I arrived at Doctor Sorenson's office at the campus infirmary right on schedule and buzzed to be let in. Doc came to the door, let me in and motioned for me to follow him back to the examination room. My penis was erect with anticipation and I was totally ready to do whatever the Doc had planned for me. One odd thing though, as we walked back to the exam room, Doc was unusually quiet.

I followed him into the examination room and stopped in my tracks. There was a young guy standing there waiting for us. I'd never seen him before but he struck me as slightly too old to be a student.

Doc said, "Rob, I'd like for you to meet Dr. Riley."

Doctor Riley held out his hand and we shook. He had a firm grip and said in a friendly casual way, "Nice to meet you Rob." He had a nice, slightly mischievous smile.

Doctor Sorenson continued, "Doctor Riley recently graduated from the same medical school that I attended and I was his alumni mentor."

"He helped me get an internship here at the local hospital," Dr. Riley added.

"I was explaining your condition and the treatment I've been helping you with to Dr. Riley and he expressed interest in learning more about and helping with your exam. That is, if it's acceptable to you," Dr. Sorenson explained.

I nodded and said, "Sure," in a somewhat breaking voice. In fact, if this was going to be a typical exam, then this was more than OK. Dr. Riley was very good-looking.

He was, as I later learned, 26 years old. Dr. Riley stood about 5'8" (same as me more or less) but was slightly stockier in a wrestler type of way. He had a very narrow waist but a somewhat more muscular chest and broad shoulders. His hair was jet black and wavy in a somewhat messy, curly style that was fairly short and, if it got any longer, would probably get quite curly. His eyes were deep blue and his skin was pale.

Also, he had a boyish smile that made him a bit younger looking than he was. Dr. Riley was wearing navy blue khaki-type pants and a light blue button oxford shirt. I immediately noticed that he had really large sweat stains in the underarms of his shirt. I also noticed that he must be pretty hairy; I could see short black hairs on his upper chest where his shirt was unbuttoned a couple notches below his collar. He had a bit of a beard starting, as if he needed to shave at least once a day (which was at least twice as often as me but, hey I was only eighteen at the time).

The last two things that I noticed as I stood there sweating a bit in the extra warm examination room: Dr. Riley had a really nice looking ass that wasn't really large but stuck out behind him really nicely and he also had what looked like a pretty well-stuffed crotch in his khakis.

I didn't have any idea how this examination would exactly go but I was hoping that it wasn't going to be awkward or anything. I mean, Doc wouldn't have brought his protege in unless he knew it'd be OK to do the exam in the way that we always did. Still, I was a bit nervous and apprehensive to do stuff like we did in front of this sexy stranger.

Dr. Riley interrupted my thoughts, asking "Shall we start the exam then?"

Doc looked at me and said, "Rob, why don't you remove your clothes and we can get started..."

I pulled off my t-shirt slowly so both Doctors could check out my sweaty and really bushy teen armpits. Then I pulled off my sneakers and socks and finally my jeans. I hesitated for a moment before pulling my briefs off. My dick was still erect and there was a massive wet spot that started earlier in the dining center during Joe's story and I kept leaking semen looking at my brother's photos of his asshole and his massive shit.

I stood there in my underpants looking at Doctor Sorenson with what I guess was a bit of a `what next?' look on my face. So Doc said to Doctor Riley, "Notice how Rob's penis discharges such a large amount of semen?" Doctor Riley nodded yes. Doc continued, "Because of his enlarged rectum, Rob's prostate is under more pressure so his erections are unusually wet. This is particularly true when Rob needs to defecate." I just stood there slightly embarrassed but even more excited and I could feel more precum ooze out of my erection.

Doctor Riley looked me in the eye and said, "Rob, do you need to defecate now?"

"Yes, Doctor Riley, I've been holding it in for several days now, since my last treatment with Doctor Sorenson, actually."

Doctor Sorenson said, "That's great Rob. I explained to Doctor Riley that your anal stretching treatment allows you to generate excessively large turds. Perhaps we can demonstrate to him how much progress you've made?"

"Sure, Doc, if Doctor Riley wants to see, that's OK with me."

Doctor Riley said, "Yes, Doctor Sorenson and I discussed this earlier and I'd really like to watch you defecate. Then I'd really like to measure all the dimensions of your turd." Wow! This sexy young doctor was interested in watching me take a dump. Suddenly, almost all my apprehension at this situation evaporated.

Doc said, "OK Rob, why don't you remove your underpants so that Doctor Riley and I can examine your entire body?"

