The Lucky Charm

by Little Bad

This is intended for the use by adults only. If you do not enjoy reading about M/M sex , bondage, and abuse then do not read this. If you are not of legal age to read adult material, then you are breaking the law. Just wait until you're legal, I guarantee this stuff will still be around.

Jacob loved football. He loved the running, the hitting, the passing, and the sweating. He especially like football players. During his freshman year Jacob tried out for the football team. Unfortunately he just wasn't good enough to make the starting team. Jacob was only about 5'7" and 150 pounds so he was really undersized to play competitive football. The coach really liked his heart and effort though and he gave him a spot on the third string. Basically that meant that he served as a tackling dummy for the starters in practice. Jacob was thrilled just to be able to put on that uniform. There was nothing sexier to him that a football uniform, and he got hard just wearing it.

Jacob had known that he was gay ever since he was in high school. He also knew the effect that athletes had on him. His greatest thrill was to nuzzle himself in the the overstuffed jock of a sweaty wrestler or football player. In high school he had had little opportunity for such activities in the homophobic atmosphere of his high school. In high school he kept his fantasies to himself. Oh, occasionally he would steal a well-used jock out of a teammates locker, but never any real sex. It was also in high school that he discovered his need for bondage.

A friend of his had an older brother who had bought some nudie magazines, and the younger brother, like all younger brothers, had snooped about to find them. On a sleep over he brought the magazines out and showed them off to all his friends. Most of the pictures showed naked women, some of which were tied up. On a few there were some tied up men with dominant women. All Jacob's friends really got into the pictures. Talking about how they would stick it to the cunt, and what not. But Jacob found that he was fantasizing about the tied up men. He wanted to BE the tied up man. He wanted to be helpless and under the control of someone, not a woman, but a man. A strong, handsome, dominating man.

When Jacob went to college he decided that he would somehow act on his fantasies. He would do whatever he had to get what he needed. Little did he know what he was getting in to. As any college student knows moving into the dorms on the first day of school is a chaotic day, and for freshman it can often be a very lonely one. Jacob arrived on a sweltering August morning at his school on the plains of North Dakota. Of course the air conditioning had broken that day, so even inside the building the temperature was in the nineties. All the students were bringing their stuff in with their parents and taking it up to their new home for the next 8 months.

Jacob had driven up in his pick-up truck all by himself because his parents had gone to New York for a week. He really didn't have that much stuff to bring up but in the heat everything felt like lead weights. His dorm room was on the third floor and when he arrived to his room he was carrying three large boxes and couldn't see very well. As he entered the room a voice said, "Hey, you need some help?"

Jacob startled, stammered out a, "Yea...Yeah! That would be great."

The owner of the voice came over and took the top box and Jacob got his first look at his new roommate. He was about 6'2" and an even 200 lbs He had light brown hair and as Jacob looked up at him, he saw smiling green eyes staring back at him. Jacob walked over and dropped his boxes on the empty bed. He turned around,

"Thanks a lot, man. Sure is hot in here. My name is Jacob. Jacob Miller."

"No problem" said the other boy. "Name's Chad Green. Nice to meet you."

Jacob said, "Yeah, Green, like you eyes."

He immediately wished he hadn't said that. A quick blush rose to his ears as he realized that noticing your roommates eye color was probably not the best way to start out. He started to stammer something but was interrupted.

"We can talk later, I'm all set up for my stuff, why don't we run down and get the rest of yours so we can relax, instead of work in the heat."

They walked out of the room and made a few more trips up with Jacob's stuff and in short order they had it all done.

"Whew," said Chad. "It sure is a scorcher, I am sweating like a hog, I sure do hope they get the AC fixed or it is going to be like a sauna up here." At this he pulled off his sweat soaked shirt, and much to Jacob's pleasure had the perfectly sculpted body off an 18 year old athlete in his prime. Jacob was glad that he had work a jock strap and not boxers or he would have been hard pressed to explain himself to his roomie. The two settled in to unpack and chatted, learning much about each other. It seemed that they shared some interests.

