Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 61

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Kevin was still sleeping soundly when Ethan, Mike and I crawled back into my bed. My boy pussy was still humming with pleasure from the satisfying butt fucking that I'd been treated to in the bathroom. For his part, Mike was glowing with contentment, having also taken Ethan's teen cock in the poop-chute for five glorious minutes, shooting several shots of 13 year old spunk from his untouched cock in the process. When we got out, I grabbed two soft towels and dried my lovers off, then I let Mike take a towel from me so that he could give me the same treatment. When we were all dried off, I bent over the sink and begged Mike to lube my snatch, then I did the same for him before leading the way back to my room with my naked rear end swinging from side to side.

Once I was back in bed, Ethan mounted me from behind once more, treating me to a quick, dirty ride on his fuck stick before planting his seed deep inside of me. I sucked him clean, then I collapsed into his arms and let him hold me close. Once I was back in Ethan's embrace, it didn't take me long to fall asleep. Beside us, Mike was already snuggled up in Kevin's arms, sleeping soundly with a contented smile on his face.

I was in the middle of a nice dream when I was awakened by the sound of a long, juicy sounding fart and a hot, muffled moan that could have only emanated from Jimmy. I stayed still and listened as I tried to gather my bearings, realizing that I was still in Ethan's arms with cum oozing from my hole. I slowly extracted myself from his embrace and sat up, blinking slowly as I looked out into the hallway through my opened door. I could see the light from the bathroom, shining against the wall and illuminating my path to the action. As I crawled out of the bed, I heard Matt's voice in the background, talking to his little lover.

Does that taste good?” I heard him ask, then I heard Jimmy moan with desire. I tip toed out of my room, stopping to look over my shoulder at the alarm clock on my desk, which read 2:30 in the morning. I took a deep breath and quietly made my way to the bathroom, my high traffic rear end switching shamelessly the entire way.

When I walked in, Jimmy was on his knees behind Matt, accepting a long, dark turd with an almost desperate look on his already poop smeared face. I could tell that he wanted it badly. His watering mouth was wide opened and he was whimpering with a sense of urgency. His face was mere inches from Matt's rump, giving me a view of both Jimmy's upturned face and the thick, stink laden turd that was growing in length from between Matt's cheeks. As it landed in his mouth, the long turd coiled nicely, taking the shape of a luscious pile of dog poop. When it finally detached from his hole, Jimmy was moaning around a very steamy, very tasty looking turd that smelled wonderful to me.

Matt looked over his shoulder at his little toilet and spotted me standing in the doorway. He grinned naughtily at me and batted his eyes, then he turned his attention back to Jimmy, whose hard, hairless boy cock was heaving out a shot of spunk that splashed against the back of his feeder's left leg. Seeing that Matt's attention had been momentarily diverted, Jimmy looked over his shoulder at me, his mouth still full of boy fudge, then he treated me to a very cute grin. He opened up and showed me his stinky gift, then he began to chew and swallowed with horny moans.

While he was swallowing his brown meal, Matt wagged his stiff pecker in Jimmy's face, prompting my little lover to open wide and let Matt give him a couple of mouthfuls of pee to help him wash it down. When his mouth was empty, Jimmy quickly got back into position behind his feeder and accepted another mouthful of hot poop that made him shiver with pleasure as he savored the butt pudding that Matt was feeding him. While Jimmy was chewing his brown gift, I got on my hands and knees behind him and rubbed his back, knowing that he was experiencing so many special feelings and wanting to add to his joy. The urge to open wide and accept a hot turd from Matt's rear end was intense, but I wanted Jimmy to enjoy his feeding uninterrupted, so instead, I stayed where I was and held him close as he chewed and swallowed turd after lip smacking turd.

When Matt was finally finished, I got up and squatted over Jimmy's face. With another hot, horny moan, Jimmy opened his mouth and watched as a long, thick poop log emerged from my well fucked bottom. I could hear it crackling loudly as it made its way down my rectum, the aroma a very scintillating combination of every poop load that I'd taken all night long. Jimmy was moaning almost uncontrollably by the time it picked up speed and pushed into his mouth with force. I looked over my shoulder at my little lover, watching him chew with a look of transfixed pleasure as his cute little Adam's apple bobbed up and down slowly. To my surprise, Matt was sitting on the floor with him, holding him close and taking light sniffs as Jimmy's little body shivered with delight.

