Kyle's After School Snack by Josh Terrence Chapter 9

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We cuddled quietly for a full minute or so, panting hard while we recovered from our orgasms. Jimmy was resting his head on my shoulder with a contented smile, causing my heart to flutter as I concentrated on his cute features. I caressed his butt cheeks with my left hand and let my right hand fiddle with his now soft cock and balls, which were still a little sticky with cum and ass juice in spite of the tongue bath I'd given them just moments before.

How do you feel?” I asked him, and he answered with a deep sigh as he nuzzled his head into my shoulder. That was enough for me to know that he was still reeling from our sex, and I let him rest on my lap as I continued to fondle his package in my hand. Finally, after a few more minutes, he lifted his head and grinned at me before articulating his thoughts.

You ate a lot of poop this morning,” he said with a naughty grin.

I know,” I told him, feeling another surge of desire run through me. “I've been wanting to do it again since yesterday. I ate some of my own earlier when you were asleep.”

Really?” he asked , and I nodded with my own naughty expression.

I couldn't wait,” I answered with a nod, then I proceeded to tell him about my morning with my parents. His eyes got big when I told him how daring I was, eating his cum and my ass juice, then treating myself to more ass juice and a load of my own butt candy with the bathroom door wide open. I told him about how my mom and dad saw me peeing in the bath, and how my dad washed me in the tub, then I shared with him how it made me feel. By the time I was halfway through my story, his hard on was standing at full mast and I continued to play with it.

Jimmy knew that I was a butt glutton, and that I had an affinity for smelling and tasting poop. But he didn't know how far back my love for it went, or the things that happened years before that helped lay the groundwork for what I've become. Cuddling closely with Jimmy, I started to think back on the first time that I realized how much I loved smelling and feeling my own butt fudge, and the lengths that I was willing to go to in order to attain that Nirvana. It was before I had any idea what a fetish was, or that it was considered wrong to fantasize about such things.

I woke up on a Saturday morning, surrounded by my new toys. The day before was my eighth birthday, and being a Friday night, my mom and dad took me to Chuck E. Cheese with a large group of my friends. Jimmy was there, and so were almost all of the boys and girls in my class. I was showered with gifts from everyone, and birthday money from my grandparents, aunts and uncles. It was fun, and I had sweet dreams when I went to bed on Friday night.

I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes, letting out a yawn as I hung my feet over the side of my bed and stretched. My bladder was full, so I grabbed my baby blanket and walked down the hall to my parents room. My dad was still asleep, but I could hear my mom downstairs, moving around in the kitchen. It sounded like she was making breakfast, but I didn't smell any food cooking.

Daddy,” I called out, crawling into bed with my dad and giving him a gentle nudge. He groaned a little bit, then he simultaneously stretched and opened his eyes, drawing in a deep breath and smiling when he spotted me.

Hey buddy,” he said sleepily, holding his arm out to me so that I could snuggle up to his side. “You need some help?”

I nodded as he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into a tight hug, then he puckered his lips and held them out for me to give him a kiss. I quickly craned my neck and gave him a good morning kiss, then I got out of the bed and tugged on his arm. When he was up, we went into my parents' bathroom and I waited for him to unzip my footie pajamas so that I could pull my little pecker out and aim. We released our streams at the same time, but I finished long before he did. When he was finished, he zipped my pajamas back up and we washed our hands together. He made a beeline for his warm bed while I grabbed my blanket and carried it with me downstairs.

I wandered into the kitchen, where my mom greeted me warmly.

Good morning sweetheart,” she said as soon as she saw me. I held my arms out and let her grab me under my arms to pick me up, then I rested my sleepy head on her shoulder and yawned while she kissed my cheek and wrapped my blanket tightly around my torso.

Good morning mommy,” I said through my yawn. “I'm thirsty.”

She hugged me tightly, then she poured me a cup of milk, snapping a lid on it before she held it up to my lips, tilting it so that I could take a few sips before she set me back down. When my feet hit the floor, I bunched my blanket back up and she handed me the cup to take into the living room so I could watch cartoons while she made waffles for breakfast. I found the remote and turned the TV on, then I sat Indian style on the floor and turned the channel to Nickelodeon.