Chad had been recruited by the college to play football there. He seemed very interested in Jacob's desire to be on the team. As their talk continued the day got hotter and hotter. Chad sweated more and more. By this time he a fine sheen all over his muscled torso. There were droplets running down the groove between his hard pecs. Occasionally a droplet would fall right from the tip of his nipples. At these times it was all Jacob could do not to run over and catch it in his mouth. As their conversation continued it turned to relationships and girls. Chad had a girlfriend from highschool but he just wasn't satisfied. He said he was looking for something more. Jacob made up some story about a girl who he had just broke up with. Chad responded with a "That's too bad...." and a strange look.

Later that night, some of the guys in the dorm were heading over to a party. Chad and Jacob's neighbor, Mike, stuck his head in the door and asked if they were going. The two studs glanced at each other and both decided they needed to go out and party. It was the first big party of the year and they would get to meet lots of new people.

By the end of the night they had both drunk far too much. They now considered each other to be best of friends. They shared a bond that can only be brought on by a night of hardcore drinking and partying. They stumbled into their room, arm in arm, giggling and whispering loudly. They passed out together on Chad's bed, Jacob's head lolling on Chad's chest.

The next morning Jacob woke up slowly and painfully. He opened his eyes and looked down across Chad's naked chest and over his hard abs. Not wanting to wake his sleeping god, he quietly admired the perfection of his body, all the way down to the lump in his tight jean shorts. He inhaled the heady aroma of unwashed, prime boy meat, and relished the feel of his cheek against the soft skin of Chad's chest. As he began to take tally of his body he discovered that his right hand had found it's way into the pants of his roommate. He felt the sweaty heat of his testicles and groin in his hand. He massaged the boys bloated balls in his undershorts, only slowly realizing that Chad was awake with quickening breath.

"Unghh! Don't stop that feels sooo good!", said Chad sleepily. "I was beginning to wonder when we would get around to this. I suggest you start working a little harder though."

Jacob, wondering how far this would go, started to undo the pants of the boy. Sliding the shorts down, he found to his delight, a white cotton jockstrap cupping the cock and balls of the stud. Slowly, not sure what he should do he reached down and stroked the sweaty package through the jock. Growing more confident, he began rubbing in earnest. Chad was groaning quietly as the youth's cum filled balls were slowly massaged.

Chad grabbed the neck of his roommate and slowly, maneuvered Jacob's head down to the area holding his attention. Jacob, in the meantime, had lost all ability, to resist, or even contemplate resisting. Chad rubbed the boys face all over his sweaty jock, moaning louder all the time. Jacob was inhaling the musky scent of the boy and drooling over the jock. He mouthed the testicles beneath him and sucked them into his mouth through the soft cotton. The jockstrap was rapidly becoming soaked with the saliva of the smaller boy as his ardor grew. Finally he pulled the jock down and was going for the meat.

He licked slowly and sensuously along the near ten inch pole of the cock. Teasingly lipping it all along its massive length. Finally when he could not wait any longer he went for it. He tried to take the cock into his mouth but Chad grabbed his head in a grip of steel and kept him away from it. He said,

"No way, balls first, then maybe I'll let you have a go at the meat."

Jacob whined quietly in frustration. He wanted to feel that thrusting heat deep in his gullet. He needed to be possessed and filled. He passionately began lapping at the boys balls, soaking them in a fine sheen of saliva. He began mouthing them softly. One at a time he sucked the swollen orbs into his mouth, relishing the stuffed feeling and the warmth in his mouth. They moved in his mouth like they posessed a life of their own. They pulsated in his mouth, and he felt like he had a direct connection with the boy who dominated him. At this point he reached down into his pants and grasped his own penis. It was hard as a rock and sticking out its full 6.5 inches. He began pumping on his staff as he sucked both balls into his mouth. He moaned softly in pleasure. His cheeks were now stuffed with both of Chad's balls. The filled his mouth up completely. He could hardly move his tongue around in his mouth. He was drooling all over himself from the spit he was wor! king up.

