This story is based on fiction and no names or parts of the story are based on fact

The Nappy Experience Chapter 1

I for a long time have had a huge interest in the adult baby scene I love nothing more than taking a young looking lad and turning him into my baby boy aged 12 months to toddler age incorporating nappies dressing him as a baby and total dependence on me.

I have several guys I see who like to play my baby and below are a few accounts of the guys I look after and what's happened so far!


Paul is a guy I met in a chat room, he's 21 and looks a lot younger nice blonde hair slight build and really cute.

He is a student at present at the local university and is bi and very interested in exploring sex and more.

He has been into nappies for years and has worn alone but never had a guy change him or dress him before

He is interested in regressing and being looked after 24/7 and being a toddler kind of age and is a versatile in the bedroom.

We had swapped pics and stats on the net I'm a 32 year old guy good looking so I'm told well built 5ft11 34 waist with an average chest and a 7 inch average cock on me.

I couldn't wait for the Friday to arrive Paul was coming to my house at 4pm and was to stay `til the Sunday lunchtime if everything went well.

I got the nursery ready cleaned the house and made sure I had all the necessary gear in for the weekend.

I told Paul he could have alcohol out his bottle and his favourite was dry white wine and lager.

I had tons of nappies in always I use Abri form brand as they are the most like a real nappy I think and loads of wipes powders plastic pants toys adult and kids and also some nice romper suits and dungarees.

I instructed Paul to make sure there was no hair any where on his body and to be wearing Y fronts when he arrive and not to have had a bowel movement for some time and to have taken a Senecot at lunchtime which should mean he have a bowel movement about 8 ish at night.

So the time arrived I was wearing shorts and a white tee shirt and had a pair of sneakers on.

I hadn't wanked for 3 days as I had promised Paul some good loads to eat.

Paul rang the bell and I let him in

He looked cuter in real life than in the pics and was smaller than I thought at 5ft 7 real dinky and looked about 14 years old perfect I thought to myself.

Paul came through to the kitchen and I fixed us some coffee.

Sit down Paul and lets discuss what's gonna happen.

Firstly you sure you want to do this? Yeah man its all ive thought about since we chatted.

Cool I said then these are the rules you must follow.

  1. You can not talk from us starting the session no talking at all all you can do is gurgle like a baby does and use baby talk.
  2. I am not going to hurt you at all but if there is something I am doing and you don't like it and hate it that badly put your right arm up and clench your fist that way I will know you don't like what I am doing
  3. You must not use the toilet at all and you must not unfasten your nappy your self
  4. No playing with your own cock if you do I will tie your hands up so you cant move them
  5. You can not walk at all once your babied you can only crawl and that's everywhere

These are the main rules there may be some ive forgotten I can tell you as we go ok?

OK dad he said

So lets have the coffee and then I want you to go to the nursery I will show you where it is and then strip off to your undies and I will come in and things will begin.

We finished our coffee and I led him walking to the nursery through the hall.

It was a spare bedroom with a small bed in it and a changing station and wardrobe full off goodies and a chest of draws full of nappies and plastics etc

I said Paul I will be back in 5 mins make sure your sitting on the bed in just your undies and await instructions.

I went and had a cigarette pondering on what was to happen.

When I had finished up I went into the nursery to see Paul.

He was perched on the end of the bed wearing just a pair of white Y fronts and from a glance quite a bulge in them too!

I said ok Paul I want to start with you being totally clean so I will show you the shower room and you clean your self real good and wash your hair then your ready put on a robe and let me know.

He went for a long shower and came back about 10 mins in his robe still slightly wet and smelling all clean.

I said ok Baby lets get this robe off you and see my naked baby at last.

He removed his robe and he had nice pale skin all clear with no blemishes and a nice bubble but he looked to have quite a big cock too although it was flaccid so its difficult to tell.

So I began right baby get on your kneed you know you can't stand let alone walk yet and crawl over to the changing mat and lie on your back.

He did as instructed and crawled to the mat and lay on his back.

