Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 56

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By the time Ethan squirted his hot load into my quivering boy cunt, Jimmy had received Kevin's boy sperm, swallowing it with a loud, satisfied sigh before he sat back and smiled, feeling content to have sucked yet another cock. Kevin grinned down at the little cock sucker and helped him to his feet. Kevin's stomach was churning with my mom's cooking, laced with the extra stimulation that she added, sending a signal to his body that there was a large load in his bowels that needed to be evacuated. When Jimmy was on his feet, Kevin engaged him in a tongue filled kiss, then they made their way into the bathroom, where my mom and dad were once again sitting on the edge of the tub, cuddling closely in the afterglow of their own lewd act. My mom had just taken an entire bladderful of my dad's yellow love potion, and she seemed to have no trouble doing it. The look on her face read sheer delight as she rested her head on my dad's shoulder, her right hand slowly rubbing his inner thigh.

Ethan had pulled out of me, prompting me to suck his sticky cock clean, hoping for a repeat performance while I waited for another feeding. Ethan's cock quickly regained its stiffness in my mouth, and I was starting to get into the blow job that we were both enjoying. I greedily swallowed Ethan's entire length, then I grabbed his hips and encouraged him to thrust on his own. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my mom and dad watching with wanton stares, knowing that they were going to watch me service every dick in the house all night long. Of course, that was after I'd taken hot poop loads from every rear end in the house, too. I let go of a moan and grinned up at Ethan, who smiled down at me affectionately, then he ran his fingers through my hair. Before I could react, Kevin and Jimmy meandered into the bathroom, sending a powerful shudder through my little body.

"I have to take a crap," Kevin announced, holding his stomach with an obvious wince, causing me to moan hotly and let Ethan's dick fall from between my lips. Upon seeing this, Jimmy seized upon the moment, taking my place as Ethan's cock sucker by eagerly wrapping his lips around the engorged member. I watched with a grin as Jimmy moaned around the massive prick, all the while grinning proudly at my mom and dad, who were watching with warm smiles.

I quickly seized upon my own moment of opportunity, scrambling to get back under the chair so that Kevin could unload a hot pile of turds into my toilet mouth. I'd been a community toilet all day, even for two cute strangers, but there was something about the way Kevin announced his need that had me hotter than ever to take his poop load. When I was seated under the chair with my mouth wide opened, Kevin took his place, prompting me to moan again. My mom got up from my dad's lap, kneeling down so that she was at eye level with me, then she rubbed my back.

"Are you ready, baby?' she asked, and I nodded hungrily.

I heard my dad say, "He's ready whenever you are, kiddo," then Kevin's calve muscles flexed in front of me. At the same time, my mom gently pressed her fingertips against my soft cheek, gently running them in tiny circles, as if to feel for herself that my mouth was empty.

I tilted my head, just slightly, wanting to give my mom the show she had come for, and much to my delight, Kevin's hole opened up and the tip of a hot, brown turd came into view right away. I took a long whiff, unable to control my desire, and at the same time, I saw my mom's nose working, no doubt drawing in the dark, pleasing stink of Kevin's thick poop log as it slid out of his hole and made contact with my lower lip. I grinned at my mom, making direct eye contact with her the entire time that Kevin's hot turd was sliding between my lips, growing in length as it pushed into my mouth with a loud crackle. I could feel it gliding along my left cheek, where my mom's fingers were pressing and I knew that she could feel it growing in length in my mouth. The tip of his turd hit the back of my mouth and curved, running along my cheeks until it turned again, almost forming a Q shape in my mouth as it overlapped itself.

"Mmm!" I moaned hotly as the turd completed its journey, finally detaching from his hole with the light squeak of a silent, gassy fart. I opened wide, eager to show off my stinky gift to my mom and dad, but Kevin didn't get up from his seat. Instead, my dad knelt down and smiled at me as I displayed the meaty turd that I was enjoying, then I closed my mouth and watched with a hopeful grin as my mom massaged my cheeks, softening the load for my enjoyment. By the time she stopped, my cheeks were bulging with soft poop, almost as if they were little pillows, so I opened wide again, wanting so badly to show off my stinky gift before finally closing my mouth and swallowing like a good toilet.

