Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 64

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The aroma of dried pee was powerful all around me, a byproduct of the many homeless people who wandered behind the Dairy Queen to pee when they were denied access to the restroom inside. Luckily, my skirt was long enough that my knees and shins had a cloth barrier between them and the concrete. The stranger sitting on a stack of milk crates in front of me was grinning down as I unbuttoned his khaki pants, reaching into his boxers and pulling his hard cock out. His jet black hair was starting to show signs of graying, with a few silver streaks noticeable in his pulled back mane. His mustache was salt and pepper, as were his bushy eye brows. I smiled up at him and licked my lips, then I slipped my mouth over the end and moaned with satisfaction.

You suck a good dick,” he panted, running his fingers through my short brown hair. “I can't believe what a little fairy you are.”

I moaned again, this time with a stir of my horny rear end, then I swallowed his cock like a pro. I reached up with my hands and manipulated his fingers so that he had two handfuls of my hair, then I fucked my throat roughly on his shaft. He quickly picked up on what I wanted from him, treating me to a rough, three minute throat fuck that made me shiver with lust.

Parked at the front of the Dairy Queen was my parents' mini van, presently unoccupied. That's because Mike, Matt, Jimmy and my parents were inside, eating their dessert. My dessert was forthcoming, but I had to work for it. I could feel the man's balls tighten and his shaft started to expand in my cum tube. My moaning was getting louder and I was feeling lightheaded as my head spun, my boygasm not far off. Right on cue, I tightened my throat muscles around his shaft and rode out the glorious blow job that I had longed to give. The head of his cock was working my throat clit so perfectly and I could feel the cum rising up his shaft, moving slowly but surely.

I knew that it wouldn't be long.

Seconds later, I felt my climax explode. My vision got blurry and my boy pussy started to contract over and over again, flexing and squeezing on its own, even though there was no cock inside of it. I was moaning so hotly that I thought someone might hear me, but I didn't care. I was eager for more cock, and was hoping that as soon as I was finished servicing this stranger, another would slip his dick in my mouth.

While I was climaxing in my little boy ecstasy, I felt him blast off, treating me to a tummy full of man seed that felt so good as it shot down my throat. Toward the end of his eruption, I pulled his dick out of my throat and was treated to a mouthful of hot cum, then I swallowed like a good girl. I dutifully cleaned his sticky cock of any remaining cum that I could find, then I gently put his dick back in his boxers and zipped his khakis up. He smiled down at me and ran his fingers through my messy hair one more time, then he helped me stand up and hugged me close to him while his hands explored my body.

You're an amazing little cock sucker,” he said, heaping praise down on me as he ran his hands all over my chest and tummy. “And you look so sexy in that dress.”

Thank you for letting me suck it,” I lisped, loving how it felt to have him run his hands all over my torso. “I really love sucking sexy guys off.”

He beamed at my remark, running his hand up and down my back, then all over my plump, panty covered bottom. I felt him pull the back of my dress up, then he caressed my bottom again, causing me to moan with desire.

You like that, don't you, sweetie?” he observed, and I nodded. “Do you take it in the ass?”

Yes,” I lisped quietly, wanting him to bend me over and service my boy pussy in the worst way.

Do you want it in the ass right now?” he asked, and once again, I nodded. I felt his finger travel into my crevice, where he found my puckered entrance, then he worked it in. I grinned up at him, knowing that he'd no doubt found the remnants of my earlier butt fucking, and was now keenly aware that my rear end was opened for business.

He leaned down just far enough for our lips to meet, then he kissed me deeply, our tongues dancing the entire time. While we kissed, he used his free hand to feel up the front of my dress, running his hand over the little bulge in the front of my panties. I felt his fingers slip down into the waist band of my panties, then he wrapped his three middle fingers and his thumb around my hairless little boner, giving it a firm squeeze. I responded by moaning into his mouth and wrapping my arms around his neck, wanting our kiss to go on indefinitely.

