Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 58

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When we got out of the shower, my dad dried me off and took me back to my bathroom, where my mom and Jimmy were standing in front of the sink, both naked as the day they were born. The rim chair was in the tub and the floor was clean. The bathroom smelled fresh, almost like bleach or fabric softener, and the tub had a sheen of clean water at the bottom, where she'd no doubt rinsed it out. She was using a toothbrush to clean my little lovers' teeth, tenderly working it over each molar while he opened wide. Jimmy's stiff little boy cock was straining hard against his hairless pubic bone, just like mine, and his body bore no signs of the many poop loads he'd accepted under the chair just 45 minutes earlier. He and my mom both smiled when my dad and I walked in, as if they were waiting for our arrival.

“Hi baby,” my mom said to me with a loving smile as I stood beside my little lover and opened wide, ready to let my dad prepare me for an evening of deep, tongue filled French kisses before I resumed my rightful place under the throne, so to speak. “Are you having a good night?”

I smiled and nodded, keeping my mouth agape so that my dad could have his way with the toothbrush that he was preparing. I watched Jimmy closely, taking note of the fact that he looked so content to be babied by my mom, yet knowing that he was eager to get back downstairs, where our lovers were waiting to mount us and give us the anal sex we were both still craving. I personally planned to take it in the butt from every cock in the house at least three more times before the night was through, though I wanted it to be more than that. While my dad was brushing away the delicious taste of the many turds that I'd dined on, I started to feel unbearably horny for another butt fucking.

When my breath was minty fresh, Jimmy and I shared a long, delicious kiss that brought out a horny moan from deep inside of me. When we separated, my mom and dad led us to my room, where two clean pairs of panties and our dresses were laid out on the bed. We shared a naughty grin as we laid still and let my parents dress us, first in our panties, then in our dresses. When we were dressed up, my mom and dad took us back down the hall to their room, where my mom hiked the backs of our dresses up and pulled our panties down just far enough for my dad to gain access to our horny pussies. He used feminine wipes to freshen them up, leaving them with a very pretty smell, then he and my mom straightened out our dresses again before we were escorted downstairs. I could hear the sounds of sucking, licking and moist fucking taking place in the living room, driving my own horny feelings as we walked through the dining room, where there were six used plates sitting on the table. My mom made a right turn into the kitchen while my dad, Jimmy and I continued to the living room, where the action had already commenced amongst our lovers.

Seated side by side on the couch were Ethan and Nathan, with their legs wide opened. Mike was kneeling between Ethan's legs with a mouthful of hard cock. He was resting the side of his head on Ethan's thigh, smiling blissfully and letting go of little mews of satisfaction as the entire length of the boner in his mouth ran back and forth between his lips in a steady motion. Right beside him, also on his knees, was Matt, who was blowing Nathan with great care. He was doing most of the work, bobbing his head up and down while looking up into the eyes of his lover with a naughty expression.

Adding to both Matt and Mike's pleasure were the boys who were posted up behind them, feeding them hard dick from the back. Steve had his entire length buried deep inside of Matt's rear end, holding his hips tight as he thrust in and out. In the meanwhile, Kevin was balls deep inside of Mike, who was doing his best to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking himself on the cock in a very sensual display of wanton desire. Kevin didn't seem to be doing any work at all, instead placing both hands behind his head and interlocking his fingers while Mike pleasured him. At some point while Jimmy and I were watching the scene unfold, Kevin placed his hands on Mike's back and rubbed up and down the entire length of his spine, then he grabbed his bottom's shoulders and took control, causing Mike to moan loudly as he was fed cock at both ends.

“How does that look, Princess?” my dad asked, kneeling down and placing himself at eye level with me. I responded by grinning up at him and licking my lips, then I reached out and fondled his hefty package. He smiled his approval, then he got up and walked over to the recliner, where he sat down and let me and Jimmy crawl between his legs. We instantly got to work, kissing and licking along the length and all over the head of his dick, then I moved lower so that I could suck on his balls while Jimmy concentrated on sucking dick. With my mouth filled with my dad's right nut, I used my tongue to bathe it thoroughly, then I moved to his left nut.

While Jimmy and I were servicing our daddy's dick, he used his hands to pull our dresses up, then he ran his palms all over our pantied bottoms. I moaned with satisfaction when I felt his touch, loving how it felt to be groped and knowing what it would lead to. I quickly opened wide, taking both of his nuts into my mouth while Jimmy's spit trickled down the stalk. We were both moaning sissily as we continued our oral assault on my dad's cock, rolling our rear ends around at the same time as an invitation for someone, anyone, to come penetrate us.

“That looks so fucking hot!” Nathan said to Ethan, who nodded his head in agreement.

“I want to get into those asses so bad,” Ethan declared, and I responded by pushing up with my hips, offering him an easy piece of tail. “Fuck, they want it so bad. I can't believe how hot for cock all four of these little fuckers are.”

“I think they want to give it up to all of you,” my dad observed, and I moaned in agreement.

“They already have,” Nathan said. “I think Mike and Matt have taken all four of us in the ass a couple of times each. Jimmy and Kyle, too. It's like they can't get enough of us.”

