Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 59

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Dear Reader,

Please forgive the delay in posting. I have been incredibly busy and have not been able to spend the time that I would have liked writing this story. Between school, work and hurricanes, October was a very hectic month for me.

“How does that feel, kiddo?' my dad asked as he thrust his hips forward, bringing out a loud moan from his bottom when his cock bottomed out in the tight rear end of his lover.

“It feels so good,” he called out shamelessly, gazing up at my dad's face with starry eyes while the sounds of their love making reverberated off of the walls in my parents' room. His legs were rocking back and forth in the air, the backs of his ankles resting on my dad's shoulders. His teen cock was rock hard, drooling precum at an almost constant pace, his still hairless balls pulled tight to his scrotum. Though their love making had only gone into full gear just 60 seconds earlier, it was obvious that the young bottom boy was ready to blow a load from the end of his untouched dick.

They made eye contact for a brief moment, then my dad leaned down and planted his lips to Nathan's, allowing his tongue to snake around in the teenager's mouth as their lovemaking commenced. As their kiss intensified, Nathan reached up with his hands, wrapping them around my dad's neck and letting his fingers lock as he held on for dear life, riding out the butt fucking that he'd been looking forward to all night.

On the bed beside them, I was on all fours with my tail sticking up in the air, accepting long strokes of hard cock from Ethan, who was watching the coupling beside us with a very lustful gaze. He didn't seem to be the least bit surprised that Nathan was giving it up to my dad; indeed, if anything, he seemed to be pleased that it was happening. As if he knew all along about his friend's secret desires, and the history he had with my parents. My mom didn't seemed to be fazed at all by what was happening, either. In fact, just like Ethan, she seemed to know that at some point, Nathan's rear end would be hosting the ten inch fuck stick that dangles between my dad's legs. When the coupling began, she rubbed my dad's back with encouragement while he entered his young lover, then she went down the hall to clean my bathroom again.

At the head of the bed was Kevin, who almost looked like he was awaiting his turn. His legs were wide opened, giving me unfettered access to his teen cock, which was nestled nicely in my throat. I was enjoying the feeling of being filled with hard dick at both ends, but I couldn't stop from watching while my dad bedded the boy whose dick I had pursued every single day since we first met. It was almost fitting in a way that amongst the males who topped for me, my dad would establish his dominance over all.

As Ethan drove his rod in and out of my juicing pussy, the fires of an anal orgasm started to sweep me away. At the same time, I increased the voracity with which I was blowing Kevin, wanting him to treat me to a mouthful of hot cum that I could savor and swallow. Kevin's own pleasure was being driven not only by the blow job that I was giving him, but by the soft petting that he was administering to Nathan, who responded with a grateful smile. I watched as Kevin's left hand gently stroked the dark strands of hair on Nathan's head, brushing them away from his forehead, then he caressed his friend's cheek with tenderness.

While Nathan was enjoying the gentle attention that his friend was giving him, my dad was still driving in and out of his rear end, pressing his joy button over and over again until he could hold out no longer. With a loud, horny moan, Nathan shuddered visibly and his teen cock erupted, shooting spunk all over his chest and abdomen. This caused his love tunnel to grab the entire length of my dad's stalk over and over again, sending him over the edge and causing him to pump several shots of man cream into Nathan's boy pussy. As his rear end filled up with hot sperm, Nathan let go of a loud, contented sigh, smiling up at my dad appreciatively the entire time.

Seeing this caused my own boygasm to carry me away, causing my upturned bottom to grab Ethan's rod over and over again while my entire body erupted with ecstasy. I was moaning hotly around Kevin's dick, the vibrations in my throat giving him an extra thrill as I did. Finally, Ethan could hold out no longer and buried his rod all the way up my poop-chute, then he filled my boy cunt with a hot flood of his teen spunk. I moaned sissily as I felt him spunking off inside of me, then I used the muscles in my throat to work even harder for Kevin's teen load. Less than a minute later, before Ethan had time to recover and pull out of my clutching, climaxing rear end, Kevin was unloading down my throat, filling my tummy with a very generous load of boy sperm.

When Kevin pulled out of my mouth, Ethan did the same, allowing me to spin around quickly and take him into my mouth. While I was sucking my top off, I heard the sounds of passionate kissing beside me and above me. I knew that it wasn't Jimmy, Matt, Mike or Steve, because they were down the hall in my room, engaged in their own foursome. I let my eyes drift up and caught the site of my dad and Ethan engaged in a passionate lip lock. I let my eyes drift over to my left and saw Nathan and Kevin making out on the bed beside us. I eagerly rolled my hips around, anxious for more back door action, then I felt my dad's semi hard cock tickle my hole and knew that I was going to have to wait.

It was close to 11pm, and the action had been hot and heavy all evening. My last feeding had been nearly two hours earlier, and I was hot for another, but I also understood that I had to be patient. My mom and dad were doing all that they could to see to it that I would able to enjoy another brown meal, but that in the meanwhile, there was still plenty of fun to be had.

Two hours earlier, when the light came back on in the bathroom, I could here the familiar sounds of my mom's light footsteps approaching the rim seat. She smiled lovingly down into the chair and gushed when she saw me grinning up at her, my cherubic face smeared with dark poop, my teeth a muddy brown and my tongue stained with the essence of the many turds that had been released into my mouth. The backs of my little hands were splotched with butt fudge and my hair was dripping with pee, sending a very pleasant trickle down my spine and into the valley of my crevice. My tummy was churning hard with the multiple poop loads that I'd swallowed, almost as if I had been administered the same laxatives that my feeders were given.

