Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 7

b/b/ oral/ anal/mast/rimming/piss/scat

Taking a shower with Jimmy before we went back to his house could have been a waste of time, but right away, we found a way to have fun. We stepped in and I started the water, which was cold at first but quickly heated up. When the first blast of cold water came out of the shower head, we both retreated toward the end of the shower with a giggle until we saw the steam start to rise. As we watched, I wrapped my arms around Jimmy's torso and smiled at him. He gave me a sweet smile and caressed my cheek gently, then he let his hands travel down to my buns. Much to my delight, he kneaded them roughly and swayed his hips from side to side, leading me to do the same. It was almost as if we were dancing.

He'd been very tender with me all morning, and I have to admit that I thought it was sweet. We'd always been close, and on occasion we exchanged “I love you's” during or after sex. But there was something different in his tone and the timing of his delivery today that I noticed. He seemed needier, and I found myself welcoming his advances. It also seemed like he understood that I needed him to be tender with me, too. From the moment that I let him in that morning, I had a yearning to be close to him in any way that I could.

Everything he did that day drove me crazy. The way his kiss tasted and felt, the way his cock felt in my mouth and up my butt, the way his chute tasted and smelled when I ate it and how hot it was when I fingered him, right down to the way he made me feel as he held me in his arms in the shower. I felt delirious with lust as he guided me slowly under the warm water as it came out of the shower head, and I wanted him to kiss me more than anything at that moment, so I took the initiative and tilted my head as I leaned in. He slipped his tongue back into my mouth and let his hands leave my buns so that he could wrap them around my shoulders, causing me to whimper with delight as my hard on stood pressing against my pubic bone.

I wanted him to take me so bad, but I knew that he was spent from our earlier romp in my room. Besides, we were there to clean up so that we could go back to his house and he could pack for our sleepover. I was hoping that it might turn into a two night sleepover, but I wasn't sure if that would be okay with either his mom or my parents, mainly because it would be Christmas Eve in two days. When our lips parted, he whispered into my ear and I felt a shiver run through me.

“I have to pee again,” he said, and I knew what he wanted me to do. I wanted it to, badly, and I knew that he knew I wanted it. It was a private game that Jimmy and I played exclusively with each other, and only when the mood was just right. It was never something we planned for, and that's what made it so special. It was an unspoken desire that we both had, and we would act on that desire when our need was insatiable.

Before he could say another word, I reached back and turned the water off. I grabbed his soft cock and pointed it upwards, toward my chest, then I smiled at him and waited for his release.

His stream was hot and forceful as it first hit my belly button, then my chest. As his yellow love potion streamed down my legs, I inhaled deeply, luxuriating in its heady aroma. Then I dropped to my knees and directed the stream into my face and hair. I could feel his warm offering course through my hair, washing away the water that had wet it only moments earlier and running down all sides of my head. I could feel it streaming down my back, running along my spine and into my butt crack. I could also feel it run down my face, running down the bridge of my nose and off the end, so I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, catching what I could.

When his stream started to weaken, I directed it straight into my mouth and let it bounce off of my tongue. When his bladder was nearly empty, he gave me three strong, last shots of pee that I trapped in my mouth. It wasn't a lot, but it was the perfect amount because I was able to keep up and swallow it all. When I was sure that there was no more to come, I gave him a naughty grin and shook him off, letting the shy drops of pee that remained hit me in the face until there was nothing left. I licked my lips wantonly as I massaged his soft cock with one hand and reached around to caress his poop-chute with the other.

“Do you have anything else for me?” I asked breathlessly, looking up at him in hopes of another offering, this time from his delicious smelling butt. He smiled down at me and rubbed his belly, and without waiting for his answer, I gripped his hips and urged him to turn around so that he could squat over me.

“I don't know if I can go again,” he said, giving into my needs despite his doubts. I just wanted him to try, and he knew it, so when he bent his knees and hung his butt out, I sat on the back of my legs and waited hopefully. I heard him start to push, so I concentrated on his hole. When it started to open, I gave sigh of contentment and reached up to once again caress it.