While I was watching cartoons, I could feel my stomach rumbling with the pizza and cake that I had eaten the day before, and I released a long series of hot farts that stayed trapped in my pajamas. They got progressively stinkier as the morning went by, and I found myself strangely drawn to the smell, though I didn't know why. I just knew that I was enjoying it, and that I was eager to try to force gas from my bottom. While I was acting on my urge, I could feel the seat of my underwear moistening, and I knew that it was because I had let out a few wet farts. For the first time, I found pleasure in the wet feeling on my butt as I forced more gas out. The pains in my stomach were getting worse, and I could feel pressure building inside of me that I relieved by farting over and over. At some point, I pushed too hard, and instead of gas, I released an uncontrollable torrent of poop that filled my underwear up right away.

I panicked at first with the knowledge that I had made a terrible mess in my pajamas. The seat of my underwear felt wet and messy, yet very warm and somehow comfortable. I lifted my butt up off of the floor to see if I had made a mess on the carpet. It looked clean, so I put my hand down on the rug where my butt had just been and felt for moistness. It wasn't wet, but it was strangely warm, just like the load that I was sitting in. At the same time that I rested my hand on the carpet, the stink drifted into my nostrils, and it was like nothing I'd ever been aware of in my life. I'd had accidents before, and even had to sit in it sometimes, but there was something about this moment that was giving me butterflies.

I stood up and reached back with my hand to feel the mess through my pajamas. I pressed on it with my hand. I felt it smash into my butt, and at the same time, the smell got stronger. I inhaled deeply and grinned, then I reached back and started to manipulate the load with my hand, letting the smell get even more powerful. By the time I decided that I needed to go tell my mom what I did, I was squeezing the load over and over while I breathed in as much of the smell as I could. I was in such a state of bliss that I didn't care about the fact that I had smeared my poop all over my butt and there was now a wet, brown stain on the outside of my pajamas.

I started walking to the kitchen to tell my mom what happened but she had already picked up the odor and was on her way into the living room to investigate.

Did you poop your pants?” she asked, and I nodded my reply, still grinning because I was enjoying the smell. I turned around to show her the load through my pajamas, then I let her walk me to the laundry room, where she stripped me down to nothing and told me not to move. While she was gone, I lifted my underwear to my nose and inhaled deeply until she got back. She took my dirty underwear away from me and proceeded to wipe my bottom clean with some wet washcloths before she marched me up the stairs to get in the tub. While I was in the tub, my mom woke my dad up and told him that she needed his help. I listened as he bypassed the bathroom and went downstairs to the laundry room to see what the commotion was all about, then I heard him tell my mom that he was going to throw my underwear away.

When I was allowed to get out of the tub, my mom and dad took me to my room and dressed me in clean underwear and a tee shirt, then my dad sat me in his lap and my mom sat next to him while they talked to me about what I did.

What happened Kyle?” my mom asked. I shrugged and looked over at her, then I gave her the brutal facts.

I pooped my pants,” I told her. They both sighed.

Did you have an accident or did you do it on purpose?” my dad asked.

I pooped on accident, but I made it mushy on purpose,” I admitted. Another sigh from my dad and a look of dismay from my mom.

How come, kiddo?” my dad said, and I grinned as I rested my head on his shoulder.

I liked how it smelled and how it felt when I mashed it on my butt.”

You liked it?” my mom asked, and I nodded, still grinning because I was so taken with what I'd done. Without another word, he scooted me off of his lap and we went downstairs to eat breakfast. While we were at the table, my parents talked about what happened and what I said about it while I continued to replay the events of that morning in my mind, thinking about how wonderful it felt to have my poop smashed against my butt, and the intensely pleasing smell that was all around me. It was something I was very eager to do again, even if I didn't know why.