When we broke our kiss, I rested my head on his shoulder and enjoyed being finger fucked by him. He still had a firm grip on my little dick, and was massaging it with his fingers, almost in concert with his finger fucking. Finally, I leaned forward and kissed him again, prompting him to let go of my cocklet and slip a second finger in my well used behind. I moaned and rolled my rear end around, longing to feel his fingers stir in my bottom, then I broke our kiss and begged him to pull my panties down so that I could bend over.

He quickly complied with my request, and while he was easing my panties down, I hastily unbuttoned his khakis all over again. I fished his dick out and dropped to my knees once more, sucking it lustily and getting it nice and wet, then I grinned up at him and pulled off. He got up from his seated position and let me bend over, placing my hands on the stack of milk crates and parting my feet so that my rear end was high enough for him to slip inside of me. I let my talented boy pussy do all of the work, pulling him in until I felt his pubic bush smash into my crevice, then I moaned and rolled my hips around while I smiled over my shoulder at him. His dick was so hot, and it felt amazing as my hungry boy pussy flexed and grabbed around the veiny shaft.

Wow, you're ass feels so good,” he panted, causing me to bat my eyes at him. He grabbed my hips and steadied himself, then he began to thrust in and out.

I expected to enjoy a quick, dirty fuck behind the Dairy Queen. I figured that my top would last a minute, maybe two or three if I was lucky. Just like Andrew before him, I figured, this stranger would fuck a satisfying load into me but probably not get me off. I soon found out that I was wrong, as five minutes after I'd accepted the stranger's dick in my ass, I experienced a long, shivering climax that caused him to blow his own load, adding to the collection of creamy loads that I'd already taken back there.

When he pulled out, I was back on my knees in an instant, sucking him clean and kissing the end of his dick in appreciation. When we were done, he tucked his dick back into his pants and sat back down on the stack of crates, once again holding me close while we recovered from our romp. We kissed deeply, then it was time to go back inside.

You have an amazing ass, sweetie,” he told me. “I'd love to have a full time fairy like you to fuck.”

I can be your full time fairy,” I lisped daintily, wanting him to know that I was hot to take a load from him anytime he wanted.

Well, we'll have to see to that, won't we?” he said with a grin, standing up and helping me straighten my dress. “You better get back inside. Your parents are bound to wonder where you are.”

I smiled naughtily at him and nodded my head in agreement, then I waited while he put his apron back on and unlocked the door, giving us access to the back of the store.

Ten minutes earlier, I got up from my seat in the near empty restaurant and walked up to the man, innocently asking him to show me where the bathroom was because I had to potty. He took me back to the stock room and walked me to the girls room, but I quickly lifted the front of my dress, exposing my rock hard boy boner through my panties, then I bit my lower lip and moaned. From there, we made a bee line to the back of the store, where we both got exactly what we wanted.

When I emerged from the stock room I made my way back to the table. As I slid into the bench beside my dad, I watched the man whose cock I'd just serviced walk over to the register and relieve the cashier.

Did you have fun, princess?” my dad asked, and I nodded. He leaned down to sniff me, no doubt taking in the rich aroma of the cum loads that I'd accepted, and smiled approvingly. “Good girl.”

I smiled at my mom and dad, then across the table at Mike and Matt, who were sitting side by side while Jimmy sat by the wall, to Matt's right. The man was watching all of us with a lecherous stare, licking his lips when he set his sights on Matt and Mike, then on Jimmy, who was batting her eyes at the stranger the entire time. Mike looked questioningly at my mom and dad, who nodded their approval, then he leaned in and planted a kiss on Matt's lips. With a naughty grin, Matt slipped his tongue into Mike's mouth and they kissed deeply for almost a full minute, then they separated and carried on as if nothing happened.

I have to go to the bathroom,” Jimmy announced with a mischievous smile on her face, prompting Mike and Matt to slide out of the bench so she could get out. We watched as she walked up to the counter, her rear end switching from side to side, then she asked the man, “Can you show me where the bathroom is?”

