After my late night encounter with Joe, I was totally horny for the next two days anticipating my Friday afternoon exam with Doctor Sorenson. My constant erection during classes was further fueled that Friday morning when I ran into Joe as he was leaving the lecture hall where I had a class right after his.

Joe came right up to me with a slight smile on his face and said, "What's up, Rob? Do you have lunch right after this class?"

"Yeah, and I'm already starving."

Joe lowered his voice to a whisper and asked, "Building a big load for Doc?"

I just laughed and nodded yes to him. Then, whispering again, Joe said, "Is there any way that Doc might let you save your dump for when I get back from our away game? I want to share it with you big time."

"Maybe. I'll ask Doc if it's OK to hold it in a bit longer. I bet he'll be disappointed though."

"Yeah but Doc knows how to come up with so much other really cool stuff so maybe he'll agree. Tell him about using the gym real late like we did. Maybe he'd want to join us in there."

I said OK as I started to walk into class. Then Joe asked if I wanted to have lunch with him and I agreed to meet him in front of the dining hall after this class.

Well, my mind was going a mile a minute and not about today's lecture. I was trying to figure a way to get Joe, Doc and my brother Nathan into a four person scene as soon as possible. By the time class was over, the crotch of my jeans was starting to show a wet spot from all this. I was sweating a bit and could also smell my pits which didn't help keep my dick soft either.

After class, I met up with Joe and we went into the dining center to grab some lunch. Neither of us had another class that day so we could take our time and hang out. Well, at least we could talk until Joe had to meet up with the basketball team's chartered bus. The dining center wasn't very crowded and Joe and I sat well away from anyone so we could talk without being overheard. That was a good idea considering Joe's choice of topic outside of class earlier.

While we ate our lunch, we talked mostly about school, classes and other more routine stuff. Joe told me a bit about his home town too, as we got to really know each other better. We also teased each other a bit. Joe started it; he'd casually stick his hand in the sleeve of his t-shirt, massage his hairy armpit and then sniff it. I did the same thing while he watched, turned on and blushing.

After we were done eating, I told Joe that there was no way I'd be able to hold off until he got back from the basketball road trip; I was about to burst right in the dining center. My colon was starting to cramp up from the big load I was carrying and it would take all my concentration to hold it in long enough to get to the Doctor's for my anal exam.

Joe said, "OK but you've gotta promise to eat a lot and build up another good load for Sunday night. So, promise?"

"I promise. I can't wait to hook up again together."

"Yeah, me too. This time I want you to shit on me OK?"

"Fuck yeah. You better save your dump too, Joe."

"I will, dude. I can't wait to get it on with you again. If you learn some more cool stuff from Doctor Sorenson, you've gotta share it with me, too."

My dick was totally erect and leaking as we made plans to go wild in the empty locker room. I asked Joe if he'd ever done stuff like this with someone before.

"Yeah, sorta. Last August, a few weeks before school started, I had a pretty intense encounter with someone. You wanna hear about it?" Joe was into the idea of telling me a dirty story to keep me panting for him I guess.

"Tell me. Don't leave out any details, Joe."

Well, Joe's story was amazing. His encounter took place during summer break at home. Joe grew up on a farm near the gulf coast, a couple hours' drive from campus. There's not really a beach but a small public marina and oceanfront park with an area for swimming. Joe's been going down there on hot Sundays to swim ever since he got a car. He said that the park and marina are always pretty empty since it isn't really much of a tourist area at all. Nearby, however, is a small army training center so there are sometimes a few soldiers swimming there as well. Joe never really talks to them, figuring they don't have much in common.

At the marina, there is a public locker room, restroom and showers for boaters and anyone else at the park willing to pay the fee needed to get access. Normally, it's empty since no one really wants to pay up to use a public restroom. However, one day Joe paid his fee so he could take a piss and then shower off the saltwater before driving back home.

There were inner and outer doors, beyond which there was a space with lockers on one wall and a line of sinks on the other. Beyond that was a second room with urinals on the right and toilet stalls on the left. Further on was a big rectangular shower room.

