Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 55

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Are you comfortable, princess?” my dad asked, and I nodded my head. “Your breath is so minty and fresh.”

Does my breath smell minty too, daddy?” Jimmy asked with a sweet smile, prompting my dad to gaze down at him lovingly, gently running his palm over my little lover's face.

Your breath smells very minty, baby,” my dad told him. “Have you two been taking good care of your boyfriend's?”

Yes daddy,” I reported with a dainty lisp, smiling across the table at Ethan and Nathan, who were watching the scene between my dad, Jimmy and I unfold with almost wanton gazes. “We've been giving them a lot of head and a lot of pussy. We were also good little toilets for them all.”

Did you get to use your new chair?” he asked, rubbing my tummy while I nodded up at him with a very wide grin. In reply, he leaned down and planted a kiss on my cheek, then he addressed my guests. “I take it you boys are enjoying yourselves, too.”

Yes sir, Mr. Smith,” Ethan said, having just swallowed a mouthful of pot roast that my mom cooked and served, along with roasted red potatoes and fresh asparagus. Jimmy and I were going to retrieve their food and take it to my room, but at the last minute, my mom and dad announced that they'd set the table. Somewhat reluctantly, Ethan, Kevin and Steve followed Nathan, Jimmy, Matt, Mike and I down to the dining room, where there was a bountiful feast awaiting my harem of tops.

That's good, buddy,” my dad said warmly, then he turned to Mike and Matt, who were seated rather comfortably in their lovers' laps. “How about you guys? Are you enjoying your evening?”

Yes daddy,” Mike said with a dreamy sigh as Matt nodded his reply. It was obvious to me that they were indeed enjoying themselves, as they were both in a very comfortable place at the moment.

Steve was holding Matt in a very tight embrace, and even though they were semi dressed, it appeared as though Matt had his left hand shoved down the front of his lovers' boxers. Kevin was holding Mike in a similar fashion, but their hands were in plain sight, as Mike let Kevin feed him bites off of his plate. While Mike and Kevin were exchanging goofy smiles and occasional giggles, Matt was openly moaning, his hand traveling the length of Steve's engorged member.

I'm so happy that you boys are having a good time tonight,” he announced, using his opened palm to grope my pantied bottom as my mom walked into the dining room with a cooling tray of cookies. “Mrs. Smith and I want to make sure that our little cock hounds have fun, too. I know you boys are going to need your energy, so please, eat up.”

I hope they eat a lot, daddy,” I said, prompting my mom to smile lovingly at me.

Oh yeah, sweetie?” she said, and I bit my lip with a nod. “Well, I'm sure that they'll eat enough to give you what you're after.”

With that, she set the cookies down and turned, walking back into the kitchen with a purpose. Moments later, she re-emerged with a pan of fresh brownies that smelled wonderful. Nathan and Ethan exchanged curious glances, then they looked to my mom with questioning expressions. My mom simply smiled at them knowingly and said, “My babies are looking forward to a long night under the rim seat.”

With that, Ethan's face registered uncertainty while Nathan looked like he was trying, unsuccessfully, to process what she told him. I looked over at Kevin, who also looked shocked, then I grinned up at my mom and said, “Thank you, mama. I really want it bad.”

I know you do, baby,” she said, reaching out for the large serving spoon that was resting in the roasting pan and scooping more meat and potatoes onto everyone's plates.

You've already had such a busy day today, haven't you, princess?” my dad asked me, and I nodded. “Why don't you tell daddy all about it. How many cocks have you serviced today?”

Ten,” I admitted, taking note of the proud smile that my mom and dad were casting down upon me.

Only ten times?' my dad asked. “Or ten different cocks?”

Ten different cocks,” I lisped, then I admitted, “Eight of them are from people that are here now.”

Very good, princess,” my dad said. “Where did the other two cocks come from?”

From my new friends that I met at the park,” I said sissily as my mom took a seat right beside us, rubbing my back gently. “When I was coming home from Nathan's house, I wanted to give more head, so I went to the park.”

That's very sexy, pumpkin,” he told me. Around the table, all eyes were on my dad, Jimmy and I as I relayed my day of sex to them all. Ethan was taking bites almost absentmindedly, his gaze fixed on my mom and dad as my story flowed. Beside him, Nathan was no longer eating, instead listening attentively and watching my parents carefully. Mike and Matt were grinning at one another as they groped their respective tops, who were both quietly absorbing the information that I was giving them.