“They never will,” my dad explained. “They're all true bottom boys. They'll take a cock anyway that they can get it. As for Jimmy and Kyle, they'll take cocks, piss, shit, cum and anything else you can give them.”

“Do you think they'll ever stop eating crap?” Nathan asked, and before my dad could answer, I shook my head no.

“Does that answer your question, buddy?” my dad asked, and Nathan nodded in silence. “My babies love it, and as long as they want it, they're going to find a way to get it.”

With that, I pulled off of my dad's nuts and moved back to his stalk, using my tongue to lap up as much precum and spit as I could, feeling light headed with lust. Jimmy pulled the cock out of her mouth and held it in her hands, offering it to me with a smile. I batted my eyes and swallowed it whole, then I moaned and treated myself to a forceful throat fuck while Jimmy moved down to the nut sack, licking my daddy's balls with her scratchy tongue.

“I wonder if Kyle's going to try to service all of our dicks at once,” Ethan wondered out loud, and once again, I nodded. I was looking forward to wrapping my lips around two dicks, wrapping my hands around two dicks and being fucked deep, all at the same time. I felt a strong shudder run through me at the thought of servicing so many dicks in front of my parents, wanting them to know that I was a champion dick pleaser. As thoughts of being a total slut ran through my mind, I started to increase the force and the pace with which I was sucking on my dad's dick, anxious to have my clit punished before receiving a large load of cum that I could savor and swallow.

While I was sucking dick like a pro, Jimmy pulled off of my dad's balls and sat up, smiling over her shoulder at Nathan, then she crawled over to the couch and got between his legs, kneeling in a pool of Matt's cooling boy cum without batting an eye.

“That's a good little cock sucker,” I heard Nathan say, praising Jimmy for her efforts. “That's such a pretty dress you have on. I saw your panties, too. They're very sexy, honey.”

In reply, Jimmy let go of a feminine moan and rolled her hips around, eager for a hard cock at her back door. Her stiff little boy boner was almost painfully pushing into the fabric of her panties, hidden by the frills of her dress, even as it drooped towards the floor while she sucked Nathan off. Jimmy looked up at her lover and smiled, happy to have a cock of her own to suck while I continued to treat myself to my dad's entire length. While Jimmy and I were doing our job as pussy girls, Matt was on his back, his legs pulled back to his chest while Steve fucked him missionary style. They were locked in a deep kiss, their mutual bliss expressed through moans that echoed into each others' mouths.

Right beside Jimmy, still on his knees, Mike was in the midst of accepting Ethan's load, swallowing seamlessly as volley after volley of hot, creamy cum pumped into his mouth. Behind him, Kevin wasn't far off from shooting his own load of teen spunk, using his fingers to dig into Mike's shoulders and thrusting hard. Loving the feel of the back door action he was being treated to, Mike used his butt hole to tighten up around Kevin's thrusting dick, hoping to entice Kevin to take another turn in his hot to trot rear end as soon as possible. On the carpet beneath Mike were several shots of 13 year old boy spunk, a product of the double ended dicking that he'd just partaken in.

As he was swallowing the last of Ethan's boy sperm, Kevin buried his cock all the way up Mike's butt and froze, then he fired off. Feeling his rear end fill up with hot cum made Mike shiver with passion, prompting him to let go of a high pitch squeal that caught all of us by surprise. Without letting my dad's cock leave my cum tube, I turned my head and looked just as Jimmy and Nathan did the same from his right. Matt and Steve broke their kiss and diverted their attention his way as well, while my dad simply gave him a knowing smile and stroked the side of my head, encouraging me not to stop sucking the dick in my mouth.

“Do you see what I mean, buddy?” my dad asked Nathan, who nodded. “That's what a real pussy boy does. He loves to feel a hot load of cum spray against the walls of his boy cunt. He'll never get enough.”

While my dad was saying this, everyone got back to what they were doing. Matt smiled up at Steve and puckered his lips, expressing his desire to be kissed while bottoming for his lover. Jimmy picked right up where she left off, deep throating Nathan with renewed vigor while I rolled my rear end around in the air and impaled myself on my dad's dick, swallowing his entire length with ease and moaning in the process. In the meanwhile, Mike never batted an eye, his smile still wide as he sucked the drooling cum from Ethan's spent dick. Ethan used his hands to pet Mike's head in appreciation, knowing that the young cock sucker wanted to swallow another load from his dick right away, and would do anything to get it. In the meanwhile, Kevin was still unloading his spunk into Mike's rectum, knowing that he could bury his dick there anytime he felt like it because Mike was addicted to cock.

When Kevin pulled out, Mike looked up at Ethan obediently, seeking permission to pull off of his dick. Ethan nodded with a warm smile, eliciting a smile from Mike, who very gently pulled off of Ethan's cock and spun around, anxious to suck Kevin's dick clean. With heavy moans, Mike used his mouth and tongue to lick all of the cum and ass juice from Kevin's cock, then he kissed the end of it gratefully. He pulled his lips away with a smack, then he pulled it up with his hand and licked up and down the underside of Kevin's dick before lapping away at his ball sack. Kevin smiled down at the young cock lover with approval, then he pulled him off of his dick and stood up. Mike obediently stayed on his hands and knees and looked up longingly at his top, who reached down and helped him to his feet, then they shared a deep French kiss.