I could hear it sliding down his chute, almost crackling as it emerged. His firm, brown gift started to come out slowly, then picked up speed and exited quickly, landing in my lap. He pushed again, and this time an identical piece slid down with incredible force, causing it to take a more projectile path that caused it hit my chest before sliding down into my lap, where it joined the first one. I leaned in to sniff his poop smeared bottom, listening closely as he pushed again. The fragrance was intense, and I felt like I was about to cum as it drifted into my nostrils. At the same time, the two hot pieces of poop in my lap were also sending a strong scent up into my nose, and I was feeling lightheaded.

His hole opened again, and this time he produced two smaller pieces that I caught in my hand and brought to my face. I gently pressed the end of my nose into the steamy pile that I was holding and took a long, drawn out sniff that made me shudder as Jimmy stood straight again and turned to watch the show. I grinned up at him and closed my hand around his poop, then I brought it back up to my face and smeared some of it on my nose. Without thinking twice, I squeezed it like clay, forming it into the shape of a cock, then I gave Jimmy another smile before pressing my lips to it and giving it a slow, sensual kiss. I wasn't using my tongue, but I could taste the warm treat on my lips, and it was giving me chills of delight.

I used my other hand to reach down and pick up the first piece that he pooped out and gingerly supported it, careful not to let it break. Jimmy's hard on was standing straight up, and so was mine, but that was secondary at the moment. As I pulled the first handful away from my lips, I brought my other hand up so that I was holding his poop like a hard cock. I looked deep into his eyes as I gently ran my tongue over its tip. Jimmy bit his bottom lip when I did this, so I did it a second time. When I did, he reached down and rubbed his cock with his fingertips, moaning a little as he did. I licked a little harder the third time, then I slid the end of it between my lips and gave it a sensual suck.

When I did this, I experienced an intense flavor explosion in my mouth. It was one that I'd enjoyed on other occasions when I played like this with Jimmy, but each time was unique and special in its own way. As I continued to suck, I could feel the creamy treat start to melt in my mouth, so I sucked a little harder and moaned with pleasure. At the same time, I used what was still in my other hand, to smear Jimmy's offering on my stomach and chest, then I raised up on my knees and shoved my still poop smeared fingers up my butt. As I moaned and sucked, I started to ride my two fingers, causing me to lose control. I was already so close to cumming as it was, so once I found my sweet spot I immediately climaxed. As I rode my climax out, I continued to suck on the luscious treat in my mouth, eagerly taking in its dark but sweet flavor until it completely dissolved against my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

When I finally couldn't take anymore stimulation in my butt, I pulled my dirty fingers out and held them up to my nose. They were still covered in Jimmy's delicious poop, and I wasted no time sucking them into my mouth and cleaning every last bit off. I was still coming down from my orgasm as I grinned up at Jimmy and reached back to grab his butt, longing to clean his backside of what remained from his brown offering. He turned and faced away from me, resting his hands against the wall of the shower, and I parted his stinky cheeks so that I could clean up the poop that was still smeared in his crack. I moaned with pleasure as I started to lick it away, wondering when we would get the chance to play like this again. Once I had licked his crack clean, I zeroed in on his newly flavored hole and ate it insatiably until my tongue could no longer keep up.

When I pulled my face out of his crack, I licked my lips, pulling what was left there into my mouth and giving off another satisfied moan. Jimmy turned to face me, his stiff rod in my face, so I took it into my mouth and sucked as if my life depended on it while I reached down with both hands and gathered what was left in my lap, smashing it in my palms. Moments later, he was firing a strong load of cum down my satisfied gullet. When I let his cock fall from my mouth, I sat on the back of my legs and smiled up at him as I licked my hands clean.

When we got back from Jimmy's house, I was yearning for another round of sex, and found myself grateful that I lubed up again after our shower. I wanted it so bad, especially after our game in the bathroom. I could still taste our fun on my taste-buds, and there was something deep down inside of me that wanted to play again, and soon. Normally when we played our special game, we wouldn't have to clean up right away. I loved the way his pee smelled when it dried in my hair and on my skin, and being able to rub his warm, brown offering into my skin like lotion and then leave it there for hours was something I truly enjoyed.

