Warning: This story includes descriptions of watersports and scat.

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My Trip to the Campus Doctor Part IV

My Tuesday exam with Dr. Sorenson and Joe Brinks left me wiped out. Even so, I still had a hard time sleeping, even after doing some pretty dull homework. I was lying in bed with a non-stop erection thinking about the fact that I'd managed to do such incredible things with one of the hottest studs on campus. I kept running one thought through my head over and over: I actually got this tall, basketball player junior classmen to totally go to the bathroom on me, fist me and then suck on my huge turd. This was incredible and left me so mind-blown that I couldn't stop shivering until I finally fell asleep around four AM. So it was a good thing that I didn't have an early class (or at least one that wasn't totally skippable).

I wasn't scheduled to see Dr. Sorenson until Friday. Unfortunately, Joe had an out of town game on Friday and the team wasn't due back on campus until late Saturday night so he'd have to miss that session. I was dying to see him again but wasn't quite sure how to manage it. The fact remained that outside of Doc's exams, Joe and I traveled in totally different social circles at the college. He was a junior and I was a freshman. Even though I was a clean-cut jock type like him, it still would raise a lot of eyebrows on campus, I figured. Still, I was hoping to make a better connection with Joe. Next time that I saw him, I planned to tell him about Nathan, hoping that he'd maybe want to get together with all of us some time for a really interesting session.

That Wednesday night, I called Nathan on the phone that my parents had set up for just the two of us (no use having two teen sons tying up their phone when work might be calling). I told him about Joe and Nathan was totally blown away. I knew that I didn't have to be embarrassed or reluctant to share even the dirtiest, grossest details. I even let Nathan know that Doc had fed me some of the gooey slime that my big asshole was now making, especially after a really vigorous ass stretching and fisting. Nathan told me that he'd eat my ass slime any time and was really thinking of trying to eat shit, if I'd be there for encouragement and to eat some while he watched and jacked off.

After we hung up, I went back to studying. I was alone since my boring roommate was studying, as usual, in the library. My rectum was rumbling a bit. I knew that I was basically empty; I'd skipped both breakfast and lunch (overslept for the first one and had some last since minute stuff to read during the second one) so there wasn't really any shit in me. Still, the feeling was a bit of a turn-on and started to distract me from my studies a bit.

Around 11:30, the phone rang, startling me from my horny thoughts. It was Joe!

"Hey Rob, what's up dude?" he asked.

I told him that I was just hangin' and studying a bit.

"Are you alone, dude? I mean, is it OK to talk for a minute?" Joe seemed anxious a bit, as if he wasn't sure he should be calling me at all.

"Yeah it's cool. Roomie's at the library until midnight as usual. What's up?" I asked.

"You up for a little fun or something? I can't stop thinking about your exam yesterday and thought it might be cool if maybe we could hook up tonight and kinda see what happens, you know?" Fuck! Joe Brinks, campus stud, wanted to get together for sex!

"Where would we go? I mean, there's no privacy here," I warned.

"I know a place totally private where we could go. What do you say, wanna do stuff together tonight?"

"Sure, I'd like that a lot, Joe. Where do you want to meet?"

"I can meet you in front of your dorm in about twenty minutes, OK?"

"Sure, sounds cool. I'll wait out front of the west entrance." I responded.

"Cool. And, uh, Rob?"

"Yeah Joe?"

"Drink as much water as you can while I head over, OK?" Oh man, Joe wanted me to have a full bladder. This was getting me totally boned up.

"Sure will. Make sure that you drink lots of water too, Joe."

"Dude, I already started. You can count on me to be ready for whatever happens."

Well, for the next twenty minutes I got myself ready. Not that there was much to do. I was looking good and I didn't really see the point of changing from my jeans and old blue t-shirt. But I did spend the next twenty minutes chugging down as much water as I thought that I could hold.

I waited out front and, right on time, Joe Brinks showed up wearing a red t-shirt and jeans plus his backpack. He was looking totally hot, as usual. The shirt was tight on him so you could see his trim, thin jock body. Also, I noticed a really big bulge in his jeans crotch and an obvious wet spot on his left inner thigh where the bulge from his big erection ended.

