Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 54

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"Do I look like a pretty girl?" Jimmy asked Matt, who was holding his hand as they descended the stairs in front of Mike and I. Matt and Mike were wearing a simple pair of blue jeans and white tee shirts, making them look very boyish, while Jimmy and I were both wearing identical outfits purchased for us by my mom and dad. Our dresses were pink, sleeveless with a single strap that went over each shoulder. There was a pretty pink bow adorning the midsection, and the dresses were bedazzled with glitter mesh. It was surprisingly easy for our lovers to get us into them, and once we were zipped up in the back, they helped us step into our pretty lavender panties.

You look so sexy tonight, baby,” Matt told his date for the evening. “I know that when the guys get here, they're all going to flip for both of you.”

With that, he leaned over and planted a kiss on Jimmy's moist red lips. Seeing this, I smiled up hopefully at my date, who wrapped me in his arms and treated me to a long French kiss that made me moan with almost urgent desire as I dreamed about dropping my panties and bending over for him on the stair case. Instead, we broke our kiss and followed Jimmy and Matt down the stairs, where we took a seat on the couch in the front room and waited for our dates to arrive. Matt and Mike sat side by side, enticing Jimmy and I to sit in their laps and grind our horny rear ends into their growing bulges.

In the kitchen, my mom and dad were tending the oven, preparing a treat for all six of my feeders that would ensure that Jimmy and I would have a busy night under the rim seat. We were to give our lovers a proper introduction to my mom and dad, then we would take them upstairs and show them a good time. They were both looking forward to seeing Matt, Mike, Jimmy and I entertain our guests the right way.

While I was sitting in Mike's lap, grinding my rear end in his crotch, I started to moan hotly. I wanted to take a hard dick so badly that my boy pussy was starting to surge with ass juice. Mike quieted my moans with another French kiss that swept me off of my feet with romantic feelings, and just as I started to envision myself once again as his bride, there was a light knock at the door. We broke our kiss and all four of us got up, then Mike looked through the peep hole before answering.

You look hot,” Matt exclaimed as our four lovers filed through the front door. He was right, too. They all looked hot, making me crazy with lust as their cuteness dripped off of their bodies. Nathan was wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans that hugged his hips just right, complimented by a tan cotton swill sweater with dark brown stripes. His hair was fixed extra cute, and he had a very shy smile on his face as he sized us up. Ethan was wearing a pair of khakis and a white collared shirt. Underneath it, exposed by an undone button just under the collar was a white undershirt that oozed masculinity. I could tell that he'd gotten a haircut that day, and for the first time, I noticed that he had an earring in his left ear.

Kevin was wearing a plain pair of blue jeans, just like Mike and Matt, and he had on a light blue polo with dark blue stripes. He was wearing a Seattle Mariners cap when he was standing on the porch, but as he was about to come inside, he took it off. Like Kevin, Steve was wearing a plain pair of blue jeans, but I couldn't make out what kind of shirt he had on because it was hidden by a white hooded sweatshirt. He was wearing black Nike's, though, and most notably, he wasn't wearing his glasses. I saw him lean into his brother for a moment, then Ethan kneaded his shoulder in an encouraging fashion, and he stood up straight.

All four of them were looking at Jimmy and I like foxes in a hen house. Ethan was visibly licking his lips, almost salivating at the site of us in our pretty dresses. He had to know that beneath the pretty pink fabric were two equally sexy pairs of panties, completing our outfits for the evening. I smiled up at him innocently, and when we made eye contact, I knew that I was going to make a move for his cock before anyone else's. I just had to have it inside of me.

Before I could approach my would be top, though, my dad walked into the front room, startling all four of our guests.

I see your guests are here,” he said warmly, smiling at Matt, Mike, Jimmy and I before addressing our dates with very forward eye contact. “I'm Kyle's father.”

Steve was practically hiding behind his brother, who was standing by timidly with both of his hands in his pockets. He was blushing furiously and looking down at the floor, shifting his feet from side to side in a very nervous fashion. Beside him, Kevin seemed to be almost panicking. His legs were visibly shaking, almost as if they were about to give out on him, and he had a look of instant regret on his face as he took in my dad's size compared to the others. They were all smaller than him in every way, even in height. He easily had about 3 inches and 40 pounds on Ethan, who was by far the biggest of the bunch.

Surprisingly, Nathan didn't flinch. Instead, he returned my dad's warm smile and held his hand out, offering him a handshake. My dad made firm eye contact with him as they shook hands, then my dad nodded as if he were coming to some sort of conclusion.

You used to mow my lawn, didn't you?” he asked, and Nathan responded with a nod of his own.

Yes sir, Mr. Smith,” he answered confidently. Just then, my mom came out of the kitchen, in a sun dress of her own, and her face lit up when she spotted Nathan.

