Warning: This story includes descriptions of watersports and scat.

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My Trip to the Campus Doctor Part II

Thanks for all of the feedback about my first teenage sex experiences.

Dr. Sorenson put me on a three to four day a week schedule of anal stretching treatments, usually starting at around 5PM, after the campus infirmary was closed of course.

Just to recap, let me describe myself again: My name is Rob Green and at the time a few years ago I was a starting freshman in college and had just turned 18 years old that August. I am 5'9" and about 145 lbs with a really nice, fairly muscular wrestler's type build. My hair is medium brown and cut short in almost a buzz cut but not quite. My eyes are also brown. My body is smooth all over expect for really big, hairy bushes in my pits and above my dick. My dick is about 7.5" long and pretty thick. When I'm hard, my dick points straight up rubbing against my belly and leaking tons of precum. My balls are hairless, pretty big and hang pretty low, although not so low that they get in the way of Dr. Sorenson's view of my asshole during the exams! I don't wear deodorant because it gives me a rash and because I like the smell from my pits and from my sweaty crotch.

For the next month I visited Dr. Sorenson's examination room and the treatments are really paying off in a lot of ways! First, my formerly normal-size asshole is definitely getting big and loose. My asslips stick out all the time now (not nearly as much as the Doc's but I'm only starting his treatments). I'd say they stick out about a half inch all the time now. Doc was right that the bigger that my asshole gets, the sexier it feels to take a large dump. Of course, it's also incredibly sexy that an act I used to do in private I can now do in front of someone else. Dr. Sorenson understands just how awesome it is to be able to share my horny desire to shit and piss and to play in it with him. My exams always end in a big cum after we've stretched our assholes and expelled everything from our bladders and colons on the floor, exam table, ourselves and each other. To think that a month ago I was a total virgin and now I can masturbate openly while a sexy Dr. unloads a monster dump on my penis and hairy cockbush while my growing asshole throbs and hangs open and pouting. Wow!!!

After about a month of treatments, I had almost a week off for Fall Break and decided to drive home that Friday to see my family. Before I left, Dr. Sorenson gave me two dildos, one large and one really large, to use to keep the pressure on my anus so that it will stay stretched, hopefully permanently.

My last treatment on the Wednesday before I drove home, I had a bit of a breakthrough in my treatment. I arrived at the infirmary as usual with a serious need to shit and piss some really big loads. Doc brought me back to the exam room and we both got undressed. This time I was wearing a jockstrap since the Doc suggested that I shouldn't confine my throbbing asshole in briefs but enjoy the feeling of my distended shit lips as they rubbed on the seat of my jeans. As usual, the Doc knew exactly what he was talking about. I loved the feel of my lips rubbing. The only problem was the amount of precum that kept making wet spots on the front as I walked around the campus from class to class. Oh well.

The jockstrap I was wearing had been pretty well seasoned in the past couple of weeks with the Doc's piss as he hosed me down a few times during the exam. One time, Doc picked up a big chunk of his dump and put it in my jock while I was wearing it. It was really hot to jack off in the jock with Doc's shit oozing all over inside it! This time, however, Doc told me to take the jockstrap off because he was going to do something special to my body later. Cool!

I turned my back to the Doc while standing there in the exam room and told him I needed to fart. Doc told me to spread my legs as he squatted lower to watch. Because my asshole was larger than ever, my farts were super-loud and this one was no exception. It was amazing and felt really good to just let it out right in the Doc's direction. I looked down at my penis as I farted and saw a small stream of urine bubble up. Next I spread my legs really wide and grunted. Doc and I knew what was coming next, especially when I cupped my hand under my asshole. Doc said to go for it as he ripped a monster fart of his own. Pretty soon I was sliding a huge turd really slowly from my stretched butthole into my left hand. Like usual for me, my dump was big and hard, about 10" long and as thick as a soda can. It really smelled but in a sexy way that Doc and I were used to from the exams.

As soon as I finished taking a dump, I turned around to see that Doc was beginning to urinate on the floor from his long boner while still squatting there. Doc was incredibly sexy with his skinny but defined tall body, messy dirty blond hair, wire rim glasses and plenty of hair in his pits and crotch. It was so sexy just watching my thirty year old doctor just pissing and farting while squatting there on the exam room floor right at my feet.

Every exam was slightly different, especially in the different ways that I took a shit. Twice, when I thought that my crap was going to be a bit soft, Doc would have me take a shit on the floor while standing up and we'd use this as lube for masturbating later. Of course, some of the soft shit would get on my legs and balls because of my standing position. This always felt really good and reminded me that the lack of privacy at college was a real drag in one special way: I was dying to shit in my pants and carry the load around as it rubbed allover my crotch.

Normally though, my turds are so solid and hard that Dr. Sorenson would have me either shit in my hand and hold onto it for sucking or sometimes inserting back into my loosened hole or pushed up into his hole. Many times, during our sessions, Doc would have me wait to take dump so that he could videotape me lying on the exam table, feet in the stirrups, head and shoulders elevated, while I dumped into his waiting hands. Other times, Doc would be lying on the exam table and I'd climb up there and squat over his chest or penis and take a dump on him there. I loved to admire a sexy body with my big turds coiled up in a pile on it.