She lifted the chair and moved it over, allowing me to stand up and crack my joints, then she got into the tub and replaced the chair before crawling underneath, her mouth practically watering in anticipation of the load that I had in my bowels. I smiled down at her, almost naughtily, then I took my spot on the chair and placed the bottoms of my feet against the side of the tub for leverage. I felt her hands caressing my still damp butt cheeks, then she parted them and I felt her breath tickle my well fucked hole.

“Are you ready, mama?” I asked innocently, and she responded with a loud, almost animalistic growl. I felt her tongue dig into my poop-chute, causing me to moan hotly, then I felt a wave of gastric pressure wash over me, prompting me to push. I let go of a loud, gassy fart that I could hear blow directly into her mouth, then I pushed again and unleashed a torrent of hot, soft turds that pushed out at an almost uncontrollable pace. When I stopped pushing, I realized that I didn't feel any heaped up boy poop in my crack, so I hopped up and looked down into the chair, where my mom was negotiating a stinky mouthful of my butt fudge with an intense look of pleasure on her face. Her entire mouth had been inundated with turds, and she was chewing and swallowing with a sense of purpose between hot moans.

When she spotted me looking down into the chair, she smiled up at me gratefully, then she swallowed everything that she had in her mouth with a satisfied sigh. I pointed my hard, hairless little dick into her opened mouth and released a stream of pee that she swallowed almost effortlessly, only letting a few dribbles get away from her. When my pee load was down, she gave me a hopeful, hungry gaze that prompted me to hop back onto the chair and feed her again. I once again placed my feet against the side of the tub for leverage, then I filled her mouth with a trio of long, thick turds that smelled so sharp that my own poop smeared mouth started to water. When she had those down, I released a series of hot, delicious smelling farts into her hungry mouth, then I strained and fed her one final turd that she savored for a while before swallowing.

When she came out from beneath the chair, we got out of the tub and stood in front of the mirror. I took note of the fact that she'd managed to keep her face relatively clean, with only a few errant smears coloring her mouth while my entire face was smeared. I smiled proudly at the reflection in the mirror, knowing that I was the little poop eater that my mom had always hoped I would be. I wanted to make her proud by eating as many loads of hot poop as I could, then unloading the resulting butt load into her mouth so that she could experience the Nirvana of my feedings for herself. She leaned down and kissed the top of my head, prompting me to lean my head back and grin up at her. Her maternal glow was powerful as she leaned back down and planted a kiss on my lips, then she held her nose to my face and took an extended whiff that made her shudder with delight.

“I love you, mommy,” I told her, and she gushed.

“I love you too, baby,” she said, reaching down to grab me under my arms so that she could pick me up. When I was in her protective embrace, I rested my head on her shoulder and looked in the mirror again, knowing that my night of poop eating was far from over. Through the opened bathroom door, I could hear all eight of my feeders at the table, the sound of silverware scraping against plates very evident. It sounded like Jimmy was moaning around a dick, and I was sure that he was probably under the table giving head. I knew that he was in heaven, giving multiple blow jobs and riding cocks at will. He had spent a lot of time under the rim seat, too, and something told me that he'd be back.

My mom planted a kiss on my cheek, then she carried me down the hall to her bathroom, where we got in the shower and cleaned up. While we were in there, she washed me lovingly, then she had me stand under the spray and rinse off completely. When we were both clean, she bent me over and ate at my back door for five luscious minutes, causing us both to moan wildly the entire time. When she pulled her tongue away from my boy pussy, she finger fucked me to a fast orgasm while she finished herself off at the same time, then we got out and brushed our teeth.

When our breath was fresh and clean, she took me to my room and laid me down on my bed, then she dressed me in a pair of boy undies and a tee shirt. While I was laying on the bed with my legs up, I spotted two pairs of white underwear belonging to Matt and Mike laying amongst the disheveled bed linen I reached over and grabbed both pairs, holding them up and examining the seats closely for poop stains. Much to my delight, there were dark stains coloring both pairs, so I held them to my nose and sniffed with a naughty grin while my mom smiled down at me maternally. She slid my undies over my feet and pulled them down, then she used her hands to support my bottom, lifting it up so that she could pull them onto my hips. When they were on, she let me enjoy the sweet, stinky aroma of my lovers' undies for a little longer, then she took them away and pulled my shirt on.

When I was dressed, she held both pairs of undies under my nose again, allowing me to enjoy their luscious aroma before she carried me downstairs, where my suspicions were confirmed. All of my tops except for Jimmy were digging into plates of food, talking about the action that had taken place, and curiously, the action that would be taking place when their meal was over. In the meanwhile, Jimmy was under the table, sucking Kevin's dick with horny moans and blissful whimpers. Every once in a while, Kevin would draw in a sharp breath through his teeth, signaling that he was on the edge. This only seemed to encourage Jimmy to suck more vigorously, his need to swallow another hot load of cum still very clear.

Before wrapping his lips around Kevin's dick, Jimmy had already given blow jobs to my dad and Nathan from under the table, and was on pace to get a mouthful of cum from everyone else. When he was through blowing Kevin, it seemed, he would have to move on to either Mike or Ethan, as they were seated right beside Kevin in the same seat. Mike had a comfortable spot in Ethan's lap, his small hands groping the 18 year old's dick shamelessly. They were both finding pleasure in his act of manual sex, but they weren't the only ones. Right beside them were Matt and Steve, who were by now an official item. Matt was snuggled in his lover's embrace, his own fingers grabbing Steve's package in hopes of another session of anal sex.