Honey, I haven't seen you in so long,” she gushed, giving him a hug. “Look at how big you've gotten.”

Hi Mrs. Smith,” Nathan said a little shyly. “How have you been?”

We've been good,” she answered, then she looked down at Jimmy, Matt, Mike and I before turning her attention back to Nathan. “I know that Mr. Smith has missed having your help in the yard. How many years has it been?”

About five years,” my dad said, then he turned to the rest of us. “Nathan mowed my lawn for three years. It was the best ten bucks I could have spent at the time.”

So who are your friends, Nathan?” my mom asked, and I saw Ethan shift his feet uncomfortably. Nathan, without skipping a beat, started to introduce the others.

This is Kevin,” he said, smiling up at my dad as we all watched on. My dad offered Kevin a handshake, which he respectfully accepted, then my mom shook his hand before Nathan turned his attention to Ethan, who looked like he was about to wet his pants. “Ethan, these are Kyle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

It's nice to meet you, Ethan,” my dad said, once again extending his hand. Ethan shook my dad's hand with a timid smile, and I couldn't help but notice that his grip looked noticeably weaker than my dad's, who gave him a firm shake. When they released their handshake, my mom shook his hand while my dad took notice of the small figure hiding in the back.

And who's this little fellow behind you?”

This is my little brother, Steve,” Ethan said politely, moving to the left so that Steve could meet my parents face to face. Steve looked terrified as my mom and dad sized him up, but he seemed to relax when he realized that they were smiling approvingly at him. My dad knelt down and placed a hand on his shoulder, then he pulled the hood off of his head and revealed his brown head of hair and his face.

He's so adorable,” my mom gushed, kneeling beside my dad so that she could make eye contact with Steve and take his hands into hers. “How old are you, sweetie?”

I'm 14,” he said in a small voice, and my mom gave him a loving smile while my dad smiled up at Nathan with obvious approval.

Well you are a little cutie,” she declared, then she turned to address Jimmy, Mike, Matt and I. “Your dates are very handsome. Are you going to take them upstairs to Kyle's room?”

Yes, mommy,” I lisped, then I batted my eyes at Ethan. “I want to show them my room right away.”

Well, daddy and I are going to be in a kitchen, making snacks for you boys,” she said, standing up straight along with my dad. “You be a good host, princess, and take care of your dates.”

I will, mama,” I promised, taking note of the startled expressions on Ethan, Kevin, Steve and Nathan's face as they witnessed my exchange with my parents. I was about to say something else when my dad cut in.

You guys go have fun,” he said to the boys, then he looked down at Jimmy and I with a loving smile. “My girls have been waiting for you to get here. Mrs. Smith and I will be down here cooking. When you get hungry, have one of the girls come get you a snack, okay?”

Is my chair still in the bathroom, daddy?” I asked, and all four of our lovers' eyes got big.

It's in the tub, princess,” my dad assured me. “I put it back this afternoon. Are you ready to use it right now?”

I bit my lip and nodded, then I said, “I want to take them to my room first so I can service their cocks.”

That's a good girl,” my dad assured me, then he and my mom turned on their heels and went back into the kitchen, where I could smell sweets baking in the oven, along with something with a savory, meaty aroma. When they disappeared, Matt took Kevin’s hand while Mike took Nathan's, leading them up the stairs with Ethan and Steve following close behind them. Jimmy and I brought up the rear, walking hand in hand like the good girls that we are and watching the sexy butts of all six of our tops. When we got to the top of the stairs, Matt led the way to my room, and as they all walked through the doorway, I felt a shudder of desire run through my little body.

I closed the door behind me, eager for the action to start. Mike was the first to make a move, grinning at Nathan with a very cute smile as he reached up to wrap his arms around his torso and offer him a kiss. Nathan responded in kind, wrapping Mike's 13 year old frame in his arms and accepting his kiss, then their lips opened and their tongues started to dance. While this was happening, Matt did the same with Kevin, melting into his embrace as they shared a long, delicious looking kiss. Ethan and Steve were watching apprehensively, almost as if they were on guard, so Jimmy and I moved in, eager to be kissed up by the two hunks. I quickly slipped my tongue into Ethan's mouth while Jimmy engaged Steve, and for a little more than a minute, the room was silent, save for the wet sounds of heavy French kissing.

