Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 57

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While my dad was plowing my boy pussy, Mike was in the midst of receiving Steve's hot cum load up his own horny boy snatch, which was now nothing more than an insatiable fuck hole. In the meanwhile Matt and Ethan had fallen into a deep French kiss right behind the rim chair, where Jimmy was swallowing a loose load of poop straight from Nathan's rear end. Nathan had a look of deep concentration on his face as he timed each release, wanting to hold on tight but finding it increasingly difficult because of the laxatives that my mom added to her dishes, ensuring that Jimmy and I would have our deepest desires fulfilled.

I'd already taken all of their loads that night, some of them more than once, and was longing to take another extended turn under the chair. My tummy had filled up with the large assortment of hot, steamy turds that had been deposited straight into my mouth. In a moment of desperation, I found relief in the mouths of both my lover and my mom, each of whom were hot to swallow my boy fudge. Now my tummy was empty again, rumbling for another torrent of tasty turds that I could savor and swallow.

But before I could do that, I knew, I needed to ride out the delicious butt fucking that I was being treated to. The aroma of Nathan's poop load was drifting into my nostrils, adding to my pleasure as my dad packed my fudge with his 10 inch rod, torturing my clit and massaging the walls of my boy pussy so perfectly. I grinned over my shoulder at him, my poop smeared face the image of contentment and joy, and he rewarded me by smiling back lovingly. Over the sounds of sex, I could hear the shower start in my parents' bathroom, telling me that my mom was cleaning herself up for sex with my dad. I could see a gleam in my dad's eye, knowing that he would be getting laid over and over again, then something unexpected happened that caught my eye.

“Hey buddy, are you looking to take a ride when I'm done?” my dad said to Kevin, who stepped up to him and sensually ran his hands all over my dad's muscular chest. “I know Kyle would love that.”

“Yeah, I'd like to get in there, Mr. Smith,” Kevin said a little shyly, his cheeks blushing deeply, then he looked up at my dad's face. “Is it okay if I rub your pecs?”

“Sure thing, pal,” my dad answered tenderly. “Do you enjoy doing that?”

“Yeah, they're really sexy,” Kevin admitted, then he blushed even harder.

“I'm glad you think that, pal,” my dad said, the head of his cock still dragging along the lining of my twat, sending powerful waves of pleasure up my spine and bringing out a very feminine moan from me. “You can feel anything that you want, buddy. You don't have to ask.”

“Thanks, Mr. Smith,” Kevin said, his voice still a little timid. “I'm having a really sexy time tonight.”

“Good,” my dad said, grinning down at the teenager who was running his hands all over his chest, then Kevin's palms moved lower to my dad's tight abdomen, running his fingers all over them as if he had no control over himself. “I want all of you to enjoy yourselves. Mrs. Smith and I enjoy having you here to take care of our boys.”

Kevin let go of a very brief moan, then he seemed to snap out of his spell and cut it short, but he left his hands in place. He and I made eye contact, prompting him to grin at me before he turned his attention back to my dad, who was giving him an approving smile. Kevin smiled up at my dad, then he leaned forward and planted a long kiss on my dad's right pectoral, which was just at eye level to him. He pulled his lips away and looked up at my dad for approval. My dad buried his cock all the way inside of me and froze, then he nodded, so Kevin once again leaned in and kissed, this time adding suction and running his tongue around my dad's nipple. He let go of another moan, then he started to kiss all over my dad's chest before moving down to his abdomen, where once again, he planted several kisses, then he did something even more curious that caused my dad's cock to pulsate inside of my boy cunt, giving me a thrill.

With his lips pressed tight to my dad's skin, he lanced out with his tongue and licked all the way up, moving right along the center of my dad's entire torso until they were face to face, then he wrapped his arm around my dad's neck and pulled him down so that he could kiss him. I watched curiously as his lips pressed to my dad's, then he let go with a whimper and their tongues touched. My dad cupped the back of Kevin's head and engaged him in a long, sensual kiss that seemed to last for about 20 seconds. As their tongues danced, my dad's cock was throbbing hard in my boy snatch, prompting me to roll my rear end around in an effort to give us both some added pleasure.

When their lips parted, Kevin had a dreamy look in his eyes, smiling up at my dad as if he were in the presence of a God. My dad planted another sweet peck on his lips, then he caressed Kevin's soft cheek and told him, “You're a very good kisser, little buddy. I really liked that.”