After I sucked them off, they serviced my pussy for me,” I continued. “It felt so good, too.”

Did they do anything else for you, pumpkin?' my mom asked, and I nodded with a naughty grin. “What did they do for you?”

They let me be their potty,” I told her. “They both peed and pooped for me.”

Did you swallow it all?” she asked, and I nodded eagerly. I heard Ethan gasp quietly, so I continued.

Their poop was so delicious, and I had to have it, mommy,” I said wantonly. “The cutest one did something special for me while he was pooping for me.”
“What's that, honey?” she asked lovingly, then she planted a kiss on my forehead.

He used his butt to rub poop in my face while I was swallowing,” I told her proudly. “Then he fed me more poop, then he peed in my hair and in my mouth.”

It sounds like you had fun at the park, baby,” she said, and I nodded in agreement. “Did you have fun before that?”

Yes, mama, I went to Nathan's house all by myself and got to be everyone's potty,” I bragged. “They all fed me their pee and poop, and it was so delicious. Then they all took turns servicing my pussy for me while I gave head.”

Why don't you tell everyone what you did when you got home from the park?” she encouraged me, and I licked my lips.

I ate more poop,” I admitted. “It was my own poop, though.”

How did you eat it, baby?' she asked with a knowing smile, nodding her approval for me to tell the room about my luscious meal.

I pooped my pants, then you fed it to me,” I announced, watching with a grin as Ethan, Nathan, Steve and Kevin all looked on in disbelief. “I went into the bathroom with you and daddy and pooped, then you took all of the turds out of my undies and fed them to me.”

Did you like that, baby?' she asked, and I nodded. “I could tell. You wanted it bad, didn't you?”

Yes mama,” I told her, still nodding my head. “I never feel full from eating poop.”

How many times have you eaten poop today, baby?' she asked, and once again, I licked my lips. “Can you tell mama how many times you've been someone's potty?”

No, mommy,” I told her, shaking my head from side to side “I have to count really high.”

Well, why don't you start by telling everyone about the first load you took, and we'll count them all up,” she suggested with a warm smile, her maternal glow very prominent. “It's okay, baby, mommy and daddy want you to share.”

It was from daddy,” I announced, and in an instant, I saw all four of our guests eyes double in width. “He pooped a whole bunch for me, and I loved it. I wanted him to poop really hard in my mouth, and he did.”

You really enjoyed that, didn't you, baby?” my dad said, and I nodded with a contented smile.

I love eating your poop, daddy,” I told him, then I smiled at the rest of the room. “My daddy poops the biggest of anyone.”

So hot!” I heard Ethan exclaim, and my mom gave him a knowing smile.

What happened next, baby?” my mom encouraged me, so I continued.

Daddy pooped for me and Jimmy, then you got our boy undies and we pooped in them,” I shared. “Then you fed us our poop out of our undies and we ate it all.”
“What happened after that, honey?” she asked, as if she weren't aware.

We gave daddy some pussy, then we gave some pussy to Mike and Matt, too. We also gave them all head.”

How does it feel for you when daddy services your pussy?” she asked, and I let go of a feminine moan.

I love it,” I lisped sissily. “Daddy has the biggest dick, and it feels so good. I love to suck it, too.”

Do you feel like sucking daddy's cock again?' she asked, and I nodded again.

I want to suck it really bad, mama,” I confessed, my horny feelings on display for the entire room.

I can tell, baby,” she said. “You love sucking sexy guys off, don't you, Kyle?”

Yes mommy,” I affirmed, nodding my head in agreement. “I sucked everyone's dick in here a lot of times.”

That's my good little cock hound,” she said with a loving smile. “Tell mommy all about your morning after daddy and I left for work.”

We went to Nathan's house and Jimmy and I were everyone's potty,” I told her. “I wanted to eat more poop so bad that I didn't take off my pretty clothes. I just kept them on and started taking poop loads.”

It sounds like you were really hot for it, pumpkin,” my dad observed. “How many boys fed you this morning?”

Six,” I told him. “I wanted to eat everyone's poop, so me and Jimmy took turns being all of their potties. Ethan always has to poop a lot, so I wanted him to feed me first. Then we let everyone else poop for us, then we drank all of their pee.”

Kyle peed in his pants, too,” Jimmy tattled, and my mom gave me a knowing smile. “He was eating Steve's poop and he just started peeing in his girl clothes.”

Is that true, princess?” my mom asked, and I nodded with a naughty grin.

