my boy cunt. My dad was continuing to pump in and out, causing my boy pussy to flex hard on its own around his shaft.

Your tight little rear end is squeezing daddy's cock so hard,” he exclaimed, still moving in and out like a buzz saw. “I don't know how you take so many cocks back there and stay so fucking tight, Kyle.”

I responded with another loud moan, wanting him to know that his cock was making me feel so good, too. As he plowed in and out, my mom started to rub my back affectionately, then she ran her fingers through my wet hair as my little body shivered with passion. My boy pussy was throbbing hard, signaling the rapid onset of my anal orgasm. There was a luscious burning sensation coursing down the backs of my legs and up my back, traveling all the way up my spine and seeming to spread out to my arms and my poop filled tummy. I felt my dad's hands leave my hips and move up my back until he was holding onto my shoulders, then he began to thrust in even harder, causing me to howl out with pleasure as my boygasm gripped me. As he thrust in and out of my boy snatch, it spasmed hard around my dad's cock, over and over again until he could finally take no more. He gave a loud groan and shoved his cock all the way up my butt, pumping it full of his hot man cream. I gave out a loud cry of joy as I felt him blast off inside of me, knowing that we'd be at it again in due time. When his cock was finally at the end of its eruption, he pulled it out, causing a substantial amount of his spunk to gush out behind it. Before I could move, my mom was on her knees behind me, licking my crack clean, then she ate my pooper out with hot moans. I was moaning too, appreciating the feel of her talented tongue after having my rear end serviced with my dad's man sized cock. While she was eating my busy boy butt, I felt her palm on my tummy, rubbing it in a circular motion. Without having to be told what she wanted, I pushed, sending another torrent of cum and ass juice down my pooper, along with several gassy farts that blew right into her mouth. She lapped all of the cum and ass juice up that I could give her, then she ate at my back door for several more minutes, still rubbing my tummy and coaxing several more hot, juicy farts from my fudge factory.

When she finally pulled her face out of my rear end, she held me close while I recovered from my romp. Then, with hungry eyes, she crawled on her hands and knees over to my dad, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking on it lustily. While she was blowing him, I got behind him and ate at his back door, hoping to help my mom achieve her goal of a mouthful of cum. A few minutes later, with my tongue still buried in my dad's poop-chute, I heard my mom gulping audibly with a hot, animalistic moan. I pulled my face out of my dad's rear end and watched with a grin as she held her mouth open, letting him finish cumming there with hard shots that were aimed at the back of her throat, then the last of his load poured into her mouth. She smiled up at him, as if they were the only two people in the room, then she swallowed with an obedient look on her face.

When we got out of the shower, my mom took me to her bed, lifting me into her lap and offering me her engorged breast to nurse from while she rocked my little frame. She cooed down at me and spoke softly, using her fingertips to brush my bangs away from my eyes. To my right, at the end of the bed, I spotted two very cute dresses laid out. They were identical, sized perfectly for Jimmy and I, and I knew that before the night was over, I would be prancing around gayly in them for my lovers.

You're such a good little baby,” she said with a loving smile. “Is mama's milk good?”

I smiled up at her and nodded, happy to be nursing after such a pleasurable romp. Just then my dad emerged from the bathroom and sat next to her, wrapping his arm around her and giving her a kiss on the cheek, then he cooed down at me with her.

Is daddy's little cock hound a happy boy?” he asked, and once again, I nodded. “Have you been servicing plenty of cocks all day, princess?”

I nodded again, letting loose with a sigh as my eyes started to get heavy.

I want you to rest, baby,” my mom told me quietly. “Drink mama's milk and get plenty of rest. You're going to be in for a lot of fun tonight, so you need to be well rested. Mommy and daddy are making a special treat for all of your special little lovers when they come over. You and Jimmy are going to spend a lot of time under your chair. Does that sound good?”

I nodded eagerly, feeling a strong shudder run through me as I thought about spending all night under the rim seat, taking poop loads from my feeders.

