Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 69

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I was sitting in the dark with a rumbling tummy, my mouth watering with the craving I had deep down for my next brown meal. As the taste of every poop load I'd already taken danced on my palate, I thought about how nice it was to be able to sit under the chair while feeder after feeder unloaded their stinky deposits in my toilet mouth. My mind started to drift, dreaming about my next feeding, wondering how soft it would be and how big it would be. I dreamt about taking a hot, nearly runny load with just enough consistency to form a brown porridge that I could enjoy. I wanted it to be even stinkier than all of the loads I had already enjoyed, and I was hoping that as the night wore on, my feedings would get larger and become more frequent.

Luckily, I didn't have a long wait for my next visitor. Almost as soon as I heard my mom and Jimmy get in the shower on the other side of the wall, the door opened and my daddy walked in, naked from the waist down. His long, soft man hose looked moist with spit, and it was obvious to me that he'd been on the receiving end of a blow job. He was accompanied by Nathan, who looked like a loyal puppy following his master around.

He was still sporting the tighty-whities that he had on earlier, and he looked almost uncomfortable in them. The blue and white striped waistband was pulled tight on his hips, almost digging into his skin, and his firm buns filled out their seat so much that the knitted fabric stretched thin, giving me a nice view of his crack. In the front, his raging boy boner was barely contained by the size 12 briefs, and there was a nice wet patch of precum, which had been pouring out of the end of his cock while he sucked dick after dick in the living room.

Do you want the toilet first, or can daddy use it?” my daddy asked, and Nathan smiled sweetly.

You can have it first, daddy,” he said with a dreamy sigh. “I can wait for you.”

With that, my daddy leaned in and kissed the starry eyed 18 year old on the lips, then he took a seat over my opened, watering mouth. I watched with glee as his hole opened up and a long, dark turd pushed into my poop repository with a loud crackle. The stink was incredibly powerful, almost overtaking the combined aromas of every other feeding that I'd been treated to that night. When it detached from his hole, I let go of a horny moan and chewed my meal up while Nathan sat on the edge of the tub and ran his fingers through my daddy's mane of hair.

When I finished chewing my brown treat, I used my tongue to pull heaps of poop that stuck in my daddy's crack into my mouth, then I opened wide again. His thighs stiffened and he pushed, treating me to a second turd that bullied its way out of his anus and into my mouth, then I chewed and swallowed. Finally, I licked his crack clean and watched with a grin as he got up and let Nathan take his place.

As soon as Nathan was seated, my daddy sat on the edge of the tub and the two of them shared a long French kiss that made me feel a little envious. Still, I knew that my reward was soon to come, so I licked my poop smeared lips and opened wide. I heard them break their kiss, then Nathan pushed and filled my mouth with a trio of hot, thick, tasty turds that gave me chills of delight as they filled my toilet mouth. I let out a moan that was muffled by my stinky mouthful, then I began to chew and smash my meal while I rolled my juicing little boy butt in a circle. When my savory gift was down, I opened wide, eager for another mouthful. Nathan treated me to a pair of long, firm poop logs that filled my turd receptacle one at a time, giving me the thrill of chewing each one up separately while I enjoyed their distinctive flavors and their dark aroma.

While I was licking Nathan's crack clean, he and my daddy shared another long kiss, then they got up and walked out. Seconds later, Larry came in and grinned down into the chair at me. I smiled up with a naughty expression while he licked his lips, then he spoke to me.

You said to hurry back,” he told me. “I hope you're really hungry because I have a massive ass load for you.”

I let go of a long, horny moan and told him, “I want it all.”

I can't believe how much you love eating shit,” he told me. “You'd stay under that chair all day and night if you could, wouldn't you?”

I nodded my head and rubbed my tummy, then I admitted, “I love being a toilet. I want sexy guys to poop for me all the time and never stop. Sometimes I wish I lived at the park so that I could be pooped and peed in by a whole bunch of different guys.”

Well you're definitely the cutest little toilet I've ever seen,” Larry told me, then he took a seat on the rim chair while I opened wide and prepared for his stinky deposit. I reached up and caressed his buns with my fingertips, pulling in hard through my nose as his sphincter expanded, sending the sharp aroma of his unwashed ass into my nostrils. A split second later, my public toilet of a mouth was put to use as a luscious mound of hot, steamy turds filled it to the brim.

Mmm!” I moaned around the brown deposit, feeling lightheaded with lust as I used my tongue to smash it against the roof of my mouth. Larry got up and watched while I macerated my gift, looking down into the chair while I smiled up at him with appreciation. I opened wide to show off my delicious meal, then I rubbed my tummy and swallowed my entire mouthful at once while he watched with an almost awestruck expression. I opened back up to show him that I had taken his entire load down the throat with one gulp, then I licked my lips and opened back up.