As I pulled my briefs off, my erect penis slapped my abs hard and literally squirted semen into my big pubic bush. I didn't know if the doctors could smell my sweaty crotch but I sure could. There was a really rank sweat smell and a bit of a shit smell since I'd managed to squeeze a couple of farts out earlier that afternoon while talking to Rob.

Doctor Sorenson then turned to Doctor Riley and said, "Ever since we started the anal stretching treatment, Rob's rectal muscles have become much stronger. This has allowed him to increase the force of his urine stream considerably."

"Is that true Rob?" Doctor Riley asked me.

"Yes Doctor. I always pissed pretty hard but now it's even more powerful. Sometimes, when I take a dump, my urine shoots over my head. It's real wild."

"Rob," Doctor Sorenson asked, "Why don't you urinate if you can while Doctor Riley and I watch?"

"Sure Doc," I replied as I concentrated on pissing. I was standing in the middle of the exam room totally naked as these two sexy doctors looked at my erect dick and eighteen year old body. Before my piss stream could even start, I cut a quick fart that really vibrated past my swollen, distended anal lips.

At first, my piss dribble out and down my penis and over my balls but within two seconds of that, I really cut loose. My urine literally hissed out of my piss slit and shot straight up in the air. I just stood there, naked and erect and with my hands behind my back as my tall fountain of urine shot up and rained down on my chest and on the floor in front of me as my horny penis vibrated back and forth. As I got into urinating for these two doctors, my piss stream gathered even more force and really shot up above my head before cascading back down. Some of it got into my face, especially as I leaned back subtly so that I could show the doctors how much I enjoyed going to the bathroom on myself. I was secretly hoping that they'd go to the bathroom on me soon (and not just piss either).

As my piss finally slowed up, I cut a long, rumbling fart that was especially loud and sort of wet sounding. Even before my big teen asshole was done blasting gas out, Doctor Riley looked straight into my eyes and pushed his ass out behind him a bit and let go a big fart of his own. It really echoed in his pants with a dull thunderous roar. I wanted so bad to be kneeling behind him so I could smell his big fart. Maybe he'd have more gas, I hoped.

So I stood there in front of the two doctors with urine dripping from my cheeks, chin, chest and my totally soaked pubic bush. I was standing barefoot in a huge lake of my piss. Needless to say, my erection was standing up even straighter with my still-dripping piss hole pointed up at the ceiling.

Doctor Riley looked at me and said, "That was excellent Rob. You really do urinate with amazing strength." Then, turning to Doctor Sorenson, he asked, "Would any of you mind if I pissed? I'm really ready." Both Doc and I said sure go ahead. In fact, Doc agreed that he needed to take a piss too.

So Doctor Riley reached down and unzipped his pants as Doctor Sorenson followed suit. I watched, fascinated and turned on as Doctor Riley reached into his pants and pulled both his large penis and his balls out and let them just hang there as Doc and I both stared. Doctor Riley's dick was hard and really big. It was very thick, about eight and a half inches long and stuck straight out of his fly pointing up just slightly before a downward curve toward the really large head. His penis was uncircumcised too. Doctor Riley didn't have as huge a foreskin as Joe did, though. His dick skin was thinner and stretched over his dick head but didn't quite cover the large, pouting piss slit at the end pointing at me. Because his foreskin was much tighter than Joe's, you could see under it the full outline of his dick head and it looked very long, wide and fat. Overall, his big dick was shaped like a sort of blunt-ended upside down banana. Doctor Riley's balls were very big and somewhat hairy, with short black curls and I could see some of his black pubic bush poking out of his fly too. His balls didn't hang down much but were really full looking and drawn up tight to his hog.

Doctor Sorenson pulled his big dick out too. It curved up in that way I'd become familiar with from past examination. Both Doctors' penises were wet on the tips so I guess my piss demonstration was something they'd enjoyed! LOL...

Doctor Riley put his hands in the back pockets of his pants as he stood there looking down at his penis. I was looking directly at his piss hole anticipating that he'd piss soon. Suddenly, his big piss hole pouted open even more and a big stream of urine shot out followed by a steady, powerful piss stream that extended from his penis to about six feet in front of him. It splattered loudly on the floor just to my right, and I could feel his urine splashing onto my right foot and calf. Then, Doctor Riley pivoted slightly so that his dick was aimed at me soaking my upper thighs. I immediately spread my legs and squatted down just slightly so that Doctor Riley could urinate directly onto my erection. It was so hot as I watched his huge penis shoot his piss right onto my upward pointing dick shaft. It almost felt like I was being masturbated by his piss stream.

