My Trip to the Campus Doctor Pt. VII

After my wild Friday exam with Dr. Sorenson and Dr. Riley, I was pretty wiped out. I studied most of Saturday and then made plans to go to a campus at another dorm with some of my classmates. About an hour before heading out to the party, my phone rang and it was Joe. We couldn't really talk since my roommate was there but Joe said that they'd won the game that afternoon (which I already knew about). Then Joe told me that he'd be returning on the charter bus around noon the next day. We made plans to go to a pub near campus for burgers and beers and then to "see what happens afterward" in the empty men's locker room. I was erect all through the party thinking about getting together with Joe again.

So Sunday night Joe and I were having burgers and a few (or maybe more LOL) pitchers of beer at the bar. We were sitting in a reasonably secluded booth so I told Joe about my exam on Friday with the two doctors and about Nathan's impending arrival later in the week. He was totally turned on to the recount of my anal exam and said that his pants were wet from all his precum. Every now and then, when we were sure no one was looking, Joe would reach across the booth and stick a couple fingers up the sleeve of my t-shirt and play around in my hairy, sweaty armpits. Then he'd pull the fingers out and smell them and rub the sweat on his lips before smiling at me in a sort-of embarrassed way. I reached over and did the same to him. He was sweaty too and I liked the feel of his wiry, moderately bushy black armpit hair. He really smelled sweaty and confessed that he hadn't showered all weekend. He said that the only thing keeping his dick clean was from pinching his thick foreskin shut and filling it with piss before letting it out.

After dinner and the beers, we walked back to campus and out toward the field house. By now it was late enough on a Sunday night that the field house was locked up tight. So Joe got out his key and we snuck in. We went straight to the men's locker room and locked it with the deadbolt from inside, just like last time. We went into the main locker area and there, Joe grabbed me and kissed me. That was hot and totally different in feel from the sex stuff I did with the doctors or even my brother. Then, as we got naked, Joe and I talked about what might happen when Nathan visits.

"Do you think Dr. Sorenson will let me and Dr. Riley both come to your brother's exam?" Joe asked.

"Fuck, he better. Nathan wants to try everything and I think it'd be wild to have all of us doing stuff."

By now we were naked and once again I got a chance to check out Joe's awesome penis and testicles. He was so incredibly big down there when he was erect like now. The nozzle of foreskin flesh hanging off the end of his penis was glistening with his semen and a long strand of it poured straight down onto the floor of the locker room. Joe was casually playing his fingers in his pubic hair as I looked at his genitals. Joe was checking out my thick, hairy boner too. My dick was hard and pointed up straight, rubbing my abs a bit. My big pubic bush was sparkling with my precum from our hot talk at dinner and from anticipation of what we'd be doing soon.

I reached out and put my cupped hand into the flow of semen hanging off the end of Joe's dick. I brought it up to my mouth and licked up the salty dick snot. Then Joe came up close to me so our dicks were rubbing against each other. He grabbed my arms and held them up above my head, saying "I've been wanting to lick your armpits all fucking day." With that, he started in licking and sniffing my left pit. It felt awesome to have this tall twenty year old stud's tongue allover my super-hairy pits. Since both of Joe's arms were holding mine up, his hairy armpits were exposed too. So I started sniffing his smelly pits and then stuck my tongue out to lick them while Joe licked my underarms. The minute my tongue tasted the hair in his left armpit, I tasted more than sweat. They were definitely salty but also a really familiar sweet and bitter taste too. I looked Joe in the eye and he looked at me, brought his head back out of my hairy underarm and smiled wide.

"This afternoon, I went and sat on the toilet in the dorm with my shirt off and pissed all over my chest and pits. I thought you'd like the extra taste." He smiled again and so did I as I sent my tongue back into his piss-smelling armpits and went wild on them.

After licking each other for a while, Joe lowered our arms and started in on kissing me. As we kissed, he ran a couple of fingers around inside of his huge foreskin and then reached behind me to wipe a lot of his semen all over my distended teen asshole. It felt great knowing that his ball juice was going all over the big lips of my butt as he started running his fingers into the gaping, loose opening.

