Warning: This story includes descriptions of watersports and scat.

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My Trip to the Campus Doctor

A few years ago, at the start of my freshmen year of college, I needed to visit the campus doctor to take care of an embarrassing problem. For my first three weeks of school, the weather was unusually hot, the campus food was terrible and all of the stress of dealing with a whole new environment left me feeling really constipated. Basically, I hadn't been able to take a shit for over five days when I finally decided late one afternoon that I'd better go to the infirmary and see the campus doctor.

When I got there, I explained my `situation' to the nurse/receptionist and was led back to an examination room to wait for the Doctor. The room was small and fairly typical I guess. On the right was the standard cushioned exam table with a wheeled stool at the foot of it. On the left was a line of cabinets and also a cheap vinyl armchair. The window had a shade drawn not just for privacy but to keep out the sun and heat at the time. The first unusual thing that I noticed was how hot the room was. It seemed that the air conditioner wasn't working and I started to really sweat from the heat and of course, my other discomfort.

I guess that I should describe myself. My name is Rob Green and at the time of this encounter, I was 18 years old, 5'9" and about 145 lbs. I have a wrestler's build although my preferred sport in high school was actually soccer. Because I didn't act in a stereotypical way, no one knew that I was gay. Also, at the time I was still a virgin. All that I knew about gay sex I learned from porn magazines and websites whenever I had a chance to sneak a peek. My medium brown hair is cut short in a near-buzz and, I have brown eyes. My body is basically hairless except for my legs which are moderately hairy and my armpits which have nice big bushes. My dick is cut, about 7.5" and pretty thick. It looks larger than it is due to my average height and lean build. My erections are straight as a ruler and point literally vertical so that my dick head often rubs against my belly and I constantly drip a LOT of pre-cum which I love. To me, there has always been something really sexy about getting so horny and hard in public that briefs and jeans show obvious wet spots from my dick juices. I have a really dense and thick pubic bush but no real treasure trail to speak of. My balls hang fairly low and are pretty large and hairless. My asshole is also hairless.

When I sweat, like I was in that waiting room, my crotch and asshole develop a really strong raunchy odor that I really like. My pits were really wet and starting to smell a bit as well. I don't like to wear deodorant since it sometimes causes a rash.

While sitting and sweating away on the exam table, I heard the sound of Doctor Sorenson, reading the chart that the nurse had prepared. When he walked in to the room I was taken aback. Dr. Sorenson was young, about 30 I'd guess, and really good-looking in a geeky, nerdy way. He was around 6'2" tall and very thin and wiry looking. He had dirty blond hair that was medium length and sticking out in a shaggy, sort of spiky style. The doctor was wearing silver wire rimmed glasses with small round lenses. He had on an unbuttoned white lab coat and a dark t-shirt and jeans (same as me).

"You must be Rob, I'm Doctor Sorenson. How are you doing?" he said in a kind of shy but friendly way as he shook my hand and looked me over.

"Well I feel OK except for this one problem, Doc." My face must have turned a bit red as I got ready to explain why I was there.

"Not to worry, Rob, constipation is pretty common and rarely serious," he assured me as he looked me up and down a bit more intently than before. "Now I'd like for you to get fully undressed so that I can examine you and commence a treatment." I was actually relieved to be getting naked since it was so damn hot in that room!

The Doctor had a nice, laid back manner to him that was pretty cool. I told him that I was sorry I arrived so late since I knew that this was usually the closing time (after hours emergencies were directed to a campus security hotline and the local hospital).

"No worries; I sent the nurse home and locked up. It's really no problem for me to accommodate student schedules."

By that time, I had my t-shirt and shoes off and was pulling down my jeans when Doctor Sorenson spoke again. "I have to apologize for the heat but there's been no AC for the past two days and I'm not so sure when the college will get around to repairing it."

"No problem for me Doc, I'm not going to be the one with clothes on," I joked. The doctor smiled and said that if I didn't mind, he'd like to get a bit more comfortable if that was all right. Well that was OK with me. He was pretty attractive and if there was a chance to see even a little bit more of him then why not?

"Sure, no problem at all," I said as I pulled my white briefs off and put them on the back of the chair with the rest of my clothes. "It's way too hot in here to deal with formalities." Well not exactly the smoothest response but it got the job done.

The Doc told me to climb up on the exam table and lie down with my legs hanging over the foot of it. So I climbed back up on to the paper cover as Doctor Sorenson pressed a button to raise the head of it so that my head and chest were at a 45 degree angle staring down at my still soft but kind of pumped up dick. Then he pulled some stirrups out of the foot of the exam table and began to put my feet into them so that my legs were in the air and spread wide apart.

"That's not too uncomfortable is it?" I said no, it was fine and smiled up at him as he stood at the foot of the table directly in front of me. Again, it seemed that he was taking a really close look at body and especially my now kind of sweat-smelly crotch and big dick bush. Well, the position was a lot more comfortable than it sounds actually and the most interesting and, I guess, necessary point of all of this was that my asshole was totally exposed and puckered out over the edge of the table.

Next, the Doc hung his lab coat on a hook on the back of the door to the room and pulled off his t-shirt and hung it there as well. He turned around and it was now my turn to stare a bit. He had a nice naked chest with a bit of hair around his nipples and also a tiny bit between his pecs and leading down from his navel into his jeans. While he was definitely skinny, he was also wiry and had nice muscle definition in a kind of swimmer-style physique. I could see nice and really big tufts of hair sticking out from his pits too and that caused my dick to expand just a bit more, though it was still far from hard.

The next thing the Doc did really surprised me. He didn't stop at taking off the t-shirt but also kicked off his loafers (he wasn't wearing socks either) and unbuttoned his jeans. He was going to take his pants off and realizing this sent a flutter through my stomach and now I started to worry about getting erect in front of him. Still, I couldn't help but look at him (and it seemed he couldn't help looking at my dick and bush at that point. As a (slightly) sub-conscious test, I raised my right arm and put it behind my head so he could see my now-wet and really bushy armpit. He stared right at it with a shy smile on his face while he pulled down his jeans and hung them on the door hook. A couple of really major things that I noticed in this now very interesting exam: first, you could tell that his dick was actually a bit harder than mine even and pretty damn big too. It was pointing to the left and filled the front of his briefs over and nearly all the way across his left hip! Second, while the Doc was standing about 6-7 feet away from my in front of the door I could still see that the front of his white briefs had some pretty large yellow piss stains. When he turned around to hang his jeans on the door, I noticed some obvious and also large skidmarks as well. Well now I really got that fluttering feeling in the pit of my gut and not just because I was carrying at least five pounds of hard shit in me!