I saw him take a hard gulp, then he chewed a little more before swallowing again. He licked his poop smeared lips and looked up at me hopefully, prompting me to hang my rear end out over his face again. I felt his hot breath in my crack, tickling my poop covered hole as he took long, hard sniffs through his nose, then I pushed with all of my might. It felt like it took a split second, but the sheer volume of poop logs that I pushed into Jimmy's mouth looked almost overwhelming. His cheeks were bulging tightly and his lips were protruding around the tip of a long, brown turd. His little boy cocklet was pulsating over and over, but his nut sack was empty and he was shooting nothing but blanks. Still, his boygasm was powerful as he let go of a long, hot moan before chewing with satisfied a grin. When he swallowed, he sighed contentedly, then I felt him reach out and caress my butt cheeks with tender strokes.

Do you want more?” I heard Matt ask almost hopefully, holding his sniffing nose up to Jimmy's poop smeared lips.

Yes,” Jimmy whimpered. “It tastes so good.”

I was about to look forward and push again when I noticed that Matt was holding his nose up to my crack, sniffing it with a very pleasurable grin, then he held his nose back up to Jimmy's face and did the same thing. He sat back on his knees and watched with interest as Jimmy opened wide, eager to accept another hot mouthful of my boy poop. Matt's 13 year old rod was hard as steel, leaking precum like crazy as I hung my butt out over Jimmy's face and pushed again, sending the last of my poop load down my chute with a hard strain. When it was down, Matt examined the contents of Jimmy's full mouth, taking another long whiff and grinning naughtily, then he used his hands to part my cheeks, revealing my poop smeared boy hole. He leaned in, stopping just short of burying his face in my crack, and took a long, loud sniff of my dark, luscious boy fudge. When he let go, he turned his attention back to Jimmy, who was watching Matt with a very curious expression as he chewed and swallowed his meal.

When it was down, Matt parted my cheeks again and watched Jimmy use his tongue to lick my crack clean. While he was doing this, Matt moved in close, almost as if he were daring himself to do something, then he relented and pulled his face back again. When Jimmy's tongue left my crack for the final time, Matt leaned in and took a long whiff of my hole, the tip of his nose practically pushing into it the entire time. When he pulled his nose out of my crack, he used it to take another extended whiff of Jimmy's poop smeared face, then he puckered his lips and kissed the little poop eater.

I bit my lip and watched as their lips pressed into each other, then Matt wrapped his arms around Jimmy's shoulders and tilted his head. Their lips parted at the same time, and before I could wrap my mind around what was happening, Matt's tongue slipped into Jimmy's still poop coated mouth and they shared a long, passionate kiss. When they parted, Matt's cheeks were smeared with poop and he was grinning hard. He and Jimmy smiled up at me, then he leaned in and kissed the little toilet again. When they broke their kiss again, Jimmy opened wide and let me aim my hard, hairless pecker toward his mouth so that I could drain my empty bladder.

While I was peeing in Jimmy's mouth, Matt got behind me and parted my cheeks again, then he began to eat my rear end out with horny moans. By the time my bladder was empty, I was moaning wildly and Matt was eating me deeply. His face was pushing up into my bottom with force while his tongue pleasured me so perfectly. While he was doing this, Jimmy got up and French kissed me, adding to my already heightened pleasure. When we broke our kiss, the taste of poop was once again powerful in my mouth. I reached out and rubbed Jimmy's tummy hopefully, and he nodded at me with a smile.