“Why don't you take care of Ethan's cock while I take care of your other end?” Nathan said to Jimmy, who pulled her lover's dick out of her mouth and nodded. She crawled over to Ethan, once again kneeling in a puddle of boy spunk as she took Mike's place, then she used her tongue to lick Ethan's dick like a lollipop. While Jimmy concentrated on servicing Ethan's cock with her mouth, Nathan got behind her, getting down on his knees in the same place where Kevin had been just seconds earlier. He could still feel the warmth on the floor where his friend's knees and shins were resting as he lifted Jimmy's dress, exposing her plump, panty covered bottom.

With a grin, Nathan used his fingers to peel Jimmy's panties off slowly, easing them off of her hips and over the round contours of her rump. He pulled them down just below his bottom's buns, wanting to keep them where he could see them while he buried his teen cock into her boy pussy. Through their kiss, Mike and Kevin watched the action taking place on the floor where they'd just been, grinning at each other as their tongues dueled. When they broke their kiss, Mike melted into his top's embrace, letting Kevin hold him close while he reveled in the feelings of affection and dedication that he felt for his lover. Mike smiled sweetly up at Kevin and used his lips to entice him into another kiss, then he let go of a moan as he felt his rear end being groped by his top.

“I love you,” he declared when their lips parted, then his feelings betrayed him. “I want you to be my boyfriend.”

“I love you too, little lover,” Kevin reciprocated. “Are you asking me to date you?”

“Yes,” Mike said shyly, his cheeks turning red. “Will you be my boyfriend?”

“Yes,” Kevin said, leaning back down and kissing his lover on the lips. “What would you like to do next?”

“I want to suck you off some more,” Mike admitted. “I really love having your dick in my mouth.”

Upon hearing this, I was sure that Kevin and Mike would end up back on the couch, but once again, Kevin surprised me by sitting on the arm of the recliner, right next to my dad. I was still spit shining my dad's rod, and reached out to take Kevin's cock into my hand so that I could jack him off. While I was doing this, I felt the heat of Mike's mouth against the back of my hand and realized that he was so determined to suck Kevin's dick that he was willing to do so while I simultaneously gave him a hand job. Not wanting to hit Mike in the mouth with my stroking hand, I simply used my fingers to squeeze the base of Kevin's cock while Mike sucked, adding to his pleasure.

While Kevin was reeling from the pleasure of having two pussy boys service his dick, my dad wrapped an arm around his shoulder and pulled him into a cuddle. Kevin smiled at my dad's gesture and reached out with his hands, rubbing them all over his chest before they fell into a French kiss. I increased the intensity of my sucking while at the same time, taking care to squeeze Kevin's cock a little harder. While I was doing this, Mike seemed to be getting into the blow job that he was giving, closing his eyes and bobbing his head up and down with a depraved moan. I heard my dad and Kevin's lips separate with a moist smack, then I felt my dad's fingers running through my hair. At the same time, I heard Jimmy moan like the little girl that she was and the sound of skin slapping skin as she took Nathan's cock in her pussy. I turned my head just far enough to be able to see without pulling my dad's cock out of my mouth, grinning when I saw Jimmy impaled on two cocks, her little body a tight fit between the two hunks she was having sex with. Her dress was pulled all the way up to her shoulders, exposing the small of her back and her plump bottom. Her hard, untouched little boy cock was shooting out fresh sperm on the carpet below her and her tummy was rolling with every thrust that she accepted.

On the floor, Matt and Steve were laying in each others' arms, basking in the afterglow of their sex act. Matt had just sucked his top clean, and was now being held close while he planted kisses on Steve's heaving chest, paying close attention to his lover's nipples. Steve was very lovingly rubbing Matt's back with one hand and tousling his brown locks with the other. He had a deep, introspective look on his face, as if he were contemplating the feelings he had for his 13 year old partner. At one point, Matt stopped kissing Steve's chest, prompting Steve to smile and plant a kiss on Matt's lips, then they laid still and had a conversation that I couldn't hear. I saw Steve whisper something into Matt's ear that made him nod feverishly, then they shared a very wet sounding kiss that lingered.

When their lips parted, they sat up and shared one more peck on the lips, then Steve crawled up behind Mike while Matt crawled behind me, running his hands all over my panty covered bottom. I moaned hotly around my daddy's dick, eager for a fudge packing from any dick that would give me one, then I rolled my hips around in the air. Matt responded by pushing the skirt of my dress up further, then he gently eased my panties down until they were bunched up around my knees and could go no further. I felt him part my cheeks and put his nose in my crack, then he took a long, luscious whiff of my poop-chute.

“It smells so pretty,” he said, then he used his tongue to taste it. As the rough surface of his tongue brushed along the lips of my boy pussy, I gave out a feminine cry of joy and very daintily wiggled my hips, wanting him to know how badly I wanted to get laid. I felt his lips purse against my opening, then he gave it several kisses in a row that sent a shiver up my spine. Seconds later, he pressed his lips back to the lips of my boy pussy and kissed it hard with a moan, then he began eating it deeply. I could feel his tongue worming its way up my love tunnel, bringing out wild moans from both of us. Less than a minute later, he lined up with the entrance of my pooper and pushed in, filling me with hard, glorious dick that felt amazing as it entered me. I moaned loudly and rolled my rear end around again, this time in hopes that I would feel his dick stir inside of me, then I held on tight and enjoyed the ride as he grabbed my hips and started to thrust.