My briefs were still virtually new since my mom insisted on buying new underwear before sending me off to college but my old briefs at home all resembled the Doc's. Pissing and shitting always felt really good and so I had a habit of hanging out in my bedroom waiting until the absolute last moment to take a dump while enjoying the feeling of being so full and farting. Of course, the feeling in my gut and the nastiness of what I was doing usually gave me a boner too. Many times I didn't quite make it into the bathroom quickly enough and so there would be a big, protruding super hard turd sticking out of my asshole while piss was starting to flow as well. And that is how my briefs were always looking pretty filthy. I wondered if Doctor Sorenson shared the same secret hobby?

As I was musing over all of this and as my dick started to really fill out more, the Doc had grabbed the little wheeled stool and sat so that he was about a foot away from my wide open asshole but sitting up enough (I guess because he was tall) so that he could also look me in the eye or look straight down at my smelly crotch. I caught him inhaling a bit more strongly than seemed necessary so maybe he liked my smell as much as me, I hoped.

Well after looking me over for a couple of seconds, the Doc stood up again and said that there was nothing visibly wrong-looking "down there" (meaning my asshole I guess).

"I'll just have to make sure you don't have any swollen glands that might indicate a more serious underlying problem but from what I can see that's pretty unlikely, however." With that he walked up to the head of the exam table so that he was actually standing behind me and, given my position, I couldn't really see him. He put his warm hands on each side of my neck and felt around a bit in the usual way that doctors have. Then he asked me to raise both of my arms and fold then behind my head. Doc Sorenson put his hands in each of my sweaty, bushy armpits and began to feel around in a pretty sensual way. My dick twitched and I worried that maybe he saw that. He kept running his hands through my now slightly smelly pits for a much longer time than he did on my neck and all that I could think was how much I'd like to examine his super-bushy armpits with my hands. Finally, he was done and I was actually relieved since I didn't want to get a boner in front of him no matter how much fun this exam was shaping up as so far. The Doc walked back to the foot of the exam table and again sat down on the stool. As he walked past where I was lying, I saw his skidmarks from much closer, maybe a foot or two away and they were really awesome. For a half-second I wondered if he had gone further than I ever dared (since I couldn't risk anyone at home coming across my laundry by accident) and had actually taken a shit in his underwear.

He made eye contact with me again and said "Rob, we are going to check out a few things here and I want to make sure that you understand what is going on and are prepared for how your body is going to most likely react. According to what you wrote on the chart, you haven't defecated in over five days so I expect that your feces are going to be very large and very hard and impacted. This is going to put a lot of pressure on your anus as we try to get you unblocked.

"Every thing that is going to happen is normal and natural and will be nothing to be ashamed of so don't hold back at all as we try to get you to defecate here, OK?" I nodded yes and he continued to talk. "I suspect that some of the problem is not just related to the change in diet and living conditions here at school. The harder it gets to pass impacted feces, the more reluctant I bet that you are to really strain to get it out. From what I can see from right here, your anus is actually quite small and I would hazard a guess that you might be holding back a bit for fear of tearing it. Believe me, I know how that might hurt. Am I right?" Again, he gave me that shy smile.

"Yeah Doc, that's happened to me a lot since I usually make really large and hard turds-I mean `feces'-and sometimes it is a killer to let `em out. This one's gonna be really painful I'm afraid." I was embarrassed to talk about this to the Doctor but at the same time I was also a bit turned on to be talking so matter-of-factly about dumping with him. "But is there anything I can do about that?"

"Yes there is, Rob. First, I am going to prep you by helping to temporarily loosen your anus so that you can comfortably expel your turds. And it is definitely OK to call them that or anything else you want! We don't have to talk like eager pre-meds..." I smiled at that and again felt another wave of electricity travel from the pit of my groin right to the end of my dick. It was now showing some real signs of impending erection and that made me a bit nervous. I really didn't know how much further this could all go before a line was crossed.

"However, since you said that you've experienced pain while defecating in the past, you should consider letting me help you find a more permanent remedy. When I was a teenager like you, I had the same problem so I began to stretch my anus permanently so that I wouldn't hurt my self expelling my own very large `turds.'"

That sounded VERY intriguing. "That would be awesome Doc. Do you think it would really work for me?"

"Absolutely, so long as you are dedicated to the treatment. Like I said, it worked for me."

He was quiet for a moment while he looked directly at my asshole. Then he started to speak again. "There are two other points that you need to be aware of before we start the exam in earnest. It is very normal to have an erection. The whole process of defecating is going to be putting a lot of pressure on your prostate gland and so your penis is very likely to get erect. Please don't be embarrassed at all about that. Also, I know from experience that this whole process is going to put a heck of a lot of pressure on your bladder as well. If you feel the need to urinate during the exam, just let it go and don't try to stop it. If you try to keep from urinating, your rectal muscles will tighten and that will impede the act of defecating. You'll be able to clean up thoroughly before leaving so don't worry about it, OK? I hope that this doesn't freak you out too much..."

"Well it does a little bit but talking about it seems to help. I usually get an erection when I take a shit so at least I know that's normal," I joked. The Doc smiled and said my good natured attitude will make this all be a whole lot easier.

"If it helps, we can talk about what is happening with your body and functions through out the exam. OK?" he asked.

"Sure Doc, that'd be great!" I suddenly felt like I might have gone a bit too far but the Doc seemed cool so far.

He just smiled and said "OK then, now that we have the preliminaries out of the way, let's get started." There was detectable enthusiasm and a bit of nervousness in his voice (much like he was probably detecting from me too).

