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The Neighborhood Lawn Boy and Me-Part I

It was last summer that I really learned about sex. I was thirteen years old and horny all the time. There wasn't much to do since my parents both worked all day and we live way out in the far suburbs, farm land really, with few other kids around. I'd pretty much spend the morning thinking up new and dirtier ways of playing with my dick and the rest of my naked body, getting really sweaty and smelly. Then, I'd clean up, eat lunch and spend the afternoons riding my bike or just hanging out at home.

We have a big ranch-type house on about four acres of rolling lawn which, thank God, my parents had someone else mow. I wasn't (and I'm still not) much into doing chores other than keep my bedroom reasonably clean. Besides, for the past four summers, one of the neighbor boys, Evan Marks, would come by to take care of the grass. Evan is one of the only other young people in our neighborhood but we didn't hang out, though we knew who each other were. We both went to the same private school but Evan was seventeen years old and getting ready for his senior year in the Upper School. I had just finished in the Middle School so I'd be starting as a freshman in the same building as Evan in the fall.

Everyone knew that Evan was, and is, a major stud. He plays football and baseball at school. He's about 6'2" tall and lean, with a swimmer type of build (he was our running back) at about 160 lbs. His hair is jet black and cut in a cool, spiky style and contrasts nicely with his green eyes and tanned skin. He always has a mischievous grin that's also real friendly. Even though he's a jock, he's never been obnoxious or a jerk.

So last summer, which was typically hot and humid as only the Midwest can be, I got to check out more of Evan's good looks when he'd come by to mow the lawn. It was the first summer that my parents thought I was old enough to be left at home alone.

Evan brought his own lawnmower and edge trimmer, dragging them up and down the road, and by the time he got to our house, my parents would already be gone for work and Evan would be covered in sweat. The first time that Evan came over to cut the grass after school let out, he was wearing his usual summer work uniform of sneakers, no socks and a pair of thin, silky running shorts, usually a slightly dirty pair of white ones with black trim (our high school team colors). Peaking through the windows, I watched and checked out Evan in secret. His naked torso was amazing and kept me totally erect and wetting my gym shorts. Evan's tanned chest had real short, trimmed black hairs growing in the center of his pecs and around his nipples. He had a similar, short black-haired treasure trail that widened out a bit as it went into his gym shorts. He also had sweaty and really hairy armpits that I'd get a glimpse of whenever he wiped some sweat from his forehead. His hairy legs were nicely muscled too.

I guess I ought to describe myself in more detail here so you can know a bit more about me. My name is Tom Ormond and like I said at the start, I was thirteen years old at the time last summer and was still growing and maturing physically. I was about 5'6" tall, though, which put me in the taller ranks among the Middle School boys. My skinny boy's body was changing into something more defined and with a bit of muscle, especially my legs and my chest. This was the by-product, I guess, from playing soccer every fall and spring. My hair is medium brown and cut short and I have brown eyes. My skin is pretty pale but I get a decent tan in the summers. I had short, fine hair on my lower legs and was getting some hair in my pits but it was still a bit sparse. My pits were starting to really smell but I preferred not using deodorant except during school days. I liked the way my pits and crotch would smell so raunchy during the hot, humid summer home alone. My dick really started to grow the year before and by last summer was over seven inches long, though fairly thin. It points up straight and out from my belly at about a seventy-five degree angle. Also, I'm uncut, which is pretty rare from what little I could tell in the showers at school. My foreskin is great. It's pretty long so it still covers my erections totally and it's pretty thick. I have a tiny patch of pubic hair that is starting to spread across my crotch. My balls hang real low and are big and hairless. I really like to bend over and look between my legs at my reflection in the full length mirror inside my bathroom door. My dick and balls hang real low and look like they belong to a much bigger guy and I can look at my asshole which is also hairless. Last summer, I started looking at my asshole while making it wink in and out as I'd fart. When my ass lips stick out, I like to run my finger all over it and push a Vaseline covered finger inside. By last summer, I could easily get three and sometimes four fingers in my asshole. I really liked to finger myself when my butt was full since I could push my turds around inside me and that felt really great. Two days before Evan first came over to cut the grass last summer, I did something really dirty. I was horny and masturbating all morning and was finally in my usual bent over position in front of that bathroom mirror. I was pushing out my asshole to make it big and puffy looking and cupped my hand under me and took a huge shit. It was incredible, watching my asshole stretch so far out as the big turd poured out into my hand and mounded up. I went and sat on the toilet and jacked off all over my chest as I held that big, smelly dump in my left hand. I knew that I was going to do more stuff like when I masturbated.

