Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 8

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The next morning I woke up to the sound of my mom and dad's alarm clock. I rolled over and looked at my own alarm clock, noting that it was only 5:45. I took a deep breath and very quietly sat up and looked around the bed for my underwear, pulling the covers back for a moment to retrieve them. The blast of cold air caused Jimmy to whine in his sleep, so I covered him back up and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before I got out of the bed, anxious to go drain my aching bladder.

I was so cold and tired that I didn't even bother to close the door, instead opting to make a bee line for the toilet so I could find relief. I could hear the toilet flush on the other side of the wall, and I knew that my mom was probably up too, since she typically got up before my dad so she could start his coffee and coax him out of bed. I stood in front of the toilet and took my hairless little pecker out with my right hand, aiming as best I could into the bowl as I simultaneously let go with a strong stream of pee and a loud fart that caused me to expel what I thought was the remainder of Jimmy's load from my well fucked boy cunt, which was starting to moisten with a light flow of fresh ass juice. At the same time, I heard my mom and dad's door open, and just as I thought, my mom was up and walking down the hallway.

Good morning sweetie,” she said through a yawn as she stood at the door jamb and smiled at me. Luckily, there wasn't a lot of cum that came out of me so it all stayed in my crack, she didn't seem to notice any evidence of the sex I had in the seat of my underwear. Besides, I think she was more concerned with the fact that my stream was erratic, and I was getting as much pee on the seat as I was in the toilet.

Morning,” I said sleepily, scratching an itch on my head with my left hand. I finished peeing and shook off, then I put my wiener away and sat on the edge of the tub watching as she walked over to the toilet and wiped the seat clean with toilet paper before she flushed it for me.

Some day I'm sure you'll learn how to lift the seat and aim,” she said in a patient tone, causing me to grin at her and shake my head no. “Do you want to help me get daddy's coffee ready?”

I took a deep breath through my nose and said, “Okay,” standing up to follow her out of the bathroom when she looked at me expectantly and motioned to the sink. I grinned again and went to the sink to wash my hands while she waited, then I followed her down the stairs to the kitchen, where I climbed up onto a stool at the breakfast nook and watched her open the cupboard, looking for a cup to pour my milk. She filled a small blue plastic Tupperware cup halfway and set it in front of me, causing me to look up at her questioningly.

You forgot my lid,” I reminded her, and she smiled warmly.

I didn't think you'd want one because you have a friend over,” she said, reaching back into the cupboard to grab a lid for my cup. She snapped it into place for me, then she picked my cup up and handed it to me. I took it from her with both hands and sipped from it while she carried on with the task of making my dad's coffee.

My collection of sippy cups is one of my last stands against my parent's fight to get me to give up my toddler hood. Not that I want to be a baby, or even act like one, but there are certain things of mine that I take comfort in. When I was nine, my mom and dad packed away my baby blanket and put it in the attic, knowing that I was scared to go up there. Before that, they broke the news to me that I was getting too big to fit in my footy pajamas, and that we'd have to take them to Goodwill. I was in Kindergarten when my binky disappeared with the explanation that Santa only brought big boy toys to kids who didn't still use a pacifier at home.

When my mom was finished with the coffee maker, she put a pot of boiling water on so she could make oatmeal. While she was doing this, I felt a gurgle in my stomach, and let out a few more farts that we both laughed about.

I hope you feel better after that,” she said.

I think I have more,” I announced, then I let one go that caused a gush of cum to squirt out of my poop-chute and into the seat of my underwear. I wasn't worried about what happened, though, because I was sitting down and I had no reason to get up and walk around. I sat still for the next five minutes and watched my mom work on breakfast, and I found myself enjoying the feel of Jimmy's cum in the seat of my pants. When my dad came downstairs, he was freshly showered but obviously still tired, but that's normal for him. He just isn't a morning person, and it usually takes the smell of fresh brewed coffee to motivate him to roll out of bed every morning.

