Warning: This story includes descriptions of watersports and scat.

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My Trip to the Campus Doctor Part III

I drove back to campus from my Fall Break trip home on Wednesday and my next appointment with Dr. Sorenson for an asshole-stretching session wasn't until Friday afternoon. Well, I had a lot of studying to do so you'd think that would distract me but I couldn't wait to see the Doc. I was ready to tell him about my brother, Nathan, and his interest in having his teen anus examined. I was pretty certain that Doc wouldn't mind the extra work of stretching two brothers' assholes at the same time, especially while we let him observe our body functions up close and shared in his!

I was right, of course. Before my Friday appointment with Dr. Sorenson could get going, I explained how Nathan needed to enlarge his asshole so that he could enjoy the feeling of taking a dump as much as Doc and I did. Doc agreed that it was a good idea if we could bring Nathan in so that Doc could stretch us both. He admitted that it would be good motivation for both Nathan and me if we competed to see who could get the biggest shit lips. Doc also thought that it would be great if Nathan, Doc and I all put our heads together to come up with more and more ways to enjoy our erections during the acts of shitting and pissing for each other. When I called Nathan that Friday night, after the exam, he was so psyched to hear the good news!

The exam on that Friday after break was, as usual, amazing. Doc set up the video equipment. Basically, he had a digital camera with a detachable tripod and a wheeled cart with a TV on it so we could make sure that the recording had the right light, perspective etc. Once again, Doc surprised me with more innovative and boner-inducing ways of continuing to enlarge my already huge, distended shit hole. Once we undressed and spent a few minutes licking each other's bushy, smelly armpits, Doc had me sit on the vinyl armchair in the exam room with my legs draped over the arms and my large anus displayed openly. He then videotaped me farting and pushing out a very large dump. It dropped onto the floor with a loud sound as more shit poured out slowly from my anus. The mound of shit stacked up about eight inches. It smelled really strong and that made Doc's ten inch dick bounce up and down a bit. Next, with the camera recording, Doc smeared some of my dump on his dick and inserted it into my now open and distended asshole. He didn't fuck me though. Instead, he held really still for a few seconds and then I felt an unusual but really sexy squirting feeling along my now empty swollen rectal walls. Doc was urinating in me! He'd administered enemas to me a few times previously (and I gave him some enemas too) but this was new. Not that he hadn't gone to the bathroom inside me; Doc had previously shit in my mouth as I think I already told you earlier and he also stuffed my asshole with his dump after opening me up enough to easily take one of his giant hard turds.

Once Doc finished pissing, he squatted down on the floor just behind my shit pile. He pushed his boner down right into my big dump and moved it around in it while he told me to push out the piss so that it would spray all over him. Fuck, it is so hot to shit all the wet contents of my ass out onto a sexy guy! The only thing that worried me was that I might ejaculate from the erotic feeling of emptying someone's urine from my big hole all over his sexy body and shit-smeared dick. The yellow spray from my anus shot all over Doc's chest and his sweaty crotch and this was without doubt a sexy sight that I hoped to relive over and over. Here I was, an eighteen year old and clean cut guy displaying my large squirting asshole, my leaking erection, sweaty crotch and armpits to the hairy, erect young Doctor as he rubbed his dick into my shit pile. Two months ago this would have been inconceivable and now it was a smelly and raunchy reality. My dick was nearly out of control and my whole body shook with horniness as my teen hormones surged all over my crotch.

After I was done shitting out the urine enema, Doc went over to a drawer and pulled out a metal apparatus that I'd never seen before. He called it a large speculum and it was designed to hold my asshole open. While I sat there displaying my anus, he lubed up this new device. I kept pushing out my hole for Doc so he could hear the big farts that signaled that the enema and my dump had cleared out my rectum to be replaced by gas and even air that my sucking and protruding asshole was actually drawing in. The room really smelled now!

Doc slid this speculum into my sloppy wet shit chute and started turning a screw as I felt my ass lips being parted along with my insides. This was awesome! I was so glad that Doc decided to record this. Once he was done, he grabbed the camcorder and made some close-ups of my wide open monster teen hole. Then, doc put the camcorder back on the tripod and adjusted it so the camera and I could see him spread his legs wide with his back to us. He let go with some big farts of his own and then slowly let go a giant turd from his nearly-prolapsed anus. I was so proud of the asshole size I'd achieved but whenever I saw Doc's anus, I was always reminded of how much more work I needed to do. His ass lips extended a good three inches as the turd slid out with a sexy wet sound. Then, with the camera rolling Doc licked his dump before holding it in front of my face so I could lick it too. Then, he slowly inserted the turd into my hole, held open by the big speculum.

