Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 68

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While Jimmy and I were still locked in our kiss, the light came back on and my mom walked in, smiling lovingly down in the chair.

It looks like mommy's little poop lovers are having a sexy night,” she observed, and we both nodded, breaking our kiss and smiling up at her as we laid side by side in a puddle of cold pee.

Kyle, can you tell mommy if you've caught up to yesterday yet?” she asked in a firm tone, and I felt a strong shudder run through me as I shook my head no. She sat on the edge of the tub and gave me an expectant look, causing me to lick my lips and pay attention to her words. She beckoned Jimmy and I to stand up, then she reached out and rubbed my growling tummy while she leaned forward and sniffed me. As the dark aroma of smeared poop rolled into all of our nostrils, she smiled approvingly and spoke.

Well, mommy has been paying very close attention to your feedings today. You haven't caught up yet, so you'll need to stay under the chair while mommy cooks. I'll send you plenty of visitors and you'll be caught up soon enough.”

With that, I let go of a long, horny moan and rolled my butt around in the air, prompting her to run her hand down my back and into my crack, where she found my moist entrance.

It feels like you've got a little cum back there, sweetie,” she observed, rubbing my hot button with two fingertips. I bit my lower lip and nodded in affirmation of her findings, then she continued. “Would you like it if mama helps you catch up to yesterday really fast?”

Yes mama,” I said huskily, watching her look at the watch on her wrist. I leaned over to look, taking note of the fact that it was only 7:30, giving me plenty of time to spend under the chair before the night was over. “I want to catch up, and then eat more than I did yesterday.”

With that, she leaned forward and kissed my poop smeared lips, then she smiled proudly and said, “I knew my little poop lover would make me proud. How many more times would you like to be fed tonight?”

I felt another shudder roll through me as an impossible triple digit number ran through my mind, then I licked my lips and said, “A hundred more times.”

It sounds like you're very hot for it, baby,” she gushed, and I nodded eagerly. “Have you enjoyed your surprises tonight?”

Yes,” I practically stuttered. “Thank you, mommy. I loved eating dog poop and having strangers poop for me.”

Would you like to be a toilet for a few more strangers tonight?” she asked, and I responded with a horny moan and a frantic nod, then she turned her attention to Jimmy.

Jimmy, baby, would you like to get in the shower with mommy again?” she asked. “There's a room full of sexy guys who need their cocks serviced by a pretty little girl. Would you like to get under the table and give some more head while they eat?”

Yes, mommy,” Jimmy said hoarsely, then I felt my mom pull her fingers out of my crack and watched her hold them under Jimmy's nostrils. He inhaled deeply, closing his eyes as the sweet stink of my pucker carried into his nose, then she pulled her fingers away and reached down, grabbing my little lover under his arms and hoisting him up. She kissed his cheek and carried him out to the hall, turning the light off and closing the door again.

Less than a minute later, I heard the shower start on the other side of the wall and listened as my mom and Jimmy got under the shower spray. As I was listening to my mom and my boyfriend in the shower, I heard a heavy set of footsteps coming up the stairs and rubbed my hands together. The light that was shining into the bathroom from under the door was blocked out for a brief moment, then the knob turned and the door opened, causing the light to glow against the wall, illuminating the sink and the now useless commode that sat against it. I eagerly opened wide and tilted my head up, waiting for the light to come on.

Seconds later, I watched with a naughty smile as the space above my head was filled by the chunky ass cheeks of a total stranger. A man I'd never seen in my life who looked like he might have been about twenty years older than my mom and dad casually came in and turned on the light, then he surreptitiously looked into the rim chair while unbuttoning his pants and letting them fall around his feet. He was balding on the top of his head but he still bore a crown of gray hair on the sides. A few strands were pulled across the top in an effort to cover up his balding head, but the effort was in vain. His face and neck were dusted with white stubble, and his thick, bushy eye brows were as gray as his modest head of hair.

