Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 65

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I was laying on my back, comfortably resting my head in my dad's lap while he rubbed my heaving chest. Moments earlier, I was swallowing a mouthful of hot cum, my reward for being such a dedicated pussy boy for the roomful of males that I had entertained. Jimmy was resting her sleepy head on Nathan's shoulder, a look of inflection on her face as she recovered from the intense ass fucking that she'd been treated to just minutes earlier. I felt my mom grab my panties, which were rolled up around my ankles, and carefully straighten them out before pulling them up. I smiled up at her and lifted my butt, watching her examine my boy parts with interest.

My little dick had retracted almost completely, pulling into its skin until it was nearly invisible. My little nut sack was pulled tight and soft, a useless accessory on my body. She reached out and caressed my balls, then she wrapped two fingers around my little dick and squeezed. When nothing happened, she smiled with satisfaction and let it go, then she hiked my light blue panties up the rest of the way.

Did you have a nice lay, baby?” she asked, and I nodded quietly, my 11 year old body still tingling with passion. “You serviced a lot of cocks, didn't you?”

I had a sleepy smile on my face as I nodded my reply, the afterglow of a nearly hour long romp so powerful that I could hardly speak. My dad leaned down and kissed my lips tenderly, prompting me to avert my gaze up to his face, then I parted my lips and let his tongue slip into my mouth. As our tongues dueled, he continued to rub my chest while my mom once again ran her hand over my flaccid boy parts, checking them for stiffness. When my dad and I broke our kiss, I grinned up at her and broke my silence.

I'm not a boy right now, mama,” I lisped, my voice soft. “Only my girl parts work right now.”

And you're a very sexy girl, baby,” my dad said, running his fingers through my hair. “I'm very proud of how many cum loads you swallowed. You and Jimmy are such good little cock suckers.”

I looked across the room at Jimmy, taking note of the fact that she had fallen asleep in Nathan's arms. Her little boy parts had long since exhausted their supply of watery cum, and for the last 45 minutes, she was cumming dry.

Nathan was drifting off, too. His still developing 18 year old body had been overcome by exhaustion as the group romp entered its final throes. He had just deposited a final load of cum into Jimmy's sucking mouth, his balls struggling to keep up with the production of boy sperm that he was heaving out at frequent intervals. His dreams came true all over again when he was treated to a 10 minute ride on my dad's cock, feeling the man sperm that he loved fill his eager boy butt after several shivering orgasms.

Mike was resting in Ethan's strong arms, quite comfortable in the afterglow of his own deep lay. Ethan slid his throbbing meat into Mike's horny boy snatch not long after pulling his cock from my lips, having just unloaded his teen load in my mouth for the 3rd time since the start of our romp. Mike had been eating ass for the duration of the orgy, only stopping to slide his boy cock into mine and Jimmy's mouths from time to time, then he was off again to eat more ass.

Matt was off in his own sexy dreamland as he lay sleeping between Kevin and Steve, who were sharing a tender kiss at the moment. Matt had taken an assertive role as a top for Jimmy and I earlier in the hour, but quickly succumbed to the passions of his nature and became a true pussy boy for his two tops. As Kevin and Steve let their tongues dance, they gently stroked the 13 year old's body, their fingers tousling his hair and their hands caressing his cheeks.

My mom had cracked the patio door, letting the powerful stink of anal sex escape the room and letting the cool afternoon breeze flow into the living room. All over the room, bodies lay in a prone state, sleep overtaking nearly everyone as sweet feelings coursed through our bodies and minds. I could feel my boy pussy pulsating with the heat and passion of my final ass fucking, one that lasted nearly 20 minutes while cock after cock was slipped into my mouth. I suppose that it was only appropriate that the final cock to enter me belonged to my father. After all, it was his cock at my backdoor that sent me into such a sexual frenzy, opening my legs and practically begging for all of my tops to use me like a cum dump.

While Ethan slept in my bed, Nathan, Mike, Steve and Matt brought Jimmy and I back into my room. I sat at my desk in Nathan's lap while Jimmy sat with Mike, who had taken a seat on the floor with his legs crossed Indian style. We watched while Matt and Steve went into my dresser and retrieved two pairs of panties and two cute tee shirts that I didn't know I had. I felt a shiver of passion run through me as I sat in Nathan's lap and watched Steve hand him a light blue pair of panties. My hard little cocklet was still straining tight against my bald pubic bone, my pleasure at a high point after having my pussy eaten by my little lover on the bathroom floor just moments earlier.