“I liked that too, Mr. Smith,” Kevin sighed, then he leaned into my dad's shoulder. I was grinning naughtily over my shoulder at the two of them, knowing that soon, my dad would have another cock slave at his disposal, someone who was hot to suck him off, and maybe even more. Kevin's gaze drifted back to my poop smeared face, and I was rewarded with a very cute grin as I smiled over my shoulder at the pair, my dad's cock still stiff as a board in my yearning little boy butt.

“Let me finish pumping a load into my baby's tight little rear end, then you can have a go at it, okay?” he said, and Kevin nodded his agreement. Minutes later, I was moaning sissily as my dad squirted his seed deep inside of me and pulled out, prompting me to deep throat his cock in an effort to treat myself to all of the cum and ass juice I could swallow. While I was doing this, I took a cue from Jimmy, wrapping my little arms around his waist and spreading my feet wide, inviting Kevin to take his turn in my opened for business rear end. I felt him line up to my hole, then he pushed in, giving me another thrill as he buried his teen cock all the way inside of me.

In the meanwhile, Steve was back on the rim seat, treating Jimmy to another pile of turds that smelled wonderful. Nathan was standing by the sink, looking appreciatively down at Mike, who was on his knees in front of him, spit shining his knob with a very happy smile on his face. Mike seemed to be concentrating on taking his entire length to the back of his throat, if only for a moment, clearly getting his practice in so that one day he could keep up with Jimmy and I. Ethan had taken Matt back to my room, where they were both enjoying the butt fucking that they were partaking in. Ethan had Matt on his hands and knees, shamelessly calling out for Ethan to fuck him harder, a request that he was only too happy to fill. I could hear the moaning from my room get louder and louder with each passing moment, and I knew that Matt was being treated to a ride he wouldn't soon forget. At the same time, my own throbbing boy cunt was being serviced in such a wonderful way while I had the added benefit of sucking my dad's dick.

When Kevin pulled out of me I quickly let my dad's engorged member go, then I spun around and took Kevin's sticky dick to the back of the throat while I rolled my high traffic boy pussy around, eager for more back door action. My dad slipped his fuck stick back inside of me, sending long shivers through me and bringing me off easily before seeding my boy cunt with another frothy cum load. When he pulled out of me, I was eager for another cock at my back door, so I climbed into the tub and placed my hands against the wall, enticing Steve to get up from the rim chair and climb in with me, then he fucked a fast and dirty cum load into me while I moaned like a little girl. I sucked his sticky cock clean, kneeling down in the puddle of pee that was still in the tub from Jimmy's golden shower as I did so. When his cock was clean, I ran my tongue through the yellow puddle, loving how pungent and acrid it smelled and tasted, then I laid down flat and rolled around in it as if I were a pig, wanting desperately to soak it all up with my skin and hair so that I could wear it.

While I was doing this, Jimmy crawled out from under the rim chair, which was presently unoccupied, and joined me in the tub. His entire body was covered in fresh poop splatters, and it was obvious that at some point, he'd been treated to a brown shower. His hair was almost dripping with liquid poop, and his back and torso were completely covered in it. Even his hard little boy cocklet was covered in poop, causing me to moan with desire as he laid down on top of me and engaged me in a poop and pee flavored kiss, then he lifted my legs and slipped his hard little rod inside of my pussy.

While Jimmy and I were making love, Nathan pointed his teen cock into the tub and treated us both to a long golden shower. I was moaning uncontrollably as my yearning pussy was serviced by my little lover while hot pee rained down over us. I opened wide to catch as much as I could in my mouth, then I watched as Steve stepped up beside Nathan, treating us to another golden shower while Mike bent over the sink for my dad, eager to accept the next cock in his hot to trot rear end.

When Jimmy pulled out of my snatch, I licked up as much of the smeared, splattered poop off of his body as I could, then I sat on my knees and waited while he stood over me, aiming his soft pecker into my opened mouth and giving me a mouthful of hot pee before he finished in my hair.

While he was giving me the last few spurts of pee, Ethan and Matt came back into the bathroom, their lovemaking now finished, and they both unloaded their hot pee all over Jimmy and I, aiming for our mouths and our hair, then peeing all over our hard little dicks.

