Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 6

b/b/ oral/ anal/mast/rimming

How does it feel?” I asked, gently using my finger to probe the red hot interior of Jimmy's chute.

It feels unbelievable,” he groaned. Jimmy was on his stomach, but he used his knees to lift his butt high up into the air as he rested the side of his head on my pillow, which he was also clutching tightly with both of his arms. His eyes were closed, and he had a look of pure bliss on his face as I twisted my middle finger side to side, over and over again.

Of course, I was enjoying this new activity too, partly because I'd always wondered what the hot, moist inner workings of his poop-chute would feel like. The other reason was that, as I continued to stimulate his anal opening, a strong, delectable aroma was drifting into my nostrils, making my hard on stand straight up against my pubic bone. I'd only been at it for about five minutes, but we were both already delirious with lust.

Just twenty minutes earlier, as he was holding me in his arms after twice fucking my bottom, we spoke at length about how he would learn to accommodate taking cocks in his own rear end. I knew that he wanted to have sex with Mike, and I have to admit that the thought of my longtime friend and lover giving himself to a cutie like Mike made me horny. Just two days before, they had both worked me out, feeding me cock at both ends and fulfilling a long held fantasy of mine. But in the aftermath, they found themselves in each others arms, and it didn't take long before Jimmy was playing the role of the willing bottom.

I always figured that someday Jimmy would be curious enough to want to take it up the butt. He loved it when I rimmed his smelly hole, probably just as much as I loved doing it. From our first experiences together, when we were both learning about each others bodies, I suspected that there was a good possibility that he would yearn to be fucked. The thing is, though, that I'm not the person to do that for him. I have no desire to be a top, and prefer only to take cocks up the butt or in my mouth. Other than my penchant for rimming, there wasn't much I could do to give someone else pleasure in their ass.

Jimmy's breathing quickened as I started to slowly move my finger back and forth in his hole, and I watched as it seemed to stretch and contort with every movement that I made. I wanted to reach around and grab his hard cock so I could jerk him to orgasm, but I knew that it would be the wrong thing to do. I wanted to see if he could have an orgasm without me touching his stiff organ, and that meant that we both had to be patient. What I could do, though, was treat myself to a few long licks around his puckered and stretched out hole.

I started to run my tongue all around the outer edges of his hole, feeling the pressure of my tongue against my finger, which was buried deep in his moist pooper. As I continued to lick around his anus, I rested my fingertips against his prostate and started to rub it gently. I heard him moan and at the same time, he started to roll his hips around in the air. I pulled my tongue away from his crack and cast my gaze down upon his face, which was practically glowing, so I applied more pressure with my finger. This brought out an even longer, louder moan from deep within him, so I decided to try sliding my forefinger in as well.

I pulled my middle finger out of his hot bottom, then I selfishly took it in my mouth and sucked hard on it. When I pulled it from between my lips, I recklessly buried my face between his cheeks and treated myself to his scrumptious pooper. With his hole now dilated, I was able to plunge my tongue in deeper than ever before. As his flavors washed over my taste buds, I inhaled deeply, trying to heighten the feeling of euphoria that I was experiencing.

In the meanwhile, Jimmy's moaning was getting louder and more urgent, and there was a strong surge of ass juice that I eagerly lapped up. When I finally pulled my face away, I looked back down at Jimmy's face, and he looked almost tormented as his hips sensuously swayed from side to side. His moaning was now constant, and I knew that he was on the edge, so I very delicately crossed my two fingers and used them to penetrate his hole once again, Once they were past his opening, I slowly sank them all the way in, then I mercilessly wiggled them back and forth.

Oh my God, that feels good,” he groaned, then he started to pant in an almost labored fashion. I knew that it was only a matter of time now, as his butt hole began to throb and squeeze down on my fingers, so I moved in for the kill. I rested the flats of my fingertips against his button and started a slow, circular rub. This made him moan louder and grip my pillow even tighter. Then I added more pressure, and he reacted by hiking his ass up into the air even further. Finally, I pressed hard and started to rub with all of my might, and that did it. With a high pitch moan, I felt the lining of his chute moisten with juices, and at the same time, his thighs stiffened and he started to buck back and forth frantically. I felt the muscles in his butt clamp down on my fingers with force, and he hollered gibberish out loud, then he collapsed on the bed.