So anyway, now that you know about my budding perversity, back to the story. On that first day, Evan was totally sweaty by the time he finished the front yard around noon. I went outside in just a pair of shorts (I had to change since it looked like I'd pissed my earlier ones with so much semen dripping out of my dick). I went up to Evan to ask him if he wanted to take a break for some water or something. He said sure so I went inside and got us each a big bottle of water. We stood out on the patio and talked while I checked out his wet, nearly naked body up close. He smelled like he didn't use deodorant so he stank even more than me. Every time he chugged some water, I'd get a nice view of his wet armpit. I wanted to reach out and touch his sweaty pits but of course I was terrified to even think of doing something like that.

"So Tom, are you psyched to be a high schooler?" Evan asked half-jokingly.

"I don't know, is it much different? I mean, eighth grade was OK since we were at the top of the ladder and all, but some of the guys say being a freshman sucks."

Evan giggled slightly and said, "No, it's not bad at all. If anything, the teachers treat you like more of a grown-up so they cut us all a lot more slack than when we were in Middle and Lower school. There's more time to do cool stuff and you can pick out some of you classes from the elective list. Trust me, you're gonna like it a lot more than eighth grade, dude." He went on to tell a few stories of some of the shit he and his friends would do during free periods and it sounded pretty fun compared to Middle School so I was totally reassured. For the next half hour or so, Evan and I talked about school and other stuff and started to get a bit friendly. This was different and nice; it seemed like the age gap was shrinking now that I was physically maturing and becoming more like him.

Eventually, Evan went back to work, mowing the lawn in the back of the house. I made myself a sandwich and watched him as he ran the lawn more back and forth around the yard. Then, I went into the den, which has a big floor to ceiling window into the backyard and sat at the desk chair reading a car magazine. Well, I was sort-of reading the magazine; mostly, I was facing outside watching Evan. By now, he was done mowing the yard and had the edge trimmer out and was running it around the back of the house. His white running shorts were so sweat-soaked that I could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear. This was awesome, I thought. His shorts had turned somewhat transparent in their wetness so I could make out the pinkish color and shape of his dick (it seemed pretty huge bouncing around in there) and I could definitely make out his big, wide-looking black pubic bush.

I was pretty sure Evan knew I was sitting right there in the window in my gym shorts and t-shirt because he'd look over at me every now and then and I'd pretend I was reading. Suddenly, while I was checking him out, Evan put the edge trimmer down on the ground and walked out into the yard about ten feet in front of the window where I was sitting. He stood facing almost sideways, but not quite, to the window and reached down with his left hand and pulled his running short aside so that his dick and balls hung free and exposed so I could see them clearly. I felt an amazing flutter all through my stomach and crotch at this. His dick was amazing. It was long and thick and, like me, Evan was uncut. He had a lot of foreskin but the tip of his dickhead wasn't covered so I could make out, barely, his large pisshole. His dick didn't hang straight down like it was totally soft. Instead, it hung down and then out like a banana with his big balls hanging behind. I could even see some of his pubes too.

As I watched Evan just looked down at his dick as it gave a slight jump and squirted some piss out. He was going to take a piss in front of me! All of a sudden, a huge piss stream shot of his dick flowing at least six or seven feet out in front of him. His piss arched slightly up in the air before splattering into the grass. As we both watched his dick keep pissing, Evan started to get an erection. After about a minute of taking his leak, his dick was arching up into the air at a sixty degree angle and his powerful piss stream now went up in the air to about shoulder height on him. With this amazing boner, Evan kept pissing for at least another minute or more until his stream finally slowed. Toward the end, his piss went up just a couple inches in the air and splashed back down onto his erection and ran down off his dick and balls and even into his pubic hair a little bit. The whole time, he never touched his dick and just let his piss go wherever. Not only had I never seen another guy's dick erect before but just seeing him piss with a boner, especially onto himself, was enough to make me feel so horny that I was almost short of breath.