Well, back to the two big breakthroughs in my last treatment before Fall Break. I got up onto the exam table and assumed the usual position while doc adjusted the stirrups. I placed my monster turd on my chest just below my chin and laid it in a line down the middle of my pecs. I wanted it close to my face so I could really smell it. Doc asked me to raise my arms up and put my hands behind my head. He came over and wiped piss drops from his dick into my thick pit hairs. Soon after that, the ass stretching treatment began. Basically, Doc would put a bit of KY onto his fingers and begin, slowly but surely, to slide one then two and then all four up my asshole. Because my rectum was already loosened up from my giant dump and there was extra sliding action from any shit residue in there, we didn't need much lube before he had four fingers sawing in and out of my hole really quickly. It felt great, especially when Doc told me to start pushing out and trying to fart in rhythm with his major finger and hand fucking. I did as he said and it was awesome! Unlike the previous sessions, Doc was now sliding his hand (except for his thumb) all the way in and out of my asshole. As it left my hole, my big asslips would be dragged further out and extend from my body more than ever. As Doc would ram his hand back in me, he would force air up my rectum so that on the next withdrawal of his hand, I could let out a huge, thundering fart. I could tell that Doc was enjoying it nearly as much as me, especially when I saw his left hand gently moving up and down. I knew that Doc needed to masturbate due to my big farts and my well-stretched asshole. Every now and then, he'd also have to look up to see what was going on with me. I was so turned on that my boner was slapping up and down and now literally squirting precum about an inch or so out of my piss slit and onto my already super-wet abs and thick pubes. When he looked further up, he could see the long turd pointing up my muscular chest to my mouth and then to my smelly, hairy armpits that I was sniffing, especially now that they were wet with some of Doc's piss.

Doc said to me, "Rob, you are progressing even better than I'd ever hoped. I think it's time to take the stretching to the next level so when I say so I need to you to push out as if you're about to shit a tree trunk and then get ready for the most incredible feeling, OK?"

"OK Doc, I'm ready."

Well, Doc said `now' and I pushed really hard, and he put his whole and up my ass! It didn't hurt at all, it felt spectacular. My mind was reeling with the thought that he was finally going to fistfuck me just like I did to him on my first visit a month ago. The pressure was so intense on my insides that my bladder literally exploded all over me. My piss streams are normally super high pressure but this time it was sailing over my head and hitting the wall behind the exam table. My dick was out of control with the awesome piss and fisting.

Once I finished pissing, I was so horny while Doc slowly picked up the pace of his fisting that I knew what I had to do for my next treatment breakthrough. I had tasted mine and the Doc's big turds during previous treatments, especially when I'd give our giant dumps a sexy blowjob but I had never quite gotten the nerve to really eat a large amount of shit. I was determined that in honor of my bigger-than-ever butthole, today would be the day.

"Doc, it really is safe for me to eat my dump?" I panted.

"Yes Rob, it's perfectly safe and I think that it's important that you learn to eat some turds just like I do. I've eaten mine many times and I think that it'll soon be time for us to eat each others. Wouldn't you like for me to sometime squat up there above you on the table and shit right into your mouth?" My mind reeled at the horniness of that thought as I nodded `yes' to the Doc.

So, while my fisting continued to increase in intensity, I picked up my long, hard turd and began to lower it into my mouth. I sucked on it to get myself ready to eat it. Then, I bit some off and began to chew it up and swallow it. I loved it. Doc noticed it too when my dick started bouncing up and down from my piss and precum moistened hairy bush. As I ate about six inches of turd, my asshole began to make even louder farting sounds as I pushed out around Doc's hand.

"Rob, go ahead and eat it all. I need to take a huge dump and I can do that allover your dick for you. Just so long as you share some of it with me so I can masturbate with you, OK?"

I answered the Doc by lowering the rest of my turd back into my mouth and kept eating until it was gone. I knew I'd be eating more turds, especially Doc's pretty soon!

Next, Doc said get ready for the ultimate experience and I nodded OK at him. He picked up his pace and on the count of three, told me to push real hard while he pulled his hand all the way out of my hole. It felt like my rectum had turned inside out and finally, after four weeks of stretching, my asshole made that awesome loud slurping sound that Doc's did on that first day when I yanked my hand out of his ass. I whimpered to Doc that I was dying to see what it looked like when he did that.

Doc got up from his stool and walked, boner leading the way, over to the counter and pulled the large hand mirror from the drawer that Doc had gotten after a previous session when I said I needed to see my hole. Sometimes, also, he'd bring in his digital video camera and record my ass stretching, pissing and dumping (and his too).

He came back, sat down and held the mirror, adjusting it until I said that I could see. My asshole was huge and my distended asslips were hanging open like a mouth making a big `O.' The view was so sexy that I almost shot my load. Doc put his other hand back into my asshole and began to fistfuck me again while I watched in the hand mirror. I wanted to masturbate so badly but told myself to wait because Doc had promised to shit on me.

Again, on a count of three, Doc yanked his hand and forearm from my asshole and, with another massive slurping sound, I saw my nasty red insides literally slide right out into the opening ringed by my huge shit lips.

"Look at that Robbie! You prolapsed for the first time! You are an incredible patient." I was overcome with horniness at the thought that my clean cut, preppie jock teenage body had an asshole that was now bigger than on a horse! To think that mild mannered studly me could walk around campus knowing that inside my pants were the biggest asslips on campus (besides Doc's of course) was exactly what I wanted.

