Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 60

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The air in the room was brisk, even fresh, in spite of all of the anal sex that had taken place there. Beneath me, the mattress was warm with the body heat of four lovers, all snuggled together as we lay sleeping, finally too exhausted to continue with our romp. My little head was resting comfortably on Ethan's chest, feeling it move up and down as he slept, his cum load planted deeply inside of me. I was having sweet dreams, dreams crafted by the night of passion and depravity that had so far fulfilled my deepest, darkest fantasies. When my eyes began to flutter into the deep sleep that eventually overtook me, I was dreaming about the morning that lay ahead of me and the hot piles of turds that I would be fed when dawn was upon us.

Behind me, Mike lay prone in Kevin's arms, his small frame resting comfortably on top of his lover. His bubble butt was prominent, even in the dark, a ray of moonlight silhouetting the curves of his fleshy mounds so perfectly. He was wrapped tight in Kevin's loving embrace, having had every load in his balls either sucked or fucked out of him. By the time the night was through, he along with Matt, Steve and Jimmy were firing blanks, their balls finally spent and unable to keep up. The sensation of having a dry orgasm, something he hadn't experienced since the 6th grade, was now familiar to him once again.

Down the hall, my parents' bed was full. My mom and dad were sleeping on their respective sides of the bed, but between them was a bevy of naked boys. Jimmy, whose bottom was filled to the brim with hot cum, was snuggled up to my mom, his sleepy little head resting on her engorged bosom. Her instinct to nurse the sleeping little boy was incredible, but she didn't want to initiate the act so she instead held him close. Beside them was Matt and Steve, who seemed dead to the world. Steve had fucked Matt one more time, his 14 year old cock almost sore from the friction, then they melted into a loving embrace that they held until they fell asleep. On the other side of them were my dad and Nathan, also asleep. My dad was spooned up to Nathan's back side, which was exactly what the teenager wanted. Nathan's bottom was filled to the brim with man cum, and would have been leaking had it not been for the fact that he begged my dad to re-insert his ten inch rod before they fell asleep. As soon as the large fuck stick was back inside of him, Nathan used the muscles in his rectum to squeeze it gently as a deep sleep overcame them both.

Before I finally gave into the spell of the sandman, I crawled into my own bed and stayed on my hands and knees, my hot to trot bottom lingering invitingly up in the air for any available cocks that would be willing to fill it. I felt a strong set of hands grab my hips just as Steve crawled up to the foot of the bed, wagging his semi hard cock in my face. I smiled up at him with gratitude, then I grabbed it with my left hand and guided it to my lips. As I eased it into my mouth, I felt the head of Ethan's hard dick at my moist, freshly lubed entrance, and moaned with satisfaction.

While Ethan and Steve were treating me to hard dick at both ends, Mike was on his back, taking yet another missionary ride on Kevin's fuck stick. They were kissing deeply, their tongues flowing saliva and dancing visibly, and it was plain to see that they were both lost in a world of carnal pleasures. As Kevin drove in and out of his 13 year old lover's plump rear end, the cheeks of his own bubble butt were flexing on their own. Between them resided his puckered boy hole, which was still moist with ass juice and oozing a slimy concoction of lube and multiple cum loads, the last of which he'd accepted just 15 minutes before crawling between Mike's opened legs.

Down the hall, my dad was balls deep in Jimmy's tight rear end, giving him one last long dicking that would put him to sleep while Matt shamelessly offered his boy pussy to Nathan. Both bottom boys were so hot for it, their lust driven not only by the promise of a deep, satisfying butt fucking, but by the incredibly horny scene that we'd all witnessed in my parents' bed.

It all started when Kevin got on his hands and knees and took all ten inches of my father's rod with no trouble.

Not only had he been eager to accept such a deep fuck, but he seemed to be begging for it when the time came. As if his deepest desires were on display for all to see and he didn't care. It was also quite evident to me that he was an experienced bottom, making me wonder briefly who else's cocks he was riding. Even more revealing to all of us was the moment that Kevin reached out for Nathan's cock, guiding it to his mouth so that he could suck it with lusty moans. While he was doing this, Nathan was running his fingers through his younger friends' hair, telling him that he loved him and that he was doing a great job.

