Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 63

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While my mom and Jimmy were taking turns having their butt holes plugged by my dad's cock, I got busy, too. Whatever it was that my mom made for breakfast had its intended effect, as one by one, I was visited by my feeders, all of whom had large, stinky deposits to make in my high capacity turd repository. I was only too eager to accommodate them all, secretly hoping to stay under the chair all day and dine on an endless buffet of hot, spicy poop.

Mike was the first one to use my public toilet of a mouth, holding his tummy with both hands as he walked in. He was wearing his white underwear and a white tee shirt. He looked so innocent and cute, almost uncertain for whatever reason as he approached the rim chair. I smiled up at him hopefully, licking my lips and opening up to display my empty mouth, wanting him to know how hot I was for him to pack it tight with thick, juicy turds. He smiled back at me and batted his eyes, then he dropped his undies and sat down while I got into position.

I gazed up into his rump, taking note of the fact that his hole was a little red, something I hadn't noticed earlier, and I knew that he'd taken at least one ride on a cock since my last feeding. I used my tongue to bathe the irritated surface of his hole, then I heard him sigh. As I was licking his butt hole, it started to expand and my tongue melted into its moist membranes, so I pulled it back and placed my opened mouth around the diameter, hot and ready to receive my reward. Seconds later, I felt a hot spurt of liquid poop shoot out into my mouth, then he pushed again right away and treated me to a mouthful of soft poop that came out with the sound and force of a loud, juicy fart. The sheer volume was incredible, erupting with so much force that my cheeks vibrated and my mouth filled up instantaneously.

Mmm!” I moaned as I used my tongue to smash the hot load against the roof of my mouth, luxuriating for a moment in the delicious taste of my stinky mouthful, then I swallowed and opened wide, ready to accept another. I saw him grab his soft pecker and point it at my opened mouth, then he let loose with a stream of pee that hit me in the chest, completely missing my face. At the same time, his hole opened up and he released a trio of hot turds that piled up in my mouth while his pee was hitting me in the chest. When his hole closed, I smiled around the tasty turds that he sent down, then I chewed them all up with a moan and swallowed. I opened up and let him push out what was left, a few slender turds and a series of farts, then I licked his rump clean and he walked out, announcing loudly that he was finished.

I'm all done,” I heard him say as he walked out, then he added, “He's really hot for it again.”

Less than a minute later, Steve was sitting over my opened, watering mouth, releasing a long, hot turd that pushed in with force. As the meaty turd grew in length, it hit the back of my mouth and began to smash under its own weight, accumulating mass until it completed its journey and detached from his hole. I was shivering with passion as I chewed and swallowed my gift, then I opened up and watched with glee as another hot turd emerged from his pooper. It started slowly, then it emerged with a swift crackle, coursing over my lips and curling up between my cheeks like a luscious piece of dog poop. When it pinched off, I used my tongue to smear it against the roof of my mouth, wanting to savor its delicious taste as much as possible before swallowing. I opened wide for the next offering, but Steve got up and aimed his hard pecker into the chair, then he closed his eyes and concentrated long enough to start his pee stream, which filled my mouth at just the right rate of flow, allowing me to keep up and swallow without loosing a drop.

When he sat back down, he released a delicious quartet of hot, thick turds that pushed into my mouth, one right after the other in rapid succession, allowing me to enjoy a large, impacted mouthful of soft poop that gave me chills of absolute delight as I chewed and swallowed.

When he was finished, I licked his rump clean and watched with a warm smile as he got up and walked out. As soon as he walked out, Nathan walked in and sat down right away, not even bothering to look down into the chair. He released a series of hot, delicious smelling farts, then he treated me to a pile of soft turds that were nice and thick. I loved feeling their moist body in my mouth, knowing that they had retained an almost perfect cylinder like shape that I could feel resting against the lining of my cheeks and the roof of my mouth, while their weight and flavor was gauged against the surface of my tongue. They were heavy, but at the same time, they soft with an airy texture. They had an intense heat pouring off of them that rolled into the back of my throat and steamed so nicely through my lips, enhancing the rich stink that they emitted.