Finally, Doc felt that I had taken enough anal stretching so he bent down, while I watched in the hand mirror, and began to suck and lick all the ass slime from my huge distended asshole. I blew some more farts at him to enjoy while he sucked on my ass. Next, he climbed up on the exam table and lowered his big shitter right over my face. While he began to gently suck my penis (making sure that I didn't cum too soon), I began to suck his huge protruding ass lips into my mouth. I had found during earlier sessions, that I could suck his ass lips really deep into me and run my tongue around them, stretching them. This time, Doc pulled his mouth off of my dick for a moment to tell me to hold still with my mouth open. I think I knew what Doc was going to do and I was ready and horny as hell for it!

I could hear Doc grunt slightly and my tongue could feel his ass lips extending further into my wide open mouth as he farted into me big time. My cheeks puffed up from all the rectal gas filling me up until I swallowed it all. Again, I began to push my tongue up and around inside his massive ass lips until I felt what I knew was coming next: The big round end of Doc's huge shit log!

Doc whispered to me, "Rob, just bite off some of it and hold it in your mouth while I take a shit on your cock, OK?" I mumbled "mmhmm" around his shitting anus protruding into my mouth.

I bit off a large piece and Doc slowly rose up with his turd sticking out about four inches now from his distended asshole. He squatted directly over my fat boner and slowly slid the rest of his massive dump out onto my dick, my sweaty balls and my smelly pubic bush. Once he was done, he turned around and still squatting over my crotch looked up to see a big log of his dump sticking out of my mouth. I looked down at my shit-covered crotch and began to piss really hard. Doc told me that if I ate and swallowed that shit, he'd try to aim his piss from there right into my mouth. With a prize like that waiting for me, I ate his turd real quickly. I opened my mouth to show him it was gone and before he started pissing, I told Doc that it was OK if some of his piss missed my mouth so long as it went into my hairy pits. Doc said that just might happen. Suddenly, his piss slit opened really wide and a long, forceful stream erupted out right at me. Doc adjusted it by rotating his hips a bit so that a lot of it went up into my mouth and then over into my bushy pits. As soon as he was done, he picked up some shit off of me and mashed it allover his ten inch boner. I reached down and started to masturbate too. All too soon, we both shot our loads all over me. My cumshot mostly went allover my face!

So those were the breakthroughs that I was thinking about on the hour long drive home for Fall Break. I had eaten an entire dump of mine; some of Doc's, taken a fist and even prolapsed my bigger-than-ever asshole to the sounds of massive slurping and farting. No wonder that while I was driving home there was a huge wet spot on my jeans from my constantly leaking dick.

I arrived home at around 2PM and there was no one there. My mom and dad worked so they wouldn't normally be home until after 5PM and my younger brother Nathan would still be at school until at least 3:30PM. My mom and dad were really proud of me going off to college since, at eighteen, I was the oldest of their two children. Nathan, my younger brother, was fourteen but would be fifteen in January. He resembled me quite a bit but was about an inch shorter, around 5'8," and since he was four years younger than he was quite a bit skinnier with more of a young adolescent, swimmer and track-team type of build. You could sort of still see his ribs and his shoulder bones when he had his shirt off, but he was getting more defined from sports. He probably weighed around 125 lbs. His hair was light brown like mine but he wore it a little longer so it was cut more like a younger boy's or some clean-cut type of preppy guy's. It was definitely cute on him. Because my parents are pretty well-off, we live in a big house in the `burbs and Nathan and I have always had our own bedrooms upstairs while mom and dad had a master suite on the first floor. However, Nathan and I shared a bathroom with doors to each of our rooms. Even so, we respected each other's privacy so I had never seen him in less than a bathing suit or underwear. I knew, however, that he was generally as hairless as I was, but had far less armpit hair and his legs weren't too hairy either. Like me, though, Nathan did not wear deodorant since it caused him the same kind of rash as it did to me.

As soon as I parked my car out back, I entered through the garage and hauled my bag of dirty clothes down to the basement laundry room. Being a typical college freshman, laundry wasn't high on my list of stuff to do so I saved almost all of it for the Fall Break trip home. I left it down there, figuring I had all afternoon to load it into the washer and dryer and went up to my room to piss and unpack the other small bag that I had brought with me. Up in my room, I opened the small bag and hauled out the two `gifts' from Doctor Sorenson: a big rubber dildo and a HUGE rubber dildo along with a tube of KY and one of our video tapes for inspiration. I hid those away for later that night when I was sure everyone else was safely in bed. Doc said that I should make sure to keep some stretching pressure on my asshole during the time I was at home and couldn't be examined by him properly. I couldn't wait to try them all out!

With my new toys safely stashed in the back of my closet, I pulled off my t-shirt so I could let my sweaty, bushy armpits breath (and so I could smell them up close too). I walked into mine and Nathan's bathroom, flipped on the light and immediately noticed a really raunchy odor. I turned, looked into the toilet and the sight blew me away!

Sitting in the toilet, coiled around into a `U' shape and obviously too heavy to float was a gigantic turd! It was nearly as big as some of my record-breakers with Doctor Sorenson. But this one had to have come from my fourteen year old brother. The funny thing was, I couldn't quite understand how Nathan could have forgotten to flush something that huge and smelly unless he dumped it this morning while late for school.

I squatted down to get a closer look at this awesome brother-dump. It looked really solid like mine and the widest part, which I knew had to be the front of it, had to have been a real major effort to push out. Now, the really odd thing about this sight finally struck me: there was no toilet paper in there with the turd. Didn't Nathan wipe his ass? That was really interesting and I wondered if maybe my little brother didn't share at least some of the same pleasure in taking a really massive dump.