I opened back up and moaned, prompting my dad to get up and tell Kevin, “He's all set, buddy.”

“Okay, Mr. Smith,” I heard my feeder say through another wince, then my dad told him, “You don't have to hold back. Kyle likes it when his feeders unload in his mouth, don't you baby?”

“Uh huh,” I moaned hungrily. “Do it hard, please.”

“That's so hot,” I heard Ethan exclaim, his knob still being spit shined by my boyfriend. I could hear Jimmy's soft moans carrying into my ears, followed by moist, wet sucking sounds. It was obvious that he was taking his time, enjoying the feel of a hot dick in his mouth and wanting it to last for as long as he could make it. From beneath the rim seat, I could see two sets of feet facing each other. One was a size six set of boy feet, standing slightly perched, on their arches with the other, a size 12 set of teen feet, which were standing flat on the floor. Both sets of toes were curling, causing the veins around their Achilles tendon to contract.

“Did you hear that, little buddy?” my dad asked Kevin. “He wants you to let him have it. Mrs. Smith and I want you to let him have it, too.”

Without another word, Kevin's hole expanded, and before I could prepared for it, I felt my cheeks bulge tightly with a large mound of hot, firm turds that forced their way into my mouth. They might have taken a shape, had they gone in one, two or even three at a time, but I felt six poop logs push through my lips, one right after the other at an uncontrollable speed. The first three turds pushed in hard, packing my mouth tightly until there was no more room in my 11 year old poop receptacle. Then, much to my delight, the forth poop log caused my already distended lips to expand and my jaw to open wide on its own, then the last two turds bullied their way into my mouth, simply pushing straight into the large, stinky mound that was already resting there.

Kevin panicked and stood up, looking back down into the chair in horror at me. He looked terrified as he caught my dad's expression, then a look of calming relief settled over him. Jimmy's eyes were peering down at me, and even with a mouthful of hard cock, it was apparent that he was a little concerned about what he was seeing. Ethan looked equally alarmed, but then he looked at my dad's expression and he too calmed down. As his expression changed from shock to silent understanding, a lewd grin crept over his face and he placed his hands on top of Jimmy's head, eager to get his rocks off.

Right beside me, my mom was stroking my hair and taking long, hard whiffs, positioning her nose centimeters away from the bulging poop load that was resting in my high volume turd repository. It was obvious that she was enjoying the smell and the site of my crammed mouth, bulging beyond capacity with boy fudge. I let go of a horny moan, then I ground my rear end around, feeling my boy pussy juice hard with desire as the sweet burn of an anal orgasm started to swell. I saw my dad smile lovingly down at my naughty disposition, watching as I shamelessly displayed the large collection of stinky, delicious turds that I was hot to swallow.

My mom pulled her nose away from my mouth, then she used her fingertips to press on the exposed turds that were protruding between my lips, which were stretched as tightly as my cheeks. As she pushed them into my mouth, I could feel them smashing into the pile of turds that were resting on my tongue, which were nice and firm at the moment. Each time she pushed in, the load got softer and more gooey, sharpening the stink that was all around us as my brown treat pushed up into the back of my nostrils. I was forced to swallow, just a little bit, in order to accommodate the extra turds, and before she pulled her fingertips out of the stinky mound, she leaned back in and took another long, intoxicating whiff. When she pulled her fingertips out, she held them up to her nose and took another long whiff, shuddering hard before using her hands to help me close my mouth, then she used her fingers to massage my bulging cheeks again.

This caused my boy pussy to erupt with passion, my boygasm sending long shivers through my little body as the pleasing stink of my naughty mouthful overtook my senses. I let go of a long, depraved moan and nearly collapsed, my hard little boy boner bouncing around on its own as the sweet burn spread through my groin and down my legs. I didn't even have the presence of mind to swallow, instead holding the mound of Kevin's hot boy poop in my mouth, which only added to my bliss as its flavor and aroma gave me pleasures untold.