"Your asshole is really moist with butt slime. I bet it'll taste good when I wipe it on our lips," Joe said to me.

I replied, "First hold your hand right where it is for a second." He did and then I bore down and cut a loud fart while Joe massaged the inside of my asshole with three big fingers and ran his thumb all over my giant smelly shit lips.

We could both smell my big fart as Joe brought his hand up to our faces. It was totally covered in golden, nasty ass mucus and so we both stuck out our tongues to taste the shit-smelling snot that my asshole now makes so much of.

While we did that, I reached down and began to run my fingers all over Joe's big asshole too. While it wasn't a monster hole like Doc's, it was definitely way bigger than average (like the rest of his genitals) and I really got off on feeling it. It was kind of slimy too and so I told Joe.

"Yeah, I sweated a lot during the game and in the bus on the way back. Plus, I've got a massive lump of shit barely held in there. Hope you like it, Rob..."

"You gonna shit on me, Joe?"

"Yeah but only if you shit on me, Rob."

"I want to do that so bad." I paused and looked down, averting Joe's eyes and then confessed, "I want to eat some of your shit, too."

"We're both gonna definitely get some in our mouths."

"No," I continued, "I want to really eat a lot of your big dump."

"Fuck, Rob, that'd be awesome. I wanna eat yours too," Joe said as he rubbed his penis all over my crotch as we embraced. He was into it!

"Rob, I want to take the rest of my dump and push it up your ass with my fist. Then I want to eat it out of you, OK?"

"Have you really eaten shit before, Joe?"

"Only my own. I once ate a whole huge dump like the one I did on Dr. Sorenson's video. I had one of the best orgasms I ever had, at least until now that I've met you."

As we talked, I cut another rumbling fart. Then Joe looked me in the eye, grimaced slightly, and farted as I massaged his asshole with my hand. It's so hot to feel the wind coming out of Joe's shit chute. We started kissing again as we smelled all the gas coming out of us.

While we were kissing, my over-full bladder feeling started to get urgent. I broke off the kiss and told Joe that I needed to piss real bad.

Joe told me that he wanted me to piss all over his chest and into his mouth but that I should save some of it. "Just release enough to get us started and we'll drink more water to keep it up."

Ok, I said as Joe sat down on the end of one of the locker room benches with his legs spread and his huge boner and balls dangling below him. He leaned back on his hands behind him leaving his body totally open and ready to be pissed on.

Well, I couldn't hold it any longer and started to let go with a really powerful stream. We both watched as my piss slit opened up and urine shot up in the air and onto my chest before I pushed my penis out from my smelly bush and aimed it at him. I loved watching my piss shoot out all over Joe's naked twenty year old body. He was rubbing his hands in the piss splattering on his chest and wiping it in his hairy pits. I pissed even harder and it went into his face so Joe opened his mouth and let my urine splash against his outstretched tongue. As my piss continued, I looked down at Joe's hard penis as it dripped both my urine and his semen onto the floor and his big bare feet.

Then, as I checked out his dick, Joe's big foreskin nozzle ballooned out and he started to piss on the floor. While Joe pissed, my stream ended and I squatted down to get his urine onto my smelly crotch. It felt so good, like a cool kind of masturbation, to gyrate my erection in Joe's powerful stream.

Suddenly, Joe's piss stopped and he cut a loud fart. "I think I'm going to take a dump real soon. Maybe we should drink some more water and go into the toilet and get hardcore?"

"Sounds good to me," I agreed so we stood facing each other's urine soaked bodies and drank from the water bottles we brought with us in our backpacks.

So we stood there finishing our bottles of water and then waited for it to process a bit. While we did that we gently played with each other's penises. A couple of times, we'd bring our hands up to our mouths and taste all the precum we could gather off each other. We were dripping a lot. There was semen all over my dick bush and dripping down my shaft and off my balls onto the floor. Joe had semen all over his thighs, feet and the floor too. There was a time when I'd be ashamed to have a wet spot on my pants from having horny daydreams in high school. Now, it was so hot to openly release all my body fluids onto myself and everything while my teen boner pointed at the ceiling. I couldn't wait for Joe and me to relieve ourselves on each other.