“I have to take another shit,” Ethan said matter of factly when he was done, and I felt another shudder run through me. I quickly got out of the tub and crawled back under the rim chair, eager for my shift to start. When I crawled back down there, the first thing I noticed was that my earlier puddle of pee was still there, so I naughtily settled my rear end down into it, loving how it felt against my rump. I opened wide, a grin plastered to my face as I watched Ethan's cheeks part slightly on their own while he sat down. I pushed my face up into his rump, taking note of the fact that I had multiple pee loads dripping off of me, then I formed a nice, tight seal around his hole.

“Do you want me to crap hard?” I heard him ask, and I responded with a loud, horny moan. At the same time, I could hear Jimmy's muffled moaning, telling me that he had wrapped his hungry lips around another cock.

I felt Ethan's hole expand, then I heard him give a hard strain. Seconds later, I was enjoying a hot, soft mouthful of extra stinky turds that packed my mouth nicely. Their volume wasn't overwhelming, but it was just enough to cause my cheeks to bulge and my lips to pooch out. They had a very spicy flavor to them, and the intense aroma that was swirling all around me gave me chills of delight. I quickly swallowed, knowing that I didn't have an audience this time, and that we were doing this for Ethan's relief and for my pleasure. He was my feeder and I was his commode, eager to accept his stinky deposit of hot poop. I wanted him to enjoy sitting down to take a nice, relaxing and satisfying dump into the toilet that my mouth had become. My job is to make sure that he can take his time and unload every hot turd he has with no rush and not worry about backing up the pipes. I'm a high capacity poop receptacle, capable of swallowing the longest, thickest and stinkiest turds with no problems, and I want to be used at will.

I swallowed the luscious mouthful and opened wide, hot for another heaping helping of my feeder's turds. He quickly complied with my wishes, treating me to a mouthful that I can only describe as sheer heaven. It started off as three moist, thick turds that were incredibly soft and unbelievably stinky. They had a very rich looking color to them, almost as if they were borderline orange but still brown, and they were very long. They had a nice, smooth body, and as they pushed in, I felt my boy pussy throb over and over again. I was accepting the last of his trio, thinking that he was done pushing, when suddenly, a loose, soft load of poop exploded into my mouth, which was still sealed tight around the lips of his butt hole. In an instant, every turd that I had already taken from him was surrounded by his creamy load, which was emitting the same luscious stink that his turds carried with them.

“Mmm!” I moaned like a whore, eager to chew and swallow so that I could take my next mouthful.

“Oh my god, it stinks so bad,” I heard Nathan exclaim from somewhere in the bathroom. “It sounds like Kyle's fucking loving it.”

“I am,” I whimpered from beneath the rim seat, still working on my mouthful, swallowing diligently, my role as Ethan's toilet now clearly established. I had his load down in two more gulps, then I licked my lips and peered up at Ethan's rump, the source of my endless pleasure, and smiled.

Eager to serve my feeder, I quickly opened up and sealed my mouth around his pooper, hot for my next load. I felt his hole flex, then it expanded and he filled my mouth with another heavy pile of soft boy poop. There were no firm turds to be found in my mouthful, only a massive offering of the softest boy poop that I'd had in a while, similar to the consistency of ice cream or pudding. As it filled my mouth, I could feel a powerful steam roll off of it, carrying its sharp stink into my nostrils and sending long shivers down the backs of my legs. I was so turned on by my brown gift that I instinctively ground my naked bottom around on the floor, feeling it stir in the boy pee that I was sitting in.

I swallowed my mouthful quickly, not wanting to keep my lover waiting. I sealed my lips around his chute and waited patiently, feeling it expand, then he treated me to a smaller mouthful of his soft, warm boy poop. I diligently swallowed, then I took to his crack, first licking it clean, then thanking my feeder for his brown deposit by rimming him deeply. When he got up, I smiled up at him in appreciation, wanting him to know that except for my daddy, I loved being his toilet more than anyone else in the world. He grinned back down at me, silently acknowledging my show of devotion to him, then he stepped away and Kevin's hot rump filled the empty space over my face.

