Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 66

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Sitting beneath the chair in the bathroom, I could hear the discussion just outside of the door. The only light coming into the room was through the window, which allowed the 4 o’clock sun to shine in, casting shadows off of the walls and the ceiling. It sounded as if my mom and dad were giving my feeders their marching orders. As they took turns speaking, they seemed to have everyone's full attention.

This is going to be a special evening for my baby,” my mom said softly. “I want him to stay busy all night, because tomorrow's a school night. He has to go to bed so he can get up early for school on Monday.”

That means you all need to keep eating, okay?” my dad explained, and when I didn't hear any verbal replies, I guessed that all of my feeders were nodding. “Mrs. Smith and I want you to give Kyle everything he wants and needs. If you have to piss, give it to him. If you have to take a shit, give it to him.”

Jimmy, honey, you can join Kyle whenever you want to,” my mom told him, her tone very maternal. “I want this to be a special evening for you too, baby. But when you have to poop, I want you to get on the chair and let Kyle take it, okay?”

Okay mommy,” I heard Jimmy say sweetly, and that was it.

From there, I heard several sets of footsteps moving back downstairs, then I heard the bathroom door start to open. Moments later, the light shined in from the hallway for a split second, then the light came on and a large shadow cast across the floor. I gazed up from the chair with a naughty smile at my dad, who smiled down at me lovingly for a moment, then I watched him unbuckle his belt and drop his pants. As his ass filled the opened space of the rim seat, I felt a shiver run through my little body.

I opened my mouth and turned my face up just in time to hear a quiet hiss of gas escape through his anus, then the moist crackle of a descending turd carried into my ears. A split second later, the dark head of his brown gift poked its head from between his cheeks, growing in length as I watched from below. I was letting go of little whimpers while I counted the moments until it finally slid between my lips, running swiftly into my mouth and taking shape while its delectable flavor and dark aroma filled my senses.

Mmm,” I moaned softly as his turd continued to grow in my mouth. Then, with the same hiss, his turd detached with a hot fart and I had all of it in my mouth. I eagerly smashed the delicious turd with my tongue, loving the way its heat radiated off of my bulging cheeks while the strong stink carried into my nostrils. When I had it down, I opened wide and watched hopefully while my dad pushed again, this time releasing a slender turd that spelled the end of my delicious treat. I quickly chewed and swallowed, then I watched with a grin as he aimed the head of his soft man hose back toward my mouth and started to pee. I angled my face so that I could catch as much of his stream as possible, letting it foam as it filled my toilet mouth to the brim, then swallowing while his pee hit me in the face.

When my refreshing drink of pee was down, I licked my daddy's crack clean with my toilet paper tongue, then I watched as he got up and hiked his pants. He walked to the sink and washed his hands, then he dried them off and walked out without saying a word. While he was gone, I sat in the dark and licked my poop smeared lips clean, loving the way it felt to be used as my daddy's toilet and hot for my next feeding.

A couple of minutes later, the door opened back up and the light came on. I grinned when I saw Matt walk up to the rim seat wearing his white briefs and a white tee shirt. I immediately took note of the fact that he looked so cute with them on. He smiled knowingly down into the chair, then he licked his lips and pulled his dick out, aiming at my face while I opened wide and waited for his release. He closed his eyes and smiled, then the first shy drops of pee emerged from his slit, gaining in volume until his flow was strong and steady. As I was taking his pee load to the back of my throat, I swallowed as fast as I could, but Matt made a game of it, peeing harder and harder until I started to lose. He was grinning down at my wet head and torso, aiming his stream at my mouth, then at my nose and my hair while I gulped furiously.

When he was finished, I licked the pee from my wet lips and smiled up at him in appreciation, then I rubbed my tummy to let him know that I was hot to take a poop load from his butt. He nodded his head and dropped his undies, then he sat down on the chair while I opened wide, eager for my reward. I watched his cheeks part on their own, giving me a perfect view of his reddish looking hole, then saw it start to expand. I quickly made a seal around it with my lips, then I felt a hot, soft load push into my mouth with force. I could feel his warm pile smashing into my tongue, then up into the roof of my mouth before it encased my teeth. When he stopped pushing, I was accommodating a very luscious mound of hot poop that made me lightheaded with joy as I chewed and swallowed.