Doc told me to stand up and squat on the chair. I did and then the camera caught footage of the monster turd as it literally fell out of me onto my own shit pile on the floor. Doc was having me demonstrate that my young teen asshole was now so large and so wide that even a giant horse turd of his wasn't big enough to fill my shit chute. I knew that this would be footage we'd masturbate to for years!

After this amazing new treatment method, Doc removed the speculum and had me assume the usual position on the exam table for a fist fuck from him. While he fisted my loose hole, I urinated on myself. Doc recorded images of my prolapsed hole farting as I kept firing rockets of piss from my hairy dick into my face. Soon, my swollen insides slid right into the wide opening that my ass lips created. Doc massaged them as I masturbated. He told me not to cum though. Instead, we switched positions and I fisted Doc. Again, the size of his hole put me to shame! After about twenty minutes where I punched my hand in and out of his shit hole, Doc really prolapsed more than ever before. His rectum let out a gigantic fart and slurping sound and then his red rosebud popped all the way out and extended about three inches beyond his ass lips. This was incredible and, again, a great sight for the camcorder. I got down on my knees and frankly surprised Doc with my disgusting behavior. There was a huge load of glistening, smelly ass mucus all over his exposed rectum and I sucked it off of him. I literally went down on the protruding shit-smeared guts of this sexy young doctor. Finally, we both got up and finished with another shit-lubed jackoff using the twin dumps piled up on the floor.

This was such a major workout that I could barely stand up when it was done. My asshole wouldn't even retract; my ass lips were just hanging there as I farted over and over. Doc told me that he'd clean up so I left him to it. We made an appointment for next Tuesday. That would give us each three days to build up a new shit load. We decided it would be fun to go for a record breaking dump next time so I was sure to eat a lot of pizza and other load-building food.

Well the rest of my weekend was hardly exciting after that exam! I basically studied the whole time except for one lame dorm party on Saturday. Monday morning, however, I got a rare phone call in my dorm room from Doctor Sorenson. He asked if I could stop by real quick between classes as he had something to tell me. His voice sounded peculiar and I wasn't quite sure what was up.

I arrived at the campus infirmary around 10AM and he brought me back into the exam room. I immediately noticed that the camcorder and TV cart were still there. Doc noted my observation.

"Rob, I was so wiped out after your exam on Friday that I left the recording equipment out. The infirmary is closed on weekends so I figured that I could just get here early today and put it away before anyone else showed up."

I started to feel a sense of dread, as if maybe someone had discovered Doc's unorthodox treatment for me.

"Rob, do you know a student named Joe Brinks?" he asked.

"Sure...I mean, I know who he is. Doc, he's a junior on the basketball team and I've seen him around campus." I went on to tell Doctor Sorenson all that I knew about him. Joe Brinks was a campus stud. He was 20 years old, about 6'5" tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waste. He had a handsome, brooding face with black hair cut conservatively and near-black eyes to match. His skin was really pale too. I'd been to our college's first two basketball games and watched him intently. It looked as if he had a hairless torso, especially when he lifted his shirt to wipe sweat from his face. I also noticed that Joe had thick black hair in his armpits and a good amount of wiry black hair all over his pale legs. One funny thing about Joe Brinks: he didn't act like a stud or big man on campus. If anything, he seemed shy and almost moody and he seemed to keep to himself. He had a class in a lecture hall right before me so while I was waiting outside for class to begin, I'd see him walk out alone, not talking to anyone and always a slight scowl on his handsome face.

Doc told me, "That's Joe alright. He definitely keeps to himself. He's here on a work scholarship and maybe feels like he doesn't fit in with the richer kids on campus. For the past year, Joe's been earning tuition money from doing late night clean up here in the infirmary and elsewhere on campus. I've never thought much of it since we always clean up after your exams."