My clothes had poop all over them,” I said matter of factly. “And I wanted to be a naughty girl, so I peed in my panties.”

It sounds like you were already being a naughty girl,” my mom observed as I grinned up at her proudly. “What happened to your dirty girl clothes?

Mike and Matt washed them for us,” I said, looking affectionately across the table at my two 13 year old lovers. “They brushed our teeth for us, too, so we could kiss while we were getting laid.”

Did you get laid plenty of times, baby?' my mom asked, and I nodded again.

Me and Jimmy took it up the butt in the shower three times, then we started to take it up the butt again when we were dried off. We also sucked a lot of dicks and licked a lot of butt holes,” I reported. “Then everyone started to give it to me up the butt, even Jimmy, and I was sucking everyone off too. It felt so good and I got laid for a long time until I fell asleep.”

Did you go home after that?” she asked, and I shook my head no. “I see. What happened when you woke up?”

Everyone was eating while I was asleep, and while they were eating, Jimmy was giving them all head,” I told her. “Then when they were ready to poop for us, Mike woke me up and me and Jimmy got to eat more poop.”

Did everyone poop for you again, baby?” my mom asked, and I nodded, feeling a shudder run through me as I relived the experience of eating turd after delicious turd in my mind.

It was so good, mommy,” I admitted. “When Ethan fed me, it smelled like extra stinky cat poop, and I wanted him to keep going. It tasted like it smelled, too, and I loved it. I wish he had more for me right now.”

You'd like that, wouldn't you, Kyle?” she said, and once again, I nodded my answer eagerly. She turned to my guest and said, “Well, I'm sure that if everyone keeps eating, you'll get your wish soon enough.”
“Tell mommy what happened when we got home,” Jimmy said excitedly, his boy boner pushing through the front of his panties.

Would you like to tell us?” my mom asked him with a warm smile, and Jimmy nodded excitedly.

When we got home, Mike and Matt had to poop again,” he boasted, biting his lower lip. “They peed in our mouths, then they fed me and Kyle their poop, and it was extra stinky.”

Did you enjoy having them poop for you again, baby?” my mom asked, and Jimmy nodded shamelessly.

I always love having poop in my mouth and in my tummy,” he announced, and once again, I heard Ethan take in a sharp breath, trying to compose himself. “After they were done, me and Kyle pooped for each other and we got to eat more.”

Did you like that, princess?” my mom asked, and I nodded eagerly. She turned her attention back to Jimmy, who looked like he was ready to burst as he waited to go on.

When we were done, I serviced Kyle's pussy,” he reported. “After that, Mike and Matt got in the shower with us and they gave it to us in the butt holes again. It felt so good.”

You love it in the butt hole, don't you honey?” my mom said with a maternal smile, and Jimmy grinned up at her.

Yes mommy,” he lisped lightly. “It feels so good when I take it in the butt. I love it as much as I love giving head.”

It sounds like you were very busy giving head this morning,” she said. Jimmy nodded in agreement. “How many times have you given head today?”

I don't know,” Jimmy admitted with a smile of accomplishment. “I sucked off daddy this morning, then I sucked off Mike and Matt a whole bunch of times, too. Then at Nathan's house, I gave head to everyone for along time while Kyle was sleeping. Then when we came home, me and Kyle sucked off our boyfriend's until daddy came home, then we both sucked more dick. Daddy serviced my pussy for me, then he let me give him head over and over again while Mike and Kyle were making love.”

When did you stop sucking dick, honey?” my mom asked, and Jimmy smiled proudly at the entire room.

After daddy and Matt serviced my pussy and came in my mouth so many times that I fell asleep,” he bragged, obviously pleased to have achieved such an elevated level of cock service. “Daddy and Matt came in me at the same time, and after I swallowed Matt's cum, daddy held me and I went to sleep.”

What happened next, Kyle,” my mom asked, giving me a knowing look.

You came home with my new chair,” I told her with an appreciative sigh. “Matt and Mike sat on it and pooped for me, then they peed in my mouth and in my hair, then we got in the shower and I gave my booty up to Matt.”

You didn't give any to daddy?” my mom asked curiously, and I shook my head no. “How come?”

Because daddy was packing Mike's fudge,” I revealed, causing both Mike and Matt to grin widely. “Daddy gave it to Mike in the butt when we were in the room, and he liked it and wanted more.”

You really enjoyed having your tight little rear end serviced, didn't you, buddy?” my dad said to Mike, who nodded his confession.