With that, the Doc stood up from the stool and walked over to the cabinet on the other side of the room. This was great since I'd get yet another chance to check out his shit- and piss-stained briefs. But, OMG, his dick was definitely hard! I had a clear look at it as he turned around to walk back over to the foot of the exam table with a tube of KY in his hand. His dick was still pointing to his left and more or less horizontal to the floor but it was now also pointing well out from his body by at least six or seven inches so that the elastic band at the top of his briefs had pulled a good three inches away from his stomach. I wished that I was standing up so that I could look inside that gap and actually see his stiff dick. It looked from where I was lying there as if it was really large.

The Doc sat back down on the stool and opened the KY. I suddenly realized that even though he was planning to stick a finger in my asshole he didn't have a rubber glove on! Now I started to really think that this exam was going to be a LOT more interesting and I wondered just what was going to happen. Whatever came next, I seemed to just know that it would be good.

He put a very small amount of KY on his right index finger and I jumped slightly when I suddenly felt the sort of cold jelly on my asshole. The Doc was running his finger in a tight circle tracing it around my asshole. It felt pretty amazing.

"Push your anus out just a bit if you can," he said. I did and his finger went inside. He immediately began to saw his finger in and out of my hole as I relaxed a bit. Then the finger started to trace around the walls of my rectum and this felt awesome as well.

"This shouldn't hurt much but please let me know if it does, OK Rob?" I nodded and said that it felt fine so far. "As I suspected from my visual inspection, your anus is far too tight, especially if you normally generate large, solid turds. We are going to slowly stretch and relax your anus for the next ten or fifteen minutes and then we'll start to concentrate on you defecating, OK?" Again I nodded and said "sure thing, Doc."

My dick was now getting fully erect and since the Doc had said it was normal, I just relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy this situation without fear of embarrassment. For the next couple of minutes, the Doc's long index finger kept massaging in and around my sweaty hole as he stared directly at the action. Suddenly my super-hard dick slapped a couple of times as it bounced against my abs and he looked up and stared at my erection. I stared at it with him and then I flexed it again so that it stood out from my stomach and just hung in the air for a couple of seconds while a few drops of pre-cum fell out onto my abs just above my navel. Again it slapped back down onto my stomach and this time with a slightly wet sound. Since the head of the exam table was raised, I could stare right at my piss slit and see the pre-cum pouring out and this made me even hornier. I guess I just loved all my body functions and felt good about being able to perform them unashamedly in front of another guy for the very first time in my life.

So Doctor Sorenson next focused his attention back on my asshole as he added a bit more KY and again told me to push down slightly. He put two fingers in my now larger hole while he ran his thumb in a circular motion around my protruding ass lips. This felt even better but the pressure in my gut definitely increased and I began to get a slight urge to piss, just like the Doc said I would!

"Still doing OK? No pain or abnormal discomfort?" he asked. No, I responded, it feels just fine. "Great! I am going to keep adding manual pressure to your anus. You are loosening up quite well so far."

While I lay there with my pits exposed still (I kept my hands behind my head so that the Doc and I could keep admiring the smelly big bushes there), the Doc's fingers continued to play in and around my expanding asshole. I think the Doc saw me turn briefly to look at and smell my left pit. The next thing he did was raise his left arm as if to scratch his shoulder. I finally saw his hairy armpit. In fact we were both looking at it. Before he put his hand back down, I figured that his pit hair must have been at least three really thick inches long. He knew I was watching him as he lowered that left arm while his right hand continued to dig around in my hole.

Now, the Doc added yet another small bit of KY and again told me to bear down a bit harder this time. I strained and grunted slightly as he started pushing three big fingers past my ass lips and into my shit canal.

"Keep bearing down with your anal muscles a bit more," he said. I pushed again and suddenly I felt my asshole open up and I farted really loud and pretty long. "Great! That's the way to do it. You are starting to loosen up quite nicely now so keep pushing and flexing your anus for me just like that and pretty soon you can try to defecate for real." I was amazed that he didn't flinch at my giant fart. In fact, he seemed to sniff the air around my asshole which shocked and delighted me inside. My dick started slapping again and the Doc looked up and smiled. While looking straight into his eyes, I pushed hard and farted again, even louder this time. The Doc nodded `yes' to me! I farted again, but not quite so loud this time but it really lasted a while. As my fart kept rumbling out, the Doc inserted a fourth finger into my well-stretched shitter. His hand was now going right up past the third knuckle. This was great.

Suddenly, I felt an amazing and sexy feeling deep in my gut as if something very long was wiggling away deep in my colon. I realized that the Doc was now fondling my giant turd mass and was able to push and turn it in my gut. This was an incredible feeling and something I was going to try on my own for sure! He literally seemed to grab my solid turd and wiggle it while looking into my eyes again.

"Can you feel that, Rob?"

"Yeah, Doc, I can." I nearly panted out.

"One of the great things about my anal stretching treatment is that it exposes more of the sensitive nerve endings in your rectum and anus so that you can really feel the experience just like you are now. Is that something that would interest you?"

"Oh yeah! I definitely want to try the more permanent anal stretch like you did for yourself, Doc." Damn right!

While the Doc and I watched my dick bounce uncontrollably and a river of precum slide down my right thigh onto the paper mat, he said "I'm not sure that you want to go as far as I did in anal stretching. I decided to really push the limit to see what would happen. My anus is now permanently distended, which I like quite a bit but might be far more than you are willing to do."

"I don't know, Doc, it sounds like a really good idea since like I said before, my turds are really large ones and the feeling from what you are doing is great."

"Well then I would not rule out a more extensive series of stretching treatments for you, Rob."

We both got a bit quiet at that point as his hand continue to push my shit around inside me while his thumb kept massaging my ass lips vigorously. My desire to piss really started to become uncontrollable so I finally spoke up.

"Uh, Doc? I think that I am going to have to urinate now."

That's great, Rob! "

"It is?"

"Yes. Emptying your bladder will help relieve pressure in your abdominal area and make more room for you to comfortably shit."

"OK. Here it comes Doc." His hand motion in and around my sweaty hole slowed as he and I both stared directly at my erection. I had the better view, of course, since I could see my piss slit open wide as the first spurt of urine hit me right between my pecs. Doc's mouth was hanging open in a sexy way as I started to piss on my self.