He nodded and said `hey' in that low-key way of his. I said "hey Joe," and started to follow him back across campus. Pretty soon, I realized that we were headed toward the field house. Joe was pretty quiet along the way so I asked him what was in the backpack. Joe half-smiled and whispered that he filled it up with bottles of water "in case we needed extra..." Definitely, this twenty year old jock was horny and wanted to piss a lot together. The front of my underpants was getting sticky and wet now.

When we got to the closed, dark field house, Joe finally explained, "I have the keys from doing clean up work here too. No one's ever here this late so we have the whole locker room to ourselves to hang out in. Hope that's cool"

"You sure it's safe, Joe? I mean, it sounds good to me but I don't want to get you in any trouble or anything."

"Don't worry about it," Joe responded as he let me in through the side door. He locked it from behind with a deadbolt and led me back toward the men's locker room. "Besides, I've been coming here late at night for the past year. Every time I get real horny, I come down here and play around by myself in the showers and toilets. It's cool. I can do anything I want and then clean up later so no one knows." He locked up the locker room door behind us and flipped on a few of the overhead lights. Not all of them; just enough so we could see pretty well. I'd never been in here before so Joe silently led me back to some benches facing two identical concrete entrances. Joe put his backpack down on one of the benches and explained that the door on the left led into the showers and the one on the right led into the toilets. Then he flipped on the lights in both and came back to stand in front of me.

Joe looked down into my eyes and said, "I've wanted to share this place with someone since I was a freshman. I hope you're up to doing everything, just like we did in Doctor Sorenson's exam room."

"Fuck Joe! I'm up for anything you wanna do." I looked down at the big wet spot forming in my jeans as I anticipated what might happen next.

Joe looked down at the floor and sort of shyly said, "I wanna get naked and play around in the toilets with you. And I wanna piss everywhere."

"Cool. You gonna piss on me too?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, so long as you piss on me dude. I wanna get more hardcore than that though. Is that cool with you?" Joe looked anxious, as if he was suddenly embarrassed to admit all this.

"Joe, you were there with me and Doc yesterday. I can get totally hardcore with you. Fuck, man, my ass lips are still sticking out and tingling from you shoving your big dick and your hand in me."

"Awesome. I want to try everything with you." He was totally hot confessing that!

"There's one thing I gotta tell you, Joe. I'm pretty empty tonight. I don't think I can take a dump. Have you got a load in you?"

"I might have some built up but I already figured you couldn't make turds that big everyday, dude. Think you can fart? I know I can."

"Maybe. I'll try."

"I have an idea to help you fart. Wanna try it?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"OK. Well let's get naked and I'll tell you about it." He paused a second and continued, "I wanna smell your pits and crotch up close. I can sort of smell `em from here already."

"Joe, is it OK if I play with your foreskin? I never touched one or even saw one in real life before and it's totally hot."

"Yeah, man. You can dig around in it and play with it as much as you want. I can show you some tricks I do with it too."

"Like the one you videotaped for us?" I reminded Joe that he packed his big foreskin with some of his big dump on that tape he made for Doc.

Joe blushed and said, yeah that was a hot thing to do. As we stripped in front of each other, I asked Joe if he'd ever done something like that before.

I stared at him as he stood naked in front of me with his huge, smelly penis pointing down at the floor. It was dripping a lot. As I watched, a long strand of semen stretched from his bunched up foreskin nozzle and dripped down onto his left foot. Joe scratched, or really fondled, his left armpit as he continued to answer my question. He was now looking at my dick as it leaked precum all over my abs. Now that we were naked, you could really smell the sweaty odor of our dicks and armpits.

"I played with my shit on my dick lots of times before. The inside of my dick hood is real sensitive so it's always been an awesome place to rub shit. How long you been jacking off with your dumps?"

I told Joe that I'd never really done any of this stuff until I started going to Doctor Sorenson's office.

He looked down at his leaking dick and whispered, "I love playing with my big dumps. I've been doin' it for a long time." With that nasty confession, Joe motioned for me to follow him into the toilets. This was a big concrete-floored space with sinks along the left wall, toilet stalls on the back wall and urinals opposite. It was kinda hot to stand naked in a men's toilet with Joe, knowing that we were going to let go any minute now. My bladder was already way too full to hang on much longer.