He pulled his white briefs down and took a seat, and right away, the sharp stink of his sweaty rear end poured into my nostrils, making me light headed with lust.

Man, my ass sure itches,” he said as if he were talking to himself, his smokey voice an indication that he was a much older man. With a horny moan, I reached up and parted his cheeks, letting the naughty aroma permeate my senses before I used my tongue to bathe his moist man pussy. It was obvious that he had taken quite a few cocks over the years, as his hole seemed shaped to accommodate a hot dick at any moment. My small tongue easily pushed past his anal ring, then I felt it flex and a heavy flow of ass juice greeted it. As I moaned up into the ass that I was enjoying, I felt his hole start to expand, giving me the latitude to shove my insatiable face deeper up into it, then my tongue made contact with the firm head of a hot, delicious tasting turd.

As if I were directing traffic, I used my tongue to escort the turd from its stinky confines. I eased it along until I felt my tongue retract into my mouth, then I felt his thick, meaty turd glide through my lips while I moaned hotly. As it grew in length, I opened wide to accommodate its size, loving how solid it felt as it pushed straight in without curving or breaking. At the same time, I felt his powerful pee stream splash against my thighs, sending an acrid steam up into my face and adding to my joy as he totally relieved himself over my face and body.

I felt the thick, missile shaped tip of his growing turd hit the back of my mouth while the long body seemed to expand with girth. When there was no more room to accommodate its impressive length, the meaty treat simply started to smash under its own momentum until it was completely released, leaving me with an oval shaped mouthful of hot, firm man poop that gave me chills of delight as it rested between my bulging cheeks and my distended lips.

I closed my eyes and took a long, drawn out whiff, using my fingers to run along the stretched skin of my bulging cheeks, taking note of how solid and lumpy my mouthful was. As the insides of my cheeks pressed against the massive turd, I felt my boy pussy jump and a swell of horny pleasure started to build inside of me. Even with a large mouthful of hot, delicious poop, I could still smell the naughty aroma of the man's chunky butt cheeks pouring into my nostrils, which only added to my feelings of sexual gratification and drove me closer to the edge of my inevitable boygasm.

The man got up and looked down into the chair, watching with a lewd smile as I surveyed the consistency of his hot load. We made eye contact and I smiled appreciatively around my bulging mouthful, then I used my tongue to start smashing my stinky meal until it was nice and soft. With every pass of my tongue, I could feel the firm mound start to give way while the stink sharpened, pushing me closer and closer to my climax. With a naughty grin, I opened up and showed him my brown meal, then I sealed my lips tight and smeared what I could against the roof of my mouth, triggering my boygasm with a start. I moaned hotly and rolled my naked bubble butt around, feeling my body shiver with passion while spots formed in front of my face. Finally, feeling my climax start to wain, I opened up and showed him the softened load that I was savoring, then I swallowed with a satisfied sigh and rubbed my tummy, eager for more.

With a nod, he sat back down and I wasted no time in licking a thick ribbon of poop out of his crack, then I sealed my lips around his hole and whimpered as he filled my mouth with another hot turd, this one softer and not as bulbous but still so satisfying as I felt it curl up in my mouth. It detached from his hole with a hot, silent fart that gave me an extra thrill as it blew into my mouth and nostrils, adding to my pleasure as I chewed and swallowed the super stinky deposit that this stranger had made. He stayed in his seat while I macerated his gift, then I licked his crack clean before he got up and patted his stomach.

Man, that was a relaxing shit,” he said to himself, completely ignoring my naughty grin as he hiked his pants and underwear, then he washed and dried his hands before turning the light out and closing the door behind him.

Almost immediately, I heard another voice outside the door, and I realized that the stranger who had just visited my turd repository was talking to someone else whose voice I didn't recognize.

How was it?” I heard someone ask, their voice sounding more in line with someone my parents' age.