You're up early, pal,” he said with a smile when he spotted me taking another sip of my milk. When he planted a kiss on top of my head, I could tell that he picked up the scent of Jimmy's poop-chute because he made a face and sniffed me closer. It was at that moment that I became aware of my aroma, and I realized that it wasn't just Jimmy's stink that he was smelling. Because of the cum that I farted out, my own pooper was starting to flow ass juice heavily, emitting a sharp odor, and it was all around me. This prompted my mom to walk over so she could investigate, too, and I knew the exact moment that the smell hit her nose. The scent was wonderful to me, causing a shiver of desire to run through my body, but I was nervous because of the line of questioning that I knew was forthcoming and I clammed up.

When was the last time you took a shower, Kyle?” my mom asked, and I shrugged. I knew that it was the day before after Jimmy peed and pooped on me, but in my mind, it was better to have them think that I needed a shower, as opposed to finding out that I had cum in the seat of my underwear, which I could now feel forming a wet spot that wasn't there just seconds earlier.

Did you change your underwear last night when I told you to?” my dad asked, resting his hand on my shoulder and affectionately kneading it. I nodded. “It doesn't smell like you did.”

Then did you have an accident, honey?” my mom asked gently, and for some dumb reason I shrugged, so she continued to question me. “You don't know?”

I didn't,” I told her in a small voice, setting my cup down on the breakfast nook. I was about to speak again when my dad interrupted me.

He didn't stink earlier when we got up,” he told my mom with a look of concern, almost as if I weren't in the room.

I didn't smell anything either,” she said to him in the same manner, then she rubbed my back. “It must have happened when he farted.”

Do you want me to run a bath for him?” my dad asked, and my mom was nodding her answer when I finally spoke up.

I don't want to take a bath, and I didn't poop my pants,” I insisted, causing both my mom and dad to look at me doubtfully because I sounded guilty.

Are you sure honey?” my mom asked, and I nodded. “I'd feel better if you let mommy and daddy help you get cleaned up. You know, Jimmy's sleeping right upstairs.”

I don't need to get cleaned up,” I said, a feeling of desperation going through me because I didn't want them to find the cum spot on my butt. Especially since it had been in my butt for hours, and I was sure that it had turned brown before I fired it out. On the other hand, I figured if they happened to see it, they'd think I had a case of the runs.

That was enough to get them to stop questioning me for the moment, though they continued to talk about it between themselves as if I weren't there. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've ever been disciplined by my mom and dad. It might be once or twice, if that. I think they put me in time out when I kicked my dad in the shins when I was five or six, and I got a stern talking to once by my dad for playing with a lighter. But whenever I misbehave, or if there's something I'm doing that has them worried, they have a habit of talking about it in front of me while referring to me in third person. It doesn't bother me at all, and I usually just ignore it and carry on with whatever it is that I was doing to cause them concern.

While they were talking about how bad I smelled and what they thought I was sitting in, I ate my breakfast slowly and drew in the stink through my nostrils. I was enjoying the smell, and with every whiff I took, my boy cunt tingled a little harder and I couldn't help but grin. My mom and dad would occasionally look over at me with some concern on their faces, but would then turn back to their conversation. At some point during my meal, I picked my butt up and sat on my hand, trying to get a feel for how much cum and ass juice I had down there. It was definitely more than I was expecting, so I lifted myself up again and slid my hand through the leg hole of my undies and tried to rub it into my skin while my parents weren't watching.

It seemed like a good idea at the moment, but I brushed across the opening of my hungry boy pussy and unconsciously started to rub it with two fingertips. It was still moist with cum, and I could feel my ass juice starting to flow harder. By the time I realized what I was doing, I had slipped my fingers inside and was caressing my sweet spot. The smell was stronger than ever, so I pulled my hand out and quickly sucked my brown fingers clean before my parents spotted me.

My mom was the first to notice the sharper smell, sniffing as she turned my way. My dad wasn't far behind, doing the exact same thing as I sat still with a guilty look on my face. My mom got up from her stool and took a last drink of her coffee, then she walked over and wrapped an arm around me and she took a long whiff that seemed to confirm her suspicions while my dad gave me a knowing look.