We stood facing each other in the middle between the urinals and the stalls and Joe grabbed my arms and lifted them above my head. My big bushy armpits were on display and you could really smell the sweat. Joe leaned down and stuck his face in my left pit. After a couple seconds of sniffing my sweat it, Joe starting licking my armpit. I was so turned on that my dick started bouncing off my abs while wetting my pubic bush even more. After licking my left pit a while, Joe switched to my right pit. After a few minutes of the awesome feeling of this sexy junior licking my hairy armpit, I told Joe it was my turn. He stood up straight and put his hands behind his head. I leaned up into his sweaty pit as he whispered, "I didn't shower after basketball practice. I was hoping all day that you'd want to do this." His pits smelled really rank. They tasted salty and awesome. I licked all around, running my tongue through the sweaty tufts of black hair in Joe's bushy pits. While I was licking, I tried to push out my ass lips to see if maybe I could fart. No such luck so far but maybe Joe had an idea, like he said.

I leaned back on the balls of my feet and looked down at Joe's big uncut dick. A pool about eight inches in diameter of dick juice had gathered on the floor while a strand hung from his foreskin all the way down. It was almost like he was pissing precum. Then I realized that my dick was doing the same thing. Semen was dripping off my balls and my huge dick bush was soaked.

I squatted down in front of Joe's nasty penis, hoping that the squatting position would help me generate some smelly farts. I also leaned forward and ran my finger along the outer folds of his foreskin, gathering up some of Joe's semen.

"You don't have to be real gentle with my dick skin. Shove your finger inside and swirl it around. It feels real good," Joe said.

"Show me how you do it, Joe."

He reached down and stuck his entire right index finger into the inch or so of skin gathered on the end and started running it around in a circle real fast and hard. He pulled the finger out and held it in front of me. His finger was glistening with precum and it smelled real raunchy too. I leaned forward and licked it. It tasted awesome. I used my finger to do the same to his foreskin. It felt so wild to play with his foreskin. It was soft, loose and yet tough at the same time. The inside was really hot and super wet. I even ran the tip of my finger along Joe's real big pisshole, feeling the sorta protruding pisshole lips. At the same time, I used my thumb and middle finger to feel along the outside of his dick hood. This was the raunchiest dick I'd ever seen.

I pulled my finger away and opened my mouth to suck on his foreskin. This was so hot and sexy. It tasted awesome. His fleshy nozzle kinda reminded me of sucking on Doc's huge shit lips since they both stood out and you could run your tongue around on the inside. But they were different too and both really hot. To show Joe how much I liked it, I bore down on my big asshole and finally let out a loud fart. This also caused me to piss a bit on Joe's leg and my abs until I got myself under control. Joe just moaned and asked me to fart some more.

"I think that's all I got, Joe. I keep trying and my asshole's really stickin' out. But nothing's coming out. How about you?"

"I know I can fart but how about I help you to blow a big one first?"

"OK. Tell me your idea."

"Turn around and bend over with your asshole in my face." As I got into position for Joe, he squatted down and leaned forward. His big hands pulled my ass cheeks farther apart.

"Fuck dude. That is the hottest. Your asshole is sticking out a whole inch at least." Even as he finished saying that, Joe started sucking on my ass lips and running his tongue deep into my big hole. He swirled his tongue around in there for a few minutes and then eased off but kept a big suction on my ass lips. He breathed in and started blowing air up my ass! This was incredible. I could feel the air filling me up. It was sexy like the enemas that Doctor Sorenson had given us. Joe kept blowing air in me for about five minutes at least, taking breaks occasionally to lick my rectal walls as deep as his tongue and my loose asshole would allow.

Joe leaned back and said "turn around but hold the air in you, OK."

I stood in front of Joe and he started licking the precum off my balls and then ran his tongue up my hard dick shaft. With his left hand, Joe pulled my dick away from my belly and stuck his mouth over the end, swirling his tongue around my big dickhead. Once he'd licked up my semen, Joe started sucking my dick. He was pretty gentle since I think we both realized that we were pretty much ready to blow our loads from the minute we got naked.

Once he pulled his mouth off my dick, Joe said to squat down and face him were he too was squatting. I got down into position and this helped pull my ass lips apart. I could feel my teenage anus pushing down and barely grazing the floor of the locker room toilet.