He quickly sat back down and pushed, once again filling my mouth with a hot pile of delicious man poop, then he got up again and watched while I put on a show. I was in heaven as I opened wide so that he could see every turd that he had laid, then I smashed them all up with a transfixed smile before swallowing. When he sat back down, he talked to me through a hard grunt.

How many times have you had a shit taken in your mouth today?” he asked with wonder as his hole opened up. Before I could answer, a lone turd emerged, falling to a safe landing in my mouth. With a horny whimper, I used my tongue to smash and savor the turd, then I answered his question with a full mouth.

I don't know how many times,” I said, then I started to chew. “I know that it's more times than yesterday.”

How many times did you have a shit taken in your mouth yesterday?” he asked, getting up and watching me turn the firm turd into a soft mound, then I opened wide and grinned before I swallowed.

More than 50 times,” I told him, and he gave me an incredulous stare. “My mom and dad said it was more than 60.”

And you've already had more than that?” he asked, and I nodded while I licked my lips. “How the hell do you eat that much, Kyle?”

I don't get full from eating poop,” I told him. “The only thing it does is make me hungry for more.”

How many more times do you want to be fed tonight?” he asked, and I sighed dreamily.

A hundred more times,” I told him, and he shook his head with a grin. “I want to lick your butt clean, too.”

With that, he sat down and let me carry on with the task of licking his crack clean. While I was doing this, he continued our conversation.

I'd really love to watch again while someone else shits in your mouth,” he told me, and I felt a shudder run through me.

You can stay and watch if you want,” I offered. “I like it when people watch me eat poop and drink pee.”

You're such a hot little turd muncher,” he said, prompting me to zero in on his hot hole and eat it deeply while he moaned. “I'd love to fuck that hot little bubble butt you have, too.”

You can if you want,” I said into his ass crack, momentarily pulling my tongue out of his hole. “My mom said that if I want to get laid, I can just bend over and stick my butt through the opening of the chair.”

With that, I resumed the rim job that I was giving him. Both of us were moaning with passion until finally, he got up and beckoned me out from beneath the chair. I grinned and followed his instructions, climbing out of the tub and bending over the sink while he posted up behind me. Seconds later, he was buried all the way up my butt, thrusting in and out while we both moaned wildly. Less than a minute later, he buried his cock to the hilt and unloaded his man cream while I bit my lip and smiled over my shoulder at him.

While he was seeding my horny boy cunt, the door opened and Sam walked in. He grinned when he spotted me bent over with a hard cock spewing cum into my bottom, so I stayed where I was and let him take a ride on my boy butt while Larry sat on the edge of the tub and recovered.

After having my boy pussy filled with a second load of hot cum, I scrambled to get back underneath the chair. Sam took a seat over my face, and I made it a point to open my mouth wide and turn my head so that Larry could watch as turd after delicious turd ran between my lips.

My little body was on fire as the crackle of hot poop poured into my ears and Sam's firm turds filled my mouth, one at a time. Every time I had a new turd laid in my mouth, I opened wide and showed it off, then I chewed and swallowed while my cum filled boy pussy continued to hum with pleasure. Finally, Sam was done, so he got up and peed into my opened mouth, then all over my body. When he was done, he shook off over my face and walked out while Larry watched me with a lecherous, almost hungry gaze. Seconds later, Kevin walked in and engaged Larry in a sweet kiss, then he sat down and used me for his relief. Once again, I opened wide and gave Larry my naughtiest look as Kevin pinched a trio of hot, brown loafs off into my mouth, then I chewed and swallowed. After licking Kevin's crack clean, I stayed still while he and Larry stood side by side and peed all over my head, then into my mouth.

I'm going to wait here, babe,” Larry told Kevin, then they shared another kiss. Kevin walked out and soon, Ethan was sitting on the chair, taking a nice, big dump in my mouth that made me shiver with passion. His turds were so thick and juicy, their meaty texture complimenting their delicious flavor and heavenly aroma. Larry looked stunned that I could take such a large load from my blonde Adonis, but he also seemed pleased that Ethan was treating me to such a tasty treat. After licking my feeder's rump clean, he got up and peed into my mouth. I watched curiously as Larry stood up again, wondering if he had another bladderful for me. Instead, he and Ethan shared a long, tongue filled kiss that they both seemed comfortable with, then they let their lips part and Larry held Ethan in his arms for an extended period of time.