Before taking my panties from Steve, Nathan reached down and caressed my little ball sack, prompting me to smile up at him. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine, giving me a sweet kiss, then his fingertips ran up and down the length of my stiff pecker, which was fully engorged at its entire three inches, while I watched with a naughty smile. I let my gaze travel around the room, stealing glances at Matt, Steve, Mike and Jimmy, who watched while Nathan toyed with my boy parts. While I was grinning at my roomful of tops, I felt Nathan's thumb and forefinger wrap around my little wiener, then he gave it a firm squeeze. I smiled up at him again, feeling like I was letting him do something incredibly naughty to me, then I puckered my lips and beckoned him to kiss me again.

When his tongue entered my mouth, I felt him start to massage my boy parts and I moaned into his mouth. Encouraged by my moaning, he used his massaging hand to begin a gentle up and down stroking, sending electricity through me as his fingers pressed into the warm skin of my little cocklet. I reached up with my arms, placing my hands on the sides of his face, then I started to kiss him hard. I felt a swell of passion in my tummy, spurred on by the naughty act that Nathan was perpetrating on my young body, touching my no-no place and giving me a thrill.

When we broke our kiss, I was on fire. I felt his fingers leave my naughty place and looked down, unable to believe that I had taken such pleasure in being touched down there. When I was five, my mom and dad talked to me about stranger danger, and the possibility of people wanting to touch me in naughty places. I was always cautioned that it was wrong to let people touch me down there, and from then on, I stayed on guard. When I first started to discover my sexuality, I focused on my boy pussy because that's where all of my pleasure receptors seemed to be. The first time I saw a man sucking a dick, I knew that I longed to start giving head.

I had never given a second thought to being the one on the receiving end of a blow job. Or the giving end of an ass fucking. Mainly because I don't see myself that way. I love servicing cocks, and I know that my role in the bedroom is with my ass in the air and my mouth wide opened. I'll always service dicks and I'll always love it that way. The closest that I've ever come to giving it to someone in the ass is when I used my fingers and my dildos to prime Jimmy for sex with Mike and Matt.

Which is why I was so stunned when Nathan wrapped his fingers around my hairless little dick and gave me such a thrill. I'd never so much as even considered playing with my own dick before, as all of my sexual energy has been channeled into taking hard dicks in my boy pussy. The thought wasn't repulsive to me, but it didn't turn me on, either. In fact, I had no desire whatsoever to use my cock to satisfy either myself, or others. I'm a pussy boy and I love it that way. I wouldn't have it any other way, and someday, when I'm old and gray, I'll still be a cock loving pussy boy.

So when I turned my body around in Nathan's lap and pushed my boy boner out toward his hand, I was slightly confused. I was also excited, knowing that I was asking him to touch my naughty place again, but I wasn't sure why I wanted it. Still, I gave him a needy look and licked my lips, then I let my gaze travel down to his right hand, which had taken hold of my boy cock. I bit my lip and grinned up at him with a naughty expression as he used three fingers and his thumb to fondle me, manipulating my painfully hard little cock while I let go of a boyish moan. I leaned forward and kissed him again, this time pressing my puckered lips to his, then I pulled them away and watched while he began to stroke my little pecker up and down.

Do you like that?” he asked softly, his expressive eyes searching for an answer. I nodded slowly, my bottom lip trapped between my teeth, then I answered him with a whisper.


I felt Steve's warm hand on the small of my back, then he started to rub it lovingly while Nathan continued to give me pleasures that I knew I wasn't supposed to enjoy. Mike was sitting on the backs of his legs beside the chair, watching up close as Nathan stroked my immature boy cock. I smiled up at Steve, taking note of his beautiful features, then I puckered my lips and offered him a kiss. He lowered his face to mine, pressing his moist lips into them, then slipping his tongue into my mouth. I moaned hotly in response, then I placed my left arm on his shoulder and closed my eyes as my little body started to burn with pleasure. I could feel a tingle in my loins that I hadn't felt before, and as I moaned into Steve's mouth, a warmth started to spread through my body and my head started to spin.

I felt Nathan's grip on my little boner tighten, sending another thrill through me as he stroked up and down. Matt and Jimmy were watching silently, absorbing the naughty scene from my bed as a taboo sexual charge filled the air. Ethan was still sleeping soundly, completely oblivious to the carnal act that was happening just six feet away. I felt my breathing start to quicken and my tummy drew tight, prompting me to dig my fingers into Steve's shoulder blade. I moaned again, this time a little louder and with a boyish inflection that I didn't know my estrogen filled body could produce.

