Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 67

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I sat in the dark for ten minutes, still savoring the luscious flavor in my mouth and the dark aroma that was swirling around my face. I was moaning involuntarily, dreaming about the hot loads of poop that I'd already eaten throughout the day, and even more urgently, about the hot loads that I knew I'd be taking over the next several hours. It was still early, not yet 6pm, and I knew that my night was barely underway.

I began to contemplate who my next feeder would be, causing my boy pussy to juice with horny anticipation. Maybe I would be treated to another helping of turds from Ethan's rear end, or maybe Kevin would visit my busy boy's bathroom of a mouth. Or, perhaps Nathan would come back upstairs and drop a stinky load into my turd repository. Or, even more enticing, maybe another stranger would visit my welcoming public toilet of a mouth and make a large, stinky deposit.

As I sat under the rim seat and fantasized about the possibilities, the door opened and the light shined in from the hallway. Before the bathroom light came on, I opened wide and tilted my face up, eager to be in position so that my feeder would have no question about my readiness, or my eagerness to accept their deposit. Suddenly, the light came on and I found myself staring up at Ethan, who grinned down into the chair at my opened, watering mouth. He aimed his soft hose directly into it and let his pee stream go, filling my mouth up quickly and not slowing the flow down at all when I closed my mouth to swallow. As his golden shower hit me in the face, I smiled in appreciation, then I opened wide again, eager for another mouthful.

When his bladder was empty, Ethan turned and walked out of the bathroom, leaving me in the dark again. Five minutes later, the door opened and I once again put myself in position with my mouth opened and my face tilted up. Much to my delight, Nathan made a beeline for the rim chair and took a seat. I was barely able to suppress my moans as I watched his puckered entrance open wide and the bulbous head of a dark, meaty turd emerge from his stinky depths. My tummy was rumbling hard as the luscious stink of his brown gift poured into my nostrils, driving me to take a long sniff as it grew in length between my lips. The bathroom was silent, allowing me to listen closely as a moist crackle carried into my ears.

I was accommodating about ¾ of its length when it finally detached from his butt hole, causing the rest of it to land in my mouth. It's weight and texture was so heavenly on my tongue while its delicious flavor danced on my palate. I used my tongue to smash the juicy turd against the roof of my mouth, giving me chills of delight and causing my boy pussy to throb with passion, then I chewed and swallowed with a horny moan. As if he knew the exact moment that I had his turd down, Nathan's hole expanded and he treated me to another long, thick turd that pushed straight into my poop repository, then it started to fold over and over as it piled up in the back of my mouth.

I moaned hotly as I chewed and swallowed my brown meal, then I clamped my lips around his poop smeared pucker and sucked hard on its lips, eager for him to force a large pile of hot turds into my mouth. Unfortunately, all he had left was a long, slender turd that I gratefully accepted, then I licked his bottom clean while he blew occasional farts into my mouth. When he got up, he gave me a knowing, almost mischievous smile, as if he knew a secret that he couldn't tell, sending a hard shudder through me, then he walked out, turning the light off and closing the door behind him.

Once again alone in the bathroom, I savored the rich flavor of Nathan's poop load in my mouth, wondering what was in store for me. I reached down into my boy undies and rubbed my horny entrance, eager for some relief after being brought to the edge by Nathan. Just as I started to feel my boy pussy get hot, the door opened and the light came back on.

I grinned up at my mom, dad and Jimmy, who hadn't closed the door behind them. I saw Jimmy turn and say, “Come on, boy,” then I felt my pussy catch fire when I saw Buck trot into the bathroom. I could hear a gathering in the hallway, and I knew that I had an audience. I raised my head up through the seat of the chair, watching as Jimmy began to pet his dog, then he said, “Come on, boy, it's time to poop.”

Right on cue, Buck squatted on his hind quarters and released a hot pile of delicious smelling poop that made me moan hotly as I watched it build beneath him. When he was finished, Jimmy began to pet his dog while everyone filed into the bathroom to watch the show. My mom sat down on the edge of the tub and used her hand to lovingly caress my face, watching as Jimmy used both hands to pick up as much of Buck's load as he could, then he took a long whiff before presenting it to my mom.

I can't believe we're about to watch him eat dog crap,” I heard Ethan exclaim, causing me to grin up at him and lick my lips.

My mom carefully took a long, steaming turd from Jimmy's cupped hands and held it under my sniffing nose. With a smile, I closed my eyes and shuddered, then I opened wide with a look of hunger on my face. My mom carefully turned the turd so that she could slip it between my lips, then she eased it into my mouth. I moaned loudly as she pushed it in, loving the spicy, stinky aroma and the equally spicy, stinky flavor as it smashed into my tongue. When I had the entire turd resting in my mouth, I let go of a blissful sigh, then I smiled at my mom.