After Ethan walked out, Larry sat on the edge of the tub and watched as I was visited by a long line of feeders. Mike came in first and laid a pile of fresh turds in my watering mouth while I moaned like a true whore. When he walked out, the Dairy Queen manager walked in and dropped a pair of long, thick poop logs that I chewed and swallowed with a deep sigh. After him, I was visited in quick succession by Matt, Steve and the older stranger whose name I still hadn't learned. All three of them found total relief in my boy's bathroom of a mouth while I was treated to stinky piles of delicious turds that gave me a five star dining experience.

While I was accepting the last of the stranger's poop load, the door swung opened but I couldn't see who it was. I was enjoying my meal so much that I let the stranger finish over my face, then I did a thorough job of licking his crack clean. When he got up, I felt a powerful shiver run through me when I saw two cute strangers standing in front of the chair. Larry was smiling at them, as if he knew them, but I had never seen them. They looked like they were about Nathan and Ethan's age, maybe a year older if that, and it was obvious that they had been recruited by someone to come use my public toilet of a mouth. They both had braces on their teeth, and I found myself longing to kiss their tender looking lips.

The first one dropped his pants and sat down, releasing a long, thick, crackling turd that fell to a safe landing in my poop receptacle. I found myself swept away by the dark, powerful stink and the pleasing flavor that his turd contained. I had a hard grin on my face as I smashed his brown deposit with my tongue, wanting to savor every single morsel before I swallowed. When it was down, I immediately began to lick his crack clean, then I zeroed in on his hole and bathed it with my tongue while it expanded. Seconds later, I was welcoming a second turd with a horny moan, chewing and swallowing his butt brownie with a satisfied sigh.

When he got up, the other cutie sat down and I was immediately treated to a long, nut filled candy bar that fell straight out of his fudge factory. If was so stinky and delicious, its moist, firm body smearing against my lips as it ran into my mouth. It curved up and hit the roof of my mouth, folding over one time before it broke in two, treating me to a powerful flavor burst. I whimpered softly, then I used my tongue to smash and chew my gift before swallowing, then opening wide so that I could have another.

Larry was watching with an almost far away look in his eyes as he absorbed the site of an 11 year old toilet, taking poop load after poop load. Not because I had to, but because I needed to. Because I had a desire deep down inside to be not only a full time toilet, but the busiest toilet in town. As we examined each others' faces, I knew that he understood that I was a dedicated poop eater who wanted to take the loads of as many different men and boys as I could. That the more males who visited my turd repository, the happier I was. That there was no limit to how many mouthfuls of hot poop that I wanted to accommodate.

When the second stranger was through making his stinky deposit, I licked his butt clean, then I watched the pair hike their pants while they talked to Larry.

Are you coming by later?” one of them asked, and Larry shook his head no.

I think I'm going to hang out here with the guys,” he said, still watching out of the corner of his eye while I licked my lips. “I'm probably going to pump another load up this kid's ass, then I'll chill downstairs with the others. We're all getting blow jobs in the living room by a few middle schoolers.”

Yeah, they're cute,” the other stranger said, then he motioned to me. “This one's cute, too. I'd love to stay and get some action from him, but we have plans at my house while my folks are out.”

With that, the two cute strangers walked out and Matt hurried back in, this time holding his tummy. He sat down and as soon as I opened my mouth, his butt exploded with a torrent of hot diarrhea. I was in a state of sheer bliss as his butt smoothie filled my mouth, prompting me to gulp furiously in a vain effort to keep up and not lose any. In the midst of his stinky, liquidy treat, he fired out a few tasty turds that gave me nothing but pleasure as I accepted them.

While Matt was having diarrhea in my mouth, my daddy walked in and waited for him to finish. He took a seat on the chair and dropped a long, thick turd from his butt that I caught in my opened mouth, then he farted in my face over and over while I licked him clean. While I was tonguing my daddy's crack, he turned to Larry and said, “Hey pal, do me a favor and round up the rest of the guys. I want to make sure that they're all satisfied before we clean up in here.”

When Larry returned, he had everyone in tow, and I was treated to a long line of sexy males who sat down over my face, blowing hot farts into my mouth while they pushed what they had in their butts out into my toilet mouth. Four of them were able to send nice mouthfuls of hot poop down their chutes while the rest of them were empty, but it was my pleasure to have everyone's butt hole flexing and farting over my grateful face while I sniffed and grinned below them.