Mmm!” I moaned again, knowing that I'd already let that expression of pleasure go many times that morning but unable to stop myself. I used my tongue to smash the soft poop against the interior of my mouth, then I swallowed eagerly, desperate for another mouthful of Nathan's delicious boy fudge. He treated me to a nearly identical mouthful of hot turds as the first one that he fed me, allowing me to once again luxuriate in the perfect texture, shape and quantity of Nathan's boy poop. And just like the first mouthful, I found myself enjoying the rich stink and distinctive flavor of Nathan's poop load, knowing that I was being treated to a first class feast that only a true toilet slave could appreciate.

With hot moans, I licked Nathan's rump clean, then I watched him stand up and aim his cock down at me, letting go with a yellow stream that hit me in the face and hair, then he finished in my mouth.

When he walked out, Matt came in and closed the door. He grinned down at me naughtily and inhaled deeply, knowing that only Jimmy and I shared his secret love of poop. I returned his naughty grin, then I opened up and waited for him to pee in my face. With a sigh, he released his pee load all over me, then he shook off on my face before taking his spot on the rim seat. I opened wide and moaned loudly, wanting him to know how much I was looking forward to being his toilet, and he rewarded me with a long, thick poop log that fell to a safe landing in my mouth. I gave off a soft whimper and started to chew, then I swallowed the stinky treat and opened wide, ready to accept another moist, thick turd for my dining pleasure.

He gave a firm push and treated me to a substantial mouthful of hot, soft poop, enough to cause my cheeks to bulge tightly and my lips to pooch slightly. The stink was very sharp, just like dog poop, and I was anxious to smash it all with my tongue and swallow. I opened wide and lanced out with my tongue, eager to see the load that was bringing me such pleasure, and took note of the soft mass and its rich brown color. I moaned again and rolled my naked rump around, feeling almost delirious with pleasure as the stinky mouthful danced on my palette, then I opened wide and waited for his next deposit. Much to my delight, he treated me to another soft mouthful of hot poop, then he sent down a hot, soft turd that had a pleasing texture, flavor and aroma. I quickly chewed it all up and swallowed, then I licked his crack clean of all of the caked up poop I could find.

When he got up, he leaned down into the chair and took a long whiff, his boy boner pressed tight into his pubic bone. We shared a loving smile, then he got up and opened the door, walking out almost reluctantly so that the next feeder could come in.

I felt a strong shiver run through me when Ethan came in to make his stinky deposit into my busy public toilet of a mouth. The stink of Matt's hot poop load was still very prominent in the air when he came in, giving him a good indication of how luscious my feedings had been up to this point. I looked up at him hungrily, eager for him to lay a pile of delicious turds straight from his fudge factory that I could feast on. I could tell from the look on his face that he knew how hot I was for it, and I knew that he was just as hot to give it to me. He quickly took his place on the rim seat and used his hands to grip onto the handles for leverage, then he planted his feet firmly into the floor of the tub and pushed. I watched with glee as his hole started to open up, prompting me to form a seal around it with my mouth.

With my lips now covering the diameter of his hole, I felt it expand and an incredible heat poured into my mouth, giving me chills of anticipation. I moaned hotly and rolled my naked butt around against the back of my legs, then I heard him push. I was treated to a massive offering of hot, stinky turds that exploded from his butt and into my mouth, packing it tightly and causing my lips to distend obscenely. They were exceptionally soft and hot like lava, their odor incredibly sharp like cat poop, almost identical to the loads I'd taken from him the day before at Nathan's house. I was in heaven as I negotiated the stinky collection of turds, wondering what my mom could have served at the breakfast table that would have resulted in such a heavenly load.

I was moaning almost uncontrollably as I smashed, chewed and swallowed my brown meal, then I opened wide and prepared to enjoy another feast of hot turds from Ethan's behind. I watched him plant his feet against the bottom of the tub, then, without so much as a strain, his rear end opened up and he ejected a pile of hot, soft turds into my mouth that practically splattered as they took a projectile course, slamming into the interior of my mouth with force. They contained the same sharp stink and pleasing flavor as the mouthful that I'd just swallowed, but these turds seemed to be softer and somehow more savory. If anything, the volume was identical to the first serving, but there was something about this load that gave me the feeling that I was enjoying an extra special treat.