One thing that caught my eye was how close my dad and Nathan were sitting. In fact, if I hadn't known better, I would have sworn that they were sharing a chair. Nathan was being very affectionate towards my dad, and they were making eyes at each other. At one point, Nathan even nuzzled his head into my dad's shoulder while Ethan and Kevin talked about split roasting Jimmy and I again. The sexual charge in the air was very strong, even more powerful than it had been earlier, when I was servicing all eight cocks at once. Somehow, I knew, I was still in for a long night of sex, and just as important, poop eating.

My mom pulled a chair out on the other side of my dad, then she cradled me in her arms before taking a seat. As soon as she was comfortable, she offered me her exposed, fully engorged right breast to nurse from. I quickly latched on and started to nurse, momentarily blocking out everything and everyone else in the room while I shared a special bonding moment with my mom. As her warm milk flowed into my tummy, she started to hum quietly and rock me gently to and fro. We shared a warm, loving smile, then I closed my eyes and let the warmth of my mommy's love envelop me as the conversation carried on all around me.

“That's the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen,” I heard Kevin gush as my mom ran her fingers through my brown locks. “Kyle's like a baby right now, but other times, he's the horniest little kid ever.”

“He's always my baby,” my mom told him in a soft, maternal tone. “He has very special needs, though. His daddy and I know what he needs and we want to make sure that he always gets it.”

“Wow, you guys are the best parents ever,” Ethan observed. “I think my mom and dad would go bat shit crazy if they knew what Steve and I were doing.”

“Well, not everyone understands,” my mom said cryptically, then I felt two of her fingers digging into my moist boy pussy. “But Mr. Smith and I do, and we want our baby boys to feel good. Kyle and Jimmy are little cock hounds, and we want them to get as much as they need.”

“Do you nurse Kyle every day?” I heard Steve ask, and my mom nodded her reply with a warm smile, her fingers now lodged deep inside of my quivering twat.

“He loves it when his mommy feeds him that way,” my dad said affectionately, rubbing my mom's back with the flat of his opened palm. “He's a very special baby boy with very special needs.”

“Does Kyle ever eat regular food?” Nathan asked, his head still nuzzled into my dad's shoulder. My dad grinned down at him, then he planted an almost paternal kiss on his lips before answering.

“Sure he does, buddy,” my dad said. “Although it's not always easy to get him to eat his vegetables.”

“You mean he doesn't like the taste?” Mike asked incredulously, and my dad nodded with a knowing smile. “I wonder why. He loves eating poop and drinking pee. Doesn't that taste worse than vegetables?”

“No, it tastes good” I heard Jimmy answer from beneath the table, letting go of a slurp when he pulled his mouth off of the end of Kevin's knob. Almost instantly, I heard him let go of a series of mews as soft sucking sounds resumed, and I knew that he was back at it.

“Has Kyle always been a shit lover?” Ethan asked, and I nodded around my mom's nursing teat.

“He's always had a thing for it,” my dad said. “He started filling his pants with shit when he was eight, just so he could smell it and sit in it. He even smeared it all over himself if we didn't know he had a load in his pants. He just loved it so much.”

“That's crazy,” Ethan exclaimed. “It's so hot that he eats it from other dudes butts. It's like he never gets enough, no matter how much he gets.”

“I don't think he does,” my mom observed, and I shook my head no to affirm that she was right. “How many times do you think he's had someone squat over his face and feed him today?”

“I don't know, maybe 40?” Nathan guessed, and my mom shook her head no.

“Keep going,” she advised him with a proud smile. “My baby's insatiable.”

“Is it 50?” Nathan asked hesitantly, and she nodded.

“It's somewhere in that range,” she said knowingly, still rocking me to and fro. “If he has his way, it'll be 50 more between now and when he finally falls asleep.”

I nodded with a horny moan, by now sucking furiously as the sweet milk from my mom's breast flowed into my tummy, giving me a warm, secure feeling of safety as my feeders shifted the topic to the night that lay ahead.

“He wants it bad, doesn't he?” Matt observed, and once again, I nodded.

“Yes he does, sweetie,” my mom said lovingly. “What about you? Are you getting enough cock tonight?”

“Sorta,” Matt said. “I want to have sex with everyone again and I want to do something else.”

“Something else?' she asked, and he nodded with a deep red blush. “What's that, honey?”

“I want to try the thing that Kyle did on the floor,” he admitted. “I want to jack off everyone in the room and give head and take it in the butt all at the same time.”

“Do you think you're ready for that, buddy?” my dad asked with concern. “You're still kind of new to this. Daddy doesn't want to see you get hurt. Maybe you should take your time.”

“I just want to try,” Matt said quietly, still blushing deeply. “When do you think I'll be ready, daddy?”

“Soon enough, little cock hound,” my dad said affectionately. “I think you should get some practice in tonight, but take it easy on yourself. Kyle has a lot of practice at this. He's been at it for a lot longer than you have.”

“I want to try it, too,” Mike admitted from his spot in Ethan's lap, then he opened his legs so that they were hanging over each of his lover's thighs. I saw him raise up slowly, then he lowered himself and sighed contentedly, telling me that his rear end was now filled with the hard cock he craved.

