Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 62

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While I was waiting alone in the bathroom, I used my fingers to scrape the thick coating of cum from my face, then I slurped up every drop with a satisfied sigh. Mixed in with Nathan's frothy treat were several brown swirls of poop, adding to the delightful flavor that the spunk carried. As I carried on with this task, I listened closely to the sounds that carried into my ears and became aware that there was a lot of activity taking place in the house. From downstairs, I could hear the clear sounds of pots and pans being moved around in the kitchen. On the other side of the wall, I heard the shower start in my parents' bathroom. In my room, I could hear a long, throaty yawn and the sounds of cracking joints, then I heard a set of feet plant into the carpet.

I grinned to myself when I heard footsteps moving around my bed towards the doorway, then out to the hall. As the steps got closer, I rubbed my hands in anticipation, hot to be used as someone else's toilet. Just as I hoped, the bathroom door opened and the light came back on. I watched with a grin as Kevin peered down into the rim chair at me, meeting my eyes and smiling almost mischievously at me.

He licked his already moist lips, then he grabbed his soft pecker and aimed it at my face. I opened wide and watched hopefully as his flow started. It began as a moderate flow, filling my mouth at a pace that allowed me to keep up and not spill a drop. His pee load was steaming so wonderfully, the heat pouring into the backs of my nasal passage while a light hue drifted up from the confines of my mouth. Seeing this, he nodded his head at me, then he unleashed and peed forcefully, aiming his stream into the puddle that was accumulating in my mouth, creating an audible gushing sound as a white foam collected at the top. I was doing my best to keep up, but his flow was just too powerful and it started to overflow from the sides of my mouth. Kevin looked down at me with an empathetic smile, then he directed his stream to my hair, soaking it while I gulped down my yellow treat.

As his flow subsided, he aimed for my once again empty mouth and filled it up, then he shook off over my face while I swallowed my gift. I looked up at him longingly, wanting so badly for him to make a brown deposit. He rubbed his tummy, giving me a questioning look, and I nodded eagerly. He grinned and sat down on the chair, giving me the joy of watching his cheeks part on their own. I licked my lips, then I opened wide, ready for him to fill my watering mouth with his hot, steamy poop load. I watched his moist hole flex a few times, then it started to expand and a sharp, luscious stink filled the air all around me. At the same time, I spotted the head of a dark brown turd as it emerged from his sphincter, causing me to moan with desire and place my mouth over the diameter of his poop-chute.

I could hear the moist crackle of his turd as it emerged from his rectum, sending a strong shudder through me when I felt the soft, warm tip make contact with my lips, then it picked up speed and slid through them, coursing over my tongue and hitting the back of my mouth before it curved sharply to the left, taking the shape of a horse shoe as it continued to grow in length. As it pushed in, the membranes on my tongue were capturing the flavor, causing the powerful shudder that was already running through me to intensify. It felt like I had electricity running through my little body, and that it was all emanating from my boy cunt, which was on fire with passion as the strong odor and delicious taste of Kevin's poop log filled my senses.

Mmm!” I moaned loudly, feeling almost out of control with pleasure as I watched the dark turd detach from Kevin's hole, leaving two soft tips resting between my lips. I quickly started to smash the soft turd with my tongue, giving off more moans of horny desire as the flavor exploded in my mouth, then I used my tongue to pull the two tips the rest of the way in, wanting to have the entire turd in my mouth so that I could feast on my stinky meal. While I was chewing and smashing with my tongue, I could feel pockets of heat bursting in my mouth accompanied by powerful flavor bursts, prompting me to reach down and absentmindedly rub the outside of my boy cunt, eager to get off.

Is that good, little lover?” I heard Kevin ask from above me, and I moaned hotly.

Mm hmm!” I cried out, then I pushed my fingertips inside of my hole and worked my sweet spot furiously while I slowly swallowed my brown gift. As Kevin's luscious load was starting to make its way down my throat, my boy pussy caught fire and I came hard, my hairless little pecker dancing around as it tried in vain to shoot out cum that my little nuts weren't able to produce. While I was climaxing in my little boy ecstasy, Kevin got up and peered down into the chair, eager to watch my depravity in all of its glory.