While I was still chewing, I saw his hole start to open again, so I quickly opened wide and watched with glee as a long turd fell to a safe landing, joining what was left of the first mouthful that he'd gifted me. With my mouth once again packed tight with hot poop, I moaned hotly, then I used my tongue to smash the delicious treat against the roof of my mouth before swallowing like a good little poop eater. He let go of one final turd, a short, slender log that crackled hotly as it emerged, then he let me lick his butt clean. He got off of the chair and pulled his undies up, then he treated me to a very sweet smile while I licked my lips and scraped his fudge off of my cheeks.

When he walked out, I heard my dad say, “Hey buddy, are you all done?”

Yes, daddy,” he said sweetly. “Kyle looks so cute right now. I wish I could stay in there with him.”

Well why don't you go downstairs and eat some more?” my dad suggested. “Maybe you can get between daddy's legs when you're full and treat yourself to a mouthful of hard dick. Would you like that?”

Yes, daddy,” I heard Matt say with a dreamy inflection, then I heard them walk down the staircase.

A few minutes later, Mike walked in, dressed just like Matt. His white tee shirt fell down just far enough to cover the blue dashes that lined the waistband of his underwear. He had a noticeable bulge in the front, making my mouth water for a chance to wrap my lips around his hot boner. He smiled down at me and my heart melted. I just knew that when we went back to school in two days, I would want to hold his hand and let him call me his girlfriend.

His brown locks were slightly disheveled from our earlier romp in the living room, pressed into his head from nearly a full hour of having his face buried between the butt cheeks of everyone in the room. His moist red lips were plump from sucking dick all day, and I knew that he was eager to get back to it. His brown eyes were full of devotion as he used his fingers to hook the waist band of his undies and start to ease them down, revealing his hard boy cock and his hairless balls. I smiled up at him and licked my lips, then I opened wide and rubbed my tummy, wanting him to know how much I was looking forward to being his toilet.

Without a word, he stepped out of his underwear, leaving them on the bathroom floor as he took his place on the rim seat. I looked up at his freshly fucked hole, taking note of the fact that there were visible traces of cum oozing from it. With a horny moan, I used my tongue to eat it deeply, wanting to give him as much pleasure as I could. I heard him panting above me, telling me that he was enjoying the rim job as much as I was, then I felt a hard fart erupt against my tongue. I heard him let out a sigh of relief, then I pulled my tongue away and opened wide, ready to accept his stinky deposit.

Much to my delight, Mike wasted no time in planting his feet for leverage, then he pushed. His hole opened wide and a delicious stink swirled all around my head, prompting me to line my watering mouth up directly beneath it. I let go of a whimper when I felt the first of his load practically fall into my 11 year old turd repository, steaming heavily as the luscious stink rolled off of it. It was a heavy mound of moist boy poop that gave me chills of passion as I surveyed its weight and volume. At the same time, its delicious flavor was overwhelming every membrane on my tongue, making me want to smash it against the roof of my mouth right away. As I was contemplating how much I was enjoying my stinky mouthful, another hot mound of boy fudge dropped into my mouth, filling it to the brim and causing me to have to open wider to accommodate the firm load.

Finally, I could wait no longer. With a moan, I closed my distended lips around the tasty pile of poop in my mouth and pushed through it with my tongue, softening the firm load with every pass that I made through it and sharpening its stink. Even with my mouth packed tight with hot poop, I had a wide grin plastered to my face as I negotiated my brown meal. Before I started to swallow, I let go of a horny moan and took a long whiff, knowing that I was only at the beginning of a long night under the rim chair.

Is that good, Kyle?' I heard Mike ask from above me.

Mm hmm,” I moaned, nodding furiously the whole time, even though I knew he couldn't see me.