Joe reached under my ass and placed the palm of his big right hand right on my anus. His fingers felt my ass lips, still wet with his spit. I reached down with my right hand and felt all over his big asshole. It was soft and swollen and protruding a bit too. Not as much as mine, of course, but Joe's asshole was still sexy and really large.

Joe looked at me and said try to fart. I bore down, my shit lips blossoming all over his hand, and a huge rumbling fart started blowing out my big hole. Joe moaned and said "that feels awesome Rob. Fart into my hand. Fuck! I can feel your ass lips vibrating."

Then, once my big fart was done, Joe let go with a monster fart that even put mine to shame. I too could feel it blasting out all over my hand. The wind from his ass hole was powerful. The stink from our assholes was awesome too.

We kept pooching out our big ass holes and farted a bunch more times. My ass lips were so distended from constantly pushing out hard that I almost thought I could prolapse.

Joe looked at me and said my farts felt different from his since my hole stuck out so much. "You felt your farts a lot?"

"Yeah," Joe said. "I love the way my asshole feels when it's about to do its business. It gets real big and then I fart and start to dump in my hand. That's a great feeling you know?" I told him I like to do that too.

Once it was clear we were done farting, Joe pulled his hand away from my hole and held it up in front of us. There was a huge deposit of smelly golden ass mucus. I'd leaked this ass slime all over Joe's hand.

Joe said, "Fuck dude, that's hot. You really make a lot of ass juice."

"Yeah, Doc said that enemas and all the fisting we do should get my insides to make a lot of it. It's like nasty and gooey, you know. Usually, it just leaks out into my underpants but I guess I saved it for you."

"I love it," Joe whispered.

Then, while I watched, Joe took all that ass slime and wiped it all over his long boner. Pretty soon, his uncut hog was glistening with my smelly rectal gunk.

He looked at me and said he liked it when my shit and ass stuff is all over his dick. "You got a lot of shit and slime on me when I jacked off in your hole yesterday. I wanted to keep it on my dick all night, you know?" Then he took what was left on his hand and started to lick it off. He was one nasty twenty year old.

Joe leaned back and said he had to piss like mad now. I said me too. As he squatted in front of me, his dick exploded onto the floor. His super-powerful piss stream splattered loudly on the concrete until he pushed his dick side to side so that his feet were wet with his urine. Then he lifted his long dick and aimed it right at my crotch. As he pissed all over my crotch, I let go with my bladder and urinated up in the air between our faces. I pushed my dick out from my belly and pissed on Joe's chest and up onto his chin. He opened his mouth and leaned down to taste my piss with his outstretched tongue. I didn't know which was hotter: getting my crotch soaked in Joe's urine or watching my big piss fountain splattering against his tongue.

"Your piss tastes awesome," Joe said. With that, he cut another big fart.
Suddenly, Joe said, "Put your and under my shit hole now!"

I held my left palm down there and felt Joe's asshole really blossom open and the tip of a solid turd slide through the opening. Joe took a dump in my hand. I could feel a long and hard turd slowly crawling out of his protruding, puckered asshole and into my hand. Once he was done, I pulled my hand back and held the big hard turd up in front of our faces like Joe had done with my butt slime.

"Oh man my dump looks so good in your hand." Joe was practically whimpering as he leaned forward to smell his shit. I leaned forward too. Almost without saying anything, this sexy boy and I opened our mouths and sucked the ends of the turd in. Joe's shit tasted real awesome and nasty. We were practically kissing now, with his large shit protruding from our mouths. Then, Joe leaned back so that my mouth came off the end of his turd. He looked at me almost pleadingly with the shit log sticking out of his mouth as he grabbed my left hand with his and shoved it under his ass again. With that, Joe's asshole opened up again and a huge pile of kinda soft crap came pouring out of his distended hole and piled up in my hand. The wet sound of his dump turned me on.

As the shit came out of him, Joe began to urinate a bit more, mostly onto my arm as I held his dump under his now dirty asshole. I pulled the big, heavy dump out and brought it to my face. As Joe watched me, he fingered his dick skin gently and sucked some more on the turd protruding from his mouth. I stuck my tongue into his massive pile of shit and scooped some up and into my mouth. I swallowed it and opened my mouth to show Joe what I'd done.