Well, I really needed to piss badly but didn't want to risk breaking up his hot dump so I stood up and walked over to the tub, pulled out my boner (I got hard at the first site of Nathan's huge turd) and let go with a near-vertical stream that nearly touched the ceiling. That felt awesome. It almost seemed as if I was honoring Nathan's dump by pissing all over the tub and wall.

After I was done and rinsed the tub a bit, I decided that I would leave his big turd right where it was and see what he did with it when he came home. I was very curious about Nathan's shit-habits all of a sudden but with a caution in the back of my mind since very few people were into shitting and pissing as much as my Doctor and me. Still, this sure was an intriguing development.

So after I finished my piss, I put on an old sleeveless blue t-shirt and went downstairs to put my laundry in. When I opened the washer, there was a wet load of cleaned clothes so I started emptying them into the dryer. The wet clothes were obviously my brother's. There was a jockstrap with `Nathan G.' written in ink on the waistband. When I picked up some of Nathan's white briefs, I noticed why little brother might not feel the need to wipe his ass: the underwear served as his toilet paper. He had skidmarks that would put me and even Dr. Sorenson to shame! Two pair were especially raunchy and really looked as if he intentionally dumped a full, big load into them and carried it around for a while. That was something I wanted to do but didn't dare try for fear of being discovered.

Once the laundry was going, I went back up to my room. As I was walking up the stairs, my gut started to feel some serious pressure, reminding me that my last dump was almost 48 hours ago and I'd been living on the typical freshmen diet since then: pizza and cereal. I was determined to hold it in me until bedtime so I might have some privacy to play with my shit since I'd been horny all day.

So there I was sitting on my bed reading a novel for my Freshmen English class and taking an occasional whiff of my smelly armpits. The precum spot on my jeans hadn't disappeared yet either. I heard the front door open and the sound of someone, obviously Nathan, bounding up the stairs. He stopped in front of my open door and I called out to him so he came in and high-fived me and immediately started asking stuff about my first month and a half at college. We talked for a couple of minutes and then he got up and walked into the bathroom through my open door. I was following right behind him.

"Oh damn, Robbie, I forgot to flush I guess," he said while his face turned a bit red.

Before he could reach for the flush handle, I said "don't sweat it bro. By the way, that is a huge turd! Its almost as large as my monster dumps."

"Really? It's one of my biggest, eleven inches long!" Robbie exclaimed before realizing what a `taboo' subject he was enthusing about with me.

"How long have you been measuring your turds, Nathan? My longest so far are a few that hit fifteen inches and they were really big around too."

Robbie looked at me and a strange, almost yearning look came over his face as he said, "Robbie, you can make a fifteen inch turd? That's wild. I've been measuring for about a couple of years. I keep a ledger in my lockbox in the closet. I guess that's really weird isn't it?" He suddenly was embarrassed again at his eagerness and looked like he was about to cry from his impromptu confession.

"Not so weird that I don't do it too, Nathan. Don't sweat it. But I got a question for you. Since you are smaller and skinnier than me, doesn't it hurt your asshole to push out a log that big?" I gestured to the giant turd in our shared toilet. Nathan walked back into my bedroom as I followed.

"Yeah Robbie, sometimes if I wait more than a day to shit it can be really painful but still, the longer I wait the bigger they get. Don't they hurt for you? I mean, you aren't that much bigger than I am, you know."

"Well, don't tell mom and dad, but about a month ago, I went to the school Doctor because I was radically constipated and he said that my asshole wasn't big enough for the size of my dumps. So I started a special bunch of treatments with him to really stretch my hole and allow me to dump some totally major turds." I decided that it was worth the risk to tell him at least a bit about Dr. Sorenson's treatments.

"Are you serious? That sounds really cool. Is it working?" Robbie asked enthusiastically.

"Yeah, it's working really well. Not only is there no pain but Doctor Sorenson, he's the campus doctor, said that there are a lot of nerve endings in our assholes and our ass lips so now that I'm bigger down there, the feeling of taking a shit is awesome. Better than it ever felt before." Nathan just looked at me wide-eyed and obviously computing all that I'd just told him.

I changed the subject just a bit because of another question that I had. "So Nathan, tell me how you measure your turds. I mean, it's not like I can do it in the dorm room since there's no privacy. If you've got any pointers for me, you've got to share, dude!"

Nathan hesitated, unsure of whether or not he ought to tell me any more details. "I...um..."

"Come on Nathan, you've got to tell. I told you about my ass-stretching treatment. You've got to tell me something in return."

"Well OK, but promise you won't get pissed off."

"I promise. So tell, Nathan."

"Well, I uh squat on the bathroom counter between our sinks and I shit on the marble top there. Then I grab my tape measure and record the details."

"Wow dude, that sounds like a cool way to do it."

"You think so? You aren't grossed out or anything?"

"No way. It sounds like fun to me."

"Well," Nathan added, "I won't mind if you want to shit on the counter too. I'll leave my tape measure in the bathroom if you want."

"Cool, thanks Nathan. You know, you might be only fourteen but you are way cooler than most of the guys at college."

"Oh man, Robbie, you are the coolest older brother too." There was a sudden lull in our little conversation and then Nathan said, "Uh, Robbie, do you want me to flush my dump now?"

"No dude, let's keep it there and maybe we can see if one of us can top it this weekend with an even bigger one. OK?"