Before I get in the shower, I'm going to run you a bath,” she said in a soft tone, picking my cup of milk up off of the breakfast nook and handing it to me. “When you finish your breakfast, I want you to clean up and get in the tub, okay? If you need help getting cleaned up before you get in, tell daddy.”

Okay,” I muttered, wondering if my dad was going to see the wet cum spot in my underwear. When I really have accidents in my pants, my dad is usually the one to handle cleaning me up unless he isn't home. His standard practice is to investigate before hand by making me turn around so that he can look in the seat of my underwear and evaluate the mess he's about to confront. I was worried that he'd decide to check my pants this time, and find the slimy remnants of my earlier lovemaking.

After your bath, put your undies in the washer and I'll start it when I get home,” she told me, then she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I nodded and smiled up at her, and she returned my smile before she let go and went upstairs. I could hear the bathtub running while I finished my oatmeal in silence.

When my dad finished his coffee, he set his cup in the sink and said “You better get upstairs soon or your bath's going to get cold.”

I will,” I said, digging into my bowl. He walked over and ran his fingers through my hair, so I grinned up at him and said, “I love you, daddy.”

I love you too, son,” he told me, planting another kiss on my face. “Are you sure you don't need daddy's help getting cleaned up?”

I'm sure,” I told him. He went upstairs to get dressed, so I finished my oatmeal and got upstairs while the coast was clear. The door to my parents bedroom was closed, so I slipped into the bathroom and dropped my stinky underwear, then I lifted them to my face and inhaled deeply as I examined the mess of brown cum and ass juice that resided in their seat. I felt a thrill run through my body, thinking about what a close call I'd had with my mom and dad. The bathroom door was still open, and I knew that at any minute someone could catch me, but that only drove my yearning to be risky, so I recklessly lapped away the brown potion, making sure I licked every bit of it up until nothing remained but the large brown stain. I held them up to my nose and sniffed loudly, feeling another shudder of passion run through me, so I unbunched them and slid them back on , then I started to bear down, trying to force another torrent of cum and ass juice out of my pussy.

I clenched my fists for leverage and pushed, and when I did, I felt my chute contract and I pushed out a creamy concoction of ass juice and a soft mound of poop. I reached back with my hand to feel the load in my underwear, carefully assessing the weight of my creation, then I pulled them down and brought them back to my nose and mouth. I looked out into the hallway with daring eyes, then I inhaled deeply as I examined my steamy creation. It was the perfect combination of ass juice and poop, giving me butterflies as I dipped my tongue into the tasty treat. The taste was incredible, and before I could talk myself out of it, I gulped it all down, then I used my fingers to dig into my crack and treat myself to what was left. When there was nothing left on my fingertips, I stuffed the seat of my underwear into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could, all the while keeping my eye on the door as the sweet flavor and aroma filled me up.

When I pulled my dirty briefs out of my mouth, I climbed into the tub and settled down into the water. I let myself lay flat in the tub, going under the water, then I emerged. I reached for the shampoo, poured some out into my hand and rubbing it into my hair. My mom and dad only bought Johnson's Baby Shampoo, and I knew that it was what my dad used for his showers too. My mom had some girly type of shampoo that I didn't particularly care about, mainly because I hated taking baths and showers. If I had my way, I'd be allowed to go forever without a shower, but I knew that my parents wouldn't stand for that.

Once I had my head lathered up, I slid back down onto my back, going under the water and letting the suds wash out of my hair for a few seconds while I relaxed. When I came back up for air, I saw my mom standing over the tub with a towel wrapped around her hair.

I see you finally got in the tub,” she said, then she bent down and picked up my dirty underwear , holding them up by the waistband so she could examine them. She gave me an expectant look, as if to tell me to look at the what she found, then she said, “You didn't poop your pants, huh?”

Well, maybe I pooped my pants a little bit,” I said with a shy smile, knowing that I was really admitting to her what I had done just minutes before in the bathroom. “I'm sorry, mom.”

Don't be sorry, honey,” she said. “I'm going to take these downstairs and let them soak in the laundry room, okay?”