Again, I felt Nathan increase his grip on my hairless little dick, then I felt a warm gush of goodness explode inside of me and my entire body shook hard. I was moaning so hard into Steve's mouth that Ethan opened his eyes just in time to watch my animal like climax unravel. My knees were knocking into the sides of Nathan's upper thighs, giving him little Charlie horses while I ran my fingertips along Steve's skin, leaving deep red scratches in their wake. I broke my kiss with Steve and howled loudly, my face turned up toward the ceiling the entire time. Nathan's hand was still working up and down, and I was scared that my little boy parts were going to snap off, so I hastily grabbed his stroking fingers and pulled them away, then I let go of a shudder and collapsed in his arms, breathing hard while my head swam.

Holy shit,” I heard Ethan exclaim from my bed, but I couldn't see him. I couldn't see anyone because my eyes were shut tight and a warm glow engulfed my head like a fog while I basked in post orgasmic joy.

Is he okay?” I heard my dad ask, but I still didn't open my eyes.

He came so hard,” Steve said, still rubbing my back tenderly. “I've never seen anything like that before.”

My dad walked into the room and knelt down, placing his hand on my shoulder as he took note of Nathan's rock hard boy cock, which was obviously unused. I felt his finger in my crack, feeling my boy pussy for cum, but I knew that he'd find none. When he realized that my hole was puckered tight, he planted a kiss on my cheek and said, “Kyle, pumpkin, are you okay?”

I opened my eyes and grinned, my head still resting on Nathan's shoulder, then I nodded.

What happened, baby?” he asked, a note of confusion in his tone.

I responded by leaning back and pushing my crotch out, showing off my little dick, which was still rock hard and a little red, then I licked my lips and rested my head back down on Nathan's shoulders. My dad smiled his approval and ran his hand over my face, then he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

Was that special for you, baby?”

Uh huh,” I said quietly, my tone still boyish. “My boy parts feel good, daddy.”

I'm very happy to hear that, buddy,” he told me. “Do you feel like being a little boy for the rest of the day?”

I shook my head no with a big smile, then I told him, “I'm ready to be a little girl again. I like being a boy sometimes, but I still want to be a girl because I feel like one.”

Okay princess,” he said, leaning in a planting a kiss on my cheek. “Do you want daddy to dress you in your panties?”

I nodded silently, then I lifted my head from Nathan's shoulder and held my arms up, eager to be picked up and carried by my daddy. When I was up in his arms, he kissed me on the cheek and hugged me tight for a moment, then he took my outfit from Steve and carried me to my bed. While I snuggled close in his lap, he slid my flowery blue panties over my feet, then he pulled them all the way up. Nathan sat next to us on the bed, planting a kiss on my dad's cheek and watching while he slid a white pajama shirt with light blue trim over my head. When I looked down at it, there was a blue unicorn with blue, green and red stars sparkling around its tail.

When I was dressed, my dad held me and Nathan close while Mike, Steve, Matt and Ethan tended to Jimmy. She laid flat on her back while Mike planted kisses on her face and Matt tenderly rubbed her tummy. In the meanwhile, Ethan and Steve were working in tandem to lift Jimmy's feet and slip her pink panties over them, then they eased them up over her hard boy cock. When Mike and Matt helped her sit up, Ethan slid a cute pajama top over her head that had a red lady bug printed on the front. When she had her top on, she leaned forward and planted a long kiss on Ethan's lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth and wrapping her small arms around his neck. When they broke their kiss, she revealed her desires to the entire room.

I want to give head really, really bad.”

Here you go, baby,” Ethan said in a soothing tone, wrapping his hand around his throbbing boy cock and offering it to my little lover. Jimmy looked like she was in a trance as she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the juicy dick, moaning with satisfaction as she took it to the back of her throat. While she still had her lips wrapped around Ethan's dick, she changed position, pulling her legs under her body, then placing her hands on the bed so that she could get on her hands and knees. Her pantied bottom was raised high as she ran her lips back and forth along the length of Ethan's stalk, moaning softly the entire time.

How does that look, princess?” my dad asked, and I licked my lips.

I want to give head, too,” I told him. He looked down at me and smiled, my words more of a reminder and not a revelation. I quickly scooted out of his lap and got between his legs, anxious to take his dick in my mouth and suck it. While I was doing this, I saw Nathan lean in and plant his mouth onto my dad's, then they shared a long, loving kiss. Mike, Matt and Steve hadn't moved to do anything, instead watching the action in the room with quiet reflection. They were cuddling together at the end of my bed, making room for my dad, Nathan and Jimmy while Ethan and I stayed at the side of the bed, where we each sought out pleasure. His pleasure was derived from the deep red lips that were wrapped tight around his dick, the head of his cock engulfed by the tight throat muscles of the pantied cock sucker in front of him. My pleasure was derived from the ten inch cock that I'd just taken into my mouth, my pantied bottom swaying from side to side while I sucked it lustily.