I loved it, daddy,” he sighed in a very soft tone, still nuzzling his head into Kevin's shoulder. “It felt so good.”

Have you been taking cocks in the ass tonight?” he asked, and Mike nodded. At the same time, Matt nodded his own confession, drawing my dad's attention. “I see you've been riding dicks tonight, too, buddy. Are you enjoying that?”

Yes, daddy,” Matt said shamelessly. “I wanted it so bad tonight.”

Oh yeah?” my dad said, raising an eyebrow. “You boys really need it now, don't you?”

They both nodded, and I couldn't help but notice that Mike was blatantly squeezing Kevin's shaft with his hand. At the same time, Matt was still running his hand up and down Steve's cock, seeming to want to pull it out and stroke it while everyone else watched. My dad smiled, looking very pleased with his handy work, then he turned his attention back to Jimmy and I, who were both grinding hard in his lap. My pantied bottom was pushing hard into his groping hand while Jimmy had settled against the rock solid bulge that was pushing through my dad's pants,. He was rolling his hips around in a circular motion as his cheeks parted ever so slightly, giving his boy pussy a luscious sensation as he enjoyed the familiar feel of the veiny shaft he longed to suck and ride so badly.

I took their cherries this afternoon,” my dad bragged to our four tops. “Other than to service Kyle and Jimmy, I can't imagine that they'll ever want to use those cute boy dicks of theirs again.”

I won't,” Mike blurted out, then he turned crimson red and grinned wryly. Matt simply licked his lips and smiled silently, the reality of his cock addiction seeming to set in gracefully for him. While I was studying his face, he looked up longingly at Steve's face, who responded with a very tender kiss on his lips, and I knew that it was official. If I suspected that Matt and Mike were a little gay before, I knew now that they were full blown fairies for my dad, Kevin, Nathan, Ethan and Steve. There was no turning back now, and like my dad said, they would only need their cocks to service Jimmy and I. Just like Jimmy, who only used his cock for my pleasure, sating my needs when I was desperate to suck a dick or feel one in my boy snatch.

You don't have to be embarrassed, buddy,” my dad told Mike. “I can tell that you have very special feelings when it comes to having that sweet little boy pussy filled with cock. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

I'm not ashamed,” Mike said, then he smiled at Matt and Steve. “I love being gay.”

I know you do, buddy,” my dad said, then he smiled at Matt. “How about you, little buddy? How does it make you feel?”

Matt let go of a contented sigh and announced, “I want to come out of the closet to everyone like Kyle and Jimmy.”

That sounds very special, buddy,” my dad said with an approving smile. “I'm sure you'll feel the same way tomorrow once you've had your rear end screwed a few more times by everyone.”

I will,” Matt declared, resting his head back down on Steve's shoulder. “I can't wait to start taking it in the butt from everyone again.”

I'm sure everyone's looking forward to pumping a few loads into all of your tight bottoms,” my dad said, looking proudly at Mike, Matt, Jimmy and I, then he addressed our tops. “Do you think you're up for the challenge tonight? These little cock hounds need it bad tonight.”

Ethan and Nathan nodded silently while Kevin looked at my mom and dad with an almost mesmerized gaze. Only Steve seemed relaxed enough to nod his head, eliciting a smile from my mom, who grinned down at me and spoke as she dished more food onto everyone's plates.

Kyle, baby, why don't you tell us what happened next,” she encouraged me. “Mommy and daddy are still counting for you.”

After daddy made love to Mike and Matt, you put the chair in the bath tub and daddy, Matt, Mike and Jimmy peed in my mouth and on my head,” I boasted. “Then, Jimmy got on the chair and pooped for me. It tasted so good, just like all of the poop that we ate all mixed together. Then Mike pooped again, and me and Jimmy shared it. After that we took a shower and got our pussies serviced again.”

Where did you go after that?” she asked, and I grinned up at her naughtily.

I walked Jimmy home, then I went to Nathan's house and everyone fed me again,” I told her, knowing that she and Jimmy were well aware of my obvious omission.

Did you forget something?” she asked, and I shook my head no, again smiling naughtily at her. “Are you sure?”

I shrugged and looked down, feeling my cheeks heat up because I could tell that everyone's attention was focused on me, waiting on me to admit my dirty deed. Finally, I relented.

Well, we ate some poop at Jimmy's house, too,” I said cryptically, and my mom understood that I didn't want to confess my dirty deed to the rest of the room.