When my climax was finished running its course, I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and smiled thankfully up at my feeder. My chest was heaving up and down slowly as the taste of his stinky poop load danced on my palette, adding to the bliss of my post orgasmic afterglow. He watched with wonder as I tried to collect myself, giving me about a minute and a half before he took his spot back on the chair, ready to finish making his stinky deposit. I reached up with my hands and parted his cheeks, watching as the built up butt fudge pulled apart like melted chocolate, then I used my tongue to lap it all away while his hole began to open again.

This time, he treated me to a nice, loose collection of turds that rushed out of his rear end and into my poop receptacle, causing my cheeks to bulge just slightly before they stopped. Before I pulled my mouth away from his hole he treated me to a gassy fart that blew into the mouthful I was enjoying, prompting me to moan with joy before I chewed and swallowed like a good toilet. He pushed again, sending one last turd down his poop chute, then he let me lick his crack clean with my toilet paper tongue. While I was carrying on with the task of cleaning my feeder's ass cheeks, the bathroom door swung open and Ethan walked in, accompanied by Mike.

I have to take a wicked shit,” I heard Ethan tell Kevin, his tone laced with a sense of urgency. I felt another strong shiver run through me, knowing that I was about to be treated to another pleasurable dining experience, this time from my second favorite feeder.

I have to go too,” I heard Mike say, then Kevin got up. Peering up from the chair, it was obvious that Mike was giving Ethan an almost pleading look. Ethan's face clearly registered his own need, but his expression softened and he gave way to the 13 year old, who quickly hopped onto the chair. I promptly opened up, hoping to have my high traffic turd repository filled to capacity with a large, stinky pile of Mike's boy fudge.

I saw his toes press into the floor of the tub, then his calve muscles flexed and I felt a powerful, stinky heat envelope my face. A split second later, his hole opened up and he forced a massive pile of juicy turds into my mouth. In an instant, I felt my cheeks bulge as tightly as I ever had while my lips pooched out with force. At the same time, several splatters of Mike's poop load landed on my face, on my cheeks, and on my brow, even landing on the bridge of my nose, which I was using to pull in the stinky aroma with all of my might. When his load stopped pushing in, my mouth was packed nice and tight with hot turds, causing many of them to smash into each other upon entry and form a firm, delicious mound that pushed up into the back of my nasal passage while it bulged between my lips.

Mmm!” I moaned hotly, loving the way his poop logs steamed in my mouth. My own poop-chute was burning sweetly with pleasure, and I was eager to begin the process of smashing the delicious turds with my tongue so that I could savor their taste even more. Before I could start, Mike stood up, giving he, Ethan and Kevin a clear view of my cherubic young face, which was covered with poop splatters as my impossibly full mouth accommodated Mike's stinky load.

Holy crap, you unloaded in him,” Kevin exclaimed, and I moaned again before I began to smash Mike's load with my tongue while my boy twat quivered with joy. While I was doing this, I saw Ethan grab his lower abdomen, alerting me to the fact that he had to poop bad. This encouraged me to hasten my maceration of the luscious mouthful that I was enjoying, wanting to give Ethan a place to find relief. While I was chewing and swallowing, my boy cunt started to throb hard with pleasure, and I knew that another boygasm wasn't far off.

When I had Mike's load down, I opened wide and watched as Ethan took a seat. Without waiting for a signal that I was ready, he unloaded a moist pile of hot turds that I accepted with a loud, horny moan. They were so long and thick, and they came out so fast that I barely had time to dream about their stink or their flavor. Instead, I simply stayed where I was and accepted his entire offering, loving how it felt to have my mouth inundated with moist turds until my jaw was forced opened. I felt my boygasm erupt with a start, intensifying by the moment as the turds continue to push out even though there was no more room, then they started to pack my throat and smash into my face.

I wanted to moan again but there was no room in my throat, so I let the pleasure explode inside of my little body as hot poop pushed into my nostrils from both sides, cramming into my nasal passage from inside of my mouth and pushing up my nose, taking all available space inside of my toilet of a mouth before a pile of turds started to smash into my face, forming a patty and prompting me to grind my climaxing rear end around in the tub.

Holy crap, what did I do?” I heard Ethan exclaim when he got up. At the same time, Mike and Kevin gasped, and I heard Kevin exclaim, “Dude!”