With that, she walked out of the bathroom and went downstairs. Moments later, my dad passed by the bathroom door, dressed for work, and went downstairs behind my mom. I could hear the water running in the laundry room, then I heard my mom's voice carry through the house as she exclaimed her displeasure, and it didn't take me long to find out what she was carrying on about.

Oh, Kyle,” I heard her exclaim. “It's all over the seat.”

At the same time, I heard my dad chuckle and say, “Looks like he had the shits.”

I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard my dad say that, knowing that what they were really looking at was a puddle of cum and ass juice that slid out of my butt earlier in the morning. I grinned when I heard my mom instruct my dad to go get her a dirty towel from the hamper in the laundry room, and I listened closely as I tried to decipher which one of them was wiping the seat clean. It got quiet, so I sank down under the water again and sighed as I reached underneath my body and let my fingertips rub my boy pussy again. I could still feel my juices flowing, and had become aware of my full bladder. I pulled my fingers away from my cunt and brought my head back up to the surface, then I closed my eyes and released my bladder, arching my crotch up out of the water so that I could feel it rain back down over my body. As soon as I let it go, I could hear the sounds of my pee fountain landing in the bathtub, so I opened my eyes to watch it rain down.

Kyle are you peeing?” I heard my mom exclaim, and I was suddenly aware of both her and my father's presence at the door. She was holding a clean towel in her hand, and he was standing right beside her with a look of amusement on his face. I couldn't stop the fountain right away, though, so I simply lowered my crotch back down into the bathwater and let it run its course.

Stand up, buddy,” my dad said with a grin, taking charge of the situation. I did what I was told, and my dad rolled up his sleeve and emptied the tub. My mom didn't look nearly as amused, though, and voiced her displeasure to my dad.

Honey, it's not funny,” she told him as I stood there dripping.

Boys pee in the bathtub, dear,” he told her, as if he was letting her in on some long held secret. “Do you honestly think this is the first time he's peed in here?”

I hope it is,” she said exasperatedly, and I shook my head no to tell her that it wasn't.

You see?” my dad said. “It's just a little urine, dear, it's not going to melt him. Go get me a clean washcloth.”

My mom set the towel down and went out to the hall and returned with a clean washrag, which she handed to my dad. Once the tub was empty, my dad turned the faucet back on and rinsed the tub down, then he took the shampoo and lathered up my hair. When he was done, he held the washrag underneath the running faucet, then he grabbed the bar of soap and washed me from head to toe, paying special attention to my backside and legs. While he was doing this, I couldn't help but feel a little childish, and yet at the same time, there was something sensual about it as well. My dad has washed me in the tub before, and it was never a big deal. But there was something about this time that I couldn't put a finger on. The fact that my mom was watching it happen was only adding to my feelings both puerility and eroticism.

When he was done soaping me up, he started the water again and turned the shower head on, instructing me to rinse off. While I stood under the shower head and rinsed off, they stood there and watched me until there were no more suds left in the tub, then he reached in and turned the water off. Without a word, my mom handed him the towel, and he used it first to dry my head, then he ran it over my whole body in a very matter-of-fact fashion. When he was satisfied that I was dry enough, he opened the towel and I stepped out of the tub into it. With a smile, he leaned down and kissed my forehead, then he wrapped me up in the towel and picked me up. As he carried me out of the bathroom, I smiled over his shoulder at my mom, who smiled back warmly.

I have some clean underwear for him downstairs,” my mom said as she followed us. My dad carried me to the living room and set me down by the recliner, where he sat down and used the towel to finish drying me off. My mom brought a clean pair of undies into the living room, and I was about to grab them from her, but my dad snatched them from her first and held them out for me to step into. When I did, he ran his hand lovingly over my cheek and softly said, “You feel better now, buddy?”

I nodded my reply, and my mom knelt down to give me a hug.

Do you want mommy to stay home today?” she asked, and I shook my head no.

I'll be okay,” I said. “Me and Jimmy are going to watch my DVD again.”

What time is he going home today?” she asked, and I shrugged.

I want him to spend the night again, but his mom might not let him because tomorrow's Christmas Eve,” I told her.