My piss stream really started in earnest and was extremely strong. A huge arc of piss started flowing out of my big boner all over my chest and neck. This was maybe the sexiest thing that I had ever done so far in my life. The feeling of pissing all over my body while the Doctor watched was incredible. My dick flexed as I thought about this and the piss hit my right on my lips and chin as it kept gushing out like a firehose. It sure looked like the Doc was enjoying my performance since it seemed that his left hand/arm were moving around in his lap in a sure sign of masturbation.

I took a chance then and flexed my dick again. While staring right at the Doc, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out slightly. My monster piss stream went right into my mouth! The Doc nodded `yes' again as my mouth filled with piss. It tasted salty and great so I swallowed it. With my mouth temporarily shut and my rock-hard dick now really extending up from my abs as hard as it has ever been, my piss rocketed in an arc right over my head onto and even over the back of the exam table! I could hear it splatter on the floor behind me. I raised my right arm a bit more and, straining to keep my dick up and pissing so high and far, aimed my bushy armpit right into the stream. The Doc's tongue was hanging out as he clearly was loving my piss especially as it went into my mouth and armpit. There was so much piss that a constant river of it was pouring off the exam table and onto the floor all around me.

Finally, my piss stream began to slow until it was again going onto my chest and abs. As I pushed out the last of it, I farted again. My fart smells were now mixing with my body odor and piss smells to really permeate the room. The Doc and I both strained to smell my latest fart.

The Doc looked at me and said, "excellent! You really removed a lot of volume from inside you."

"Well I'm sure thirsty though, what with the heat in this room and all."

"Yeah, it's easy to get dehydrated with this weather. It's definitely OK for you to drink more water since it will mostly sit in your stomach temporarily while we have you get ready to shit. Would you like me to get you some water, Rob?"

"Yes, please, that'd be great."

The Doc pulled his hand out of my ass and stood up to walk over to the cabinet on the other side of the room. With his back to me he pulled a large, tall beaker-type cup out of the upper cabinet and filled it with water from the sink. He wanted me to drink all of that?! It must have held at least a quart. I guess the Doc liked watching me piss and was maybe prepping me for an encore. This was more than OK with me! I was literally shivering with the sexy feeling that came over me knowing that for the first time in my life it was OK to just piss when and where I pleased and to do it with a boner at that. The idea of just letting go and feeling the horniness of it, sharing it with a horny doctor, was amazing!

The Doc turned around and now what I saw was incredible. While his dick was still encased in his dirty briefs, I could tell that he must have been fully erect! His dick was pushing out those briefs obscenely. Plus, the fabric around his dickhead was practically transparent. It was obvious that the Doc was wetting his pants with precum.

He walked over to me knowing that I was staring at his crotch. He handed me the big beaker of water while standing barefoot right in the huge puddle of urine that had flowed off of me and onto the floor. I took the beaker and began to gulp it down. I wanted him to think that I was dying to piss some more soon.

The Doc stepped back slightly so he was standing parallel to the exam table near my waist. "If you don't mind, Rob, I need to make some room in me too."

With that, he pulled his briefs out and down and tucked them under his balls! His dick was huge and hard with a banana shape that first curved down a bit from his crotch and then back up again. I think it must have been at least ten inches long overall. His crotch was really hairy too! The Doc spread his legs a bit, put his hands on his ass cheeks and thrust out his crotch a bit. Without warning, Doc Sorenson started to piss.

The stream that came out of him arched up into the air a bit and shot about four or five feet out from the end of his dick. His piss went allover the floor. The stream got even stronger and began to hit the wall right below the window. This was incredible to watch. I never before had a chance to openly watch another guy piss and I loved it. His stream went on for about two minutes it seemed. Just before the end, as piss was still gushing out of his piss slit, the Doc pulled up his briefs. He kept wetting his pants and you could see the piss pouring from the bottom of his briefs out onto the floor as he turned to sit back down on the stool. He straddled over the stool, squatted a bit (though still standing) and, with piss still coming out of him, the Doc farted! It was a loud one too! It seemed as if you could hear his ass lips flapping (my favorite kind of fart, by the way).

I nodded `yes' to him just like he did to me. I wanted to make sure he knew that I was down with whatever he planned to do. My dick was so hard and I was so horny that it felt like tiny feathers were running up and down my dickshaft non-stop even with no one touching me at all.

Doctor Sorenson sat back down on the stool again and began to massage my ass lips with his fingers. "Your anus appears to be far more relaxed now. It's becoming a bit distended which is what we need if you are going to be able to defecate comfortably."

"Do you think I'm stretched enough yet?"

"I think you just might be. Your anal lips are now protruding nicely about three-quarters of an inch and your anus is no longer fully closing. Just keep pushing out now."

"Will my anal lips always protrude? Does the stretching do that?"

"Well Rob, it depends on how far we decide to go with future treatments. Would you like for your anal lips to permanently protrude?"

"Yeah, I would" I nearly whispered. "Doc?"

"Yes Rob."

"Do you think it would be OK if you showed me your anal lips sometime so I could see if that is what I'd like to do with my hole too?" I had to go for it now.

"That would be a great idea. How about after you defecate, I can show you my anus and let you decide if that is what you want to achieve?"

"Thanks Doc."

I was really starting to push out a bit and no longer farting. I could tell that my ass lips were sticking out and starting to open. Doctor Sorenson must have really stretched me nicely when he had those four fingers up my ass while holding my turd.

"Rob, would you like to try to defecate now?" The Doctor was staring at my hole again. I wished that I could watch what was going to happen too.

"I think that I'm ready to try. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it," I said.

"Just take some really big breaths and push and grunt as hard as you can. If it starts to really hurt, we can go back to some stretching but I think, judging from the present size of your anus that you are ready to pass a really big turd now." He sounded as excited as my sweaty crotch and pulsating dick revealed that I was. With the heat in the room and my pit sweat as a background, I gulped in some air, grimaced and pushed like hell.

I could feel my asshole really opening up more than I think that it ever had. I could also feel the giant log in me start to move down to my ass lips.

"You're doing great, Rob," said Doctor Sorenson as I kept pushing harder. A big squirt of piss shot out of my erect dick to about nipple height on me. Finally, I had to stop and exhale.