Was it Jimmy's?” Mike asked, practically stuttering, almost as if he knew. I shrugged again and looked down. I looked up at Jimmy, our eyes meeting, and with silent understanding, we both nodded at each other before I admitted my deed.

No, it was from somewhere else,” I confessed, then I grinned naughtily as my mom rubbed my back in an encouraging manner.

Go ahead, baby,” she said. “You know you want to tell everyone what you did.”

Before I could speak, Matt blurted out, “What did you do, eat dog poop?”

The look on our faces would have been enough to give it away, but when a long, horny moan escaped my lips, my confession was stamped with a golden seal, certifying my deed. Jimmy leaned forward and planted a long kiss on my lips, and as if I had no control over my actions, I rolled my hips around in my dad's lap.

Holy shit, that's amazing!” Nathan exclaimed, then he covered his mouth, remembering that he was at the table in the presence of my mom and dad. “Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

That's okay, buddy,” my dad said in an easy going tone. “How does what Kyle and Jimmy did make you feel?”

Horny,” Ethan said breathlessly, and I bit my lip with a naughty grin.

I'm horny for you, too,” I told him huskily. “I want you to poop in my tummy all night.”

My little boy never gets enough, do you, sweetie?” my mom said, running her fingers through my brown hair, and I looked up at her, shaking my head no. “When he's craving it, he finds a way to get what he needs.”

I'm always craving it,” I admitted with my boy voice. “I'm always craving cock and I'm always craving poop. I want both of them all the time.”

I always want it, too,” Jimmy chimed in, resting his head on my shoulder. “I want to suck dicks and have my pussy serviced all the time. Then I want to eat poop and drink pee when I'm hungry and thirsty.”

Do you see that?” my dad said. “Our babies have to be fucked and fed all the time. Kyle, tell mommy and daddy where you went after you left Jimmy's house.”

I went to Nathan's house for more poop,” I admitted, looking up at him as I spoke in my boy voice. “They all had to go, and I wanted it so bad. I got to be everyone's potty. All of their poop was so delicious, just like when we were eating dog poop at Jimmy's house.”

Tell mommy how much you like eating dog poop,” my mom instructed me in a warm tone, and once again, I let go of a horny moan.

It's so good, mommy,” I said, still not lisping. “Whenever someone's pooping in my mouth, I like it when it curls up like a piece of dog poop. So when I smell real dog poop, I want to eat it so bad. That's why I do it. It makes me cum in my butt when I eat it. Just like when I eat a lot of regular boy poop.”

Did you eat a lot of dog poop this afternoon at Jimmy's house?” she asked knowingly, and I let go of another hot moan as I answered with a frantic nod. “What about at Nathan's house? Did you eat a lot of boy poop while you were there?”

Yes, mama,” I said in a husky tone. “Ethan had to go the most, and I wanted him to keep going and never stop. His turds were the biggest and the stinkiest, and they tasted so good. He pooped for me three times while I was there. The first time was the biggest one, then he pooped a for me again when Steve was feeding me. It sprayed in my face and my hair, but most of it was in my mouth. Then when I was drinking their pee, he got in the tub and fed me a whole bunch of hot turds.”

It sounds like you were a very busy little poop eater,” my mom said, and I nodded.

Everyone had to go a lot, and it was all so stinky and hot,” I said dreamily. “I want to be a toilet all the time, now. Even when I go to school, I want to find a way to eat a lot of turds from cute boys when I'm there and take a lot of poop loads after school, too.”

I know you'll find a way, baby.” she said lovingly, casting her proud gaze down upon Jimmy and I. “If you need mama's help, you know all you have to do is ask.”

I want daddy, Nathan, Ethan, Kevin, Steve, Mike, Matt and Jimmy to feed me their poop every morning before I go to school, too,” I admitted. “Then when school's over, I want all of them to poop for me again and for other cute boys to feed me, too.”

I know that you're very hot for it, buddy,” my dad said, directly addressing me as a boy for the first time all evening. “I'm sure we can work something out.”

This is so hot,” I heard Nathan say. “You want us to stop off in the morning and just take a dump in your mouth before school?”

Yes,” I admitted, feeling my mom run her fingers through my hair before she planted a kiss on my forehead. “I want you all to feed me all the time. I want to take it up the butt from you while you're here, too. Then I'll have your cum and your turds in me all day. I wish you could come to my school and give me more during the day.”

I'd love to come by every morning and drop a load of turds in you mouth and a load of cum in that sweet tush of yours, Kyle,” Ethan declared. “You too, Jimmy, if you want it.”