When Matt pulled his face out of my rear end, we shared a long, poop flavored kiss. His face was smeared heavily with poop that Jimmy hadn't licked away from my butt, his tongue stained brown. I held my nose to his face and took a long whiff, then I dropped to my knees and turned my face up, eager to receive Jimmy's brown offering. Matt dropped to his knees right beside me, his poop smeared face right next to mine. I felt him reach out and rub my back, then Jimmy's stinky cheeks came to rest over my opened mouth. With Jimmy's butt resting on my face, I felt Matt's cheek press up to mine, then I heard him take another long whiff. I felt Jimmy's thighs stiffen, then his hole opened up and a very powerful heat rushed into my mouth, followed immediately by a pile of fresh turds that pushed in with authority.

My head was spinning with pleasure as my cheeks bulged out, and I took note of the fact that Matt was nuzzling the side of his face into mine with a sweet smile. I opened wide and showed off the stinky collection of turds to Matt and Jimmy, and before I could close my mouth and chew, Matt held his nose up to my mouth and took an extended whiff, his eyes closed and a blissful grin on his face the entire time. When he opened his eyes, he grinned naughtily at me while I chewed and swallowed, my own pleasure starting to overflow. When my mouthful was down, he stunned me by planting a hard kiss on my lips. His tongue invaded my still heavily poop coated mouth and explored all corners, as if he were searching for remnants of the brown gift that I'd just accepted.

When we broke our kiss, he smiled brownly at me and rubbed my tummy with tenderness. We turned our attention back to Jimmy, who squatted over my face again, so I opened wide and moaned with desire, eager for more poop to savor and swallow. Right beside me, Matt was almost moaning with desire, as if he were also looking forward to savoring the stinky deposit that my little lover was about to make. Jimmy's hole opened up and a trio of hot, tasty turds filled my mouth perfectly, so soft and stinky. They pushed into my turd receptacle in rapid succession, sending long shivers through me as a boygasm gripped my little body. When the final turd detached from Jimmy's hole, Matt was right there, pulling in hard through his nose as the powerful, intoxicating stink rose up all around us.

I closed my mouth and began to chew my meal with hot moans, my juicing boy pussy on fire as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me. The room started to go blurry for a moment, causing me to place my little hands on the floor to steady myself as I moaned around my stinky mouthful, then my vision started to clear up. When it did, I was greeted by the site of Matt pushing his face into Jimmy's crack with reckless abandon, eating his smeared crack deeply. I could hear his tongue hard at work, pushing into the thick ribbons of boy poop that resided in Jimmy's crack while he moaned shamelessly. I saw him use his hands to part Jimmy's cheeks even further, then he pushed his tongue as far up inside of Jimmy's poop-chute as he could. With a long moan, he used his right hand to reach around and rub Jimmy's tummy, encouraging him to push. I heard my little lover strain, then I heard his poop load erupt into Matt's mouth. It didn't sound like it was a massive turd, but it was Matt's first poop load, and I was stunned to watch it happen so suddenly. I heard Matt moan again, this time around the mouthful that Jimmy had gifted him, then his mouth started to open and close.

When he finally pulled his face out of Jimmy's crack, it was obvious he had taken a sizable poop load in the mouth. There were massive heaps of poop on his tongue and his face was so smeared that it looked like he painted it with a dark turd. His grin was very wide and he was licking his lips, which were also coated in poop. I saw him swallow with a look of satisfaction, then he collapsed in my lap while Jimmy peered down at the two of us with a naughty smile. I held Matt close, knowing that he had just given into a demon that lived deep down inside of him, and that he was relieved. The first time I gave into my demons and accepted a full poop load from Jimmy's rear end was soul cleansing, and slowly, I learned over time that I longed to be a full time toilet. In time, I knew, Matt would come to the same conclusion. In the meanwhile, though, Jimmy was once again squatting over my face, so I opened wide and watched with eager anticipation as he gifted me one last turd, a nice slender one that fell to a safe landing in my toilet mouth. I chewed it up and swallowed with a sigh of relief, then Matt and I fell into another kiss while Jimmy aimed his hard pecker at us. We broke our kiss and I opened wide, letting my little lover fill my mouth with a generous supply of pee, then I gulped it all down. While Jimmy was emptying his bladder in my mouth, Matt was posted up at his backside, licking his crack clean and moaning frantically. When his crack was clean, we got in the shower and cleaned up, then we got out and brushed our teeth. We treated each other to long French kisses, then I got on my hands and knees, eager to satisfy two cocks at once. Matt slipped his boy rod into my rear end and fucked me hard for about a minute while I sucked Jimmy's boy rod like a pro. When Matt pumped his long overdue load into my boy cunt, he and Jimmy traded places, giving me the pleasure of feeling Jimmy's cock up my butt while I sucked Matt's sticky dick clean.