Taking the man's hand, Jimmy was led to the back of the store while we all watched knowingly. Her horny rear end was switching so shamelessly, and she was leaning into the stranger's side. Ten minutes later, she was back, her hair slightly disheveled and her white leg stockings wet. Mike and Matt got up and let her back in, then Mike announced, “I think I have to go, too.”

I'll go with you,” Matt said with a wry smile, then they held hands as they walked over to the man, once again requesting his help. With a look of sheer lust on his face, he readily agreed to show Mike and Matt where to find the restroom.

While Mike and Matt were in the back of the store with the man whose name none of us knew, Jimmy crawled under the table and gave my dad a blow job. She was still horny from the sex she took part in minutes earlier, the man's cum loads swimming around in her tummy and her insatiable bottom. While she was doing this, I leaned into his chest and sighed dreamily.

Are you having a nice date, pumpkin?” my mom asked, and I nodded eagerly. “I saw you giving head in the theater. Did you enjoy yourself?”

Yes mama,” I lisped. “I gave Mike head the whole time we were there, and I also got to see a special friend from school.”

A special friend?” my dad asked, and I nodded up at him with a grin. “Was it the little boy I saw you leave with?”

Yes daddy, his name is Andrew,” I confessed. “I gave him a blow job, then I licked his butt so that I could give him some pussy.”

Tell daddy how that was for you, honey,” he encouraged me, so I went on.

His cum was nice and hot, and I loved swallowing it,” I lisped. “He told me he wanted me to lick his butt for him like I always do, and it tasted so good.”

Tell daddy how good his tight little rear end tastes, baby,” he said, a note of desire in his tone. “It's such a sexy looking bubble butt.”

It tastes like heaven, daddy,” I sighed. “I eat it every time we're together at school. Then he gives it to me in the butt and it feels so good.”

It sounds like you were being a very busy little cock hound, baby,” my mom observed, and I nodded proudly.

Both of you girls have been busy little cock hounds this afternoon,” my dad said proudly. “Jimmy's about to get another load of cum. Does that sound good, sweetie?”

Uh huh,” I heard Jimmy say, momentarily pulling off of my dad's cock to answer, then she swallowed it again.

Fifteen minutes later, Jimmy was back in her seat. Mike and Matt emerged from the back, glowing with contentment. Behind them was the man, a look of pure ecstasy on his face as he watched the two 13 year old's walk ahead of him. His eyes were trained on their plump, freshly fucked rear ends, which were each accommodating two of his cum loads. Matt had a strand of cum in his hair that he most likely hadn't noticed, while Mike was letting his bottom switch blatantly as he walked. Most noticeable to me was the damp spots in the fronts of their pants, where they'd both creamed their jeans during their encounter. They approached the table with naughty grins, turning to the man and giving him a look of gratitude, then they shared a sweet kiss on the lips before sliding back in.

When our sundaes were finished, we got up to go. As we made our way to the door, Mike and Matt stopped in front of the register and shared another deep French kiss while the man watched with a wanton stare. When their lips parted, they batted their eyes at him and held hands as they walked out the door, their well serviced rear ends swinging from side to side the entire time.

Are you sure this is what you want?” I heard Steve ask Matt, who was moaning loudly into his rear end. I diverted my eyes over to them, where I saw Matt nodding feverishly without pulling his face out of Steve's rump. At the same time, he was using his right hand to rub up and down Steve's thigh while his tongue pushed up into the butt hole that he was practically devouring. I watched Matt's hand move around to Steve's tummy, where once again, he ran it up and down, then in a circular motion.

Go ahead and give it to him, Bubba,” Ethan encouraged his little brother, who still had an uncertain expression. “He wants it really bad, just like Kyle and Jimmy do.”

I gave off a moan of my own, wanting to confirm Ethan's declaration that I did want it bad, and was looking forward to being used as his toilet. Beneath the rim chair, Jimmy's wish had already become a reality, as Nathan had released a trio of hot turds into his pretty mouth, cramming it tight with the boy poop that he'd been craving all afternoon.