Chad looked down at him, "You look like a chipmunk with a mouth full of nuts. More tongue dammit! Slurp those balls. Suck on the balls of this man, punk!" He grunted a few times becomin more and more turned on.

He noticed that Jacob wasn't paying full attention to him because his right hand was going to work on his own penis. He said, "Quit playing with yourself! Did I give you permission to touch your cock? No! You don't touch yourself unless I give you permission. Now drop that teeny dick and pay attention to my balls!"

Jacob immediately did as he was told, getting off even more on obeying this stud football player.

"Just put your hands behind your back where I can see 'em," said Chad. "God you suck balls good, boy!"

After a few more minutes of ball-sucking. Chad ordered Jacob off of his balls. They popped from his mouth, slowly one at a time, and the cooled quickly in the air. "I changed my mind," he said. "You don't get my dick today. But I am gonna let you come, if you can. There are a few rules to this. We're gonna race. Only one of us gets to come. The other one has to deal with blue balls for the rest of the day, and lick the cum off of the winner."

Jacob looked excited and ready to go. Chad grasped his dick, Jacob grasped his dick and they got ready to go. Chad said, "On your mark, get set, .....hey, what the hell are you doing? I thought I told you not to touch yourself without permission! Drop that dick!"

Jacob stammered, "But, I need... You said... oh shit!"

"That's right, "Oh shit", I said that you could come, not jerk off."

"But what am I going to do, I need to cum sooo baadd!!" moaned Jacob.

"I don't care, rub yourself on the carpet, but I want to see those hands locked behind your back. I suggest you get used to it, from now on you aren't going to touch your own dick very often. I know what you want, and you know that I can give it too you. By the way, you talk in your sleep. I suggest you get going, the carpet is pretty rough."

He laughed as he saw the boy, his boy now, shimmy frantically along the carpeted floor, rubbing his crotch into the rug. He admired the plump globes of the hairless ass and decided then and there, that this was going to be the best year of his life.

Five minutes later Jacob was on his knees between Chad's legs licking the cum from the boy's chest. He slowly made love to the boy with his mouth, licking nearly every inch of his chest and torso. He loved the salty, musky taste of Chad's cum. He lapped at his roommates nipples and slowly sucked on them until they were hard and erect. He sucked the jism from the boy's blond pubic hair and thoroughly licked his cock. Chad would still not let him suck it, but he licked it until it was shiny with his spit. The veins showed purple through the delicate translucent skin of his cock. Jacob had never had such close-up view of a penis in his life. His stiff, reddened, sore penis throbbed in response to the stimuli he was getting. He wanted nothing more than to massage his penis, and release the torrent building inside him. But he knew better. He looked up adoringly into the face of his roommate, his friend, and now, somehow, his master.

Chad looked down into the eyes of his suck-slave. He saw the agonized expression on his face and knew that Jacob was dying for release. But the rules had been set. However, he was not without mercy. He knew that Jacob would need help in order to keep his hands off his dick. He said,

"Don't worry, I know that you think you're dying now, but just wait, in an hour or two, it will be even worse! Ha! But because I like you, I've got something here that will help you keep you composure, and your side of the deal. Don't move."

He got up and went to his closet and rummaged around inside for a minute. In the meantime, Jacob was on his knees looking down at his pecker with his hands behind his back, just as ordered.

His shorts were down around his ankles, and his shirt had been pushed back over his neck, so that his chest was exposed. He looked up at Chad to see him holding a piece of leather with straps attached to it. Puzzled by the device he asked what it was.

Chad responded with, "Just a little something I got from Minneapolis, to help you keep your control. Stand up with your legs apart!"

Jacob stood up and his red and still very erect penis waved in the air before him. Chad looked at his dick and said with a sigh, "This will never work like that...hold on!"

He went over to the small refrigerator in the corner, opened it and brought something back. It was a soft ice back with the blue gel in it. He looked into Jacob's eyes and said, "Hold still this is going to be cold." Jacob grunted as he wrapped the ice cold pack all the way around his aching dick. He tried to jerk away but Chad kept the wrap on and within 25 seconds, Jacob's dick had reverted to its normal flaccid, if somewhat blue state.