It was nice and relaxing,” the man said, then I heard the smack of lips kissing. “The little toilet in there is really cute and really hungry. Make sure you drop a nice big load into him, Sam.”

Okay,” the man said, then I heard them share another wet kiss right outside the door as the knob turned and I licked my lips. “Whatever she made has me ready to unload.”

When the light came back on, I was smiling up at my new feeder, a man in his late 30's wearing a plain white tee shirt and a pair of blue jeans that made his ass look hot. I figured out that his name was Sam, but that was all I knew about him. He grinned back down into the chair, his smile wide as he silently gushed at the site of an 11 year old turd burglar. I wanted him to know that I was hot to swallow his entire offering of butt fudge, so I opened wide and tilted my head up so that I was in the perfect position to catch each and every turd as they dropped from his sexy rear end.

Curiously, his shoes were off but his socks weren't, and I wondered briefly why that was. But before I could give it much thought, he unbuttoned his pants and let them fall, revealing his beautiful cock and balls, which were shaved clean and could have looked like mine and Jimmy's, save for the impressive size he was packing. Sam nonchalantly took a seat on the chair and got comfortable while I carefully sniffed his smooth globes with my nose. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the smell of his hot ass so much that I breathed in through my mouth, knowing that in a moment, it would be accommodating at least one turd, and hopefully much more than that.

While I was inhaling his ass perfume, I heard my mom and Jimmy walk by the door, then start to descend the stairs. At that exact moment, a powerful stink rolled into my nostrils, diverting my attention back to the task at hand. I found myself watching as his hole opened up and a moist, thick turd was quickly expelled, taking a projectile path into my watering mouth.

Mmm!” I moaned hotly when I closed my mouth and used my tongue to smash the massive log against the roof of my mouth.

Is that good, cutie?” I heard him ask from above, and I nodded eagerly.

Uh huh,” I managed to moan around my mouthful, then I chewed and swallowed with a blissful smile. When it was all down, I used my tongue to scrape up the thick, heaped up poop from his crack, pulling it into my mouth with more satisfied moans while I caressed his rump tenderly, wanting him to know how much I enjoyed his first offering.

Would you like a little more this time?” he asked as I dragged my tongue along his hot crack, and I responded with a horny whimper.

I want a whole bunch this time,” I practically begged, letting my tongue zero in on his puckered hole and eating it deeply for a few moments before it started to expand again. Ever the dedicated toilet, I opened wide and watched with glee as he pushed out a quartet of hot, stinky turds that packed my mouth tight. As they pushed in, I felt out of control with pleasure, feeling them take shape at such a rapid pace that they simply bullied their way around the interior of my oral orifice. I had a hard grin on my face, loving how they forcefully occupied every available space there was until my cheeks bulged almost painfully and my lips protruded around the stinky mass of butt pudding.

He got up and looked down into the chair with a bit of concern, but when he spotted my grin, he smiled back down at me. I opened wide to show off my stinky meal, then I used my tongue to smash it up, longing to savor all four hot turds before I swallowed. As my tongue did its job of softening my mouthful, I could smell the load getting progressively stinkier and the flavor get more and more delicious as my boy pussy throbbed with passion. I moaned almost non stop while my tongue pushed through the hot pile of moist turds that I was enjoying so much, and I opened up again, wanting him to see how soft and stinky his load was before I swallowed.

He reached down and grabbed himself when I showed off my delicious meal, then he slowly started to stroke while I systematically chewed and swallowed everything in my mouth. When it was down, I opened wide and showed off my empty turd receptacle, then I licked my lips and opened back up, hot to have it filled again.

You're ready for more?” he asked incredulously, and I nodded slowly, my mouth still wide opened and my face still tilted up. He got back on and squeezed out another hot turd that I savored and swallowed, then I licked his crack clean with hot, horny moans. When he got up to pull his pants up, I smiled up at him and licked my lips, wanting him to know that I was hot to swallow a pile of his tasty turds anytime he was ready to give them to me.