"So are you ready to shit now?" I asked and Joe nodded yes. As we walked down the row of lockers toward the toilets, Joe let out more piss. He was just walking along pissing on the floor and it was totally sexy and hot to just see him casually let go like that.

As we walked into the bathroom, his urine splattered loudly on the concrete floor as he finished pissing.

"Rob, I want you to take a dump on me first OK?" I smiled and cut a fart to let him know that I was more than ready to take a shit on his tall jock body. Joe lay down on the floor and motioned me to squat over his mouth while facing his crotch. I leaned forward and tongued his foreskin a bit as I got ready to take a shit.

Joe lifted his head up slightly and I could feel his tongue all over my distended ass lips. I couldn't help it and I let go some more gas which really smelled. Joe loved it and started really licking inside my big, greasy asshole. I even felt his tongue touch my huge turd since he pressed against it hard enough that it moved around in my rectum.

This was great having this sexy boy licking my shit as it started to descend out of my blossoming swollen asshole. I pushed and grunted as I felt my shit begin to leave my body. I knew it was filling Joe's mouth and so I raised myself up a bit and let even more of my dump out as I moved slightly forward dragging the growing column of shit onto Joe's chin, neck and finally between his pecs. Once the last of my giant turd was out my wide open hole made an amazing slurping sound as my hole expanded and sucked in air. I farted that air out and really pushed so Joe could see my nearly prolapsed asshole.

Then I turned around still straddling Joe and the sight was almost too much and I nearly ejaculated. Joe was lying there with an enormous turd sticking out of his mouth and trailing down onto his chest. Both of his hands were lightly massaging the column of shit. He would run his fingers over my dump and then bring them to his nostrils and smell them deeply. This was so hot so I leaned down and began to lick my shit from his chest up to his open but stuffed mouth. Then, as I watched, Joe bit down and began eating my turd. Over the next couple of minutes, he must have eaten about six or seven inches of my turd, leaving half of it draped across his chest.

Once he swallowed the last part of my shit in his mouth, Joe looked at me, grinned and said, "Want me to stuff the rest of this back up your hole so you can shit on me again?"

I loved the nasty idea and said so. Joe directed me to sit on one of the toilets in the open stall with my ass scooted forward hanging off the bowl and with my legs propped up on the corner frame on each side of the open door. So while I did that, Joe gently lifted up the remaining seven or eight inches of my super thick and hard turd and squatted in front of me. As he cradled my dump in his hands, Joe got down and started sucking on my protruding asshole some more.

The whole time that he tongued my shit-smeared hole, Joe looked up at me making unbroken eye contact. I turned my head to each side and licked as much of my sweaty armpits as I could physically reach.

Then, Joe leaned back on the balls of his feet and brought the turd up to my pulsating and opened up, spit-wet asshole. He rubbed the tip of my hard dump onto my ass lips and then said, "Ready?" as he began to push it back into me. Joe reinserted the turd slowly so that I could feel every knot as it slid over my huge teen ass lips. It felt awesome!

Once it was all the way back in me, Joe began to play with my asshole with his right hand. There was enough loosened shit and spit that he could get most of his hand into me with no problem. I guess it also helped that my hole was so totally stretched out that not much lube was ever required to get objects into my rectum.

Even so, Joe reached under his asshole with his left hand and bore down a bit. He actually let out some of his own massive dump and then held it up first in front of his nose so he could smell his shit and then he held it up for me to smell.

I reached out with my tongue but he pulled the pile of shit away and nodded no while grinning. Then, I watched as Joe smeared his shit all over his right hand and I started to understand his nasty plan. Joe was getting ready to fist me with his shit for lube!

It was easier than you'd think. Besides, my hole was really letting out a lot of slimey ass juice and rectal mucus so I was really sloppy and shitty. He got his hole and in my half way up his long forearm. He'd grabbed my turd and was pushing that around and along my rectal walls too.