For my part, I was in heaven. My mouth, nose and throat were packed so tightly with Ethan's fudge that I felt a joy that was identical to having my throat fucked unmercifully, but with the added pleasure of eating poop. I used the muscles in my throat to move the mass of poop that had crammed in along, then when my airway was clear, I moaned my satisfaction and started to chew and swallow. I used my hands to pull the smeared poop away from my eyes, which I had closed tightly when my brown meal started to cover them, then I chewed up and swallowed everything that was in my mouth. When it was empty, I used my hands to scrape my face clean of as much poop as I could, cramming it all in my mouth with more moans of delight. I smiled up at Ethan appreciatively and pulled hard through my nostrils, clearing them out enough to breathe through my nose. I licked my lips and inhaled deeply, loving the aroma that stayed in my nose, then I rubbed my rumbling tummy and opened wide.

He never eats too much, does he?” I heard Mike say quietly to no one in particular, so I shook my head no with a naughty grin.

Go ahead, buddy,” Ethan said with a look of stunned resignation on his face, prompting Mike to sit down and feed me the remainder of his turds. He gave a careful push, sending two long, firm turds down his rectum that I chewed and swallowed with more horny moans, then he aimed his semi hard dick back toward my opened mouth and peed into it. While I was letting my mouth fill up with the last of his pee load, he farted loudly, then he pushed hard, sending down a slender turd that signaled the end of his offering.

I'll take it easy, Kyle,” Ethan promised me from above while I was licking Mike's crack clean, and I groaned.

I heard the moist smacking sound of a kiss on the lips, then I heard Kevin say, “I don't think he wants you to.”

I don't have much left anyway,” Ethan said tenderly, and I peaked between Mike's legs just enough to see Kevin and Ethan holding each other while they watched me wipe Mike's butt with my tongue while he farted in my face the entire time.

They shared another sweet kiss, then I pulled my tongue away from Mike's crack and watched while he stood up and Ethan sat back down. I grinned hard when his hole opened up and another long, thick turd pushed into my mouth. It was as stinky and delicious as the massive offering he had just treated me to, and I loved having it fed to me straight from his rear end. I chewed it up and swallowed with a sigh, then he pushed a nice, soft turd out that curled up in my mouth like dog poop before pinching off, then he farted into my mouth while I waited hopefully for another poop log. When it was obvious that there was no more poop to be collected in my toilet mouth, I chewed and swallowed, then I licked Ethan's rear end clean like a good toilet. He got up and treated me to another hot face full of pee, then he let me drink a few mouthfuls before sitting back down so that he could fart into my opened mouth a few more times.

When he got up, the three of them walked out, turning left to go down the hall to my parents' room while Matt and Jimmy walked in. They both grinned down into the chair at me, aiming their soft peckers at my still poop streaked face and matted hair and treating me to a golden shower. Matt sat down and treated me to a long series of hot farts, then his rear end erupted and he treated me to a mouthful of hot diarrhea. While Matt was pooping for me, Jimmy was licking his lips and watching, but seemed to be restraining himself. Matt gave me two more mouthfuls of diarrhea, then he gifted me a couple of soft, stinky turds that I savored with hot moans, then I swallowed and patted my tummy.

Jimmy sat down next, sending down several hot farts that I gratefully accepted, then he sent down a long, lone turd that was firm but had an intensely sharp stink. I was in heaven as I accepted the tasty treat, chewing it up with a loud moan, then I licked his rear end clean before he got up. He and Matt had sex in front of the bathroom sink, with Matt screwing a load into Jimmy's freshly licked, upturned boy butt while I watched, then they both peed in my hair and face again before they walked out, closing the door behind them.

With the loads of my eight feeders resting in the bottom of my tummy, I realized that I was still craving more feedings. The sharp aroma of the many poop loads that I'd just taken was still very prevalent and I was taking hard sniffs. I listened intently as the sounds of the shower running in the room next to me carried into my ears, alongside the sounds of silverware scraping against porcelain from downstairs. I heard the shower stop, then I heard Matt announce that he had to pee one more time. Shortly thereafter, the bathroom door swung opened and the aroma of breakfast poured into the bathroom, overtaking the sweet stink that was giving me such pleasure.