Five minutes later, I was swallowing my dad's frothy load with a moan of satisfaction, then I moved to my left, crawling between Nathan's legs and slipping my mouth over his hard cock. He broke his kiss with my dad and ran his fingers through my hair, driving me crazy with lust as I sought to repay him for his earlier stimulation of my boy parts.

He's such a good little cock sucker,” Nathan said breathlessly, drawing air into his mouth through his clenched teeth. I could feel his toes curling by my feet, and I knew that I would be swallowing his load soon enough. To my left, Ethan's toes were also digging into the carpet at my bedside, as Jimmy's lust driven sucking was having its intended effect. Of course, Jimmy was also in heaven, loving the feeling of giving an extended blow job. She was such a dedicated little dick sucker, eager to stay between a man's legs all day and give nonstop head. She could have her tight little rear end stuffed with a dick at the same time, or maybe not, but I think she would be just as content either way. She just wanted to suck dicks all day, and I knew that when we went back to school on Monday, she and I would be busy little cum guzzlers.

When I sat up and swallowed, my dad and Nathan fell into another kiss while Ethan blew his load down Jimmy's throat. When he pulled out, Jimmy stayed all over it, giving his cock passionate kisses and pulling it up so that she could access Ethan's balls, licking and sucking them with a slutty moan. While Jimmy and I were enjoying our mouthfuls of cum, Mike, Matt and Steve were kissing and petting each other tenderly, their affection for one another obvious. Jimmy got off of the bed and gave her spot to Ethan, the way a good girl is supposed to, then she and I crawled into my dad's lap and snuggled close while we basked in the afterglow of our simultaneous sex acts and talked about how horny we were to do it again.

When Nathan's cell phone rang, his face lit up and he said, “It's Kevin.”

While Nathan was talking to his friend, the rest of us went downstairs, where my mom was working in the kitchen, preparing a meal for my feeders that would ensure another long night under the rim chair. As we passed the kitchen, she saw Jimmy and I in our panties and gushed, coming over to smother us in kisses.

You two are such cute little girls,” she told me, causing me to feel especially feminine. “Mommy is so glad she got you those outfits.”

Thank you, mama,” I lisped, kissing her on the cheek. “I turned into a girl when daddy dressed me like this. I was being a little boy before that.”

That makes mommy so proud,” she said as Jimmy gave her a kiss of her own.

I've been a little girl all afternoon,” she bragged, causing my mom to smile warmly. “I was a little boy this morning, but I'm going to be a little girl for the rest of the night.”

Are you going to be a little girl when you go home tomorrow?” I asked daintily, and with a naughty smile, she nodded.

I'm going to stay a little girl for a long time,” she lisped, then she added, “I want to be a little girl when we go back to school.”

With that, Jimmy and I shared a tongue filled kiss while the others relaxed in the living room. Wanting to be good girls, we asked them all what they wanted to drink, then we went back into the kitchen and fetched their orders. When Kevin showed up, we were all over him, taking his shoes off and making him comfortable on the couch. Jimmy quickly got between his legs and wrapped her dick sucking lips around his cock, sucking it with hot moans while everyone watched football.

I dutifully made trips to the kitchen for my male lovers, wanting to show that I was a good girl in every way. At some point, my mom's Iphone rang and she picked it up.

Thank you for calling back,” she said as I pranced into the kitchen. “I need you to run the store for a little bit on Monday morning. My daughter goes back to school on Monday and I want to go in and make sure that her new class schedule is right. She's in sixth grade and I don't want her to get confused.”

For some reason, I felt a powerful shiver run through my little body when she said that. The affirmation that I was her daughter and not her son, at least for the moment, was so thrilling that my boy cock, which had been straining hard against my panties for the past 30 minutes, immediately went soft and retracted into its skin. My pussy started to flow with ass juice and I let go of a feminine whimper that caught her attention. She put her hand over the mouthpiece and said, “Princess, go see if daddy and the boys need anything.”

I walked out of the kitchen with my hips swinging from side to side, walking on my toes as I danced into the living room, where I felt like kissing all of my tops. I could feel a throbbing wave of passion and pleasure running down the backs of my legs as I made my rounds, planting sweet kisses on all of their cheeks and asking if they needed anything. When I got to my dad, he gushed and lifted me into his lap, running his palm over my pantied bottom and kissing my cheek before giving me his request for a bowl of chips.

