Nappy Experience Part 2

This story is based on fiction and no names or parts of the story are based on fact

I am continuing this story of how Paul spent his first weekend with which was to be one of many.

If you have not read Nappy experience Part 1 it would be worthwhile to do so first so I hope you enjoy!


Paul was fast asleep in his bed in his nursery and I was enjoying a final glass of wine before I went to bed.

I was shattered and totally worn out having been daddy to Paul and also Ash's bitch too!

I climbed into bed to dream about what tomorrow would have in store for me with a still sloppy but hole with cum sill dripping out (lovely I thought).

I was asleep for a few hours and was woken with a face in mine, it was Paul, He had got out his bed and crawled to see me and was crying in my face, WHAT WHAT IS IT????

He pointed down at his nappy, which looked in a terrible mess, it was sagging terribly and was full of poo I could smell it a mile away I bet!

I said there there baby its ok babies poo them selves you've filled your nappy thats ok don't worry daddy will sort you out, come here give daddy a cuddle.

We embraced and I got out of bed and led him to the nursery.

I lay him on the changing mat and pulled his plastic pants off which were ruined he was still crying I got a dummy and stuck it in his mouth there baby suckle on this.

I binned the plastics they were ruined, I then got a fresh nappy and put it over the current soiled one and fastened it up.

Baby there is no point changing you yet in the middle of the night , your going to have to get used to staying in dirty nappies you've got years of this to come.

He understood and I pulled a large thick pair of white plastic pants over his nappies and put him back to bed.

Baby Paul I don't want to hear a squeak out of you until I wake if u cry I will spank you and tie the dummy to your mouth.

I left him and felt bad for being cruel but I was so tired I needed some rest.


I climbed into bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow my alarm was going off and it was 8 am!!

Fuck I wanted to get up earlier than that, never mind its Saturday so no hurry.

I got up and put my shorts and Tee shirt on and first job was have a cigarette and a coffee which I had and sat on the toilet and enjoyed a good poo.

I then pulled my shorts up and went to see baby.

The smell in the nursery was strong and he was awake lieing all silent.

Ahh poor baby lieing in all his mess he must be uncomfortable now lieing in his soaked and messy nappy.

Baby nodded, well lets get you a quick nappy change and then we can feed you breakfast, I will get your bottle and you lie on the changing mat.

I came back with his formula with more laxatives in it and gave him his bottle.

I put on some surgical gloves as I knew he would be very messy, I firstly pulled down his plastic pants which once again were ruined and the smell got very strong I then unfastened his first nappy which was only wet as the first nappy had seeped through and then unfastened the second nappy , boy what a mess.

His cock and balls were caked in shit and his bum was just a sea of brown poops.

Lovely I thought the laxatives had sure don't there job!

I was well horny at the sight of Baby Pauls mess and he was rock hard lieing in the mess.

Is baby horny lieing in all his poopy eh ?? He nodded I was wel horny and thought how much I would love to feel that giant cock in me and thought better not as I had just had a poop my self then though it wont matter with the mess here on Paul!

I sucked him just the tip without poop on it and lowered my self on his big cock face first so I could see his face he loved it I could tell im proud of always keeping my ass tight doing exercises regularly.

I rode his cock for as long as I could I could feel his shit mushing in my ass and balls as I rode his cock

I was in heaven feeling my babies huge cock fill me to the brim.

He soon was starting to cum and I pulled off and had to take his load, I got most of it and was that enthusiastic in eating his cock ate some of his shit with out realising licking his cock.

He was in heaven too and I swallowed all his load and was a fair load built up as he had lied for hours all turned on in his messy nappy.

I was still hard and thought fuck it ive never done it I pulled his legs up and stuck my rock hard cock in his shitty ass I couldn't even see his hole for shit in the end I found it and drove it home, shit makes one hell of a lube he was still farting and making weird noises as I fucked him .

I was kissing him as I was inside him and he had no problem licking the poo of my face I had picked up as I sucked him to his climax.