Chad then proceeded to fit the leather device the boys dick and balls. It was a two piece device, a framing hole that went around the cock and balls, flush against the body. This separated the cock and balls from the body. Then Chad took a thick piece of rubber, like a thick condom and rolled it onto the boys dick. It had a tube in the end for urine, onto which Chad stuck a long thin rubber hose. The second piece was a hard leather cup, like a youth athletic supporter cup. It took some doing, but the boy's dick and balls were squeezed in. The cup joined seamlessly with the first piece and was locked on by a small lock that Chad produced from his closet. Then the straps of the chastity belt went up around Jacob's asscheeks just like a jock, however there was a third strap that ran right up along the boys asscrack. Once Chad adjusted these straps, he lock them in place with an additional lock.

Jacob looked at his roommate in awe, tinged with fear. This boy had complete control of him, and he liked it. He needed to be controlled. A flush of pleasure passed through his body. He felt his cock trying to grow in its prison, but the small size of the cup, kept anything from happening. He said,

"But what if I have to take a piss? Or shit, I can't go with that strap in the way!!"

"Don't worry," said Chad, "you can piss, just put the end of the hose in the john, and let 'er rip. As for shitting, well, I guess you better just hold it, until you can ask me to take it off, because I got the keys! I tell you what, Jacob, it is gonna be one hell of a long day for you! But I know that you'll love every minute of it."

Jacob could not help but agree with him

The Lucky Charm: Chapter Two

by Little Bad

After cleaning up, the two boys decided to get out of the dorms and see the town. Jacob, still becoming accustomed to the chastity belt he was wearing was uncomfortable with its affect under his shorts. "It looks like I got a tennis ball in my pants," he complained. "I can't walk out in public like this."

"Well, I'm leaving," said Chad. "Since I have the only keys to that thing I suggest you come with me, just in case you really have to take a shit!"

Jacob had to agree with this statement, so they went out into the steamy August day. Along the way to the car, they saw Mike, the guy that asked them out to the party the night before. He jogged over to talk to them. "So did you guys have a good time last night. That party sure was a riot."

They both agreed that it was probably the best night of their young lives.

Mike glanced at Chad and said, "So did you get any last night, stud?"

Chad looked slowly over at Jacob and said, "No, but I sure got some this morning. Matter of fact, I got it right where I want it now, waiting for more."

Jacob blushed a deep red color and looked over to see Mike looking him up and down. His eyes stopped on the obscene bulge in his shorts. He smirked up at Jacob saying, "Yeah, everything seems to be under control."

Jacob thought, "Christ is everybody here gay??!!"

Mike added, "Oh by the way, there is gonna be a party tonight for the football players. I expect I'll see you there Chad."

Chad said, "Oh we'll both be there, Jacob's gonna try out for the team too. Catch you later Mike!"

The two continued their walk out to the car. Jacob asked, "Mike's on the football team?"

"Yeah, he's the starting tight end" replied Chad. "We'll see them all tonight at the party. Should be rockin'. Probably even better than last night."

They spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and getting stuff for their dorm room. At one point Jacob had to go to the bathroom. Chad wanted to do some more shopping, and didn't want to go right away. Since Jacob had to shit as well, he had to wait. After another hour he really had to go, nearly dancing in anxiety. Finally Chad was ready to go. They entered the bathroom of the mall and both went into the stall. Jacob shucked off his pants and was taking the tube out to place it in the toilet, then he asked Chad to undo the strap over his asscrack so he could take a shit.

Chad replied, "Okay, but you only get to do one or the other in the pot. Take you pick, you can shit or piss. What's it gonna be?"

Jacob was stunned, he knew that he had to piss, but the urge to shit was uncontrollable once it has been encouraged by anticipation. "But I really have to do both! How can anyone take a shit without pissing" he whispered.

"I didn't say that you couldn't do both, I just said that your only going to dirty that toilet with one or the other. You'll have to find something else to do with the other." This last was said with a sadistic smirk.