After breakfast, my parents dressed me and we went grocery shopping. When we finished at the supermarket, we stopped at Walgreen's, then we went to McDonald's for lunch. After I ate, my mom and dad let me take my shoes off and go into the play area while they sat at the table and talked. While I was playing, I became aware that I had another load in my stomach. I felt a mixture of worry and excitement as thoughts of being naughty and pooping my pants again raced through my mind. There were a lot of other kids in the play area, so I decided to go tell my mom and dad that I was ready to leave.

Do you have to go to the bathroom, baby?” my mom asked as I crawled over her into the bench to put my feet in her lap so she could put my shoes back on. I nodded and confessed my need.

I want to leave right now so I can poop, mommy” I said, watching her slide my shoes on over my feet one at a time before she tied them.

Are you going to be a big boy this time?” my dad asked, and I shook my head no. “You're not?”

No,” I said, looking at both of my parents defiantly.

My mom took a deep breath and finished tying my shoes, then she slid out of the booth and reached for my hand. When we pulled out of the parking lot, I gave a hard push and strained loudly, helping nature take its course so that I could enjoy the aroma and feel of my steamy creation on the drive home. I took in its strong odor and cracked a smile, then I announced my deed to my mom and dad.

I pooped my pants,” I blurted out from the back seat with a satisfied smile on my face. My mom turned to look at me, a look of concern on her face, but I only grinned harder as I drew the smell in through my nose and ground my butt into the seat in a circular motion. I wanted to smear the load into my butt and make the smell even more prevalent. I even protested when my mom put her window down, not wanting the pleasing elixir to lose its potency.

For the next two months, I continued to do the same thing over and over at home, sometimes when I was around my parents, other times when I was playing outside or in my room and could sit in it and enjoy my mess and its wonderful smells. When my mom or dad would pick me up from daycare, I'd give in to my needs and treat myself to a pant load to savor and enjoy on the way home. Sometimes when I was out of their sight, I'd reach down into the seat of my pants and pull some out so that I could smear it on the outside of my clothes and on my skin before they could catch me. Each time, my mom and dad would talk to me about why I needed to be a big boy, and that only babies pooped their pants on purpose. They didn't understand that I was captivated by the smell and feel of my poop, and that it was more than a want that was driving me to the lengths I was now going to... it was a need. Of course, I had no way to articulate it, and I was susceptible to their persuasion, so I eventually acquiesced. But every once in a while, my need would overwhelm me and much to their dismay, I would find myself giving into my demons again for days and sometimes weeks at a time. This continued over the course of the next year and a half until the day I finally stumbled upon my parents' secret box in their closet and my sexual vehicle changed.

I let go of Jimmy's stiff cock and rubbed his tummy, looking at him longingly. I could tell from the look on his face that he had nothing waiting in his butt for me, so I decided to take a different approach.

Are you hungry for some breakfast? I asked, and he nodded.

I have to pee again,” he offered me as he stood up, causing my left hand to lose contact with his plump bottom. I smiled up at him and sat still, opening wide and encouraging him to aim for my mouth. When he did, I reached out with my hand and grabbed his stiff pecker, then I leaned forward and took it into my mouth, creating a tight seal around it as he closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on letting go. I waited patiently, knowing how hard it was to pee with a hard on.

It didn't take him as long as I thought it would to let go, and as soon as I felt the first warm squirt blast across my tongue, I started to swallow. As usual, I couldn't keep up, and I had to let his cock fall from my mouth as I gulped and swallowed the mouthful he'd just presented me with. While I was swallowing his yellow treat, he directed his stream into my hair, washing the matted poop out and causing his pee to run brownly down my face. I moaned out loud when I picked up the smell, then I opened my mouth and caught what I could, eager to once again have a taste of his delicious brown offering. When he pointed his stream back into my mouth, I anxiously wrapped my lips back around his cock and let him finish there, this time keeping up and swallowing it all.

When he finished peeing, I looked up at him appreciatively as he smiled at me, then he reached out and offered me his hand, which I obediently took as he pulled me up off of the toilet. My hair was dripping wet, and I had a sheen of hot pee all over my torso, front and back. My underwear were soaked with Jimmy's pee and stained with his poop, and I could smell it all around me. I gave Jimmy a wanton look as I rubbed his belly with my free hand, then I let him lead me back downstairs, where we went into the kitchen so that he could eat breakfast.