When it was down, I opened wide, my tummy practically rumbling for another load. I reached up with my little paw and caressed his buns, wanting to show my appreciation to him for being such a thoughtful feeder. As my fingers traced along his fleshy mounds, he strained hard and a pair of long, dark turds fell to a safe landing in my mouth, one right after the other. I let go of another hot moan, then I closed my mouth and chewed them up, savoring their delightful stink and their scrumptious flavor before swallowing. When my mouthful was gone, I used my tongue to lick away the thick ribbons of dark brown boy poop that rested in Mike's crack, pulling them into my mouth with satisfied moans while I used my fingertips to massage his buns.

Mike got up and walked out without turning the light off, and seconds later Nathan and Kevin walked in together. They were both naked, grinning down into the chair at me, watching while I licked my lips and gave them a hungry gaze to communicate my desires.

Man, he wants it bad, doesn't he?” Kevin remarked, and Nathan nodded. I simply let go of a long moan and bit my lower lip, then I rubbed my tummy to let them know that I was hot for both of them to lay a pile of thick, juicy turds for my dining pleasure.

Without another word, Kevin took a seat and granted my wish. I barely had time to open my mouth and tilt my head up when I heard the sound of a loud fart. At the same time, a massive load of soft stinky poop filled my mouth to capacity and splattered my face. It had a golden brown hue to it and an aroma that was so sharp that it sent shivers down the backs of my legs. I moaned hotly around my stinky mouthful and swallowed what I could, then I used my tongue to savor the rest, running it along the length of a lone turd that I could feel resting along the lining of my right cheek while the soft pile occupied every other square inch of available space.

Man, that stinks something fierce!” Nathan exclaimed, and I let go of another hot moan. “He's in fucking heaven down there.”

I know, and I had to shit bad,” Kevin said. “I don't know what she's feeding us, but my stomach is fucking cramping hard.”

I have to crap pretty bad, too,” Nathan said, and I felt another shiver run through me. I quickly swallowed what I had in my mouth and opened wide, eager for my next mouthful. Kevin dug his feet into the floor of the tub and pushed hard, expelling yet another large load of golden brown boy poop that packed my mouth tightly, then spread out across my face, up to my forehead and into my nostrils. While I was chewing my meal, Kevin stood up and looked down into the chair with Nathan.

Holy crap!” Nathan exclaimed. “He's got shit all over his face and in his eye brows.”

I grinned up at them both, wanting them to know that I was loving every minute of it, then I swallowed my mouthful and licked my lips. They both grinned back at me and Kevin quickly hopped on while I opened wide, grateful for my chance to serve as his toilet. He treated me to one more mouthful of his tasty butt pudding, then he sent a long, slender turd down his poop-chute that I accepted with a hot moan. When I swallowed his final turd, I stayed where I was and licked his bottom clean, longing to pull as much boy fudge into my mouth as I could.

Finally, he got up and Nathan hopped on while I gazed up at him with a grin. He got comfortable while I opened wide and lined my mouth up with his hole, then I saw his thighs stiffen and he farted. As the scent of his delicious ass perfume filled the air around my head, his hole opened up and he forced a pile of hot, thick turds into my mouth. I moaned with pleasure as he packed my mouth with his stinky deposit, loving the way his juicy turds bullied their way into my toilet mouth without hesitation. I loved being used for his relief, and I wanted him to push as many hot, delicious turds into my mouth at once as he could. In fact, I was hot for him to unload into my turd repository all night long, and I wanted him to know it.

Unlike Kevin's load, which was soft and gassy, Nathan's load was nice and firm. All of his turds were perfectly formed logs, long and thick. They were as moist and juicy as I had hoped for, and the stink they contained was so intoxicating. They tasted so heavenly, just as delicious as anything I'd ever had the pleasure of dining on in my life, and I knew that I'd hit the jackpot. Even more impressive was the fact that they had a meaty texture to them that I loved. And while they were darker than the load that Kevin had treated me to just moments earlier, they still had a rich, golden shade to them that made me horny for another mouthful.