I could feel blood draining from my face as Doc continued, "When I came in this morning, I found this note on top of the TV monitor." Doc reached into his lab coat pocket and pulled out a folded-over piece of notebook paper with Doc's name handwritten on it. He handed it to me to read it.

I opened it up and before I read the handwritten note inside, I looked at the bottom to see that it was signed `Joe Brinks.' I was dreading what the note said:

Hey Doc,

I found this video equipment in here when I went to do my cleanup tonight. Please don't be angry but I was curious and played the recording on the TV. Doc, I just want you to know that you don't need to clean up after a messy session like that. It's my job and, believe me, I don't mind at all. If you want, call me on my campus phone number and let me know next time you have an appointment like that so I can be sure to come by later and clean up for you.


Joe Brinks

P.S. I hope you don't mind but to prove I am serious, I added some extra footage on the end of your recording. I hope that you like it.

Wow! Brinks didn't sound freaked out about what he saw on our recording at all, although I was still worried that an upperclassman and major jock had actually witnessed me and Doc playing with our shit, piss and ass lips. I looked up to Doc with a puzzled expression and he said that he'd only started viewing what Joe had recorded before he called me to come over so we could both watch it.

With that, Doctor Sorenson turned on the TV and hit the play button on the recorder.

At first there was nothing but dead air. Then the exam room came into view and a tall naked guy walked out from behind the camera with his back to us. Even before he turned around, I knew it was Joe! My dick started to swell up fast knowing that I was seeing the star basketball player of my college in the nude.

Joe turned around and stood with his legs spread facing into the camera. He put his hands on his hips and looked down at his crotch. Joe had the largest set of genitals that I think I'd ever seen, even in the pornos that I'd sneak a peek at from time to time growing up. He was basically hairless and pale but with a wide black pubic bush. His balls hung down really low and looked like they were the size of juicy lemons. But it was his dick that caused my dick to twitch and leak into my underpants.

Joe Brinks' rock-hard boner was huge. It curved out from his bush and then pointed straight down at the floor. And Joe was uncircumcised. You couldn't see his dickhead at all. There was a long, fleshy nozzle gathered at the end of his big penis and hanging off of it by at least another inch it seemed. I had never seen a foreskin except in pictures and this sent a wave of horny flutters from my swollen ass lips through my rectum and up through my dick shaft.

Joe looked up at the camera and after holding still for a few seconds, his foreskin puffed up and suddenly a super powerful stream of urine shot out of his dick and splattered very loudly straight down onto the floor of the exam room. It looked just like a horse pissing and his piss stream was even more powerful than even my firehose-like pisses! After about a minute of just wantonly urinating on the floor, Joe dropped his left hand low, nearly knee-level and, cupping his hand, brought it directly into his piss. He filled his hand and brought it up to his dick bush and emptied the piss onto it. Joe did this with his sexy piss several times before he filled his hand and let the contents empty out all over his chest. Even as his amazingly powerful piss finally slowed, thin rivers of urine slid down his jock body and dripped down his thighs onto the floor with the rest of his bladder contents. After Joe's piss finally stopped, he flexed his long boner a few times and walked toward, and then behind, the camera. The image went dead.

Just when I thought this incredibly erotic show was over, the camera started up again and once more, naked Joe Brinks, basketball star, walked out into the room. Instead of turning around this time, Joe got down on his hands and knees in his giant pool of urine with his hairless butt pointed directly at the camera. Taking his right hand, Joe placed his flattened palm against the top of his huge, low-hanging boner and pushed it and his immense testicles back so that his dick was pointed right at the camera along with his now-puckering asshole. He lightly rubbed back and forth on his donkey-sized penis and a few times Joe's foreskin retracted enough so that Doc and I could see an abnormally large piss hole. With an opening like that, no wonder his piss looked like a fire hose!

As I watched this, I could feel the wetness in my jeans really building up. I briefly glanced down to see that Doc was wetting himself too from the horny scene recorded for us.

After a few minutes of thrusting his asshole and huge genitals at us, we could hear an obvious farting sound and Joe Brinks' asshole opened up and literally seemed to blossom. I just knew what was coming and yet it still hit me in my dick like a major electric shock. A thick, yet somewhat soft turd emerged from his hole and slowly poured in one big, solid piece down to gather and stack up on Joe's outstretched giant dick and ball sac. This was incredibly erotic, to see a big campus stud literally shitting onto his giant penis knowing that we'd watch it for sure. His dump just kept coming until it looked like he had several pounds of shit mounded there.