"I'm ready to try again," I whispered to the Doctor as he ran his fingers lightly along my shit lips. Again, I grunted loudly and pushed really hard. This time I could feel that my turd was right at my opening and it felt awesome! My mind was reeling with the thought that I was going to shit right in front of someone who wanted to watch. I was going to have to buy a mirror and watch myself shitting from now on.

"Doc, I think I'm going to shit now," I panted as sweat poured from my pits and also down the sides of my face. As a steady light stream of urine pissed out of my boner, I could sense that the tip of my giant turd was now out in the open. I pushed even harder and could feel my hole expand even more. It wasn't tearing though so I knew that Doctor Sorenson knew what he was doing with his stretching treatment.

I kept pushing and now it seemed I could feel every knot of the turd as it slowly slid out. I finally finished pissing for the moment as the log kept sliding along my shit canal and across my swollen, stretched ass lips.

While I lost some track of time, I'm pretty sure that my dump took about five minutes. Finally, the last of part of the giant log slid through but I could tell that my asshole was still hanging open and it felt like it was pulsing and throbbing! I felt empty inside but in a kind of sexy way though. The way I always felt after a really big shit.

"You did really great! Wow, Rob, you weren't kidding when you said that your turds were really big and hard. Take a look at this..." The Doctor slowly stood up and walked over to my right side next to the exam table. The sight that I saw blew me away. This was sexier than any porn I'd ever sneaked a peek at before.

Doctor Sorenson had again pulled his briefs down and tucked them under his balls. His boner was once again sticking out and pointing straight at me. I could see his wet piss hole and the drop of precum hanging off the end of it. But what really blew my mind was that he was holding my big turd in is left hand and arm. It was huge alright! Even for me this one was a record breaker, no doubt. It must have been three inches in diameter and at least a foot long. It was really hard looking and gave off a nice but not too strong shit smell. I couldn't believe that the Doc was holding it and showing it to me along with his big erection.

"Pretty awesome, isn't it?" the Doc said.

I nodded and said, "I think it's my best one ever."

"I'm sure there's still some more inside you but maybe you should relax your anus for a few minutes. Perhaps now I can show you my result from the anal stretching treatment?"

"Yeah, I really want to see that, Doc!"

So with his right hand, Doctor Sorenson pulled his briefs all the way down and kicked them off right into the pool of my urine on the floor. Then, totally naked (just like me), the Doc walked over to that black vinyl arm chair and sat down. He pulled is legs up so that his feet were resting on the edge of the bottom cushion and he slouched so that his asshole was now hanging over the edge.

He was only lightly hairy down there and his shithole was incredible! It was at least a couple inches around and sticking out at least an inch or maybe more. It was really swollen and bulging and sort of looked like a volcano ready to erupt. As I stared at his hole, my dick was again making slapping sounds as it bounced up and down on me. The Doc was still holding my shit in his left hand.

As I stared at his ass lips and he stared at my naked body, the Doctor made a slight grunting sound, his lips pushed out and he farted loudly. My entire crotch was vibrating with horniness from the thought that I actually witnessed a big sexy fart as it came out!

"Wow Doc, your anus looks incredible! Do you really think we can get mine to look so big?"

"Rob, with your great attitude and willingness, I have no doubt that you can have one at least as big, maybe even bigger. And I guarantee that you will love it as much as I do."

"Doc, you gotta tell me, does it feel really awesome when you shit?"

"Oh yeah. Every shit feels like it is lasting for hours as the turds slide across my big anal lips. Now I have to be naked when I defecate since I'm always erect and urinating all over myself."

"Just like I did today?"

He nodded `yes' and reached down with his right hand to lightly stroke his erection for a second.

"Doc, I think it felt really good to just let go and not care about where my urine and turds go. I wish I could do this every time but it's not so easy in the dorm. There's just not enough privacy, you know?" I whimpered at him.

"I know what you mean, Rob. Of course, your anal stretching treatment is going to require you to stop by here at least two or three times a week and you'll be able to go to the bathroom on yourself or anywhere you like with total freedom."

"Really, Doc? That would be so cool. Now I really can't wait for my anal stretching to begin." I didn't think it was possible to be more turned on. Just the thought that I could come into Doctor Sorenson's exam room and shit on the floor while he watched was making my dick leak even more. Maybe he'd shit in front of me too?

"Rob, I'm going to start flexing my anus for you so that you can see how distended it becomes. Why don't you climb down from there so you can get a closer look?"

"Sure," I said as I quickly climbed down off the table. I could feel my still-warm urine on my toes from where it poured off me and the table earlier. I went over and sat down on the floor with my legs spread out and bent back on each side of me. I lowered my crotch so that my balls were very obviously resting in Doc's piss from earlier. I slowly slid my balls around in the piss as he watched. I was about two or three feet in front of him.

His asshole began to flex in and out. Each time he pushed out it seemed that his lips extended even further out from his ass and that his hole got even wider. I didn't dare touch my dick the way the Doc touched his or I'd blow cum everywhere!

Doc began to explain, "With regular flexing like this, a stretched anus can really distend. That means it's not just protruding as it naturally does but as it sticks out even further, it will remain extended out like that for some time, usually minutes or sometimes even hours depending on how vigorously I work on it. Can you see that the lips are sticking out further now than when I first showed you my anus?"

"Yeah Doc, it looks like they are now about two and half inches." I was panting at this point and really enjoying the view along with all my sweaty body odor and the scent of my big turd in the Doc's left hand.

"It will distend even more in a couple of moments, Rob. Would you like for me to continue flexing like this while you watch and see how large it becomes?"

"Please Doc, don't stop," I whimpered. "Keep going."

"OK. Here we go with some heavier pushing. I'm going to start pushing out hard now just like you did when you defecating this big monster into my hand."

He grunted and his hole started going even farther out before retracting slightly and then pushing out again. I was staring at his asshole so intently that I hadn't noticed that the Doc was pissing a bit until a stream of urine slid down around his balls and right onto his giant asshole before cascading onto the floor and over to my piss-wet balls. I looked down at my dick and it was dripping so much precum it practically looked like I was pissing again myself!