"OK! That sounds cool. If you can make a bigger one then you rule!" he teased. "Um, Robbie, can I ask you more about your Doctor visits? I mean, it sounds like..."

Before Nathan could finish his sentence, there was a noise from right downstairs in the front hall. It was mom calling up to us! Dad was calling my name too. Well that cut our conversation short since I had to go down and say Hi and do the whole hugs and kisses thing with the parents.

Well, Nathan and I sat around the kitchen island while I answered all of the silly questions about college that mom and dad could think to throw at me. Nathan, however, was pretty quiet.

For my `welcome home from college' dinner, dad grilled steaks outside while mom made salad. One of my favorites...and sure to help add to the load I was carrying in my bowels. Nathan was still pretty quiet and I was feeling a bit anxious that maybe our conversation earlier had really freaked him out.

Well after dinner and a bit of family TV time, I went up to my room to read some more. I was lying on my bed reading and wearing only my jeans and the sleeveless t-shirt when I heard a knock on my door and then Nathan poked his head in.

"Robbie, are you busy or can I talk to you?" He asked in a nervous manner.

"Sure bro, come sit down," I gestured to my bed. "What's on your mind?" Because of his silence earlier, I was a bit apprehensive about what he might say but didn't want to show it. He sat down on the foot of my bed, facing me with his legs stretched out in front of him.

"Uh... do you... I mean, would it be OK to ask you more questions about the treatments you were telling me about earlier?" He practically stuttered out the question.

"Why do you want to know more, dude?" I needed to find out just what was going on before I revealed any of the more, uh `personal' stuff about Dr. Sorenson's exams.

"It just sounds like something that I really want to do. I think I need to get my hole stretched too, Robbie."

"Does it really hurt that bad when you take a dump?" Maybe he really did need it?

"No Robbie, it's not that so much as um, well, what you said earlier. You know, about all the nerve endings and how awesome if felt to dump now that you are stretched down there. That sounds so cool, you have to talk to your Doctor to see if he'll help me the same way!" He was practically begging me. This was turning out to be a cool conversation and my penis suddenly went totally erect in my jeans.

"Doesn't it feel good now when you dump, bro?"

"Oh man Robbie! It's the best feeling. But if there's any way to make it feel even more awesome, I have to try it." His voice trailed to a whisper.

"Yeah, Nathan, I understand what you're saying. Taking a shit is so hot. Do you get a boner when you take a dump?"

He looked down, averting his eyes, and said in a low voice, "yeah, I've been getting shit-boners for a long time."

"Me too, dude. I learned how to masturbate during all those times I sat on our toilet and pushed out a big load."

"Really, me too!" The excitement in his voice was cranking up. "So tell me, how much better does it feel now when you shit?"

"Nathan, it feels awesome! Way better than ever before. One of the big benefits of Dr. Sorenson's anal treatment is that I have amazing control over my ass muscles now. I mean, not only are my rectum and ass lips super-sensitive but I can make my turds slide out real slow so the sexy feeling lasts."

"Oh man, Robbie. That sounds so cool." Nathan was panting out his words now and I looked down and saw an obvious erection in his jeans and even a wet spot forming. I looked at my jeans and there was an even bigger wet spot. I lowered my legs and stretched out a bit so my little brother could see that I had a big wet boner. I wanted him to feel super comfortable in displaying his leaking erection to me. At the same time, I folded my hands behind my head so that my extra-hairy teen armpits were on display too.

Nathan noticed immediately. "Gee Robbie, your pits are really hairy. Mine are starting to get pretty bushy too."

"Really? Let me see, dude." Nathan pulled up the left sleeve on his t-shirt and lifted his arm in the air so I could see his sweaty younger teen armpit. He was getting pretty hairy. Not quite as much as me but definitely sexy. "Wow, Nathan, that's cool. Are your pubes getting bushy too? My dick hair is as thick and bushy as my pits."

"My bush is pretty small but it's real thick!" He was definitely excited now. "Man, Robbie, it is so cool to be able to talk to you about my shit-boners and other stuff like that. Sometimes I worry that I'm, like, totally weird because I masturbate while I shit." He was definitely horny now.

"Yeah, I know what you're saying. I mean, that's why my treatments are so cool. One time recently, you wouldn't believe what happened." I was steeling my nerves to tell him something really revealing but I wanted to take the chance.

"What happened? Tell me." He was pleading now.

I was lying naked on Dr. Sorenson's exam table while he observed my asshole and the stretching progress. I started to take a really massive shit and it came out really slowly. As my turd slid against my big ass lips the feeling got so totally intense that I came!"

"'Came'? He didn't know that term, I guess.

"I ejaculated. All over myself, even in my face! And you know what? Another benefit of the stretching is that my farts are super loud now. Do you like to cut big farts?"

"Oh man, yeah. But Robbie, are you telling me the truth? Did you really take a dump and shoot sperm in front of the Doctor?"

"Yeah, I'm supposed to. He measures my progress that way. And he's totally cool with letting me really get into taking massive pisses and dumps with him. In fact, he does the same thing while I get to watch." Nathan's jeans crotch was now so wet it looked like he'd pissed himself.

"Man, Robbie! You are so lucky. I wish that I could be so open about shitting and pissing and be able to share the feeling with someone. Do you always masturbate in front of the Doctor?"

"Oh yeah. And he masturbates in front of me too."