Once he finished pissing, Evan pulled his running shorts back over his penis. His erection was so huge, however, that it pulled his waistband low enough that the top part of his dick bush showed and his gym shorts bulged out awesomely. Then, Evan looked furtively to the window where I was sitting as he went and grabbed the edge trimmer to get back to work. I suddenly realized what he was looking at and was pretty mortified. My boner had popped out of the pants leg of my gym shorts and was standing up straight with a big drop of semen glistening in the sunlight on the tip of my penis. I panicked realizing that Evan knew I got an erection watching him piss. Of course, he did too so maybe, I hoped, he'd keep this to himself.

Whatever. I was so horny after watching Evan piss on the lawn with an erection (not to mention smelling his sweaty armpits from up close earlier) that I was in a daze for the rest of the day.

After Evan left, I went up to my bathroom and got naked. Then, I lay down in the tub and took a huge piss all over myself. It was totally hot seeing my urine shooting out of my foreskin and all over my chest, neck and even my face. When I was done, I masturbated while picturing Evan going to the bathroom and shot the biggest load ever. I even sprayed cum onto my lips and cheek and of course ate some of it. I decided not to shower or clean up at all and just try to stay a decent distance away from mom and dad that night. Later, after dinner, I was still horny as hell and before bed went to take a dump. Needless to say, I was hard as a rock so I got undressed and sat on the toilet. I leaned back onto the toilet tank as I sat there. Then, I played with my dick with my right hand and used my left hand to rub all over my asshole. I farted a couple of times and then started to shit. As my thick turd came out, it rubbed across my hand before dropping into the toilet. At the same time, I started to piss up onto my chest. Urine was running off my chest and down my sides onto the toilet and onto the floor. I didn't care; I'd clean it up later. Once I was done shitting and pissing, I pulled my shit-smeared hand up and looked at it. The sight of my hand with bits of shit on it was super horny to me and my dick seemed more erect than ever. I decided to wipe the shit onto my dick shaft and then jacked off, cumming super hard again. My orgasm went up onto my chest. I couldn't wait for Evan to come back next week to cut the grass; I was hoping of course that he'd piss for me again.

Well, a couple days later and I still couldn't get Evan's show out of my mind. I kept picturing the nearly naked, smelly seventeen year old and his pissing erection and all those short sweaty hairs on his chest and his hairy armpits. In other words, my dick was hard pretty much all the time. It was another super-humid day and I was bored hanging out alone at home so even though it was hot out, I decided to go for a bike ride after lunch. I was wearing nothing but my old running shoes and a pair of faded navy blue gym shorts. I decided not to wear underwear, figuring that it would be the sort of thing Evan would do.

I rode around the area for about a half hour when I realized I was approaching Evan's house. By now, I was really sweaty and when I slowed down on hills, I could easily smell my pits. Plus, I could tell that my butt crack was really wet and soaking into my shorts. When I got close to Evan's house, I saw him out by the mailbox. He was wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy red gym shorts and no shirt or shoes.

Evan spotted me, waived and said, "Hey Tom!" So I pulled up to a stop to say hey to him too.

"Kinda hot to be bike-riding, isn't it?" Evan said this in a friendly way as if the incident of two days ago was no big deal to him.

"Yeah but I was getting' restless sitting at home. Not much to do on my own right now."

"Well why do you think I like cutting grass? At least I get paid for doin' something boring." Evan smiled and lightly punched me on the shoulder and then said, "Wanna throw a football for a little while?"

It took me a second or two to register the invitation since I was once again focused more on his tanned, lightly hairy chest and the thicker black hairs peeking out of his armpits.

"Sure, that'd be cool." This was the most I'd ever hung out with Evan even though we'd been neighbors forever. I walked my bike up the driveway to their garage with Evan at my side. I glanced down a couple times and noticed that his big dick and balls were clearly bouncing around in his shorts, just like mine. So he was definitely not wearing underwear again. When we got up to the open garage, I looked up to say something and noticed that Evan seemed to be looking straight at my crotch too. Still, I was pretty sure that he wasn't looking at me the same way as I was looking at him. After all, he was a Senior-to-be and a football playing stud. Even if he was horny the way I was, I seriously doubted that I'd be the target.

Evan suggested I put my bike in the garage while he got the football and met me out back. The Marks's had a large backyard that sloped gradually down hill and then back up again. On the far end was a low fence bordering neighbors on the other side.