He was drawing in deep breaths as he lay flat on his stomach. I dislodged my fingers from him juicy poop-chute, then I licked them clean. His eyes were barely open, and he looked like he was still experiencing tremors deep inside of his body. My pillow was still scrunched up in his arms, and he was nuzzling his head hard into it as he rode out whatever aftershocks he was experiencing.

I sat still and watched him come to grips with what he'd just experienced, and decided to let him be for the moment. I knew that he was coming off of a powerful anal orgasm, and that he was now traveling down a new path on the road of sex that we were on.

He finally started to calm down, and looked as though he was falling into a deep sleep. I looked over at my alarm clock, and realized that it was only 11 in the morning, but it seemed like we'd been at it all day. I felt just as wiped out as Jimmy did, so I laid down, resting my head on his bare rump and enjoying it's fragrance as I thought about Jimmy's new path as a bottom. I was just happy to be on it with him, and remembered what it was like nine months earlier when we started down the road together, so to speak.

I was still learning about the pleasures of all things anal, but I was starting to sort out what it all meant. In no time flat, I came around to the realization that I was gay because I was feeling a strong attraction to other males. I was checking out cute guys on TV, in magazines and recently, on the internet. One day when I was sure it was safe, I did a Google search for the term gay porn, and was treated to a buffet of pleasures that I never imagined before. I found myself printing off color pages of guys fucking and sucking dicks and eating asses, and I knew I had to try it for myself.

My problem was, who would I do it with? I was ten and a half, and had no idea where to start. Jimmy was my best friend, but I didn't feel bold enough to even breech the topic of being gay with him, much less ask him if he'd be interested in having sex with me. It was a total non starter, in my mind, so I walked around frustrated and horny, unable to think of much else.

Then one day we were playing World of Warcraft in his room when I felt the urge to stick my fingers in my butt. I told him I had to go to the bathroom, then I slipped away and took care of myself. Unfortunately, though, I'd worked myself into such a frenzy that I was itching to do it again, and right away. Almost as soon as I sat back down in the chair behind him, I started to reason with myself that it would be okay to do it because he wasn't watching, and that he'd never know.

I was about to go through with it when he turned my way and asked if I wanted to ride bikes. I smiled and shrugged, so he shut his PC down and we took off on our bikes. As Jimmy stood and pedaled ahead of me, I watched his plump butt and wondered what it would be like to plant my nose deep in his crack. Neither one of us were allowed to ride any further than our school, so we wound up on the playground, popping wheelies and doing rabbit hops.

I was still dying to give myself a good finger fucking, but I had no idea how to go about it. I somewhat sated myself with the knowledge that I would be going home soon, but then Jimmy asked me the fateful question that doomed my plans.

Can you spend the night tonight?”

I don't think so,” I told him, then stupidly I added, “My mom and dad want me to stay home tonight. Maybe you can spend the night at my house instead.”

Almost as soon as I said it, I kicked myself. Jimmy's face lit up and he said, “Okay, I'll ride home and ask my mom.”

I better go home and ask my mom, too,” I said, anxious for a window to be alone and take care of my overwhelming need. As Jimmy pedaled away on his bike, I watched his bubble butt working inside of his pants and I felt a tremor run through me.

I hurried home and rode my bike up the driveway and into the opened garage door. The door leading out from the garage to the backyard was opened, so I stuck my head out to survey the situation. There was nobody out there, so I snuck into the backyard, hoping to go unnoticed by my parents. I peaked through the patio window and could see them sitting down on the love seat reading the paper. It looked like each of them had their own section, and they didn't even know I was there, so I went behind my dad's shed and dropped my pants and underwear.

I reached back behind me and rubbed my moist entrance with my fingertips, then I shuddered and smiled as I slid my fingers back up my butt and went to work on my sweet spot. I was starting to pant loudly, but I didn't care because my parents were inside, and I was hiding behind the shed where they'd never catch me. I closed my eyes and started to really work myself over, rubbing harder and harder and thinking about the pictures I'd printed off of my computer. I started to dig deeper inside of my love tunnel, bearing down at the same time, doing anything that I could to heighten the sensations that were coursing through me. I pulled my fingers out and held them under my nose, taking a long whiff before I sucked them into my mouth, first imagining that they were an asshole, then that they were a cock.

When I sucked all of the delicious scent and my juices off of them, I stuck them back up my butt and rode the pleasure out, moaning loudly as I shuddered and brought myself off. I still had my fingers up my butt, and was about to pull them out and feast on their scent and my ass juice when I opened my eyes and saw Jimmy standing there, watching me with a wide grin on his face.