While I was kissing Ethan, I used my fingers to unbutton his pants, anxious for access to his 18 year old cock. His dick was stiffening quickly, causing his jeans to tighten while I worked to unleash it from its confines, wanting so badly for it to find a warm, welcoming place inside of me. I wanted to have it in my mouth so badly, but I was also hot to take it up my butt as soon as I could have it there. As soon as I had his fly opened, I reached into his boxers and freed his stiff organ, then we broke our kiss. I very gently guided him so that he was sitting on the chair in front of my desk, then I dropped to my knees and planted a wet kiss on the end of it, looking up at him for approval. He smiled down at me lecherously, so I used my tongue to lick all around the head, taking time to enjoy the ridge of his crown before running my tongue down his entire length. When I reached the base of his dick, I licked around his diameter, then I lapped away at his balls, trapping each one in my mouth for an extended period of time so that I could suck them, then I ran my tongue a little further down until I was licking his stinky taint. The flavor of his crease was incredible, matching the sharp aroma that was drifting into my nostrils as I treated myself to his flavor. Before I pulled my tongue out of his taint, I let it travel further back to his stinky poop-chute, loving its moist wrinkles as his taste burst in my mouth. I took a long, luscious sniff while I was down there, then I pulled my face out and slipped my mouth over the end of his cock, gazing up at him with a naughty smile. He ran his fingers through my brown head of hair, then he placed his hand on the back of my head, causing me to moan femininely as my head was pushed down on his dick. Seconds later, I was being treated to a rough throat fuck that made my little body tingle with lust.

Near the door, Jimmy had worked Steve's dick out of his pants and was on his knees, sucking on it lustily. He had reached up and manually placed Steve's hands on his head, encouraging him to face fuck him with force. On my bed, Mike was laying naked from the waist down, his pants and underwear bunched around his left leg, which was being held up in the air along side his right leg by Nathan. They were still engaged in a passionate kiss, and Nathan was on his knees, his hard dick pointing straight up and pressed hard against his groin. He had two fingers lodged deep inside of Mike's boy pussy, a boy pussy that he was most likely surprised to find already lubed up with KY Jelly and maybe even a few leftover splatters of cum. As Mike accepted his lover's gesture of lust, he was moaning shamelessly into his mouth.

At my bedside was Kevin, who was standing with his legs spread as wide as he could get them so that he could accommodate Matt, who was on his knees behind him, eating his rear end deeply. Matt was moaning just as lustily as the rest of us, with two handfuls of Kevin's buns that he was simultaneously kneading and pulling apart, giving him the access that he desired so that he could dine at Kevin's back door. While Matt was feasting on Kevin's poop-chute, Mike reached out with his left hand, taking Kevin's hard cock in his hand so that he could jack him off.

Fuck, you and Jimmy just picked up right where you left off, didn't you?” Ethan said, and I nodded up at him, not taking his cock out of my mouth but making eye contact with him. He smiled down at me appreciatively, so I communicated my own appreciation by rolling my rear end around, wanting him to know how grateful I was to be sucking his dick. Then, with his dick still fucking my cum tube deeply, I felt him run his hands along my back, using his fingertips to trace along the fabric of my dress, then he pulled it up far enough to get a good look at my panties.

When I felt the exposed air hit my legs and a draft run through the leg openings of my panties, I moaned hotly and ground my rear end around again. Ethan responded by running his hands all over my pantied bottom, then he gripped my buns firmly and started to knead them while I continued to treat myself to a hard face fuck.

You love my dick, don't you?” he asked, and I nodded with a feminine cry of joy. “Would you like to have it in that tight little ass of yours?”

I nodded again, then I started to grind my bottom back against his kneading hands while I continued to moan like a bitch in heat. I felt his thumbs at the waistband, rolling them down just far enough to expose the top of my crevice. I wanted him to pull them all the way down, but I knew that he was enjoying the lewdness of his act, so I let him take his time, all the while continuing to fuck my throat hard around his dick. Seconds later, I felt my panties roll a little further down, but still not far enough to expose more than about a third of my crevice. I moaned again, and he responded by kneading my cheeks with even more force before pulling my panties down another couple of inches so that they were halfway down my butt.

I felt his kneading get rougher, then he slipped a finger into my crack, where he found the puckered entrance to my boy pussy. He traced his fingertip around my entrance, then he used his thumbs to roll my panties the rest of the way down by butt, leaving them rolled up around my thighs, just below my buns. I increased the power of my sucking while tightening my throat muscles around his shaft, and for about a minute, he let me have my way. While I luxuriated in the pleasures of giving a blow job, his finger was teasing the outside of my moistening boy pussy, rubbing just hard enough to almost penetrate me, but never actually pushing in. Finally, I felt his finger slip out of my crack and his hands left my rear end, then I felt him pull me off of his cock. I looked up at him with an obedient gaze, waiting for his instructions.

You're doing a really great job down there, baby,” he said affectionately. “But I think it's time to give you some cock at the other end. Does that sound good?”

Uh huh,” I said in an almost trance like state, feeling incredibly horny to feel his dick push into my boy cunt. He helped me stand up, and without getting up himself, he helped me out of my dress. I watched with a smile as he used his hands to smooth out the wrinkles, then he laid it carefully on my desk, covering my keyboard and mouse with it. When it was out of the way, he let me lean in and kiss him again. While our tongues danced, I felt his hands grab my buns and begin kneading them again, then he broke our kiss and whispered into my ear.