While I was welcoming Matt's fuck stick in my rear end, Mike was doing the same with Steve. Much to Mike's delight, Steve had buried his not quite man sized dick all the way up Mike's poop-chute, and Mike was now enjoying another double dicking. The feel of being impaled on two hard cocks was a feeling he was starting to relish more and more, and as the sex he was indulging in started to overwhelm his senses, his spent balls heaved out the last of the boy spunk that they contained. In the meanwhile, Kevin was resting his head on my dad's shoulder, accepting the show of affection that he was being offered. He had a very dreamy look in his eyes, gazing up at my dad and running his hands all over his chest and tummy. My dad reacted to this by blowing into his young lover's ear and whispering sweet nothings to him, essentially adding bait to the hook and casting his line in Kevin's direction.

“Does that feel good, little buddy?” my dad asked, and Kevin nodded. “I'm glad you're enjoying it. It looks like your boyfriend's enjoying it, too.”

“I think he is, Mr. Smith,” Kevin mewed, his voice tender. “I really like kissing you.”

“You don't have to call me Mr. Smith, buddy,” my dad said. “You know, Mike and Matt call me daddy because they know I love them. I love you too, and I'd love it if you called me daddy, buddy.”

“Okay,” Kevin sighed. “I love you, too, daddy.”

“That's better, pal,” my dad said, then he planted a long French kiss on Kevin that caused him to fill Mike's mouth with a creamy load of teen spunk, which triggered another orgasm in Mike, causing his hard boy cock to jerk over and over, trying to heave out cum that his balls had long since exhausted. As his dry orgasm ran through him, his little boy butt began to contract continuously around Steve's boner, causing him to squirt hard into Mike's rear end, filling him with more cum and bringing out yet another squeal of joy from the bottom boy. I let Kevin's cock go so that Mike could swallow without interruption, placing both hands on my dad's thighs for leverage as I pushed my rear end up, wanting to meet Matt's inward thrusts as my own boygasm started to sweep me under.

While my little boy butt was contracting around Matt's fuck stick, Mike was sucking Steve's sticky cock clean with hot moans of desire. Knowing that this was happening right next to me set me off, sending long, shivering waves of orgasmic goodness through my little body. With a dick in my pussy and one in my mouth, I felt out of control with pleasure and my rear end responded in kind. With the vice like gripping of my butt, it didn't take too long for me to receive Matt's load, as the continuous grabbing of my butt hole caused him to shoot deep inside of me. While he was unloading his spunk inside of me, I reached up and grabbed my dad's hands, encouraging him to force my face down on his fuck stick.

He quickly caught on to what I wanted, hammering the clit in my throat over and over again as my climax persisted. It felt like Matt was trying to pull out but was being held in place, almost like a dog that's knotted inside of a bitch in heat. My horny, cock hungry bottom wasn't letting him go as easily as he would have liked, I was sure, but I could do nothing to control it. Finally, I felt him pull out with an audible pop, then I felt my dad pull me off of his fuck stick, allowing me to suck Matt clean. While I was doing this, I felt my dad run his hands all over my horny rump, causing me to moan loudly, then I pulled off of Matt's cock and pushed back into my dad's touch.

While I was doing this, Steve used his fingers to lift my chin, then he treated me to a long, sensual kiss. While we were kissing, I felt him wrap me in his arms, then he guided me to the floor, where he lifted my legs into the air and pulled my panties the rest of the way off, then he pushed my skirt back and lined up with my horny pussy. I moaned sissily as I prepared to have my fuck hole serviced, wanting it to be filled up with a hot dick more than anything. As he pushed past my anal ring, I felt a very luscious wave of pleasure course through me. As he buried his length inside of me, I looked up at him and smiled. He was so cute, just like his brother, and I was always eager to service his hot cock. I needed it just as badly as I needed Nathan's, Ethan's, Kevin's, Mike's, Matt's, Jimmy's and my daddy's dicks. I longed to taste his cum and to feel him grab my head with both hands while I moaned around his dick. I yearned to jack him off, wanting him to blow his load all over my face, in my eyes and my hair, all over my pretty dress, or, if it suited him, all over my pantied bottom.

He leaned down and kissed me again, thrusting his tongue into my mouth as he began to move his dick, sending hard shivers up my spine and through my legs, which were rocking back and forth in the air. I quickly latched onto his tongue, eager to suck out as much of his saliva as I could, wanting to drink it down and keep it with me the way I drank his pee and his cum, the way I swallowed his hot farts and his delicious, lip smacking turds. Between he and Ethan, I surmised, I could be well fed and fucked all day long. They could impale me on their cocks, pee down my throat when the need arose and even better, lay turd after juicy turd in my mouth. I'd never tire of it and would always be hot to do whatever they wanted, to receive a mouthful of everything they had to give.