Jimmy poured himself a bowl of Honey Comb and made himself a Poptart in the toaster, then he took a seat at the table so that he could eat. While he ate, I crawled under the table and took his cock in my mouth while my needy boy pussy started to flow heavily with ass juice again. I listened to him take bite after bite, and as I thought about his food going down into his stomach and becoming a delicious treat that I could savor, I moaned around his cock and started to deep throat him. At some point, I heard him drop his spoon and his breathing picked up, so I knew it wouldn't be long. I felt like I was about to cum, but I was holding off because I wanted all of my orgasms that day to happen while Jimmy was plowing my pussy.

I felt Jimmy reach under the table and grab my head with both hands, then he started to arch up forcefully in my mouth as I sucked with everything I had. My boy cunt was starting to quiver and I felt a sharp burn in my groin, and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to hold my orgasm off any longer. The throat fuck that Jimmy was throwing me was too much, and before I could stop it from happening, I felt a long series of shivers run up my spine and I came hard. When Jimmy finally blew his load, I selfishly swallowed all of it while keep his rod in my throat, then I pulled off of him and collapsed backwards, laying on the cold dining room floor as my body tingled all over. I heard Jimmy pick up his spoon and dig back into his bowl of cereal, and I rubbed my palms together because I knew that it wouldn't be long now.

When he pulled back from the table, I crawled out from underneath and sat on the cold floor, watching his bare butt as he carried his empty bowl and paper plate into the kitchen. He placed the bowl in the sink, then he tossed the paper plate and turned to face me. My underwear were starting to dry, causing the pee to really start to stink. At the same time, the brown smear on my crotch was starting to send a delightful aroma into my nostrils, and I found myself bending forward so that I could sniff it closer. When Jimmy came back into the dining room, I smiled up at him and asked, “Is it time yet?”

He shook his head no, then he said, “I have another fart if you want it.”

Without another word, I moved into position behind him and planted my face in his crack, opening my mouth and waiting for him to give me what I wanted. With very little effort, he released a loud, gassy fart that filled my mouth and nose blissfully. I took a few more swipes of his stinky chute with my tongue, and when I did, he released a second fart into my eager mouth that was even more delicious than the first one.

Mmm,” I moaned, closing my eyes and inhaling deeply as my tongue continued to lap away at his pooper. A few moments later, he released a third fart that I knew had passed over a load that was waiting for me in his tummy, because the taste and smell was incredible. I stayed between his cheeks and licked him deeply, rubbing my right palm up and down his thigh, urging him to give me what I wanted.

Do you want to get in the bathtub?” I heard him asked, and I pulled my face out from his luscious pooper long enough to say, “No, do it here.”

I buried my face back between his cheeks and opened my watering mouth around his stinky chute as he squatted over me. I heard him start to push, and when he did, I heard the first piece of poop start to emerge from his delicious butt. I held my mouth in place and welcomed the firm, brown cylinder as it made its exit, going straight into my mouth. A luscious stink surrounded me as it filled my mouth. I used my tongue to smash it against the roof of my mouth, then I started to swallow so that I could make room for all of it.

The second piece came out much easier, and it was so much softer that I didn't have to smash it against the roof of my mouth before swallowing. Instead, I simply gulped it down, much like my own pile of poop that I had eaten out of the seat of my underwear that morning. I heard him strain, then he let go with another soft load that quickly filled my mouth as he simultaneously let go of another loud fart. I quickly gulped it all down, then I sat back on my knees and sighed. There was poop smeared all over my mouth and cheeks, and he had a lot of the dark fudge smeared all over his butt and in his crack. I quickly moved back in and in haled deeply, then I licked him clean before using my fingers to scrape off what was on my face. I licked my fingers clean while Jimmy watched.

While I finished licking my fingers clean, I felt a sharp gas pain in my tummy, and I knew that I had a load of my own waiting to come out. I looked up at Jimmy and smiled, then I got up and told him what was happening in my body.

I have to poop too,” I said seductively. “Do you want to watch me eat it?”