"You've got to swear that you'll talk to Dr. Sorenson about letting me go for some treatments like that! Please! I need to do that stuff so badly..." Poor Nathan was really begging now.

"OK dude, I promise to talk to him next Friday since that's my next appointment." Nathan looked totally relieved.

Then he asked, "Do your farts really get a lot louder?"

"Yeah, want me to show you?"


I pulled my legs up, bore down and let go with a long thundering fart. Nathan whispered `awesome' and lightly rubbed his erection. "Yeah little brother, go ahead and touch your dick. I need to touch mine too." I again lowered my legs and gently ran my hand up and down my wet crotch. "Whoa, Nathan, it looks like your dick leaks as much as mine. I mean, we both look like we almost pissed our pants."

"Yeah, it looks really cool doesn't it, Robbie?" He started fondling himself openly now. "Um, Robbie, do you want to take a shit soon?"

"Yeah, I've got a huge, two-day load that's dying to be let out. I have to piss majorly too, Nathan."

"Me too, Robbie. I need to take a piss too."

"How about a dump, or is it too soon after the hot turd in there?" I gestured to our shared bathroom.

"No, I need to shit pretty badly too. " With that, my little brother lifted his hips a few inches off of the bed and cut a pretty loud fart of his own.

"Oh man. Nathan, that was hot. It's so cool that we can fart and rub our penises in front of each other." I practically drooled over the raunchy smell of my fourteen year old brother's nasty fart.

"Robbie, do you uh... I mean...well..."

"Just ask. I think you'll like the answer." I was fairly sure what he was going to ask by now.

"Robbie, can I watch you shit and piss? You can watch me. I mean, I'd love to show you my dump as it comes out. Same with my piss and even my sperm."

"Oh man, Nathan, I'd love to take a dump and piss for you. Then we can really masturbate together. Maybe I'll show you the secret way that Dr. Sorenson taught me to masturbate? OK?"

"Robbie, you are so cool! Are you ready to shit and piss now, `cause I don't think I can hold my loads much longer."

"Me neither. Let's get naked and show each other our boners and go in the bathroom and do it."


We both stood up and took off our shirts and then unzipped our pants. Once we both kicked off our jeans and underwear, we stood facing each other naked for the first time either of us could remember. Nathan's dick was about the same length as mine but not as big around. It stood straight up just like mine and was super hard. As I stared at it, a big river of precum kept flowing from his large pisshole and down onto his hairless balls. His balls hung low, maybe even lower than mine which was pretty hot. While his dickbush was small, it was really thick, just like he said.

Neither of us said anything as I followed him into our bathroom, our boners leading the way. Nathan had a nice hairless butt too. I couldn't wait to see his asshole open up and expel its contents! I hoped he would like my super-sized asshole too. My ass lips were twitching and starting to distend just at the thought of what we were about to do.

I was so horny and out-of-it and I didn't see Nathan stop and quickly turn to face me in front of the toilet so I bumped into him. Or actually, our boners bumped into each other. Rather than back off, we both started gently rubbing our leaking dicks against each other.

While enjoying this, Nathan looked into the toilet and said, " should I take it out so we can lay it against our new ones and see which is biggest?" Fuck! I was going to see my little teen brother touch his shit in front of me. I nodded `yes' to him. So Nate, bent over the bowl, reached in with both hands and lifted his long, fat turd out of the water. He held it there for a moment so the water would drip off and then stood up facing me holding up his dump right under our chins.

"It's so big, Robbie, isn't it?"

"Yeah bro, it's fucking awesome," I near-whispered back.

"You know, I really hope that yours is bigger. I want to see just how big mine can get after I do your same butt-stretch treatment." Nathan's hands were shaking and so were mine pre-cum dripped in steady streams from our dicks down to the bathroom floor. Our dicks kept slapping against our bellies ejecting more dick snot into our hairy teen bushes. We were so excited at the ultimate taboo thing we both knew we were about to do: two teenage brothers having shit and piss sex together.

I said to Nathan, "Is it OK if I take a dump first while you watch? I think It'll inspire me to do a major one if I can watch you holding your dump."

Nathan said, "yeah you can go first. I can't wait to watch a turd coming out of you. Do you want to piss first, though?"

"No way dude. It's way hotter to just let the piss go from the pressure of my dump. You'll see."

So I climbed up on the counter and squatted facing Nathan while he got down on his knees for a close-up look at my big shitter. I could feel my ass lips distending big time.

"Damn Robbie, that is the most awesome thing. Your ass lips are sticking way out and really are super-large. It's real sexy."

I pushed and grunted pretty hard and let go another monster fart. He was trying to breath it in! I knew that I had enough control over my rectum that I could tease him a bit as I pushed harder and let my big turd just barely appear at my opening.

"Can you see my turd yet, dude?"

"Oh yeah, it's right there. You're shitting, Robbie!" But as soon as he said that I sucked my dump back into my rectum. He looked so disappointed for a second and then I whispered to him that now I was going to shit for real.

Once again I grunted hard and we both could hear a slurping sound as my big asshole suctioned open before distending again. I began to slowly let my dump out onto our bathroom counter as I watched my brother's dick tighten up further against his stomach. I began to lean back and also slide back a bit so I could lay my turd in a straight line.

As I finally got close to the end of my dump, My dick totally exploded with another pissload all over myself. It sprayed hard against my pecs and my chin. Nathan started watching me piss as I used my right hand to aim up into my mouth. His eyes bugged out as piss splashed against my tongue. I cut a couple more nice farts as my stream ended and then told Nathan it was his turn. He was practically babbling like an idiot just repeating over and over how fucking hot it was to watch me shit and piss.