He pulled his turd out of his mouth and said in an anxious, whimpering tone, "Rob, you're the sexiest guy I ever hoped to meet. I wanna do everything with you, lots and lots of times and not just tonight." He was so sincere and sexy that I thought I'd lose my sperm all over the place.

Then Joe said, "Do you want to pack my dump into my foreskin like I did in the video?"

"Oh yeah Joe. And then I want you to put your other turd up my ass followed by your dick OK?"


So Joe pushed two fingers from his free left hand into his foreskin and pulled it wide open. With my right hand I scooped some of his soft shit out of my left hand and started packing it under his hood and around his big dickhead. I got a lot in there!

When I said that was about all that it could hold, Joe told me to lie on my back while he shoved his first, hard turd up my ass. My hole was so loose and sloppy and his dump was so wet with his saliva that his big turd went in easily. Then Joe leaned down and pulled my legs up and over my head. I suppose the concrete floor probably hurt my shoulders but I was so turned on and focused on what we were doing that I barely noticed.

Once I was practically upside down, Joe leaned over and sucked on my eighteen year old shit lips before standing up. He turned around, straddling me and aimed his downward pointing giant boner at my distended asshole as I looked up at his ass and defined back muscles. He shoved it in nice and slow so that his dump would stay lodged inside his foreskin as much as possible. Then Joe began fucking me. The whole time he ran his big dick in and out of my giant, stretched anus, I could look up to see his ass lips hanging open from his dump. They were shit-smeared and sticking out a bit more than before. Joe started flexing them for me and managed to shit some more right onto my chest and even my chin. It wasn't a lot but it was hot to know that this hot basketball player was shitting and fucking at the same time, kind of like when I'd masturbate and shit at the same time.

It was a good thing that Joe was able to hold my legs back from his straddling position since I wasn't about to let go of the rest of the pile of crap that Joe had dumped into my hand. After fucking me for a while though, Joe said he was really close and didn't want to come yet. So he pulled out. Once his giant dick cleared my hole, I let go with a loud slurping sound from my wide open ass lips and then farted hard. Joe said he could feel my fart going up around his dick.

Pretty much all of the shit in his foreskin had been fucked out into my still shit-stuffed rectum. Joe helped me to my feet and asked me if I wanted to take a quick break and drink some water. Yeah, I said.

We walked back out into the locker room still piss-soaked and with me still holding Joe's dump in my left hand. Joe handed me a bottle of water and I started gulping it down while he did the same. Once we were done, we stood there practically breathless.

This was one of the sexiest times of my life. My exams with Doc and my playing around with Nathan were hot but I felt a sexy connection with this fellow college boy that was different. In its unusual way, it seemed as though this was a date that Joe had asked me on. Maybe it was far from a traditional date but it was my first one ever and it was worth waiting for.

One of the hottest guys on campus had tasted my piss, felt my farts and sucked on his big dump in front of me. He wanted to share all our bodily functions and to me that was sexier than anything all the boring average guys in the dorm could ever think to do.

As we stood there with our boners still dripping semen on the bench and floor, Joe looked down at my discarded underwear and said it looked cleaner than he would have guessed.

"I'd like to mess them up but I don't want my stupid roommate to see them or anything."

"That's too bad," Joe said. "I really like to fill my shorts when I know I've got a major dump in me. You ever do that?"

"No. I want to so badly though. I'd like to go for a walk some time feeling my dump held tight against my hole by my briefs and jeans."

"Well maybe we can go for a walk together and do that sometime. We could hold our hands against the big mounds we make in the seats of our pants."

"Sounds hot Joe. You'd really do that with me?"

"I told ya Rob. I don't want to just mess around once with you. I want to do this stuff a lot. With you."

We were quiet for a second before Joe continued. "I'm tired of coming down here alone to just shit on the floor or in my hand. I want to take a dump for you and to watch you take another huge dump for me like you did in Doc's office yesterday. I want to show you all the ways I play with my shit."

"I'd really like that too Joe."

He then said in a quiet voice, "Let's go back into the toilet."