Good boy now heres your bottle full of goodness for you to suckle on while daddy gets you in your nappy, we cant risk you being out of it any longer can we you may have an accident.

First we need to moisturise your nappy area and make sure your skin stays baby soft.

I took some moisturiser and rubbed it into his lower chest and legs and over his groin and nappy area ignoring his cock, which was now semi and a good 7 inches semi!

After his cream was well rubbed in I lifted his legs and rubbed it into his bum and bum hole baby lets see if your bottom is clear I poked a finger in and checked there were no little poops waiting to get out it was nice and clear.

As I'm doing this Paul was sucking hard on his bottle which was full of wine with a little laxative mixed in. I managed to get 2 fingers in his ass and used the cream to help poke him.

I got a butt plug out the draw which was small and inserted it in his ass and made sure it was snug.

There baby that will get babies bum ready for daddy at all times wont it.

It was that small all it will do is open him a little so he can receive my cock easier later.

As I was attending to baby I was rock hard in my shorts but had no intention on doing anything sexual yet.

It was purely baby time now

I turned him back on his back and lifted his legs up and slid a nice fresh disposable nappy under his bum.

I brought it over him to fasten it up and had to tuck his Willy down so it would fasten properly

There baby all nappied and safe.

Paul was happy suckling his bottle by now which was finished.

Right Paul come through to watch some TV while daddy fixes you your tea.

I made some nice chilli con carne which had extra spice to help him go later.

I had a beer and filled a fresh bottle full of beer and put it in a giant Tommie tippee mug for him to drink easier.

There you go baby He started drinking it as he sat on the rug in front of Scooby doo.

I heated his food up then said come on baby feeding time I led him as he crawled to the kitchen in just his nappy and sat him on the chair and put his bib on him.

I started feeding him his dinner and he ate it all down with no problem at all he must like spicy food, as this was hot.

Good baby now we will have to wind you I got on my knees and cuddled him and squeezed him tight so he could digest his din dins.

Come on baby now you can watch the end of your show.

He crawled through to the living room and lay on the rug, he looked so cute in just his nappy.

I came thorough with a fresh beer and sat down to enjoy it and watch my baby.

He started to cry a little what's wrong baby does baby want a cuddle he nodded come on then he crawled up to the sofa and climbed on me and sat on my knee all cuddled.

Remember this boy had a real small frame and was no problem on my knee I could feel his fat nappied bum on my knee it was lovely.

I was aching to cum but wanted to wait a little.

As we watched TV he moved his hand to my groin and rubbed my hard cock.

I could have come there and then!

I had my hand on his nappy and could feel he was wetting himself, as it was warm and starting to get heavier.

I moved him down the sofa and let him pull my shorts down to revel my hard thick cock.

It was an impressive hard on if I say so myself the bell end was purple and so hard.

Does baby want to suck daddy he was crying now desperate to please daddy, go on then baby be gentle

He started suckling me expertly it felt great.

Deep throating me and licking my balls and cock after 10 mins of this I could not hold back any more and started to cum in his mouth he ate the lot sucking and swallowing all my cum load.

I let him slurp and lick my cock for ages `til it went to a couple of inches.

There baby that's enough for you now.

Come on I think your nappy needs changing now your very wet aren't you baby, Paul nodded and cried as he realised he was now cold in his wet nappy and sucking my cock had distracted him from his wet behind.

Crawl through to the nursery as daddy needs to wee, Paul started crying and I said what is it baby I wont be long he pointed at my cock and pointed at his nappy I then understood, you want daddy to pee in your nappy to warm you up? He nodded furiously!

Ok babe I squatted behind his nappy and slid my cock past the fastening bit and started to wee in his nappy and there was quite a flood as I had had 2 pints of beer by now.

He smiled and looked cute in this soaked nappy now and smiling with his dummy in his mouth.

There that's better baby.

Come on then let's change your nappy baby.

He crawled through to the nursery and lay on the changing mat on his back.

Well baby lets change you and get you in your nighttime nappies shall we baby needs a nap now `til your later feed.