While Dr. Riley continued to urinate on me, Dr. Sorenson began to piss too. His powerful stream arced up and out landing on my abdomen mostly. Some of his awesome piss splattered up onto my chest and all of it drained down through my hairy pubes and off my balls and down my thighs. I really got off on these two sexy doctors pissing on me at once, especially since they were pissing onto my erection and all over my smelly crotch.

As Doctor Sorenson's piss stream slowed, he let out a really loud and long fart. The pressure from it caused his piss to first stop and then fire out with amazing force as it hit me square in the chest and even my face. Pretty soon, though, both doctors ran out of piss. Then, I just stood there dripping piss and standing in an incredibly large pool of urine from all three of us.

We were all quiet for a moment until Dr. Sorenson suggested that I should climb up onto the exam table. He asked me squat on top of the table facing its side with my legs well-spread so I did. I leaned back slightly on my hands so that my penis and asshole were both clearly visible to the doctors. I knew that my ass lips were sticking out and really swollen; they could barely hold my big dump much longer.

Then, Dr. Sorenson turned to his protege and said, "Dr. Riley, why don't we remove our clothes so that we can continue the exam in greater comfort?"

"Good idea. I don't want to get `em messed up either," Dr. Riley responded. By that point, Dr. Sorenson had already removed his shirt and was unbuttoning his pants. I watched Dr. Riley take his clothes off. First, he kicked off his loafers, pulled his dress socks off and stuffed them into his shoes. Next, as he unbuttoned his shirt, I could see that he had a pretty hairy chest. His skin was pale but his pecs were pretty well covered with very short black hairs. The same short black hair ran in a line down to his navel and then fanned out into the waistband of his pants. As Dr. Riley pulled his shirt off, I could tell that he had really hairy armpits too. The thick black hair in his pits stuck out even with his arms against his sides. Finally, Dr. Riley began to pull down his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear. As he pulled them down, he turned away from me to put them on the hook on the door to the exam room. His ass was really sexy. It was muscular, stuck out and hairy too. He had short black hairs spreading out from his ass crack onto his firm, big butt cheeks. Then, Dr. Riley turned around and my penis started leaking even more semen at the sight of this naked doctor. His uncut dick looked even bigger curving up, out and finally down from a very large pubic patch. His pubes spread out very wide across his lower abdomen and above his erection.

As Dr. Riley walked over to me, I could tell that he was super-hard since his big boner barely moved at all. Dr. Sorenson, who was also naked and erect by now, walked over so that he was standing in front of me to my left and Dr. Riley was standing next to him but to my right as I squatted facing into the room from on top of the paper-covered exam table.

Dr. Riley leaned down a bit to get a good look at my asshole as Dr. Sorenson said, "Notice how Rob's anus is extremely distended. When he first came to me his anus barely protruded at all. Even then, it just protruded slightly and only did that right before he defecated."

Dr. Riley, without looking up from the view of my asshole, asked me "Is that true Rob. Have you noticed a real change in the size of your anus?"

"Definitely! Just the other day for example, I bent over to re-tie my sneakers and I could feel my ass lips rubbing against the seat of my jeans. It was great. Plus, I can tell that my anus is bigger when I masturbate. I used to barely need one finger to rub on my hole and now I can play all my fingers of one hand on it and just barely rub the whole surface."

"That's great Rob!" Dr. Riley responded. "So you find that your masturbation pleasure has increased as well, then?"

"Oh yeah, did Dr. Sorenson tell you about one time during my exam what happened?"

Dr. Riley turned to Dr. Sorenson with a questioning look on his face.

Doc explained, "During a recent anal exam, Rob slowly pushed a very large turd out of his anus. His ass lips had become so swollen and sensitive that apparently the friction of his dump caused him to ejaculate without any manual stimulation of his penis. It was really incredible."

Dr. Riley looked amazed and blushed a bit. He quietly said, "I understand what you're saying. I've come close to orgasm while taking a shit but never quite achieved it. You're a real lucky kid, Rob."

Before I could say anything, I felt my ass lips open out further and suddenly I farted. Dr. Riley and Dr. Sorenson both squatted down in front of me as Dr. Riley asked whether I could fart again.

So I bore down and let go with a really loud, long rumbling fart. I could feel my shit lips really vibrating and I noticed Dr. Riley lightly rub his index finger over the piss hole of his penis as he wet himself at the sight of my smelly big fart.