I felt Jimmy shift beneath me, and it brought me back into the moment. I gently rubbed my cheek against his warm buns, then I treated myself to a long sniff of his blissful crack. I let my tongue lance out as I continued to draw in his scent, traveling into his crevice so I could give him deep ass licks. With my nose and face resting comfortably in his butt crack, I used my hands to gingerly part his cheeks so I could dig in. I knew that Jimmy was still sleeping, and I wondered what he was dreaming about. Perhaps with my tongue buried deep in his still dilated poop-chute, he was dreaming about me. Or, maybe he was dreaming about taking it in the ass from Mike. Or maybe, like me, he was running back over in his mind the circumstances that led to our first time.

Are you going to tell on me?” I asked, a feeling of dread washing over me as I pulled my fingers from my rear end and hiked up my pants and underwear.

Jimmy shook his head and smiled, causing me to look away in shame. I felt like I wanted to cry, but more importantly, I wanted to hide my face and not let Jimmy see my shame. Unfortunately, there was nowhere for me to go.

It's okay Kyle,” Jimmy said. “I won't tell anyone.”

You won't?” I asked with a dubious tone as I tried unsuccessfully to fight back tears.

I promise,” he told me, then he did something I never imagined in a million years he'd do. He walked over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, consoling me in my moment of shame. I didn't understand why he was being so nice to me. Any other kid probably would have run off to tell the first adult they could find, then they'd share it with all of the kids at school.

I gave into my needs at that moment, and I rested my head on his shoulder while he caressed my hair, giving it gentle strokes with his hand.

I'm sorry Jimmy,” was all I could think to say. He never answered me, though. Instead, he just held me tighter, and let me sulk on his shoulder.

Did your mom say yes?” he asked, and I chuckled a little through my anguish.

I didn't ask her yet,” I told him. “I just came back here to, well,...”

Do you like it?” he asked, and I nodded my reply on his shoulder. I brought my hand up to wipe my nose, and when I did, I caught a whiff of my butt hole and instantly felt a combination of desire and shame run through me. For some reason, though, I didn't pull it away from my face. Instead, for reasons I still can't place, examined them closely, taking note of the contents of my butt that remained, then I sucked my fingers into my mouth and cleaned them off, giving off a quiet moan in the process.

Jimmy didn't let me go, but he loosened his grip a little and turned to watch what I was doing. He grinned at me, and suddenly the shame I felt was replaced by a need to suck more of the stink off of my fingers. We made eye contact, and I can't explain why, but I knew I wanted him to watch me perform my filthiest act right there in the backyard.

I took my fingers out of my mouth and held them up to my nose, taking a long sniff before I sucked them back in, the whole time watching Jimmy. I knew that it was the opposite of what I should have been doing, but I couldn't contain myself. With my fingers still lodged in my mouth, I reached back with my other hand and slid them down into my pants, then I started to wantonly rub my hole while he watched. I even moaned again, then I pushed my middle finger deep into my hole while I continued to suck lustily on my stinky fingers.

I took them out of my mouth and used them to unbutton my pants, letting them fall once more as I worked my middle finger harder and harder in my hole. I started to roll my hips around, feeling myself get more and more into what I was doing. I gripped my underwear and pulled them down as well, then I turned so that Jimmy could see my ass as I ground it around in the air. I slipped a second finger up my hole and worked it harder, bearing down hard and digging as deep as I could while I moaned loudly. I felt so naughty, and I knew that what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn't stop myself. I looked over my shoulder at Jimmy, and he was grinning hard at me, absentmindedly rubbing his crotch with his left hand as I continued to put on a show for him. I grinned back at him, then I pulled my fingers out of my pooper and held them up for Jimmy to see. I brought them to my nose and drew in their strong, dark scent before I sucked them clean, not caring about the light brown stains that now adorned my fingertips, and eager for him to see me make them disappear with my mouth.

Does it feel good?” he asked in a husky voice, and I nodded as I bit my bottom lip. “What does it taste like?”

It tastes good,” I practically panted.

Does it taste like poop?” he asked, and I nodded. Then he whispered,“Do you eat poop?”

I don't eat pieces of poop, but I like how my butt tastes and sometimes I get a lot of poop on my fingers and lick it off,” I admitted. “I like how it smells, too.”

Do you like how other people's butts taste?” he asked, causing me to shrug.

I think so, but I don't know yet,” I told him, and a curious look crossed his face as I continued. “I've never been able to taste or smell anyone else's butt.”