Joe said that when he went inside, he could hear some guys in the shower. He went and pissed then pulled off his bathing suit, hung it on a hook on the wall and went into the shower. There were four guys in there, all soldiers judging from the dog tags they were wearing. All four looked to be about Joe's age but were a bit more muscular, probably from their physical training.

Joe took a shower head near them but not too close. Still, he said it was hard not to check them out and look at their dicks and asses. According to Joe, they were all pretty hot. There was one guy who looked to be about 25 years old or so who seemed to be the leader and who Joe sensed was checking him out as well. This guy had very short medium brown hair, was about 6'2" or so, with a medium build and good muscle definition. Joe noticed that this soldier had a moderately hairy chest and a trail of hair down from his pecs that widened out into a big pubic bush. His dick looked pretty large, even though it was soft.

Joe said that when he looked up, he could see that this soldier knew that Joe was checking him out and so Joe started to panic. However, the soldier just smiled at him and winked. The other soldiers were apparently oblivious, talking about some army stuff that Joe didn't get. The soldier who caught him then started looking up and down Joe's naked body. As he did, Joe said that he got a bit bolder and stuck two fingers into his foreskin to stretch it out. He was pretending to clean it while giving the soldier a demonstration of how big Joe's dick and hood were. The soldier seemed to like it since he began to bone up a bit. Then, while Joe watched, the soldier turned away from the shower spray and faced out into the middle of the shower room while staring down at his own dick. As Joe watched, the soldier started to take a piss on the floor. According to Joe, it was really hot to see this sexy, hairy soldier just casually let go right in front of him and the other soldiers. The way he was facing, it was obvious that he was putting on a show for Joe's benefit; the other soldiers were all facing away and had no clue that their army budding was pissing all over the place.

Shortly after the soldier stopped pissing, two of his buddies finished their shower and walked out. The hot soldier kept rinsing off in the shower as his other buddy left too. Now Joe and the hot soldier were alone in the shower. Joe decided to put on a piss show for this soldier so he thrust out his hips a bit and started to take a piss. Joe said to me that he still had a lot of urine stored up since the hot weather had him sucking down bottled water all day. Joe's piss stream shot straight down at the floor and all over Joe's feet as the soldier watched. Obviously, the soldier liked what he saw since he really started to get a boner, according to Joe.

After Joe finished pissing, the soldier turned off his shower and walked up to Joe and, in a thick southern accent, asked him if he was planning to come back to the park next Sunday. Joe nodded and said probably he would. The soldier then left to join his buddies and Joe finished his shower.

So then Joe told me that he was determined to come back next Sunday and he did. He said that he didn't see the soldier at the park, however. Joe said he was bummed about that and decided to head home. However, he had to take a dump so he went to the marina, paid his fee and got an access key to the facilities there. As Joe turned the corner to walk in, he spotted the soldier sitting alone on a bench nearby. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the soldier get up and walk toward the men's facility as Joe went inside.

Joe entered one of the stalls and locked the door. He pulled off his swimsuit and hung it on a hook on the back of the door. He was now totally naked as he sat on the toilet. Joe noticed that the left side of the stall had a pretty big hole cut in it so you could see into the other stall. On the right, however, the wall was solid. Joe said that he cut a massive fart that echoed around the room at the same time that he heard the door open. He cut another fart and was preparing to take a dump when he decided to hold off since he figured it might be the soldier. Someone entered the stall on his left so Joe peaked carefully through the hole in the wall and saw that the guy in there was definitely the hairy young soldier. He was taking all of his clothes off too as Joe watched a bit more boldly now. Once the soldier was naked, he leaned down to the glory hole and looked into Joe's stall. So Joe leaned back on the toilet and pulled his dick up onto his left thigh so the soldier could get a closer look. The soldier moaned slightly when he noticed that the tip of Joe's long dick was wet; his genitals were so big and low hanging that when Joe sat down on the toilet both his dick and his balls splashed into the toilet water.