I enjoyed every morsel of my mouthful, chewing and smashing with horny moans before I finally swallowed, eager to know what Ethan had in store for me next. The flavor that was dancing on my tongue was so rich, adding to a feeling of fulfillment that I wasn't sure that I'd felt before. It wasn't orgasmic, but it was somehow everything that I was looking for. Before I had time to consider it further, though, Ethan's rear end opened up again and he unloaded the last of his poop load, another soft pile that contained a few half formed turds. The volume was much less this time, but the stinky aroma and the delicious flavor were enough to keep me sated. He let me lick his butt clean, then he let me worship his sphincter for another minute or two before he got up and peed in my face, then down my throat and finally in my hair.

As Ethan was shaking off over my smiling face, Kevin came in and stood beside him, aiming his boy cock at me. I opened mouth and watched with glee as he unleashed his yellow stream for me. When he was almost done, I begged him to pee in my hair and he quickly obliged. When he was finally finished, he sat down on the rim seat and treated me to a savory pile of hot, delicious turds that packed my mouth perfectly, I quickly chewed and swallowed, watching and waiting as his hole opened up and he laid another pile of thick turds in my mouth that I was so grateful to receive. I eagerly chewed my moist, brown meal up, then I swallowed it all with loud moans and horny whimpers. When it was down, he sent one last brown turd down his rectum that I savored for a long, enjoyable moment, then I chewed it up and swallowed before I licked his butt clean with my toilet paper tongue.

When he got up, Ethan came back in and sat down on the chair, farting hard into my mouth multiple times before he finally got up and walked out, leaving me with a pleasing funk that danced all around my head while I waited for another brown deposit.

Moments later, Steve was back on the chair, his hole opening wide as a large, soft turd crackled loudly, falling to a safe landing in my opened mouth. I watched him place his feet flat against the floor of the tub and grinned, knowing that he wanted leverage so that he could push hard. I stayed where I was, with his tightly coiled turd resting comfortably in my mouth and watched with glee as his hole opened back up and another hot turd emerged, pushing into the first turd and giving me chills of delight. When it detached, I quickly chewed and swallowed, then I opened up and waited while he laid one last turd into my busy toilet of a mouth, chewing it up and swallowing with a satisfied sigh before I licked his crack clean. When he got up, he dribbled some pee into my opened mouth, then he walked out.

He's still hot for it,” I heard him announce, and then I heard Mike's voice.

Good, because I have to go again, really bad.”

As his footsteps approached the bathroom, I heard Ethan say, “I think I have the shits.”

I moaned and rolled my rump around on the floor of the tub, watching as Mike took a hasty seat on the chair. I opened up and formed a nice, tight seal around his poop-chute, then I felt a torrent of hot, loose turds explode in my mouth. I was giving off soft moans of satisfaction as I used my tongue to negotiate the stinky load, smashing it against the roof of my mouth before swallowing with ease. I opened wide again, still hot for Mike's butt fudge, and once again, he treated me to a stinky mouthful of loose stool that I loved. I didn't even have to use my tongue, instead having the luxury of swallowing the entire mouthful as soon as he stopped pushing. When he pushed for the final time, there was barely enough for me to notice, but he treated me to super stinky farts while I licked his butt clean.

When he got up, I saw Ethan standing by, almost dancing from foot to foot. I grinned up at him and waited with bated breath as he sat down on the chair and unleashed another pile of hot, juicy turds that filled my slutty mouth to capacity, loving how sharp the stink was and how luscious the flavor was. I quickly chewed and swallowed, then I opened wide, eager for more. Ethan gave another push, releasing a long, stink laden fart that blew directly into my mouth, then a long, slender turd emerged that he had to work hard to give me. I knew that it was the end of my meal, so I gratefully licked his rump clean, then I dined at his back door while he treated me to stinky farts.

Finally, my mom came into the bathroom and summoned me out from under the chair. I reluctantly complied, crawling out and standing up straight for the first time in two hours. She leaned in and sniffed me, giving me an approving smile as my powerful stink carried into her nostrils.

Has mommy's little turd burglar been busy this morning?” she asked, and I nodded happily.

Yes mommy,” I told her. “I want to be a busy toilet all day, though.”