“Does that feel better, sweetie?” my mom asked, and Mike nodded. “Maybe you should ride it up and down for a little bit. I bet that would be nice for both of you.”

With that, he began a slow ride, up and down on his lover's hard dick. Ethan responded to the stimulation by planting a kiss on Mike's soft cheek, then he rested his hands on Mike's shoulders and let his little lover do all of the work. Each time Mike rode upward, the tip of his hard boy cock came into view over the edge of the table, then he would go down and it would disappear. With each up and down motion, Mike was letting go of soft moans, his smile giving away the intense pleasure that was coursing through his 13 year old body.

Right beside him, Matt was absentmindedly stroking Steve's dick with his hand, his own lustful smile on display almost lewdly. To my left, my dad was being rewarded for his tenderness toward Nathan with what can only be called an expert hand job. Nathan's left hand was wrapped tightly around my dad's massive shaft, moving up and down with steady, sensual strokes that seemed to be driven by lust and something more in Nathan's eyes. The look on his face was one of reclamation, as if he were greeting a long, lost friend or being reunited with a favorite toy. Each time that he and my dad kissed, the looks they shared told a very naughty story that we could all read. And even though we were all thinking it, I know, my mom was the only one to verbalize what was happening at the moment.

“How is that, honey?” she asked Nathan, who gave her a grateful smile. “I can tell you missed it.”

“Yeah,” he confessed in a small voice. “It feels good, just like it used to.”

“I'm glad to hear that, little buddy,” my dad said tenderly, speaking to the 18 year old as if he were a little kid like me and Jimmy, or Mike and Matt. “You know, I missed seeing you, too. You were such a special little lover. I'm really glad you're taking care of my son's bottom. He tells me that you're doing a good job.”

“Well, I had a good teacher,” he said, then he blushed deeply and looked around the room as if he were gauging Ethan's and Kevin's reactions. Neither of them seemed to bat an eye, though, as they were both busy having their dicks serviced by their respective cock hounds. Steve and Matt offered Nathan a knowing, almost loving smile, and I simply let go of a moan as thoughts of a younger, smaller and more vulnerable Nathan bending over for my dad filled my imagination. What I heard next, though, nearly caused me to climax on the spot.

“Would you like to spend the night with me tonight, little buddy?”

“Okay, daddy,” Nathan said in an almost childlike tone with no hesitation or shame in his voice. “I'd like that.”

“I know you would, baby,” my dad said softly. “As soon as I figured out that it was you fucking my little boy, I've been thinking about seeing you again. I bet that ass is just as tight as it was the last time I was in there.”

With that, Nathan rested his head back down on my dad's shoulder and closed his eyes with a dreamy smile, his mind racing with thoughts of bottoming for my dad again. At the same time, Kevin groaned loudly and filled Jimmy's sucking mouth with hot cum, giving my little boyfriend the thrill of swallowing another cum load. As the hot sperm rolled down his throat, he shuddered with pleasure, then he crawled on his hands and knees to Matt and Steve for more. He used his mouth to service Steve's cock while he used his hand to jerk Matt off and play with their balls. When he received a mouthful of spunk from Steve, he opened wide and pointed Matt's cum firing cock at his forehead, anxious to have his face covered with hot cum shots.

“Tell us all how you want it, baby,” my mom encouraged me, prompting me to lick my lips before I confessed my dirty fantasies to my roomful of feeders.

“I want everyone to use me like they did before,” I said, looking up at her. “I want them to come in the bathroom and sit down and poop for a long time. I don't want them to hurry up because I want them to be comfortable and give me all of their turds.”

“Do you hear that, boys?” my dad asked with a warm smile. “He wants all of us to take a nice, relaxing shit. Are you all up for it?”

“I am,” Ethan declared, and I moaned hotly.

“So am I,” Mike said. “I really have to go a lot.”

“I have to go really bad, too,” Kevin said, looking at me with hungry eyes.

“How about you, baby boy?” my dad asked Jimmy, who nodded with a very naughty grin.

Matt and Steve were both watching me with lustful expressions, and I could read it in their eyes. They were both hot to unload a pile of hot turds into my mouth, and I was looking forward to it so much. I felt my mom rub my back, then she pulled my tee shirt off, leaving me in just my boy undies, which were damp with cum and ass juice in the back. My hard little boy pecker was straining against the pouch in the front, my horniness at an almost fever pitch as I contemplated the guarantee that eight feeders were about to fill my rumbling tummy with the brown, stinky meal that I was craving so badly.

“Are you going to leave these on?” my mom asked, reaching down into the back of my undies and caressing my moist poop-chute. I bit my lower lip and nodded up at her, eager to take every load while wearing my underwear, knowing that it was inevitable that they were be dirtied by the many turds that would be released over my face. My mom gave me an approving smile, then she pulled her fingers out of the seat of my undies and used them to feel my boy boner.

“I can tell that you're looking forward to getting under the chair, sweetie,” she said, giving my little cocklet a firm squeeze. “Why don't you get up there so you can get started?”

“Okay, mama,” I said with a husky voice, then she scooted me out of her lap. I made a beeline for the bathroom, where once again, a clean smell was present. The tub was white again, as if nothing had happened, and the rim chair was clean and dry. I grinned as I crawled beneath the chair, listening with bated breath as Mike asked to be the first to go. His voice had a sense of urgency to it that added to my excitement, knowing that he would find relief in the toilet that my mouth had become.