“You love that, don't you, baby?” I heard my mom ask, and I nodded feverishly, still not fully cognizant of my being. When I finally calmed down, I let go of a long, satisfied sigh, then I swallowed like a good little poop eater. When my mouthful was down, my mom used her fingers to brush the hair away from my forehead, then she caressed my cheek. I watched as she used her clean fingertips to scrape off the heaped up boy poop from around my mouth, then she let me lick it all away while, out of the corner of my eye, Nathan and Mike walked into the bathroom. Kevin took his place back on the rim seat and pushed again, this time sending three long, hot turds down his rectum one at a time that I eagerly accepted with a hot moan. As I was accepting the first of his brown trio, I heard Jimmy moaning as Ethan groaned and unloaded his boy spunk into his mouth, then Jimmy sighed.

After I received the last of Kevin's poop load, I licked his crack clean with satisfied moans, then he got up while my mom helped me scrape the remaining boy poop from around my mouth. I could see Jimmy back at it again, this time with a mouthful of my dad's dick right beside the rim seat. His position was curious, holding onto my dad's haunches and rolling his eager rear end around, clearly offering his little boy butt to any takers. I was curious to see who would take him up on his offer, but before I could, Nathan's rear end came into view over my face, closing in and blocking my view through the rim seat.

I opened wide with a grin, anxious for my night under the rim seat to go into full gear. My mom was rubbing my rumbling tummy affectionately, her hand running in a circular motion, just missing the end of my straining little boy dick, which was still pressed tightly against my hairless pubic bone.

“Is mommy's little poop eater ready for more?” she gushed, and I nodded eagerly. “I'm so proud of my little boy. You're doing such a great job, baby.”

From above me, I could hear the sounds of Jimmy's moist lips and tongue, working their magic on my dad's cock, then I heard him moan. The next sound I heard was the slapping of skin against skin, and I understood that he was getting his rear end serviced, just like he wanted.

“Wow buddy, you're ready to go again?” I heard my dad say, sounding impressed as he spoke to whomever it was that had slipped into Jimmy's bottom.

“Yeah, I still feel pretty horny,” I heard Steve say shyly, then I felt another shudder run through me. “I have to go to the bathroom, but I can wait my turn.”

While my dad and Steve were talking, I'd gone to the trouble of shoving my face up into Nathan's rump, anxious to dine on a spicy offering of hot turds that would be delivered fresh from his fudge factory. I used my tongue to lick his hole deeply, wanting to coax his load out and let him know how much I was looking forward to being his toilet. My mom was still running her hand over my tummy, adding to the urgent desire I had to be fed from Nathan's rear end. I felt his hot, delicious poop-chute expand around the tip of my tongue, allowing me to push it in, just barely, then I felt the tip of a solid turd push it out.

“Mmm,” I moaned hotly as my mouth was inundated with a hot load of boy poop. The first turd, which had forced my tongue out of Nathan's bung hole, broke in half in my mouth, making room for the next one, which took the shape of a horseshoe as it glided in. When his second turd detached, he finished filling my mouth by treating me to a collection of loose, medium sized turds that caused my cheeks to bulge tightly. My mom was right there, sniffing my luscious mouthful with me, then I closed my mouth and used my tongue to smear my treat before opening back up, showing it all off to her with a horny moan before I swallowed.

As I was swallowing Nathan's delicious poop load, I felt my mom's hand travel down further, brushing over my hard boy boner and my tight, hairless nut sack until it found my itchy boy pussy, which was yearning with desire. She rubbed it very sensually, sending more chills of delight through me as I enjoyed being Nathan's toilet slave. Without getting up to see his handy work, Nathan treated me to another mouthful of hot poop, his turds very juicy and runny, just the way I wanted them to stay. I let my mom examine them closely, then I closed my mouth and smashed them up with a moan before swallowing again.

He fed me one last load, this one smaller and extra runny, then he farted into my opened, watering mouth as I licked his rump clean. When he got up, Ethan sat back down, and without a word, he treated me to another luscious pile of turds from his rear end. I was moaning hotly and rolling my rear end around as they pushed in, one right after another until my cheeks were packed tightly. When he stopped pushing, he got up and looked down into the chair, curious to see his load in my mouth.

What he saw next made his eyes grow as big as saucers.

While I was rolling my bottom around, I felt my mom slip two fingers up my poop-chute, then she found my sweet spot. While I was being finger fucked by my mom, I moaned loudly and rested my head on her shoulder, my mouth still bulging with hot turds.