Carefully, Joe rose up while turning his hand around on his dick shaft so that his dump stayed under his big penis. He finally stood up and turned, facing the camera with his downward-pointing dick now pointed straight at us and cradled on a bed of semi- soft shit. Slowly, Joe started grinding his pelvis forward and back so that his giant cock slid across the shit mound creating a channel in his big dump. Joe Brinks was masturbating in shit just like Doc, me and my brother Nathan did! This was incredible.

After a few minutes of shit-rubbing, Joe progressively packed his big dump allover his dick and up into his thick bush. Then, he reached down with his left hand and, using his forefinger and middle finger, pried open his big foreskin nozzle so that it was stretched very wide and we could again see his big dickhead and extra-large piss hole. He stopped masturbating with his right hand and instead, used that hand to start packing big chunks of shit under his dick hood while his left hand held it open. He really stretched the skin as he packed it solid with his creamy dump, using his right fingers to push shit as far back as his foreskin would allow. When he was done filling his foreskin with his shit, Joe removed his left fingers and, pulling the skin forward some more, pinched the packed flesh nozzle shut. As he held the wildly puffed up, stuffed foreskin shut with his left fingers, Joe started to masturbate in earnest with his right hand.

While this was going on, Doc and I unzipped our pants and pulled our dicks out. We both realized, without saying a word, that we couldn't keep watching this without masturbating ourselves.

Joe kept picking up the pace and as he jacked off harder, his mashed up shit began to ooze out of the end of his foreskin, almost as if his dick was now shitting too! Well, there was no way that Joe could keep that up for long and so, once all the shit was squeezed out of his foreskin and onto the floor, with a small grunt and thrusting his hips forward, he let go a long stream of cum. He kept firing semen at the camera as it splattered on the floor at least four or five feet in front of him. Eventually, Joe's orgasm ended and he stood there catching his breath. He let out a fart and a short stream of piss before walking toward and then behind the camera one more time. The image went dead and this time there was no more.

Without saying a word to each other, Doc rewound Joe's raunchy recording and we watched it again as we masturbated and ejaculated all over the floor.

When we were done, Doc said, "Well I guess that means Joe isn't going to blow the whistle on my unorthodox treatment of you..." I nodded yes.

While I stood there still dumbfounded at what I had witness on camera, Doc went to the phone on the wall and dialed a number. I listened.

"Hello is this Joe Brinks?....Joe, this is Dr. Sorenson, is this a good time to talk?...Great...I received your note and recording and just wanted to let you know that I'll be treating my patient again tomorrow around 5:15. Will you be able to come by for a clean up around 7-7:30?....Great!....Well, Joe, if you can skip showering after practice, do you think you could make it here by 5:15 instead? I could really use your assistance during the exam if you are interested...That's wonderful, we will see you at 5:15 tomorrow then. Bye."

Fuck! Dr. Sorenson really set things up well. I barely heard a word of any of my classes that day as I kept running Joe's video show through my head and wondered what would happen tomorrow as he watched me receive the anal treatment from Doc.

The next day, Tuesday, I wandered in and out of classes in a daze. I was excited and yet once again a bit nervous about what to expect. I had gone so quickly from a quiet teenager who kept his dirty sex thoughts totally secret to someone who now got the ultimate boners from the act of shitting and pissing in front of my Doctor and my brother. But now I was going to shit and probably get fisted in front of another student. This raised the stakes a bit and I wasn't totally sure it would be such a good idea. Doc seemed to know what he was doing, though, and I trusted him. Plus, all day I could feel the gigantic pressure on my bowels and asshole from the huge shit load I was carrying around and this kept my dick hard most of the day.

Finally, classes were over and I got to the campus infirmary at 5:15 for my treatment. Doc brought me back to the exam room and before we could even discuss what was going to be done today, the buzzer out front rang and Doc went out. A moment later, Doc walked into the exam room followed by Joe Brinks. He was even more handsome in person (now that I could really look at him openly) than on the video he made! Joe wore only jeans, sneakers and a muscle T. We could all smell the fact that he hadn't showered after basketball practice and I started to get an erection in my jeans.