When they were finished using me as their cum dump, we kissed again, then Matt and Jimmy went back down the hall to my mom and dad's room, where Jimmy snuggled back up to my mom and Matt rejoined Steve, who smelled the shower on his lover and knew where he'd been, but not everything that he'd done. My mom, too, could smell the shampoo in Jimmy's damp hair and smiled because she knew that the little boy had been taking poop loads in the bathroom. She kissed his cheek and held him close, humming a soft, soothing tune in his ear until he fell fast asleep again.

While Jimmy and Matt were getting comfortable in my mom and dad's room, I was still feeling horny for a dick to suck, and quickly found myself between Ethan's legs, swallowing his teen boyhood with a quiet moan. I reached out and grabbed his hands, guiding them to my head, then I encouraged him to pull my hair and fuck my face hard. He quickly caught onto what I was after, and before long, I was being treated to a rough throat fuck that made my boy pussy burn with passion. His hard dick in my cum tube brought me off twice before he filled my mouth with a hot load of cum, then I collapsed in his arms and drifted off to sleep again.

It wasn't quite 7am when my mom woke me up by pulling the covers back. I blinked slowly and lifted my head from Ethan's warm chest, looking around and realizing where I was. I felt her pick me up from behind and cradle me in her arms, then she pulled the covers back over Ethan's sleeping form and carried me down the hall to the bathroom, where she took a seat on the edge of the tub and offered me her engorged nipple to latch onto. I quickly accepted her offer, longing to breastfeed after a long night of being fucked orally and anally, as well as being used as a public toilet.

While I was being suckled, my mind drifted back to Matt, knowing that he'd crossed another threshold that he couldn't come back from. As much as he'd enjoyed it, though, I wondered how eager he was to share his secret with the others. As these thoughts were running through my mind, my mom reached between my legs and let her hand travel into my crack, where she found my well fucked boy pussy, which was still moist with cum and ass juice. I felt her rub it gently, sending a burst of pleasure through me that caused me to sigh up at her with a smile.

Does that feel good, pumpkin?” she asked, and I nodded up at her. “How many more times did you eat poop last night? I know I heard you in here with Jimmy.”

I held up three fingers and watched her smile approvingly. She leaned down and kissed my forehead, then she rocked me back and forth quietly. Finally, after five minutes, she got up without making me detach and supported me with one arm while she used the other to place the rim seat in the tub. She kissed me again and said, “You're going to be a very busy little toilet this morning, baby.”

I moaned hotly at that declaration, then she sat down on the edge of the tub again and nursed me for twenty more minutes. When she used her fingertips to encourage me to disengage from her nipple, I groaned, but I cooperated. When her breast was free, she said, “It's almost time for everyone to start getting up, Kyle. Why don't you get down there and get ready while mommy starts breakfast. I'm making something very special this morning, something that should keep you busy for a while.”

Okay, mommy,” I said eagerly, then I crawled under the chair and waited for my first occupant while she walked out and turned the light off.

Five minutes later, Steve staggered into the bathroom with my dad right behind him. He was still groggy and my dad was steering him toward the rim seat, encouraging the naked little boy to aim his soft pecker into the chair and unleash his pee load. I was moaning hotly as I watched Steve scratch his messy head, then he aimed just like my dad told him to. Seconds later, I was gulping furiously as his yellow love potion fired into my toilet mouth with force. When he was done, my dad stepped up and did the same, filling my mouth with a hot offering of pee that made me shiver with desire.