“Chew and swallow, baby,” she said softly, then she took a long, extended whiff as her finger fucking became more forceful. “Is it good?”

“Yes mama,” I told her, my mouth still full. I closed my mouth to chew and swallow like she told me, and as soon as I did, she planted a kiss on my cheek. I smiled at her and used my tongue to smash the mound of turds that I was enjoying so much, opening wide to show them off to her before closing my mouth to swallow. As I was using the muscles in my throat to get it all down, she pressed her nose to my lips and took another whiff, then she planted a kiss on my lips with a loving smile. When she pulled her lips away, I let go with a stream of pee that coursed over her forearm, running down to her hand, which was working furiously between my legs as she continued to service my boy pussy with her fingers.

“Good boy,” she said lovingly, obviously proud that she'd coaxed a puddle of pee from my immature bladder. “Maybe later you can show mama how many turds your little rear end is making. I can feel them waiting to come out.”

“Okay, mama,” I told her, anxious to keep making her proud. “Are you proud of me for eating so much poop today?”

“I'm very proud of you, sweetie,” she told me. “Your a very good toilet, just like mommy hoped you would be.”

“Holy crap, that's so sexy!” I heard Ethan exclaim, then he quickly got back onto the seat as my boy pussy burned with passion. I let go with a depraved moan and shoved my face back up into his rump, eager for more of his tasty boy poop to savor and swallow. Without delay, he gave a hard push and sent another long, stink laden turd down his rectum, right into my welcoming mouth, where I once again chewed and swallowed with a long moan as my boygasm gripped me. I rested my head back down on my mom's shoulder and shuddered, not even noticing that there was a long, luscious tip protruding between my lips, sending a sharp stink into my nostrils and giving me more pleasure as my mom leaned in and sniffed, her finger fucking more persistent than ever.

Ethan got up to watch the show, still marveling as my mom and I shared such a special moment. I felt her use her fingers to push the tip of his long turd into my mouth, and as if it were a natural instinct, I began to chew and swallow with another depraved moan. When I calmed down, the room came back into focus, and I noticed for the first time that my mom had a dark smear of boy poop on her chin. I knew that it must have happened when I was resting my head on her shoulder while I had a mouthful of hot turds, though I couldn't recall which mouthful it was. It didn't seem to smell like Ethan's poop log exclusively, but at the same time, it had a hint of his aroma. At the same time, I was picking up the distinct scent of both Nathan's and Kevin's turds, too. I was about to lick it away when she pulled her fingers out of my boy snatch and brought them to my lips. I quickly sucked them in, noting that they were smeared heavily with my own boy poop, and I was enjoying the task of licking them clean when the sound of Jimmy's moaning caught my attention. I looked out of the rim chair for the first time since Nathan sat down on the chair and fed me his poop load, and saw Jimmy with his mouth still filled with my dad's hard cock, his legs spread wide as Nathan drove in from behind. He had stars in his eyes as he accepted stroke after hard stroke of dick, his swollen lips still moist as he sucked like the true cock hound that he is.

Ethan sat back down and I let go of my mom's fingers, now focused on using my tongue to lick the smeared poop from his rear end. While I was lapping away all of the poop smears that I could find, my mom was using her nose to sniff right beside me, no doubt enjoying the smell of Ethan's brown gift. When he got up, Steve urgently took his place, and I wasted no time in opening up, eager for another pile of turds to dine on. With my mouth directly under Steve's hole, I heard my mom take another whiff. I let my gaze travel her way, and took note of the fact that she was holding her fingers under her nose, drawing in the aroma of my boy poop.

At that exact moment, Steve's rear end exploded, treating me to a large offering of soft turds that filled my watering mouth up instantaneously. They were so stinky and hot, their flavor very spicy and delicious. I loved having them in my mouth, knowing that there was more to come, but still somehow reluctant to part with them by swallowing. Still, I opened wide to show off my treat to my mom, who leaned in and took a whiff with an animalistic growl, then she planted another kiss on my distended lips and watched with a hungry gaze as I chewed and swallowed. When I opened up for my next mouthful, I felt her rub my back protectively, then she moved around to my backside and ran her hands up and down my body, from my shoulders to my buns. She rested her chin on my shoulder so that we were cheek to cheek as I accepted the next pile of turds from Steve into my mouth.