As we started walking back into the toilet, Joe started to piss again. His massive stream went all over his legs and feet as he walked along pissing straight down in font of himself. I started to let go my urine at the sight of this hot guy just pissing like a horse. With my right hand, I pushed my dick out in front of me and pissed all over the gym toilet not caring where my urine splattered.

Once we finished pissing, Joe took some of the dump I was still holding and smeared it all over his long penis. I did the same to my boner with the rest of it. We started to masturbate for each other.

As we got closer, Joe told me to give him a signal when I was about to cum. I nodded and said `now' as Joe dropped to his knees and put his mouth on the end of my shit-covered penis. I blew my sperm right into Joe's mouth. My legs were shaking as I watched Joe swallow my sperm and some of his shit.

He looked up at me and grinned, saying he was ready to blow. I told him I wanted his sperm the same way. So Joe stood up as I dropped to my knees in front of him. He grunted as I stuck my tongue back under his foreskin and waited for his orgasm. He shot a huge load all over my tongue, the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat. I thought I'd choke but managed to hold it in and swallow. I stood up and we just stared up and down at our naked, smelly bodies. We grinned at each other; our lips coated with sperm and shit.

Joe said, "That was so hot Rob. I wish we could keep going all night."

"Me too," I panted back.

After a few minutes of catching our breath, we started to clean up. Joe grabbed a mop and did a bit of cleaning our piss and the few bits of shit that didn't cling to us. Then we went to take a shower. While showering, we had a contest to see who could piss the farthest. Both streams were real long but we couldn't really tell who won. Joe's piss went straight out so he had more distance. My piss arced up into the air so it might've been longer overall.

The contest got us so turned on again that we started to masturbate again when Joe said, "I wish we had more lube."

"I got some, Joe." I turned around standing in the middle of the shower room and just opened my ass up and shit on the floor while standing straight up with my legs spread. Joe watched, amazed and turned on at my casual dump. Or rather, his dump, since this was the shit he'd jammed up my hole with his dick earlier. We each picked some of it up and started masturbating with it all over our dicks. Joe blew his load first this time, firing some long cum streams right onto my belly. Then he came around behind me and, with his left hand wrapped around my chest, pulled me back into his naked body. His big dick was lodged between my ass cheeks. He grabbed my dick with his right and, holding me tight, jacked me off with his shit.

No one had ever jacked me off so this was new and really sexy, especially knowing it was a hot upperclassman who'd just pissed and cum for me and who was now holding my shit-caked penis in his hand. As I got close to my orgasm, I could feel Joe's hot urine unloading onto the back of my legs as he pissed yet again. This sent me over the edge and I shot another load so hard that it sailed up from my piss hole and hit my chin.

This was definitely the end of our sex stuff; we were totally spent! We finally cleaned ourselves up and quickly dressed. The clock on the wall of the locker room said it was past three AM. Neither of us was going to get much sleep before class tomorrow.

Joe and I were both really quiet as he locked up behind us and we walked back in the direction of the main campus and our dorms. As I was about to take the left fork in the sidewalk to the freshmen quad, Joe grabbed my shoulder and stopped me.

"Hey Rob. I've got my own room so if you want, maybe you could come back with me and spend the night. Or what's left of it." He seemed nervous asking.

"Are you sure that'd be OK, Joe?"

"Yeah, no one's gonna know. Besides, I'd kinda like it if you stayed."

Wow. This was way different from what I expected. Of course I said yes. It was late, so no one saw us sneak up to Joe's room in the upper class dorm. We got naked and climbed into his single bed in the dark. There wasn't much room, especially since Joe was real tall, but we squeezed together with me basically up against him with my left arm and leg wrapped around him. It was easy for me to sleep with a guy for the first time, especially knowing this was someone who'd done such incredibly horny things with me over the past two days.

We woke up in the morning with major boners. Joe grabbed the last two bottles of water from his backpack and, handing me one, downed the other. I gulped mine down. Then we sat facing each other and sort of leaning back so we could play with each other genitals and assholes. After a few minutes, Joe asked me if I had to piss. I was bursting and said so. So was he.

So Joe said, "Want to piss into the empty water bottles? We could drink each other's urine while you fuck me."