When Steve broke our kiss, I felt a cock pressing against my lips. Without having to look to see whose it was, I opened up and accepted Ethan's dick, eager to suck his dick while my pussy was being serviced. I was still gazing up at Steve, feeling a wondrous joy at being filled with his cock, but I knew that I was blowing his equally hunky brother, who I was hot to feel inside of my pussy as well. I smiled up at my top, then I let my gaze travel up to Ethan, who gave me the cutest smile ever. I responded by moaning and using my tongue to bathe his stalk, prompting him to run his fingers through my hair and thrust a little deeper down my cum tube. He was running his left hand all over my torso, feeling the fabric of my dress, then he playfully ran his hand over my bubble butt, which was still in the air, accepting strokes of hard dick from Steve.

While I was on the floor having both clits worked over, Matt was eating deeply at Mike's back door, feltching the many cum loads out of him while Mike moaned gratefully. I fixed my eyes on this site, then I heard my dad draw in a sharp breath. I turned my head just in time to see him and Kevin, still locked in a passionate kiss. The only difference this time was that Kevin was stroking my dad's cock hard, using his left hand like a pro, as if he'd done this before. My dad had his hand cupped behind Kevin's head, kissing him hungrily while he reveled in the hand jog he was receiving.

While I was watching this, I sensed that there were more dicks in my vicinity. I instinctively reached out with my left hand and wrapped it around a boner that I knew right away belonged to Nathan. I wanted to guide it to my lips and take it in my mouth beside Ethan's dick, but before I could, I smelled Jimmy's cock dangling over my face. I looked up to find him stark naked, his dress long gone, and I quickly let him ease his boy cocklet into my mouth, right beside Ethan, and sucked furiously. Matt and Mike caught site of this and broke up their coupling so that they could join in, giving me access to both of their dicks by easing them into my extended right hand.

“Honey, look at Kyle,” I heard my mom say softly from the entrance to the living room, prompting my dad and Kevin to break their kiss long enough to see my predicament. It wasn't that I had too many cocks to service. It was that I only had one cock in my left hand. My dad scooted Kevin out of his lap and urged him to ease his dick in my left hand beside Nathan's, causing me to let out an even more feminine moan than before as I once again reached the heights of cock service. My climax was almost immediately triggered, knowing that my mom and dad were watching me at my sluttiest, most cock hungry moment.

While I was taking on all seven of my young lovers' cocks, I looked longingly at my dad's dick. I wanted to service it badly, anxious to get him off anyway that I could. My little hands were filled to the brim with cock, and my mouth was stuffed nearly to capacity. As if he knew how badly I wanted to receive his load, he knelt down by my head and aimed his dick at my face. I shuddered when he ran the head of his cock across my right cheek, causing my climaxing little boy butt to grip Steve's cock with powerful contractions. My dad traced the moist head of his hard prick along the outer edges of my bloated, dick sucking lips, making me shiver with desire.

As I experienced the Nirvana of being a true whore, I knew that there was more I could do. That I wasn't at my sluttiest moment yet, but that I wanted to be. I knew that there was still a creamy load of cum that I could have, but that I had to work for it. So, with my yearning little snatch juicing hard around Steve's glorious fuck stick, I opened my mouth a little further and let my lips part, urging my dad to push in.

“Oh my God, he's begging for another dick,” I heard Ethan exclaim, and I nodded. I watched my dad's expression, unsure yet lecherous, cautious but full of lust, and I knew he would give it to me. Out of nowhere, I saw my mom kneel beside him and take hold of the juicy member. With her maternal glow as powerful as I've ever seen it, she guided the head to my lips and eased it in.

“Breathe through your nose, princess,” she advised me, then she proceeded to rub my dad's back, encouraging him to force it all the way in.

I moaned loudly, knowing that I'd achieved a new level of cock worship and loving every minute. The entire time that my dad was sliding his dick into my mouth, right beside two others, I was jerking off my other four lovers with passion. My horny little boy pussy was grabbing Steve's dick so hard I thought it might rip off, and I could feel it swelling inside of me. I felt my body explode with pleasure as every nerve ending I had caught fire, giving me the ultimate climax as I accommodated eight dicks all at once. My mom had a look of proud approval on her face, and I could tell that I was living up to a standard that she no doubt felt was high.

When Steve squirted his load, he pulled out of my pussy and held my legs in place, knowing that I was hot for another dick to fill it. Ethan pulled out of my mouth while Kevin lined up to my quivering cunt and filled it up. Ethan quickly took Kevin's place in my left hand while Steve took his brother's place in my once again crammed mouth. I loved how it felt to have three cock heads trapped between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, wanting so badly for all three to spunk off so that I could swallow all three loads at once.

With Kevin back inside of me, I was treated to a fast, dirty fuck that made me feel like the ultimate cum slut that I am. He blew his load in less than two minutes, the constant squeezing of my whorish rear end too much for him to take. When he pulled out, Jimmy pulled out of my mouth and moved over to my left hand beside Ethan. Kevin eased his dick into my mouth while Nathan filled up my butt, and once again I was in heaven. While I was taking liberties with all eight cocks, my mom and dad were kissing passionately, his finger working her juicing cunt while she moaned into his mouth. When they broke their kiss, my dad engaged Kevin in a kiss, then he slipped his other finger up Kevin's butt, causing him to moan hotly into my dad's mouth.