Joe barely made eye contact with me and I realized that maybe he was even more nervous than me about what might take place today. Doc made the introductions.

"Joe, this is my patient Rob Green, one of the freshmen. Have you guys met before?"

Joe nodded his head at me and said "What's up? I think I've seen you around a few times." He was trying to act cool about this.

"Same here," I replied. It was all kind of awkward so far.

Doc got the ball rolling as he explained, "Joe, Rob came to me a few months ago with a minor medical problem. He was having a difficult time taking a shit because his anus was too small to accommodate the unusually large turds that he generates. So I've been treating him with some anal stretching so that he can enjoy his dumps as much as I do. And as much as I bet you do, right?"

Joe just blushed at that reference to his video demonstration and whispered `yeah.' Doc continued, "Joe, if you are up to it, here's what I have planned and where you can assist. First, once we get comfortable in a few moments, Rob is going to take a dump so that we can measure whether the stretching is allowing him to increase the size of his turds. Then, I'd like to have you observe as I begin to manually stretch Rob's anus and rectum. Once it's stretched sufficiently, I would like for you to take over and insert your hand into his rectum. Do you think that you can do that?"

Joe's eyes bugged out and he perked up and said, "that'd be awesome, Dr. Sorenson." Then Joe looked at me and said almost pleadingly, "are you sure that's OK with you?" He wanted to get into this!

I said, "Sure Joe, I think it'd be cool if you did that." Joe looked relieved.

Doc turned to Joe and continued, "Once I think that Rob is sufficiently stretched, I'll instruct you to remove your hand. Then, I'd like for you to wrap your hand around your penis and insert both of them together into Rob's anus. Then, once inside, I'd like for you to masturbate. I assume that you're OK with masturbating in front of us, judging from your video?"

"Sure Doc, this sounds incredible. And fun, too." My mind was reeling at the horniness of Doc's new treatment idea. I started wetting my pants with precum just thinking about it.

Then in a low voice, Joe asked, "Are you guys going to masturbate too?"

"Sure Joe, we're all going to be naked and masturbating during the treatment if that's OK?"

"Yeah, I'd really like to watch you both. Uh, Doc, while I'm playing with my dick inside him, what are you going to be doing?" Joe seemed to be getting into this even more and showing real curiosity about Doc's plans for today.

"To help Rob relax and accept your penis and hand in his rectum, I am going to squat over him on the exam table and take a shit onto his crotch. If you'd like to watch that happen, let me know and I'll squat with my back to you for a better view."

"Oh man! Doc, I'd really like to see you dump on him." Joe replied. He looked as if he was about to say something else and after a moment's hesitation, "Uh Doc, I've been carrying a big load in me since Saturday. Would it be OK with you guys if I took a dump too? If you want, I could do stuff with it like I did on the video..."

I spoke up first, "Sure Joe, Doc and I think it'd be great if you took a dump for us."

Joe smiled and said, "Oh man, you guys are so cool! I love to play in my big dumps but it's so much better to do it while I'm being watched."

This made my ears perk up. The way he worded it sounded like maybe Joe had crapped in front of someone before. Maybe later, I'd ask him about it.

"Great!" Doc said, "Why don't we all get fully undressed now and we can get started."

We started taking our clothes off and hanging them on the back of the door to the exam room. Once we were naked, we could see that each of us was totally erect. We stood in a triangle with Joe facing me and Doc to my right and to Joe's left. I stared at Joe's giant penis. It looked to be a foot long, especially if you include the big nozzle of foreskin that gathered off of the end of it. It was really thick too, with a big vein going down the top of it from his pubic hair down to his foreskin. Joe's dick was totally hard and in contrast to my straight up boner, Joe's erection curved straight down and aimed at the floor right in front of us. There was a long strand of clear precum hanging about two feet off of the end of his big foreskin.

When I looked up into Joe's eyes, I could tell that he was staring at my thick boner as I wet my pubes with semen. Then we both looked over at Doc's big curved banana and there was a huge drop of precum gathered at the piss slit.

Doc said, "Joe, would you show us your armpits?" Oh man, Doc knew all the best stuff!

Joe raised his hands and folded them behind his head while asking, "Can you guys show me your pits? They look really hairy."