Joe started running his hand in and all the way out of my hole as I could feel my shit lips protruding further and further accompanied by loud slurping and farting sounds. Pretty soon, the amazing fisting he was giving me churned up and loosened the hard turd in me so that when Joe pulled his hand out of me, my asshole would shoot out some of my softened dump. Once that started happening, Joe maneuvered his crotch so that as much of my shit as possible would fart out onto his hairy bush and his huge downward pointing boner.

As he kept ramming his fist in and all the way out of me, I was straining and bearing down on my anus so I could really prolapse hugely for Joe. Suddenly, Joe pulled his hand out of me and I pushed real hard and heard a wet, sloppy sound as I could feel my insides push out through my huge shit lips and form a big rosebud in front of Joe. He had this almost glazed look in his eyes as I bent down and licked my bright red, ass mucus-covered prolapse. It felt so cool knowing that Joe was turned on to the sight and taste of my teenage rectum just hanging a couple inches outside of my body for him. Once Joe sucked all the goo off my rosebud, he went back to fisting me and I kept showing him how hard I could push out my anus.

I was pissing on myself on and off during this awesome fisting. Once, after Joe watched a stream of urine shoot out and over my left shoulder onto the back wall of the toilet stall, he said he was getting ready to piss some more.

"Piss up my asshole, Joe!" So he rose up a bit and stuffed his long penis into my rectum and held it still there while I felt him gently massage it with his hand still inside me.

"I'm doing it," Joe nearly whispered. I could feel the warmth spreading up and around the walls of my colon as I got the piss enema from him. He must have pissed for at least two minutes as we watched my belly start to bulge a bit from the volume he was emptying into me. It felt amazing.

After Joe was done urinating inside of me, he gently stroked his penis while I felt his fingers massaging my insides.

He looked straight at me as he masturbated and said, "I'm gonna slowly pull my dick and all out of you. I want you to unload all that piss and anything else you got in you all over me as hard as you can, OK?"

"Fuck yeah, Joe, I'm gonna push everything inside me all over you. "

With that, Joe pulled his hand and his dick slowly out of my super-sized asshole. As it popped free of my swollen anus, I clenched as hard as I could so that all his piss was held back inside me until we were ready.

Joe stood up slightly and spread his legs wide so he could get his crotch directly in front of my asshole. But first, Joe displayed his now-dirty penis to me. I never got tired of checking out this tall basketball player's genitals. His boner must've been at least a foot long hanging down hard toward the floor with lemon-sized balls hanging low to match. His thick, black pubic hair fanned out from above his dick and spread out wide while the inch of thick foreskin hanging off of the end of his penis really topped it all off. Drs. Sorenson and Riley, my brother Nathan and I all had hot looking dicks but Joe's was somehow more obscene and nasty looking than all the rest. Now, with splatters of my wet shit smeared on it and clumps of shit in his pubes, Joe's normally smelly dick was nastier than ever and turned me on so much I nearly spurted cum just looking at it.

I looked at Joe and said, "Ready?" He nodded and so I pushed out. With a loud whooshing sound, my huge asshole belched out a powerful geyser of piss right onto his massive dick. Piss poured off the tip as my hole kept shooting his urine back onto him. As I shot the nasty liquid out onto Joe, my own dick shot another hot squirt of urine onto my chest and then just kept lightly flowing out onto my belly as I just let go everything in me. Joe then started to slowly lower himself down so that my ass could piss onto his pubic hair and then his chest. As I kept unloading, a few solid clumps of remaining shit fired out and slapped against Joe's chest. Then, Joe brought his face directly in front of my asshole as he opened his mouth to drink his own piss straight from my guts. I felt more shit fire out into his mouth as the piss load inside me tapered off. Then, while Joe kept his mouth glued to my giant teen anus, I started farting real loud while pushing out the last big squirts of piss.