When I opened my eyes, I was in the living room, still nursing at my mom's bosom. I could hear the sounds of sex in the room, with loud, feminine moaning and the slapping sounds of skin hitting skin carrying into my ears. I let my sleepy gaze drift across the room, over to the couch, to the source of those tell tale sounds. As the scene came into focus, I realized that there were two couplings in progress, a carnal orgy, so to speak. On one end of the couch, Jimmy was naked with his legs pulled all the way back, making his boy pussy accessible to Mike, who was thrusting in and out with sensual movements. On the other end of the couch, Matt was on his hands and knees on the cushion, his head resting on the top of the backrest and his rear end sticking up invitingly. Behind him, my dad had taken him up on his obvious offer, driving in hard with all 10 inches. Matt and Jimmy were both moaning with pleasure, though Jimmy's moans were quite feminine while Matt's were more boyish than anything.

My dad's fingers were pressed firmly into Matt's hips, the back of his hand seeming to adjust nicely to the contours of Matt's bubble butt. Mike's rear end, which was no doubt soon to be an eager receiver of my dad's cock, was glistening with sweat, a byproduct of his sex act. Jimmy's chest and stomach were a mess of cum, telling me that his lovemaking had commenced several minutes earlier, and that Mike was doing his job well. Beneath Matt, there were several shots of boy spunk that had been fired out of the end of his dick, another indicator that the orgy had been underway for a while.

What I didn't see until later was the full facial of cum that Mike was wearing. This was mainly due to the fact that from my vantage point, I could only see my dad and Mike from the back. But what I later learned was that Matt and Mike had arrived before Jimmy and treated themselves to a mouthful of cock and balls, courtesy of my dad. When Jimmy arrived, he quickly got in on the action, sucking Matt's dick like a pro while my dad spunked all over Mike's appreciative young face, then into his opened mouth. By the time Mike received my dad's load, he was so horny that he quickly mounted Jimmy while my dad did the same for Matt, and both bottoms were fucked to frantic, multiple orgasms.

I stayed where I was and soaked up the scene, so to speak, until my mom looked down and saw that I was awake and enjoying the show. She smiled down at me lovingly, then she caressed my cheek before rocking me back and forth, obviously still enjoying our closeness. I was enjoying it too, but I had to pee badly, and was looking for release. Without letting her nipple go, I pointed down to my hairless little pecker, wanting to let her know what I needed.

Do you have to go potty, baby?” she asked, and I nodded. She planted a kiss on my cheek, then she stood up with me still cradled in her arms so that I could continue to nurse. She carried me into the kitchen and retrieved a small sippy cup, then we moved to the bathroom, where she took a seat on the toilet with me still in her lap. She removed the lid from the cup and held it down by my soft little dick, then she aimed it into the cup for me. I let loose with my bladder, filling the cup almost all the way, then I gave off a few final spurts before she replaced the lid. When the lid was on tight, we got up and moved back to the living room, where she continued to cradle me in her arms and let me nurse at her bosom for another couple of minutes.

I groaned when she used her fingers to get me to detach from her nipple, but I grinned happily when she placed the sippy cup at my lips and encouraged me to drink. I moaned softly when the first taste of my hot pee landed on my tongue, then I drank thirstily, wanting to swallow every last drop I could find. While I was drinking my pee, my mom was still cooing down at me softly, every once in a while telling me what a good baby I was and promising me that I was going to have such a special night. When my pee was finally down, she removed the lid and let me take long, hard sniffs of the inside of the cup while we watched my dad breed Matt's boy pussy. When he pulled out, Matt was all over his cock, sucking on it and planting grateful kisses all over it like a true cock slut.

I love you, daddy,” Matt declared, then he melted into my dad's embrace on the couch, kissing him deeply and letting my dad hold him close.

I love you too, baby,” my dad reciprocated, rubbing Matt's back. “You have such an amazing little boy hole. I love being inside of you.”