Well, we want to have a little time with you tonight, buddy,” my dad said. “I know you want Jimmy to spend the night, but we need to go get a Christmas Tree.”

How come he can't come with us?” I asked, feeling a little bit of angst because I genuinely wanted to spend as much time with Jimmy as possible.

We'll see, baby,” my mom said, giving me a kiss. “I know it's important to you to spend time with him.”

When they walked out the door, I watched from the front window and waited for them to pull out of the driveway. My dad went one way and my mom went the other, and as soon as I was sure it was safe, I went back upstairs to cuddle with Jimmy. I crawled in under the covers and watched his chest move up and down slowly. He had such a peaceful look on his face, almost as if he were having a really good dream. I looked up at the ceiling and thought about my morning so far, and everything that had happened. I thought about my mom and dad practically catching me with a pant-load of cum and ass juice, and how I dared to eat every drop of out right from the seat of my underwear while the bathroom door was open.

I could feel Jimmy's underwear laying in the bed, right under my left leg, so I reached under the covers and grabbed them, holding them up and examining them. The night before, when I had my face planted in his bottom, I thought I could smell a poop stain. When I turned them so that I could see their seat, I learned that I was right. I brought the stained underwear down to by face and inhaled the sweet smell as I continued to think about my morning. What I was smelling was similar to the odor that my parents were able to detect earlier, and I wondered what they would think if they knew just how much I truly enjoyed smelling and licking and swallowing cum, ass juice, pee and poop.

As these thoughts ran through my head, I glanced over at Jimmy and watched his chest and stomach move up and down. I passed his underwear over to my right hand so that I could continue to sniff them, and with my left hand, I caressed his tummy. It was warm, and I wondered to myself if he had anything for me. I was hoping that the answer was yes, and that it was a lot. I knew that he had a full bladder. It was a given, since he hadn't been up to pee since he last fucked me. I felt a jolt run through my whole body as I thought about the fact that it was early, and my parents would be gone all day. I just needed to find a way to wake him up so that I could enjoy his company. At the same time, I didn't want to part with his delicious smelling underwear, so I decided to compromise.

I rolled over onto my stomach and rested his undies on his stomach, then I rested my head so that I could still sniff them while I reached under the covers and grabbed his soft cock. I heard him let out a soft moan, so I slowly rubbed his meat until I felt it start to stiffen. As he moaned and his cock stiffened, I was still sniffing his dirty underwear. The aroma was starting to make me feel dizzy with lust, and I started moaning when I felt my horny boy cunt starting to juice hard. Out of nowhere, I felt Jimmy's fingertips running through my hair, so I moaned a little louder, then I decided to show him what I wanted. I let go of his stiff rod long enough to turn his underwear inside out and stuff the seat into my mouth so I could suck on them. I could instantly taste the poop stain in my mouth, and I instinctively moaned as I continued to savor its wonderful taste. While I moaned and sucked on his underwear, he grinned down at me with a look of lust, so I rested my head on his stomach, looking up at him as I reached back down with my right hand and started to jack him off again.

I could tell that he was getting close, so I tightened my grip around his thick member and jacked him harder while I looked into his eyes. I could feel his breathing quicken under me, and his stomach started to move up and down faster as I continued to stimulate his hard on. There was a part of me that wanted to take his stiff member into my mouth and receive his load, but there was another part of me that didn't because I would have to take his underwear out of my mouth, and I was enjoying them so much. Finally, it didn't matter anymore because I watched his face twist, and at the same time, I felt his hot jizz hit the back of my neck. I turned my head and another shot squirted in my face, so I reluctantly pulled the seat of his undies out of my mouth and started to lick his cock clean, then I licked up the cum that was on my hand and anywhere else I could find it on his body. When there was no more cum to lick up, I moved in for a taste of his sweet kiss.

Do you have to pee?” I asked when we broke our kiss, already knowing the answer. He nodded, so I wantonly rubbed his belly and asked, “Do you have to poop?”