“Mmm,” I moaned hotly as I accepted his poop load, loving how it felt to have his scrumptious poop logs fill my mouth to capacity. When he was through pushing, there was a long, lone turd resting between my lips, giving me chills of delight as its aroma drifted into my nostrils. My mom smiled warmly at me, then she leaned in and sniffed again, as if the aroma of Steve's poop load wasn't already prevalent with her head right beside mine. Still, I was enjoying the smell and the sensation of having my mouth crammed with hot, delicious turds, so I watched her close her eyes and take a long whiff.

When she opened her eyes, she licked her lips, then she used her fingertips to push the turd the rest of the way in. As it pushed in, I could feel my lips tingle, the feeling of the turd as it glided along them giving me more chills while my lips collected a thick ribbon of smeared poop. When it was in, my mouth was packed tight and my cheeks were bulging obscenely. My lips were still distended, the brown mass of turds very prominent against my moist, red lips. She very lovingly smiled at me, satisfied with the site before her, then she leaned in and kissed my lips again, this time pushing her lips right into the boy poop that was smeared on my lips.

When she pulled her lips away, she grinned brownly at me, then she crouched behind me and parted my cheeks. I felt the cool air blow against my boy cunt, then I felt her tongue and her teeth, eating me deeply while I moaned wildly around my brown gift. When I finally chewed and swallowed what Steve gifted me, he sent another turd down his rectum that I was grateful to receive, then he stayed where he was and let me lick his crack clean.

When he got up, Mike hopped on and prepared to unload a pile of turds into my busy, 11 year old turd receptacle of a mouth. I was a little concerned that his night of non stop cock riding might have affected his ability to feed me his lovely poop logs, but as it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Instead, what it did was give me the thrill of swallowing two long turds that were slimy with cum. The first one came out with a moist crackle, the intoxicating mixture of cum and ass juice coating its entire length as it pushed through my lips and into my mouth, which had become a high capacity public toilet for every cute guy that was looking for relief. The second one came out much like the first, only there wasn't as much cum and ass juice lining its length as the first one had. Still, it was so stinky and delicious that I wished it would keep pushing in and never stop. The third and forth turds were nice and firm, still juicy but not coated in cum. I quickly chewed them up with a moan, my mom's tongue still working its magic in my own pooper.

I licked Mike's rump clean with more hot moans, then he got up and Matt hopped on. While Matt's hole was expanding over my toilet mouth, I opened wide and waited for my cummy, poopy treat. I was rewarded for my diligence with a large, soft load of poop logs that steamed heavily as they rested in my mouth. The luscious stink they were sending into my nostrils caused my already pleasure filled boy pussy to juice hard, sending a surge of hot ass juice down into my mom's watering mouth. At the same time, I gave a hard push, sending a long, gassy fart down my poop-chute that blew into her watering mouth. I felt her rub my thigh urgently, encouraging me to push again, so I bore down and treated her to a series of wet, almost poopy farts that erupted in her mouth while I swallowed my mouthful of delicious turds, eager for Matt to give me another hot load of boy poop to enjoy.

Matt gave a hard push, once again treating me to a steaming pile of turds that were making me crazy with lust. While I was dining on Matt's hot offering, my mom once again rubbed my thigh urgently, then she let go of a depraved moan, her tongue now so far up my pooper that I could feel it teasing my clit. I gave another firm push, and this time, a loud, juicy sounding fart erupted at the same time that a hot load of my boy poop exploded into her mouth. I panicked for a moment, then I heard the most incredible moaning that I'd ever heard in my life, followed by sounds of deep contentment as she pulled her tongue out of my boy pussy and sat up. I looked over my shoulder at her, both of us with mouthfuls of hot poop, and realized that she was in a state of pure bliss. She wrapped her arms around me protectively and pulled me back into her lap, and together, we chewed and swallowed our stinky mouthfuls.

When our mouths were empty, she smiled lovingly at me and said, “Thank you, baby. You made mama so happy.”