When my feast was over, my daddy called me out from beneath the chair and took a wet washcloth to my little body. Once he wiped me clean, he took my little paw and led me down the hall to my parents' room, where we went into their bathroom and got in the shower. He very lovingly washed me from head to toe, then he handed me the soap. I lathered his cock up, then he bent me over and treated me to a nice, three minute butt fucking that brought me off hard before he squirted a hot load of cum up my ass.

When we got out of the shower, he brushed my teeth for what seemed like forever, then he had me rinse with mouthwash. When I spit the mouthwash out, he unwrapped a new toothbrush and took his time, brushing my teeth again, then he used dental floss before making me rinse with more mouthwash. Finally, he told me to blow my breath in his face, then he brushed my teeth a third time. When my breath was finally minty fresh, he took me to my room, where a fresh pair of flowery panties and a pretty pink nightgown lay on my bed.

You both look very pretty tonight,” the old man said, prompting Jimmy and I to smile sweetly at him, then at each other as he ran the flat of his palm up and down our backs. Our pussies were nice and fresh, contained by our panties while our pink, lacy nightgowns covered our torsos. Jimmy's little boy parts were straining through her panties, which she had gone out of her way to reveal by lifting the skirt of her gown. My little boy parts had retracted almost completely into my body, almost unnoticeable to the room as the man that Jimmy and I called “grandpa” raised my nighty in an effort to see what our panties looked like.

Thank you, grandpa,” Jimmy lisped sissily. “You make me feel so sexy.”

Well, you are sexy, honey,” the old man replied, then I felt his hand pull the waistband of my panties back and his fingers dug into my crack. I smiled naughtily and raised my bottom, wanting to give him free access to my horny little boy pussy. As soon as I felt his finger make contact with the puckered entrance of my snatch, I leaned forward and planted a deep kiss on his mouth, loving how his stubble felt against my face.

Right beside us on the couch, Sam and Ethan were sitting side by side, rubbing each others' backs and kissing hungrily while, between their respective legs, Matt and Mike were sucking them off with an equal amount of hunger. With a mouthful of Sam's hard cock, Matt looked up and smiled at his older partner in crime, then he used his tongue to resume the blow job that he was giving. Likewise, Mike had a dreamy expression on his face as he moaned around Ethan's 18 year old rod.

Right behind Matt was Steve, who had slid his 14 year old boy rod up his lover's ass. Matt's rear end was grabbing Steve's cock with punishing force, making it hard for the horny boy to control his approaching orgasm. Steve hadn't started thrusting yet, but the contractions of Matt's horny bottom was making it difficult for him to find composure as the heat of his lover's ass wrapped itself around his stalk. Right beside Steve was the man whose name I had never taken the time to learn, only having known him as the Dairy Queen manager. I quickly discovered that his name was Frank, mainly because Mike called out his name in between intermittent moans while the man ran his cock in and out of the 13 year old's hungry boy pussy.

Watching Matt and Mike take two hard cocks at once while they moaned side by side, I realized that they had made the complete transition to total pussy boys, and that they were loving it. Neither of them were touching their hard as steel boy boners because they were having hands free climaxes, just like Jimmy and I. The decision to convert from horny tops to insatiable bottoms was an easy one for both boys. It was a decision that was practically made for them by my dad, who got them hooked on cock, first in their mouths, then up their butts. Now they were addicted, and for all intents and purposes, would carry on as true bottom boys for their hunky lovers.

Across the room, Nathan was seated in my dad's lap, resting his head lazily on his shoulder after having swallowed another load from his balls. My dad was holding the 18 year old close, whispering sweet nothings into his ear and gently fondling his teen cock through his tighty-whities. Nathan had spent the majority of the evening between my dad's legs, sucking him off at every opportunity while the feelings he had from years ago resurfaced, making him want to stay there and never leave.

On the floor, Larry and Kevin had resumed their own romantic fire, cuddling close after a romp that ended with both of them in the 69 position on the floor, sucking each other off with horny moans. I was so caught up in my own romantic moment with my new grandpa, though, that I missed most of that. Instead, I sucked hard on his tongue while I continued to luxuriate in our kiss, then he groaned into my mouth, prompting me to break our kiss and look down into his lap.

What I saw was Jimmy's little fingers wrapped around our grandpa's meaty cock, kneading it like a ball of dough. I grinned at my little lover, then I leaned across our grandpa's lap and engaged her in a long, tongue filled kiss while my pussy was penetrated by grandpa's finger. I let go of a girlish moan, wrapping my arms around Jimmy's neck as our kiss grew more and more passionate, then I felt my grandpa's finger leave my pussy, prompting me to break my kiss.

Do you want to make love to me, grandpa?” I lisped.