Then Joe stood up, grinning as I admired the shit smears and glistening urine and ass juice all around his mouth. He leaned forward to kiss me as I tongued all that nasty stuff off of his face. I was ready for Joe to shit on me now for sure.

Joe grabbed my legs to lower them back to the floor so now I was slouching over the toilet with my legs on each side and my prolapsed asshole hanging off the end of the dirty toilet seat. Joe turned around and backed up so that he was straddling me. Then, he pushed his dirty boner back between his legs. It stuck out so far behind him that it was easy for me to just lean forward and start running my tongue into his foreskin before I began to suck his huge shit-flavored penis.

While I sucked his dick from behind, Joe cut another fart. He had his hands on his ass and was pulling his cheeks apart so that I got an awesome view of his greasy asshole. I leaned up, sniffing and then licking his hole before pushing my tongue into it. His asshole is still not swollen like mine but the slit is really long and the lips are slightly puffy. I think his asshole must be about two inches long from top to bottom which is really hot.

I leaned back when Joe cut another fart. It was awesome to see his asshole bulge like that while he farted. I could feel his gas blowing onto my piss-soaked chest. Then, as Joe grunted, his hole opened even more and was now getting real distended when the tip of his dark brown turd appeared at the opening. Slowly, Joe took a dump onto my chest. As his thick dump began to pile up on me, I leaned forward again and licked the column of shit sticking out of his hole. The smell and taste were amazing.

When he was done, it felt to me like there was at least two pounds of shit on me. Joe turned around and again straddled me but now facing me as he grabbed my semen-coated penis and sat down hard on it. His erection was so long that it rested right in the dump on my chest while Joe bounced up and down fucking himself on my thick dick. All the residual shit inside him must've been enough lube because he was sliding up and down easily and it felt so hot to finally get my dick in him.

While fucking, Joe looked down at me and said, "Are you gonna help me eat all that?" while pointing at his big dump.

"Unless I eat all of it myself."

Well we both grabbed a fistful of shit and watched each other as we first licked the pile in our hands and then started eating it. We kept grabbing more until it was gone. While chewing on Joe's dump, we'd keep opening our mouths to show each other how full they were with his tasty shit. At the same time, we sped up our fuck as well. I started masturbating Joe with my shitty hand and with the shit still on his huge penis.

At the same time, Joe reached behind himself and began to play with my asshole as well. I was pushing out hard so he could massage my prolapse. As I pushed, I'd fart some more right onto his hand while letting fly with a bit of piss inside of him.

This was turning me on so much that I couldn't hold out any longer and told Joe I was going to ejaculate into him. He said go for it while slipping his shit-smeared hand back inside my loose asshole. This was too much and I let go with one of the best orgasms that I'd ever experienced.

All this must have finally gotten to him because as I jacked on his uncut monster, he suddenly started panting hard. He lifted off my dick and started pushing down with his asshole. I cupped my other hand under his opened up asshole and he shit all my sperm into it. I lifted my hand up to his face and he started sucking and licking my sperm and his shit and ass juices up. Suddenly, Joe shot a huge stream of cum all over my face and into my mouth. His sperm load was enormous; he'd been saving it up for a while I guess as stream after stream of cum shot out all over.

Now that we'd both ejaculated, we slowly got up off the toilet. We pulled ourselves against each other and kissed, tasting each other's sperm and shit in our mouths. Finally, we first cleaned up around the toilet real quicky and then we went into the shower and cleaned up ourselves.

While we were getting dressed, we made plans for more fun and for Joe to meet up with Nathan and me in Dr. Sorenson's office. Joe said he was determined to get his asshole big enough so I could fist him like he does to me. By now we were fully dressed in our jeans and t-shirts but before we walked out of the locker room, Joe pulled his now semi-soft but still super-long penis out of his jeans and while we walked past the lockers toward the exit, he pissed on the floor. It was a sexy sight! He didn't touch his dick at all and you could tell he simply enjoyed just letting his piss casually go all over the place. It wasn't until we got outside and he locked up the field house door that Joe put his dick away before we went back to his dorm to spend the night together.