“I love you, mommy,” I sighed, then I opened wide and lined back up with Matt's hole, ready to receive the rest of his offering. He gifted me two more mouthfuls of hot boy poop that, strangely, my mom didn't try to sniff. Instead, she held me close to her while I enjoyed being the community toilet, accepting all of Matt's poop loads with a horny moan. When he was done, I licked his crack clean, then he got up and my pussy shivered hard because my dad stepped up to the rim chair, looking lovingly down into it at my mom and I.

“Did you get your wish, dear?” my dad asked, and my mom responded with a sigh.

“It's been a long week, babe,” she admitted, then she ran her fingers through my brown, poop matted hair and said, “The baby needs to get his fill, though.”

“Fucking hot!” I heard Nathan exclaim, and once again, I realized that I hadn't paid any attention to what was happening in the room around me. What I saw this time was Jimmy, in the tub, covered in pee, audibly gulping as he accepted Matt's yellow love potion. It was obvious that everyone else had found relief in his mouth, and he was treated to the joy of having hot dicks in his mouth while they unleashed hot pee. When Matt was finished peeing, Jimmy stayed where he was, sucking on Matt's engorged member as if his life depended on it.

While this was happening, Mike and Steve had taken a comfortable place on the unused commode. Steve was sitting on it with the lid down while Mike straddled him, riding him up and down slowly as they shared a long kiss. I smiled at the sight of everyone enjoying themselves, then my dad's rear end came into view as he took his spot on the rim seat.

“Are you ready to eat more, Kyle?” my mom asked gently, and I nodded eagerly. “So am I, baby.”

“Are you going to eat daddy's poop first?” I asked, and she shook her head no.

“I want my baby to get his fill first,” she said lovingly, planting a kiss on my poop smeared cheek. “I know how badly you need it.”

With that, she reached up and parted my dad's cheeks, exposing his hot, pink hole. I used my tongue to bathe it, then I opened wide and waited for my rare evening reward. As it slowly opened, a long, dark turd crackled loudly, emerging slowly, then pushing through my lips rapidly until my mouth was filled to the brim with the meaty treat. I opened wide and showed it off to my mom, who sniffed it with a very hungry look, then I smashed it with my tongue while my mom opened wide, eager for her portion. With a hard push, my dad treated her to a very luscious looking and smelling mouthful that she chewed and swallowed like a pro. I watched her technique, using her tongue to smear and smash the load, then she used her fingertips to massage her bulging cheeks, causing the smell to sharpen significantly before she swallowed with a sigh. My dad got up and aimed his pecker into her mouth, and she eagerly accepted all of his yellow offering with no trouble. When he was done, she crawled out from beneath the rim chair and let Jimmy get in with me. My dad sat back down, and I watched while Jimmy accepted another long turd from his rectum with a hot, horny moan. While he was chewing up my dad's gift, I received another turd, this one much smaller but still so delicious, then I licked my dad's rump clean with depraved moans.

When he got up, Jimmy and I made out under the rim chair, eventually eating each others' pussies deeply. While Jimmy and I were dining at each others' back doors, the many turds I'd swallowed were making their way down my digestive track, and I was desperate to poop again. I announced my need to the room, and with a hungry look in her eye, my mom crawled under the rim seat with Jimmy. All eyes were on me as I took my spot on the seat and prepared to feed my boyfriend and my mom an assortment of turds from my rear end. I felt her part my cheeks for Jimmy, who was moaning uncontrollably as I filled his mouth with hot poop. As soon as he pulled his face away, I felt my mom rub my butt cheek just as her hot breath tickled my hole, so I gave a hard push, treating her to a hot mound of extra stinky turds that she savored and swallowed while holding my cheeks open for Jimmy, who accepted the last of my poop load while a boygasm shook him to the core.

My mom licked my crack clean with her tongue, then she crawled out from under the rim seat. I got up and bent over the sink, eager to have my pussy serviced while Nathan sat back down on the rim chair and prepared to feed Jimmy, who sounded more and more depraved as the moments passed. I felt my dad line up at my back door and push in, treating me to a five minute ride on his fuck stick while Nathan's extra runny poop load erupted in Jimmy's mouth, signaling the start of my little lover's shift under the rim chair.