We tossed Evan's football back and forth for a while and it was a lot of fun but not in just a `football' way. We were both really sweaty and, most fun of all, by not wearing underwear, Evan's big genitals (and my growing big ones) bounced around, rubbing all over the insides of our gym shorts. I was fighting (but not too hard) from getting an erection. And it was clear that Evan's penis was getting pretty hard as it swung back and forth from side to side and pushed out the fabric from his shorts so far that the top of his thick black pubes showed again like they did the other day after he pissed on our lawn and got a boner. I knew that my semi-hard dick was bouncing around in my shorts and again I sensed Evan checking it out. A couple of times, I threw a fairly high ball at him and he jumped up to catch it. Twice when he jumped up, his uncut penis came out from the leg of his shorts and that got my heart beating faster in my chest.

While tossing the football, Evan asked me about some Middle school teachers he remembered having back when he was in seventh and eighth grade. It was cool to have stuff like that in common. He also told me about which Upper school teachers were cool and which ones were a pain.

While we were hanging out tossing the ball, the wind kicked up pretty fast and there were some really loud cracks of thunder nearby. The sky was turning black real fast as only Midwestern storms can do. Evan grabbed the ball and said we ought to go inside and wait for the storm to pass; he didn't want me to risk biking home and getting caught in a downpour.

So we went in through a back door to the kitchen and Evan grabbed a couple big bottles of water. "Let's go up to my room. We can check out what's on cable or something."

"Cool," I said and followed him up the stairs. I stared at the sweat stains on the seat of his shorts where his ass had wet them in the heat and humidity.

"So basically the upstairs is all mine. My parents' room is downstairs. Pretty cool, huh?"

"Yeah I have the same set up at home," I said. "They never come upstairs, only me and the maid."

"That's cool. If you're like me, we can use all the privacy we can get," Evan said, smirking slightly. I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that but my horny mind assumed he was hinting at masturbating and going around naked, stuff that I did all the time.

I followed Evan into his room and, while he shut the door behind us, I stood there taking it all in. Trust me, there was a lot to notice, even at first glance. First of all, it was pretty warm in there so the air conditioning must not be too efficient or the heat of the house was rising and not venting or something. Either way, considering we were nearly naked, it wasn't even remotely cool in his room. The second thing I noticed right away was how rank it smelled in there. Evan's room smelled of sweat and dirty underwear. So did we, so I thought it was sexy that his room had all the odor of the boy's locker room at school. He was a slob too. There was a huge pile of dirty laundry between the bed and the window. From where I was standing, it looked like mostly old underwear, gym clothes, t-shirts, a couple of jock straps and socks.

His bed was parallel to the window facing the back yard. Next to the window was a desk with a computer and phone. Across from the foot of the bed was a table with a TV and a DVD player. To the right of the TV table was an open door to his bathroom; I could see the toilet right inside the bathroom. To the left of the TV and next to the door to the hall was a closet half-closed.

Evan pointed to the bed and said, "Make yourself comfortable. Wanna see what's on cable?"

"OK," I replied as I sat on his bed facing the TV and the bathroom. We both sat cross-legged next to each other (he was on my left) and watched some stuff. Mostly, Evan just flipped around and we made fun of all the lame stuff on afternoon cable. We were sitting close enough that we could smell each other's armpits and our knees would keep touching. At first, I pulled my knee away, figuring that Evan would think I was uncool to touch him. But his knee kept touching so I just let it. I was so horny sitting there with this hot older teen in his raunchy bedroom. My dick was at least half hard and only the way I was sitting kept it from being obvious.

I kept watching Evan out of the corner of my eye. He was casually running his left thumb across his hard right nipple and every now and then would run his hand into his armpit and casually feel around in the sweaty hairs. Once, I saw him pretty obviously sniff his hand after pulling it out of his pit.

This was sexy of him and I started to do the same thing. It was really hot to just play in my growing pit hairs right in front of this sexy seventeen year old while he did the same thing.

Well, all of a sudden and without warning, Evan cut a real loud fart that sounded even deeper as his gas worked its way out from under him. He looked at me and giggled slightly. I just stared back at him with a half-smile on my face. I was trying not to be obvious but I really wanted to get a good smell of his fart.

Evan leaned back on the bed and uncrossed his legs and put his big bare feet on the edge of the mattress. Aiming his butt at the TV, Evan let rip another, longer and even louder fart. This one really smelled even more than the last one and my dick instantly got totally erect.