Less than a minute later, he entered the bathroom and hopped onto the chair. His cheeks parted and I caught site of his well used little boy hole. It was red and slightly swollen, but it didn't look near as used as I thought it would. It had been nearly 45 minutes since his last fudge packing, but I knew that he'd given a couple of blow jobs in the meanwhile. I also noted that his cheeks seemed to have a red tinge to them as well, most likely from the constant grabbing from Ethan and Kevin while he sucked them off.

I saw the backs of his legs stiffen, then I heard him push. I opened wide and lined my mouth up with his hole, which was starting to expand. All around me, the smell of clean air that had been present was suddenly replaced by a dark, stinky aroma that made my mouth water hard. I heard a moist crackle carry into my ears at the exact moment that the dark head of a thick turd came into view, causing me to moan loudly. A split second later, I was shaking with joy as it pushed between my lips and into my mouth with force. It had a soft, meaty texture and a moist sheen of ass juice all over. As it bullied its way in, I felt it curve to the right and push into my cheek, causing it to bulge as the turd continued to grow in size, occupying all of the space in my slutty mouth. When it was released, I moaned hotly, loving the way its intense heat and delicious flavor overwhelmed my senses with pleasure.

I quickly chewed and swallowed, then I opened wide, eager for my next mouthful. I watched Mike grab his dick and aim it down toward my opened mouth, then I saw his thighs stiffen again. His hole opened back up and a trio of long, thick poop logs filled my mouth while at the same time, he released a powerful surge of hot pee all over my face and into my mouth from his seated position. His pee was splashing against the turds that he was pushing into my mouth, and I realized that I was experiencing the joy of being a real toilet, used the way a toilet is supposed to be used. My feeder was releasing his hot load of poop while at the same time, letting his pee go because that was what he would do if he were using the toilet at home.

I moaned loudly and decided that from that point on, that was how I wanted to be used. I loved having my mouth filled simultaneously with hot turds and fresh pee, and I wanted it every time. I knew that it was a way for my feeders to relax and enjoy taking a long, satisfying dump, but at the same time, it was a way for me to reach the heights of ecstasy as a toilet. When his flow of pee subsided, he released several more shots right into my mouth that I worked to catch while I chewed and swallowed the turds he had gifted me. He laid two more tasty turds in my eager mouth, then he sat still while I licked his butt clean with my toilet paper tongue.

Before he got up, he treated me to a long, hot fart that blew directly into my mouth, then he got up and smiled down at me before he walked out. Almost immediately, Ethan came in and I let go of a horny moan. I wanted to tell him to pee in my mouth while he was sitting down but it's never my place to do that. I'm the toilet and he's my feeder, and no matter how he uses me, the pleasure is all mine. Ethan grinned down into the chair at me, no doubt taking note of my smeared face and my wet head, wet chest and wet undies. I grinned up at him appreciatively and opened wide, wanting him to know that I was ready for use. He responded by taking his place on the throne above me, his cute buns parting on their own as he did.

I wasted no time getting into position, opening wide and sealing my poop smeared lips around his hole. With very little effort, he forced a pile of hot turds into my mouth that made my boy pussy tremble with pleasure. Their stink was incredible, so dark and luscious, while the taste was sheer heaven. I was moaning with uncontrollable pleasure as I chewed and swallowed, the entire time reaching up and caressing his smelly cheeks with appreciation. When my mouthful was down, I used my tongue to lick away thick ribbons of boy poop that had heaped up into his crack, then I reached out and grabbed his thick member, pointing the tip at my opened, watering mouth. He opened his legs and looked down between them, gawking the entire time. As if a light bulb suddenly came on over his head, it dawned on him what I wanted and he grinned his approval.

Seconds later, his dick unleashed a torrent of hot pee that filled my mouth with uncontrollable speed. At the same time, I was swallowing as fast as I could, wanting to keep up, but it was no use. As my mouth was starting to overflow, his hole opened up and I was treated to a pair of long, hot turds that landed in my full mouth, forcing me to swallow all of the pee that I could while the rest turned brown and overflowed, running down my torso and into my white undies. At the same time, as if I had no control over my own body, I let go with a stream of hot pee that I didn't even realize was waiting in my bladder, soaking my underwear completely.

I was in heaven as I chewed and swallowed the luscious concoction of poop and pee that I was enjoying so much. When it was down, I opened wide and let him push out another long, thick turd that coiled tightly in the confines of my mouth, then I chewed it up with more hot moans as my pleasure continued to build. When it was down, he farted a few times, then he laid a nice, dark turd in my mouth that was so tasty and so stinky that I felt my boy pussy throb with passion as I chewed it up. When I started to swallow, my boygasm erupted and I ground my wet bottom around in the tub over and over again as the thick, meaty meal I was enjoying moved down my throat to my tummy.

When it was over, he gave another push, treating me to a short turd that signified the end of his load, then he let me lick his rump clean. When he got up, he smiled back down into the chair and nodded, then he walked out and announced, “He wants us to shit and piss in his mouth at the same time.”

I moaned hotly at his proclamation, then I watched with anticipation as Nathan walked in and closed the door. He quickly took his place on the chair above my opened mouth and aimed his soft dick at my face. When his hole opened up, I was treated to a stream of pee that splashed into my lips and coursed into my mouth just as his poop log made its initial descent into my 11 year old turd receptacle of a mouth. I felt a jolt of pleasure course through my little body as Nathan used me for his relief, while at the same time, making a dual deposit into me. His yellow elixir flowing so freely between my lips while his brown, stinky turd landed on my tongue, giving me chills of delight as it broke in two when the tip hit the roof of my mouth, then the remainder bullied its way in.