I do,” Jimmy said excitedly. “Then after school, we both want it again.”

Mommy's two little poop lovers,” my mom said adoringly, then she steered the subject back to my day of poop eating. “After your little boyfriend's fed you, did you leave?”

No, I got in the shower and took it up the butt from all of them,” I said, still using my boy voice. “When we got out, I still wanted to get laid really bad, so I started giving Nathan a blow job and Ethan gave it to me in the butt. Then I sucked off Steve and took it up the butt from Kevin while I jacked off Nathan and Ethan. Then I sucked Kevin after he was done doing me in my poop-chute, then I sucked off Ethan and Nathan gave it to me in the butt again.”

You were a very busy little cock hound, weren't you?” my dad said, prompting me to nod up at him with a proud smile. “When you left, did you go to the park looking for more cock?”

Yes daddy,” I grinned. “I met an older friend who's really hairy. I wanted to give some more head really bad, so I sucked him in the bathroom, then I asked him if I could be his toilet. He said he had to go pee and poop, and I told him to go in my mouth. His poop was so stinky and delicious, and I wished he would keep going, but he only had two turds. When he was done, I licked his butt clean, then I bent over and took it up the butt.”

Very hot, buddy,” my dad said, still caressing my pantied bottom. “Tell me about your other friend.”

He's really cute, and I think he goes to school with them,” I said with a smile, pointing at my high school aged Adonises. “He's a little chubby, but he has curly hair and a really sweet smile. His dick isn't big, but I wanted to suck it really bad, so I gave him head. Then I asked him to poop for me and he did, then he smeared it in my face and my hair. It tasted and smelled so good. I wanted to take it up the butt again, so I bent over and let him service my booty. Then he peed in my mouth and all over my face.”

Such a horny little turd burglar,” my dad said affectionately. “When you got home, you looked so happy but you were still so hot for it, weren't you, baby?”

Yes, daddy, I was really hot for it,” I admitted. “I had so many poop loads in my tummy that I knew I needed to go bad. So I asked mommy to help me and she fed me all of it out of my undies.”

That's so amazing,” Ethan said, almost to himself. “I'd love to see you eat a pile of turds in front of your mom and dad.”

Well, if you can feed my baby again tonight, you'll get your wish, buddy,” my dad said, then he looked down at me. “How many times did you eat when your little boyfriend's fed you upstairs?”

Four boys pooped for me upstairs,” I told him with a contented sigh. “Ethan, Nathan, Steve and Matt. But Matt pooped for me and Jimmy, so I only got half of Matt's poop load. But it was a lot because he had diarrhea for me.”

Is that all so far?” my mom asked, and I nodded. She and my dad shared a knowing look, then they smiled proudly at me before my mom gave the official count. “It sounds like you broke a record today, baby. You took 33 poop loads today, if you don't count the dog poop you ate at Jimmy's.”

I want to count that, too,” I admitted, feeling proud that I'd taken so many hot loads of poop in the mouth. Still, I knew, it wasn't enough to keep me satisfied. My dad was right, I'm a little horny turd burglar, and I'm always hot for a large, brown meal. I saw my mom cut the tray of brownies into generous squares, then she dished them out to all six of our feeders while Jimmy and I watched with anticipation.

I felt a powerful shudder run through me when she dished out a large brownie onto a seventh plate and set it in front of my dad with an expectant look. He kissed Jimmy and I on the head and told us, “Why don't you two get under the table and take care of your little boyfriends while daddy eats his dessert. Then later on, we'll all have something special to feed you.”

With that, Jimmy and I slid out of his lap and crawled under the table to our lovers, whose cocks were straining hard in their pants. I was shaking hard with anticipation as I unbuttoned Ethan's fly, then I took his zipper down. I reached into his boxers and pulled out his engorged dick, giving it a long whiff before running my tongue all over the crown. He was leaking precum so heavily that I might have been content to stay between his legs and lick it away, but I knew that what I really wanted was to feel his shaft in my throat, fucking it deeply while I moaned like the cock hound I am.

I quickly slipped my mouth over the end, giving it a few sensual sucks while using my tongue to bathe it all over, then I took him all the way to the back of the throat and moaned hotly. To my right, Jimmy was already in heaven, having wrapped his moist red lips around Nathan's 18 year old rod, letting it run back and forth between them with a dreamy smile plastered to his face. He was rolling his pantied rear end around like a common whore, and I knew that if we could have had our way, there would have been two hunks posted up behind us, servicing our juicing boy cunts while we moaned around our lovers' juicy dicks.