Matt stood over the chair and looked down into it while I smiled up at him hopefully. He aimed his soft pecker and let loose, treating me to a refreshing drink of pee that coursed into my tummy, joining the many turds and the hot diarrhea that I'd swallowed earlier on. When he was nearly finished, he aimed at my head and soaked my brown hair, then he shook off over my opened mouth before he walked out, closing the door again. I sat back and smiled, thinking about my new life as a toilet and feeling overjoyed. I could hardly wait to be used again, knowing that my feeders were being primed by my mom's cooking and that it would lead to another long, luscious brown meal that I was so eager to accept.

I thought about the load I accepted from Ethan, the way it nearly overwhelmed me when he packed my mouth, throat and nose tight with poop, then continued to push as if he didn't care. I thought about the way his turds smashed into my face and formed a nice brown pie that spread out over my cheeks and my nose and my eyes, smashing into my hair and my eye brows, and I loved it. My dreams of being used as Ethan's toilet were realized in a way I had never even imagined, and I was hot to experience it all again, but with one exception; I needed to find a way to accommodate his entire load without overflowing. I was determined to figure it out, to learn how to accept a poop load of any size or capacity without having to resort to taking it on the face. I resolved to become the kind of toilet that would never back up or cause alarm for my feeders.

As thoughts of how much practice I was going to need ran through my little mind, the door opened and my mom walked in. She turned the light on and closed the door, smiling down into the rim chair and taking a seat on the edge of the tub.

Hi baby,” she said softly, reaching out and running her fingers through my poop matted hair.

Hi mommy,” I smiled up at her.

Are you having a good morning?” she asked hopefully, and I nodded.

Yes, mommy. I got poop from everyone this morning. I'm waiting for them to come back and give me more.”

Well, it won't be too much longer,” she said, then a look of concern crossed her face. “Would you like to take a little break, honey?”

No mama,” I said, shaking my head for emphasis. “I want everyone to come back up and use me like their potty again.”

She smiled proudly and stroked my poop streaked cheek, then she lifted her fingers to her nose and sniffed. I grinned up at her, beaming from the positive attention and eager to please her. She puckered her lips and held them out to me, prompting me to give her a kiss, then she reached down and rubbed my tummy.

You've been such a busy little toilet this morning,” she observed. “Did you drink a lot of pee this morning, baby?” she asked, and I nodded. “Good boy. How much poop did you get from everyone?”

A lot!” I exclaimed happily. “First Daddy and Steve pooped for me, and daddy pooped a whole bunch. Then Steve fed me and it was extra stinky.”

I can tell you enjoyed it,” she smiled warmly, letting her hand drift down to my little boy boner, which was pressed tightly to my hairless pubic bone. She used her fingertips to give it a firm squeeze while at the same time, using her thumb to caress my hairless ball sack. I grinned up at her naughtily, then I continued to regale the events of my morning feeding.

When they left, Nathan came in and fed me all of his turds,” I said with a husky tone, feeling my boy pussy start to hum with pleasure. “They were hot and stinky, just like daddy's and Steve's, then he went pee pee for me and I drank it all, too. Then he jacked off and came on my face. When he left, I waited for a little while, then Kevin came in and pooped and peed for me.”

How was that?” she asked knowingly, running her fingertips along the rigid surface of my cocklet.

It made me cum, mommy,” I whimpered. “First he gave me his pee, then he pooped for me and it was so stinky and delicious that my pussy got hot, then I rubbed it and used my fingers to service it.”

Tell mama what you did next,” she encouraged me, running her hand over the head of my little hard on, then giving it one more firm squeeze before she let her hand drift further down between my legs, where she found my yearning snatch and started to rub it. Her forearm was pressed against my boy boner and my ball sack, rubbing up against them while she serviced my pooper.

I licked his butt hole until Ethan and Mike came in,” I said with another whimper. “They both said that they had to poop really bad, so Mike sat down and pooped first. He gave me a whole bunch of turds and I loved all of them.”

Oh yeah?” she asked wantonly, and I nodded urgently as I thought about the brown meal I indulged in not long ago. I was about to carry on when I felt my mom push two fingers up into my rear end, traveling as far as they could before she found my sweet spot and began to rub it with firm, circular strokes. I bit my lower lip and looked up at her, silently communicating my pleasure to her as she lovingly planted a kiss on my poop smeared forehead and encouraged me to continue.

After I swallowed all of Mike's poop, he let Ethan sit down and poop for me,” I said, my voice now huskier than it was just a minute earlier. “Ethan pooped more than he meant to, and it didn't all fit in my mouth. It went in my nose and in my throat, then he pooped all over my face and it felt like I had a big cow patty on my face.”