Dr. Riley looked up at me and asked, "Rob, would it be OK if I examined your anus more closely?"

"Sure Dr. Riley, that's what I'm here for," I said to him.

From my squatting position on the exam table, I looked down at Dr. Riley as he too squatted naked and erect in front of me. He grabbed his penis with his left hand and squeezed it while dragging his hand toward his dick head. A huge glob of semen appeared around his piss hole and Dr. Riley gathered it up with the index and middle fingers of his right hand. Then, as I watched amazed, Dr. Riley brought his precum-covered hand up to my big distended asshole and gently smeared it all over my ass lips.

This sexy, hairy young doctor then proceeded to massage all over my big teenage anus with the fingers of his right hand. It felt so great that as I watched, my own super-hard erection let out a steady, heavy stream of my semen which poured down my dickshaft and over my balls. There was so much of the stuff that I could feel it running over my balls and drip down on the paper cover of the exam table. Some of my dick juice got all over Dr. Riley's arm too. With his left hand, he gathered up my semen and added it to my asshole while his right hand continued to massage me down there.

All this time, Dr. Sorenson was keeping himself busy watching Dr. Riley rub my asshole with our precum. At the same time, I noticed, Doc was also playing with his own asshole while squatting next to Dr. Riley in front of me. I figured he had to be flexing his asshole pretty hard because there was a long line of precum hanging from his pisshole and dripping onto the urine-soaked floor.

Then Dr. Riley, still looking directly at my blossoming asshole asked, "Rob, can you try to pass more gas for us?" Fuck, he wanted to feel my big farts! I really wanted to do that for him so I bore down real hard on my asshole and as I felt my ass lips open up wider, I cut a really loud and nasty fart. Because Dr. Riley's cupped right hand was right under my asshole, I could feel the wind from my rectum bounce off his hand and blow back allover my asshole and even my balls. All three of us were sniffing the air pretty loudly as we tried to smell by huge fart.

Then, Dr. Riley spoke again, "That was great Rob. Do you think you can do more?"

I tried and pushed out but couldn't produce any more farts. But my pushing was having another effect, however.

I quietly told the two doctors, "I'm getting close to taking a dump."

Dr. Riley, who by now had inserted his semen-coated fingers into my hole, said, "Yes Rob, I can feel the end of your turd and it's very close to the opening here."

Then Dr. Sorenson said, "Why don't you go ahead and shit onto the exam table while Dr. Riley and I observe." Then, Doc turned to Dr. Riley and said to him, "If today's example is typical for Rob, you'll note that his anal stretching allows him to produce much larger than normal dumps. So far, the largest we've recorded during an exam was fifteen inches in length and over three inches in diameter."

Dr. Riley looked up at me as his cheeks turned bright red. "That's incredible Rob. The biggest I've ever done was eleven inches and only about two inches thick and I thought that was pretty awesome."

I was now so turned on to hear this hairy young doctor admit that he too measured his turds and liked them big. I felt my big ass lips open and blossom out even more as my turd poked out of my hole. Dr. Riley was still touching the end of my big dump while I lifted higher off the table to give more room under me since I knew I was going to shit really big in front of them.

Dr. Riley pulled his hand back so he could watch me as I took a dump now in full view of both doctors. I tried to let my shit come out slowly so it could really rub my ass lips along the way. It felt awesome to be crapping so sensually especially with an audience. After a few more seconds of my large column of shit sliding out, I heard a heavy sound as my turd hit the paper covering on the exam table. I began to move back a bit so I could lay my dump out in a straight line if possible so we could really check it out for size later. The expression on both doctors' faces was hot. They were totally turned on watching an eighteen year old guy shit right in front of them.

As I kept sliding shit out of me, I looked down and could see the end of my giant dump lying on the table. The head of my turd was huge! It must've been at least three inches wide and the whole surface was hard and knotty with some bits of ass mucus on it. I knew that I wanted to put it in my mouth and hoped that would be OK in front of this new doctor.

Finally, I felt the end of my turd fall from my ass lips and slap down onto the exam table. I kept pushing out to see if there was any more shit I could expel in front of these two sexy doctors. As I pushed really hard, Dr. Riley looked up at Dr. Sorenson and said, "Wow, he's practically prolapsing! That's incredible for someone so young."

"I can really prolapse well when Doc gives me the stretching treatments." I said this to Dr. Riley with more than a bit of turned-on pride.