While Kevin was making a cock slut out of himself, Steve was taking a ride on Ethan's 18 year old fuck stick. He had straddled his brother, who was resting against the head board of my parents' bed, and was riding him up and down while they shared a long, loving kiss. While our four older lovers were preoccupied on the bed, Jimmy and I were on the floor with Mike and Matt, giving them both head. They were resting against the wall by the bathroom, their legs spread wide while Jimmy and I rested on our knees, which were tucked tight to our chests, causing our butt cheeks to part on their own as we knelt forward far enough to access the meaty cocks we longed to suck. I had a mouthful of Matt's dick, moaning lustily while the head of his prick worked back and forth in my cum tube, working the clit in my throat so perfectly. Beside me, Jimmy was moaning loudly, his desire to suck another cock now being realized. He'd been at it all night, sucking dick after dick, almost as if he preferred it to having his boy pussy serviced. For as much time as I spent beneath the rim seat all night, I know, Jimmy spent an equal or greater amount of time giving head.

While Jimmy and I were working for another mouthful of cum to swallow, Mike and Matt were kissing each other lovingly, their tongues wrestling non stop while their hands roamed each others' bodies. Their fingers ran through each others' manes of brown hair, then along one anothers' torso and all over their backs and shoulders. They had a perfect view of the bed, where Kevin and Steve were being true bottom boys for the first time that night, and even through their passionate kissing, they were watching with horny interest as the action progressed. I felt Jimmy's hand reach out and caress my cheek, causing me to smile lovingly at him, then it moved down my neck to my back, reaching down far enough to grope my very horny rear end. I moaned my approval, then I grinned up at Matt, wanting him to know that I was hot to suck his dick all the time.

While all of this was happening, I could hear my mom moving around the house. I knew that she was cleaning up, the evening now being capped by the sex that was taking place in the room. I first heard her in the bathroom, cleaning up the remnants of the many feedings that I'd been treated to, then to my room, where she changed the cum soaked sheets and remade my bed. Finally, I heard her go downstairs, where she cleaned the dining room, then the kitchen and finally the living room. By the time Matt's hard cock started to pump hot cum down my gullet, I heard the vacuum cleaner come on and I knew that she was nearly done.

I sat up and swallowed, then I crawled into my lover's arms and watched the show on the bed. Jimmy had long since taken Mike's load and was doing the same, giving off a sigh of satisfaction as Mike slipped two digits up his boy pussy and held him close. Beneath Kevin were several shots of teen spunk, fired out while he was in the midst of his double dicking. He was sucking Nathan's prick like a pro, bobbing his head up and down while his tongue scratched the underside of the dick he was worshiping. Behind him, my dad was driving in hard, sending long shivers of pleasure through the 17 year old and making him moan like a bitch in heat.

In the meanwhile, Steve was riding his brother's dick with a purpose, his arms wrapped around Ethan's neck and his fingers interlocked, a look of sheer pleasure on his face. There were quite a few splatters of cum all over both of their abdomens, a bi product of both the ass fucking that Steve was receiving as well as the hand job that Ethan was giving him. His hand was wrapped tightly around his little brother's shaft, pumping it up and down while Steve flexed his ass muscles tightly, wanting to give his brother and himself the maximum amount of pleasure. They both leaned in for another kiss, their feelings of love and mutual bliss too much to handle, then Steve's receptors erupted with pleasure and another orgasm swept his pint sized body away. This caused his bottom to grab his brother's shaft almost violently, causing Ethan to lose control and fire his own load into his little brother's rear end.

When it was over, Ethan pulled out of his little brother, then they snuggled on the bed while they watched Kevin take Nathan's load down the gullet. A few minutes later, he moaned with joy as my dad flooded his insides with hot cum. When my dad pulled out, he surprised his young bottom by parting his cheeks and eating at his delicious back door. Jimmy and I had dined there many times before, so I knew that he was in for a tasty treat. Kevin moaned wildly while my dad dined on his rear end, his mouth still filled with Nathan's flaccid dick. He let it fall from his lips and called out for my dad to eat him deeper, then he moved down to Nathan's balls and started to lick them with a dreamy smile.