Realization dawned on Jacob. Chad expected him to drink his own piss. A wave of lust passed through his body as he contemplated the humiliation. He slowly brought the tube up to his mouth. He closed his lips around the black rubber. Chad snorted, and brought a key out of his pocket. He grabbed Jacob's hips and turned him around. With a click the lock was undone, and the middle strap dropped away from the boy's asshole. Jacob turned around expecting Chad to leave while he did his duty, but he should have known better. He slowly sat on the toilet and tried to relax enough to go in front of his friend. As he began to piss, Chad opened his own shorts. To Jacob's surprise he also had a rubber hat on his cock with a tube running from it. He said,

"Damn, I gotta piss too!"

He ordered Jacob to stop pissing. Slowly he was able to stop the flow. Chad grabbed the tube from Jacob and popped it in his mouth, then he shoved his tube into Jacob's mouth and let loose. The two boys each drank the other's piss and savored the bitter, acrid taste it left in their mouths. Jacob continued to piss, long after Chad had stopped and by this time had emptied his bowels as well. When he finally stopped peeing, he let out a sigh of relief, and gave a little piss-flavored belch. He was also incredibly turned on and his cock was raging in its leather prison. His balls were really beginning to ache.

Chad popped the tube out of his mouth, gave it back to Jacob and replaced his own tube in his shorts. After Jacob had wiped, he said,

"Now we're piss brothers." He reached for Jacob and embraced him, planting his lips across the smaller boys. They locked and Chad darted his tongue into the boys mouth. Jacob moaned in pleasure as his mouth was possessed by the tongue of the stud. Their passionate kiss lasted until there was a knock at the bathroom door. Chad stammered out,

"Be out in a minute."

A voice replied, "I don't gotta go, I was just asking you two to keep it down. This is a public place. Even though I do got half a mind to join you."

The two guys listened to the footsteps walk away and the door open and close. The released pent up breathes explosively and looked at each other with a childish grin. Caught with their pants down! Chad relocked the chastity belt and replaced the strap up Jacob's chafed asscrack. They composed themselves and walked from the bathroom. Near the door a security guard looked them both up and down appreciatively. He was tall, dark, and handsome in a rugged way. The boys looked back, and saw in his eyes, more than they were willing to get into. Right now anyway.

They walked over to a sporting goods store where they both needed to buy some equipment for the upcoming season. The uniforms, helmets, and pads would be provided by the school. But all their workout clothes, jocks, and extra stuff they had to provide themselves. They both spent a lot of money in the store. Both getting a variety of jocks, workout suits, and compression shorts, as well as basic necessities like bandages, athletic tape, and muscle relaxers. Chad also made a major purchase that he was very excited about. He had heard about it on television. It was an electronic muscle stimulator. It promoted muscle growth by use of electric charges. All you had to do was strap it on and it did all the work for you.

By the time they were done here it was time to get back, eat, and get ready for the party.

After dinner, they returned to their dorm room. Jacob said he wanted to take a shower to get ready. Chad told him not to bother with a shower, he wasn't gonna take one either.

"It'll be just the guys, and most of the older players will be coming right after practice, Lord knows that they won't have showered." said Chad.

Jacob couldn't decide what to wear and asked Chad his advice. "Well," said Chad, "I'm wearing some casual clothes, just a tank top and shorts. I don't think this is the kind of party you should where nice clothes to. As Jacob stripped down to his leather chastity belt he turned to look at Chad and began to ask him to take it off. Chad looked hungrily at the boy in front of him. The heat in the room and the sight of Jacob's naked flesh was making him horny as hell. Without responding he stripped down to his jockstrap and turned into his closet. He brought out two leather straps with rings attached. He tossed these over to Jacob and said, "Here put these on your wrists."