The soldier told Joe to push his big dick through the hole so Joe got up, shaking with horniness, and put his dick through. The soldier grabbed Joe's rapidly erecting dick and began to play with it. This was the first time that Joe had been touched by anyone. He knew then that he was going to have sex for the first time in his life and in one of his favorite fantasy places, a public bathroom.

The soldier started licking around Joe's dick and then stuck his tongue into the foreskin. Joe said the feeling was awesome, just like when I'd sucked on his big, loose dick skin. Then, the soldier started to give Joe his first ever blow job. Joe said that he grabbed the top of the toilet stall and spread his legs wide, thrusting his dick in and out of the soldier's hand and mouth (Joe's dick was too big for just the guy's mouth so he played his hand up and down it too). While Joe got his giant dick sucked, he smelled his sweaty, exposed pits. After a few minutes, Joe said to the soldier in a quiet voice (even though they were alone in the men's room) that he wanted to suck dick too.

So the soldier backed off of Joe's dick while Joe squatted on the floor in front of the hole. The soldier stood up and pushed his big boner through. Joe said that it was about seven or eight inches long and thick, but not quite as thick as mine. The soldier's dick was circumcised and his erection stood straight out and pointed up at a forty-five degree angle. There was a big drip of semen on the end of it and Joe stuck his tongue out to taste it before he started sucking away just like the soldier had sucked on him.

While sucking on the soldier's dick, Joe accidentally let rip another really loud fart. Joe said there was no way to hold his farts in while in that squatting position. Before Joe could even get embarrassed, however, the soldier moaned out loud and said `oh yeah, cut that big fart, kid.' So while Joe sucked on his first dick, he concentrated, bore down on his big asshole and cut another long rumbling fart. The soldier said, `that's it, keep `em coming.'

Then the soldier pulled his dick out of Joe's mouth and squatted down so they were facing each other through the glory hole. The soldier said in his southern accent, "Kid, do you have to take a dump?" Embarrassed again, Joe just nodded yes. But what the soldier said next, Joe told me, sent a shiver right through his crotch and uncut dick. "Think you could take a shit while I watch?" Joe nodded yes again, too blown away at the idea to form words.

"Cool," the soldier continued, "climb up on the can and face away from me so I can see all the action."

Joe climbed naked onto the toilet so he was squatting with his back to the soldier. As Joe looked down behind him, he could see the soldier masturbating from under the partition wall thanks to a good two foot gap between the wall and the floor. Fuck, Joe thought, this guy is really into it. So Joe said he decided to show the soldier that he too was into really enjoying his big dumps. As Joe squatted on the toilet, flexing his asshole, he reached down with his right hand and held his palm right under his blossoming ass lips.

The soldier said, "Yeah kid, fill your hand up. Feel your dump pile up." Joe said that his asshole really opened up and he could feel a really hard turd slowly slide out as Joe kept pushing. The soldier kept saying `oh fuck' over and over as Joe crapped in his hand for him. Joe told me that the turd was long, about nine or ten inches and really hard.

"Get down from there and show your dump to me up close," the soldier whispered. So Joe got back into a squatting position in front of the glory hole and held the giant turd up to his face. He could hear the soldier breathing hard trying to smell Joe's dump.

"Fuck, kid, that's a huge load," the soldier said.

"It's pretty normal for me," Joe replied. Joe said to me that this was the most intense sex feeling he'd ever had to that point in his life. He loved to play with his shit and piss but never figured he'd be able to do it in front of someone else. This encounter gave him the nerve to make the videotape for Doc and me.

Joe said to me that he was so hard and horny from letting the soldier watch him take a dump and hold it in his hand that he decided to really go for it and do something gross. So, while the soldier watched through the hole in the partition, Joe opened his mouth and slid the tip of his big turd in. He gave his dump a blow job while the soldier watched, astonished.