Nathan treated me to a nearly five minute ride on his 18 year old dick before pulling out. He held my legs in place for Mike, who slipped his hard cock inside of me while my dad eased his dick out and replaced my 13 year old lover in my right hand. In the meanwhile, Nathan took my dad's place in my mouth, giving me the joy of sucking him off after such a glorious fudge packing. In the meanwhile, Mike was getting his dick wet for the first time since we left the bathroom and came back downstairs. It's always my pleasure to host his cock in my boy pussy because he knows how his girlfriend loves it, and this time was no exception. He was so considerate, treating me to a very luscious lay that made my little legs shake before he seeded my cunt.

When he pulled out, he and Matt shared a long kiss while he held my legs in place, then Matt plowed my boy cunt while Kevin pulled his dick out of my mouth and rejoined my dad in my right hand. Mike took Kevin's place in my mouth, letting me suck all of the luscious ass juice and cum from his cock that I could find while Matt serviced my pussy again. While Matt was fucking me silly, I noticed that my dad and Kevin were once again locked in a kiss, my dad's middle finger buried all the way up to the last knuckle in Kevin's rear end. Instead of fucking in and out, he was running it around in a circular motion, then wagging it to and fro as Kevin moaned. I was frantically jerking both of their cocks with my hand, loving how veiny and stiff they felt and wanting so badly for both of them to present me with their cum.

When Matt pulled out, he held my legs in place for Ethan, who lined up with my fuck hole and pushed in with one thrust, sending a powerful shudder through me. Steve pulled out of my mouth and took his brother's place in my left hand, allowing Matt to fill the available space in my mouth. My lips felt so stretched and still so swollen, and I hoped that people everywhere would be able to tell that I had been sucking dicks. I wanted everyone with a penis to know that they could dump a load of cum in me, mouth or ass, and that I would love it. While my lips were still swollen, I wanted to hurry to the park or back to the store, where my dick sucking lips would be on full display, and I could service as many cocks as I wanted.

While Ethan was running his thick, steel hard rod back and forth in my cum hole, I moaned femininely around the three dicks I was sucking, knowing that once again, I was being serviced by a true stud. I had fantasies about living naked in a house with Ethan and Steve, their cocks at my lips and in my pussy at all times. They would fill me up all day with everything I craved, and when they wanted to share me, I would simply lay back and open my legs for whomever they commanded me to sleep with. Then, when their guest needed a toilet, I would crawl under the rim chair and open wide, grateful for another brown deposit.

The constant squeezing of my boy pussy was too much for Ethan to handle, and before long, he blew his load into my twat and pulled out, holding my legs in place for Jimmy, who slipped in easily and fucked me hard while Mike pulled out of my mouth to make room for Ethan, whose dripping cock I was longing to suck on. Mike and Steve shared a kiss while I stroked them off, and I noticed right away that Steve had taken a page out of my dad's book, slipping a finger into Mike's well used boy pussy and pleasuring him while I jacked them both off. Jimmy aimed his cocklet at my prostate and proceeded to hammer it into submission while I continued to moan like a girl, so hot to be a total fairy for my eight tops.

Jimmy's fucking brought me to a quick climax, then he bred my boy snatch and pulled out, holding my legs in place for my daddy, who grinned down at me while I watched with hungry eyes, hot for him to fill me with his man cock. Matt pulled away and Joined Kevin in my right hand while I eagerly took Jimmy back in my mouth, then I felt my dad push in. My moaning got even more sissy like as I gave into my demons and surrendered to a level of femininity that I'd never been to, knowing that I was laying on my back with my dress still on, my discarded panties off to right somewhere, servicing eight cocks with my mouth, hands and pussy.

I was the ultimate sissy, I knew, and I loved it. No one else that I knew, not Jimmy, not Matt, not Mike and certainly not Steve had ever taken on so many cocks all at once. True, Jimmy was a little girl at times, too, but he had so many boyish qualities that I knew he could never achieve this level of cock servitude. That being a pussy boy on this level is reserved for fairies like me, who have estrogen coursing through their system at high levels, and who love it. Who don't try to deny being gay, but who say it loud and proud, then go out and prove it by sucking dicks in public restrooms, by taking it in the ass in the back of the 7-11 by the dumpster and by swallowing hot loads of man poop at the park. By keeping my dress on while I took three dicks in my mouth and two in each hand, all the while wanting my pooper to be used at will as a cum dump by all eight of my tops.

Thinking about my level of sissified gayness brought me to an instant climax, my little body once again shivering hard as I saw stars dance in front of me. The room was a blur as my dad fucked me for more than five minutes, and while I was in the midst of a continuous string of dry orgasms, Ethan treated me to another creamy load of cum in the mouth. I moaned joyously and swallowed, then I worked harder to try to coax a load out of Jimmy and Nathan. Right before my dad bred my open for business boy twat, Mike fired a watery load all over my heaving chest, Steve's finger still working its magic in his bottom. Just as I was watching the last of Mike's load hit my chest, my dad creamed my pussy, then he pulled out and took Ethan's place in my mouth while my 18 year old lover collapsed on the floor beside me.