I want to bend you over the desk,” he said seductively, and I nodded my silent approval. He planted another kiss on my lips, then he stood up and rolled the chair out of the way. While he was doing this, I surveyed the scene in my room and was stunned. Not because there was action taking place, but because I hadn't noticed it at all while I was worshiping Ethan's cock with my mouth. I was so enthralled with servicing his dick like a good girl that I hadn't once taken the time to look around the room, where three couplings were taking place in very enticing fashion. Jimmy was bent over with his hands on the wall, his dress long since removed by Steve, who was thrusting in and out of Jimmy's boy pussy with his steel hard cock. On the bed, Mike and Nathan were still locked in a kiss, only now Mike's legs were resting on Nathan's shoulders, his feet rocking back and forth in the air like little flags as he accepted long strokes of hard dick in his own boy pussy. He was still moaning into his lover's mouth, only now he was also letting go of intermittent sighs of satisfaction as Nathan's dick worked its magic. His tee shirt was splattered with cum, the result of the almost immediate climax he achieved when their lovemaking began. He had his arms wrapped around Nathan's neck, his fingers locked tight, and his smile was evident even though he had a mouthful of tongue.

On the floor, right beside the bed, Matt had given himself to Kevin in a similar coupling. But instead of laying on his back, letting his top dictate the flow of lovemaking between them, Kevin was laying flat on his back, hit toes curling as Matt straddled his cock, rising up and down on his knees in a slow, sensual ride. Matt's cock was sticking straight up and there was a long strand of precum drooling out of the end, connecting to Kevin's lower abdomen. Matt was resting his palms flat against Kevin's thighs, and from my purview, I could see Kevin's length moving in and out as Matt rode him in a lustful dance.

Does that feel good, little lover?” I heard Kevin asked with genuine care, and Matt nodded with a dreamy smile. In reply, Kevin placed his hands on Matt's hips, encouraging him to continue his ride. While I was watching the action in the room, I felt Ethan's hands on my shoulders. I looked up at him with a hopeful smile and saw him staring at Mike and Nathan fucking on the bed, a look of sheer lust on his face. I took the initiative and ground my rear end back into his erection, snapping him out of his spell and causing him to grin down at me. When he spotted my hopeful smile, he licked his lips and guided me to turn around, then he bent me over the desk just like he promised.

I felt the head of his cock at my back door, then I felt him slip in. The head of his shaft pushed past my anal ring, then his entire length slid up inside of me. His shaft felt amazing as it pushed in, then it got hot and I moaned loudly. I rolled my hips around, wanting to feel his dick stir inside of me, then I felt him tighten his grip on my shoulders before he pulled back. When the head of his dick was sitting just past my anal ring, he pushed back in and I moaned again, then I felt him pull his hips back again before plunging back in. I smiled over my shoulder at him, wanting him to know how much pleasure he was giving me, and he responded with a very cute giggle as he continued to feed me hard strokes of his veiny dick. His cock felt amazing inside of me, as always, and it didn't take long for me to feel the familiar burn of a swirling anal orgasm. My legs were throbbing with pleasure as the sweet burn that originated in my boy cunt started to spread out to the rest of my body. My little toes were digging hard into the carpet and my boy pussy started to squeeze his dick over and over, then I let go with a long, girlish moan that signaled the height of my pleasure.

I don't know how you stay so tight back there,” he panted as my hair stood up on its own. I felt him drive in harder, then he drew in a sharp breath. With every thrust, I felt delirious with pleasure, wanting him to continue feeding me strokes of hard dick all night long and never pull out. I felt his grip tighten on the tops of my shoulders, then he drove in even harder. I could feel his cock starting to expand as it serviced my boy pussy, sending a shiver through me because I knew that he would be filling me with his precious seed right away. I let go with one more horny moan, then I felt him thrust hard against my back side before he finally buried his length all the way inside of me. His cock gave a hard twitch, then he blasted off with a loud groan, coating the walls of my cunt with hot cum. I let go of a sigh of relief when I felt his spunk shooting deep inside of me, then I grinned over my shoulder in appreciation. He let go of a sigh of his own, then he slowly pulled out. I quickly spun around, taking his dick back into my mouth and sucking on it like there was no tomorrow.

While I was doing this, I felt another set of hands on my hips. Without stopping to see whose hands they were, I parted my legs and offered up my horny rear end for another round of action. I felt the slimy head of a dick pressing against my cum coated opening, then I felt it slip in and push all the way inside of me.

How's that feel, Bubba?” I heard Ethan ask, then I felt Steve start to thrust in and out.

It feels good,” he panted. “I love doing it with Kyle and Jimmy.”