When we got home from our date, my mom and dad went upstairs and had sex, closing their door for the first time in a week. While they were doing that, I texted Nathan that we were home and we were horny. He quickly texted me back that he was coming over with Ethan and Steve, and that Kevin would be over later. While we were waiting, Jimmy took the initiative again and crawled between Matt's legs, eager to give head again. I did the same with Mike, wanting to worship his dick again after such a romantic getaway. While Jimmy and I were servicing their cocks, Mike and Matt shared a deep kiss that hastened their respective climaxes. Matt came first, firing a creamy load down Jimmy's gullet that caused her to shoot her own load right into her panties. Moments later, I was on the receiving end of several hot cum shots that I savored and swallowed with a horny moan.

When our old lovers arrived, Matt and Mike transitioned into complete bottoms. Mike made a move for Nathan while Matt made his move on Steve, eager to please his older top. Mike and Nathan were making out in the front room while Matt kissed Steve up, then took him by the hands and led him upstairs to my room, where he quickly offered his rear end up to the 14 year old. Steve accepted the offer without delay, crawling into my bed behind Matt, who was on his hands and knees with his bottom pointing up at a 45 degree angle. He lined his dick up to the 13 year old's already lubed up boy butt and slipped in, then he proceeded to service Matt's rear end properly.

While this was happening, Mike was on his knees, sucking Nathan off with loud moans. He would occasionally pull Nathan's stalk from between his lips, but only long enough to lick up and down its length, or to suck on his balls for a few moments. He was getting much better at taking a dick in his throat, and while he was far from the expert cock sucker that Jimmy and I were, he was getting there. While he was blowing his lover, he wrapped his arms around Nathan's waist, linking his fingers where his hands met and doing his best to deep throat the not quite man sized cock he was sucking.

As Matt and Mike were giving themselves to their lovers, Jimmy and I were servicing Ethan like good girls. Jimmy got on her hands and knees between Ethan's legs, pushing her face up into his rump and eating him deeply while I sucked his cock, eager for another mouthful of boy spunk to swallow. As I was sucking him off, I took care to caress his balls and run my fingers through his pubic bush. He was so sexy, and I wanted him to know how much I loved sucking him off. I felt him run his fingers through my hair again, prompting me to smile up at him gratefully, then I fucked my throat hard on his shaft, my little body burning with passion as I enjoyed another rough throat fuck.

With Jimmy eating his rear end out and me deep throating his cock, it didn't take long before I was treated to a face full of Ethan's cum load. I could feel his shaft start to swell and was expecting a mouthful, but at the last minute, Ethan pulled his dick from my mouth and beckoned Jimmy to join me in front of him. Just as Jimmy was getting into position, Ethan's cock started to fire, coating both of our faces with his thick, gooey cum. We both opened wide, eager for a mouthful, and we got what we were after as Ethan's cum firing cock fired into both of our mouths. Jimmy and I swallowed like good girls, then we licked the cum off of each others' faces while Nathan groaned in the background. I heard the sounds of audible gulping and knew that Mike was swallowing a hot load of cum straight from Nathan's balls, a load he'd been craving all afternoon.

Jimmy, Ethan and I collapsed on the couch, cuddling close while Mike and Nathan did the same in the recliner. We could hear the sounds of butt fucking coming from my room, a sure sign that Matt was getting the long dicking that he was after from his lover. I'd crawled into Ethan's lap and rubbed his tummy hopefully, eliciting a knowing smile from my would be feeder.

Are you after another pile of turds?” he asked me with a grin, and I nodded feverishly.

I haven't had any since you left,” I complained, resting my head on his chest.

Well, I'm sure you don't want to get that pretty dress and those sexy panties dirty, do you?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

I can take them off,” I offered, then I heard him sigh contentedly.

What about you, little lover?” he asked Jimmy, who nodded her head in agreement with me.

I want some poop, too,” Jimmy admitted. “Then I want to suck more dicks.”

So sexy,” Ethan said under his breath. “Well, I'm ready to shit a brick, so let's go.”