While I was sucking off my dad and Jimmy, Kevin slipped back up inside of me and fucked another hot load into my twat, then he pulled out and Jimmy pulled away from my mouth, eager to suck him clean. With my pussy once again available, Steve slipped back inside of me, leaving me with a dick in my mouth, one in each hand and one in my cunt. Mike's dick was semi flaccid, but it still felt amazing to hold it while I was sucking dick and having my cunt serviced. When Steve came inside of me, Mike was on him like a slut, sucking him off while Matt fucked my eager, available boy cunt for five more minutes, then he seeded me. When he pulled out, I let my dad's dick fall from my mouth and begged him to fuck me again. He quickly met my request, pumping one last load in my cunt while I moaned like a little girl. When he pulled out of me, I sucked his dick clean while I held my legs up, ready for more back door action. Jimmy slipped back inside of me, burying his hairless little boy cock inside of me and making me moan. When he seeded me again, I sucked him clean, then he ate my boy snatch while I moaned wildly.

By the time be stopped eating me, the room was quiet. Steve was holding Matt close to him while Nathan held Jimmy tight. I had crawled into Ethan's powerful arms, wanting him to hold me while Kevin cuddled on the couch with Mike, and curiously enough, my dad. I could hear my mom working in the kitchen, preparing something that smelled spicy and meaty, but I had no idea what it was. I heard her open the oven and close it again, then she came into the living room and announced that it was time to eat again.

The cum that was drooling out of my well fucked boy pussy was warm, a stark contrast to the cold floor of the bathtub that my butt was resting on, sending a chill through me. I'd taken my place under the rim chair five minutes earlier, eager for my shift to get underway. When I first crawled in, I knew that I'd have a bit of a wait ahead of me, as all eight of my tops were still eating. Jimmy was sitting in my daddy's lap at the head of the table, being fed bites from his large bowl of chili con carne. My other tops were all eating from their own large bowls sitting at the table and digging in while I watched with a shudder. Before they started to eat, Ethan gave me some very welcoming news.

“I already have an ass load for you, Kyle,” he told me, sending a powerful shudder through me.

“I'll go upstairs and wait for you,” I told him, letting my high traffic rear end switch shamelessly from side to side beneath my dress, then I hurried up the staircase to my room, where I ditched the dress and expelled as much cum and ass juice into my hands as I could, then I slurped it all up with a satisfied sigh before rushing down the hall to the bathroom, where I looked at myself in the mirror and listened to the conversation at the table. It was mainly about the sex we'd all had, and what an amazing little cock hound I was. I heard Kevin say something about two dicks in my pussy, and once again, I felt a shiver run through me. Mike and Matt said they didn't want me to do that, and I felt a little disappointed, but then Ethan agreed with them and I instantly agreed.

As I waited under the chair, I thought about why it was that Ethan was able to sway me so easily from something that sounded like it would be so much fun. Probably because I had such a crush on him and Steve, and that I was so hot for their bodies and everything in them. Especially what I knew was only minutes away, what I was so looking forward to. The brown, stinky meal that I was craving so badly.

When Ethan walked in, he was all by himself. He didn't say a word, instead smiling down into the chair as I sat there with my watering mouth wide opened, ready to be filled. He quickly turned and sat down, his rump filling the space over my face and blocking out the light from the room. I reached up and caressed his tender rump, pulling in hard through my nose the entire time, then I saw his heels dig in to the floor of the tub. At the same time, his hole opened up and a luscious, intoxicating stink filled my nostrils. It was such a dark aroma, serving as a delicious preview of what was coming any second. I let go of a moan, and that was all I had time for.

Almost instantaneously, he filled my mouth beyond capacity with a pile of hot, massive turds that pushed in tight, packing my cheeks and forcing my lips to pooch out obscenely. They were nice and firm, their meaty texture adding to my bliss as I enjoyed the way their steam rolled into the backs of my nostrils. They were so delicious, and I wasted no time in chewing them all up with a satisfied moan.

“Mmm!” I cried out as I chewed and swallowed, eager for my next mouthful. I opened wide and was treated to a long, hot fart that blew several projectile splatters of hot poop into my face and mouth, then he sent down three more massive poop logs that pushed in one right after another in rapid succession, giving me a thrill as I chewed and swallowed my brown treat, ready for more. He gave one more push, treating me to a long, lone turd that pushed into my mouth at a slower pace than the others, but it felt amazing as the tip hit the back of my throat and it broke in two. I quickly chewed it up and swallowed, then I took to his rump and licked it clean with my toilet paper tongue. When his rear end was clean, he got up and I stayed where I was, my mouth wide opened and ready for a yellow drink. He treated me to his pee load, filling my mouth several times and finally shaking off on my tongue, then he sat back down and let me lick his rump again, this time making sure it was completely clean before he walked out without a word.