They're fucking hot to trot, aren't they?” I heard Ethan say, but I didn't hear Steve's answer. I wasn't worried about it, either, because I already knew the answer. Instead, I stayed where I was and accepted his dick from behind while I swallowed Ethan's cock. I loved being sandwiched between the two hunks, on my feet but bent over so that I could accommodate a dick in my mouth and a dick up my butt. I was moaning so femininely, wanting to keep my mouth and my rear end filled up all night with hard cock.

Fuck, they're all horny for it tonight, aren't they?” I heard Nathan say, then I heard a muffled moan from Mike, who had taken position between his legs and was treating himself to a mouthful of cock. While Mike was blowing his top, Matt and Kevin were split roasting Jimmy on the floor. Matt had crawled between his opened legs, where he was laying when Steve got up to come service my eager bottom, and Jimmy quickly beckoned Kevin over as well, hot for a dick to suck. Kevin was only too happy to accommodate Jimmy's wishes, letting him slobber all over it before he took it to the back of his throat. In the meanwhile, Matt was well on his way to fucking a couple of loads out of my boyfriend.

Do you want me to fuck you again?” I heard Kevin ask Matt.

Yes,” Matt answered shyly. “I love feeling you inside of me.”

Do you want anyone else here to fuck you?” Kevin asked, and Matt nodded his eager reply.

I feel like doing it with all of you,” he confessed. “You're all so cute.”

You're a cutie, too, little lover,” Kevin said sweetly. “I'm sure we can help you out.”

While Kevin was saying this, Mike was looking up at Nathan with a hopeful, yearning expression, and Nathan immediately knew what he wanted.

Don't worry, baby,” he said, running his fingers lovingly through Mike's brown hair. “You'll get a turn on everyone's dick, too. Who do you want to fuck next?”

With that, Mike pointed to Kevin, who spotted this and smiled. He let go with a sigh, then he eased his dick out of Jimmy's cum tube. When it was out, Jimmy kissed the end of his dick gratefully, then Kevin crawled up onto the bed with Mike. Nathan took Kevin's place on the floor, eager to have his dick sucked by Jimmy, whose watering mouth was wide opened and waiting for another dick to suck.

Mike quickly assumed with missionary position, his legs wide opened as he watched Kevin crawl between them. With a moan, he lifted his legs into the air and rested them on his lover's shoulders, exposing his horny entrance to his top. Kevin lined up, then he carefully pushed in, wanting to bring his lover nothing but pleasure. When he was buried to the hilt, they shared a very loving kiss, then Kevin began a slow in and out thrusting that drove Mike to the edge of ecstasy. While Kevin was making love to Mike, Jimmy was being pleasured on the floor by Nathan and Matt, who were taking their own pleasure at the same time.

I was still bent over with my hands on Ethan's hips, sucking his dick like a good little cock hound while his brother fucked me hard from behind. Steve was driving into me so hard that my nose was pushing into Ethan's pubic bush, causing it to bend sideways each time. My moans were becoming more and more sissy like as my upturned bottom hummed with pleasure. I knew that this was nothing more than a quick, dirty fuck for Steve, but it was also a quick, dirty fuck for me too, and I was loving it. Just like servicing cocks at the park, it wasn't about the clit in my boy pussy. It was about the pleasure I took in being a gay cum slut for any available cock that I could seek out and service. Whether it was my mouth or my boy pussy, I was bound and determined to take hot cum loads all day and be a good little pussy boy for my lovers.

When Steve squirted his cum load inside of me, I waited for him to pull out, then I quickly got on my hands and knees in front of him, eager to suck him clean like a good girl. While I was doing this, I pushed my bottom up into the air, wanting Ethan to fire a few more cum shots deep inside of me. He quickly took me up on my offer, slipping his cock back inside of me and hammering my pussy while I moaned with pleasure. Five minutes later, I experienced the Nirvana of another anal orgasm right before Ethan seeded my cunt, then he pulled out and I spun around to take his dick in my mouth. While I was sucking him clean, Steve pumped another quick load into my rear end, getting himself off in no time flat, then I felt a different cock push in. I looked over to the bed, where Kevin was still nailing Mike's boy pussy, then to the floor, where I spotted Matt pulling out of Jimmy, who looked like he was searching desperately for a dick to suck. I grinned around Ethan's stiffening cock when I realized that Nathan was about to take his turn in my busy little boy butt. I felt him slip in and I sighed with pleasure.

I moaned like a girl while Nathan fucked me from behind, wanting him to know that I was in heaven the entire time. In the meanwhile, Kevin was in the process of blowing his load inside of Mike, who was whimpering with his own pleasure at being a bottom boy for yet another top. I felt Ethan pull his cock away from my mouth, then I watched him climb into the bed. Kevin let Ethan take his place on the bed while he took Ethan's place in front of me, giving me access to his cock so that I could suck the cum and ass juice from it while I hissed with pleasure.