Is that what you want, honey?” he asked, and I nodded eagerly.

I need my pussy serviced,” I announced with a naughty smile, knowing that he would get a thrill from my words.

Will you service my pussy, too?” Jimmy asked, and the old man licked his lips and nodded his answer. “I want my pussy eaten.”

You like having your pussy eaten?” the old man asked, and Jimmy nodded her reply.

I like to have my pussy eaten, too,” I lisped daintily, then I added, “But I really want it serviced by your cock, grandpa.”

With that, Jimmy and I slid out of his lap and got between his legs, taking turns slipping our mouths over his hard cock and sucking on his hairy balls. The entire time that we were doing this, we were both moaning sissily and rolling our panty covered bottoms around while our nightgowns rode up our backs. When we finally pulled off of him, we stood up and fell into a deep kiss while our grandpa eased our panties down off of our hips, revealing Jimmy's hard little boy cock and my flaccid, barely visible little dick.

I felt my panties fall down to my ankles while Jimmy's stopped at her knees, but we made no move to break our deep kiss. Instead, we stayed where we were while grandpa got on his knees and placed himself at eye level with us, then he ran his hands up our backs and lifted our nightgowns off over our heads, finally prompting us to let our lips part. When we were completely naked, Jimmy and I turned our attention back to our grandpa, engaging him in a long kiss on the lips while he eased all three of us down to the floor and laid on his back. When he was sprawled out, Jimmy and I got back between his legs and treated ourselves to mouthfuls of his hard cock and his warm balls until he was nice and stiff.

With a horny moan, I quickly straddled his cock, shivering hard when I felt it slide up into my yearning boy pussy. While my horny bottom was swallowing our new grandpa's cock whole, Jimmy straddled his face and lowered her own horny rear end down until he parted her buns and began to eat her out. All three of us were moaning with pleasure as our wishes came true. Having my wish to take another dick in the ass fulfilled was giving me chills of delight. Jimmy's wish to have her pooper licked was granted, too, causing her to experience pleasures untold as the hard whiskers on grandpa's face scrubbed the inside of her ass cheeks, making them burn so sweetly. For grandpa's part, his desire to slide his cock up the butt of an 11 year old sissy was coming true while his other wish, to eat the ass of a cute 11 year old pussy boy, was granted at the exact same time.

While our threesome was happening on the floor, Mike was in the midst of swallowing a generous mouthful of Ethan's boy spunk just a couple of feet away. He was still accepting hard strokes of man cock from behind, moaning lustily around the cum firing dick in his mouth as a result. At the same time, Matt was still being treated to a luscious double dicking, taking it hard in the ass from his lover Steve while he moaned like a bitch in heat around Sam's gorgeous cock. His hard boy dick had already spewed several shots of cum onto the floor beneath him and his balls were nearly spent, having spent a night producing and heaving out boy spunk that they had only been producing for a couple of months.

Kevin and Larry were locked in a kiss not too far from Jimmy, grandpa and I, while my dad eased Nathan down onto his back and lifted his legs up onto his shoulders. With the lovestruck 18 year old grinning up at him, my dad inserted his hard man cock into Nathan's boy pussy and bottomed out, then he proceeded to hammer it with precision strokes until Nathan's teenaged balls heaved out a thick wad of boy spunk. At the same time, his ass muscles grabbed my dad's cock over and over, priming it until it exploded with ball juice, filling him with a large load that made him shiver with lust.

While all of this was happening around me, I began a slow, sensual up and down ride on grandpa's dick. My girlish moaning carried through the house, from the walls of the living room, through the dining room and into the kitchen, where my mom was making a special dessert that she promised me would lead to at least one more hour under the rim chair before the night was over. I could feel the experienced, meaty man cock tearing along the walls of my pussy, dragging across every nerve ending and sending a strong throb of passion through my body as my moaning became more feminine.

All of the sudden, my pussy caught fire and I felt my little body start to quiver under the force of my dry orgasm. I instinctively tightened the walls of my cunt, wanting to feel the maximum amount of pleasure while I rode my climax to its crescendo. I thought I could hear Jimmy lisp something but I couldn't make it out because my ears started to ring and colorful spots started to form in front of my face. I increased the speed of my ride, feeling almost desperate to have the head of grandpa's cock run along the entire length of my pussy as many times as I could while it was inside of me, then I let go of a long, drawn out moan that I couldn't control. At the same time, I felt a torrent of hot cum squirt hard against the walls of my cunt, trying to douse the flames of passion that had erupted but only adding fuel to the fire as a wave of horny passion rolled through my little body.