Once again he nodded, eliciting a wide grin from me as I tugged on his arm and urged him to get up. When he was up, I hurried down the hall, anxious to play our special game. I quickly climbed into the tub, not even having the patience to remove my fresh pair of underwear. I quickly got down onto my knees and sat on the back of my legs while I waited for Jimmy to get in with me. When he did, I couldn't decide what I wanted him to do first. I just knew that I wanted to have all of what he had to offer me, so I opened my mouth and waited to see what he had in mind.

I was practically shaking with anticipation when he stepped in front of me and aimed his soft cock at my opened mouth. I reached out and took it in my hand again, then I nodded and he let loose with a strong, hot stream that I caught right away. I swallowed as fast as I could, but my mouth was starting to overflow, so I directed his stream at my head and let it run through my hair while I finished swallowing. As his hot stream ran through my hair and down my body, I thought about the fact that my dad had just gone to the trouble of washing me from head to toe and dressing me in a clean, comfortable pair of underwear, and here I was, drenching myself in hot pee again. My underwear were no longer dry, as a continuous stream of yellow pee ran down my front and my back, soaking them. Once I had the first mouthful down, I redirected his weakening stream back to my mouth and let him finish there. I tried to make a seal around his wiener with my lips, but the flow was still a little too voluminous, and I couldn't keep up. When he gave me his last few spurts, I knew that he had a delicious fart stored up and ready to go, so I quickly let his cock go and grabbed his hips so that he would turn to face away from me.

I want you to fart in my mouth,” I practically stuttered as I buried my face in his spicy rump and waited for him to give me what I wanted. I sealed my opened mouth around his delicious poop-chute, then I dug in with my tongue. I felt his legs stiffen slightly as he pressed back with his hips, then he released a long, hot fart that made my legs feel weak as it danced on my palete. I moaned around his pooper and dug in a little more with my tongue, then I pulled my face out and told him my wish.

I need you to poop on me,” I said passionately. My hard on was straining against my underwear as I watched him squat over me while I held on to the back of his legs with my mouth opened wide, waiting for my prize. I knew that because this was his morning poop, it would be large and that I wouldn't have to wait long for it. I was right, too, because he had no sooner bent his knees and hung his butt out over my face when his hole opened and with very little effort, he released three long, thick logs of firm brown poop that came out in rapid succession. The first one hit my chest and slid down into my waiting lap. The second piece was sticky. It hit me in the face, and I was quick to let go of his legs and catch it with my hands before it fell into my lap.. At the same time, the third piece, which was also sticky, landed in my hair and started to slide down. I reached up with my hands and guided it in its journey. I knew exactly where I wanted it to go, and along with the piece that was already in my hands, I intended to see to it that my plans were carried out. I let it slide along my forehead, leaving a brown smear in its wake, and down the bridge of my nose, where I inhaled deeply as it made its way past my nostrils. I shuddered as it continued its journey downward, into my opened mouth, where I impatiently started to suck and chew on it even though Jimmy wasn't watching me yet because he was waiting to present me with yet another load from his tasty poop-chute.

Are you ready for more?” he asked breathlessly as he continued to squat over me, his poop smeared crack just inches from my face.

Mm hm,” was all I could manage to get out because I still had a mouthful of his luscious fudge. I quickly swallowed what I I had in my mouth, and without another word, he pushed again. When he did I opened wide and quickly moved into position. I was instantly treated to a soft load that exploded from his butt and shot all over my face, most of it going into my mouth and some of it winding up on my cheeks and in my hair. The stink was so powerful, and yet so divine as I continued to swallow the scrumptious butt candy that he was feeding me. He pushed again, and another soft load emerged, this time landing directly in my lap. By the time I swallowed the load I'd taken directly from his butt, he turned to face me, his hard on sticking straight out.

I smiled up at him naughtily, knowing that I was being more glutinous than usual, but unable to control my desires.