Do you want to smell my butt?” he asked, and I grinned and nodded, feeling a wave of excitement run through me again. “Are you going to stick your fingers in it?”

Not of you don't want me to,” I said, and he shook his head.

I'm scared it'll hurt,” he said, so I smiled at him and promised I wouldn't.

He dropped his jeans and stood in front of me with his underwear still on, and I could tell that he was nervous. I was nervous too, but standing there with my pants and underwear around my knees, I guess I wasn't near as nervous as he was.

Do I have to pull my underwear down?” he asked, and I shook my head, feeling my whole body tremble as I waited for him to make the next move. He turned and rested his hands against the back of my dad's shed, hanging his underwear clad bottom out as he did, and I quickly got on my hands and knees and crawled over to where he was. It was right in front of my face, and all I had to do was lean forward and breathe in, so that was exactly what I did.

I planted my nose on the white fabric and drew in his luscious, spicy fragrance, making my head spin with pleasure. I pushed in further with my nose and inhaled longer with my nose, unable to believe that I was so lucky. I closed my eyes and ran my nose up and down his crack as I drew it all in, and as if I had no control over my actions, I quickly slipped two fingers back up my hole and started to rub another one out, this time while I had my nose pressed up against Jimmy's delicious smelling poop-chute.

I pulled my tongue out of his crack and rested my head back on his soft rump, taking note of the fact that only ten minutes had passed since I started to eat his pooper out. I was still horny. I was anxious to wake my lover so he could service my horny bottom again, but he was still sound asleep. I thought for sure that my rim job would do the trick, but it hadn't, so I decided to take a little nap and rest up with Jimmy. I wrapped my arms around his waist and grinned as I used his plump butt cheek for a pillow and drifted into a restful sleep.

I opened my eyes when I felt Jimmy's bottom raise up slightly, and as I started to come around, he treated me to a loud, stinky fart that passed right by my nose, making my mouth water. I parted his cheeks once more, then I attacked his ripe hole with my tongue. This time, he responded by pressing back against my face, so I reached around and grabbed hold of his stiffening tool. I gave his chute a few deep licks, then I pulled my face out as he rolled over onto his back and smiled at me.

I thought you'd never wake up,” I told him, collapsing in his arms and planting my lips over his.

After a long kiss, I sat up and reached behind me, gripping his hard on with my hand and lifting myself up so I could sit on it. I settled it against my entrance, then I felt it start to travel deep into my love tunnel, sending a long shiver up my spine.

As if I had no control, I started to ride his cock hard, once again thinking back to the show I put on for my lover when he caught me in the act. I felt just as naughty, and just as eager to be the cum slut that I knew I had become. I started to ride him with even more vigor, now taking on a new role. I wasn't just a gay boy with a horny ass. I was a naughty whore with an itchy fuck hole that needed to be treated with a steady prescription of dicks and cum. I let out a long moan as my chute started to squeeze his cock over and over again. At this point, I didn't even care if I came, because it wasn't about having an orgasm. It was about my need to be fucked, to swallow cum and to be an easy lay for every cute guy that I could seduce.

All of the sudden, I felt a sharp tingle run up my spine and then another, then I felt a long succession of shivers that seemed to originate in my ass and spread out along all four of my limbs, then travel back to my groin area. I heard Jimmy pant “Oh my God,” just as I felt him squirt deep inside of me, drawing out one last moan from me as I rode my orgasm out to it's glorious end.

When it was over, I once again collapsed in his arms and kissed him passionately, eager to feel his arms wrap around me and bring me comfort as I recovered from another mind blowing orgasm.

When we broke our kiss, I rested my head on his chest as he hugged me tightly and rubbed my back. I felt him blowing in my ear, so I lifted my head and gazed into his eyes before I kissed him again.

I love you, Kyle,” he said gently when we broke our kiss.

I love you too, Jimmy,” I told him, and he smiled sweetly at me.

Good, now let's get up before I pee in your bed,” he said. I giggled and rolled off of him, then I held his hand as we walked down the hall to the bathroom. We both stood in front of the toilet to pee at the same time, and when we were done, he sat down on the bathtub and waited for what he knew was coming. I cupped my hand between my butt cheeks and strained a little, and when I did, Jimmy's three loads emerged from deep inside of me, mixed with my ass juice. I caught as much of it as I could, then I brought it up to my nose and inhaled deeply before I slurped it all up. Finally, we got in the shower together so we could clean up before walking to his house so he could pack some clothes for our sleepover.