I quickly ran back to the kitchen with my orders, and my mom helped me fill them. At the game's halftime, my mom made a suggestion.

Why don't you go in there and be an extra good girl like Jimmy,” she said, kneeling down and running her hands over my panty covered bottom. “I bet if you do, someone will take care of your horny little rear end. Would you like that?”

Yes mama,” I lisped, feeling a strong shudder run through me as thoughts of bottoming for the entire room ran through my mind. “And when you're done having your little bottom serviced, mommy's going to make sure that everyone eats. I put something special in my recipe again. That way, when they've all eaten, my baby can eat, too.”

I moaned hotly and licked my lips, then I pranced gayly into the living room and made my move. Jimmy was still on her knees, this time kneeling between Steve's legs with his dick sliding in and out of her smiling mouth. Her pantied bottom was in the air, swinging from side to side invitingly while she moaned around the tool in her mouth. While Jimmy was polishing Steve's scepter, Matt leaned in and engaged the 14 year old in a kiss.

Seeing this, I decided that I wanted to be in a similar place, so I quickly got between Ethan's legs and took him all the way to the back of the throat. While I was doing this, I thrust my hips up into the air and beckoned someone to come fill my rear end with a hard cock.

Right away, my dad spring into action. He got behind me on his hands and knees, carefully lowering my panties so that they sat just at the top of my thighs. As he lined up and pushed in, Matt and Steve were watching out of the corners of their eyes, not breaking their kiss, but very turned on by the site of my dad's stallion like cock being swallowed by my hungry boy pussy. I felt him bury his entire 10 inches in my sizzling cunt and moaned, then I increased the pressure of the blow job that I was giving.

While I was being filled at both ends with cock, either Mike or Kevin could have made their own move, sliding their meat into Jimmy's upturned rear end. But they were lost in the moment of their own kiss, which began while Jimmy was still kneeling between Kevin's legs, giving him an expert blow job. Instead, their kiss led to Mike getting into a curious position of his own, on his knees behind his lover, parting his cheeks and dining at his back door. As the taste of hot ass filled the 13 year old's mouth, he found himself insatiable to continue.

Instead, it was Nathan who used Jimmy's unoccupied rear end as his cum sock, easing the little girl's panties down and grinning as her little boy parts came into view. Jimmy's nuts were tucked neatly between her legs, just where the crevice of her plump bottom ended, and as Nathan lined up to her hole, he felt incredibly horny. Jimmy was horny, too, especially because she had been doing what she loved more than anything; sucking dicks. Now she was about to have her boy cunt filled with a hard dick, giving her the double fucking that she knew would carry her to a new level of ecstasy.

True to form, both Jimmy and I were moaning like sissies while we were filled up at both ends with hard dick. My entire body was being swept away with the joy of an anal orgasm, causing my juicing boy pussy to queef hard as my daddy ran his rod in and out. Right away, my back door started to squeeze his shaft over and over, clamping down hard as I came in my little girl ecstasy. Moments later, I felt my daddy pull out of my behind, only to feel Matt line up and push in. I moaned again as he took his ride on my ass, loving how slutty I felt. While Matt was using my cunt for his pleasure, Steve blasted off inside of me, filling my mouth with a hot load of cum that I eagerly gulped down.

As Steve was pulling away from my mouth, Matt buried his cock in me and froze, then I felt it blast off, joining the load that my daddy shot deep inside of me just minutes earlier. I quickly spun around and took Matt's dick in my mouth, sucking it clean and moaning like a true whore. When he pulled his dick out of my mouth, my daddy laid me flat on my back and put the head of his dick against my lips. I eagerly parted them and swallowed his cock, moaning hotly around it while he did most of the work, fucking my throat deeply and triggering another climax that I was powerless to stop.

While I was accepting my dad's dick in my throat, Jimmy had accepted Nathan's load up her butt and was now sucking it clean. While she was doing this, Mike pulled his face out of Kevin's rump and moved behind Nathan, eager to eat another ass. He felt out of control as he parted Nathan's cheeks and started to burrow in, loving the way the hot lining of Nathan's hole sizzled against his moist tongue. The flavor of Nathan's back door was just as pleasing to the little ass eater as Kevin's had, and he found himself moaning into his lover's cheeks with passion.