Are you ready, buddy?” my dad asked, bringing out a frantic nod from me as I watched Ethan take his rightful place on the rim seat. Just minutes earlier, I had been impaled on his dick, experiencing the joy of a hard anal orgasm as he fucked a hot load of cum deep inside of my twitching boy twat. While I was accepting his load of cum, I was dreaming about his load of hot poop, the load I knew that I was soon to receive. In my room, Jimmy was still in the company of Nathan, Steve, Kevin, Matt and Mike, on his knees with a hard dick in his mouth. Nathan was balls deep up Matt's rear end, fucking him missionary style on the bed right beside Steve and Matt, who were engaged in their own carnal act of gay sex, with Matt in the doggy style position, begging Steve to drive in harder from behind.

I could hear all of the action that was taking place in my room, but all of those sounds had faded for the moment. Because Ethan and I were both having our wishes fulfilled in my bathroom. I was parked under the rim chair, which my mom and dad reluctantly left outside of the tub, watching as Ethan's smooth globes parted on their own. To my left, my mom and dad were sitting on the edge of the tub, watching with proud smiles as I prepared to accept yet another load of hot poop straight from the rear end of a very sexy male.

I was moaning hotly, my naked form revealing my hard boy cocklet, which was straining hard against my bald pubic bone. My little nuts were pulled tight, almost resembling small almonds, and I had goosebumps all over my butt cheeks and my sensitive taint. My smooth skin was tingling hard with the pleasure that was being derived from knowing that in a few moments, I would be on the receiving end of a moist, delicious meal that had been promised to me. I smiled at my mom and dad, who were watching me almost hopefully, then I reached up and caressed Ethan's rump gently, wanting him to know that I was thankful to be under the rim seat, preparing to accept his offering.

Go ahead, kiddo,” my dad told Ethan, who nodded his understanding that the time had come. I could see his legs trembling, almost the way they had when he fed me for the first time, and I knew that this was a special moment for him. It was a special moment for me, too, because it was always a pleasure for me to dine on Ethan's exquisite, Grade A boy poop.

I saw his hole start to flex, then it began to expand. I pushed my face up far enough to make sure that each one of his lip smacking poop logs would meet a safe landing in my 11 year old turd receptacle while at the same time giving my mom and dad a perfect view of the hopefully many turds as they exited Ethan's anus and pushed into my watering mouth. I could hear the crackle of a moist poop log as it made its way down his chute, then I felt that luscious thrust of heat as it circulated out of his butt hole and into my mouth, swirling around so perfectly and allowing my taste buds to capture its stinky flavor for a split second, then it happened.

The crackle seemed to gain in intensity and speed, then it got louder than ever. Then, with a loud, thunderous clap, I felt a massive offering of hot, soft turds push through my lips, snaking into my mouth one right after the other without delay. The stink that was rising up all around me was once again reminiscent of fresh cat poop, sending a powerful shiver coursing through my boy pussy as I felt turd after thick turd pack my mouth tightly.

Mmm,” I moaned hotly as Ethan's poop load erupted all at once, pushing its mass up into my nasal cavity and forcing my cheeks to bulge tightly. At the same time, I could feel the tip of one of the many turds in my mouth pushing against the back of my throat, prompting me to use my throat muscles to work it into my cum tube without chewing or smashing, loving how perfectly it conformed to the contours of my cum tube, where several dicks had pleasured me that day. As Ethan got up and looked down into the rim seat at my mouthful, I took the time to appreciate the heat, texture and flavor of my stinky mouthful before grinning up at my parents, who were watching with very different expressions.

My dad had a look of wonder in his eyes, no doubt pondering how I could manage to accept so many hot turds in my 11 year old mouth. Even for a little boy, I was relatively small in height and stature, but I had the uncanny ability to accept the largest of dicks down my throat, and this talent came in handy when I was accepting poop loads. Whenever I wanted my mouth packed tight with poop logs, it was never a question that I would be able to accommodate them all. It was a gift that I was grateful for. I think it has to do with the shape of my mouth, which always resembles a smile even when I don't mean for it to.

My mom, on the other hand, was leaning down, taking whiffs of the mouthful that I was enjoying. When I opened up to show off the collection of turds that I was holding in my mouth, she took a long whiff and examined my mouthful closely, then she smiled approvingly and ran her hand over my bulging cheeks. She took special care to use her fingertips to massage them, no doubt wanting to smash my load up an make it as pleasurable an experience for me as possible. While she was doing this, Ethan was watching the scene unfold with bated breath, unable to believe what he was witnessing.