It got totally quiet for a second and then Evan looked at me but his smile was gone. He suddenly seemed a bit hesitant and unsure of what he was doing until he glimpsed the giant bulge in my shorts as my dick tried to pop over the top of the elastic waistband.

After a half-beat of hesitancy, Evan softly said, "I guess I better take a dump."

I was almost dazed with horniness and thinking that this hot boy was going to take a shit while I was hanging out with him. I nodded and only managed to say, in a breaking voice, " better do it."

Then, Evan stood up and slowly pulled down his gym shorts and kicked them off onto the floor. He stood there totally naked and I just couldn't help staring. His dick was only semi-soft, it seemed. In any case, it was really large up close like that. His foreskin covered the end of his long and thick penis and it was kind of moist on the end like mine gets when I'm making precum. His pubic bush was really thick and spread across his crotch. As I watched, Evan walked into the bathroom. His ass was lightly hairy with the same short, black hairs like on his chest and lower abdomen. It was hairier closest to his ass crack. Evan turned around and sat on the toilet in full view of me sitting on his bed. He spread his legs wide and leaned forward a bit with his elbows resting on his thighs.

Evan made no effort to close the bathroom door. He just sat there on the toilet looking off into space a bit as I pretended not to be watching him intently. My heart was beating super-fast knowing that this sexy boy was going to take a shit in front of me just as casually as when he took a piss while I watched the other day.

As he sat there, he cut a couple more loud farts that really echoed in the toilet bowl. Then, he leaned back against the toilet tank and clasped his hands behind his head. Now, Evan was looking straight at me and cut another big fart. I heard the sound of his piss now hitting the toilet water hard. This was one major piss he was taking.

While he pissed hard into the toilet, there was a major crack of thunder and lightning from the storm. Evan said, "Tom, you better turn off the TV `cause of the lightning."

I nodded then stood up to grab the remote which Evan had left on floor on the side of the bed where he was sitting before. My erection was totally obvious in my gym shorts but I figured it wasn't any weirder than Evan taking a dump right in front of me. I turned off the TV and just stood there only about five or six feet away from where Evan was sitting on the toilet. He finished pissing and cut another fart. By now the smell of his farts had spread throughout the bedroom.

As I watched, I could hear the faint, moist sound that had to be his dump sliding out of his asshole. There were loud splashes from his turds hitting the water. While he was shitting, Evan's penis started to get hard. I could tell because his dick suddenly lifted up over the toilet seat and kept lengthening and rising until, while he kept on taking a shit, his dick slapped against his belly and then stood out and up totally rigid. Evan must have liked the feeling from taking a big dump as much as I did!

While he sat there, rock-hard and grunting out the last of his dump, I just stood there frozen with my penis pushing out the waistband of my shorts at least a full inch away from my abdomen. I looked around nervously and focused once again on the pile of laundry on the floor. I had been distracted earlier by Evan and the TV from really checking out his dirty clothes but now I was standing right next to the pile of his smelly clothes. The main thing I noticed was that some of the underwear sitting there had really obvious piss stains and some pretty massive skidmarks too. Evan was definitely not afraid of his bodily functions.

Evan caught me checking out his dirty laundry and giggled a bit, saying, "Dude, I guess I better start doing some laundry soon or I'm out of clothes."

"Doesn't your mom do your laundry?" I asked sort of nervously. This was the first we'd talked since he started to shit in front of me.

"Fuck, Tom, I can't let her do my stuff and see all the skidmarks and stuff. Don't you get embarrassed if your mom washes your underwear?"

This was a good point. I had started to really mess my underwear recently. This was mostly from when I was really horny but I had left some pretty hefty skids in my shorts too.

"Yeah," I said, "maybe I should learn to do my own wash before she sees some real major skids."

"Do you do big skidmarks? Mine can be pretty huge." It was hot listening to Evan admit he really messed up his underwear so I decided to keep talking about this stuff as much as I could. My dick was really leaking into my shorts and there was an obvious wet stain on the front now.

"Yeah, some of my underwear has real huge stains," I said.

"Front and rear?" Evan asked.

"Oh yeah."

"Cool. I bet they're nowhere near as big as mine," Evan said half-boasting.

"I bet they are," I replied smiling straight at him.