"Oh man, taste that thing, it's so fuckin' hot," the soldier moaned. While Joe slid the turd back and forth in his mouth, he felt the soldier reach under the partition and move his hand under Joe's ass. The soldier started feeling all over Joe's unwiped asshole. Joe said it was the most awesome feeling knowing that the fingers rubbing all over his protruding ass lips were getting some of his shit on them.

Joe pulled the turd out of his mouth, and again while the soldier watched, Joe ran his tongue all over his big dump, licking it everywhere. With his left hand, Joe also reached under the partition and felt the soldier's asshole. He told me it was pretty small but flexing in and out in a really sexy way. He thought the soldier was trying to fart in his hand and that made Joe's boner bounce around leaking semen all over his feet, calves and the restroom floor.

"Kid, I'm gonna piss, OK?" Joe nodded yes and the soldier began to urinate in a powerful stream that went up under the partition and right into Joe's crotch.

Joe told me, "I never figured anyone would piss on me and it was so hot. It's always been a major fantasy for a sexy guy to go to the bathroom on me. I thought I'd have to keep it a secret forever. Now you know why I want you to take a dump on me so bad! I really like you and all the stuff we've done so far and I wanna keep going for it."

I was turned on so much that there was no way I could leave that dining center with the huge wet spot in my jeans.

Joe continued his story. "So while he was pissing on my crotch, I started to let go too. My piss splattered on the floor real hard, splashing all over my feet and legs. It was so hot to look this sexy soldier in the eye as I just totally let go while licking my dump."

The soldier pulled his shit-smeared hand away from Joe's throbbing asshole and felt Joe's powerful piss stream instead. "Yeah, kid, just let it go. That's so hot." The soldier was more turned on and moaning constantly while Joe urinated on his hand.

Then with a whimpering tone, the soldier said, Push the end of that dump through the hole, I gotta check it out up close." So Joe pushed the end through. The soldier leaned forward and smelled it up close. Then, as Joe watched through the hole in the partition, the hairy-chested young soldier opened his mouth and went down on Joe's hard turd. Joe opened his mouth and sucked on his end as their mouths were drawn closer together across the distance of his big dump. Then, while Joe's hand was still fondling the soldier's anus, he felt the ass lips open up and stick out real hard. Joe said his mind was reeling because he knew almost instinctively what was coming next.

The soldier farted and about a split second later, a huge, semi-soft dump came barreling out of the soldier's asshole and splattered on the restroom floor and on Joe's hand. The soldier kept shitting and farting until a really large pile stacked up under his squatting body.

Joe said that he desperately had to check out this big soldier dump so he pulled off of the turd and crouched down on the piss-soaked floor to look under the partition. He said to me that what he saw made him gasp. There was the soldier's boner sticking up, leaking precum and right under it was a huge mound of soft shit. As Joe admired the sexy dump, the soldier slowly lowered himself slightly so that his balls were resting on the mountain of shit that he'd just pushed out.

The soldier said, `You like my dump, kid?" Joe said yeah, it was hot. So then the soldier said, "What do you want to do with it?"

Joe didn't say anything for a moment and then whispered, "I want to spread it all over my dick and jack off."

The soldier told Joe to grab some of it and start jacking off under the partition while the soldier put Joe's big turd back in his mouth. So Joe filled his hand with a big pile of the soldier's soft shit and rubbed it all over his long erection. Joe began to masturbate for the soldier while listening to him suck on Joe's hard turd. Joe said that from the minute he smeared the soldier's crap on his dick, Joe knew he was going to orgasm really quickly.

As he stood there masturbating in front of the hole in the partition, Joe looked down and saw that the soldier had taken Joe's turd out of his mouth and laid it on top of his dick which was sticking under the partition and into Joe's stall. The soldier used his left hand to slide the turd gently back and forth on top of his penis while he cupped his right hand and masturbated the bottom side his dick. It was almost as if the soldier was fucking his dick between Joe's turd and his hand.