“Mmm!” I practically howled when his turd detached from his anus, then three strong shots of pee hit it while it sat steaming in my mouth. I waited for Nathan's prick to stop dribbling bladder juice, then I chewed my stink laden gift with a horny moan before swallowing like a good toilet. When it was down, I opened wide and watched as his hole pooched out, then it opened again.

I had to suppress a moan while my mouth was filling with his second offering, which came in the form of two moist turds that he took his time releasing. The first one exited at a deliberate pace, crackling loudly the entire time. As it pushed between my lips, I could feel its creamy exterior smearing them with its brown fudge. It was lined with nuts and carried with it the same rich, intoxicating stink and delicious flavor that his initial turd had. As it drifted into my nostrils, I felt my boy hole flex and a spurt of ass juice shot out, landing in the seat of my already wet undies.

As soon as the turd detached from his anus, his hole opened back up and much to my delight, the second turd started to emerge with the same deliberate pace as the first. Even with my mouth wide opened and already accommodating a long, thick turd, I grinned hard as I welcomed the additional boy poop. I was so hot to be Nathan's toilet slave that I didn't care if I was there all night, waiting while he slowly released turd after meaty turd into my mouth. I felt my boy pussy throb again, then it began to pulsate over and over as the loud crackle of Nathan's poop log filled my ears. When my long, dark treat was finally ready to be enjoyed, I chewed it up with a whimper.

I could feel the familiar burn of an anal orgasm swelling deep inside of me, and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I reached the heights of little boy ecstasy again. In fact, as I gulped down my stinky mouthful of boy fudge, I realized that I was teetering on the edge. So when his hole opened up and he laid another long, thick turd in my poop repository of a mouth, I felt my entire body start to shiver with passion and another boygasm swallowed me whole. I could barely concentrate on chewing and swallowing, but wanting to be a good toilet, I did my best, knowing that my reward for doing so would be the remaining butt fudge that Nathan had for me, as well as the turds of my remaining five feeders.

When it was down, Nathan treated me to another creamy turd, then he released several farts while I licked his rump clean. When he got up and walked out, I inhaled deeply, loving the aroma of all of the butt fudge that I'd enjoyed so far, knowing that my next feeder was on his way. Much to my delight, Matt walked in and sat down over my face. I opened wide and watched with glee as a hot, massive load erupted from his rear end, forcing its way into my mouth and causing my cheeks to bulge tightly. I let go of a horny moan that was muffled by my moist, stinky mouthful of loose boy poop, then I started to smash it with my tongue and swallow while Matt aimed his pecker at my face, just like I hoped he would. My mouthful of poop was halfway down when his stream started to flow, so I positioned my mouth and caught the majority of it, loving how it felt to once again have a mouthful of pee and poop, then I swallowed with another moan.

With his stream still moderately flowing, his hole pooched out and I quickly repositioned my mouth so that he could poop into it. He pushed out a pile of hot, spicy turds that fell straight from his hole into my mouth, building up nicely on my tongue before they stopped, then some more pee dribbled into my mouth. When it stopped, I inhaled deeply while I savored the taste of my meal, loving the way its steam rolled into the backs of my nostrils, then I chewed and swallowed so that I could experience the joy of another mouthful of turds. I was pleasantly surprised when he pointed his pecker at my face and released several strong shots of pee, then his moist hole began to expand again. I sealed my lips around it and moaned as the body of a long, thick turd took shape in my mouth, making me shudder with pleasure. It was so stinky and delicious, just like all of the others, and I was hot to chew it up and swallow it. When it was down, he farted again, then he strained and treated me to the last of his load, another loose pile of boy turds that I swallowed without delay.

When he was done, I used my scratchy tongue to lick his crack clean, then I paid special attention to his hole, wanting to show my gratitude for his patronage at my turd repository.

When he walked out, Jimmy came in and sat down on the chair. He quickly released a series of hot turds that pushed into my mouth all at once, curling up like dog poop as they pushed in, then he let go of a loud fart that blew right into his brown gift. I quickly chewed and swallowed the stinky, delicious meal, then watched with glee as his hole opened again. I was so focused on the contents of his butt that I didn't see him aim his little boy pecker at my mouth until his stream hit the end of my nose. At the same time, he released two medium sized turds that dropped into my poop receptacle, then he finished peeing in my face and my opened mouth. When his stream weakened, he stopped and looked down into the chair as I chewed and swallowed with a hard grin.

When my mouthful was down, he released another weak stream of pee that hit me in the face, then he placed his little feet against the edge of the tub for leverage. I let go of a horny moan, then I sealed my lips around his chute and closed my eyes, anxious for a brown meal to savor. Seconds later, I was negotiating a mouthful of dark boy fudge that was both stinky and delicious. While I was still chewing, a lone, slender turd started to emerge, so I stopped chewing and accepted it, loving how it felt to feel it push into the mouthful that I had already chewed up. When it was released from his hole, I inhaled the lovely aroma of his gassy farts while I chewed and swallowed my brown meal, then I licked his butt clean, wondering when he would ask for a shift under the chair. I was hoping that he would let me stay there and be the lone turd receptacle for the evening, but knowing my poop loving little boyfriend the way that I do, I knew that it wasn't likely.

When Jimmy got up, he grinned down and me and said, “I love you, Kyle.”