In the meanwhile, Matt posted up at Jimmy's back door, feeling insatiable for some more action around his boy dick. While Matt was shoving his dick up Jimmy's butt, Steve and Ethan were kissing deeply. Eventually, Steve went down on his brother, taking his tool in his mouth and sucking it with passionate moans. While Mike was eating ass and Steve was giving his brother head, Kevin started to kiss my dad, who was still driving in and out of my cum tube. I watched them kissing, hoping that when my dad gave me his load, I could have Kevin's load as well. I heard Nathan groan from above me, and looked his way just in time to see him unloading his ball juice into Jimmy's eager mouth.

Just then, I felt my legs being lifted, and shuddered when I saw Ethan pushing them up with a horny look. I felt him line up to my pussy, slowly pushing in until he was buried to the hilt, then he began to fuck me. While he was doing this, Mike pulled his face away from Nathan's rear end and sought out Steve, who realized that Jimmy was without a dick in her mouth and moved into position. With a new ass in his face, Mike quickly dug in, eating it hungrily while Jimmy wrapped her lips around Steve's cock.

As this was happening, I felt my dad's dick swell in my throat, then he pulled out far enough for me to wrap my lips tightly around his dick while he fired his load, giving me the joy of having a mouthful of cum that I was hot to receive. When he pulled his dick from my lips, I gave it a grateful kiss, then I watched him pull it away while Kevin eased his cock into my mouth. With a new dick in my mouth, I sucked lustily while I watched my dad and Nathan fall into a kiss. Soon, Nathan was on his back with his legs pulled to his chest while my dad lined up to his 18 year old boy butt and pushed in. When he was buried deep inside of the bottom boy, they shared another kiss, then my dad began to thrust in and out.

Moments later, I received another mouthful of cum as Kevin blasted off inside of me. When he pulled out, Mike quickly took his place, horny from eating non stop ass. I felt so deliciously slutty as he slipped in and quickly got off in my mouth, not lasting 30 seconds before he shot his delicious load, then he posted up behind Matt, who had just blasted off in Jimmy's boy pussy. He quickly parted Matt's cheeks and started to eat his ass, and while both boys moaned, I saw Steve reach down and run his fingers through Jimmy's hair. The little girl smiled up at her lover and moaned, so satisfied to have a mouthful of hard dick to enjoy.

While Jimmy was doing her job, I felt Ethan's dick start to swell in my pussy. I moaned hard and batted my eyes, then I spoke my truest desires.

Cum in my mouth,” I lisped sissily, knowing that the moment of climax was upon my lover. He quickly acquiesced, pulling out of my well fucked bottom and letting me wrap my lips around his cock, sucking all of the ass juice and leftover cum loads from it for about 20 seconds, then he blasted off, filling my mouth with more cum that I swallowed with slutty moans. After blasting off in my mouth, Ethan pulled out and took his place at Jimmy's back door, sliding into her hot to trot bottom while she moaned around Steve's dick. While Ethan was servicing Jimmy's pussy, Matt eased his dick into my mouth and let me suck it while Mike continued to eat his ass. Two minutes later, Matt was unloading in my mouth while Mike lapped up all of the ass juice that Matt was flowing.

When Matt pulled away from my mouth, Mike slipped back in, once again unbearably horny from eating so much ass. He quickly got his rocks off, lasting just over a minute this time, then he pulled away and picked up my legs. I moaned hotly when he dove in face first, using his tongue to eat the loads out of me. Finally, he pulled his face from my back door and went out in search of another ass to eat. He quickly singled Kevin out, longing for another face full of his smelly rear end.

While Mike was dining at Kevin's back door, Matt took a more assertive role, sliding his boy rod back into my pussy and filling it quite nicely. As he was feeding me strokes of hard dick, Ethan made his way back to my mouth, slipping in and letting me suck him off again. While I was doing this, I saw Mike crawl up behind Jimmy and bury his face in her boy pussy, eating it with horny moans.

Moments later, I saw my dad pulling his rod from Nathan's ass. When he was out, Mike appeared out of nowhere and shoved his face into my dad's backside, eating it deeply while Nathan sucked my dad clean. I never even saw him pull his face out of Jimmy's rear end, but I knew that he was determined to eat each and every rear end in the room. When my dad prompted him to do so, Mike pulled his face from my dad's ass and moved on to Nathan's freshly fucked pooper, eating it deeply and felching the cum from it while my dad dined at Mike's back door.