"Before you put your money where your mouth is, you should check out some of the stuff in that laundry pile. There's no way you've made bigger shit stains in your underpants. Mine are totally funked up."

I really wanted to look at his dirty underwear! "You sure it's OK to check `em out?"

"Sure Tom. Go ahead."

Well, I squatted down in front of the pile of clothes and started picking up different pairs of underwear so I could check out the seats. Every pair I picked out of the pile had major shit and piss stains. As I squatted there looking at his skidmarks, I thought I might just cum in my shorts without even touching my boner.

Evan stood up from the toilet and walked, naked and erect, over to where I was squatting on his bedroom floor. He never flushed the toilet or wiped his ass. The smell from his huge dump was awesome. He squatted down next to me. My mind was reeling at the thought that his shit-caked asshole was now only a couple of feet away from me.

I was holding a pair of his once-white briefs in my hand inside out. The shit stain in these was dark brown and about five inches long and at least two inches wide at its widest point.

"That's gotta be bigger than any skids you've made," Evan said quietly.

"No, I've done some bigger ones before."

Then Evan reached into the pile of clothes and grabbed an old, frayed pair of jockey briefs that were a yellowish grey all over. As he reached out for them, his armpit was only a few inches from my face and I breathed in the smell of his sweaty underarm.

"Check this one out. I was totally boned up and wanted to jack off in my briefs. I was so close that I couldn't stop even though I had to shit bad," Evan confessed to me.

"Did you do it?" I asked.

"I did."

"All the way?"

"All the way. Check it out." With that, Evan turned the old jockeys over and inside out. The entire seat of his underwear was brown. There was even some dried shit still crusted onto the leg openings.

"Fuck," was all I could say. I was amazed that this sexy teen stud was admitting how dirty he was. Not only was he sharing his filthy bathroom habits but he basically admitted to shitting and jacking off at the same time, just like me.

It was while we were squatting there staring at his dirty underwear that I noticed something else at the bottom of the pile of laundry. The pink rubber end of what could only be a really large dildo. This was incredible.

I reached out and grabbed the end of it and pulled it out of the pile. "Do you use this?" I asked quietly.

Evan blushed hard all of a sudden. "Yeah I do. You gotta promise you won't tell anyone, OK?"

"I promise. Where'd you get it?"

"I bought it online with my credit card."

I held the dildo up. It was about a foot long and super wide with a flat base made to look like huge balls. It was amazing to think this huge rubber dick had gone inside of Evan. This looked like way more fun than fingering myself like I had been.

"Evan, if I gave you the money, could you order one for me?" Like a flashbulb going off, I suddenly realized I needed to stuff my asshole with something huge like this.

"Seriously? I have a bunch of them in different sizes and shapes. You could borrow some to play with if you want."

Fuck! This was a horny idea: putting something up my ass that had been up Evan's sexy, smelly ass.

"Are you sure it'd be OK?" I nervously asked.

"Sure. I'll even show you how to use `em if you want."

"How soon can you show me?"

Evan smiled widely and said, "How about right now?"


Evan got up and walked over to his closet and rummaged around in there for a couple seconds. He pulled out another dildo, only slightly smaller than the one I was holding. It was in a transparent yellow color. It had to be ten inches long and at least two inches thick. Evan was so hot standing there naked and erect and holding a big dildo that I knew had been inside his ass before. He was clearly real excited to be getting ready for sex with me. His penis was so hard that it stood up rigid and didn't even wave back and forth at all as he moved around his bedroom. There were streaks of semen running down the front of his dick shaft too.

I snapped back to reality when Evan tossed me the second dildo and then went back to get a couple old beach towels and a jar of Vaseline from the closet before walking back over to the bed. He spread the two towels out on the bed as I watched, holding both giant dildos.

"Pull down your pants, Tom. I want to see your dick up close, OK?" Evan asked quietly.

I said `sure,' and after dropping the dildos onto the bed, I pulled my gym shorts down and off. My penis smacked me in my abs, it was so hard. All around the foreskin I was super wet with semen leaking out ever since I watched and listened to Evan fart and take a dump. Now, I was shaking all over as I realized that I was going to have sex for the first time in my life and it was going to be with this hairy, smelly seventeen year old and his big pissing dick. I was practically panting in anticipation!