“I love you too, baby,” I smiled up at him, then I watched him walk out as Steve walked in and closed the door again.

I moaned with a naughty grin as he took his place on the chair, then I opened wide and waited for him to lay a pile of hot turds for me. When his buns parted, I took the opportunity to sniff his brown eye while it expanded, then I sealed my lips around it and felt a powerful thrust of heat circulate in my mouth. A split second later, I got my wish as three long, heavy turds were laid in my mouth, one right after the other. The first one pushed out swiftly, landing on my tongue then zigzagging from right to left as it filled my mouth. When it detached from his hole, I felt the entire mass fall over, leaning against my right cheek as he started to lay the second turd, which simply pushed into the mass that was already in my mouth with force. It broke twice as it pushed in with force, the first time when the tip hit the back of my mouth, then again when it started to curve and the new tip caught the bottom row of my teeth. It all happened so fast that I barely had time to enjoy the dark, heavenly stink and delicious taste that was overwhelming my senses when the third one glided in, taking the shape of a long horseshoe as it pushed through the two turds that were already resting there with authority. When it detached, I inhaled again, feeling a powerful throbbing in my pussy that came out of nowhere but was now sending long shivers up my spine and down my legs, which were quivering hard as I smashed and savored my mouthful.

“Ah, that feels better,” I heard Steve say to himself, then he patted his tummy. I quickly swallowed my stinky gift, then I opened wide and waited while he pushed again, using an exaggerated strain as he dug his toes into the floor of the bathtub. I opened wide and moaned as another trio of thick turds filled my toilet mouth. At the same time, I felt a splash of hot pee hit my chest and realized that Steve was marking his territory while using me for his relief. The three turds he deposited into my toilet mouth came out with so much speed and certainty that I didn't have time to use my tongue to move them around before the last one was released, then he aimed his pee firing cock at my mouth and helped me wash down my stinky mouthful. When it was all down, he once again let go of an exaggerated sigh of relief, then his hole opened back up. He laid two more turds for me, both of them nice and firm with the same luscious stink as the others. Chewing them up added to my pleasure, and I was sure that another boygasm wasn't very far off. I swallowed the meaty treat that I was loving so much, then I opened up and watched with fever pitched anticipation as another duo of poop logs filled my slutty mouth. I was bursting with pleasure as they dropped into my mouth, one right after the other, and as I used my tongue to smash the brown treats, I felt an explosion rock my little body as the room went hazy and I moaned uncontrollably. When everything came back into focus, I quickly chewed my gift, then I licked Steve's delicious crack clean, pulling in thick heaps of poop with my toilet paper tongue.

When Kevin came in, I moaned loudly all over again, thinking back on what he said at the table. I knew that he had a full load for me, and I was hot for him to feed me all of his hot turds one at a time. I wanted him to take his time with me, to poop and pee at his pace while I accepted it all without rushing him. Like I wanted him to let me know in his own special way that he was taking an enjoyable, relaxing dump in my mouth, and that he was comfortable the entire time.

When he sat down, the first thing he did was aim his pecker at my opened mouth. I couldn't help but lick my lips, then I watched with eagerness as his pee started to fountain out. As if he had been practicing, his pee stream arched slightly, just missing the bottom of the chair, and landed directly into my mouth. He wasn't going hard so it was easy for me to keep up and not lose any at first, then his stream weakened and I realized why. His heels came up off of the floor of the tub and he dug his toes in, then his calve muscles flexed and his hole opened.

I stayed where I was, knowing that I was in the perfect position to service my feeder, and was rewarded with a dark, thick turd that pushed out of his hole and landed right in my mouth, where his pee fountain was still filling me up. When his poop log made contact with my tongue, the first thing I noticed was the dark, intoxicating aroma, then I heard his stream hit the turd and felt the resulting splash against my lips and chin. Without moving, I moaned quietly, loving how it felt to once again have a mouthful of hot pee while a dark, thick turd flavored it so perfectly. When his pee stream stopped, I felt several powerful shots hit my cheek, then Kevin giggled and they stopped completely.

I quickly chewed and swallowed, wanting badly for Kevin to have an empty place to make his stinky deposit. When I had the luscious poop log down, I opened wide and waited while Kevin laid two long, hot turds that were nice and meaty. As they filled my welcoming turd repository, I used my tongue to smash them up, desperate for their rich flavor to permeate my taste buds. By the time he was done pushing them out, I had already macerated much of his offering, turning it into a gooey, stinky mass that gave me nothing but pleasure as I chewed and swallowed with hot moans. When it was down, I opened wide and watched as Kevin let go of another pair of hot, stink laden turds, then he treated me to a long, gassy fart that added to my bliss as I chewed my delicious meal up and swallowed. His final gift was a lone, medium sized turd that was lined with nuts and tasted so good that I found myself hot for more. When I finally had it down, I licked his heavily poop smeared crack clean, then I stayed where I was and let him fart in my face a few more times, wanting him to feel total relief before getting up and leaving.

“I really need to drop another load of turds, Mr. Smith” I heard Ethan say almost desperately from the hallway, then I heard my dad's reply.

“Go ahead, buddy. I know Kyle's going to love that.”