You're not finished for the day yet, honey,” she assured me, then she planted a loving kiss on the side of my head. “Did you have a special time this morning?”

Yes, mama,” I said, leaning into her so that I could rest my head on her shoulder. “Everyone's poop was extra stinky and extra soft. I have a whole bunch of poop and pee in my tummy. I'm going to be ready to feed it to you later.”

That's a good baby boy,” my mom gushed, wrapping me up in her arms and hugging me tight.

Mommy, I want you to feed everyone the same thing again so that everyone's poop smells like it did this morning,” I admitted, and she gave me a loving smile.

I knew that you'd enjoy that, Kyle,” she said warmly. “Well, if your little lovers can come back tonight, we will. Would you like to go get in the shower with mommy?”

Okay, mama,” I said with a grin. “Will daddy be in there too?”

No, daddy's in your room paying special attention to your little guests,” she explained. “Would you like to see what's happening in there?”

Okay,” I grinned, watching her stand up before she reached down and picked me up, carrying me into the hall. We turned right and walked to the doorway of my room, where I was greeted by the sight of an intense orgy. My dad was balls deep inside of Nathan, who was bent over my desk, his rear end shamelessly sticking up into the air as he accepted strokes of hot cock from behind. Beside them was Matt and Steve, who were on the floor making love. Matt was on his back with his legs in the air, accepting Steve's hard dick with a dreamy look on his face. On my bed, Jimmy was on his hands and knees, being split roasted by Kevin and Mike. Mike was resting on my pillow with his legs opened, giving Jimmy unfettered access to his hard dick, which he was in the process of deep throating. Behind Jimmy was Kevin, who was moving in and out of his horny boy butt with slow, lustful thrusts that looked like they felt really good.

The sound of a hot, juicy fart caught our attention, causing us to look to the corner of my room. Almost undetected at first by my mom and I was Matt, who was on his knees behind Ethan, eating his rear end out passionately. He was literally munching on Ethan's behind, using his tongue and his mouth to dig in to the tasty butt hole that just minutes earlier had released a tasty torrent of hot turds into my mouth. Matt's face was smeared lightly with Ethan's boy poop, earning him some curious stares from the others in the room, but he seemed to be lost in his own world of naughtiness as he let his desires take him over. He reached up and rubbed Ethan's inner thigh almost urgently, and once again, Ethan let go with a loud, wet sounding fart that Matt seemed to relish.

My mom and I grinned at each other knowingly, and I understood that Matt was going to do whatever he could to spend the rest of the weekend at my house.

Are you ready to go in, princess?” my dad asked me as I took Mike's hand and prepared to get out of the minivan. I smiled dreamily up at my movie date and sighed, then I nodded feverishly. In the bench seat behind Mike and I, Matt and Jimmy were kissing feverishly. Matt was on his back, laying down while Jimmy laid on top of him. As their tongues danced, Matt used his hands to grab Jimmy's buns, which were covered only by the pink and white panties that Jimmy was wearing. Panties that anyone who might have been walking by the van could have seen by looking through the back window, mainly because Matt had pulled Jimmy's skirt up to gain access to the plump bottom he longed to grope.

My own panties were in tact, though, as was my sun dress. Not that Mike and I didn't share plenty of kisses on the way to the mall, where my parents were chaperoning us on our afternoon date. Indeed, we locked lips from the moment Mike helped me with my seat belt. I even fished his hard cock out and took it to the back of the throat when we got on the freeway. Mike gave me the thrill of swallowing my first load of cum in a car not long after I started blowing him, then we started to kiss again and didn't separate until we pulled into our parking space. But once we were parked, I gently put his dick back in his pants and zipped them up. Mike, being the perfect gentleman that he is, helped me fix my dress and my leg stockings, then he used his thumbs to wipe the cum from around my lips. With a very sweet smile, he unbuckled my seat belt. We shared one final kiss, then my dad beckoned Matt and Jimmy to straighten themselves out so that we could go inside.