With that, I scrambled to my feet and practically dashed up the stairs to my room, where Steve was slowly withdrawing from Matt's 13 year old bottom. While I was in the process of removing my dress and leg stockings, Matt and Steve shared a long, sensual kiss. Jimmy came in and shucked her dress. Right behind Ethan were Mike and Nathan, who went into the bathroom ahead of Jimmy and I, waiting patiently while we undressed. When we were totally nude, Matt and Steve broke their kiss and spoke.

Do you have to poop, too?” Matt asked shyly, and Steve nodded. “I kinda want you to go on me.”

Are you sure?” Steve asked, sounding a little stunned but still very tender. Matt smiled up at him and nodded, then he held his hand out for Steve, who took it and helped him up.

When we got to the bathroom, Jimmy got under the rim chair, where Nathan was already seated. I could hear him moaning into Nathan's rear end, so hot for his feeder to cram his mouth full of hot turds. Not wanting to wait for my turn under the chair, I quickly got on my knees and turned my face up, wanting to give Ethan a comfortable place to sit while he filled my turd receptacle. I opened wide and watched as Ethan's rump lowered over my mouth, then he carefully added a little weight. I placed my hands on his thighs and rubbed, wanting him to know how much I loved feeling him sit on my face like the toilet that it is.

While I was waiting patiently for Ethan to poop in my mouth, Matt dropped to his knees behind Steve and pushed his face up into his rear end. I heard Nathan's rear end erupt with a loud fart, then he filled Jimmy's mouth with a trio of long, hot turds that caused the little toilet to shoot several shots of cum from his untouched, hairless little dick. A luscious stink wrapped around my face and I felt my pussy juice hard with desire. Moments later, Steve's thighs stiffened and he strained hard, then Matt's cheeks bulged instantly, then he pulled his face away from Steve's rear end and sighed contentedly. I watched him open up to show Steve the contents of his mouth, then he turned his head our way and I caught site of a very luscious looking pile of boy poop.

Matt closed his mouth and started to chew slowly, a smile plastered to his face the entire time. I could smell the stink from where I was, very dark and very tantalizing. I couldn't help but take hard sniffs, knowing that Matt was dining at a first class turd buffet and loving every minute of it. Standing beside him, Mike was watching his lover eat poop for the first time with a very wanton look in his eye, also taking long sniffs and grabbing himself quite openly. His face had a look of wonderment and understanding, as if he had deducted that this wasn't Matt's first time being fed, but he didn't know before hand.

In the meanwhile, I urgently rubbed both of Ethan's thighs, anxious for my own stinky mouthful to enjoy. I felt Ethan's thighs stiffen, then a powerful thrust of heat circulated in my mouth. Seconds later, Ethan's hole parted and a massive pile of thick turds forced their way into my toilet mouth. The sheer force and volume of Ethan's poop load caused my cheeks to bulge tightly and my dick sucking lips to distend nicely as the last two inches of a long, thick turd protruded between them.

Mmm!” I moaned hotly, listening to the sounds in the background of Jimmy accepting another long, crackling turd straight from Nathan's fudge factory. To my left, Matt was chewing and swallowing the last of his impressive mouthful, giving off light mews of satisfaction as he swallowed his hot, brown meal. I quickly chewed and swallowed Ethan's stinky deposit, then I opened wide and watched with glee as he rested his now poop smeared bottom on my face, spackling my nostrils and lips with the delicious smelling treat. I moaned in anticipation of my second mouthful, prompting Ethan to grind his rear end around and treat me to a brown facial, then his thighs stiffened and he filled my poop repository with another pile of delicious turds.

Is that good, Kyle?” I heard Ethan ask, and I nodded happily as I chewed and savored my stinky gift. I opened wide and showed off my brown meal to my feeder, then to Nathan, Steve and Mike. Matt's face was buried in Steve's rump, and he was eating him out quite audibly. He was clearly searching for another mouthful of turds, so when Steve pushed, Matt moaned and opened wide, prepared to accept his gift.