Eventually, Matt fired his load deep inside of me, then he pulled out and traded places with Ethan, who was only too happy to have another turn in my sizzling hot boy pussy. I eagerly sucked Matt's dick into my mouth and moaned loudly, wanting the room to know that I loved being such a naughty, slutty girl. Eventually Matt pulled his cock from my mouth, instead opting to slip into Jimmy's mouth, where Steve had just deposited his load. Jimmy was once again happy to have a dick to suck, and quickly swallowed Matt's dick whole. While that was happening, Ethan was fucking me silly on the floor beside them, and I quickly climaxed. Ethan was ready to blow again, and I gave him a needy look that communicated my need. Just as Steve was making his way over to me, he saw his brother pull his cock out and quickly put it back in my mouth, letting me suck it for a few seconds before he fired his load. I moaned like a bitch in heat and swallowed quickly, eager to feel every last drop of Ethan's load slide into my tummy.

When Ethan pulled away from my mouth, Steve took his place, sliding his dick between my lips while I moaned like a whore. Ethan was quickly propositioned by Mike, who was eager to dine at the older boy's back door. Ethan was only too happy to make the little boy happy, standing up while Mike parted his cheeks and ate him deeply. Moist licking, horny moans and loud sniffs were the only sounds that Mike made as he feasted on Ethan's rear end, not sure why he was determined to eat so much ass.

In the meanwhile, my dad was back at my pussy, lifting my legs while I closed my eyes and moaned around Steve's magnificent dick. I loved feeling it in my mouth, wishing that I could have dicks there all day and never stop, just like Jimmy. I quickly took it to the back of the throat while my dad fucked me slowly, giving it to me in long, sensual strokes that swept me away. I was shivering hard, my little legs rattling against my dad's chest as he drove in and out.

While my dad was fucking me silly, Nathan laid Jimmy on her back and slipped into her pussy. She smiled up at her lover and sighed when she felt his dick run up inside of her, then she opened her mouth, horny for another dick to suck. Matt happily obliged, sliding his cock into Jimmy's mouth and letting her savor a mouthful of hard dick while Nathan long dicked her in the missionary position.

Ten minutes after taking Steve's dick into my mouth, I found myself swallowing his soothing elixir, loving how hot and creamy it was as it made its way into my tummy. On the other side of the room, Matt was on his hands and knees, moaning like a fairy while Kevin buried his rod all the way up his ass and shot his load. Seeing this, Steve quickly made his way across the room and took Kevin's place in the 13 year old's rear end, stuffing his dick up Matt's eager ass and enjoying a sensual butt fucking of the eager little boy. Kevin quickly slipped his dick into Matt's mouth, letting the young gay boy suck him clean while his rear end was fucked.

Not far away, Ethan had Mike on his back, his legs resting on his shoulders while he drove deep into the boy. Mike was moaning loudly, long strokes of cock being the perfect filler for his large sexual appetite. The taste of hot ass was powerful in his mouth, having eaten at every back door in the room to get his fill. His 13 year old boy cock had been heaving cum at the start of his lay, but toward the end, his balls ran dry and he was having an almost continuous string of dry orgasms.

When he was ready to shoot, Ethan looked over at me and grinned, seeing the needy look on my face. He quickly pulled his cock from Mike's well serviced rear end and slipped it into my mouth. I loved feeling the sticky dick run between my lips, the taste and smell of Mike's butt hole powerful in my mouth. Seconds later, I was treated to another mouthful of cum that I swallowed eagerly, then Ethan collapsed on the floor and cuddled with his lover. Not long after that, Jimmy's legs were lowered to the floor and she wrapped her lips around Nathan's cock, sucking it deeply while he unloaded his teen spunk into her mouth.

Is that what you want daddy to do, princess?” my dad asked, and I nodded frantically, licking Ethan's cum from my lips. He grinned down at me and nodded, then he drove down into me forcefully for another five minutes. Finally, he pulled his dick from my quivering pussy and took me into his arms, holding me close for a moment. We shared a long kiss, then I eased my way down to his crotch, planting kisses all the way down his body until I was face to face with his spring loaded dick. With a moan, I wrapped my lips around the head and treated myself to its full length, sucking it lustily for a minute and a half before he flooded my mouth with cum.

I was moaning almost uncontrollably, using my tongue to lance out at the slow moving turd, trying to guide it to a safe landing in my mouth. I was on my knees, not patient enough to go upstairs and crawl under the rim seat. Ethan announced his need to drop a pile of turds to those of us who were awake in the room, and I was quick to take him by the hand and lead him to the downstairs bathroom. Jimmy was still asleep in Nathan's arms, as were most of my guests. But Ethan, ever the considerate feeder, was awake and ready to give me what I needed.