I unfastened his heavy nappy and pulled it back his cock was sticking up rock hard and was a good 9-inched (fuck I thought I had no idea he was so hung)

Baby what's that its so big for a baby it looked ridiculous such a big cock on such a little boy.

I pulled back his nappy right back and had to smell his cock and balls and started licking his balls and his shaft tasting his wee on him.

I lifted his legs up and pulled out the but plug to inspect it and it was clean no poo at all.

I licked his ass hole rimming him letting him feel my tongue on and in his ass he was loving it.

I started to jerk his cock and pulled the skin right back it looked even bigger now!

I couldn't help thinking I got to have this in my ass sometime soon!

I started to suck him slow real tender.

Sucking him and wanking him as I work his ass with my fingers getting up to 3 fingers deep in side his botty.

He couldn't help cumming real soon and shot a real impressive load of cum in my mouth.

I kept his load in my mouth and went to kiss him and swapped cum from mouth to mouth until we had both swallowed it all.

After that I removed his nappy and wiped his bum and cock with the wet wipes.

I pulled out a fresh nappy and slid it under his bum and applied some talc to his nappied area as I did he started to wee a little like a baby does I didn't know what to do so I caught it in my mouth and drank all his fresh wee it was so horny!

As I was about to fasten his nappy up I was twitching in my shorts and thought I had to try my cock in him so I pulled it out and stuck it in his dry hole.

It was so tight it felt great.

I Was soon all the way in and fucking him real sensual moving up to kiss him as I fuck him.

I soon had to cum and pulled out and fucked his mouth and came straight down his throat.

I then fasted his nappy up and said right baby you need a nap, lets put you to bed

I put him to bed gave him his teddy bear and dummy and a bottle by his bed with gin and tonic in it.

I left him falling asleep and went on the net to see if a guy I saw sometimes was on.

He knew I did this with guys and was up for joining in if ever I had a nice young boy here

He was oriental about 30 and had a real nice fat cock.

He was on line and when I told him what I had done so far he was in the car on his way over.


He arrived and we had a beer I told him he couldn't see him yet but if was horny could have my asss which he loved.

He was soon fucking me over the couch and with some vigour.

After 10 mins of fucking me he came in my ass a nice load and I put a but plug in to hold in his cum.

I finished him off cleaning his cock totally.

After another beer I told him to lie on my bed naked and I would get the baby.

I went to wake Paul who was dozing and told him I had a surprise for him, his eyes lit up.

I made him crawl to the main bedroom and Ash was lying on my bed naked supporting his huge cock.

There baby you can have another cock to play with because your such a good boy.

He jumped on the bed and wasted no time in sucking Ash's cock.

As he did I stuck a finger in his nappy and he was a little wet again.

As he sucked ash I pulled off his nappy and licked his ass getting him ready to receive Ash's thick cock.

I lifted him up and sat him on the huge cock and slid him down the shaft he took it easily.

As he rode Ash's cock I sucked Paul and licked Ash's cock as it went in and out his ass.

After some hard fucking there was traces off poo on Ash's cock which I found horny.

Soon Ash came in my baby's bottom and I lifted him off on to my face and licked the load out his ass.

It was sweet.

I was rock hard and I plonked Paul in my cock and he rode me and my cock slipped in easily with all the cum up him and my saliva.

I soon pumped my load up him and lifted him off and there was a big ball off poo on my cock when he came off.

I scooped it up and smeared it in his used nappy.

Right baby we better get you nappied you've had enough fun for now.

I led him into the nursery and put baby in a clean nappy.

I then pulled a pair of plastic pants over his nappy and brought him into the living room.

I think baby needs a good poo but his nappy is well fastened so he will be ok.

Ash poured some wine and we drank a bit and watched some porn.

Ash was always hard and I played with his dick as we watched porn, he was soon hanging out my ass again and Paul sucked my cock and he pumped me when he came in me I sat on Paul's face and he licked all the cum out and ate it.

Ash had to go and promised to come back in the morning to see baby again.

It was late and I put baby to bed and said baby if u want anything-just cry.

He kissed me and I put him to bed.

To be cont....