Once I climbed off the counter, we could both finally see just how big my turd was. It was easily one of my biggest. Of course, it should have been. Since Wednesday, I'd eaten one huge dump of mine, part of Doc's dump, loads of pizza and cereal. Between that and my stretched anus, I had the recipe for another record breaker.

"Nathan, do you want me to hold your dump while you climb up there?" I asked.

"Oh man, you'd really touch my shit?" I nodded `sure.' "Does that mean that I can touch yours? You wouldn't mind or be grossed out?"

"Fuck no, are you crazy? Dr. Sorenson and I touch each other's dumps all the time. Sometimes we shit right on each other's bodies!"

Nathan whimpered now, "Robbie? I want to get shit on so badly. I'm always jacking off thinking of hot guys taking turns shitting on my dick and chest. Do you think of stuff like that when you rub your dick?"

"Totally, Nathan. You'll really love it when it happens for you, I guarantee it. Maybe before I go back to school, we can build up some more big loads and use our bodies as each other's toilets, OK?"


As we talked, Nathan gently handed over his dump to me and now I was cradling it in my hands. He climbed up on the counter, straddling my turd but just enough off center so that he could dump his load right next to it. I got on my knees and saw his asshole for the first time. It was actually not that small. While his lips did not protrude like mine did, the length of his opening was quite long, maybe an inch and a half. He reached over with his right hand and lightly ran it back and forth over my turd. He was really fondling it and feeling its hot, knotty surface.

"Nathan, your asshole is real sexy. It's pooching out like it's ready for a major stretching."

"Fuck Robbie, it is!"

"Hey, do you think that you can piss soon too?" He nodded yes. "Can you push your dick out so it's aimed at me? " Again, he nodded yes.

While he pushed his dick out from his sweat-smelly crotch, he farted and his hole began to dilate a bit. Suddenly, his hole got really big around and his lips extended out about and inch and his dump appeared. It slid pretty fast, down onto the counter and just kept coming accompanied by a wet, sliding sound. His shit was softer than mine but not too soft. Once he pinched it off, he said he was going to piss and so I got ready. Once his stream started, it arced up into the air as high as his head before he pushed his dick farther forward and pissed at me. I stood up so that the stream could get on my chest and crotch while I held his dump over my head. This exposed my hairy pits and Nathan aimed his piss at them too. He really knew what I liked!

Once he was done, he asked, "How did it look? Was my dump real sexy like yours?"

"Nathan, it was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Climb down here and let's check out our turds together."

He climbed down and stood next to me. Suddenly, he bent down and really sniffed them both. That was hot. Then he said, Ready to measure them?"

I said yes and so he went into his room and, after some rummaging sounds, came back with both a tape measure and a scrapbook. He put them both down next to his sink and went back into his room, returning with the little digital camera that was his Christmas present last year. He put it down too, picked up the tape measure and started measuring as I watched in awe of my raunchy little brother's ingenuity.

"Damn Robbie, yours is fourteen inches long! And it's three inches wide!" He was panting as he measured his next. His was a bit smaller than the one in my hand but still hit eight inches and nearly two inches wide. I put his old dump down next to our new ones and we just stared at them while lightly touching our boners.

I spoke up finally and said, "Do you want to help me show you how big my asshole can really get?"

"Sure! Let's do that!" I said OK but first we should drink a lot of water. So we stood at our sinks and drank cup after cup of tap water until we couldn't swallow any more. Then I told my teen brother to follow me back to my room while I got the dildos out of my closet. Nathan first took some digital pictures of our dumps then grabbed the scrapbook, came into my room sat at the foot of my bed.

I showed him the dildos, which he thought was really cool and told him that I'd start with the smaller one to get things going and then switch to the giant one for the final stretch. I said to him, "while I do this, why don't you show me what the scrapbook is for?"

"OK," he said, "I've been taking pictures of some of my biggest turds and putting down their sizes next to the photos. I also took some pictures of myself shitting and pissing. Do you want to see them?"

"Totally, that's so cool of you!"

Well, Nathan watched me easily slide the smaller (but still very large) dildo in and out of my distended teen shit hole while he let me flip through the pages of his scrapbook. The early photos were just of his turds and they were beautiful monster-size dumps! But as I kept going toward the back, the pictures got hornier and raunchier. There were a lot of photos of turds hanging half way out of his stretched anus and pictures of him standing at the sink in front of the mirror as his dick pissed up in the air. In these pictures, you could see his face and he looked horny like right now. I flipped another page and the photo was super-hot! Nathan had his right hand cupped under his hole with a turd coiling up in his palm but still also sticking out of his butt. The whole inside of my ass fluttered and vibrated at the sight of my little brother's hot photos.

I turned another page and gasped. Nathan started to reach for the scrapbook, embarrassed at the next photos but I pushed his hand away and said "these are the sexiest pics yet, bro." The four photos on these pages showed Nathan's hard dick caked with his big dump. In one photo, he was grasping his dick, shit oozing from between his fingers.

"Nathan, man, that's how Dr. Sorenson taught me to masturbate better: by using our dumps to lube our dicks. My dick looks so much sexier when it's caked in shit, just like yours." He just stared at my hole now. "Nathan, while I flip through the rest of the pics, why don't you use the dildo on me for a bit, OK?"