I started to moan right away, feeling a shudder run through me when Ethan came in and closed the door, taking a seat on the chair above me. He ignored my horny moans and got comfortable, so I quickly collected myself and formed a tight seal around his poop-chute with my lips. I inhaled deeply, wanting to enjoy his pleasurable fragrance all the time, then I felt his hole expand. As his hole started to grow between my lips, I felt the moist tip of a turd starting to emerge, then the sound of a juicy fart carried into my ears and a pile of massive turds filled my mouth right away. They were incredibly moist and stinky, packing my mouth so tightly that my cheeks bulged and my lips protruded almost obscenely around the tip of a long, thick turd.

“Mmm!” I moaned loudly, using my tongue to negotiate the delicious mound of turds that Ethan had just treated me to. I reached up with my hands and caressed his smooth cheeks, wanting him to know how much I loved being his toilet. While I was chewing and swallowing my stinky gift, my boy pussy was flowing ass juice so heavily that I thought there might be a small puddle of it in the seat of my pee soaked undies. When it was down, I opened wide and watched while Ethan's hole expanded, then I practically rubbed my hands together and sealed my lips around his entrance. Much to my delight, he laid another mound of turds in my mouth that sent a shiver through me as I used my tongue to savor their luscious taste and my nose to enjoy their rich stink. When they were down, he pushed again and sent a couple of errant turds down his chute, accompanied by a few gassy farts, then he sat still while I licked his smelly crack clean.

When he got up, my daddy came in and grinned down into the chair at me. I was covered in pee and poop, my face so smeared that it looked like I had war paint all over. Ethan hadn't peed at all, so my teeth were thick with his boy poop, and my soaked undies were stained both yellow and brown. I noticed that he had a newspaper under his arm, and I realized that he had come in to sit down and relax. I moaned hotly when he pulled the paper out from under his arm and took a seat, then he opened it up to the sports section and started to read while I waited for my gift.

Very slowly, his hole started to open up, then the head of a soft, brown turd came into view. I started to moan again, taking long, hard sniffs as it slowly emerge from his hole, then it picked up speed and exited rapidly, growing to an impressive seven inches before detaching from his hole and coming to a safe landing in my mouth. I eagerly chewed and swallowed, watching his dangling cock the entire time, wanting so badly for him to aim it my way and enhance my stinky meal. I heard him turn the page of the paper, then the backs of his legs tightened and his hole opened again. This time he laid a nice, stinky turd that had a moist sheen of ass juice all over it. As it was filling my mouth, I was still pulling in hard through my nose, knowing that I was living my dream as a high traffic public toilet, a place where boys and men of all walks of life could find relief. When his delicious turd detached, I gave off another long moan and started to smash it with my tongue, then I watched him grab his dick and aim it into my mouth. I stopped chewing, eager to have him fill my mouth with pee while I was still accommodating his dark, delicious turd, then I got my wish as his forceful pee stream filled my mouth, giving me chills of delight as I swallowed the soupy concoction of butt fudge and pee. When he was done peeing, he released a few farts that smelled and tasted heavenly as they blew into my mouth, and I wondered to myself what it was that my mom fed everyone to give them so much delicious gas and so many tasty turds. Whatever it was, I knew, I wanted her to keep serving it all night long.

I heard my daddy turn the page of his paper again, then he strained hard, and once more, he laid a nice, long turd into my watering mouth. I heard him strain again, but there was nothing forthcoming but a little more gas, so I savored my mouthful before swallowing, then I used my toilet paper tongue to lick his crack clean. When his rear end was clean, he stayed where he was, reading the paper a little longer, occasionally blowing hot farts into my mouth, then he folded the paper back up and got up. He smiled down into the rim chair and nodded at me with approval, then he opened the door and made an announcement.

“If anyone else has to go, I'm done.”

I heard a set of footsteps coming down the hall, and felt a shudder run through me when Matt walked back in. He took a seat on the chair and farted repeatedly, then he released a long, hot turd that curled up nicely in my mouth. When he was done, he stayed where he was while I licked his rump clean. I saw his legs flex and assumed that he was getting up, but instead, he bore down and laid two more turds into my mouth, one at a time. They both curled up tight, just like the first one, and they bore the delicious taste and dark aroma of all of the other turds he'd gifted me earlier in the night.

I licked his crack clean again, then he got up and walked out while my dad walked back in. I wasn't sure what his plans were, but I quickly found out when he helped me out from under the rim chair. He guided me over to the sink, where I stood still and let him lower my wet undies so that they were bunched around my ankles. With my wet undies still wrapped around my feet, he bent me over and treated me to a nice, long ride on his fuck stick. While he was servicing my boy cunt, the flavor and aroma of all of the poop loads I had just taken were still with me. I felt like I could still taste every turd that had been laid in my mouth, and that I could sort them all out by flavor. This drove my anal climax, causing my horny chute to massage my daddy's big dick over and over until he pumped a load of hot cum into my rear end. While he was butt fucking me, Ethan came in to watch the show.

When my dad pulled out, Ethan took his place, fucking me hard while I moaned like the little cock slut that I am. When he filled my boy pussy with cum, he pulled out and Nathan took his turn at my back door. I was climaxing so hard while Ethan was fucking me that I hadn't even noticed that he came in, so when he slipped up into me, it was a pleasant surprise to say the least. I rode his teen cock for five luscious minutes, loving every second of it, then he bred my boy cunt and pulled out. I was so hot for it by that point that I was begging for another cock at my back door, so when my daddy lined back up and pushed in, I let go of a long, frantic moan as his hot dick tore along the walls of my climaxing pussy. Ten minutes later, my legs were shaking uncontrollably and I was on the verge of collapse when my daddy finally squirted his man cream into my upturned rear end.