While I was doing this, Ethan was slowly inserting his package into Mike's moist, cum filled hole. He carefully slipped the head in, then he moved in inch by inch, wanting to take it easy on his partner. Mike, though, was ready for Ethan's length and girth, having already taken my dad's cock several times, and used his hands to pull Ethan into him by grabbing his hips. He smiled up at him with glee when his rod was fully inserted, then he wrapped his arms around Ethan's neck, pulling him into a kiss as he enjoyed being filled with hot dick.

While Mike and I were enjoying our respective butt fuckings, Matt had his face buried in Jimmy's exposed boy pussy, feltching out all of the loads he'd taken up to that point. While he was doing this, Jimmy was on his back with his legs pulled to his chest, sucking merrily on Steve's dick, which was stiffening in his mouth. Matt was watching this action closely, his mind filled with the wonder of being a bottom for Steve, who was just a little bit bigger than Matt was and a year and a half older. When he was sure that Steve was hard enough, he pulled his tongue out of Jimmy's boy pussy and made his move, engaging Steve in a kiss that got progressively hotter as the moments passed.

While they kissed, Steve pulled his dick out of Jimmy's mouth, prompting Matt to break their kiss and lay flat on his back with his legs pulled back in a fashion similar to Jimmy. Moments later, both Matt and Steve were moaning hotly as Steve's dick sunk deep into Matt's yearning boy pussy, then they made sweet love on the floor of my room. While this was happening, Jimmy crawled over to Kevin, whose dick was once again hard and fucking my throat so perfectly. With a moan of desire, Jimmy buried his face in Kevin's backside, eating his stinky pooper with reckless abandon, taking over where Matt left off. Three minutes later, Jimmy was on his hands and knees beside me, taking Kevin's shaft up the butt with loud, girlish moans. I looked around the room, realizing that Jimmy, Matt, Mike and I were all in the process of getting laid by our hunky dates, and I couldn't help but feel incredibly turned on. Jimmy and I shared a knowing look, and I knew that he had taken notice of this too. Mike and Matt were now bottoms, just like Jimmy and I, and would seek out cock wherever they could. It was a wonderful feeling, knowing that all four of us were sharing something so special, and wondering how far it could go.

Even better, I knew, the night was just starting for us.

Holy crap, I can't believe this is real,” I heard Kevin exclaim as Ethan's rump came into view over my face. Beneath me, the cold porcelain surface of the tub was pressing against my naked skin. My boy pussy was still drooling cum, in spite of the fact that Jimmy and I had eaten each others' rear ends, searching insatiably for as much cum and ass juice as we could possibly find. We'd even taken to Matt and Mike's rear ends, though they'd already dined at each others' back doors as well and there wasn't as much cum as we'd hoped for.

On the toilet, Nathan was sitting with Mike in his lap, holding him close and treating him to sweet kisses. On one side of the rim chair was Kevin, who was sitting on the edge of the tub, cradling Jimmy in his arms and holding him close as they watched the show. On the other side of the rim chair, Steve was sitting on the edge of the tub, holding Matt in his lap. They were whispering into each others' ears, giggling and kissing on the lips. Matt had his hand wrapped firmly around Steve's flaccid dick, almost possessively, and it was obvious that he had developed a serious crush.

When Ethan was seated comfortably, I grinned and buried my face up into his rump, taking a long sniff before opening wide and using my tongue to lick his expanding hole, wanting him to know that I was eager to be his toilet. I felt the familiar heat push down his chute and into my mouth, circulating like a confection oven, then I heard the loud, almost uncontrollable crackle of a moist turd pushing its way down. I heard the familiar sound of a loud, juicy fart erupt at the exact moment that a hot, super stinky pile of delicious tasting turds filled my mouth all at once.

My hard little dick was straining so tightly against my hairless groin that I thought it might break off. At the same time, there was a sweet burning in my boy pussy that throbbed out to my groin and down the backs of my legs like a drum beat that was getting louder and louder. When the final turd detached from his hole, it was sitting between my lips, pushing into the rest of the load. There was a sharp aroma pouring off of it, rolling up into my nostrils and giving me pleasures untold. Ethan got up and everyone looked down into the seat, taking note of my stinky mouthful. My cheeks were bulging tightly and my lips were distended around a brown, creamy turd that protruded between them, sticking out about three inches. I had several splatters of the hot poop load all over my face and in my bangs, and the end of my nose had a thick, brown smear on it.