"Here watch this," Doc said. With that, he grunted hard and his asshole really pushed out and started to open wide. Right in the center of his three inch wide ass opening I could see the knotty end of a big turd! Doc needed to shit too!

"Awesome," I whispered.

"Are you sure you want me to continue?" he asked.

"Please Doc, don't stop! Go all the way."

"Just like you did?"


"OK. While I push out some more will you do me a favor?"

"Sure Doc, anything."

"Would you clasp your hands behind your head?" He wanted to see my bushy armpits again! I did what he asked.

"Like this?"


"Doc, would you do the same thing for me too?" He said sure and put my big turd down on the counter next to him and then raised up and displayed his hairy armpits for me to look at too.

Then the sexy, skinny Doctor pushed and grunted really hard again and once more his hole really opened up and out. I could see the end of his big log right at the opening as it kept slowly sliding forward. Doc pushed some more and continued to take a shit for me, his super horny teen audience. The huge turd kept sliding forward and now about three inches or more were sticking all the way out of his hole. I wanted to reach out and catch it just like Doc did to my shit! Before I could get up the nerve to do it though, more of it slid out and now the turd started to bend down to the floor and it kept sliding a bit faster now. The rest of it came out and the whole huge dump fell from the Doc's huge ass lips and onto the floor in a big pile. It smelled a bit stronger than mine and I was practically shaking with horniness. I actually watched a hot guy take a shit. This was far sexier than anything I'd ever imagined so far in my life.

"Wow Doc, that was so cool! Your ass lips are bigger than ever. That's how I want mine to look when I'm dumping a big load."

"You know, Rob, my anus can get a whole lot bigger still. Would you like to see?"

"Would I ever!"

"Well, I have to warn you that it will require your help. Do you think that you can help me stretch further?"

"Sure Doc, just tell me what to do and I'll do it."

"Great. I really like your eagerness to learn about this stuff. You know, too few guys realize the pleasure that an extra-large anus and full bladder and bowels can bring. "

"I sure know Doc! Ever since old enough that my penis would get really hard, I would wait to masturbate after holding in and then finally letting out a big shit and piss. It's always been the sexiest act for me to perform, you know?"

"I've always been the same way. Dumping and masturbating really go together, don't they?"

"They always do for me!" I smiled at the sexy Doc.

The Doc began to stand up from the chair so I stood up too. Once again my boner was now rubbing my stomach and pointing straight up in the air. Doc's erection looked harder than ever. He picked up my turd off the counter and, while holding it, explained what he needed for me to do.

"I showed you how an anus can become distended. There's a final level of stretching that takes it to another level. The medical term is to `prolapse' the anus. This means that the muscles have so fully relaxed that the anal lips hang loose and open very wide. It allows your lower rectum to hang loosely out of the anus. It feels incredible and allows you to really massage a huge amount of anal and rectal surface. One of the really fun things to do when you are really distended or even prolapsed is to push your big turds back into your rectum and dump them again. The feeling is amazing. And when your anus is really loose and stretched you won't damage a really nice turd like the one you produced here." He held up my monster shit for us both to admire again. I was shaking again I was so turned on to everything we were doing and it seemed like it wasn't over yet.

"That sounds really cool, Doc. It never occurred to me to catch my dumps in my hand and put them back in my asshole. I can't wait to try that too."

"Well I'll be glad to help show you how to do it, Rob."

"Wow, thanks Doc!"

"In order to prolapse me, I will have to climb onto the exam table in the position that you were in. What you will need to do, if you want to help, is lubricate your entire hand and arm and slowly insert it all into my rectum. Do you think you'd like to do that?"

OMG would I! "Yeah Doc, that sounds great."

After your arm is inserted to mid fore arm, you will then start sliding it back and forth faster and faster. Eventually it will come all the way out and in. As your hand and arm are released from my anus, I will get progressively more distended and eventually prolapse.

Before we get started on my anal stretch, I want to make sure that you have evacuated any remaining shit. Have you continued to push out while we've been talking?"

"Not really, Doc, I guess I didn't know if I should."

"Rob, it's perfectly all right with me for you to take a dump anywhere in this room and at any time either today or in the future. Always remember that. We've both defecated for each other on the floor and in my hand and we've admitted how much we love going to the bathroom. You should feel absolutely free to explore any position or method of dumping and urinating. Maybe you can teach me a few, huh?"

"I would love that. Should I try to shit while standing here?" I pushed out my hole and actually farted again a really loud one.

"That sounded great, Rob! Actually, what I'd like to do is give you an enema. Have you ever had one before?"

"No but I know what it is."

"Great! I think you'll enjoy it. What I'm going to do is fill your rectum with warm water. You should try to hold it in for as long as you can stand it. Stretching my anus might be the distraction you'll need. When you can't hold the water any longer, just let it go anywhere or everywhere you'd like, OK?"

"Sure Doc, sounds great!"

Well Doc put my turd back down on the counter and got a hose and rubber bag out of one of the cabinets. I stood next to him to watch as he filled the bag with warm water from the sink. He turned to me and told me to squat on the chair like he'd done when he took his dump. So I got up on the chair, feet flat on the cushion and asshole pushed out. Doctor Sorenson put a bit of KY on the end of the hose and, holding the water bag up high, he pushed the tip of the hose up my asshole. He slowly released the water into me and the feeling was indescribably good. It was warm and filling me so well but in a slightly different way that still had the good shit-feeling that I loved.

While the water was pouring into my rectum, I began to play my hands in my sweaty armpits while the Doctor watched. Our dicks were still super hard and my pit display seemed to cause his big banana-shaped dick to bounce up and down some more. Soon, the water bag was empty and the Doc told me to hold my asshole closed while he removed the hose. It wasn't as hard as I thought to hold the water in so far.

I slowly stood up while Doc again grabbed my turd from the counter and went and got on to the exam table. He told me to grab the KY and head over to the foot of the exam table.

"Also," he said, "Why don't you fill a couple of those big beakers with water? I'm sure the heat in this room is making you as thirsty as me." Anything to generate some more pissloads!

I quickly downed a whole lot of water and took another beaker, filled it and brought it to him. Doc laid my turd down on his chest so that it was between his pecs and pointed at his chin. It looked so hot and so incredible for this sexy Doctor to be wearing my shit. Doc downed a whole beaker of water while I stared back and forth from his dick to the giant dump on his chest.