Open wide, baby,” she said softly. I followed her instructions, opening my mouth and showing off the steaming turd that rested so perfectly in my mouth, then I closed my mouth and started to smash and chew it up as my pleasure receptors erupted with passion. I let go of a long, horny moan as my hips rolled around on their own, then I felt my boygasm sweep me away. As my tongue smashed the pile of dog poop against the roof of my mouth, I felt out of control with pleasure. I opened my mouth again, this time to show off the soft mound of dog poop that I was thoroughly enjoying, then I swallowed it all with another long, horny moan. I opened wide again, this time to display my empty mouth, then I licked my poop smeared lips and spoke my truest desires.

I want more, mama,” I practically stuttered, prompting her to take two turds from Jimmy's small hands and hold them under my nose for an extended whiff. I grinned hard as the aroma poured into my nostrils, and I knew that I had to have both turds crammed into my mouth right away. Without a second thought, I opened wide and let my mom slide both of Buck's spicy poop logs into my watering mouth, then I used my tongue to smash my delicious, stinky treat while everyone watched with wanton stares. Mike was holding Matt's hand, and they were both hard as steel beneath their white briefs. Ethan was holding his brother's hand, and just like Mike and Matt, they had raging boners in their respective pairs of underwear. Kevin was being doted on by Larry, whose presence I took note of because the two seemed to be so familiar with each other. In the meanwhile, my dad was rubbing Nathan's back, seeming to be just as enthralled with my performance as everyone else. My mom had a look of maternal love on her face, watching for the first time while I savored a mouthful of dog poop.

I was so wrapped up in my own pleasure that I hadn't taken the time to notice that Jimmy had retrieved what was left on the floor and was presenting it to my mom with a look of desire in his eyes. Without having to be told what he wanted, she lovingly eased a hot turd into his mouth, watching with a warm smile as he moaned around his mouthful and fired a load into his boy undies. His little body was jerking almost uncontrollably as he smashed and swallowed his stinky treat, then a blissful smile spread out across his cute face and I knew that he had found paradise.

This is so hot!” Kevin said, nuzzling his head into his lover's shoulder. “I can't believe these two get off on eating dog shit.”

I moaned again, watching as my mom lifted the palm of her hand between Jimmy and I. It was smeared with poop, and we both delighted in licking it clean, then we licked the smears from Jimmy's hands with hot moans. When it was over, everyone but Ethan walked out of the bathroom. I heard my mom and Jimmy walk down the hall to my parents' room while everyone else, including Buck, made their way downstairs. Before I had time to consider everything that was happening, Ethan's rump filled the space over my head and I found myself opening wide, ready to take his hot load.

That was so fucking hot watching your mom feed you dog shit, Kyle,” Ethan said from above me. “I can't believe how much you love eating shit.”

I simply let go of another moan, my mouth wide opened as I prepared to accept his steamy offering. I saw his feet dig into the floor of the tub, then a loud fart exploded from his rear end. At the same time, I raised my head far enough to form a nice, tight seal around his sphincter and I felt the blast of his fart vibrating against my cheeks. A second later, my mouth was teeming with a pile of long, thick turds that were hot and delicious, a moist meal that I took nothing but pleasure in accepting.

While I was chewing and smashing my gift, Ethan got up and watched the show. I smiled up at him and opened wide, eager for him to see the delicious mound of hot poop that he'd created in my mouth, then I closed my mouth and swallowed with a naughty smile. I licked my lips and gave him a hungry look, then I opened wide and tilted my face back up, hot for him to get back on the chair and use me for his relief. He quickly sat back down and released a trio of hot, juicy turds into my mouth, and once again, he got up and watched while I made a show out of it for him. I opened wide to show him that his turds were still in tact, nice and firm, bulging with girth and lined with crevices. Then I closed my mouth and used my tongue to smash them up with a naughty grin, loving the way their heat and texture practically exploded in my mouth the entire time. When I opened wide again, the trio of long turds had been transformed into a large, stinky mass of soft poop that sent shivers down the backs of my legs as it rested on my tongue. Still sporting a naughty smile, I closed my mouth and swallowed, then I let out another moan.

You can't get enough, can you?” he said with wonder, and I shook my head no.

I'm ready for more,” I said breathlessly, then I licked my lips and added, “Your poop tastes so good. I wish I could eat it all day long.”