By the time my dad was through eating at his back door, Kevin was hot for another ride. He quickly mounted Nathan's dick and let it slide up inside of him while Steve crawled over to my dad, his yearning for dick now just as insatiable. He engaged my dad in a long, tongue filled kiss, then he got on his back and raised his legs, pulling them all the way back and exposing his 14 year old boy hole. My dad grabbed Steve's fleshy buns with both hands, using his thumbs to part them fully, then he dug into his tasty rear end with his tongue, eating him as deeply as he had eaten Kevin. Steve was moaning so loud that I was sure my mom could hear him all the way down the stairs over the vacuum cleaner. My dad was breathing heavily and letting go of hot moans of his own, his desire to dine at the young teenager's back door overwhelming. When he finally pulled his talented tongue from the depths of Steve's horny pooper, he lined his thick cock up and pushed in. Steve moaned even louder than he had when my dad was eating him out, then he sighed contentedly and smiled up at his top.

While my dad was servicing Steve's horny bottom, Kevin was still riding Nathan's dick up and down. His knees were planted firmly on the mattress, pushing down into the sheets as he rode up and down with a fluid motion. From my vantage point, I could see the stalk of Nathan's fuck stick being swallowed by his lover's rear end with every downward push, then reappear when he pulled himself up. While he was doing this, Ethan had crawled over to the pair of young lovers, offering Kevin a kiss that he happily accepted while Nathan smiled up at the two of them.

Do you want me to take care of that hot little tale of yours later?” Ethan asked when their lips parted, and Kevin nodded his reply.

I want it after Nathan finishes,” Kevin admitted with a horny grin, then he leaned back in and kissed his lover while his left hand traveled down to Ethan's dick, groping it with a naughty giggle. When they broke their kiss, he added, “Let me suck it for you.”

With that, Kevin raised up off of Nathan's dick and got on his back beside Steve, who was babbling incoherently while my dad drove in and out. He opened his legs wide and lifted them into the air, allowing Nathan to crawl back between them and re-enter him, then he batted his eyes at Ethan and smiled as yet another dick entered his mouth. While he was blowing one dick and taking another in the poop-chute, he was using his hands to fondle Ethan's balls and run his fingers through his pubic bush. While this was happening, my dad leaned over and shared a long kiss with Nathan, then their lips parted and they spoke to one another.

Would you like to spend the night in daddy's bed tonight, baby?” my dad asked, and Nathan nodded his reply. “It'll be just like it was when you used to take a nap with me. Do you remember how I used to put you to sleep?”

Yes daddy,” Nathan sighed, then my dad reached over and groped his bottom.

I see this still gets plenty of use,” he observed, and Nathan nodded. “I can't wait to get back up in there tonight. It's still very hot and tight, just like I remember.”

I take care of it, just like you and Mrs. Smith taught me,” Nathan said. “I like it to stay that way.”

That's a good boy,” my dad praised him. “I'm sure Mrs. Smith would love getting a taste of that hot little rear end again, too. Would you like that?”

Yeah,” Nathan said huskily. “Her tongue always felt the best.”

With that, both Nathan and my dad began to thrust in and out of their respective bottoms with incredible force, their cocks driving in deep and bringing out loud moans from each one. My dad leaned down and planted a kiss on Steve's mouth, forcing his tongue in and muffling the hot moans that were emanating from him. Feeling my dad's tongue invade his mouth sent him over the edge of ecstasy, causing his untouched dick to fire off a load of cum that was comparable in size to any that he'd shot all day. My dad could feel the lining of Steve's love tunnel massaging his shaft over and over, but continued to drive in and out, having blown so many loads that his staying power was now incredible.