I put KY on my hand and arm like he said and showed it to him to see if it was enough.

"Looks perfect," he said. My hand was shaking as I realized that I was about to touch another man's huge, sexy asshole for the first time! I ran my fingers all over his distended ass lips as the Doc started flexing and pushing out again. There was shit residue in the opening and I gladly got some on my hand as well.

"Wow Doc, this is awesome. There's still some shit here too and now it's on my hand"

"Really? Let me see."

I held up my hand and showed him the shit smears all over my fingers.

"That looks great, Rob. What do you think?"

"I like it Doc. I like it a lot."

"Next time you come by for a dump, would you like to shit into your cupped hand for me? I'd really like to see you holding a big dump while you are naked and erect like now."

I'd love to do that Doc. Maybe you can dump in my hands and I can hold both at once? Would that be OK?" I nervously asked.

"That would be great. I'd very much like to defecate on you sometime."

"Will you urinate on me too?"

"Yes I will."

I started inserting my whole hand into Doctor Sorenson's mammoth asshole and it just sucked it right in. The warm, soft feeling inside was awesome. I could even feel more pieces of leftover shit in there and that just added to the horniness of what I was doing.

"Rob, you are doing a really great job. Keep working your hand in and out of my rectum. You should be able to slowly work your arm up there a bit as well. If you'd like, why don't you use your other hand to massage my anal lips a bit?"

I did and it was hot. As I pulled my hand and forearm slowly out of his hole, his lips dragged along and I felt all over them with my left hand. I began to push my arm faster and faster in and almost out of his super-stretched asshole. Now there were sexy shit smears up and down my arm.

"Hey Doc? Do you think sometimes it would be OK when I am here if I could take a dump in my briefs? Yours have such awesome skids and mine are way too new and clean looking."

"Of course you can, Rob," said Doc between groans of pleasure from the faster and rougher fistfucking that I was giving him. "You should urinate in them too. I think you'd enjoy that. "

"Yeah Doc, I've pissed a bit into my underwear before. And sometimes my turds have started to come out of my hole and the tip has rubbed against the fabric leaving really cool stains."

"I'm impressed with the level of control you have over your dumps. It really adds to the pleasure to be able to control the pace and keep everything nice and slow."

"Nice and slow," I panted. "That's how I like to shit so I must have good practice, huh? I guess it helps that my turds are usually really hard like the one on your chest."

We both looked at it in admiration and total lust. Then Doc said it was alright to start pulling my fist all the way out and in since he was about ready to prolapse for me.

As soon as I pulled all the way out, Doc's huge distended asshole let out a loud slurping sound that really turned me on. "Will my anus make that slurping sound after you've stretched it? I really want it to."

"It sure will, Rob. Stretching will also make your big farts sound even louder and deeper. I bet you'll like that too, yeah?"

"Oh man, Doc! I love to fart real loud."

"Me too. Just wait until you hear the fart sounds you're going to make once you expel all that water up inside your rectum." That snapped me out of this horny fistfuck and fart talk and reminded me that I was barely holding that water in me and it really wanted out!

"I think I'm ready to dump all that enema out now. Is that OK?"

"Yes, let it go all over the floor and your legs."

I was nearly in tears from happiness at the sex feeling in the pit of my gut and radiating out of my crotch. I never would have believed that I'd be standing naked with my dick hard and throbbing while fisting a sexy guy. And now the ultimate act. I was going to just let go of my bowels in front of someone who wanted to me to do it and who already let me watch him shit and piss with abandon.

"Here it comes, Doc!" I nearly yelled. While my boner was rubbing and wetting my abs, my asshole opened up and a flood of water and loose shit came rocketing out onto the wall and floor behind me. Doc was right about the sound too. After the first load of enema water was out, the rest came out in short bursts accompanied by really loud, wet fart sounds. Bits of watery shit started to run down my legs too.

"How'd that feel, Rob? Is that something you'd like to try again?"

"Oh yeah, Doc, it felt awesome," I moaned as yet another fart blasted out of my hole.

I was really punch-fucking his asshole now and the giant slurping sounds coming from it were getting louder. Doc said that he was about ready to prolapse and on his signal to pull my hand all the way out and just stand there and watch.

"Now," he said and I pulled my hand out quickly. This time Doc really bore down and his asshole really blossomed. It was red and swollen as his ass lips parted by about five or six inches and the inside of his rectum turned inside out and slid through the giant opening. His giant shitter just hung there open like that and it was an amazing site. Doc told me to start massaging it gently and so I did. While I did that, I heard a muffled moan, looked up and saw something to top everything so far.

Doc had picked up my giant turd and put it in his wide-stretched mouth! While he lightly masturbated with his right hand, his left hand hung at his side and my turd just stuck about six or seven inches out of his mouth. This was too incredible for words! I suddenly needed to see this up close. While Doc's asshole slowly shrank back to a more normal (for him) huge size, I moaned and walked over to the top of the table. My hard dick pointed at the ceiling and for a second I though I might cum without even touching my self. I knew what I had to do without really even thinking it. I stared right into Doctor Sorenson's eyes as I bent over the table and, opening wide, began to suck on the exposed end of my turd just like Doc was doing with the other end. Well the taste was a bit weird but not as bad as I'd feared. But the sexiness of such a totally nasty act topped all that. I hadn't even sucked a dick before and here I was sucking on my hard shit while this Doctor was doing the same thing!

After a few minutes of this, the Doc took the turd into his left hand and slowly pulled it out of his mouth while his right hand pulled me up and off of it at the same time. I looked at him and smiled shyly, almost embarrassed, even after all that we'd done already, to have tasted my dump in front of him.

Doc looked at me and said, "While my anus is still distended, why don't you insert your turd in there? I can hold it for a while until we are ready for it to come back out."

I nodded and hands shaking, picked up my giant turd and walked back to stand in front of his still super-swollen asshole.

"Ready?" I asked and as he nodded yes, I began to gently push it back inside. My turd was so solid and his asshole was so loose that it went in really easily until it disappeared in there. Once done, Doc climbed down off of the exam table and asked me if I needed to urinate again.