I smiled up at my audience, my pleasure nearly out of control as I opened wide, eager for all of them to see how many turds had pushed in, packing my mouth tightly. I closed my mouth and chewed eagerly, using my tongue to smash the poop load up and create a large, mushy mound that seemed to get stinkier with every chew. I swallowed as quickly as I could, wanting to make room for the next pile of turds, knowing that they would be just as delicious and hopefully, even stinkier than the first. When my mouth was empty, I opened wide and grinned up at Ethan hopefully, then I licked my lips and moaned as he got back on the chair and prepared to feed me another mouthful.

As his cheeks came to rest on the chair, they parted on their own, and I took note of several smears of heaped up boy fudge sticking in his crack. I used my tongue to lap as much away as I could, then I swallowed again, before opening wide, almost desperate for another hot mouthful to savor and swallow. Ethan's hole opened up, and I quickly sealed my lips around it. Moments later, I was negotiating two long, thick turds that pushed out of his rear end with authority, filling my slutty mouth so wonderfully. He once again got up, allowing me to display the lovely contents of my mouth before chewing and swallowing. He sat back down and treated me to a much smaller mouthful, then, while he was still straining, he blew several hot farts into my mouth, enhancing the flavor of his tasty poop load before I smashed it up and swallowed like a good little poop eater. When my mouthful was down, I used my toilet paper tongue to wipe Ethan's rear end clean, wanting to do my job as his toilet slave.

Steve scooted Matt out of his lap and got up, taking Ethan's place on the rim seat. I moaned again, wondering how many poop loads I'd actually get to take before the night was over. I was still hoping that our lovers were going to spend the night, giving me all night access to hard cock and hopefully, all night access to a buffet of butt fudge. My mom and dad promised me a long night under the rim chair, and I was hoping that they were right. My boy pussy was still humming with pleasure from the multiple fuckings I'd gotten, as well as the pleasure I received from accepting Ethan's poop load. Now I was about to take a hopefully large load from Steve, and I just knew that it was going to be hot, stinky and delicious.

As it turns out, I didn't have to wait long to find out. Right away, Steve's hole started to expand, so I quickly opened wide and moaned as the head of a brown turd emerged from his depths. I could hear it crackling loudly as it made its descent, first slowly, then all at once, it picked up speed and pushed into my mouth rapidly. It was so long and thick that the tip hit the back of my mouth, then it broke in two and the rest of it push in right along the top of the first portion. The stink was amazing, incredibly dark and very powerful. When it broke in two, the tip of the second half smeared into the roof of my mouth, treating me to an exquisite taste as the aroma filled my senses. When it detached from his hole, I heard the smack of kissing lips, then I heard Matt say, “I love you.”

With that, Steve got up and I saw that Matt was holding his hand. I grinned up at everyone and showed off the long turd in my mouth, then I used my tongue to smash it up before opening back up to show everyone the smashed up mass before swallowing like a good toilet. Steve and Matt shared another kiss, then Steve took his place back on the seat. I opened wide, eager for him to make another deposit into my 11 year old turd receptacle of a mouth, and was treated to a trio of hot poop logs that pushed out in rapid succession, sending a shiver through my body as indulged in the luscious flavor and stinky aroma. When Steve got up, I opened wide again, feeling my boy pussy throb with passion, then I closed my mouth and used my tongue to smear my treat against the roof of my mouth. I felt my pussy start to pulsate with an almost electric feeling when I opened wide to show off my chocolatey meal, then I closed my mouth and swallowed, sending my senses soaring as a powerful boygasm ripped through me.

Holy shit he's cumming,” I heard Nathan exclaim, but I was too far gone to react. When I started to come down, I felt a special warmth spread all over my body, then Steve sat back down. I opened wide, now feeling insatiable for more, and was treated to one last mouthful, an egg shaped clump that felt amazing as it pushed into my mouth. I sighed when I tasted it, then I let the stink sink in before opening wide, showing off the last of Steve's gift with a naughty grin before swallowing, then I licked his crack clean like a good toilet.

When Nathan sat down, I was still basking in the afterglow of my boygasm. Of course, it's always a treat for me when Nathan unloads his pile of turds into my poop repository, but taking his load under these circumstances was special to me. He took his spot on the rim chair, commenting on how comfortable it was to sit on, and I grinned. I wanted all of my feeders to be comfortable at all times, knowing that as a community toilet, my pleasure was derived from having large, stinky deposits left in my mouth. My feeders were servicing my needs when they made their deposit of hot turds, and for that, I wanted them to enjoy the experience as much as they could.

With my opened, watering mouth sealed tightly around his poop-chute, he gave a firm push, treating me to a large, soft load of hot poop that filled my mouth immediately. I could detect the distinct odor and taste of diarrhea that I loved so much, so I used my tongue to negotiate the load as much as possible before Nathan got up, allowing my audience to look down into the chair. I opened wide and grinned happily, then I closed my mouth and swallowed, feeling another shiver run through me as Nathan sat back down. He gave another firm push, and this time, I was treated to a pile of loose, runny turds that filled my mouth up almost instantaneously. The smell and taste of diarrhea was even more prevalent than in my first mouthful, and I had a feeling that I was about to be treated to the real thing. I opened up and grinned, then I heard Mike exclaim, “It looks like diarrhea.”