I want you to rub it on your stomach,” he told me, and I obediently nodded. I looked down at the dining room floor and noticed that it was clean, though I wondered if there would be a pee smell where I sat under the table in my wet undies. I followed Jimmy up the stairs and into the bathroom, where he watched as I climbed into the bathtub, then he got in behind me. I made two fists and hung my butt out his way, then I forcefully pushed everything that was in my butt out into the seat of my underwear.

The sheer volume was tremendous, and I soon realized that my undies wouldn't be able to contain it all. The overflow ran freely down my legs, and by the time I was finished, there was a sizable mess around my feet. There was a sweet odor emanating from my pants, and I was in heaven as I inhaled deeply. I turned to face Jimmy, then I reached down into my underwear and pulled a huge handful out. My mouth was watering again, but I wanted to give my lover what he wanted, so I smeared it across my chest and stomach, then I rubbed it on my right arm.

Take your undies off,” he instructed me softly, and I instantly complied. When I pulled them off of my hips, the weight of the load they contained forced them down to my feet. I stepped out of them and waited for permission to pick them up. He smiled lovingly at me and nodded, and I wasted no time in bending over to grab them. I held the seat up to my face and buried my nose in the mess, not taking my eyes off of Jimmy the whole time. He nodded his approval once again, so I let my tongue snake out and I dug into the tasty load. I wanted to eat it all, but I also knew that Jimmy liked to watch me suck on the long pieces like they were dicks. I let my eyes roam over the soft load, and I realized that there were no solid pieces to be found.

I gave my lover a remorseful frown, and he answered with a sweet smile that melted my heart because I knew that he wasn't mad at me. He'd been so giving all morning, and when it was my turn to give back, I couldn't. But he didn't bat an eye. Instead he watched me make a pig out of myself again, greedily eating my butt fudge right out of the seat of my underwear while I moaned and my head spun with pleasure. When I was finished, he turned the shower on and washed while I watched. When he was clean, he lovingly washed me from head to toe, then he lubed my pussy up with his fingers before he took me back to my room and fucked another load into it.

After he serviced my willing boy cunt, We fell asleep in each others arms. Jimmy's mom called him on his cell phone, waking us up at about 10 in the morning. She told him that he had to be home by the time she got off of work. He asked if he could spend the night again, and she told him no, which made my heart sink. I was starting to feel very attached to him, and I didn't want to be away from him at all. I don't know if it was because I was being spoiled while we were on Christmas vacation. Having all day access to his cock and his delicious loads of cum and poop was nice, and I was starting to feel possessive. At the same time, I had a yearning deep down to please him and be subservient to his wishes, which was something I'd never experienced before.

I found myself feeling desperate to give him a kiss, so I got up while he was arguing with his mom and brushed my teeth. When I was done brushing, I went into my mom and dad's bathroom to use their mouthwash. While I was in there, I spotted a pair of my dad's boxers on the floor. Once I rinsed and spit, I picked them up and held them to my nose so I could sniff the crotch. I felt a shiver run through me as I thought about his cock and balls, and even his sweaty butt. I've seen my dad naked on many occasions, even recently. We've been taking showers together my whole life, and I wondered why I never stopped to enjoy his strong hands washing me before. Or why I hadn't admired his long, thick cock or his low hanging balls.

I turned his boxers inside out and sniffed their musky seat, imagining all of his farts slipping out during the day, and I immediately felt horny. I walked out of my parents' bathroom and over to their bed, where I knew they'd been making love the night before. I climbed in on my dad's side and crawled under the covers, then I imagined what it would feel like to have my boy cunt serviced by my father's long cock. I knew it could never happen because my dad would never do anything that he thought would hurt me, but I still let my imagination run wild until I heard Jimmy telling his mom that he would be home by 2pm.