Doc and I assumed the same position and we all admired the sweaty, hairy armpits on display for each other.

While we were doing that, I decided to raise the stakes a bit and I pushed out a bit with my asshole and cut a really loud fart. It felt awesome to just look at handsome Joe Brinks, basketball star, in the eye and let go like that.

Joe nodded in appreciation and I could tell that both he and Doc were sniffing the air to get as much of my fart smell as possible. Then Joe spread his legs wider and, staring straight into my eyes now, cut a long rumbling fart of his own. Joe just kept up that monster fart for what seemed like a whole minute. It really smelled awesome too and I smiled at Joe to let him know how sexy is fart gas was.

With Joe's legs still spread wide, he thrust his crotch forward a bit and said, "Doc, is it OK if I take a piss? I'm real full and that fart didn't help."

"Yeah Joe, piss right here while Rob and I watch."

With that, Joe's foreskin again puffed up just like on his video and suddenly the floodgate opened and a huge gusher of urine shot out and down at our feet. It hit the floor with a thundering sound and just the sight of this stud urinating got me even hornier.

I squatted down as fast as I could and thrust my crotch out right into Joe's piss stream so that it splattered all over my dick and my pubic bush. I was grinding my crotch in the piss stream as if I was masturbating in Joe's hot urine.

Once Joe finished pissing, Doc said, "You're doing great, Joe. I'm sure you're going to be a big help with these exam sessions. You seem like a natural for this."

"Thanks Doc. And dude, thanks for letting me piss on you. That was fuckin' great!"

Then Doc said, "Why don't we get started. Rob, climb up onto the exam table and assume the position and I'll show Joe how to get the stirrups set just right for you."

"OK Doc." I climbed up on the table and Doc adjusted the head so it tilted up giving my head and shoulders some elevation and a better view as usual. Then, Doc and Joe went to the foot of the table and Doc put me in the stirrups. Joe watched Doc and then looked at my protruding anus.

"Fuck Rob! Your asshole is even bigger looking live than on the video I saw. It's really sexy."

"Thanks Joe, it feels so awesome to have a really big shit hole, you can't imagine..."

My voice trailed off as Doc began his treatment. For the next ten minutes or so Joe watched the Doc finger me. He kept adding fingers incrementally until I was stuffed with all of his hand except his thumb. While his fingers were in me, Doc played around with my super hard turd, pushing it around in there to help loosen my rectum even more.

"OK Rob," Doc said, "I think that you're ready to make some room for further manual stretching. Do you feel like you can take a shit now?"

Well this was it. I said I was ready and so Doc removed his hand from my ass. I bore down hard, cutting a big fart.

Joe whispered, "Oh yeah, keep doin' that." I farted some more while Doc cupped both of his large hands under my rapidly distending asshole. I pushed and grunted hard and I could hear the sort of wet sliding sound that signaled that a large turd was now emerging from my ass. I let it slide slowly so that the awesome friction on by big shit lips could stimulate my nerve endings and send that almost orgasm-like feeling right up into my dick.

Joe quietly said, "Man, that's fuckin' great. Your dump is huge, dude."

"You really like it, Joe?" I whispered back.

"Rob, that's the hottest thing I ever saw." Joe nearly whimpered back at me as my massive turd kept sliding out of my wide open asshole and into Doc's hands.

Once I was done shitting, Doc held up my turd so we could all admire it. He walked over to the side of the exam table with Joe tagging along right behind. I looked down and Joe's hard boner had dripped precum all over both of his thighs as it swung around excited at the sight of me taking a giant dump for him. Doc asked Joe to get the tape measure from the counter on the other side of the room. Once he brought it over, Doc asked him to measure the length just as soon as Doc carefully laid my dump down on my chest. While Joe measured my turd, I saw that his fingers holding the tape measure bumped along it a bit. Wow! Joe touched my dump!

"Fuck dude! It's fifteen inches long and over three inches wide. That's awesome." Joe was really turned on to the size of my shit. He handed Doc the tape measure and gently ran his big hand along my turd, stroking it with his fingers. Then Joe brought his fingers to his nose and sniffed them while his dick took another quick jump.

I asked Joe if he ever took a dump that size. He said, "Fuck, I wish. The biggest ones are about ten inches, maybe a foot."