When my mouth was empty, he took a seat over my watering mouth and his hole opened up. I moaned loudly as the brown head of a delicious smelling turd came into site, then it pushed out slowly with a moist crackle. It was nice and long, about three inches thick and coated with a sheen of ass juice. When it broke off, it landed heavily on my tongue and I wasted no time in chewing it up and swallowing, eager for another. My dad gave another hard push, and much to my delight, he fed me two hot turds that filled my poop receptacle to near capacity, stopping just short of making my cheeks bulge.

Mmm!” I moaned as the two delicious turds rested in my mouth, then I used my tongue to smash them up before I swallowed with another moan. Finally, he pushed and sent down a medium sized turd that bore the same satisfying stink as the first three and the same delicious taste. I eagerly chewed it up and swallowed, then I licked his crack clean with my toilet paper tongue.

When he got up, Steve sat down and farted three times in a row, then his hole opened up and he laid a massive turd that pushed into my mouth with unstoppable force. It was easily two and a half inches thick and about eight inches in length. It was so firm that it refused to curl up, instead breaking apart as it grew in length, then it broke again. When it was finally released, I had a very stinky mouthful of firm boy poop in my mouth that I was hot to savor and swallow. I was moaning almost uncontrollably as I used my tongue to smash and my teeth to chew. I gulped it all down with a satisfied sigh while Steve's fudge factory sent another large turd down his poop-chute that sent a passionate shudder through me as it curled up in my mouth, then he farted several times right into the luscious mouthful that I was enjoying. He laid a soft, egg shaped turd in my mouth that I quickly macerated with my tongue and teeth, then I licked his crack clean. He farted in my face again, then he got up and walked out while I waited for the remainder of my guests to wake up and make their stinky deposits into my eager 11 year old turd repository.

Minutes later, Nathan walked in with a sleepy yawn and aimed his soft boy cock into the chair, releasing his bladder full of hot pee for me to wash down Steve's brown gift. When he was finished, he plopped down onto the chair and took his time, giving me a thrill as he sent turd after lip smacking turd down his poop-chute for my dining pleasure. He was taking a nice, relaxing dump into my mouth, and I found it so satisfying to be able to accommodate his needs. His first load was nice and soft, a super stinky mass of brown poop that piled up nicely in my mouth until there was a small heap that had built up between my lips. I used my tongue to smash and swallow the delicious mouthful of boy poop, then I opened up and moaned quietly, not wanting to rush my feeder.

His hole opened up again and three hot turds pushed into my mouth at a very deliberate pace. There was nothing rushed about their exit from his butt hole, but at the same time, they exited fast enough that I barely had time to smash up the first turd with my tongue when the second and third ones emerged with a loud crackle. It was obvious to me that he wanted to control the tempo this morning, and I was hot for him to do just that. I wanted his tummy to send as many steamy turds my way as it could, and I wanted him to be relaxed the entire time. I heard a gas bubble gurgle in his belly, then he pushed again and farted into the brown mouthful that I was dining on.

When my mouthful was down, his hole opened and once again, I was treated to a hot pile of turds that pushed out at their own pace. The first one curled up nicely, followed immediately by another that simply pushed straight in. Without even bothering to try to smash or chew my mouthful, I stayed where I was and accepted two more hot poop logs, each one emerging with a loud crackle. When the last one broke off, he farted hard and sprayed my appreciative young face with hot poop splatters. While I was chewing and swallowing my luscious mouthful, his hole started to open again, prompting me to stop midway through and open wide, eager to accept more poop from my feeder. I heard him strain hard and release one more fart, then he treated me to a heaping helping of soft, hot poop that formed a nice blob in my mouth, right on top of the turds that had been laid there just moments before.

When I had my mouthful down, I used my tongue to lick Nathan's crack clean while he blew continuous farts in my face and across my tongue. When he finally got up, he grinned down into the chair at me, prompting me to smile up at him in appreciation. In response, he wrapped his hand around his stiff cock and jerked off for about 20 seconds before he aimed into the rim chair and blew his load, coating my already poop smeared face with his teen spunk before turning off the light and closing the door on his way out.