Mmm,” I moaned hotly, wanting them all to know that I loved it. As I was swallowing, Nathan sat back down on the seat, so I made a request. “If it's diarrhea, don't stop. I want you to poop as much as you can.”

With that, Nathan pushed, and just as I hoped, I was treated to a massive offering of hot, liquidy, delicious tasting diarrhea. It was so smooth, not entirely runny, but just a few clumps of solid poop and a couple of errant turds that added to my bliss as I tried successfully to keep up and not lose any. When the flow stopped, I was still gulping audibly, loving the powerful stink and the identical flavor, wishing that it would go on forever. When my mouth was empty, I moaned hotly and caressed Nathan's poop splattered rump, wanting him to know that I was ready for him to push more into my mouth. He gave a hard push, and another long, forceful squirt of stinky, delicious diarrhea filled my mouth to the brim while I swallowed furiously, then he blew a continuous string of hot, gassy farts in my mouth while I licked his rum clean.

When Nathan got up, Kevin scooted Jimmy out of his arms while I crawled out from under the chair. Jimmy got in the tub with me and licked my face clean, then we shared a long, poop filled kiss. When my face was clean, Jimmy crawled under the chair and Kevin took his seat. I watched Kevin make two fists, then I heard a loud fart and Jimmy started to moan loudly. His moans were uninterrupted, but in the middle of them, they became muffled as the crackle of a large pile of turds carried into all of our ears.

Kevin got up and we all looked down into the chair, where Jimmy was cramming a lone turd that was sticking between his lips back into his mouth. At the same time, his cum load was shooting out of the end of his untouched little boy dick. He had an almost manic grin on his face, as if he were in a trance, and he was chewing his large mouthful up and swallowing with hot moans. When his stinky meal was down, Kevin got back on and pushed out another long, dark turd that Jimmy accepted with another loud moan, then he stayed where he was and licked his lover's crack clean. When Kevin got up, Mike took a seat on the rim chair, ready to make his deposit of boy poop for our little lover. Jimmy's moaning was once again muffled by the joy of accommodating a hot pile of turds that Mike pushed into his mouth, then he treated Jimmy to a few farts before he got up and we watched Jimmy's untouched little pecker spurt a modest amount of cum before jerking hard over and over with no discharge. Mike took his place back on the rim seat and sent down a medium sized turd, then he stayed where he was and Jimmy licked his rump clean.

When Mike got up, Matt took his spot with a look of urgency. Jimmy's watering mouth was wide opened as a long, dark turd emerged from Matt's distended hole, then he accepted several spurts of hot diarrhea that went into his mouth, then all over his face when his mouth was too full. We all watched Jimmy chew up the luscious combination of firm poop and runny diarrhea, his face registering sheer delight the entire time. When Matt sat back down, he filled Jimmy's eager mouth with more diarrhea, then he got up and grabbed his tummy, indicating that he was far from done.

Jimmy looked overwhelmed under the chair, so I acted quickly, dropping to my knees and opening wide with my face turned up, offering Matt a comfortable place to make his brown deposit. He quickly took me up on my offer, resting his butt over my opened mouth while I moaned in anticipation of more diarrhea. Matt gave a hard push, and much to my delight, I was treated to an almost continuous flow of hot, delicious tasting butt fudge that flowed like hot chocolate into my turd receptacle of a mouth for nearly 30 seconds. I was gulping audibly the entire time, my stiff little pecker dancing around as another boygasm ripped through me. When Matt was finished using my mouth, he sat back down on the rim chair and treated Jimmy to the last of his hot poop load, then I watched while Jimmy licked Matt's rump clean. Ethan pulled the rim chair out of the tub and everyone watched while Jimmy and I made out on the floor. While we were kissing, they all aimed their dicks at us, peeing all over us while we continued to make out. When they were through peeing, our bodies were drenched, so Mike and Matt started the shower and got in with us, washing us tenderly while everyone else watched. When we were clean from head to toe, we washed our boyfriends, then we bent over at opposite ends of the tub and took a dick up the butt. I had my boy pussy serviced by Matt while Mike serviced Jimmy's boy pussy, then we stayed where we were, letting Kevin and Steve take a stab at our little boy butts while Matt and Mike lubed each other up. I eagerly accepted Kevin's hot load while Jimmy took Steve's, then I moaned with pleasure as Ethan fucked a load into my pussy while Nathan did the same for Jimmy. While they were unloading in our bottoms, Matt was bent over the toilet, moaning hotly and letting Steve breed his boy cunt again while Kevin serviced Mike's horny bottom.