Doc told me to get up from the exam table so I did. The three of us were then standing naked next to each other (me in the middle) while we all looked at my huge turd lying on the paper cover. I stood so close to Dr. Riley that I could now smell his underarms for real and it seemed he hadn't showered in a while. Sweat was visibly pouring down his sides from his hairy pits, too. All three of us had major erections still.

"Gee Rob," said Dr. Riley, "That has got to be one of the largest turds that I've ever seen."

"It is pretty awesome, isn't it Doc?" I said. I was so turned on at this point that whatever initial inhibitions I might have had in front of this new doctor had definitely fallen away.

Then, Dr. Sorenson interrupted to say to me, "Would you like to measure it for us, Rob?"

I nodded yes and walked over to the cabinets on the other side of the room and got out the tape measure that I knew was in there. When I turned around to walk back to the doctors, I looked down at Doc's asshole and the sight was unbelievable. He must have already stretched his anus pretty hard before I arrived because his asshole was totally prolapsed!

The red insides of his rectum were hanging out between his ass lips in a sort of knotty cone shape. It was an incredible sight, especially since I noticed that it was also leaking what looked like some fairly loose shit that dripped onto the floor and the back of his thighs. My penis literally squirted semen up and onto my abs at the horny sight of Doc's monster-sized asshole.

I walked up between the two doctors and pulled out the tape from its holder. As we all stood amazed, Dr. Riley let out a low whistle and said, "Sixteen inches!? How long have you been building up that load?"

"About three days now. It felt wonderful to push it out from my anus."

"I'll bet," continued Dr. Riley, "I wish I could make some that big. Now I can see why you'd ejaculate while taking a dump. Amazing..."

While we all admired my big dump, I turned to Dr. Sorenson and said, "Doc, I couldn't help noticing that you're prolapsing. Have you been stretching already today?"

Once I posed the question, Dr. Riley leaned back and saw Doc's giant asshole for apparently the first time. His mouth was slightly open and his overall facial expression was one of total horniness. He even moaned slightly.

"Yeah Rob, I was stretching for most of the day until you and Dr. Riley arrived. There weren't any appointments earlier so I took the opportunity to insert a very large dildo in and then later I used the speculum to hold my anus open for a while. I also used a new type of stretching equipment that I'd like to have both you and Dr. Riley try today if both of you are game."

We both nodded yes to the idea of a new ass-stretching toy. Since it was clear that we were going all the way with this new doctor, I decided to do everything I wanted without holding back at all.

"Doc," I said, "There's a lot of leakage from your prolapse. Is it OK if I clean it up a bit?"

"Sure Rob, that'd be great."

Dr. Riley gave us a puzzled look and asked Doc, "How's he going to do that?"

At that same moment, however, I squatted down behind Dr. Sorenson while he spread his legs and thrust his ass back at my face. Dr. Riley squatted down next to me for a better look as I stuck out my tongue and ran it all over Doc's giant prolapse. As Dr. Riley stared, rapt at what I was doing, he could see my tongue take big swipes of the wet shit and all the gooey ass mucus dripping from Doc's asshole. It tasted salty, bitter and awesome. Plus, it smelled so nasty but in that awesome way. The room smelled of our sweaty pits and crotches, my big turd and now Doc's leaking asshole.

While I kept licking his giant prolapse clean, Dr. Riley leaned in close and took a few big licks as well. I looked at him and saw some of Doc's ass slime on Dr. Riley's lips, making them glisten a bit before he ran his tongue over them to get all that slime into his mouth.

Then, I opened my mouth really wide and placed it over the end of Doc's inside-out rectum and started sucking hard. More wet shit from just inside made it into my mouth when, without warning, Doc's asshole extended out further and barely a second later, Doc blew a huge fart into my mouth. I could feel my cheeks puff out as Dr. Riley watched my swallow the big, loud fart coming from Doc's enormous asshole.

With that, Doc stood up straight, pulling his big prolapsed anus out of my mouth. Doc told me to pick up my dump from the exam table and place it on the floor in the middle of the room. Without any hesitation, I did as my doctor ordered. But before I put it on the floor, I stood face to face with Dr. Riley to show him that I liked to hold my turds and touch them. He reached out with his right hand and gently ran it over my giant turd to see just how hard and knotty it was. Then he grinned at me like he wasn't 26 years old but was a naughty kid. I smiled enjoying our mutual turn-on to my huge dump in my hands. I was standing so close to Dr. Riley that I could admire his hairy chest up close and feel the tip of his long, thick penis rub up against my erection pointing to the ceiling.