Doc said, "Joe, I'm going to get Rob's anus ready to handle your hand and penis now. While I do that, would you like to climb up there and shit on Rob? I bet he'd like it if you did that, right Rob?"

"Yeah Joe, that'd be cool. Would you like to take a dump on me, maybe next to my dump or right on my belly?"

"Cool guys, that sounds great." Joe jumped up on the table and squatted over me adjusting his position so that his asshole was in exactly the right spot to deliver his load onto my stomach. With his back to me, I had a great view of his puckering asshole. It wasn't small, either but of course no where near the size of mine or Doc's.

Joe grunted and strained while Doc slowly began to fist my now super-loose asshole. It seemed that I never had a problem getting fisted once I'd pushed out a giant turd. While Joe looked down at Doc's hand and forearm disappearing inside me, he grunted and let another couple of hot farts go. I could feel the wind from his protruding anus as it blew across my belly. As his hole started to blossom, I could see the tip of Joe's turd. He was really going to do it!

Joe grabbed my dick and gently held it in his hand while he started shitting on me. His turd descended slowly onto my stomach. As soon as it touched my skin, I thought that I might cum. But I held on as his thick dump began to stack up on me. As his dump grew, Joe slid back just slightly but enough so that his big, low-hanging balls rested on the side of his growing shit mountain. This twenty year old stud really liked to get shit on his genitals! His mound of shit must have been at least six inches high and coiled around right below my rib cage. It was hot on my bare skin and I could feel it's heavy weight. Joe's dump was huge!

Once he was done, Joe scooted forward a bit and pulled my dick up so that it was pointed at his crotch and chest. He turned around and said, "Do you have to piss? If you want, you can piss on me right here."

Fuck! I nodded and relaxed my bladder and let my urine fly up onto Joe's dick and torso. He was aiming it all over himself. For me, this was a sensory overload. Doc's hand was running in and out of my asshole faster now, I had this college basketball stud's huge pile of shit on me and I was relieving my bladder on him. My body and its functions were totally out of control.

Once I finished pissing, Joe climbed down off the table so that Doc and I could admire the urine dripping down his front and gathering in his pubes. More of my piss ran down his dick and off of his foreskin onto the floor. Doc pulled his hand out of my ass and came around to the side of the exam table. Doc lightly stroked his shit-smeared hand all over himself and then, holding his big dick steady told Joe to stand right next to me. Joe's dick was now just to the right of my face as we watched Doc begin to piss.

Doc aimed his growing, powerful stream up onto Joe and then over on to me. He waived his pissing cock back and forth until my face and Joe's tall body were both drenched from Doc's bladder. Joe moaned the whole time. I don't think he'd ever experienced anything quite as raunchy as this ever before. I know this was a new achievement for me as well!

Once he was done pissing, Doc gestured for Joe to come around to my throbbing distended asshole. Doc grabbed the KY tube and greased up both Joe's hand and his huge hog. He told Joe to wrap his hand around his penis and hold it ready at the entrance of my distended asshole. Joe used his foreskin nozzle to lightly rub it all over my open hole. Then, looking over to me, Doc told me to start pushing out as hard as I could. I pushed and could feel my rectum nearly prolapse as it opened up with a huge slurping sound.

"OK Joe, slowly insert everything you've got into Rob's rectum," Doc ordered. With a whimpering sound, Joe began to push his monster dick and his hand all at once into me. I was feeling stretched as never before and briefly worried if I could take it all. But once Joe got his hand into me, my ass lips wrapped around the base of his dick and all at once the feeling was incredible.

Doc then said, "Now Joe, slowly slide your hand back and forth a couple of inches along the shaft of your penis. The motion should stimulate Rob's rectal muscles to help masturbate you inside of him."

As Joe began to jack off in my asshole, the feeling of his hand crawling around in there was unbelievable, especially accompanied by the full feeling in my hole from the length of Joe's big dick.

Once Joe got the hang of it, Doc climbed up on the table facing me with his back to Joe and pushed his monster asshole out so that his ass lips were pointed down at my throbbing dick. Doc was getting ready to take a dump on my crotch.