The first time we played that way was completely spontaneous, just like it had been on this day. I was still ten, and Jimmy and I were in the bathroom together while my mom and dad were in the backyard, cooking on the grill. We'd been playing in the sprinklers in the backyard, and were supposed to be changing into dry clothes. While we were getting undressed in my room, I made a move for Jimmy's cock, stroking it with my right hand before taking it in my mouth. After I sucked him off, we headed to the bathroom, still naked. Of course, I was still horny, so when I sat down on the toilet to do my business, I reached out and made another move for his cock.

“If you don't hurry up and let me pee, I'm going to hose you down,” he said jokingly, but his words sent a shiver through me as the thought of his hot pee cascading down my chest entered my mind.

“Maybe I want you too,” I said with a grin and a shrug, prompting him to step up to the toilet and hold his wiener and pretend that he was peeing in my face. Without thinking twice, I reached out and took it in my own hand, directing his piss slit right at my chest and we shared a silent moment of mutual understanding.

He let a little bit go at first, and it dribbled out over the back of my hand and down my forearm. I leaned forward and sniffed his hot pee, then I wantonly dipped the tip of my tongue in the trail. When I realized that I liked it, I gave him a hungry look and waited for him to let go with more. He complied, and let out a little bit more of a forceful stream that hit my chest before he cut it off. We both watched it run down from my torso into my lap, the trail moving over my cock and balls and finally into the toilet. I gave him another wonton look as I pointed the end of his cock higher, this time up to my face, and he gave me another shot.

I was a little startled when it hit the end of my nose, but I didn't flinch. Instead, I smiled and licked my lips, enjoying the rich taste and smell, then I opened my mouth and encouraged him to give me another strong shot of his hot pee. He acquiesced, and I received a nice squirt right on the roof of my mouth. I didn't swallow it all right away, instead holding it in my mouth and swallowing it gradually. Once I had it down, though, I pointed his cock a little higher and grinned again, wanting him to wet my hair. He didn't disappoint, and this time, he let his flow go a little longer. His warm offering drenched my bangs, then he stopped again. I pointed him back at my chest, and he let loose this time, giving me an uninterrupted flow that hit my chest and gushed down into the toilet bowl.

As he was peeing, I reached down and slipped two fingers up my hole and started to bear down, pushing my poop out around them. It was something I did all the time, something I took pleasure in. This time, though, I had an audience, and I didn't want to waste my opportunity to put on another show. I pulled my fingers out and held them up for Jimmy to see. They were thickly coated with my butt candy, and once again, I didn't have to think twice about sucking them into my mouth and sensually sucking them clean. When I pulled them out of my mouth, I held them up for Jimmy, wanting him to see that there was nothing left of the mess, then I stuck my hand back down into my crack, scraping off what I could and then cupping it at my entrance while I strained hard and pooped more, eager to make the show last as long as I could.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to do it that was this time, but I knew that we'd have our fun again soon. I thought that maybe if we could get back soon enough from Jimmy's house, we could indulge in another round of play. His mom, however, had a list of chores for him when he got home, and after he spent 20 minutes arguing with her about why he had to do it then and not the next day, he spent another hour or so actually doing what he was told.

I was happy to help him pick up his room, and even moved things around so he could vacuum in the hallway. But I drew the line when it came to scooping up dog poop in the backyard. He griped the whole time, and I thought it was a little funny that his mom came outside to watch him work so that he wouldn't miss anything.

“Mom, it stinks,” he complained when he got to work.

“Well, you're the one who wanted a dog,” she reminded him. When I was younger, I wanted a dog too, but watching Jimmy pick up dog poop, I found myself thanking my lucky stars that my parents never gave into my begging.

When Jimmy's mom finally said he was finished, it was 2:45 in the afternoon. We went inside and he changed his clothes and washed his hands, then he packed a bag and we took off. As soon as we got inside, I attacked him and started pulling his clothes off. I didn't even have the patience to take him up to my room.