I reached down into my lap and scooped up the soft load that he pushed out just seconds before, bringing it up to my face with both hands and licking it with a smile before I opened my mouth and took a huge bite. My head was spinning with pleasure as I continued to consume the tasty load, knowing that I would be able to consume all of his offering this morning. When that was all gone, I reached back down into my lap and lifted the first piece that he presented me with. I held it under my nose and sniffed hard, then I let out a soft moan as I held it like a cock and slid half of its length into my mouth. Instead of sucking on it, though, I grinned up at Jimmy and closed my mouth around it, biting down and giving off another moan as I used my tongue to smash it against the roof of my mouth before I chewed it up and swallowed. Jimmy had a look of disbelief on his face when I held the last of his impressive offering up for him to see, then I slid it into my waiting mouth, where it met the same fate as the rest of Jimmy's poop had this morning.

When it was gone, I licked my lips and hands, cleaning them of all remnants as I moaned uncontrollably, then I used my fingertips to wipe the poop that was smeared all over my face and licked them clean. Finally, Jimmy turned to face away from me, and I impatiently spread his butt cheeks apart and lapped away the thick, rich poop that was stuck in his crack and smeared all over his cheeks. As I carried on this task, I was moaning wildly and giving Jimmy's crack long, deep licks until nothing remained. I sat back on my rump and looked down at the front of my underwear, taking note of the fact that they were smeared with Jimmy's poop and soaked with his pee, so I stood up and let them fall from my waist to my feet.

Was it good?” Jimmy asked, and I nodded without hesitation.

I wish you had more poop,” I confessed, and Jimmy grinned naughtily at me.

Maybe I can go again after breakfast,” he said, and I gave a small whimper in anticipation of it. I was so horny at that moment that I knew I needed to have my boy pussy serviced right away. I reached down and lifted my underwear up to my face, taking in the strong smell of Jimmy's pee and poop, then I confessed my urgent need to my lover.

I'm ready to do it my butt,” I told him, stepping out of the tub with the underwear still in my hand so that I could find the Cortizone 10 in the medicine cabinet. I squeezed out a generous amount, then I used two fingers to lube my fuck hole. I slid them in deeply, giving out another long moan when I found my spot and started to rub it. I closed my eyes and continued to moan, on the edge of climaxing because of the game that Jimmy and I had just played, and the possibility of playing again soon. I started to breathe hard and was about to cum when I felt Jimmy grab my shoulders. I opened my eyes and pulled my fingers out of my now slippery cunt, then I placed my hands on the counter top over next to the sink and offered my horny rear end up for my lover to satisfy.

I felt Jimmy stand behind me and grab my hips as he lined up and placed the tip of his cock at my entrance. I moaned loudly when I felt his cock head start to push in, and it didn't take long before my willing bottom started to suck him in. When he was buried to the hilt, I moaned again and rolled my hips around sensually, and encouraged him to fuck me hard. As soon as he started to thrust, I felt my orgasm start to build. I rested my head on the counter so that I could hang my bottom out further, anxious to meet his thrusts and feel them go deep inside of me.

Out of nowhere, I picked up the strong scent of Jimmy's hot pee and delicious poop, and I remembered that I had my underwear bunched up in my hand. I very quickly un-bunched them and found the area where his poop was smeared against my crotch. Without hesitation, I stuffed them into my mouth and sucked on them as hard as I could. At the same time, Jimmy's thrusting was causing my boy cunt to queef loudly, and I found myself pushing up to meet his thrusts with even more force. The sheer force of Jimmy's cock hitting my sweet spot over and over, mixed with the lust and desire I felt from sucking on my wet and dirty underwear sent me over the edge. My orgasm hit me like a nuclear blast, and I would have moaned out loud, but I had a mouthful of my underwear. I could feel Jimmy slamming harder into me, and I knew that was because he was preparing to cum too. My pussy was throbbing around his cock, squeezing it over and over again as I climaxed with my lover. As my orgasm started to wane, Jimmy fired a thick wad of cum deep into my clutching poop-chute as he held his cock in place and groaned loudly.

When he pulled away from my ass, I let my undies drop from my mouth and quickly put them back on. Then I took a seat on the toilet and sucked his sticky cock into my mouth, eager to clean it up for him so that he wouldn't have to worry about dried cum or ass juice on it. I quickly swallowed everything that I licked off of him, then I pulled him down into my lap so that we could cuddle closely while his cum ran out of my once again well fucked boy pussy and into the seat of my underwear.