When he went back downstairs, I sat in the dark for a few minutes and savored the taste of the two hot poop loads I'd just received. I loved having them pushed into my mouth, knowing that they came from two total strangers, one whose name I didn't even know. Still, both of them gave me hot turds with their own distinctive flavors and aromas, and I loved every minute of both feedings. When the door opened again, I opened wide and tilted my face up just as the light came on and Ethan grinned down into the chair at me. I let go of a long, boyish whimper, then I gave my horny rump a stir to let him know that I was hot for his stinky deposit. He quickly hopped on and treated me to a long, gassy fart, then his hole opened up and he crammed my mouth full of hot, meaty turds. I was in heaven as I chewed my delicious mouthful up and swallowed, letting go of soft moans the entire time. When I had the last turd down, I opened up and watched with bated breath as he laid another trio of long turds in my poop receptacle, then he pushed a generous portion of loose poop out that practically splattered the interior of my mouth, as well as my cheeks and the top of my torso. I gratefully licked his crack clean, then he got up and peed into my mouth, washing away a lot of the flavor that I had from all three of my luscious feedings.

As soon as he walked out, my daddy walked right in and took a seat without saying a word. Right away, his hole expanded and I was treated to another hot quartet of his juicy, grade A man turds that pushed into my mouth in rapid succession. When my toilet mouth was packed tight, I chewed and swallowed, then he let me lick his rump clean. Finally, he got up and peed all over my face and into my opened mouth, then he walked out.

His presence was immediately followed by the mustached Dairy Queen manager, whose name I still didn't know. He came in and took a long, satisfying dump in my mouth while I moaned beneath him. I took so much pleasure in knowing that he was able to relax and find relief in my men's room of a mouth while I was treated to a first class meal of his thick, delicious turds. Each one dropped out of his rear end with a slow, deliberate pace, landing with a silent but heavy thud in my 11 year old turd receptacle for my dining pleasure. Throughout my feeding, I was treated to several gassy farts, many of them blowing into my already poop filled mouth. The fact that I didn't even know his name made me so hot to serve him, especially knowing that this man had pumped several cum loads into me earlier in the day, and that I was now on the receiving end of a second feeding from him.

My next visitor was Nathan, who walked in wearing what looked like a pair of Matt or Mike's white briefs. His big boy boner was very prominent through the patch, curving straight up like a banana. He dropped his underwear and sat down, treating me to another long, luscious meal of hot, stink laden turds. At first, he pushed with a sense of urgency, cramming my mouth full with three hot mounds of his delicious boy poop. When his overwhelming urge to unload was behind him, he took his time and relaxed as he fed me turd after lip smacking turd, one at a time at a nice, steady pace. When he was finished, he got up and aimed his hard boy dick into my mouth and dribbled pee into it, then he sat back down and let me lick his crack clean. When he got up to leave, a naked Matt hurried in and took a fast seat on the rim chair, dropping a hot pile of boy poop into my mouth while I grinned naughtily. When he stopped pushing, I chewed and swallowed, then I opened wide and watched with glee as he filled my turd repository up with another mound of poop. While I was licking his crack clean, Ethan came back into the bathroom and urged Matt to get up.

I gotta take another dump really bad,” he said, his voice laced with panic. “My stomach is fucking cramping hard.”

I let go of a moan and did a rather sloppy job of licking Matt's bottom, then I opened back up and waited for Ethan to unload another steaming pile of hot turds into my watering mouth. His rear end practically exploded as soon as he sat down, forcing a nice collection of stinky turds into my mouth that caused my edging boygasm to erupt, once again sending me over the cliff of little boy ecstasy as my mouth teemed with hot, thick turds. I knew that my feeder was desperate to unload again, so I chewed and swallowed, adding to the sheer bliss that I was experiencing as my boy pussy roared with the flames of passion.