Instead, we made out in the front room. As we kissed, I started to jerk him off. Through his moans, Jimmy reached down and started to unbutton my pants, so I reached down to help him. Once they were off my hips, I eased them down and stepped out of them, then I practically tore my undies off. With my underwear around my ankles, I broke our kiss and dropped to my knees so that I could take his stiff member into my mouth. I took my time, slowly running my tongue around the glans and humming gently, wanting him to build to a slow orgasm. I wanted him to come in my mouth, for sure, but I was enjoying the feeling of his cock in my mouth and was in no hurry for him to pull it out.

After about five minutes of teasing him with my tongue, I took him all the way to the back of my throat and encouraged him to fuck it deeply. I felt so slutty and yet so hot, almost as if I had a clitoris in my throat. I could feel my pleasure starting to build as his hard thrusting picked up, so I started to milk his shaft with my throat muscles. When I did this, he got even rougher, and I loved it. I gave a loud moan as my nose bent sideways against his groin over and over until finally, I felt the familiar burn in my crotch and felt my eyes cross. As I was humming with the pleasure of my own orgasm, Jimmy groaned loudly fired another hot load in my mouth that I greedily swallowed before I moved down to his nuts.

With his nuts in my mouth, I continued to suck passionately while I used the flat surface of my tongue to massage his sack. I hummed a little harder, listening closely to his pants of pleasure as I did. I finally pulled off of his nut sack and kissed the end of his soft cock, then I stood up and took his hand so that I could lead him over to the couch, where once again we collapsed into each others' embrace. Jimmy was laying on top of me, resting his head on my shoulder and breathing hard. We were both still basking in the afterglow of our orgasms, but I was still eager for more action.

I reached between us and grabbed his member, trying to stimulate it back to life. At best, it was a raging semi, and that wasn't going to work. I needed him to ride my butt forcefully, and I needed it desperately, so I let go of his cock and let my left hand travel into his butt crack. As soon as he felt my forefinger start to burrow in, he lifted his head and smiled, then he rested his head back down on my shoulder and purred like a kitten.

It didn't take him long to recover after that, so I got into position and lifted my legs and rested them on his shoulders. As he started to lean into me, I playfully reached out and groped his hard on one more time, then I wrapped both arms around his neck and waited for him to enter me. When he slid his rod up my butt, I sighed and waited for him to start thrusting. Once he was feeding me full strokes, I pulled his head down for a kiss as my legs moved back and forth in the air with his thrusting.

I broke our kiss long enough to say “Fuck me harder.” With a labored look, he nodded his head and added more force behind each thrust. At the same time, he aimed the head of his dick just right and started to torture my sweet spot. I started to moan loudly, but he muffled the sounds by kissing me again. I started to feel breathless again, panting hard as he ravaged my fuck hole with his hard dick. I felt the onset of my orgasm build quickly, and I knew it wouldn't take much longer. As my pleasure heightened, I tried to break our kiss, but he didn't cooperate, and this only added to the intensity of my joy. I gave one last, loud moan into his mouth and felt my climax erupt as his thrusting got harder.

It was easily one of the longest, most intense orgasms I'd ever had. I felt a chill run over my whole body, but at the same time, there was a warm gushing feeling that enveloped my whole head. I didn't think it was going to stop, and to be honest, I was almost worried that it would last so long that my mom would walk in and find us fucking on the couch. At the same time, I didn't care. I just wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard. Jimmy was giving me exactly what I wanted, and he was doing an amazing job of keeping me sated. He finally pulled his mouth away from mine as he shuddered and filled me up with another load. When he pulled out, he collapsed again, and I held him tightly in my arms, panting hard and waiting for my head to stop spinning.

“Honey, you hardly touched your food,” my mom said as I started to get up from the table.

“I'm not really hungry right now,” I said, getting up and waiting for Jimmy to comply. He looked over at my mom and dad for approval, and I sighed loudly because his concern for their permission was getting on my nerves.

“Go ahead, pal,” my dad told him with a smile. Jimmy got up and started to pick his plate up from the table, so I stopped him.

“You don't have to do that here,” I said. “That's my mom and dad's job.”

Once again, Jimmy looked apprehensively at my folks, who smiled warmly and nodded their approval.

“What are you two going to do tonight?' my mom asked, and I shrugged.

“We might build a fort in my room,” I said, and my dad cleared his throat.