When I stopped my ride, it was only because grandpa had reached out and grabbed my hips, settling me down while my boy pussy continued to squeeze his sensitive dick. I carefully climbed off, then I got on my hands and knees, raising my horny, hot to trot bottom up into the air while I opened wide, eager for a cock to slip between my lips. Kevin and Larry quickly took me up on my blatant offer, and I was treated to a very pleasurable double dicking of my own as Larry mounted me from behind while Kevin eased his hard dick into my mouth. My little body was still burning with passion from my ride on grandpa's dick, and my climax quickly regained its momentum, sweeping me away while I worked hard to earn another torrent of cum in my ass, as well as one down my throat.

With both ends now filled with cock, I felt more feminine than I had since getting back under the chair, and I wanted everyone to know it. I moaned sissily around Kevin's dick, over and over again as thoughts of wearing my panties to school ran through my sex driven mind. I wanted to have them on when I changed into my gym clothes so that everyone would know that I was a gay sissy. I wanted to wear them while I sucked cocks in the boy's bathroom, or if I was lucky enough, when I bent over the toilet and took a hard cock up the butt. It was only a day and a half away now, and I was so excited.

While I was fantasizing about being the gayest little sissy in school, I didn't see Jimmy engaging grandpa in a long, tongue filled kiss that ended with her being laid on her back, just like Nathan. She opened her legs and raised them up far enough for grandpa to slide into her boy pussy, then she moaned while he thrusted in and out with his once again hard cock. While Jimmy and I were being made love to like the horny girls that we are, Mike and Matt had taken loads at both ends and were now cuddling closely with their respective lovers. Mike had taken refuge in Frank's tender embrace, curling his legs up while he rested in the man's lap. Matt had done likewise with Steve, wrapping his arms around his lover while they lay in a heap on the living room floor, just inches from where my panties and my nightie had landed in a pile.

Even more curious, Ethan and Sam had broken their kiss, and in a rush of passion, Ethan found himself between the older man's legs, wrapping his tender lips around his hard dick and blowing him quite expertly. Sam was running his fingers through Ethan's blonde hair, causing the teenager to smile up at the man with a lustful gaze while he sucked him off. Mike, Matt and Steve were watching the show, but only Mike and Matt were surprised. Steve looked like he'd seen this scene unfold on several occasions, and didn't bat an eye when it happened this time. Likewise, Kevin and Larry were unsurprised at Ethan's new position between Sam's legs, as they both hoped to end up in the same spot at some point during the night's festivities.

Through the sounds of mine and Jimmy's moaning, wet slurping sounds emanating from Ethan's sucking mouth carried through the room. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his throat expand as his lips pressed against Sam's smooth shaven crotch, then retract as he ran his lips back up to the crown, where he used his tongue to bathe the juicy cock he was sucking on. I let my gaze travel from Ethan's smiling face to Sam's, and the age difference suddenly struck me the way it had when Ethan first stood in the presence of my dad. He looked like a little boy in comparison to the 30 something man whose cock he was servicing, from his young face to his smooth, slender body. In fact, aside from the respectable patch of hair that he was sporting around his own hard cock, his body was nearly void of any hair. The biggest contrast in my view was that his balls were naturally hairless and smooth while Sam's balls had a certain amount of stubble, left behind from the manscaping that he did before coming over.

As I was coming to this conclusion, I felt Kevin's cock start to expand in my mouth and I knew that he was about to blow his load. I moaned like a little sissy when I realized that he was about to treat me to a mouthful of hot cum, using my tongue to French kiss the head of his dick while I sucked as hard as I could. Seconds later, I got my reward when Kevin's teenaged cock erupted with a geyser of delicious boy sperm, filling my hungry mouth while I took three fast gulps in a row in an effort to keep up and not lose any. Larry was still driving into my boy pussy from the back, and I was letting go of feminine whimpers that only added to his passion as he watched me lick Kevin's dripping rod up and down like the little cock hound that I am. With a naughty grin, I took Kevin's still hard cock back into my mouth and swallowed it whole, prompting him to run his hands along my curved back and all over my plump, cock filled bottom.

With my cock hungry mouth still doing its job of accommodating Kevin's boy cock, I didn't notice that my dad had fired his load up Nathan's horny rear end and had pulled out. He quickly took the contented 18 year old in his arms and held him close while they recovered from their lovemaking. Seconds later, Sam gave Ethan what he was after, filling his mouth with a flood of hot cum that he swallowed eagerly, sitting back on his legs and smiling dreamily at his older lover as he did. Still horny and craving another mouthful of cock, Ethan crawled across the living room floor to my dad and Nathan, wrapping his lips around my dad's hot cock while he reached out and took Nathan's dick in his right hand, stroking it tenderly.