I somehow managed to swallow the hot load of boy poop that triggered my climax, and was immediately treated to another massive pile of turds that only dragged it out, my yearning little boy butt burning sweetly while my hairless little pecker danced around on its own. I was in a state of near delirium as I tried to concentrate on swallowing my stinky meal, taking it down as fast as I could. Ethan was leaning over, looking between his legs at my small frame as I diligently chewed and swallowed while my senses were still trembling with the joy of an anal climax.

When my gift was down, I opened up again, moaning loudly the entire time, and once again, Ethan filled my poop receptacle with another pile of juicy turds. As they snaked into my mouth, my boy pussy once again throbbed hard, sending a magical feeling up and down my little body as I worked to accommodate his load, then I used my throat muscles to work in tandem with my tongue and my teeth, wanting to swallow every last portion so that I could be treated to more. I felt a moist, thick turd work its way down my throat before I had the chance to smash it with my tongue, and as it glided along my cum tube, it caught my clit, once again sending me into orbit while I moaned like a common whore.

Finally, Ethan pushed and all he had was one more tasty turd, then I licked his bottom clean. As I licked his rump, I found myself worshiping it with my tongue, wanting him to know how grateful I was for such a generous feeding and how much I was looking forward to another. When he got up, Matt got back on, and I realized that I didn't even know he was still in the bathroom. His hole opened up and he dropped another pair of hot, delicious turds into my mouth, then I took my time, licking his butt clean with horny moans and occasionally sucking on the lips of his boy hole, hoping to coax yet another turd for my dining pleasure.

While I was sucking on Matt's sphincter, a knock at the door pulled me out of my trance. Ethan opened the door and Kevin came in with Larry, waiting while Ethan and Matt walked out hand in hand. Larry immediately took a seat and unloaded a mound of fresh turds into my opened mouth, then he let me lick his butt clean. His hole opened again and a long, lone turd coiled tightly in my mouth, causing me to moan hotly when it detached, leaving a steamy tip between my lips.

When he got up, Kevin sat down and treated me to a nice, voluminous pile of thick, delicious boy poop that I accepted with a grateful whimper. While I was accepting his load, I noticed that Larry was sitting on the edge of the tub, watching me with a lecherous grin. I angled my head just right, letting him watch Kevin's long rope of hot, thick turds push into my mouth, one right after the other in quick succession. I made direct eye contact with him, giving him my naughtiest, most hungry gaze as my mouth filled up with hot poop, letting him see the brown loaf push into my cheeks, causing them to bulge unevenly at first, then tightly as it continued to grow in my mouth. When it finally detached, I took a long, intoxicating whiff of the steamy tip that rested just under my nostrils, then I used my tongue to pull it into my mouth.

I opened wide, eager to show him my naughty mouthful, then I grinned and closed my mouth around the steaming, stinky mound that I was enjoying, wanting him to watch me smash it up and swallow. Once again, I made a naughty show out of it, loving the attention that Larry was giving me as I savored my brown meal. When it was down, I opened wide and showed him my empty mouth, my turd receptacle right at Kevin's hot hole. I unconsciously lanced out with my tongue and zeroed in on a thick heap of boy poop that was caked in Kevin's crack, pulling it in with a hot moan while Larry and I maintained eye contact. I heard the moist crackle of another hot turd and let my tongue act as a guide, placing it just beneath Kevin's expanding poop-chute, then I felt the moist body of a dark turd push along its surface, running straight into my watering mouth. When I had all of it in my mouth, I chewed it up and swallowed with a naughty expression, then I licked Kevin's crack clean while Larry watched, almost in a trance.

Hurry back,” I told him when Kevin got up, and he smiled and nodded at me as the pair walked out.