“Well I bought you a new movie,” he said. “It's in the living room.”

“What movie?” I asked.

“Mr. Poppers Penguins,” my mom answered with a warm smile.

“We'll watch it in my room tonight,” I told them, hoping to be left alone so I could cuddle with my lover.

“That's fine, kiddo,” he said. “Mom and I are going to watch a movie in our room tonight.”

“It's a scary movie, so we're going to have our door closed,” my mom added, inserting an upward inflection on the word scary. With a grin, I rolled my eyes and sighed.

“That means they're watching a dirty movie,” I blurted out loud to Jimmy, still grinning from ear to ear because I knew my parents were embarrassed. Jimmy looked a little embarrassed too, mainly because my mom and dad were both speechless.

“Young man, we do not watch dirty movies,” my dad said in a lightheartedly stern tone, then he cracked a smile of his own.

“Why don't you two go get ready for bed, Kyle,” my mom said matter-of-factly. I shrugged and walked from the kitchen to the laundry room, where I shucked my shirt and jeans, stripping down to my underwear. When I walked back out to the dining room, Jimmy gave me an incredulous stare.

“I'm all set,” I announced cheekily, causing my mom to roll her eyes. At the same time, my dad playfully reached out with his foot and gently tapped my butt with it.

“You might want to think about changing your underwear,” he said, causing everyone to look my way. Jimmy snickered, so I hung my butt out in everyone's general direction and looked over my shoulder so I could see for myself. There was a prominent, dark stain in the seat of my otherwise white underwear.

“Honey, that's gross,” my mom said. “And you have a guest.”

“So, Jimmy's seen poopy undies before,” I said with a grin.

“Buddy, go change,” my dad said with a smile, so I hung my butt out one more time and gave my parents a raspberry with my tongue before Jimmy and I went upstairs to get ready for bed.

When we came back downstairs, we went into the living room to find the DVD that my dad bought me, and while we were in there, I surfed the channels. We came across an old Charlie Brown Christmas Special and Jimmy and I both wanted to watch, so while my parents cleaned up our dinner dishes, we got comfy on the love seat and enjoyed the show.

As we watched, I couldn't help myself from snuggling up to Jimmy. We both started out on opposite ends of the love seat, each on our own cushion, but eventually I migrated over to his cushion and wrapped my arms around his chest, curling my legs up underneath my butt and nuzzling my head under his chin. I heard him sigh, so I looked up at him and smiled. When he grinned back down at me, I puckered my lips and offered him a kiss.

“Love you,” I told him with a smile when our lips parted.

“Love you too,” he said with dreamy eyes, then we turned our attention back to the TV. At some point, he wrapped his left arm around me and started to very gently rub my back, and I responded by tightening my embrace around his torso. When the first commercial break started, I was about to look up at him and ask for another kiss when I noticed my mom watching us from the living room entrance. I instantly let go of Jimmy and sat up straight, never once taking my eyes off of her. She smiled, and without a word, walked back to the dining room to help my dad finish the dishes.

When the show came back on, I had a hard time concentrating because of what just happened. I found myself trying to focus my hearing on the kitchen and the dining room, wondering what my mom and dad were saying, but I wasn't having any luck. Finally, I gave up with a sigh and turned my focus back on the show.

When it was over, I handed Jimmy the remote and got up to go to the bathroom. I had to walk though the dining room to get there, right by my mom and dad, who were sitting at the dining room table drinking coffee. I got a warm smile from the two of them as I passed by, and I was kind of hoping that they would let me through without speaking.

That didn't happen.

“Everything okay sweetie?” my mom asked in a neutral tone, and I nodded.

“I just got up to go pee,” I said, keeping it moving so that I could avoid any prolonged interaction with the two of them. Luckily, there was no mention from either of them about what my mom saw. When I finished peeing, I came out of the bathroom and walked back through the dining room, and I could tell that my mom wanted to say something to me, but that she was struggling to speak.

Something told me to go to her instead of going back to the living room, so that was exactly what I did. I walked around the dining room table and approached her as she slid her chair back. I wasn't sure what to expect, so when she wrapped me up in a hug, I breathed a sigh of relief and hugged her back.