After I put my dump down on the floor, right in the lake of urine, Doc told me to climb back onto the table so that he could put the stirrups on me and we could begin my stretching exercise.

So I got up there and both doctors walked over to the bottom end of the exam table and together they adjusted the stirrups so that my anus was on display off the end for them. Once I was in place, Dr. Sorenson walked over to the other end of the table and raised it so I'd have a good view of what was going to happen next. He asked me to put my hands behind my head so that my hairy teen armpits were on display and easy to admire and smell too. Then, while Dr. Sorenson walked over to the cabinet on the other side of the room to get some KY, Dr. Riley leaned down and started licking my distended asshole!

He sucked loudly on it as I pushed out a bit so I could get as much of my anus in his mouth as possible. Then, Dr. Sorenson turned to walk back over, his long erection waving in front of him. And Doc was urinating the whole time! It was so sexy to lie there on the table having my asshole sucked clean while my doctor casually pissed the whole way back to me as if he was out in the woods alone or something. It was the most liberating and sexy thing to just let our bodily functions happen without any concern or shame.

Dr. Riley stood up and let Doc start to lube up my giant hole with his fingers. As usual, he started with just two fingers but within a couple of minutes he had all four in my asshole sliding in and out pretty fast.

Then Dr. Sorenson said to Dr. Riley, "Notice how loose Rob's anus becomes shortly after he expels one of his unusually large turds. It renders his rectum especially accommodating and really enhances the stretching treatment."

Dr. Riley just nodded while lightly massaging his penis. Then, Doc commanded me to bear down and push out very hard. I did, to the accompaniment of a very loud fart. At the same time, Doc inserted his hand into my anus and began to fist fuck me.

As Dr. Riley watched, Doc began to run his balled-up fist in and out of my super-stretched asshole faster and faster. This went on for at least ten or fifteen minutes. During that time, I pissed on myself a few times. One blast of urine even hit my chin again.

Doc started cutting some loud farts and I could tell that Dr. Riley was massaging Doc's huge prolapsed anus while watching me get fisted. Then, Doc gave me a brief nod of the head and pulled his hand all the way out of me. I pushed down hard, pissed on my stomach and obviously from what I felt and from the look on their faces, prolapsed. The sound was amazing; there was both a loud slurp from my inside-out asshole and a giant fart that spat bits of ass mucus and leftover shit onto Doc's crotch and abdomen.

Dr. Riley, looking amazed, said, "That's incredible! Fuck, Doctor, this teenager has at least an inch and a half of his rectum protruding from his anus." I shook all over with the horniness of my raunchy accomplishment thanks to my sexy doctor.

Doc continued to punch-fuck my anus with his fist and each time he pulled out I let out a fart blast and pushed my guts into the open between my swollen giant ass lips.

Doc turned to Dr. Riley and said, "Would you like to try this? I think it would be OK with Rob wouldn't it?" He looked at me.

"Of course," I replied. "Dr. Riley, I'd really like it if you fisted me."

So Dr. Riley, rendered speechless with horny lust, lubed up his hand and forearm and began to fist me. He was gentle at first, too gentle. So I grunted a few times and pushed my giant anus out and squirted shitty lube and ass slime onto him the same as I did to Doc earlier. He got the message LOL!

While Dr. Riley picked up the pace and began to really get into punch-fucking my teen rectum like Doc did, Dr. Sorenson climbed up on the exam table facing me straddling my crotch. He squatted low, farting, then reached behind himself and pulled my super-hard and semen-covered erection up from my belly and sat on it. The feeling of Doc sitting his giant asshole onto my dick was amazing. He was really loose so it was a soft and really wet feeling as his prolapsed asshole wrapped around my erection.

But instead of bouncing up and down on my boner, Doc pushed down on his butt and started to take a dump. As he did that, he began to urinate onto my chest and up to my face and open mouth.

From behind him, I heard Dr. Riley say, "Yeah, shit out around his big teen dick."

My penis is really thick so there wasn't that much clearance around it, even with Doc's anus as big and stretched as it is. So he really had to push hard and his huge dump squeezed and slid all over my dick shaft as it exited Doc and built up all over my crotch. The feeling along my horny and excited penis was amazing.

Some of Doc's shit slid down past my balls onto Dr. Riley's arm. He didn't flinch at all. Instead, Dr. Riley pushed some of Doc's dump into my open, relaxed asshole. I really loved the dirty thought that another man's shit was now inside of me.