Tell mama how that made you feel,” she encouraged me, and I couldn't suppress the moan that escaped my lips as I rolled my rear end around.

I loved it!” I exclaimed a little louder than I intended to. “I wanted Ethan to keep pooping and never stop. All of his turds were pushed in my mouth so much that they were getting mushy and they smelled extra stinky. They tasted so good and I was glad he pooped a whole bunch. I can still smell it in my nose, mommy.”

With that, I drew in a long, delicious whiff of the poop that was still smeared in my nasal passage and felt my boy pussy catch fire again. My mom's constant rubbing of my sweet spot, along with the sweet stink of Ethan's poop load in my nostrils, along with the smell of the other poop loads that I'd taken all morning all added up to a long, drawn out boygasm that swept me into a tidal wave of pleasure and naughtiness that I never wanted to recover from. My boy cunt was contracting violently around my mom's fingers, which were working furiously on my clit, more furiously than I had ever worked it myself. I raised my whole body up so that I was squatting, causing my torso to emerge through the opening of the rim seat, then I ground my climaxing bottom around over and over, in a counter clockwise motion and a strong, continuous throb of passion carried me away. At the same time, my little boy boner started to twitch and throb like I had never felt before, burning intensely the entire time until I let loose with a hot stream of pee that hit my tummy, then ran down and soaked my mom's forearm, which was still lodged between my legs as she finger fucked me hard. I could feel the yellow trickle course along her arm, soaking my boy cock and my balls, then dripping off of my taint.

I was still in the throes of a hard orgasm when the door opened and someone walked in. My eyes were shut tight, though, and I was still grinding my butt around with my body sticking up through the chair, and I had no idea at first who it was. I used my forearms to support my weight on the seat, feeling a warm glow creep over me as a smile spread out over my face. I was in no hurry for it to end, and as each moment passed, it seemed like my pleasure was getting more and more intense. I could feel my mom's fingers running back and forth, never leaving my sweet spot but still moving along my love tunnel in such a way that I knew I was being finger fucked deeply. When my orgasm started to wane, I started to become aware of my surroundings, and the first thing I recognized was the voice of the other person in the room.

Wow, honey, you worked him out, didn't you?” I heard my dad say.

He's so horny right now,” my mom said, a note of maternal care in her voice. “I have a feeling he's only going to get hornier and hornier today.

Did you tell him what we have planned for him today?” my dad asked as I started to blink, letting the room come back into focus.

We haven't gotten that far yet,” my mom said, casting a warm smile my way when she saw that I was coming back down. “I wanted my baby boy to get it all out of his system. I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon, though.”

Are you having a good time, pumpkin?” my dad asked, and I nodded contentedly, feeling my mom's fingers still lodged in my boy pussy.

He's telling mommy all about his morning,” my mom explained, then she smiled at me again and started to rub my sweet spot all over again. “You didn't finish telling mama what happened next.”

I looked down at my tummy, which was soaked with pee, then down at my little cocklet, which was still rigid and pressed tight between my pubic bone and her forearm. My miniature sized nut sack was pulled so tight that it looked like I had two lone almonds on each side of the crease. My dad took a seat on the other side of the rim seat and smiled expectantly at me, so I sighed contentedly and carried on with my story.

After I swallowed all of the poop that Ethan gave me, Mike got on and pooped for me some more,” I told them with a dreamy smile. “His poop is always hot and stinky, and I love it. He peed for me too, then Ethan pooped and peed for me some more. After that, they both farted in my mouth and let me lick their butt holes.”

I can tell that's very sexy for you, baby,” my dad said, and I nodded with a moan. “Tell mommy and daddy what happened next.”

Matt and Jimmy came in and peed in my mouth and in my hair,” I bragged. “When they were done, Matt went diarrhea in my mouth a whole bunch. It tasted so good. Then Jimmy pooped a big turd for me that was extra stinky and delicious. When they were done, I licked their butts and they did it with each other, then they peed on me again.”

Did anything else happen, pumpkin?” my dad asked, and I nodded with another moan.

Matt came back in and peed for me again, then he went downstairs,” I said with a naughty grin.