"Sure, Robbie." He quickly grabbed it and started running it in and out of my shitter really hard.

As my brother dildo-fucked me, I turned another page in his scrapbook and here was a picture to top all of them: Nathan was licking his dump. It was a big, soft pile that looked about six inches high on the bathroom counter and his tongue was literally digging into the semi-soft crap. "Fuck dude, you like the taste as much as I do?"

"You mean you've licked your shit too?" I nodded yes.

"Nathan, part of my dump in there is totally the second time around! Last Wednesday, I ate my whole big turd and even some of Doc's too. I never went so far before but I was totally horned up like never before! Have you eaten shit yet?"

"No...but I think about it a lot. Would it be OK with you if we ate some together?"

"Yeah, let's go for it. I really want to taste that big new pile of shit you stacked on the counter in there. Let's get totally gross together, OK?"

"Yeah let's do it..."

The shit-licking photos were the last ones in the scrapbook so I grabbed the dildo from Nathan and pulled it out of my well-stretched asshole. Once it was out, I cut another quick, sloppy fart. I told Nathan to hand me the monster-fat dildo and the KY tube. He did and then watched fascinated by my preparation. I pulled my legs further back toward my shoulders and pushed out my shit lips hard as I started stuffing my hole with the giant dildo.

Once it was fully in, Nathan asked me if he could try the smaller one on his hole. I said sure. He got into a squatting position and held it up. His un-wiped hole must have already been pretty loose from taking his big dump earlier and the dildo had plenty of lube plus some of my leftover dump and even some sexy ass mucus I'd deposited on it. I told him to sit down on it slowly while pushing out like he was taking a major shit. My dirty dildo slid into my teen brother easily and he sat all the way down on it.

"Fuck, Robbie! This feels awesome. I'm so stretched and so full, it's like I've got a super-hard turd going in and out of me." By now, Nathan's dick had deposited a big pool of precum on my bed. I reached forward and scooped some of it as it slid down his dick and wiped it on my fat shit lips. Nathan leaned over and scooped up some of the big pool of precum on my dick and belly and stuck his finger in my mouth as if he was trying to top me in raunchy sex acts.

I told him that I was getting ready to show him my super-distended asshole and then pulled the giant rubber dick out. As it left my hole, I let out a thundering fart. My ass lips vibrated so hard from my giant fart that I sprayed ass slime so far that some hit my brother's dick. He moaned and grabbed his dick to spread the hot and shitty mucus all over his shaft.

I shoved the dildo back in and back out all the way a few more times and asked my mesmerized brother how far my ass lips stuck out.

"Like two inches," he panted. "Your asshole is so huge and sexy. Do you think it would be OK if I sucked on it? Please?"

I yanked it out to the sound of another fart and said "go for it, bro."

He dove down and started licking all over my shit lips, which were hanging loosely by now, nearly prolapsed. While Nathan slurped on my hole, I asked him if he wanted me to try to fart some more. He moaned yes and kept his open mouth right on my big shitter, his tongue windmilling around my fat ass lips. I pushed out and farted some more. He moaned sexily so I did it again. I could tell by feel that my rectum was starting to prolapse a bit because Nathan's tongue was now sliding all over areas of my rectum that are usually not so easily accessed. My rectal walls must be sliding out my ass lips now.

I asked Nathan to pull the dildo out of his ass and hand it to me. He did and I went down on it while he looked up and watched.

I took the dildo out of my mouth and asked him if he'd squat over me and try to fart or maybe shit in my mouth. He climbed up and lowered his loose, slimy asshole to my mouth. As I licked him now, Nathan grunted hard and let go a really long, rumbling fart right into my mouth. When it was clear that we were both finally "out of gas (LOL)" we stood up and I said let's go smear shit on our dicks and jack off.

Nathan said OK but asked if we could use his dump because he wanted to keep my big hard one to look at while we masturbated.

We went into the bathroom again and each scooped up some of his creamy, smelly crap and watched each other slap big huge handfuls of it all over our boners. Then we bent down and watched each other take big long licks of my hard turd. We really got into getting raunchy for each other.

All of a sudden, however, I needed to piss and told my brother. He said he did too and badly. By mutual agreement, we climbed in our bathtub and stood facing each other and pissed nice big streams from our shit-covered dicks without even touching them. We really hosed ourselves down. Nathan, like me, could easily piss in his mouth while standing up since our boners pointed at the ceiling and we fired powerful streams.

It didn't take long after our big pisses to shoot powerful cum loads from our shit-caked boners. I told Nathan I was about to shoot and he said `me too.' So I asked him if he'd try to cum on me. He said only if I sent my load onto him. We came hard and our loads were huge. There was nothing more incredible in my short sex life than the act of ejaculating all over the shit covered cock of my fart and dump-loving baby brother. I knew he felt the same way about me.

Well, we were spent after that. For the rest of my Fall Break visit, we kept our dumps on the bathroom counter as sexy inspiration to raunchy sex acts as often as we could get away from our parents. When I got in my car to go, Nathan came up to the driver's window and whispered to me that he'd really miss me. He almost looked like he was going to cry. I told him I'd miss him too. And I felt it down to the pit of my stomach. Then my little brother smiled evilly and said, "I'm going to think of you during every big dump I take from now to Thanksgiving Break." Unless, I said, we got him in to see Dr. Sorenson before that. He grinned and said I was the best brother anyone could ever have.