Seeing how cock hungry the teenager was, Sam got on the floor behind him and pulled his hips up, causing Ethan to let out a horny, almost submissive moan that I didn't know he was capable of, then he resumed the simultaneous blow job and hand job that he was giving. Sam parted Ethan's butt cheeks and started eating him deeply, bringing out even louder, more depraved moans from the teen cock hound than I had ever heard. While he was eating the gay cocksucker out, Sam produced a tube of KY that I didn't even know he had, squirting it onto his fingers and rubbing the outside of Ethan's hole. He used his fingertips to massage the lube into Ethan's puckered entrance, then he slowly inserted two fingers into Ethan's boy pussy, eliciting yet another hot moan from his younger lover.

While Sam was preparing Ethan for anal sex, Larry squirted his cum load deep inside of my own horny boy snatch, then he pulled out and traded places with Kevin. I quickly wrapped my dick sucking lips around Larry's semi hard vein and sucked it lustily while Kevin slid his hard cock up my horny butt. Once again filled with a cock at both ends, I moaned like the horny little fairy that I am around Larry's dick while Kevin hammered my clit. I could feel Kevin's fingertips digging into my hips as he hung on for leverage while I bobbed my head up and down, eager to get Larry hard so that he could fuck me again.

Right next to me, Jimmy was enjoying a slow, passionate butt fucking at the hands of our grandpa. She was moaning just as femininely as I was, her mouth filled with stiff tongue while she enjoyed having her pussy worked out. I saw grandpa's chunky buns pulling tight every time that he thrusted into Jimmy's twat, then they would jiggle a little as he pulled back. He had goosebumps on his skin, just like Jimmy, and it was obvious that he was enjoying making love to the little sissy below him.

In the meanwhile, Matt and Mike were still being held by their lovers, watching the show with sleepy, yet inquisitive eyes. They could hardly believe that Ethan was being finger fucked on the floor in front of them while he gave head to my dad and a hand job to Nathan. My dad reached out and caressed the horny teenager's soft cheek, prompting Ethan to smile lovingly at him, then at Nathan before he rolled his bottom around, sending the signal that he was ready to have it filled with a cock. Sam quickly took up the challenge, lining his hard cock up to Ethan's puckered entrance and pushing in with surprising ease.

As the heat of Ethan's ass wrapped itself around Sam's dick, the man felt a strong shudder run through him and he struggled to compose himself. While he was fighting off his fast approaching orgasm, Ethan was enjoying the experience of having a cock up his ass, an experience that unbeknownst to Matt, Mike, Jimmy and I, he'd enjoyed many times before over the years. Watching him assume a perfect position to take a hard cock in the ass while at the same time, not letting go of the cock in his mouth, I realized that my teenaged Adonis was a very experienced bottom, just like all of my teen lovers. His ability to satisfy my horny rear end with his teen cock suddenly made all the sense in the world to me, and it made me even hotter to make love to him again. I could see Jimmy watching, not breaking her kiss with grandpa while she accepted stroke after luscious stroke of hard cock, but somehow still giving her full attention to Ethan's moment of total cock service.

When Sam was able to gain some measure of composure, he began to thrust in and out of Ethan's hungry boy butt. Feeling the hot dick move in and out of his insatiable bottom, Ethan moaned even more submissively than before and his sucking and stroking got even more assertive. The walls of his boy pussy were grabbing Sam's dick with so much force that the man only lasted about two minutes inside of his young lover, then he buried his cock all the way up Ethan's ass and fired his load.

When he pulled out, Ethan spun around and took Sam's dripping cock into his mouth while my dad got behind the boy, sliding his ten inch cock up his ass. Ethan sucked his lover clean, then Sam collapsed on the floor, watching while Nathan took the initiative and eased his hard boy rod into Ethan's mouth. With my dad's cock now hammering his prostate, Ethan came to a hard, fast climax, firing a load from his untouched dick directly onto the carpet while he moaned like a bitch in heat around Nathan's cock. Five minutes later, his ass contracted hard around my dad's cock, earning him yet another load that fired hard into his horny rear end.