Without another word, Ethan sat back down on the rim chair and filled my mouth with a long, delicious turd, then he gifted me a shorter, slender turd that spelled the end of his gift. I delighted in licking his rump clean, then I watched him hike his boxers and walk out, leaving me in the dark again. At the same time, I heard the front door close and I wondered if someone was leaving or if someone was coming. I barely had time to think about it, though, because a few minutes later, Kevin was back on the rim seat, laying a pair of long, hot turds in my mouth while he peed all over my chest and legs. When he was finished, I licked his butt clean, then he got up and walked out.

Moments later, Steve was back to visit me. He turned the light on and grinned down into the chair, prompting me to give him a naughty smile and open wide. He aimed his soft pecker into my mouth and peed into it, then he directed his stream at the front of my already soaked boy undies, peeing hard against the outline of my hard boy cocklet. When he was finished peeing, he sat down on the chair and filled my watering mouth with a hot pile of boy poop. I chewed my delicious meal up and swallowed, then I opened wide and watched while he dropped another turd into my mouth, then he let me lick his crack clean before he pulled his white briefs back up and walked out, turning the light off behind him.

Sitting in the dark, I heard the doorbell ring and I felt a rush of anticipation run through me. I listened carefully as a conversation carried on near the foot of the stairs, then I heard footsteps and the conversation got closer and closer. I heard a familiar deep voice, then I heard my dad say, “Right in there. Just take your time and relax. Dinner will be on the table when you finish up.”

With that, the door opened and the light came on. I looked up through the chair and grinned hard when I saw the salt and pepper mustache of the Dairy Queen manager who'd taken me behind his store earlier in the day. He looked down into the chair with a lecherous grin, nodding his head slowly as he unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, letting them fall around his shins as he hooked the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down. I quickly opened wide and tilted my face up, eager for anything that he had to offer me. He matter of factly turned and faced away from me, then he sat down on the chair and I moaned hotly.

With my eyes trained on his sphincter, I could see it expand and a long, thick turd started to emerge. A dark, powerful odor filled the space under the rim seat and swirled all around my face, making my mouth water as his turd slowly made its way down his chute, falling to a safe landing in my watering mouth. As soon as it detached, he got up and watched while I feasted on his gift, smiling up at him gratefully while I used my tongue to smash his long, hot poop log against the roof of my mouth. I opened wide and showed off my mouthful of man poop, then I swallowed with a contented whimper and licked my lips.

Do you want another one, sweetie?' he asked me, and I nodded eagerly.

I want more than one,” I admitted in a husky tone, and he bit his lower lip before getting back on the chair. I reached up and caressed his smooth ass with my small fingers, then I lanced out with my tongue, running it along his deep crevice and pulling in every bit of heaped up butt fudge that I could find with a moan. Seconds later, he pushed and I was treated to another long, juicy turd that pushed straight out of his rear end, dropping into my mouth as it detached from his sphincter. He got up and watched me savor my delicious mouthful, using my tongue to soften the meaty turd that I was enjoying so much, then I swallowed with a sigh and smiled up at him.

He aimed his hard man cock down into the chair, bending over at the same time because he was stiff as a board. I watched him close his eyes and concentrate, then he released a modest pee stream that I was able to keep up with and swallow with no trouble. When he was done, I licked my lips and rubbed my growling tummy, wanting him to make another brown deposit, and he quickly caught onto what I was after. He sat back down and I wasted no time in parting his cheeks, using my tongue to lick his heavily caked crack while I moaned into it. He released a long, gassy fart, then he gifted me a heavenly mouthful of dark, soft stool that I barely had to chew. I simply used my tongue to savor its luscious flavor, then I gulped it all down with a horny whimper.

When my meal was over, I used my tongue to worship his rear end, licking it clean, then eating it deeply in hopes of coaxing another hot turd from his fudge factory. Finally, he got up and walked out, turning off the light as he did. About a minute later, Larry was back on the rim chair, his beautiful cheeks filling the space above my head. I was practically shaking with anticipation as I watched his hole open, then he dropped a pile of moist turds in my poop repository of a mouth. I quickly chewed and swallowed my meaty mouthful, then I watched with a naughty grin as his hole opened back up and he made another brown, stinky deposit in my mouth. He stayed where he was and let me lick his crack clean, then he got up and hiked his pants.

As he was walking out, Jimmy came in holding his tummy with his right hand. He was still wearing his boy undies, the same ones he had on earlier when he dined on a mouthful of dog poop, and I moaned because I knew that his tummy was churning with a steamy combination of boy poop, dog poop and my mom's laxative laced meal. As he was taking his underwear down, I heard the unmistakeable sound of the front door opening and closing again, then I heard Mike and Matt's voices and I knew that they'd just come in from outside.