“Go give daddy a hug too, baby,” she said, releasing the hug and planting a kiss on my cheek.

“Okay mom,” I said with a smile as I watched her expression. “I love you.”

“I love you too, hun,” she said. I walked over to my dad, who held his right arm out as I approached him. When I leaned into him, he wrapped it around my entire frame and gave me a tight squeeze.

“I love you, Kyle,” he said. “You've got nothing to worry about, okay? Nothing at all.”

“Do you promise?” I asked, and he nodded. “I love you too.”

“Good, now go in there and have some alone time with your friend,” he told me. I smiled and nodded, then I padded back into the living room and got back into my comfortable embrace with Jimmy.

“It's okay?” he asked with an almost panicked tone when I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder. I smiled and nodded at him, and then, just to prove to him how okay it was, I planted another kiss on his lips. When I rested my head back down on his shoulder, I heard him sigh. He wrapped his left arm back around my shoulders held me close while we watched reruns of The Simpsons and King of The Hill.

At some point, my mom and dad came into the living room and turned the lamps off. I didn't move from my comfortable spot in Jimmy's arms, though, and they simply said that they were going upstairs to their room and to turn the TV off when we went to bed. We told them goodnight, and they were gone. About five minutes later, I reached down and groped Jimmy's crotch, prompting him to run his hands all over my buns. I could feel my poop-chute moistening with desire, so I reached back and guided his hand down into my underwear so he could slip a couple of fingers inside of my needy boy pussy and keep me satisfied until we went to my room.

I woke up at two in the morning needing to pee badly. I reluctantly extricated myself from Jimmy's warm embrace and found my underwear so I could head down the hall. When I finished, I came out of the bathroom just in time to see my dad walking out of his room.

“Hi buddy,” he said with a warm smile when she saw me. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah I had to go pee again,” I said groggily, taking a deep breath and stretching my arms out.

“Are you hungry or thirsty pal?” my dad asked, and I shrugged. I followed him downstairs to the kitchen and watched while he rummaged through the refrigerator. He pulled out a can of Cherry Coke and brought two glasses to the table.

“Don't tell your mom I gave you soda in the middle of the night,” he said, pouring a cup for me. I smiled and nodded, taking the cup and sipping from it. “So are you having a good visit with Jimmy?”

“Yeah, we watched the DVD you got me,” I said. “Thanks dad.”

“You're welcome, buddy,” he said, then he cleared his throat. “So I guess you guys are pretty fond of each other.”

“Yeah,” I said, looking down into the cup and watching the bubbles come to the surface.

“You know, I meant what I said earlier, right son?” he asked, and I nodded at him with a smile.

“Do you think it's wrong to like another boy?” I asked, and he shook his head no.

“Does it feel wrong to you?” he asked.

“No,” I answered.

“How does it make you feel?”

“Really good,” I told him.

“Then it's not wrong, Kyle,” he said. “I want you to know that I'm very proud of you, son.”

“What if I like other boys, and not just Jimmy?” I asked.

“You're a kid, Kyle,” he said. “I don't expect you to be in love, or to say that you only have one crush. It's natural.”

“I do like other boys,” I admitted. He smiled at me and took a long drink from his cup, then he set it down and held his arms out for me to give him a hug. I grinned and got up to go straight to him, letting him hug me tight as I tried in vein to wrap my arms all the way around his torso.

“You know, you're probably more like your parents than you know,” he said, kissing the top of my head.

“Really?” I asked in his chest, and I felt him tousle my hair. At the same time, I heard the toilet in my bathroom flush upstairs, alerting me to the fact that Jimmy woke up and found me missing.

“Why don't we talk about it tomorrow when mom and I get home from work?' he suggested, and I nodded. “I love you, son.”

“I love you too, dad,” I said. When he released our hug, I kissed him on the cheek, then we got up and went back upstairs. I waited for his door to close, then I crawled back into bed with my lover.