With my minty fresh breath, I felt confident about attacking Jimmy with my tongue and slipping it into his mouth. He immediately responded by letting his tongue wrestle with mine, then I got back into the missionary position and rested my legs on his shoulders, eager to let him breed my horny pussy again. When he slid his cock into me, I smiled and sighed, then I encouraged him to thrust hard while I pulled him down to me for another kiss. Jimmy was definitely up to the task, making sweet love to me and bringing me off twice before he seeded my boy pussy. When he pulled out, I let my legs fall to the bed and sat up so that he could lay flat, then I let him take me in his arms and hold me while I calmed down.

I love you, Jimmy,” I said passionately as I basked in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

I love you too, Kyle,” he said, planting a kiss on my lips, then he smiled playfully. “Your breath is nice and minty, even though you ate so much poop today.”

I blushed when he said that, knowing that I was being a glutton all morning. He leaned in and kissed me again, this time slipping his tongue back into my mouth as I let him sweep me away with romance. When we broke our kiss, I rested my head on his chest and felt him give me a tight squeeze with both arms. I let my fingertip run around his left nipple, then down into his naval, where I tickled him. Finally, I looked deep into his brown eyes and planted another kiss on his lips.

Are we boyfriends?” I asked when our lips parted. Jimmy's smile never faded, and he made my heart flutter when he nodded.

Are you in love with me?” he asked when I rested my back down on his chest.

Yes,” I practically hissed, feeling safe and secure in his arms.

Even though sometimes we do stuff with other guys?”

Mm hm,” I said with a nod. “It's fun.”

It is,” he agreed with a dreamy sigh.

Will you make love to me again before you have to go home?” I asked, and he responded by running his hand all the way down my back so that he could squeeze my cheeks, then he slipped a finger up my well fucked boy pussy as I closed my eyes and sighed.

Well, what do you think, son?” my dad asked, taking a seat to the right of me on the couch. My mom was sitting on my left, watching as the lights blinked on our newly decorated Christmas Tree.

It looks pretty,” I said as he wrapped his large arm around my shoulders and pulled me into a hug.

Did you have a good day today, Kyle?” my mom asked.

Yes,” I said with a smile, nodding at the same time. She reached out to run her fingers through my hair, and as she did, thoughts of being with my lover ran through my mind. Feeling his cock run up into my fuck hole, taking his cum load to the back of my throat, drinking his pee and eating all of his poop. I sighed contentedly, then I smiled at my mom once more as once again, my boy cunt started to flow with ass juice.

So did you get to spend some time with Jimmy?” my dad asked, and I nodded, still smiling.

You really like him, don't you?” my mom asked.

I love him,” I said with a smile. “He's my boyfriend.”

How does that make you feel, sweetie?” my mom said as she stroked my hair gently.

It makes me feel really good,” I said, my smile widening.

That's great, buddy,” my dad said. “Do you still like other boys?”

Yes,” I told him with a nod. “But just because I like them doesn't mean I want them to be my boyfriend.”

Do these other boys like you too?” my mom asked, and I shrugged.

Some of them do, and some of them don't,” I said. “I just think that some of them are cute. But they aren't gay like me.”

When I said that, my mom and dad exchanged a knowing look between them, then my mom spoke again.

It's good that you know what you like, sweetheart,” she said. “It's also good that you understand that other people might not feel the same way you do.”

So you understand the difference between gay and straight, son?” my dad asked, and I nodded up at him. “Can you tell me what makes you gay?”

It's that I like looking at other boys,” I said. “I feel like kissing them and doing other stuff too.”

Other stuff?” my mom asked in a disapproving tone, and I looked down in shame because I realized that maybe she would be ashamed if she knew everything I wanted to do. My dad cleared his throat, and when I looked up to meet his eyes, they were giving my mom a cautionary stare.

It's okay, buddy,” my dad said, giving me a loving gaze when we made eye contact. “You don't have to be ashamed of the things that you feel.”

I don't want mom to think I'm dirty,” I said in a small voice.

I don't think that at all, baby,” my mom said, then she caressed my cheek as my dad kissed the top of my head.

You will when you find out,” I said, prompting her to shake her head no with a warm smile.

I promise, Kyle,” she said. “You can tell mommy anything that I won't think you're dirty.”