With that, Matt and my dad cuddled closely and watched, along with my mom and I, while Mike pumped his hot load into Jimmy's rear end. When he pulled out, Matt surprised me by crawling over on his hands and knees, taking Mike's sticky cock into his mouth and sucking it lustily before moving up for a kiss. As they made out, Jimmy took his opportunity to crawl between my dad's legs, wrapping his lips around his favorite cock and taking it all the way to the back of his throat with a horny moan. While Jimmy was blowing my dad and Matt and Mike were kissing, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the action, so I scooted out of my mom's lap and crawled on my hands and knees to Mike and Matt, putting myself at eye level with their dicks. I eased Mike's dick into my mouth first, loving the taste of ass juice, cum and saliva that coated its entire length, then I eased Matt's dick in beside it. I looked over at my mom, wanting her to see that I could suck two dicks at once, and was rewarded with a proud smile as I proceeded to service two dicks in my mouth at the same time. Eventually, Matt eased his dick out of my mouth and mounted me from the back, treating me to a very nice ride on his teen cock. I was moaning hotly around Mike's dick as Matt drove in from the back, feeling shivers run up my spine.

As I was being treated to two dicks, my dad pulled Jimmy up off of his dick and they shared a long, tongue filled kiss. As they kissed, Jimmy climbed into my dad's lap, straddling his cock in the process and taking all ten inches up his butt. When it was buried to the hilt, he began a slow, sensual ride up and down that made him delirious with pleasure. While Jimmy was having his fudge packed, my own boy hole was flexing involuntarily around Matt's dick. As he drove in from behind, I impaled my throat on Mike's dick, wanting to be fucked deep at both ends. I gave off my own feminine moan, then I moaned a little louder in a very sissy like tone, and I realized that my girlish feelings were starting to return. I found myself dreaming about wearing the dress that I saw in my mom and dad's room, and I wondered to myself if Mike, Matt and Jimmy were even aware of the dresses.

As these feelings were starting to swirl around inside of me, I started to dream about the evening that lay ahead. I wondered how many times I would get laid on my back, and how many times I would take it doggy style. I wondered how many dicks I would be sucking, wanting it to be a lot, and knowing that if Nathan, Kevin, Ethan and Steve came over, my dreams would come true. I would have eight dicks at my disposal, and I could suck all of them over and over, and take multiple rides on each one. Maybe while I still had my dress on.

With all of these thoughts taking me away, I didn't see my orgasm creeping up on me. Out of nowhere, I was in the middle of a long, shivering climax that made me moan like a true pussy boy. My twat was starting to grab the head of Matt's dick with so much force that he could no longer hold out, and as my orgasm washed over me, I felt him blast off, coating my pussy with his teen spunk. When he pulled out, Mike pulled away from my mouth and slipped his cock up my butt. This gave me the chance I needed to suck Matt clean while Mike finished off inside of my clutching boy pussy, treating me to five more minutes of butt fucking before he filled me up with his load.

He pulled out and I was on him like a true cock slut, sucking him clean before we collapsed in a heap on the couch. Beside us, Jimmy and my dad were sprawled out, snuggling tightly in the afterglow of their own fuck. Jimmy's little fingers were wrapped possessively around my dad's dick, and he looked like he never wanted to let it go. Mike and Matt took turns treating me to sweet kisses, caressing my boy pussy in the process as we rested and recovered.

We would have stayed that way longer, but the vibrating sound of Mike's cell phone pulled him away. He had an instant grin when he saw the display, and as I watched with interest, he nodded at my dad and answered.

Hi, Nathan,” he said, then his smile got even bigger. “Okay, we'll see you then.”

With that, he hung up and looked knowingly at all of us. I followed his gaze over to my dad, who was licking his lips with a lecherous, scheming look in his eyes. My mom got up and went to the kitchen, where I could smell brownies and some other sweets cooking. When she came back out, she had a very different look in her eyes, and she shared a look of mutual understanding with my dad. And just like that, it dawned on me exactly what Nathan, Ethan, Kevin and Steve were going to be in for.