Kevin's moans, while loud, were muffled by the large dick that he was blowing. As Nathan drove in, Ethan was doing his best to hold off from cumming. Kevin's blow job was being so expertly given that he wasn't sure how much longer he could last. He smiled at Nathan, knowing that he too was on the edge, then he reached out and rubbed his friend's back as they shared a kiss of their own. Seeing that the two tops he was servicing were sharing such a passionate kiss, Kevin achieved his own climax, his untouched dick firing off a watery load as the room got hazy. As he was cumming, his ass muscles did their job, squeezing Nathan's dick over and over again until he could hold off no further. With a groan, he seeded Kevin's boy cunt, causing Kevin to squeal with joy as squirt after squirt of hot, 18 year old spunk joined my dad's load deep inside of him.

When Nathan pulled out, he and Ethan traded places while Kevin stayed in position, his legs raised up high and his mouth wide opened, ready to resume his role as a cock slut. When Ethan pushed in, Kevin sighed and let his ankles rest on his lover's shoulders while he accepted Nathan's dripping cock into his mouth. I watched with interest as he sucked Nathan's dick vigorously, almost the way a baby sucks from a bottle. Nathan and Ethan quickly resumed their long, tongue filled kiss while Kevin's legs rocked back and forth in the air, right beside Steve's. In the meanwhile, Ethan's balls were nearing the moment of no return, having already been edged. He was enjoying the tight confines of Kevin's rear end, but his senses were starting to overwhelm him and he was losing the battle quickly. He picked up the pace, rabbit fucking in and out of Kevin's hot, tight butt hole, then he felt a powerful wave of pleasure wash over him and he fired off, filling his lover with his cum load.

When he pulled out, Kevin let Nathan's soft pecker fall from his lips and let Ethan back into his mouth, his legs falling to the bed in the process. When his lover's cock was cleaned, the three of them cuddled closely while Matt finger fucked me to a shivering climax. Beside me, Jimmy's leg's were spread eagle, giving the entire room a perfect view of not only his hard little boy pecker, but of the teen dick that was driving up into him, causing him to purr with pleasure. Seeing this made me almost desperate to get Matt off again, so I guided the head of his cock to my hole, which was still tingling with delight, then I felt him slip in. I rode him hard and fast, wanting to serve his needs and not concerned with my own pleasure, though it was certainly a thrill for me to accept his length in my pussy.

While I was using my butt hole to pleasure my partner, my dad was nearing the end of his ride on Steve's rear end. His young bottom was still speaking in gibberish, unable to wrap his mind around the sheer power of the fuck stick that was deep inside of him. Having taken so many rides on his brother's cock, Steve was sure he'd been to the top of the mountain and looked into the eyes of the God's. But now he was at a new level, a level that he would think about all the time, and everyone in the room but Ethan new it. He'd always love his brother's cock, and crave it badly, but now he knew that there was a higher plane of ecstasy to be achieved, and he was there. As his final orgasm swept him away, he became suddenly aware that his dick wasn't producing any cum. At the same time, he didn't care about that, because all he wanted to do was ride out the luscious butt fucking that he was being given.

When my dad bottomed out and froze deep inside of him, Steve knew it was over. His ass muscles were still squeezing my dad's long, hard shaft, milking it over and over as a flood of hot cum erupted from the tip, gushing into his love canal and filling it with man sperm that caused him to achieve yet another dry orgasm. His 14 year old butt had never felt so much cum flow into it at one time, and as luscious as the anal sex had been, he realized that having his rear end filled with hot man cream was his reward. He kissed my dad with more passion than he had ever kissed with in his life, then he whimpered submissively into my dad's mouth as the hot cock continued to pulsate deep inside of him.

When my dad pulled out, he used his hands to push Steve's legs back, exposing the cream filled hole again, then he dove in with his tongue, licking and eating it deeply. The young bottom was moaning loudly all over again, unable to believe the level of anal pleasures that he was reaching at the hands of the talented lover he was giving himself to. His head was thrashing from side to side as my dad's tongue tortured the still sensitive nerve endings that lined Steve's boy cunt. Nerve endings that were still on fire from the long, hard shaft that had been running back and forth in the hot orifice that they lined, nerve endings that were burning so sweetly now that there was a scratchy tongue inside of him and a whiskered chin scrubbing the sensitive area around his poop-chute.