Jacob looked pleadingly at Chad, but saw no reprieve, somehow he knew that he would not be removing the leather belt any time soon. He caught the straps and buckled them on his wrists. The straps buckled around his wrist, and except for the small rings looked just like the bands worn by kids these days. The feel of the cool leather was a sharp contrast to the sweat building under his arms and running down his back. Chad across the room had a light sheen of sweat all over his nude body and his cock was rapidly growing. He walked over to the Jacob and grasped him around the shoulders, thrusting his hips into the boy's groin. He slid his hands all over Jacob's back marveling at the smooth texture of the near hairless body he held. Jacob's hard muscles tightened as he succumbed to the pleasure induced by his tormentor. he thrust his nose into the hairy pit in front of him. He allowed his hands to roam all over the back and ass of the man before him. He grasped the ! solid buttocks of the jock and gasped as Chad tweaked his now hard and sensitive nipples. Jacob beagan moaning and thrust his tongue into the heat of the pit. He slowly licked the skin there savoring the salty, musk of man sweat. Chad produced a thick leather collar with rings attached and buckled it snugly around Jacob's neck. The collar forced Jacob to look straight ahead or up at the ceiling. He moaned in pleasure, and grimaced in pain as his compressed cock tried in vain to rise to the occasion. His swollen testicles throbbed in response to the sensations coursing through his young body.

Chad extended his arms and forced Jacob away from him. "God you are one hot stud," he said. "I think you need one more thing though....hmmm, here they are," he said as he rummaged in his closet.

He turned back to the expectant boy and grasping each arm attached a clip to the cuffs on his arms. He then brought the boy's arms up to his neck and clipped each arm to a ring in the collar. Jacob moaned. He was now totally at the mercy of his roommate. He struggled shortly, his arms vainly trying to get free from his neck. His body was completely exposed to Chad's gentle and not-so-gently ministrations.

"Yes that's perfect. Now I'm going to tell you something and you may not like it. I'm not taking the belt off of you tonight. You're wearing it to the party, and you will not be allowed to cum until I say so!"

Jacob's eyes widened in dismay. His balls already ached so bad that he could hardly stand up straight. If he had to go the rest of the night with no release he'd go mad. He begged to be released, but to no avail.

"Furthermore," Chad continued, "I want you to know that I value your friendship, but I also intend to make you my sex slave. I know that you want it, but I also know that it is very hard to admit it. The day that you tell me you want to be my boy, I will allow you to cum. In fact, I will allow you to fuck me, for the first and last time. Also, since I do want to maintain our growing friendship were going to make some changes. When you're my boy, my slave, I will call you jake. At all other times, I will treat like a close friend and call you Jacob. Now, you can always address me as Chad, but when you specifically want to talk to me as you master, address me as Sir. That way I will know that our relationship has changed. Also I may include others, some which you know, some you may not know. But always no this, that I will never, ever allow anyone to hurt you more than you want to be hurt. You will always be in control, because you will give me th! e control. Do you have any questions, jake?"

Jake looked up with tears in his eyes. It was his dream come true. "No Sir," he replied quietly.

Chad once again embraced his boy and felt the trembling of his bound body. He knelt down and picked up his prize fireman style and carefully laid him on the bed. He rolled the boy onto his stomach. He returned to his closet and got a bottle of baby oil and poured some on jake's back. He knelt astride his back and began to knead the tense muscles of the boy. Slowly jake's shoulders relaxed and he sighed quietly. Taking his cue from that sigh Chad eased down onto the boys legs and began to work the oil into his buttocks. He squeezed and grasped the rounded asscheeks. Admiring the way the leather straps lifted the soft flesh and cupped it. He unlocked the center strap from the belt and slowly began working the oil into the reddened cleft. jake began to moan softly and tears began to form in his eyes from the agony centered in his loins.

Chad bent over and slowly and sensuously began to lick at the crack. Long lapping strokes that elicited a shiver every time he touched the boy's hole. Finally he arrowed in on his intended target, thrusting his tongue into jake's asshole. The boy shuddered beneath him and his breathing came in quick gasps as the alien sensation overtook him. His frazzled nerves were a jangle with the new sensation, under which was the pressure in his groin.

Chad left off his assault on the asshole and draped his larger body across the bound body below. He began slowly licking at jake's neck, and whispered "I'm going to fuck you.....You're gonna feel some real manmeat up your hole. It will hurt like a bitch at first, but you'll learn to love it."