Five minutes later, Nathan walked in and sat down, once again not saying a word. I opened wide and waited patiently, and with baited breath, I watched his hole open up. He laid two long, thick turds in my mouth that I chewed and swallowed with hot moans, then I licked his crack clean while he treated me to a series of hot farts. He got up and peed into my mouth, then he took the chair again and allowed me to lick his butt clean once more. With my tongue still doing its job around his butt hole, he treated me to another hot fart that stayed with me when he got up and walked out.

Moments later, Kevin walked in and aimed his soft pecker at my opened, watering mouth. I quickly swallowed what he gave me, then he sat down and pushed four turds out that gave me chills of delight as they filled my mouth. I could tell that he was in the mood to take his time, wanting to take a nice, relaxing dump into my toilet mouth, and I was grateful to accommodate his wishes. His first turd was dark brown and creamy, exiting his anus at a deliberate pace. When it detached from his hole, I heard him end his strain by letting out a labored breath, then he sighed and patted his tummy. I was chewing up his treat, watching his hole the entire time, knowing that we were moving at his pace and loving it. When his hole started to open, I swallowed the mouthful that I was savoring and opened up, ready to accept the next one.

He laid a nice thick turd for me, its brown body so heavy and stinky as it curled up in my mouth at a slow, almost methodical pace. When it detached, he once again ended his strain with a loud, almost exaggerated sigh, and I knew that I was in for a long, enjoyable feeding. I took the time to savor his hot turd, wanting to enjoy its hot temperature and thick, meaty texture as I smashed it with my tongue against the roof of my mouth. Finally, after a minute of chewing, I swallowed just in time for him to start pushing again. I saw his butt hole expand again and grinned, knowing that I had time to take a long, enjoyable whiff before my meal was served. As always, I was in heaven as his long poop log pushed into my turd receptacle, giving me chills of delight as it glided between my swollen, dick sucking lips. I listened as his hard strain ended with the tell tale sigh of relief, then I took my time chewing and swallowing until I knew it was time again. His last turd crackled loudly and carried with it the promise of another mouthful of sheer goodness. It had a sheen of ass juice that covered its entire length, one I hadn't noticed on the three that I'd just dined on. It was a little shorter and more slender than the others, signaling the last of his poop load.

Wanting to be a good toilet, I savored my last mouthful for about 20 seconds, then I chewed and swallowed while he got up and aimed his hot pecker my way. He filled my mouth with more pee, then he sat back down and gave me full access to his brown smeared pooper. I licked it clean, wanting to do a good job for him so that he would come back when he needed to find relief. When his crack was clean, he got up and left.

Seconds later, Matt walked in and took a seat on the chair. His hole opened and he pushed out a hot trio of turds that filled my 11 year old poop repository one at a time. Their luscious stink made my head spin with pleasure, their delectable flavor causing my tummy to rumble for more. When he was done, he let me lick his butt clean, then he peed right into my mouth, giving me a yellow drink to wash my meal down with. He turned and walked out, and Steve came in right after him. He sat down on the chair, silent just like the others, and let go of a massive load of hot brown turds that forced their way into my mouth.

“Mmm,” I moaned hotly as I chewed and swallowed my brown treat. When my mouthful was down, he released another pile of juicy turds that filled my mouth to the brim, waiting while I swallowed his stinky deposit. I was so hot for him to lay another pile of turds into my mouth that I practically shoved my face up into his stinky rump, loving how it felt when all of the smeared poop rubbed into my cheeks and lips. He quickly gave me what I was after, laying a pair of long, stink laden poop logs into my toilet of a mouth, then he farted over and over while I licked his sticky rear end clean. He got up and peed in my face, then in my mouth and finally all over my hair. I didn't bat an eye though, knowing that I was there for his use, the pleasure being all mine.

When he walked out, Mike came in and unleashed his pee load into my mouth, then he turned and walked out without pooping. I barely had time to care, though, because Jimmy came in next and aimed his hairless pecker at my opened mouth, filling it to the brim, then stopping while I swallowed, then filling it again before peeing in my face again. When he was finished, he hopped onto the chair and his hole opened up, treating me to a long, lone turd that felt amazing to accept. When it was released, he stayed where he was and let me lick him clean, then he hopped up and walked out.

Moments later, my dad walked in and took his place on the chair. I could hardly believe my luck, having already taken a poop load from my daddy at night, a time when he never has to go, and now I was about to take another. Without a word, he strained and his hole opened up wide. Moments later, I was on the receiving end of a very soft load of poop that filled my turd repository up right away, causing my cheeks to bulge slightly and my lips to protrude.

“Mmm!” I moaned as I chewed and savored the delicious mouthful of hot poop my daddy had just treated me to, then I swallowed and opened wide. He filled my mouth with another soft load of poop, then he laid a long, thick turd in my mouth that smelled like dog poop. I quickly chewed and swallowed, then I licked his rump clean. He got up and peed into my mouth, then all over me, marking his territory as my daddy, then he sat back down on the chair and his hole opened back up. I watched with glee as another long turd pushed down his rectum and into my watering mouth, then he treated me to a smaller mouthful of soft poop that I moaned around before I licked his crack clean.

When he got up, he once again didn't say anything. Instead, he wagged his soft pecker over my head, shaking off several drops of pee onto my marked body, then he walked out, turning the light off as he exited.