While my dad was once again dining at Steve's back door, I was experiencing my own Nirvana as Matt started to thrust up inside of me more forcefully. I knew that his climax wasn't far off, and even though I hadn't climaxed yet, I was hot to feel him fire a load deep inside of me. Right beside me, Mike was resting his hands flat against Jimmy's shoulders, both boys shivering as a dry orgasm took them both over. Moments later, I felt Matt fire a tiny spurt of cum that was easily absorbed by my cum hungry boy twat, then I started to ride him harder, anxious to prolong his orgasm until he was satisfied.

Less than a minute later, his cock went totally soft and I got off, then I let him kiss me up until Ethan and Kevin crawled off of the bed. I got up with Mike and we dutifully followed our lovers to my room. Right behind me was Steve, who was still in sexual overdrive, groping mine and Mike's bottoms and kissing us both. When we got back to my room, Mike and I quickly got into the bed, his legs wide opened for his top and my rear end up for grabs to anyone who wanted to take a turn. Ethan plowed me from behind while I sucked his brother to another dry orgasm, then Steve mounted me and fucked me fast and dirty while I licked Ethan's butt hole. Steve pulled out and in no time flat, I was on my back, taking it missionary style from Ethan right beside Mike while Steve kissed us all goodnight, then he went back down the hall for more action. After Ethan seeded my boy cunt, he collapsed on the bed and was out like a light. I snuggled up to him and watched sleepily as Kevin and Mike made love, then my eyes got heavy and I started to blink. The last thing I saw was Kevin reaching for the light switch on the wall, which was at the foot of the bed, then I lost consciousness.

I was sleeping soundly when I felt a moist kiss on my cheek, then another. I blinked and opened my eyes. I felt Ethan's hands running up and down my back, then he started to knead my butt cheeks and I moaned. His finger traveled into my crack, which was still moist with cum and ass juice, so I lifted my rump into the air to communicate my desire to take it up the butt again.

Can I fuck you?” I heard him whisper, and I responded with another moan as I rolled my horny bottom around. I quickly flipped onto my back and let him lift my legs into the air, then I felt the head of his steel hard rod at the lips of my moist boy pussy. I reached out with both hands, grabbing his hips and pulling him into me, longing to hasten the moment that he would enter me. I felt the head of his dick push past my anal glands, then I felt the luscious sensation of his cock filling my hole.

How does that feel, little lover?” Ethan asked as he drove in and out of my pussy with abandon.

If feels so good,” I panted as pleasure coursed through my little body. “I wanted to get laid again so bad.”

Your ass is so tight, Kyle,” he groaned, his cock moving in and out relentlessly. “I don't know what your secret is, but keep doing it.”

I love you,” I lisped involuntarily when I felt him bottom out inside of me, then I whimpered, “Do it harder!”

With that, he started to feed me strokes that were so powerful that the entire bed started to rock back and forth, creaking loudly as it did. I was barely aware of my own surroundings, the entire room filled up with bright spots that flashed in the dark as my head spun with pleasure. My little rear end was squeezing his cock over and over and I knew that an anal orgasm had slammed into me long ago. My moaning started to get louder and more feminine, then I felt Ethan's cock explode inside of me, filling me to the brim with a sizzling load of cum that coursed into my boy pussy with force, spraying the walls while I moaned sissily.

When he pulled out, I was on him like a true cock slut, sucking his sticky dick with lustful, feminine moans that filled the room. While I was treating myself to his softening cock, I felt two hands part my cheeks and a tongue in my crack. I looked over to my right, and through the darkness, I realized that Mike was behind me, eating me deeply while I cleaned my lover's cock. When he pulled his tongue out, we fell into a long kiss that ended with me on my back, taking his teen dick in my boy cunt while Ethan rubbed his back. When he seeded my cunt, he let me suck him clean, then he announced his need.

I have to go pee,” he said, causing me to moan hotly.

Me too,” Ethan said, and I moaned again.