Minutes later, Steve came in and took a fast, hot dump into my mouth that made me moan with desire. I loved how he used me at his pace again, this time wanting to unload everything all in one push. My mouth was filled beyond capacity with his boy poop, forcing me to swallow a nice, firm turd that found its way into my food pipe while the back of my nasal passage was packed tight with smeared poop. He got up and peed in my hair while I was negotiating his stinky deposit, not even giving me a chance to make enough room for him to pee in my mouth. When he was finished peeing, he watched me chew and swallow, then he got on and I dutifully licked his crack clean.

He got up and hiked his undies, then a naked Mike walked in and peed all over my body, seeming to purposely miss my opened mouth. He soaked my hair and even aimed for my hard as steel boy rod, then he covered my torso and my legs with pee before taking a seat on the chair and dropping a healthy pile of turds into my toilet mouth that caused me to shiver with desire. I was transfixed with pleasure as I chewed and swallowed my meal, then I opened wide and accepted a second mouthful that was almost as big as the first. Once again, I was filled to the brim with horny pleasure as I used my tongue to smash the load, then I swallowed it all with a sigh. Mike pushed out a nice, juicy fart that vibrated against my lips, then he forced out a turdlette that fell into my mouth from his stinky rump while I licked it clean.

He walked out just in time for Sam to walk back in, this time naked from the waist down. His dick looked red and angry, but it was flaccid and I wondered who had been sucking it. My guess was that it had been Matt or Jimmy, but it was truly anyone's guess at the moment. He quickly sat back down on the chair and unloaded a hot trio of luscious, stinky turds into my mouth that I savored by smashing with my tongue, then he let me lick his crack clean. Finally, he got up and aimed the end of his rod into the chair, so I opened wide and let him pee directly into my mouth. When I could no longer keep up with his flow, he aimed his stream at my hairless little boy cock and finished there, then he shook off over my grateful face and walked out.

As soon as he walked out, Jimmy walked in, wearing a flowery sun dress. It had red and yellow daisies over bright yellow fabric and a pretty bow at the top. It had a pretty a halter strap around the neck and fell to her knees. My mom walked in right behind her, and I moaned with pleasure when Jimmy pulled the skirt of her dress up, revealing a pretty pair of lavender panties that were filled out in the back by her plump bubble butt.

I have to go potty,” Jimmy lisped in a girly voice, hanging her panty covered bottom out and looking over her shoulder as my mom took a seat on the edge of the tub. “I really have to go poop bad, mommy.”

I'm sorry, kitten,” my mom said with a sympathetic smile, running her hand over Jimmy's plump rear end. “This is the boy's bathroom. Little girls aren't allowed to use this toilet.”

Jimmy pouted at my mom, then at me as I bit my lower lip and watched, then she said, “I'm about to dirty my panties, mommy. What can we do?”

I guess we'll have to find the little girl's bathroom for you, sweetie,” she said with a knowing smile, then she shrugged. “Unless there's something else that you can think of.”

With that, Jimmy pushed her crotch out, revealing the outline of her hard little boy parts and said, “Well, if I take my dress off and pull my panties down, can I be a little boy and poop in this potty?”

I let go of a long, hot moan when she said that, then I watched with a joyous smile when my mom nodded. Jimmy quickly lost the dress, then the panties came off and I was once again smiling up at my little boyfriend. I opened wide and tilted my face up, rubbing my poop smeared palms together as Jimmy got onto the chair and unloaded his delicious boy poop into my watering mouth. My mom was rubbing his back tenderly and smiling down at me as turd after stink laden turd landed in my high traffic toilet of a mouth, so moist and thick, a perfect treat for me to savor and swallow. After pinching off four long loafs over my turd receptacle, Jimmy let me lick his rump clean with soft whimpers, then he got up and treated me to a mouthful of warm pee.

When he was done, my mom reached down and rubbed my tummy, planting a kiss on the side of my head with a warm smile. Jimmy immediately picked up the panties from the floor and slid them back on, then began to walk suggestively around the bathroom, letting her plump little bottom switch shamelessly from side to side.

It looks like you're having a nice evening, baby,” she observed, and I nodded. “Are you ready to eat more, or do you want a break?”