"Yeah Doc I do. How about you?"

"Yes Rob, my bladder is going to burst." We were facing each other just maybe two feet apart. Doc said, "Why don't you put your hands behind your head again and just stand there and urinate?"

"Sure Doc, that sounds great." With my dick pointing at the ceiling I knew that I was going to put on another awesome piss show for the sexy Doc. " Doc, can you until I finish pissing? Then maybe you can piss on me, OK?"

"Sure Rob, I'd love to do that for you."

"And you'll show me your armpits while you're pissing too?"


"OK Doc, here it comes." We both looked down as my pisshole expanded and urine shot up about three feet going allover my chest and pouring back down again. I bore down slightly and leaned back just a bit and pushed. My piss shot even higher into my open mouth again as I stuck out my tongue for a good taste. As my piss continued, Doc started to masturbate. I leaned to the left and to the right, soaking my hairy armpits in piss as Doc moaned in obvious horniness at my raunchy display.

As my piss subsided, I pulled my right arm down and pushed my boner out so it was aimed at Doc's big dick and I totally hosed it down as well. Doc clearly loved it and I hoped for more opportunities in the future to piss on him a lot!

Once I was done, Doc stopped masturbating and put his hands behind his head to show me his bushy pits. He spread his legs and began pissing hard all over my smelly crotch and bone-hard dick. This felt so hot. I moaned and while Doc continued his no-hands piss all over me, I reached out and began to play my hands through his sexy armpits. Eventually, though, Doc was done urinating on me.

"Wow Rob, that was great. You've got a really big pubic bush and it sure looks good soaked in urine doesn't it.?"

"It sure does Doc. I love seeing my big hairy bush all beaded up with piss dripping everywhere. Did you like it when I pissed into my armpits too?"

"Rob, that was great! You really have some great ideas about combining urine and your hairy pits and crotch. Maybe next time you'd let me contribute some urine to your armpits too?"

"Anytime Doc."

"And how'd you like the taste of your urine?"

"It was great. Maybe next time I can compare the taste of your piss with mine?"

"Oh yeah Rob. You can definitely taste or drink my piss so long as you share yours with me too. Just like we shared a taste of that giant dump you took for me." Doc started masturbating as we talked about all things we wanted to do. My dick was throbbing even more than before. "You know Rob, we both really need to masturbate soon so that our prostates don't get backed up with too much semen. We've both been erect for a very long time. Would you like to masturbate together?"

"Yeah Doc, I am ready jack off now. I'd really like to watch you masturbate while you watch me, OK?"

"Would you like to use the KY for lube or would you like to try something a bit different with me?" I figured we'd maybe suck each other or something. I was wrong.

"Doc, I will try anything that you suggest."

"Why don't we use my shit over here on the floor and smear it on our penises for lube?"

My mind reeled at the raunchiness of his suggestion. I figured we had plenty of time for normal fucking and sucking but to rub his shit allover my dick? Incredible!

"Let's use your shit, Doc, that sounds way better than KY."

Doc bent down and picked up a handful of his turd and gently mashing it a bit in his right hand he brought it to me and grasped my dick. Shit oozed from between his fingers as he ran his hand up and down my boner a few times. Then he let go of my dick and went to grab more of his dump for himself.

"Let me do that for you Doc. Please?"

"Sure Rob, go for it."

So I bent down, and picked up a big handful of the Doc's smelly shit and grabbed his giant dick same as he did for me. I eventually let go after sliding up and down on his dick about a half-dozen times and grabbed my own dick while Doc grabbed his. We started to masturbate then.

Not only did it feel awesome but it looked super sexy to see our pale white dicks all smeared brown from his shitload. We were staring at each other's smelly, shit-smeared dicks and then I asked him, "Doc, are you ready to dump my turd out now? I could lie on the floor and you could shit it onto my chest while we masturbate?"

"That sounds hot Rob. Lie down now because your big turd is already peaking out of my anus."

I immediately got down on the floor on my back and Doc straddled me facing my crotch and feet. He pushed and, while we were both stroking our shitty boners, my turd slowly slid out of his big hole onto my pecs and down to my navel. It was sexy and hard and smelly!

Doc stood back up and turned around to look at what he'd done on me. We were both masturbating harder now. After a few moments, I picked up my turd and lowered it into my mouth while the Doc watched. With that, he moaned and began to cum a huge torrent of sperm all over my chest and belly. I started moaning in earnest around the big turd in my mouth and started jacking even harder. Knowing what a dirty thing I was doing, and having seen a guy ejaculate for the first time put me over the edge. I came harder than I think I ever did before. The first few shots went over my head to splatter on the floor behind me while some shots hit the big turd in my mouth and the rest trailed down my chest and belly until my orgasm was finally over.

As I slowly pulled my turd out of my mouth, Doc told me that I was amazing and would be a great pupil for future treatments. I told him that I couldn't wait to do all of this and more. Doc said not to worry about the mess as he took my turd from my hand. He saw my sperm on the side of it and licked it off! It was almost has if he was daring me to go further every time. So I picked up my hand and took a big lick of my sperm and his shit residue too.

"Doc, do you think it would be OK to sometime eat some of our shit? I was dying to bite off some of my turd and swallow it before."

"For two healthy guys like us? Of course it's OK. In fact not only was I thinking the same thing earlier but I've occasionally eaten my own turds while masturbating. I even videotaped myself doing that. Would you like to one of my tapes?"

"Yeah Doc, I would. Do you think we can videotape me pissing and shitting too?"

"I think that would be a great idea, Rob."

Well we were spent from the sex and the heat. Doc said not to worry about cleaning up the exam room but I helped anyway. I got totally hard while doing it and so did the Doc. This time, we took turns sucking each other's dicks. While I sucked him, he sucked my turd and vice versa. While I was sucking him I let go with another huge piss. It was awesome to piss up and onto Doc's penis as I slid it in and out of my mouth. We both came nearly as hard as before.

Eventually we cleaned up the room and ourselves but it sure took a while! I gave Doc my class schedule so that we could work out a schedule for my anal stretches. He wanted to make sure we also coordinated our shit cycle so that we'd also have to dump during my treatments. College turned out to be an amazing experience after all!