Before I had the chance to ask where they were, Jimmy got on the chair and pooped into my mouth with unrelenting force, filling my opened, watering mouth with a spicy collection of hot, delicious turds that brought me to an immediate boygasm. My little body was trembling with delight as the rich, distinctive flavor of his boy poop engulfed my senses and caused my yearning boy snatch to juice non stop. The sharp stink that swirled around my face gave me powerful chills of delight as I began to chew and swallow with a depraved moan. I found myself loving how good it felt to be visited by feeder after feeder, one after the other in rapid succession. Knowing that I still had a long night ahead of me, I wondered how many more brown deposits would be made in my turd receptacle. I found myself hoping that the number was in the triple digits, and wondered how many more feedings I could enjoy before the end of the weekend.

When my mouth was empty, I moaned hotly, prompting Jimmy to strain loudly and push, filling my mouth with another delicious pile of his boy fudge. I used my tongue to push through the delicious, stinky mass of hot poop, then I heard him strain and his boy hole started to expand again. With my mouth still full of his butt pudding, he dropped another trio of hot turds into it, triggering another boygasm that hit me out of nowhere. While I was experiencing the Nirvana of swallowing an extra stinky mouthful of Jimmy's hot poop, I felt him release his pee stream all over my lap. At the same time, I let go of a long stream of my own pee, letting it join his and soaking my boy undies.

How does it taste, Kyle?” Jimmy asked me from above, and I moaned around my stinky meal.

I love it,” I managed to say with a full mouth, still smashing the load with my tongue, then I started to swallow.

Were you happy that I brought Buck over?” Jimmy asked, and I nodded feverishly under the chair as I gulped down the last of my mouthful.

How did you do that?” I asked, parting his cheeks and using my tongue to pull as much boy poop from his crack as I could, then pulling it into my mouth with a horny moan.

My mom asked your mom and dad if they could babysit me tonight while she goes out,” he said, then through a strain, he added,”When she left, me and Matt and Mike went to my house and got Buck. Then Matt and Mike took him home.”

Just as those words were escaping my little lover's lips, he released a long, lone turd that I accepted with a moan, then he asked me, “Are you ready to poop yet?”

I will be when you finish going,” I told him, feeling my own tummy churn with the many poop loads that I'd taken. “Do you want it all?”

Yes,” he said through another hard strain, causing his hole to dilate but not producing anymore boy poop. When he stopped straining, I heard him give out a sigh of relief, so I stayed where I was and licked his crack clean. When it was as clean as I could get it, I crawled out from beneath the rim seat for the first time in nearly three hours and dropped my wet, poop stained undies, then I picked them up and wrung them out in my mouth, catching as much pee as I could while Jimmy crawled under the chair.

With my little lover now under the chair, I got on and pushed, wanting to please him. I felt his tongue working against the lips of my expanding boy pussy, then a rich, pleasing stink filled the air as I pushed a pile of hot, delicious smelling turds into Jimmy's eager mouth.

Mmm!” I heard him moan from beneath the chair, listening as he chewed up my stinky gift. I got off of the chair and looked down into it, watching my little boyfriend chew up his meal with a dreamy smile. His hard boy cocklet was spurting out small strands of cum, dancing around on its own the entire time. He opened up and showed me his mouthful, a soft, smashed up mound of hot, clay brown poop, then he continued to chew and swallow while I rubbed my gassy tummy and watched.

When he was ready for more, I hopped back on the chair and pushed, letting loose with a collection of hot farts, followed almost immediately by a torrent of soft, loose stool that packed Jimmy's mouth tight, then splattered his grateful young face. His moaning was so depraved that I was sure everyone could hear it from the table, where the men and the older boys were eating while they took turns receiving blow jobs from Mike, Matt, Steve and Kevin. At one point, Nathan got under the table and crawled between my dad's legs, feeling so horny for his dick that he couldn't help himself.

I got up and watched my cute little toilet of a boyfriend macerate my offering, then he opened wide and urged me to poop again. I got on and gave him what I had left, a few solid turds and another heap of loose poop that splattered across his bangs, then he licked my crack clean and crawled out from beneath the chair. Without getting up from the chair, I beckoned him to kiss my lips, then we made out, the flavor of poop powerful in both of our mouths.

Finally, he kissed his way down my torso until he was face to face with my hard little boy rod. He smiled up at me with a naughty expression, then he wrapped his lips around it and pressed on my groin, eager for some pee to swallow. I grinned down at him and complied, letting loose with the small amount of pee that I had in my bladder, watching him keep up and not lose any as he drank it straight from my boy parts.