This was a hot idea! I held the water bottle under Joe's big penis. He pulled his foreskin back so I could see his big piss hole open up as he rapidly filled the bottle. Once Joe was done pissing in the bottle for me, I put it down as we pondered how to get my piss in the bottle. Since my erection stood straight up, it wouldn't be easy. Joe thought about it for a moment and then said for me to lie back into his arms. With my back pressed against his naked torso, we slid down into the bed so I was practically horizontal on top of him. He held my erection with one hand and held the other empty bottle flat against my belly with the other. The opening was pressed against my dickhead. I unloaded into the bottle with a super-powerful stream. My piss had so much pressure that I nearly knocked the bottle out of Joe's hand! Joe moaned a bit while watching my dick unload all that urine into the bottle.

Once I was done, we put the other bottle down and Joe sat back up a bit in the bed as I faced him. He pulled his legs up and showed me his big asshole. I dropped down and licked it really well. While I was sucking on his real big, hairless asshole, I started to blow air up inside it like Joe had done to me last night. Then I sat up and we grinned at each other. As I watched, Joe started to gather semen from his leaking boner and wipe it all over his shit lips until they were glistening. My dick was totally wet from my leaking precum too.

I scooted forward as Joe pulled his legs further back, displaying his asshole even more openly to me. I put my dick at the entrance to his hole and Joe pushed out, farting onto my penis. My dick slid in easily and I began to fuck him really hard. I pushed in and out getting lots of friction onto my dick and into Joe's rectum. While I fucked him, Joe stared into my eyes as he strained, bore down and farted around my dick over and over. This was hotter than any fuck could possibly be, I figured. I mean, how many guys get that extra vibrating feel of someone's fart massaging their penis inside the guy's rectum?

As I got closer to my orgasm, Joe picked up his dick and started to masturbate with his right hand. With his left, he reached up and grabbed the bottle with my piss in it and started gulping it down. I grabbed Joes's piss-filled bottle to do the same. The bottle was hot to the touch and Joe's urine was really strong. I loved it. We made non-stop eye contact as we gulped each other's rank urine. Once we drank it all, Joe grabbed both our bottles and dropped them to the floor. Then he grabbed me, pulling me forward to kiss him as we fucked and he farted once again. I'd never kissed anyone before so this was something else. But unlike ordinary kisses, this one seemed extra-intimate: we tasted our piss on each other's tongues and smelled Joe's nasty farts from his now very loose asshole. I couldn't hold it any longer and, moaning, I shot my sperm into Joe.

Once I was done, I pulled out and got down to suck my load out of his asshole. As Joe masturbated, I shoved my tongue way up there. Once I'd licked up my sperm, I raised my head up to show Joe the ass juices glistening on my face. He started jacking harder and pleaded with me to blow more air up his hole.

"I gotta fart some more Rob. It's so hot getting rank in front of you." I did as he asked and sat back up. He just stared at me as I watched him masturbate while his asshole pushed out and he ripped some really loud farts over and over. The dirtiness of farting and jacking off for me put Joe over the edge and he fired a huge sperm load straight up about four feet into the air. His load came splattering down all over himself.

Later, we got dressed and headed out to get some breakfast in the dining hall. It was practically empty by the time we got there. We'd both decided we were too wiped out to go to our early classes so we sat in a secluded part of the dining room and talked. I told Joe about my adventures with my brother, Nathan. Joe said that sounded awesome and that I should figure out a way to get him out to campus for a weekend soon. I told him we were already working on it.

Finally, we split up to head off to our different classes. Before going, however, Joe said he wanted to tell me something.

"Rob, I want to keep doing all this stuff we did last night and today with you. I want to do even more, get even more hardcore with you. I like doing the stuff we did with Doctor Sorenson too and want to watch you play with your brother and maybe join in that if he's OK with it. But I want to go beyond that stuff with you. I want to get to be friends too, or maybe even more. Is that cool with you?" He looked embarrassed and scared. This wasn't quite the Joe Brinks, campus jock, that I'd expected and it was kind of mindblowing and gave me butterflies in my stomach.

"Yeah Joe. That's more than OK. I want that too." Then Joe smiled at me and said he'd save me a big load for when he got back from his away game.

"I'm going to go for a record-breaker, maybe even bigger than your dump in Doc's office. And just remember, it's all yours!"