I moaned with desire as I lanced out with my tongue, wanting Kevin to know that I was hot for his load. In response, he churned his rear end around in the chair, causing me to mimic his action, grinding my own plump little boy butt around while I prepared to indulge in another brown feast. I locked my lips around his poop-chute and waited, and at the exact moment that Kevin's hole expanded, my mouth filled up with diarrhea. I started to swallow right away, wanting desperately to keep up and not lose any, but it was a losing battle. I was gulping furiously, but his flow was continuous and too forceful, causing his liquidy boy poop to overflow and run down my face and my chest. When he stopped pushing, I was coated in his diarrhea, just like Jimmy had been earlier. It was in my hair, all over my chest and running down my back. Before I had time to process what had happened to me, Kevin gave another push and I found myself on the receiving end of an unrelenting brown shower.

I moaned hotly and opened wide, still wanting to take as much of his stinky gift as I could in my mouth, and was rewarded with a luscious mouthful of hot, stinky diarrhea that I swallowed with ease, then I opened up for more. My mouth filled up again, then the spray stopped and Kevin got up, looking down into the seat with a worried expression as I smiled up at him gratefully.

“It looks like you let him have it good, little buddy,” my dad observed with a warm smile, and I responded with another moan and a nod. “Why don't you go ahead and treat him to the rest.”

“Okay,” Kevin said eagerly, hopping back onto the chair with the enthusiasm of a little boy. I moaned and opened wide, no longer interested in trying to catch it all in my mouth because I wanted to experience the joy of being sprayed all over with more of his hot poop, just like a toilet that someone missed in an urgent attempt not to poop their pants.

With my watering mouth wide opened under his butt hole, Kevin unleashed again, treating me to a long, delicious spray of diarrhea that shot directly into my mouth at first, then got out of control and sprayed my hair and face. While this was happening, I greedily used my hands to rub it into my skin, loving how it felt to be treated to a brown shower. When his poop stopped, I quickly gulped down what was in my mouth, then I shoved my face up into his pooper and opened wide, eager for more. He gave a hard push and his diarrhea squirted all over my face, then I sealed my mouth around his hole and gulped diligently, wanting to learn how to accept a liquidy offering at the highest rates of speed.

When I pulled my mouth away so that I could swallow and take a breath, I put my head in the line of fire, feeling his runny poop drench my hair until he stopped, then I used my tongue to lick his crack clean while he continued to blow hot, juicy farts in my face. When he got up, Steve got back on and pushed out a long, lone turd that I accepted with a hot moan, then I chewed it up and swallowed while he got up. By the time I was done chewing, I realized that I was all alone in the bathroom, with my dad, who beckoned me to come out from beneath the chair.

I crawled out and looked at myself in the mirror, completely satisfied with my reflection. I was covered from head to toe in hot poop, my hair saturated with Kevin's diarrhea and my hard, hairless little boy prick coated thickly with it. I could feel his liquid treat running down my back, into the valley of my crack, where it trickled across my yearning boy snatch, mixing with the cum that was oozing out. Behind me, in contrast, my dad stood smiling with a towel in his hand. His naval was visible in the mirror just above the top of my head, his hot abs rippling as he took in the sight of his little boy covered from head to toe in the remnants of the brown shower he enjoyed so much. My teeth were coated thickly with poop, having not received a pee load since before I crawled back under the chair, and my nostrils had smeared poop all up inside of them, treating me to a luscious aroma that I wanted to keep with me forever.

“Are you happy, pumpkin?” my dad asked, smiling down at me proudly.

“Yes, daddy,” I told him in my boy voice. “I want to do this everyday.”

“I know you do, baby,” he said, using the towel to wipe away as much of my brown treat as possible. “Why don't you come take a shower with daddy, then we'll fix up that breath of yours so that you can kiss me.”

“Will I get to be a potty some more?” I asked hopefully, and he nodded his promise.

“Of course you can, little boy,” he assured me. “Mommy and daddy want to feed your little guests again later on, then you and Jimmy can get back down there. How does that sound?”

“Thank you, daddy,” I said, grinning up at him. “Where did everyone go?”

“They're taking a shower, then they're going downstairs for some more food and a little fun in the living room,” he said. “Let's hurry so we can join them.”

Okay,” I said excitedly, letting my dad finish wiping me down with the towel before he hoisted me up and carried me down the hall to his bathroom. When we got into the shower, I dropped to my knees, opening wide while he peed into my mouth, then all over my poop matted hair. When he was done, I let him wash me thoroughly from top to bottom, then I soaped up his cock, anxious for another ride on his fuck stick. After he pumped a hot load up my butt, I ate his rear end passionately for five minutes, then he bent me back over and fucked another load into my horny snatch.