Suddenly, Joe leaned forward just a bit and asked Doc to stand up. Well Doc couldn't quite stand up since he was tall and the ceiling wasn't far enough away from the top of the exam table. So Doc got into a half-crouch while Joe leaned a bit further forward and started sucking on Doc's exposed shit lips. This was totally unexpected and I wish I had a better view of this nasty act. In appreciation of what Joe was doing to his big hole, Doc let go with a big fart right into Joe's mouth. Doc asked Joe if his tongue could feel the end of his turd and Joe just moaned mmhmm. After a bit more ass sucking, Joe stood back up to concentrate on what he was doing inside me while Doc squatted down and let a long turd out onto my pubes and all over my boner. Now I had three monster dumps on my body and I was literally shaking with pleasure I was so turned on.

Doc climbed down off the table and asked Joe if he was close to ejaculating. Joe nodded yes. I grasped Doc's dump and began to play with it on my dick now, hoping to have an orgasm with Joe. Doc picked up my record-breaking big hard turd and got ready to go down on it while he watched his college boy apprentice fist and jackoff in his teenage patient.

Before Doc could get my turd in his mouth, however, Joe, panting, said "No Doc, let me suck on it. It'll help me cum." Fuck! My mind reeled at the thought that I would witness this well-known campus stud giving a blowjob to my dump! Joe let Doc slowly push my turd into his obscenely open mouth and once enough of the length was in there, Joe took the rest of it with his left hand and began to slowly fuck his own face with my long, hard shit.

While Joe sucked my dump and jacked off in me, Doc reached down and rubbed his fingers around my giant ass lips. He then walked over to me and showed me a deposit of ass slime that he'd gathered up. Joe watched as Doc let me lick my ass mucus off of his fingers. That disgusting act put Joe over the edge and he started grunting and mouthed `I'm cumming' from around my dump. He blew his load in me as I shot cum up onto my face and shoulders. This was one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever had.

Joe slowly withdrew his dick and hand from my ass. My ass hole was now so open and relaxed that it just wouldn't close at all. It hung there as more ass slime and Joe's sperm drained out onto the floor.

After just standing there in a post-orgasm daze, Joe pulled up his still-hard dick and, aiming it at me, pulled his foreskin back so I could see his huge piss hole. It opened up wider and suddenly Joe let loose another torrent of piss. He unloaded his bladder all over me from my shit-covered dick to my face and into my open mouth. It was so hot and so casual the way he just let his piss go without warning that my dick stayed totally hard as if I hadn't just cum buckets. Just before Joe's piss ran out, I started to urinate on myself as Joe watched. It felt great just to let it all go in front of him and Doc.

So you'd think we were spent after that but both Joe and I noticed that Doctor Sorenson still hadn't cum so we asked him how we could help him ejaculate. Once again, Doc had the most awesome ideas. He had Joe and me take turns sitting on the armchair ass out while he filled us each with a large enema. Joe went first since I wasn't sure that my loose hole could possible hold it in at all. While Joe received the warm water up his ass, I took what was left of Joe's big dump from my belly and began to smear it on Doc's huge boner. Once it was my turn to get the enema, Doc had Joe administer it to me which he eagerly did even though you could tell he was sweating like a pig trying to keep his enema in. Joe and I stayed hard throughout. While I was getting filled yet again, Doc lay down on the floor and watched while Joe held the rubber bag up high to get a nice strong flow of water into me. Joe stood next to me, not in front, so Doc could watch the action on my big hole. This meant that Joe's smelly, shit smeared dick was right next to my face so I leaned over and licked it a few times. I was getting ready to suck his dick but the enema was done and I couldn't really hold it in for more than a few seconds. So Doc had Joe and me both squat over him and empty our enemas all over his body as he jacked off with Joe's dump. Our asses gushed with water and lingering chunks of shit all over Doc's body from his chest to his crotch. Just the sound of our wet, farting assholes was amazing. With all of that stimulation, Doc blew his load really fast. By then, we were all spent! Joe and I could hardly stand up after our loud, farting enemas were finally expelled.

Doc and I helped Joe to clean up since this was one of the biggest messes yet and it didn't seem fair to leave it to him. After we were done, Joe and I left and on our way back to the center of campus, Joe stopped me a second and said, "Rob, that was the best sex thing I've ever done." I smiled and told Joe that I hoped he'd keep assisting Doc with my treatments and Joe just grinned and said "Fuck yeah!"