Once Doc finished shitting and pissing, he got up off of the exam table and went back to where Dr. Riley continued to fist me hard. "Doctor, if you need to take a dump, perhaps now would be a good time. Then we can try out the new stretching equipment."

`Sure thing Doctor." Then Dr. Riley pulled his hand out of me one last time. Still, he spent a couple of seconds massaging my prolapse as it stuck out from my anus. Dr. Riley then gathered up some of Doc's massive dump and walked, giant erection leading the way, over to me. It was so sexy to see this hairy young dark-haired doctor walking erect up to me with a pile of shit in his outstretched hand.

He just looked down at me and placed the shit on my chest. I looked up at him and said, "Doctor, can I please lick your armpits?" I really wanted to do that from when I first walked into the office and saw the sweat stains on his shirt.

Dr. Riley just nodded and lowered his sweaty right armpit down and let me lick it for a few minutes. Then he switched to his left arm. Both were really salty with sweat and it felt awesome to run my tongue through the coarse black pit hair. Then, while I took some of Doc's shit and began to massage it into my semen-soaked erection, Dr. Riley leaned down and started sucking and licking all over my right armpit. It felt so good to get licked out, especially knowing that my pits probably smelled even stronger than either doctor's armpits.

After finishing up with my armpit, Dr. Riley went and stood in the middle of the room straddling my big turd on the piss-wet floor. He spread his legs really wide and squatted down slightly, cupping his right hand under his ass. Dr. Riley's asshole was very large but not especially swollen. It looked as if it was naturally large and with a little work could achieve what Doc and I had already done with our formerly normal anuses.

I knew what Dr. Riley was getting ready to do and I had to watch it up close. So I got down off the table and knelt down on the floor while lightly rubbing my shit-smeared erection. As I watched, Dr. Riley farted real hard, his asshole opening up and his ass lips swelling up. The tip of a hard brown turd appeared between his fat ass lips and began to descend down toward his cupped hand. At first, his dump looked fairly average size but as it kept slowly emerging from his anus, it got larger and larger until it became really large. By then, his dump began to pile up in his hand.

I leaned forward to smell and then lick Dr. Riley's big dump even as it kept emerging from his bowels. It was hot and bitter and I thought it was really sexy knowing that the hairy young doctor probably never had anyone taste his shit before, especially not a clean-cut, normal looking eighteen year old like me.

When he finished, Dr. Riley stood up and held his massive shit pile up toward his hairy chest. I too stood up again and began to lick the huge coiled up turd. Dr. Riley leaned down and licked it with me.

Then, we both heard Doc fooling around with some stuff at the counter on the other side of the room and looked at what he was up to. Doc turned to us showing that he had what looked like three clear plastic cylinders with black hoses attached. Well, I wasn't so unworldly that I didn't know what a penis pump looked like and that's exactly what these were.

Doc told us to gather in a circle on the urine-covered floor, lying on our backs with our feet up in the air. Doc put some lube onto Dr. Riley's shit-smeared asshole as I watched, fascinated. Then, he placed the end of the pump over Dr. Riley's swollen anus and gave him the rubber pump ball on the end and told him to slowly squeeze it. As we watched, Dr. Riley's ass lips began to stick out farther and farther until they looked like they were at least an inch and a half long. It was an incredible sight.

Then, Doc prepped my prolapsed hole and put the end of the big pump over it. I took and squeezed the rubber pump and felt an amazing sucking on my asshole as it filled the vacuum. Dr. Riley looked over at me after a couple minutes of pumping and said in a near whisper, "Rob, your rectum is sticking out at least four or five inches now. Unbelievable. How does it feel?"

"It feels great Doctor. I love the feeling of my rectum hanging out of me." And I did! My penis was now constantly squirting semen all over my shit-caked pubic bush. While we were talking about my super-stretched vacuum pumped asshole, Dr. Sorenson was pumping his monster anus up too. It looked like a ruby red, knotty traffic cone sticking out of his huge shit lips. It was bigger than I'd ever seen!

We lay there for a few minutes looking at each other's pumped up assholes when, finally, Doc said to loosen a valve and pull them off. We did, to the sound of a loud slurping. Our assholes were now all sticking out obscenely pointing into the center of the circle where my dump, along with Dr. Riley's, piled up in front of us. We watched each other fondle our swollen assholes.

Without saying anything, each of us suddenly began to piss! Urine shot straight up in the air from Dr. Riley's penis and rained down on his belly, balls and asshole. I pissed up onto and over my head. Doc's piss went up in the air and arced back into his open mouth.