Okay,” I said, wondering how much I could actually get away with telling them before they locked me in the house with a chastity belt strapped securely on so I couldn't do any of the nasty things that I loved so much.

Would you like to start, son?” my dad asked, so I took a deep breath and prepared to bare my soul.

Sometimes I think about boys' private parts,” I said, looking up at them for a reaction.

What about them, honey?” my mom asked softly, so I continued.

Playing with them, and putting them in my mouth and my butt,” I confessed, feeling my cheeks heat up as soon as I said it.

Is that something that you want to do?” my dad asked. I couldn't verbalize my response, so I looked up at him and nodded. His expression wasn't one of disgust, but it was definitely one of concern. I turned to face my mom, and she seemed to be too focused on my dad's reaction to have one of her own.

Have you ever done anything like with with another boy?” my mom asked, causing me to gulp. “Maybe with Jimmy?”

I didn't have the heart to answer her question. I didn't want to tell the truth, and I was afraid that if I lied, they'd see right through it. I looked down into my lap again, feeling my cheeks burn with shame, then I looked up and gave the best answer I could think of. It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the whole truth.

I have a toy I use,” I told her. “I suck on it and I use it up my butt when I feel like I need it. It's called a dildo.”

I see,” my mom said, then she smiled warmly at me again. “Does Jimmy use it too?”

No,” I said, looking up at her. “I use it in private. I suck on it after I take it up the butt.”

I see, buddy,” my dad said, drawing in a sharp breath as he kneaded my shoulder with his meaty hand. “Where did you get it, though?”

I found it,” I said, once again only telling half of the story.

Did you get it from mommy and daddy's room?” my mom asked, and not wanting to lie to her, I nodded. “That's okay, sweetheart.”

You aren't mad at me?” I asked, and she shook her head no. I looked up at my dad, who seemed to be processing thoughts at ten million miles a minute, and I wondered what he was thinking. When he noticed me looking up at him, he smiled and planted a kiss on my cheek.

I love you, son,” he said. “And I'm very proud of you. I want you to know that.”

I love you too, daddy,” I said, smiling at him. My mom kissed my other cheek, so I told her, “I love you, mommy.”

I love you too, baby,” she said, resting her head on top of mine.

So how long have you had your special toy?” my dad asked.

A long time,” I said. “I saw it when I was looking for my birthday presents when I was going to be ten. But I didn't use it then.”

What did you use, son?' my dad asked, and I felt my cheeks heat up again as I made yet another confession.

My fingers.” I said. “I like to put them up my butt, then I suck on them and pretend their a real wiener.”

You suck on them after they've in your bottom?” my mom asked as she stroked the top of my head, and I nodded.

I like how it tastes,” I admitted. “I always suck on my fingers and smell them after I have them in my butt.”

You don't think it tastes bad, sweetie?” my mom asked, and I shook my head no with a smile.

It tastes like poop but I like it,” I told her, feeling a shiver of desire run through me at the thought of eating another load of poop. “I tasted it one day and really liked it, so now I do it all the time. Jimmy caught me one day, and that was when I came out of the closet to him.”

You did it while Jimmy was here?” my dad asked, and I shrugged.

I didn't know he was here and he saw me doing it up my butt in the backyard and sucking on my fingers.”

You put your finger in your butt in the backyard?” my mom asked, and I nodded.

I do it other places too. Sometimes I need to do it and I feel like I can't wait.”

Do you usually go to your room and do it in private?” my mom asked, and I shook my head no.

Only if I can wait,” I admitted, feeling my boy pussy tremble with the very need that I was describing. “Sometimes I feel like I need to do it right away and I can't wait to go to my room.”

It sounds like something you really enjoy, Kyle,” my dad said gently. I nodded and swallowed hard, still not able to believe that I was telling all of this to my parents.

I do it at school sometimes,” I admitted. “And I do it other places, too.”

What other places, Kyle?” my mom asked.

Sometimes I do it when we go to the store,” I told her. “I go in the bathroom and do it. I did it in worse places, though.”

Like where, son?” my dad asked, and I looked around the living room before I made my worst confession so far.