My mom and dad removed my top and my panties before my feeding, frustrating me because of the 20 second delay that I knew it would cause. Still, I let them strip me down to nothing, exposing my shriveled up little boy parts to my feeder.

Not that I cared.

I was a little girl for the evening, only wanting to service cocks. I enjoyed having a little dick, and at the moment, I wanted it to stay little forever, even to get smaller. That way, when I had my panties on, I would look even more feminine as I pranced around like the pussy boy that I am. In fact, even though I was stark naked, I found myself prancing around like a fairy as I led Ethan to the bathroom with my mom and dad close behind. I moaned when I saw them following, knowing that they'd missed my last feeding and wanting them to watch me eat a hot pile of thick turds from Ethan's rear end.

I quickly dropped to my knees and opened wide, turning my face up so that my feeder would have a comfortable toilet to sit on. As Ethan lowered his smelly cheeks over my face, I inhaled deeply and moaned, knowing how tasty Mike's feast was. When Ethan was comfortable, I rubbed his thigh, feeling a frantic desire to have him pack my mouth with hot turds. I felt his hole start to expand, then I felt the familiar thrust of heat fill my mouth. Seconds later, I heard the crackle of a hot turd as it made its descent, emerging slowly as it grew in length.

Almost desperately, I used my tongue to guide its landing into my mouth, my eyes trained on my parents the entire time. My mom was watching with a lustful expression, her mouth practically watering as the stink laden turd started to fill my mouth. My dad looked somewhat amused, as if he knew that I was craving this dark brown turd more than anything else at the moment. As it took shape in my mouth, I could feel its thick body pushing against my right cheek, so moist and so hot, then it curled and the tip hit my left cheek, pushing into it hard enough to create a bulge until it finally broke in half. The stink was incredibly strong, swirling all around my face as I inhaled deeply, then I grinned and let the turd complete its journey, finally detaching from his rear end with a fart.

Mmm!” I moaned, keeping my mouth opened so that Ethan and my parents could see my stinky gift in all of its brown glory. When I knew that they'd gotten a good look at my treat, I closed my mouth and chewed with a naughty smile. When I opened my mouth again, my brown mouthful was a mass of smashed poop, and I was so proud to show it off before swallowing with another moan.

Do you have any more?” I asked desperately, and with a grin, he nodded his reply. I looked over at my parents, who were holding hands and watching with lewd smiles as Ethan lowered his poop smeared butt back over my grateful face and pushed, filling my mouth with a trio of long, hot turds that packed my mouth nicely. I showed my mouthful off to my mom and dad, then to Ethan, before chewing it all up with a horny moan. The stink of my new mouthful was somehow even more intense than the last, and I was in heaven as I chewed the delicious load up and swallowed. When it was down, Ethan placed the head of his cock in my mouth and treated me to a tummy full of hot pee, then he squatted back over my face and treated me to one last turd. It was a shorter poop log that was slender, but I was so grateful to have it that I savored its distinctive flavor and sharp aroma before swallowing like a good toilet.

When my stinky mouthful was down, I licked Ethan's crack clean, pulling in thick heaps of his boy poop with horny moans, then I ate his hole for a full minute. When he pulled his butt away from my face, my daddy stepped in front of me and placed his cock at my lips, encouraging me to open up. With a smile, he treated me to another refreshing drink of hot pee. As his luscious pee load flowed into my mouth, he talked softly to me.

Are you ready to get busy under the rim chair, baby?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly, feeling his flow start to level off. “Mommy and daddy have something special planned this evening for our little toilet.”

I smiled around the head of his prick, still gulping his pee load as my mom knelt down and placed her hand on my back.

How many loads do you want to take tonight, baby?” she asked, and my head swirled with triple digit numbers. “Mommy and daddy have been keeping track of your feedings today. You have some catching up to do, Kyle.”

I felt my pussy surge with ass juice when she said that, prompting me to moan hotly as my dad's stream started to weaken.

Do you think you can handle eating enough to catch up to yesterday, pumpkin?” my dad asked, and I nodded furiously, feeling him let go of a few strong pee shots that signified the end of his yellow load. He smiled down at me with an approving gaze, then my mom spoke again.

I promised you a busy night tonight, honey,” she reminded me. “Mommy and daddy are going to see to it that you stay under the rim chair all night. Do you think you'll like that?”

I nodded again, feeling my pussy juice hard. Just then, my dad carefully pulled his hose from my lips. Then, with a lecherous smile, he instructed Ethan to take me upstairs and help me get under the rim chair so that I could start my night as a busy toilet.


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