Let's go give it to Kyle,” Mike said, and I quickly hopped out of the bed and opened the door, leading the way down the hall to my bathroom, where I quickly crawled under the rim seat and opened wide without even turning on the light. Ethan hit the light switch when he came in, and after letting his eyes adjust to the light, he smiled down into the chair with Mike leaning into his stomach. They shared a sweet kiss, then Mike aimed his pecker and filled my mouth with a steady flow of hot pee that I swallowed easily without losing a drop. When it was down, he shook off on my tongue and Ethan stepped up. He aimed his soft pecker into my slutty mouth and filled it with his yellow elixir, then he stopped and let me swallow. His stream was powerful, causing several splatters of pee to splash all over my face and chest before he stopped it. When he started again, I gulped furiously but couldn't keep up. My mouth overflowed, so he aimed for my hair and soaked it before aiming for my once again empty mouth, filling it with the last of his pee load before shaking off over my grateful face.

When he was done, I begged them both to fart in my face. Ethan complied first, sitting down on the chair and letting me lance into his crack with my tongue while he unleashed several long, hot farts that caused my cheeks to flutter under their force. They were so stinky and delicious, making my mouth water for a pile of hot turds to feast on, knowing that my meal would be served in due time. When he finally got up, Mike sat down and treated me to a stinky collection of gassy farts that filled my senses with pleasure. I could tell from smelling and tasting them that they had passed over more than a few turds, and I was eager to eat at his poop buffet as soon as I could. While Mike was farting in my face, I was licking his brown eye deeply, longing to feel the tip of a brown poop log against my moist tongue.

When he finally got up, Ethan looked down into the chair with a contemplative gaze, then he smiled and sat down. I opened wide and prepared myself to take another series of hot farts from his fudge factory, but instead, was given a midnight snack to savor and swallow. I saw his thighs stiffen, then his hole opened up and the moist crackle of a hot turd carried into my ears. At the same time, the head of a clay brown poop log came into view and I felt a surge of ass juice run through me with a shudder. I quickly clamped my lips around his hole, making a nice, tight seal just in time to feel the moist body of his thick poop log glide between my lips at a deliberate pace. I felt his meaty turd push into my mouth, the tip hitting the back of my mouth before it curled up, conforming to the contours of my mouth as it grew in length.

When it detached from his hole, I had a long, thick and steamy turd resting on my tongue that bore the powerful stink of fresh dog poop. I used my tongue to smash it up, wanting to savor it for as long as I could, not sure if there would be more, then I remembered that I was his toilet and that I needed to be there for his relief. I quickly swallowed the delicious brown gift I had in my mouth, then I opened wide, ready for another deposit. I caressed his buns to let him know that I was ready, then I heard him strain. His hole pooched out and I felt a powerful thrust of heat fill my already poop flavored mouth, then he laid another thick turd that exited his anus quickly, pushing into my 11 year old poop receptacle with force. With a moan, I chewed it up and swallowed, then I waited while he treated me to a egg shaped turd that rested heavily on my tongue. While I was smashing it with my tongue, he blew several hot farts into my face that made me light headed with lust. I swallowed the delicious meal, then I licked his crack clean, treating myself to dark ribbons of hot poop that I pulled into my mouth with satisfied moans.

When he got up, Mike sat down and blew a few more farts into my opened mouth, then his hole expanded and he laid a very moist, very hot turd in my mouth that I accepted with glee. It was so stinky and delicious, just like Ethan's, the smell of hot dog poop all around me with a very similar flavor. I chewed and swallowed with hot moans, then I opened up and whimpered, eager for more. He quickly pushed and treated me to a mound of turds that, while not thick, were still nice and long and very soft. They formed a nice pile on my tongue, steaming so perfectly in my mouth as their pleasing stink gave me chills of delight. I chewed and swallowed the delicious poop load, then I opened up and accepted another hot turd that was short and slender, but still delicious. When it was down, I licked his crack clean, then they both peed in my mouth again.

When I came out from under the chair, I was so horny that I bent over the sink and begged Ethan to fuck me again. He quickly complied, sliding his dick inside of me and treating me to a hot ride on his fuck stick. When he pulled out, Mike climbed on and took another ride on my horny little boy butt. When he pulled out, he helped me brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash, then we got in the shower. I quickly bent over again and let Mike breed my boy hole, then I collapsed on the floor of the tub and watched Mike bend over and take it up the ass from Ethan, who fucked him like a stallion under the shower spray.