In the car,” I started, and my mom and dad exchanged another uncomfortable look. “In the kitchen, and in here, too.”

Do you do it in here after school?” my mom asked, and I shook my head no.

When we watch TV,” I admitted in a small voice. “Then I suck on my fingers again.”

Do you ever touch your penis?” my mom asked. I shook my head no.

I saw pictures about about doing that, but I don't want to,” I told her, then I lifted my butt up off of the couch and pointed to it. “I only like to touch back there.”

Has anyone ever touched you back there before?” my dad asked in a calm voice, and I shook my head no again. “Are you sure?”

I'm sure dad,” I said. “I want someone to touch me there, but no one ever has.”

You want someone to touch you there?” my mom asked.

Yes,” I told her. “I want to take it up the butt for real.”

Do you understand that you're too young for that, Kyle?” my dad asked. I shrugged and looked down, prompting him to rub my shoulder affectionately.

I just want to try it,” I said, looking up at both of them. “My dildo isn't that big and sometimes I have to use it for a long time.”

My mom and dad exchanged glances, and my mom nodded her silent approval, then my dad spoke again.

Would you like to have something a little bigger?”

I nodded eagerly, feeling my insides jump at the offer and my trembling boy pussy started to juice harder.

Would you be willing to go get your special toy and bring it to mommy and daddy?” my dad asked. “That way we can see what size to upgrade you too.”

Can I get it now?” I asked, and my dad nodded his approval. I jumped up and raced to my room, anxious to retrieve my dildo and present it to my folks, eager for an upgrade. While I was in my room, I heard my mom and dad walking up the stairs. I reached between my mattress and my box spring, feeling for the dildo as my mom walked into my room and looked around. Once I had it in my grasp, I pulled it out and turned to present it to her with an almost proud smile.

So that's the one you found, huh?” she said, and I smiled shyly.

It makes me feel good still,” I said. “Do I have to trade you?”

No sweetie, you don't have to trade,” she said with a warm smile. “You hang onto this one, and daddy's going to bring a few other ones in here for you, okay? We want you to enjoy them.”

I will,” I said with a smile. “Can I use them tonight?”

You can use them whenever you want, honey.”

Thanks, mom,” I said just as my dad walked into my room holding an Adidas shoe box. He looked at the small dildo I had in my hands, then he walked over to my bed and set the box down and opened it.

Are you sure you know what to do with these, kiddo?” he asked as my mom and I peered into the box. I saw the various sizes of the dildos he brought and I felt a hard surge of ass juice run deep inside of my horny boy cunt. I knew that I would be climbing the walls until bedtime, but that once I was in my room, I'd have all night to enjoy my new toys. I planned to try them all, even though the biggest one was a little intimidating because I'd never even ridden a cock that big. Still, I was looking forward to feeling it slip up inside of me.

I'm sure, dad,” I said, then I smiled shyly up at both of them and added, “I want to try them all tonight.”

Well take your time, son,” he said gently. “I think you'll like them, but don't hurt yourself, okay?”

Okay dad,” I said. I placed my small dildo in the box with the others, then I picked the box up and looked around my room for a place to keep it. I spotted an empty space on my bookshelf, so with a smile, I carried my box of plastic dildos over to the bookshelf and proudly showed my parents where I'd be keeping them. I walked back over to my mom and wrapped my arms around her stomach so I could give her a hug. She leaned down and kissed my cheek, then I went over to my dad and did the same thing.

When my dad let go, he reached into his front pocket and handed me what looked like a tube of ointment, only I knew from the label that it was KY Jelly. Even better, it was a tube of warming jelly.

You make sure you use plenty of this,” he told me. “If you run out, you tell daddy and I'll get you some more, buddy.”

Thanks daddy,” I said, accepting it with a smile.

Are you going to come downstairs while mommy and daddy make dinner?” my mom asked, and before I could answer, my dad cut in.

Hell no, he's not,” my dad said with a chuckle, then he turned to me. “Dinner will be ready in about an hour. Have fun, kiddo.”

With that, they walked out and my dad closed the door so that I could drop my drawers and shove each one of my new dildos up my ass.