The boy began to struggle underneath, but with his arms pinioned at his neck there was little he could do. He opened his mouth to yell, but Chad must have anticipated this move because he stuffed something in as soon as it opened. jake gagged as odor of stale, unwashed jock invaded his senses. Chad had stuffed his used jock in his mouth. He tried to yell but all that came out were some muffled grunts

Chad whispered in his ear, "Just try to relax, you'll like it. Trust me."

He took some oil and began to lube up cock. It hardened to its full length and he rubbed it along the boy's asscrack. jake began to wriggle like a worm, his arms locked at his neck only allowed him to rock from side to side. jake was really thrashing around now, his fear overcoming his desires.

Chad said, "Hold still dammit, if you don't relax this is really gonna hurt!!"

jake tried to relax. He knew that he was powerless to resist, even to speak. He felt like an object or an animal who can only grunt. He loved the feeling of submission he was getting. He felt the head of the cock on his sphincter. It felt huge. He was gonna be split in half by the pole. Tears started flowing from his eyes, and he was drooling all over himself, because of the now soaked cotton in his mouth. The pressure on his asshole kept growing and growing, and the pain increased too. Chad leaned forward and said, "You're fucked!"

With that he thrust the meat into the boy's ass. One slow inch at a time. jake was writhing as the massive pole continued its relentless assault on his virgin asshole. It felt like a red hot poker was being slowly inserted into his rectum. He slowly felt his body being invaded and filled by the throbbing hot member of his master. Chad pulled his cock out about half of an inch and then thrust in an inch, in this manner, he slowly worked his massive cock in up to the balls. He was laying fully on jake now. He whispered, "I'm all the way in, now the fun begins."

He began slowly moving his dick in and out, gently fucking jake. jake was still in agony, but felt a spreading warmth throughout his body. The sensation of submission and being filled was slowly overtaking the stabbing pain. Within minutes of this gently anal massage he was again breathing in little pants. Finally, he started moaning in pleasure, and yelling into his gag, not in pain but in pleasure.

Chad moved his cock faster and faster into the boy's ass. "God, you are so tight," he said. "No girl pussy was ever this good!" The increasing friction on his cock was causing him to rapidly build towards ejaculation. Meanwhile, his probing cock was massaging jake's prostate until he was gasping in pleasure. His bondaged cock and balls were by this time causing him agony, but it could not overcome the pleasure he was getting from being dicked. With his arms at his neck he felt the release of being able to struggle and yet unable to resist. His hands opened and closed spastically at his neck, somehow trying to grasp something to take control.

Chad really began sticking it to him. Muttering "Take it, yeah! Take it slave!" He began giving him long strokes, nearly pulling out of the hole, only to thrust in up to the hilt. His member throbbed and pulsed as he came to a stunning climax, spending his hot jiz in the body of his new slave. jake felt the burning heat of Chad's come as it filled his ass.

Chad collapsed across the back of his slave with chest heaving and sweat dripping onto the body below. His softening member was still lodged in jake's rectum, and jake was shuddering beneath him. He slowly remove his dick from the well-fucked ass and it came out with a soft pop. Cum slowly oozed from the boy's asshole. Chad reached over on his bed and grabbed a butt-plug. He lubed it and slowly forced it up the boys now well stretched hole, locking the cum inside. With a firm push the buttplug was lodged in, and was not going to come out easily.

jake whimpered through this procedure, and tried babbling, but the gag reduced him to grunts of distress. Chad said, " This will keep you primed for later."

He turned his slave over and looked into his eyes. He saw agony, frustration, and that dopey look that can only be described as puppy love. He pulled the dripping jock from his mouth and said, "This was just the beginning."

jake mumbled out a "thank you, Sir" and leaned up to receive a long passionate kiss from his master. He had never been in so much distress and yet so happy. Chad locked the ass strap back in place over the plug, and declared that it was time to get ready for the party.

Chad reached over and tapped on the cup of the chastitly belt. This slight touch caused a groan of pain from his slave, who double up in response. Chad said, "Boy are you gonna have a long night!"

To be continued......

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