I sat still and chewed my meal while Matt welcomed a long, dark turd that slid slowly out of Steve's rectum and into the little poop lover's mouth. Watching it grow in length was amazing, and I found myself wishing that it was me who was accepting the massive prize. It was so thick, lined with deep crevices and it smelled so stinky and delicious. Almost as delicious as the meal that Ethan had served up, thick and rich, moist with a sheen of ass juice. When I swallowed the last of my mouthful, Ethan squatted over my grateful face and filled my turd receptacle with one last helping, a smaller pile of poop logs that crackled loudly, then he farted in my mouth before I started to chew and swallow.

While I was enjoying the last of my stink laden gift, I saw Steve move away from Matt's face. Seconds later, Mike took his place, squatting over the 13 year old poop lover and releasing a long, slender turd into his mouth. Matt was moaning loudly the entire time that he was accepting the gift, taking hard sniffs with a hungry look on his face. When it was finally released, Mike watched his lover macerate the gift slowly, chewing and swallowing with small whimpers of joy.

When it was obvious that Matt was at the end of his road, Mike simply walked over to me, squatting over my poop smeared face and using me like the public toilet that I am. I loved the way he made himself comfortable on my face and dropped a stinky pile of turds in my mouth at his leisure, knowing that I was serving my purpose as a high capacity turd repository. He knew that I was there for his relief, and that was exactly how he used me. I delighted in feeling turd after turd take shape in my mouth, growing to full length and curling up when necessary to accommodate the mass. When each one detached, I dutifully chewed and swallowed like a reliable toilet does, then I opened wide and waited for more.

While I was being used as a toilet by Mike, Matt was using his tongue like toilet paper, licking Ethan's poop matted rear end clean. He was pulling thick hunks of poop into his mouth with satisfied moans, then moving in for more. While he was cleaning Ethan's rear end, Jimmy was accepting the last of Nathan's load, an egg shaped turd that he chewed and swallowed with a horny moan, then he used his toilet paper tongue to lick Nathan's crack clean.

When Mike was finished using me as his toilet, I let him get up and walk over to Matt, who quickly licked his lover's crack clean with gratitude. When his crack was as clean as he could get it, the three of us climbed into the tub and opened wide. Ethan, Nathan, Mike and Steve stepped up and aimed their cocks at our toilet mouths, letting loose with hot torrents of pee that we all gratefully accepted. When our mouths were filled up, they peed in our hair until we swallowed, then they filled our mouths again and peed on our hard dicks.

Finally, they finished and shook off over our faces, then they watched while we started the shower. Ethan got in with us and quickly mounted Matt, fucking a hot load of cum into his boy pussy. When he pulled out, he washed Matt from head to toe, then he gently guided Matt out of the tub so that he could brush his teeth. Ethan then turned his attention to Jimmy, who was already facing the wall with his rear end hanging out, eager to get laid again. Ethan pumped a hot load of cum into Jimmy's boy cunt, then he washed the little poop eater from head to toe, just like he did for Matt. When Jimmy got out, it was my turn to take a ride on Ethan's fuck stick. Without having to be told, I quickly bent over and moaned while Ethan slid his rod into my hungry pussy. After a glorious five minute butt fucking, Ethan squirted a hot load into my rear end that made me shiver with lust. He washed me from head to toe, then he helped me out of the tub. While I was brushing my teeth, he welcomed Mike and Steve into the shower, fucking cum loads into each of their asses before washing them both tenderly, one at a time.

When they got out, Nathan got in with his friend and let Ethan bend him over, placing his hands on the wall and accepting Ethan's fuck stick in his 18 year old boy pussy. After having his rear end serviced, he and Ethan kissed and washed each other tenderly, then they got out and watched while Matt, Jimmy and I brushed our teeth again and rinsed with mouthwash. When our breath was minty fresh, we were treated to kisses by our lovers. Matt and Steve fell into a long kiss while Mike and Nathan did the same. Jimmy and I made out with each other, eventually falling into a 69 on the floor, eating each other out while Ethan went into my room and collapsed on the bed, his balls drained from servicing six horny rear ends in a row.


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