After dumping his load up Ethan's ass, my dad pulled out, and once again, the horny bottom boy spun around and wrapped his lips around my dad's cock, sucking it lustily while raising his ass up into the air. Nathan grabbed his lover's hips and slid into the warm recesses of his boy cunt, then he gave Ethan the hard butt fucking that he was after. Ethan's entire body was on fire as he took yet another satisfying ride on a cock while he sucked my dad's dick clean, then he moved down to his balls and licked them with a sexy smile. In the meanwhile, Nathan was getting closer and closer to the end of his ride, his 18 year old ball sack starting to pull tight while his cock hummed with pleasure. When it was too much to handle, Nathan buried his dick all the way up Ethan's ass and froze, unloading volley after volley of hot cum while Ethan moaned like a pussy boy.

When Nathan pulled out, Ethan was all over him, sucking him clean while giving off satisfied moans. While he was carrying on with the task of licking his lover's cock and balls clean, my dad pulled his hips back up and slid back up inside of him. This prompted Ethan to let Nathan's cock fall from his lips and sit up, using his knees to ride my dad's cock while he reached back and ran his fingers through my dad's hair. Seeing this, Nathan crawled into Sam's arms and watched the show, enjoying the sight of Ethan taking a long ride on my dad's dick while Jimmy and I were fucked on the floor beside him.

Ethan and my dad shared a long French kiss, then my dad pulled out of his lover and Ethan got on his back, right beside me. I was still taking Kevin's cock from behind and Larry's dick was still bedded in my warm, moist mouth, but I had a very nice view of Ethan's smiling face as he raised his legs and rested them on my dad's shoulders. When my dad was once again buried ten inches deep inside of Ethan's boy pussy, they shared a long kiss and he began to thrust. My own horny snatch was juicing hard, throbbing with passion as Kevin's pace started to quicken, alerting me to his approaching climax.

Seconds later, I felt myself reach the heights of little boy ecstasy as Larry and Kevin both filled me with cum at the same time. When they pulled out, I collapsed on the floor and opened wide, eager to clean Kevin's dick with my mouth. Soon, I was moaning happily as I wrapped my lips around my lover's softening dick. While I was cleaning Kevin's cock, I heard grandpa groan and Jimmy gave off a girlish squeal, then they shared one last kiss while grandpa pulled his dick out of Jimmy's snatch. I quickly let Kevin's cock fall from my lips and moaned like the little girl that I am when grandpa eased his cock into my mouth, letting me suck it clean while he petted my head.

When it was clean, I was treated to the joy of having Frank's dick eased into my mouth. I sucked lustily on the massive tool while I ran my fingers through his pubic bush and was rewarded with a mouthful of hot cum that I swallowed just in time for my dad to pull his spent cock from Ethan's now satisfied boy pussy. I quickly wrapped my lips around it and sucked it clean while my dad and Ethan shared a loving French kiss, then I let my dad's dick go so that I could suck Ethan's still hard dick to climax.

By the time I sat up and swallowed Ethan's load, everyone in the room was exhausted. I quickly made my way into my daddy's arms, letting him hold me close while Nathan and Ethan snuggled up with each other right beside us. Jimmy had fallen asleep in grandpa's arms while Mike and Matt were snuggled up to Frank and Steve, respectively. Across the room, Kevin was being held close by Larry and Sam, who were sharing a long, tongue filled kiss while their bodies formed a protective cocoon that made the horny teenager feel safe and loved.

My mom, who had been in the kitchen cooking the entire time, came into the living room and knelt down, running her fingers through my hair. I smiled up at her when she rubbed my tummy, then she said, “Do you feel like getting back under the chair again, honey? Mommy made a special cake for everyone to eat, and when they're done, they're going to need a toilet that can keep up.”

Okay mama,” I lisped sissily, nodding my head. “Do I have to go get under the chair right now, or can I snuggle with daddy some more?”

You can snuggle with daddy some more, princess,” she said, planting a kiss on my cheek. “Maybe while everyone's eating, you can sit with mommy and nurse. Would you like that?”

Yes, mama,” I grinned, then I felt my dad rub my back tenderly.

She's been such a horny little cock hound tonight,” my dad said proudly, then he ran his hand over the skin of my soft, retracted little pecker and my tiny nut sack. “I think that we need to do something special for our little girl tomorrow to show her how proud we are.”

I think it's all the poop she's been eating,” my mom said, still rubbing my growling tummy. “She did such a good job catching up to yesterday. Maybe she can stay under the chair all night and take visitors. Tomorrow, she can stay under the chair all day until her bedtime.”

I felt a powerful shudder run through me when she said that, causing me to lick my lips while my parents smiled knowingly at me.

I think that's just the reward she needs,” my dad said with a lecherous smile, slipping his finger up my hot, cum filled bottom while I contemplated getting back under the chair so that I could pick back up where I left off.


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