Very good, baby,” my mom said, heaping praise on me. “Would you like another meal?”

Yes, mama, I want it really bad,” I told her, then I felt her pull her fingers from my pussy, once again running them over my hard little cocklet before she sucked them into her mouth. While I was watching my mom suck the ass juice off of her fingertips, she used her other hand to gently push my head down into the chair, then my dad's rump came into view as it settled over my face. I licked my lips and sat on the backs of my legs, eager for my meal to be served. As I opened wide and prepared to receive my offering, my mom got into the tub beside me and watched as my dad's hole pooched open and a massive turd emerged, pushing right through my lips and into my watering mouth. It was nice and thick, clay brown and at least nine inches long. It hit the back of my mouth and smashed against it as it continued to push in. The stink was intense, very similar to dog poop but with a hint of cheesy, stinky feet as well. The taste was identical to the smell, giving me chills of delight as the flavor exploded in my mouth.

Right beside me, my mom was sniffing my mouthful hard, watching as my cheeks started to fill up, then bulge as the massive poop log made my lips tingle. When it finally detached, I grinned with pleasure, then I turned my head so that my mom could get a good look at my meal. She leaned in and took a long whiff that made her shiver hard, then she licked her lips hungrily. I saw her eyes drift to my dad's rear end, looking longingly at it as I closed my mouth and began to chew and smash my mouthful up with horny moans. Knowing what she was after, I slid out from under the chair, giving her the latitude to put herself in position to accept a hot turd from my daddy's fudge factory. He smiled down at me with approval, then he planted his feet into the floor of the tub and gave her the brown treat she craved so badly.

When she had the mouthful that she wanted, I crawled under the chair with her, resting in her lap as my daddy sent down another long turd that I eagerly accepted. While I was chewing it up, he treated my mom to one more hot turd, then she licked his crack clean while I swallowed my brown meal. He got up and peed over both of us, then he looked at the door and his eyes lit up. Jimmy walked in and smiled shyly down into the chair, then he looked up at my dad questioningly.

Do you need the toilet, baby?” my dad asked, and Jimmy nodded while holding his tummy. “Why don't you hop on and let Kyle take care of that for you, okay?”

Okay, daddy,” Jimmy said in the sweetest voice ever, grinning up at my dad with loving eyes. He quickly hopped on and I opened wide, eager to accept my lover's brown meal. I felt my mom caress my cheek, prompting me to turn my head momentarily and grin at her. She kissed me on the lips, then she rested her head on my shoulder while I accepted a long, dark turd from Jimmy's rear end. The stink was powerful, and quite pleasing, and I delighted in accepting his soft poop log. I quickly chewed it all up, then I opened up and waited while he sent two long, thick turds down his poop-chute that bore the same stinky aroma and delicious taste as his first turd.

Are those good, honey?” my mom asked, and I nodded, opening wide so she could examine my stinky meal.

She took a long whiff and shuddered, then she encouraged me to close my mouth and chew. While I followed her instructions, she used her fingertips to soften the load in my mouth, then she instructed me to open up again so that she could have another whiff. The smell was significantly sharper than it was before she softened the load, and I could see her mouth watering hard as I used my tongue to smash it up. I leaned into her chest and chewed my load, then I began to swallow. While I was doing this, she reached up and parted Jimmy's stinky, poop smeared cheeks, taking a long whiff before using her tongue to pull in the thick heaps that she found there. She moaned lowly, then she parted his cheeks again and opened wide, prompting Jimmy to fill her mouth with a pile of hot turds that smelled so intense that I thought I would cum while I was sniffing them. With a satisfied sigh, she chewed her mouthful up while I got into position, opening wide so that my boyfriend could feed me the last of his load, two medium sized turdlettes that I smashed with a horny moan before swallowing.

While I was swallowing the last of Jimmy's offering, my mom licked his crack clean, then she ate him deeply while he moaned wildly. When he finally got up, he aimed his hairless pecker at my opened mouth and peed into it until it was full, then he directed his stream to my mom's mouth, which was also wide opened and watering for a drink of his refreshing boy pee. When he was through, I begged him to shake off over my face, then he and my dad walked out of the bathroom.

My mom planted a kiss on my cheek and got out from beneath the chair, walking out behind my dad and Jimmy so that she could join them in the shower, where a satisfying butt fuck awaited both my mom and my little lover.