When I crawled back into the bed, I snuggled up to Jimmy, who had rolled over and was facing away from me. As soon as my cold feet made contact with the back of Jimmy's legs, he curled up into a ball, then he rolled over again, flat on his stomach, so I rested my head on his shoulder blade and wrapped my arms around his back so that I could think about the day I had. It was full of sex, and so much more. But it was also the day, whether I meant for it to be or not, that my parents found out that I liked boys. I wasn't sure how I felt about that yet.

I also thought about what my dad said to me downstairs. How I was more like my parents than I knew. What did that mean? I had so many thoughts swirling around in my mind, and I found it overwhelming to try to process it all at once. I let my mind drift to thoughts of my day with Jimmy. We got to play our special game again, and it was as wonderful for me as it always was. Maybe we'd get to do it again soon. I was hoping that it would be the next day while my parents were gone to work.

As I thought about the sex I had with my lover, and the sex that I wanted to have with him the next day, I felt a stir in my bottom and wondered if I would be able to find a way to wake Jimmy up for some sex. I lifted the blanket up and took in the sight of Jimmy's rump, which was illuminated by the moonlight that was casting into my room through the window. I very gently moved my head down to his butt and rested my head on it once more, rubbing my cheek against the knitted white cotton of his briefs.

As I enjoyed the feel of his underwear against my cheek, I inhaled deeply, picking up the strong scent of his poop-chute and the unmistakable smell of a dark stain in the seat of his undies. I planted my nose between his cheeks and inhaled even more deeply, then I used my hands to reach up into the leg openings of his underwear and grab his cheeks, spreading them apart as I sniffed louder. As the powerful fragrance of his pooper drifted into my nostrils, I felt Jimmy's butt raising into the air, a sure sign that he was aware of my activities. I pushed in harder with my nose, and when I did, he released a hot, delicious smelling fart that I indulged in as I breathed in through my nose and my now opened mouth.

I was taking short, deep breaths when I pulled my nose out of his butt and eased his undies down off of his hips. As soon as they were down, I attacked his stinky hole, licking it deeply with my tongue and caressing his cheeks with my hands. I could still taste his fart, and I wanted more than anything for Jimmy to treat me to another, or even better, tell me that he was ready to play our game again. But there was nothing else forthcoming, and I knew it, so once I had lapped away as much of his stink as I could, I pulled my face out and laid flat on my back, raising my midsection up off the bed so I could work my underwear off. Jimmy was still laying on the pillow, half asleep and blinking slowly, so I reached out and brushed his bangs out of his eyes, then I kissed him on the lips. He smiled sweetly, then without having to be told what I wanted, Jimmy climbed between my legs, lifting them into the air and letting them rest on his shoulders so that he could give me the hard fucking that my body was calling out for.

As soon as I felt him enter me, I gave a small whimper that came out of nowhere as my butt clenched tightly around the hard on that was moving back and forth in my hole, sending me over the edge as I felt my body tense up from the intense tingling that felt like an itch that was being scratched in the perfect way. I found myself struggling to stay quiet. The more Jimmy moved his hips back and forth the more I needed him to do it again. I moaned silently as Jimmy continued to hit the one place inside of my bottom that I loved to feel him hit. All of the sudden, my boy cunt started to roar with pleasure and desire as my lover hit my sweet spot over and over again for several moments. The room went dark and all at once, I had spots in front of my face and my hair felt like it was standing up. I was in such a state of bliss that I didn't even remember Jimmy's load squirting into my chute. All I could remember was that when he pulled out of me, I had given into my release and his load rolled right out of my pussy and onto my sheets.

I didn't care about that at the moment, though, because Jimmy had taken me into his arms and was holding me securely in his arms as I started to calm down. My plan was to go down on my lover and clean his softening cock of all of its cum and ass juice, but he wrapped both of his arms around me and whispered into my ear.

“Was that good?” he asked and I nodded. He tightened his embrace and told me, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Jimmy,” I said. “Do you still want Matt to fuck you?”

“Yes,” he said through a yawn.

“Me too,” I said, then I let out my own yawn. “Will you still love me if he fucks you?”

“Mm hmm,” he said, then he planted a kiss on my lips. “Goodnight, Kyle.”

“Goodnight, Jimmy,” I said, right as I started to drift off into a deep slumber.