When my bladder was empty, I ran my fingers through his hair and waited for him to let my hairless little stiffy fall from his lips. Instead, he used his tongue to bathe its entire length, then he gave it a long French kiss that made me shiver with passion. I closed my eyes and scratched the top of his head gently, feeling a jolt of horny pleasure run through me as my boy dick was stimulated for the second time that day. When I opened my eyes, he was watching me with daring eyes, as if he knew that he was doing something that I normally wouldn't let him do, and he was loving it. The knowledge that Jimmy is such an avid little cock sucker has always been with me, but I never dreamed of him sucking my little cocklet. My place in our relationship is between his legs, not the other way around.

So I felt an immediate throb of taboo joy run through me as he used his mouth to pleasure my little boy parts. It was such a powerful throb, in fact, that I felt a strong burning in my groin that seemed to gather steam, second by second as Jimmy continued to blow me. Finally, I couldn't take another second of it, and released a long, howling moan that was brought about by a shivering boygasm. My toes curled and I gripped the handles of the rim chair with my fingers, digging in hard as I lifted my butt off of the seat. At the same time, goosebumps erupted all over my body and the hair stood up on top of my head. I gave out a loud, boyish wale that came out of nowhere, then I grabbed Jimmy's head with both hands and pulled him away from my aching little dick.

I was panting hard, trying to regain my bearings when Jimmy climbed into my lap and curled his legs up, resting his head on my shoulder while we both recovered. He planted another kiss on my lips, letting his tongue slip into my mouth while I rubbed his back. When we broke our kiss, he told me, “I love you, Kyle. Did you like that?”

I was still panting hard, but I managed a silent nod, then I held him close while he reached down and wrapped his hand back around my softening little dick. We shared another kiss, then I said, “That felt so good, Jimmy.”

Do you want me to do it again?” he asked, but I didn't answer him right away because the door opened up and Mike walked in. He spotted us sitting together in the chair and gushed, then he dropped his undies and waited for us to get under the chair.

I crawled under the chair first, then Jimmy crawled in behind me, wrapping me in his tight embrace while his head rested on my shoulder, putting us cheek to cheek as we accepted Mike's luscious butt load of hot turds. We were both moaning hotly as we took turns having turd after delicious turd dropped into our watering mouths, then we worked in tandem to lick his butt clean. I could feel Jimmy's hot pecker at my entrance the entire time, so when Mike got up and aimed his pee firing cock into our mouths, I pushed back and accepted it into my boy pussy, then I started to ride it.

As Mike was walking out, Matt came in and they shared a long, tongue filled kiss while Jimmy and I watched. I felt Jimmy's hard pecker throb as the two kissed, then Mike stayed and watched while his lover dropped his undies and sat down over our faces. I was still riding Jimmy's boy rod up and down, loving how it felt to have my little boy butt serviced while I watched Matt's sphincter expand over my watering mouth. I knew that Jimmy was in heaven, too, having his cock engulfed by the hot confines of my poop-chute while the luscious stink of Matt's boy poop filled his nostrils. With a hot moan, I sealed my lips around Matt's pooper and experienced the joy of having a long turd push into my toilet mouth while a hot cock serviced my rear end.

With a mouthful of hot poop, I experienced another long, shivering boygasm while Jimmy accepted a hot turd from Matt's rear end that triggered his own climax, causing him to squirt a small load of cum into my clutching pussy. When we both came down from our boygasms, Matt filled my mouth with another delicious poop log, then he immediately followed up by farting into Jimmy's mouth before gifting him an egg shaped turd that fit perfectly in his small mouth and caused his hard pecker to flex in my ass again. We swallowed our treats, then we licked his crack clean while we continued to enjoy our love making under the chair.

When Matt and Mike left, Jimmy and I kissed as we continued to ride out the hot butt fucking that we were both enjoying. Moments later, our daddy walked in and smiled down into the chair at the site of us kissing and making love. We broke our kiss and smiled up at him hopefully, so he aimed his semi hard man hose down at our opened mouths, filling us both up with pee, then letting his golden shower cascade over both of our bodies. He shook off over our faces, then he sat down and proceeded to treat us both to a nice, long feeding that we indulged in.

Turd after crackling turd pushed into our mouths, one at a time, and we both delighted in having our toilet mouths used in such a luscious manner. At the same time, I was still riding Jimmy's cock up and down, longing to feel him stay inside of me all night. He treated me to the joy of accepting several cum shots in my boy pussy while my mouth was filled time and again with hot, meaty, man sized turds. Finally, he began to fire blanks until our delicious meal was over and he went soft inside of me. We shared another long kiss, laying flat in the tub and kissing deeply while my dad got up and hiked his boxers, turning the light out and closing the door on his way out.


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