When we were done urinating, Doc asked Dr. Riley to help him insert the two big dumps into my stretched asshole. They both got up on their knees and began to grab chunks of Dr. Riley's shit and pushed it into me. Doc knelt in front of me while Dr. Riley straddled me so I could look at his pumped asshole while he stuffed me full again. Then, as I pulled my legs back and thrust out my open, relaxed asshole, Dr. Riley came around and lifted my long, hard turd up and sucked the end of it. He was trying to get a lot of spit on it before he stuffed it into me.

The feeling as Dr. Riley shoved my giant dump back in was amazing. It went in slowly so that I could feel each knot of it rubbing over my distended asshole. When he was done, my rectum was filled with more shit than when I'd walked into the exam room earlier that afternoon.

Doc then told Dr. Riley to lie on the floor on his back as Doc did the same. They were lying facing each other with Doc's long legs draped over Dr. Riley's and their assholes and balls touching. Doc pulled Dr. Riley's dick up against his own so that they were held close together.

Doc then said, "Rob, I want you to straddle us and squat down onto our penises. I want them both inserted in you along with both dumps. That should complete your stretching for the day."

Oh man! I was going to fuck myself on both giant penises at the same time. Then, Doc said one more incredible thing.

"As you slide up and down on our penises, I want you to push all of the shit back out of you onto our crotches. " Fuck! That was an awesome idea. I really couldn't wait to shit on these sexy young doctors.

So I squatted down, facing Dr. Riley who looked almost dazed with all the nasty stuff we were so casually doing. Both dicks went into me really easily since my teen asshole is now so huge. I slid up and down on them for a few minutes just enjoying the feeling of fucking myself on two huge erections simultaneously. Then, I began to push out hard expelling all of the shit slowly from my asshole.

I knew how it felt to the doctors since Dr. Sorenson had shit onto me while fucking himself on me earlier. It felt awesome for me too, now that the tables were turned. As I took a dump, I once again pissed from the pressure on my bowels. I aimed my piss out onto Dr. Riley's hairy chest. He opened his mouth and some of my urine went in and he swallowed it. Then he wiped the piss on his chest into his armpits and massaged them. While I bounced on their shitty boners, I massaged my hairy pits for the doctor's benefit too.

Loud farting sounds accompanied my huge second-hand dump. The shit really piled up on me hard squishing all over my balls and ass cheeks, not to mention all over both doctors' hairy crotches. Soon however, I finished shitting and kept fucking myself on them as I started to masturbate.

Eventually, I got up off their dicks and we all stood in a circle and masturbated to orgasm. I asked the doctors to shoot allover me, which they did. First, Dr. Sorenson shot a huge load of sperm all over my chest and into my face. Then, when Dr. Riley made sounds like he was about to orgasm, I knelt down and licked his shitty balls and pubes. He shot his sperm all over me and I was drenched in his huge load. Before he finished shooting, however, I opened my mouth and made him put the head of his smelly uncut penis inside so I could drink down as much of his sperm as was left. Believe me, there was plenty!

Then, I stood up and both doctors got down on their knees. They each licked allover my smelly, shit-stained crotch as I unloaded one of my best-ever orgasms all over their faces.

Well, we were definitely spent after that! As we cleaned up, I told them about my experiences with Joe earlier that week and they were really impressed. I also showed them the pictures of my dirty teen brother shitting for me. Doc said that we needed to bring him in as soon as possible for an exam.

Right before leaving, I asked Dr. Riley if he'd be back to help Doc with my exams. He said not only would he help out with my ass stretching but he hoped I'd be willing to help him as he started his own treatments with Dr. Sorenson. You bet I would!

I went back to my dorm room and, since I'd missed dinner, ordered a large pizza. I was still horny and determined to build up a big shit load for Joe on Sunday. Then, while waiting for the pizza to show up, I got a call from Nathan. I told him about my exam and he was whimpering with horniness. He wanted to jack off together on the phone but I told him I couldn't take a chance on my stupid roommate walking in without warning. But before we hung up, he said that he'd talked to our parents and they thought it'd be a good idea if he came down next week to visit the college and hang out with me. He said if it was OK with me, he could get there on Thursday morning and go back on Sunday. I couldn't wait!

Later that night, I got a call from Joe. It was clear he didn't have enough privacy to really talk but he listened as I told him about today's exam. He said he wished he'd been there and then in a whisper said, "I miss you and can't wait to get back." I told him that I missed him too.