As I chewed and swallowed Nathan's impressive offering, he got up from the chair so that he and Kevin could watch the show. I smiled up at them and opened wide, displaying the contents of my mouth, wanting them to see how rich and thick my meal was, then I closed my mouth and finished chewing and swallowing. When my mouth was empty, I opened wide and tilted my face up, sending Nathan the signal that I was hungry for more. He sat back down and filled my poop receptacle with another mound of hot, delicious turds that I savored with my tongue, then I chewed and swallowed. He gave me one last mouthful, a trio of short, slender turds, then he let me lick his bottom clean. When he got up, he and Kevin shared a long kiss, then they aimed their hoses at my opened mouth and filled it to the brim with pee. While I was swallowing my liquid treat, they peed in my hair and all over my poop smeared face, then they aimed for my mouth and finished.

Let's go see if Jimmy's finished with Ethan,” Nathan said as the final spurts shot through his piss slit. “I'm in the mood to fuck his hot little mouth again.”

Me too,” Kevin agreed, shaking off over my face the entire time as if I weren't there. “I'm sure he's under the table sucking another dick.”

When they walked out, Steve walked in and I let go of another hot moan. He wasted no time in aiming his boy cock into my mouth and filling it with pee, then he let his stream hit me in the chest while I swallowed. When I was ready for more, he directed his stream back into my mouth and filled it up again, then he finished in my hair while I swallowed. Finally, he sat down on the chair and laid a pile of thick turds in my mouth that made me moan with passion. He waited while I chewed up my brown meal and swallowed, then he released another long turd that fell to a slow, safe landing in my mouth. I quickly macerated my gift, then I got to work, licking his butt clean with my toilet paper tongue.

After making short work of me, Steve got up and walked out. Seconds later, Jimmy walked in. He had changed out of his panties and was now wearing boy undies. He smiled down into the chair at me, then he leaned over and took a long whiff that made him shudder. Finally, he dropped his undies and got onto the chair, giving me a perfect view of his red, angry looking boy hole. Like me, he'd taken so many rides on a variety of cocks all day that his well used hole bore the evidence. Like everyone else, though, he was foregoing anal sex for the moment. His assignment was to drop a hot load of poop into my mouth, and he was going to see to it that he followed through.

I saw him place his small feet against the edge of the tub for leverage, then he pushed. His hole opened up and I watched as a nice, thick turd emerged. I was waiting with my mouth wide opened, watching as it grew in length. Finally, it pushed through my lips and I felt it start to coil tightly, then it detached from his hole, leaving a steamy tip resting on my lower lip. I used my tongue to smash my delicious treat, then I swallowed with a hot moan. When my meal was down, Jimmy strained and sent another hot turd down his rectum for me to feast on. Finally, I licked his crack clean, then I ate his hole out for a couple of minutes, wanting to thank my lover for such a savory meal.

When he got up, he peed in my face and all over my hair, then he finished in my mouth before hiking his undies and batting his eyes at me. He turned and walked out, reaching for the light switch as he did, but I heard Mike say, “Wait, I'm going back in.”

I moaned again, watching as my 13 year old Adonis walked in and dropped his undies. His lips were puffy from sucking dick, and I knew that he'd probably just taken a sperm load from someone. He quickly hopped back on and pushed two long, juicy turds into my mouth. While I was chewing them up, he treated me to a series of gassy farts that bore a very similar odor to the hot poop logs he'd just fed me. I swallowed my treat, then I took to his crack, licking it clean while his hot farts blew into my face and up my nostrils.

He dribbled a small amount of pee in my face, then he pulled his undies up and walked out. Seconds later, Ethan walked in and I moaned hotly. I was so horny for him to drop a large load of jumbo sized turds in my toilet mouth that I wasted no time in opening wide and tilting my head up. I wasn't interested in receiving his bladder full of pee at all. I could only think about the end product that his fudge factory had been busy cooking up, a hot pile of juicy turds that I was longing to dine on. He grinned down into the chair at me, acutely aware of my hunger, and nodded. It had only been 45 minutes since he last fed me from his turd buffet, and I loved every minute of it. But this time was different, because he'd been at the dining room table, devouring everything that my mom had cooked.