Joe was so blown away by the awesome sight of this young, raunchy soldier playing with Joe's shit that he started to orgasm. Joe whispered loudly, "I'm going to cum" and then rapidly fired load after load of sperm down splattering on the floor and onto the soldier's hands and penis.

The extra lube from Joe's sperm must have done the trick because the soldier grunted and blasted his sperm up into Joe's stall and all over Joe's lower legs. Joe sat down on the toilet to catch his breath from this amazing sex encounter.

While they both sat still for a few seconds, they heard the outer door open and what sounded like at least two guys walk in. They were talking loudly as they got undressed and headed into the shower. Joe was in a panic since he realized what a mess he was and now there were strangers in the restroom. He could tell that the soldier was frozen in fear too.

Once the showers started, the soldier whispered to Joe, "Any ideas how we clean up and get the fuck out of here?"

Joe said, `Look," as he dunked his shit-smeared big dick into the toilet along with his hand and washed as much shit off as he could using the toilet water.

"Fuck, you are one nasty kid," the soldier whispered. "You're gonna get me boned up again." But the soldier must have figured it was as good an idea as any so he washed his hands and dick off in the toilet too. Before he did that though, the soldier placed Joe's hard turd down on the floor between the stalls and not far from the soldier's own shit pile.

Once they'd washed their hands and crotches off a bit, Joe put on his swim trunks and the soldier put on his shorts and t-shirt and they crept out of the stalls and over to the sinks in the front room to quickly wash any shit off their mouths before running out of there. The strangers were still in the shower as Joe, in a panic jumped into his old jeep to take off for home. The soldier ran up to him real quickly and said, "I come down here to swim most Sundays that I get leave. Maybe I'll see you around?"

Joe said, "Sounds cool but I'm off to college next week and won't be back for a while but maybe I'll see you again."

Well Joe said that was the end of the story except that while he drove home he got totally hard thinking about what he did back there and so he pissed and masturbated into his swim trunks.

I was so horny after hearing this story that I told Joe I wanted to do all that and more with him. Joe said he felt the same way. Then he noticed the time and said he had to run to the charter bus.

"One thing, Rob, which I have to ask you. Would you let me fist you again some time?"

"Oh yeah, I'd really like that."

"Cool. You can play in my ass too you know. I don't know if I can take a fist but maybe we could work up to it." Joe smiled at me and then said, as he walked away, "It'll be fun to practice."

Well after that, I couldn't wait for my appointment with Doctor Sorenson. I walked back to my dorm room to hang out until then, stopping to pick up my mail. There was a letter from my brother so as soon as I got back to my room I opened it.

Inside there was no note but instead another envelope holding what felt like some photos. Not just any photos but one's that I'd have to hide really well. In the first few, Nathan was using the dildos that I'd left behind for him during Fall Break. He was lying on his back with his feet in the air and the extra large dildo pulled just clear of his expanding asshole. My fourteen year old brother's ass lips were now huge and shit smeared as well. They stuck out a good inch or so and there was a wide open gap in the middle so you could almost see up inside his rectum. You could see his face and the expression was one of just total mindless horniness.

In the next group of photos, Nathan was pushing out a monster shit-load right onto a towel while in that same position. His asshole was even larger now as it stretched to take such a huge dump. Then, in the final photos of this series, he put the dildo back into his dirty boyhole and smeared shit onto his dick and started to jack off. In the final two photos, Nathan had a big chunk of shit in his open mouth and then in the last one, he had sperm all over himself along with his dump and what I guessed was piss.

Before figuring out a place to hide these pictures, I decided to take them with me to Doctor Sorenson's office and show him Nathan's ass-stretching progress. I figured that Doc would like the content of these pictures quite a bit. I couldn't wait to show them to Joe as well.

For the rest of the afternoon, I drank as much water as I could so my bladder would be just as over-full as my rectum. By the time I headed out to the Doctor's office at the campus infirmary, I was practically bursting. I was also totally erect from the talk with Joe at lunch and from looking at Nathan's photos. So I put those photos in my backpack, and set off for my appointment with Doctor Sorenson.

More to come...