I don't want a break,” I said almost defensively, shaking my head no in the process, even as a gas pain hit my tummy. “I want to keep eating poop, mom. I love it!”

I can tell, honey,” she said, reaching down and running her fingers over my hard little rod. “You don't want to take a little break so you can give some head or maybe get that horny bottom of yours serviced really quick?”

I do want to give head and take it in the butt,” I admitted as she wrapped two fingers around my little pecker and gave it a soft squeeze. “But I want to keep eating poop more than I want to service cocks tonight.”

Such a dedicated little turd burglar,” she gushed, kissing me on the lips and letting my little rod go. “Have you been keeping track of your feedings, Kyle?”

No, mama,” I confessed, then I saw a smile spread out across her face and I knew that I was all caught up, maybe even ahead. But I wondered by how much.

You're doing a very good job, baby,” she said, kissing me on the cheek and rubbing my churning tummy. “Maybe as a reward, you can bend over and stick that little tail of yours through the opening of the seat and get what you're after.”

Okay, mama,” I said with a grin as a wave of gastric pressure washed over me. “I want to swallow some more turds first, then I'll take it up the butt.”

Do you need to unload what you have in your tummy, first?” she asked knowingly, and I nodded. “I can tell that you have a nice big tummy full of poop that needs to come out. How about if mama gets under the chair and takes care of it for you?” I nodded happily and climbed onto the chair while my mom got underneath. I felt her hot breath tickle my hole, then I pushed and unloaded a massive pile of hot poop that she accepted with a long, animalistic growl. I listened to her feasting on my turds, knowing that she would be efficient and that I wouldn't have to wait long for my next release. Sure enough, less than a minute later I unleashed another torrent of hot turds that practically forced their way in, the sharp stink of every poop load that I'd taken permeating the air all around me.

While I was unloading into my mom's turd repository, Jimmy walked up and planted a kiss on my poop coated mouth, letting her tongue slide in and engaging me in a deep French kiss. When she broke our kiss, she sat on the edge of the tub and made a request.

I want to eat some poop, too, mommy,” she lisped, and my mom reached out and caressed her face tenderly.

Why don't you come down here with mommy, then,” she said softly, and in an instant, Jimmy was under the seat with my mom, settling her pantied bottom in my mom's lap and opening wide, eager for a mouthful of hot turds to savor and swallow. With her mouth wide opened, I gave a hard push, filling Jimmy's mouth with a nice, stinky load and causing her to shoot a load of boy spunk into her panties. My mom planted a loving kiss on her lips and gushed, “Mommy's other little turd burglar. I'm so proud of you, kitten.”

While Jimmy was chewing and smashing her mouthful, I filled my mom's mouth with one last pile of turds, then I farted over and over while she and Jimmy swallowed. They both came out from beneath the chair and Jimmy immediately crawled into my lap, cuddling close while I sniffed her poo poo breath. We shared another long kiss while my mom rubbed our backs, then Jimmy slid down my body until she was on her knees in front of me, wrapping her lips around my hard rod and rolling her pantied bottom around in the air. I let go of a fountain of boy pee that my little lover gulped down, then I felt her tongue start to work on my little dick while she sucked with a naughty smile.

Fifteen seconds later, she pulled her lips away from my aching boy boner and moaned sissily. Her pantied bottom was rolling around in a clockwise motion and she licked her lips, then she engulfed my hard little pecker and my balls all in one mouthful. She used her tongue expertly while she sucked, bringing me to a shivering dry orgasm while she shot another load of boy spunk into her panties.

Finally satisfied with her handy work, she crawled back into my lap and wrapped her little paw around my pecker while we cuddled closely. A few minutes later, my mom carried her back down the hall to her room for another shower and I crawled back under the chair. With my tummy once again empty, I felt incredibly horny for a long line of feeders to come visit my boy's bathroom and make large, stinky deposits.


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