When he sat down, I wasted no time in parting his cheeks and practically shoving my face into his rump. I made a nice, tight seal around his hole, then I felt it start to expand and a powerful thrust of heat filled my mouth. Seconds later, my deepest desires were realized as Ethan forced a massive pile of hot turds into my mouth that gave me powerful shivers of pleasure. My boy pussy was on fire almost instantly, sizzling with the fires of an intense boygasm as I used my tongue to negotiate my stink laden mouthful.

Mmm!” I moaned hotly, feeling my little legs shake beneath me as my quivering boy cunt erupted with passion. I was doing my best to chew, smash and swallow, but I was experiencing such a powerful climax that a blurry haze set in all around me. When I started to calm down, I began to chew and swallow my gift, then I licked my lips and gulped hard, knowing that there was more.

Sure enough, as soon as I gave Ethan the signal, he pushed and filled my turd receptacle with more of his delicious boy poop. I chewed and swallowed my treat, then I waited while he gave me more.

When he stopped pooping, I licked his crack clean, then I watched with a smile as he stood up and peed into my mouth and all over my body. When his bladder was empty, he sat back down on the chair and treated me to another mouthful of turds, then he sat still while I licked his crack clean again.

Finally, he got up and walked out. Moments later, Matt came back in and dropped his undies. I opened wide and grinned, waiting with bated breath for my reward. I saw his feet dig into the floor of the tub, then his hole opened up and he made a satisfying butt smoothy in my mouth. I was grinning so hard as his hot, soft poop load filled my watering mouth, loving how stinky and delicious it was. When he was done, he let me lick his bottom clean again, then he smiled knowingly at me and wagged his eyebrows before walking out.

Seconds later, my dad was back. He took a seat over my face and pushed, filling my mouth with a hot offering of liquid poop. I moaned again, knowing that I was being treated to my dad's Grade A diarrhea, and loving it. It was so delicious, just like every other time that I've gotten lucky enough for someone to have diarrhea in my mouth. I loved having hot, thick turds dropped into my mouth, but I also enjoyed the savory aroma, texture and flavor of a smooth helping of liquidy poop. It's always my pleasure to accept a hot helping of it, and I was hoping to receive a lot more before the night was through.

While I was licking my dad's crack clean, I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

Who is it?” my dad asked, and an unfamiliar voice carried into my ears.

It's Larry,” I heard someone say. The voice sounded high pitch, but it was definitely a guy.

Hang on a second, Larry,” my dad said, as if there was nothing wrong. “You can have the toilet as soon as I'm done.”

I felt my pussy catch fire again as soon as those words left my daddy's lips. Seconds later, he got up and walked out, letting a tall man with brown hair and glasses walk in. He looked down into the rim chair momentarily, catching a glimpse of me licking my lips and looking up at him with hungry eyes, then he dropped trough and sat down. I opened wide and looked up at his smooth cheeks, taking note of their stark white color in contrast to the backs of his thighs. Before I could think too much of it, he pushed and his hole opened wide.

I quickly sealed my lips around his hole and moaned as I felt the warm body of a thick, moist turd push through them. As it took shape in my mouth, I could smell its delightful stink and taste every morsel of goodness that it contained. It was so hot and delicious, a tasty treat that my parents obviously arranged for me as a surprise.

When it detached, I had a nice, heavy turd in my mouth that I was hot to savor. With a depraved smile, I smashed my stinky mouthful against the roof of my mouth, then I chewed and swallowed with an even hornier moan that before. I opened wide and watched with anticipation as a second turd pushed slowly out of his hole and into my mouth, this one not quite as long and thick but still so scrumptious. I quickly devoured my gift, then I used my tongue to lick away every smear I could find.

Finally, he got up and aimed his man cock at my opened mouth, peeing into it and giving me a refreshing drink to wash the butt fudge down. While he was peeing in my face, I grinned up at him, taking note of his incredibly cute features. His brown hair was curly but short, and his locks looked like they were meticulously groomed. He looked much closer to Nathan and Ethan's age than my dad's, and I wondered if he was someone they knew. I wasn't sure I would ever find out, though, because as soon as he shook off over my face, he pulled his pants up and walked out, turning the light off and closing the door behind him.


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