I eventually came in his ass and collapsed on him when I pulled out I had poo all over my cock and balls but it was worth it for the experience.

We were both happy and well satisfied.

Next baby we need you in a clean nappy I began by pulling away his filthy nappy and cleaning all the big lumps off poo away and putting them in his used nappy.

Next using the wipes I cleaned him as best I could, then I lifted him up and carried him to the shower and washed him and i thouroughly..

We were both clean and went through to the nursery, come on then babes lets get you in a quick nappy and get you your breakfast then we can plan our day Ash is coming around soon he smiled when I said this he loved Ash's cock so do I it is the fattest cock I have ever had and ive had a few.



I put Paul in a disposable nappy and fastened it up and kissed his cock before fastening it up then led him to the kitchen.

I headet up some porridge for him and fed him and he ate the lot he was starving.

I then sat him on my knee and we watched tv for a bit and cuddled, he did a wee as he sat on my knee I love my baby I thought hes so cute and sexy and looks so young.

The door went and it was Ash I answered and he was with another guy at the door I was taken back a bit who's this I said, oh its Tom hes a friend from work I told him about you and wanted to meet you, he was an oriental lad too really short about 5 ft 5 and looked very young too very sexy I thought.

They came in and we had some coffee and I introduced him to Paul, Paul was sitting on the rug with his bottle and was totally unfazed that a stranger had come in.

So Tom what do you think of Paul? Very nice he said Ash explained that Tom was bi but liked sex with boys sometimes and loves watersports and more!

After we had had the coffee Tom went to sit with Paul and played with him and his toys as they played I undressed Ash as I loved seeing him naked as I did this I went to undress Tom, its only fair Paul's nearly naked so should we be and Ash removed my shorts etc.

I moved over to Tom and he stated sucking me with Paul both shareing my cock in their mouths it was real horny.

I pulled tom up as I was eager to see his cock, I sucked it and it grew like Ash s cock real fat like not long only 5-6 inches but so fat wonderful.

I suggested we all go to bed and we carried Paul through to the bedroom and Tom unfastened his nappy which was a little wet and sucked Paul straight away.

I sucked Ash and we ended up 69 ing him rimming me as I sucked his thick cock.

After a while Tom was fucking Paul up the ass and I wanted to see more so I moved Paul and Tom and had Paul sitting on Toms cock and I wanted to get my cock in too.

I got a load of lube and slid my cock in with Toms so both our cocks were in him and Ash moved around and stuck his cock in Baby's mouth.

Paul was in agony but loved it after a while I pulled out and Tom was still going strong I shot on Paul's face and Ash stuck his cock in too they were huge cocks in his ass.

Soon Tom pulled out and I took it in my mouth and swallowed him dry lovely his load was.

Ash came up Paul and I rimmed him and ate his load it was an awesome session.

Paul did a fart and I thought oh no the laxatives kicking in and got a fresh nappy it was too late he had pooped himself on my bed!!

When I returned with a nappy Tom was squatting on his ash pooping on him too!! I couldn't believe my eyes I had to get all this in a nappy I quickly turned Paul over and put the nappy under him.

Tom continued to poo on Paul's cock and a huge turn came out on his cock it looked great.

Paul still hadn't cum at this point and I started sucking his cock and smeared the shit in his balls and ass.

He was still pooping furiously uncontrollably

I sucked Paul til he came in my mouth and it was a huge thick load lovely.

Ash came over and pissed on Paul's cock and balls and the Nappy took it all, I then fastened it up and Ash said he wanted Paul to wear a nappy with all our days piss and shit in it for the day Paul I could tell was up for it!!

So the next hour we all pissed in the back of his nappy and every time we needed a shit opened his nappy and pooped on his ass or cock.

In-between this we played with dildos sucked cocks fucked and watched porn before I knew it it was 4 pm

Paul by now had 4 nappies on and was absolutely loaded with all out piss and poo.

The fun bit was going to be the one who fucked him in this nappy.


To Be cont...