It was this same scenario that led to Matt and Jimmy's current arrangement. Jimmy, ever the horny little cock hound, was horny to start sucking dick as soon as we were in our girl clothes. Our older lovers had just left and we were trying to decide which movie we wanted to go see. While we were looking at show times online, Jimmy crawled between my dad's legs and started giving head. Never satisfied to be without a dick inside of me, I dropped my panties and bent over, ready to accept the first cock that I could entice. Matt quickly pulled my dress up and mounted me, fucking a hot load into my twat while I moaned like a sissy. By the time Matt seeded my cunt, Jimmy had already received a mouthful of cum from my dad and moved on to Mike, eager to keep sucking dick until it was time to leave.

Once we were in the car, Jimmy was back at it, sucking Matt off like a true cock slut before we ever backed out of the garage. Jimmy sat up and swallowed just as I was wrapping my lips around Mike's cock, then she moved in to clean Matt's dick and lick his balls. Minutes later, Matt regained his full stiffness in Jimmy's mouth, and by the time I sat up and swallowed Mike's cum load, Jimmy was once again moaning around Matt's dick with a dreamy smile on her face. When Matt fired another load into her mouth, Jimmy sat up and swallowed again, then tried to suck Matt back to life once more. When that proved too painful for Matt, Jimmy crawled on top of the teenager's chest and they kissed deeply until we arrived.

I leaned into my date as we walked hand in hand through the parking lot, my horny rear end subtly switching from side to side as we approached the ticket window. There was a line, but it wasn't too long, so we wouldn't have to wait to get our tickets and get inside. When we got up to the window, I leaned in and planted a sweet kiss on Mike's lips, a kiss he happily reciprocated. We earned a warm smile from the girl behind the window, who spotted our kiss, and a curious look from a boy I recognized from school named Roger. He was a cute 8th grader with blonde hair who I'd always wanted to suck off but hadn't had the chance because he never seemed to pick up on my signals. I smiled knowingly at him, then I leaned into my date once again and watched as the boy's eyes got wide when he realized that I was there with Mike.

Right next to us were Matt and Jimmy, who were once again kissing as if there was no one else around. I couldn't blame either of them, though. Jimmy made such a pretty girl and Matt was such a cute boy. I had a feeling that when the lights were out and the movie was underway, Jimmy would find a way to get Matt's cock back inside of her, either in her mouth or her horny pussy. It was inevitable.

Once we had our tickets, we made our way to the snack counter, where Mike insisted on paying for me. I felt my heart flutter when he referred to me as his girlfriend to the cute guy behind the counter, then he carried all of my snacks to the theater while Matt did the same for his girlfriend. While we were getting ourselves situated, I recognized another boy from our school, one I'd already had sex with. His name was Andrew, and he was super cute. He was in the seventh grade, just like Mike and Matt, but he was still 12. Even so, I'd sucked him off a few times and finally got to bend over for him in the locker room at lunch one day. His dick felt so good inside of my horny bottom, and I was always hot to have him pump a load up my butt whenever he was willing. At the end of our row of seats, my mom and dad were stealing occasional glances, smiling knowingly at me while I flirted with Andrew. I noticed my dad watching Andrew with a hungry gaze from time to time, even licking his lips a couple of times.

Without noticing my parents, Andrew smiled when he realized that I was wearing a dress, then he grinned even wider when he spotted Mike with me. His gazed traveled over to Jimmy and Matt, whom he also recognized, and he bit his lower lip. I smiled at him and winked, wanting him to know that even though I was on a date, my rear end was still available for his use if he wanted it. To make a show of it, I leaned into Mike and planted a long, tongue filled kiss on his lips, then I sighed to him, “I love you, honey.”

I love you too, sweetheart,” he said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and holding me close while Andrew watched curiously. I gave him another smile, biting my lower lip to let him know that I wanted to hook up with him later, then the lights went down and the previews started. Just as I suspected, Jimmy didn't even wait for the first preview to start before she was on her knees in front of Matt, bobbing her head up and down on his dick in search of another load of cum to swallow. We were seated at the top row and nobody but Andrew was paying attention, so Matt simply ran his fingers through Jimmy's hair and enjoyed the blow job.