Is that good, honey?” my mom asked lovingly, and I nodded with a very wanton stare, eager to swallow my stink laden mouthful of poop so that I could be treated to another. When I nodded, she pulled her fingers away from my cheeks and waited for me to open up again. When I did, I could feel the smeared mass of poop separate from itself, part of it sticking to the roof of my mouth while some stuck to the sides and my tongue. I felt another powerful shiver run through my rear end as I watched Ethan's expression change several times, first uncertainty, then shock, then modesty, then desire, all in less than 30 seconds. I closed my mouth and swallowed, then I licked my lips and opened wide, anxious for him to sit back down and force another hot pile of turds into my toilet mouth.

When Ethan took his place over my face, I moaned with desire, dreaming of a long night of poop eating, not even thinking about having my rear end fucked or sucking dicks at the moment. I didn't even care if I got to swallow any hot pee, although I would certainly take it if it were offered. All I could think about was taking non stop loads of hot, stinky poop from the multiple rear ends that were at my disposal. I wanted as many of those poop loads as possible to come from Ethan's rear end, but I would happily accept any poop load I could get from any cute boy that was willing to leave a stinky deposit in my mouth.

While my mind was racing with thoughts of being an all night turd repository, Ethan's hole expanded and right away, I was treated to another luscious mound of hot, juicy turds, almost immediately followed by several wet farts that erupted into my mouth, blowing right into my brown meal. While my mouth was filling up, I felt my mom's fingertips pressing into my rapidly expanding cheeks, as if she were gauging the rate of speed and the volume with which the turds were pushing in. My lips pooched out quickly, then as his farts subsided, one lone turd pushed in between my distended lips and detached from his hole, almost as an afterthought.

When Ethan stood up, I grinned up at him, then at my mom and dad, eager to show off my stinky pile. The turd that was resting between my lips was a very rich colored clay brown, semi firm and lined with deep crevices. The stink that was rolling off of it was incredibly sharp, and I was in heaven as I drew it in with my nostrils. I was about to use my fingers to push it in, but my mom beat me to it, pressing on the end and smashing it into the mound of hot turds that were already packing my mouth.

I experienced a very powerful flavor explosion on my palate, sending a series of long, pleasurable shivers down the backs of my legs, then she used her fingertips to smash the load that was packing my cheeks, and my boygasm exploded. I let go with a long, horny moan and rolled my rear end around under the rim seat, then I pressed my cheeks harder into her fingertips, encouraging her to massage them harder. As she did this, I could feel the moist body of each and every poop log as they smashed into each other and formed a large, stinky mass that drove my senses wild, heightening the pleasure I was already reeling from.

While I was climaxing in my little boy ecstasy, Ethan was absentmindedly groping his bulging package, which had long since raged back to life.

Oh my God, he just can't stop himself, can he?” he said to no one in particular, and my mom smiled up at him while shaking her head no.

My baby loves it,” she told him. “We're so proud of our little poop lover. He can't get enough.”

With that, I relented and let her take over, still massaging the load in my mouth. When she finally stopped, I opened wide and showed it off to the room, taking note of the fact that there were no more firm portions, as my mom had kneaded them away until there was a soft, gooey mass that I could swallow with ease.

When I had it down, Ethan took his spot on the chair and pushed, sending two firm turds down his rectum that filled my turd depository of a mouth so perfectly, then he got up and watched while my mom manipulated them again before I opened up, so satisfied with my stinky mouthful and proud to show it off. My mom and dad were smiling warmly at me as I swallowed the last of my brown meal, then I took to Ethan's rump, licking it clean with hot moans. Finally, he got up and treated me to a mouthful of warm pee, aiming perfectly into my toilet mouth so that I could swallow and not lose a drop.

When he was done, I knew I had to wait for my next brown meal, so I crawled out from under the chair and bent over the sink, eager for any back door action I could get between feedings. My dad quickly took me up on my offer, pumping a hot load of cum into my rear end while Ethan watched with lustful eyes. When my dad pulled out, my mom quickly took his length into her mouth and sucked while Ethan took his turn in my high traffic boy pussy. While he was hammering my boy snatch, I heard my mom moan loudly, then she started to gulp audibly. I looked to my left and saw her, still on her knees with my dad's soft prick in her mouth, eagerly drinking at his yellow fountain with a depraved, ravenous expression.