By the time the movie started, I had curled up in my seat and rested my head in Mike's lap, earning me easy access to his dick. I quickly fished it out and wrapped my lips around it, then I proceeded to treat myself to the joy of a long, enjoyable dick sucking. As rushed as I felt in the car to get Mike off, I wanted to savor his dick and enjoy keeping it in my throat. I was hot to be fucked there, but I also wanted my throat fuck to last. To my left, Jimmy was still moaning sissily around Matt's dick, loving how it felt to have her mouth filled with hard, horny cock while she rolled her bottom around in the air.

A half hour into my throat fuck, I felt Mike's cock swell and I knew that my reward was coming. I gave him a few more sensual sucks, then I wrapped my lips around his dick and ran my tongue over the head until I felt the first gush of cum flood my mouth. When I received all of Mike's load, I sat up and swallowed, then we shared a sweet kiss and he held me close to him. While we basked in the afterglow of our sex act, Matt was unloading into Jimmy's slutty mouth for the second time. As hot as I was to suck dick, I realized, Jimmy seemed to need it all the time. Almost as if she preferred giving head to having her pussy serviced. Ever since we'd put our dresses on, she was hot to keep her lips wrapped tightly around a hard cock, and even after Matt came in her mouth after the movie started, she still wasn't satisfied and required more hard cock in her mouth.

While I was snuggling up with Mike, Andrew was looking my way and motioning with his head toward the lobby. I quickly told Mike that I needed to use the little girl's room and excused myself, then I hurried to the lobby, eager to hook up with Andrew. We earned a few funny stares when we went into a family restroom, but it was worth it because as soon as we were in there, I got to run my hands all over his chest and kiss him.

How come you're dressed like that, Kyle?” he asked curiously while I unbuttoned his pants.

Because I like being out of the closet when I'm not at school,” I lisped, wanting him to know how feminine I was feeling for him. “I really want to have sex with you.”

With that, I dropped his jeans and his underwear, leaving him standing there with a hard on that was as beautiful as I remembered it being the last time I serviced it. I quickly dropped to my knees on the bathroom floor and wrapped my lips around the hairless member, which resembled Jimmy's in every way except that it was slightly longer and had more girth. Not a lot more girth, but enough that I thoroughly enjoyed feeling it slide into my boy cunt and work my sweet spot.

While I was sucking him off he hissed, “I want you to lick my butt, okay?”

Okay, baby,” I lisped, pulling off of his dick long enough to mutter those words, then going right back down on him. Moments later, he fired a watery load into my mouth that I swallowed without delay, then I sat back on my heels and grinned up at him, grabbing his hips and urging him to turn around. He quickly complied, knowing the drill as well as anyone else that I'd been with. He grinned down over his shoulder at me while I parted his cheeks and took a long, intoxicating whiff of his sweaty boy crack, then I used my tongue to lick all the way up, starting at his taint and running to the top, gathering all of the sweat that I could before I dug into his tasty poop-chute. The taste and aroma of his pooper were heavenly, and I couldn't stop myself from inhaling deep while I dined at his back door.

Two minutes later, I pulled my tongue out and bent over the toilet, eager for him to seed my juicing boy cunt. I had my dress pulled all the way up and my panties were bunched around my ankles when he grabbed my hips and entered me from behind. I moaned sissily and called out for him to fuck me as hard as he could, then I rode out the delicious butt fucking for three minutes until he seeded my insatiable cunt. He pulled out and I immediately wrapped my lips around his dick, sucking it clean of all of my ass juice and any cum that I could find. When we were finished, he watched me straighten my dress and fix my hair, which had been disheveled when I had my face buried between his fragrant butt cheeks. When I was sure that I looked pretty enough, I hurried back to the movie and rejoined Mike, who I was eager to find a way to have sex with because I was still unbearably horny and needed to get off.

Jimmy and Matt were nowhere to be seen, and I knew that they had most likely snuck off to have anal sex in the bathroom. Mike gave me a questioning look when I got back, but before he could ask me what took so long, I knelt between his legs and fished his dick back out, hot to suck it again. With his cock buried in my throat, I placed his hands on my head and encouraged him to pull my hair, then I enjoyed a rough throat fuck that brought me off in no time flat. Ten minutes later, he filled my mouth with another load of cum that I swallowed with a slutty smile. Having received an additional load of cum, I curled up in my chair and rested my head in his lap, nursing on his soft dick until the credits started to roll.