"Dude, you've got a really nice dick. It's almost as big as mine." Evan said as he stared at my erection.

"So do you, Evan. I like your dick a lot," I replied.

"Did you like watching me take a piss the other day? I really liked going to the bathroom while you watched."

"Yeah, I liked it a lot."

"That's so cool. I figured you liked it when your boner popped out of your shorts," Evan said, smiling. "You think you could let me watch you go to the bathroom some time? I really want to see you take a piss and all."

"Sure Evan. As long as you let me watch you do stuff like that some more."


Evan motioned for us to get up onto the towel-covered bed. We were squatting facing each other as Evan opened the Vaseline.

Then, he said, "You better start with the clear gel dildo. It's a little smaller and easier to get up in your hole for the first time."

"OK, are you going to put the big one inside you now?"

"Yeah, I can't wait to fill back up," Evan answered.

I half-whispered back, "You feel empty after taking a dump?" I wasn't sure if it was cool to talk about shitting but I had to try.

"I feel way too empty. I gotta get full up again and fast. You'll see. When the dildo is sliding out of your butt, it feels like you are taking the most awesome huge dump you ever took."

"Really? I've taken some big ones," I said.

"Dude, you're only thirteen. You don't know what a huge dump looks like until you've seen one of my giant ones."

"Oh man, Evan. Do you really make monster turds?"

As Evan greased up both dildos, he said, "Yeah, I sometimes save up for a couple days and then really let go. I love the feeling from lettin' out a big, smelly crap."

"Me too."

"If you want, you can check mine out later," Evan said, motioning to the bathroom where his shit was still sitting in the toilet and letting its odor out all over his bedroom.


Evan was real quiet for a moment and then said, "Would you maybe...some time...let me see one of your dumps, Tom?"

"Sure, Evan. That'd be cool."

Evan was super-horny now. His mouth was hanging open a bit as he started panting from our sexy talk. Then, he handed me the clear dildo and I watched as he placed the giant flesh-colored one under his asshole, sticking up from the bed. I did the same and could feel the greased up tip of the dildo touching my ass lips.

"So Dude, the trick to getting it in you is to push out with your asshole like you are pushing out a real hard turd while you slowly lower yourself onto it. It should go in pretty easy then."

Well, I did like Evan said. I pushed pretty hard and sat down on it. There was only a brief sting and then a popping feeling as it went into me. It felt awesome!

Evan grunted and I could tell that the super-large dildo was going up his ass too. We slowly lowered ourselves on the dildos as our erections literally spat semen out onto the beach towels.

"How's it feel?" Evan asked.

"Awesome. It's stretching my asshole wider than ever and it's still going deeper up inside me. How does yours feel?" I asked.

"Same. I think my asshole is over three inches wide now. It's great. I can even feel the weight of it against my insides. Let's start bouncing up and down a bit, OK?" He was panting as he spoke.

I nodded `yes' and we started sliding gently up and down as we stuffed our teen assholes.

"Oh man, Evan," I whimpered, "It feels like I'm taking the best shit ever."

"Same here. I'm making my asshole huge now."

Every time we slid down on the giant rubber dicks, we went a bit further until finally our ass cheeks were hitting the towel-covered bed. By then, the feeling deep inside my asshole was incredible. Evan later explained it was my prostate which was sending a throbbing hot feeling all through my ass and up my dick shaft.

We started to masturbate lightly, not wanting to cum just yet. Then, Evan said let's lean back a bit so we can see how stretched our assholes were getting. So we slouched back slightly on the heels of our feet and steadied ourselves by propping up on an outstretched arm behind us. Now, I could see Evan's asshole for the first time. It was amazing and real horny to look at. His ass lips were real stretched and super puffy as the dildo slid in and out. He was right that the diameter of his hole must've been at least three inches.

"Tom, your asshole looks real sexy. I bet it's never been bigger."

"Oh man, Evan, your hole looks huge and sexy too."

Evan balanced on his left hand/arm and then pulled his right arm up to scratch his shoulder. I could see his hairy, smelly armpit.

"Your armpits are real hairy, Evan. I hope mine get as hairy as yours."

"You like my pits? I love the way they feel when I run my hand through them."

"I like doing that too," I said.

"Show me your underarms, OK?" Evan asked.

I pulled my right arm up so he could look. Then, he said, "I figured you might like armpits as much as me. Your pits smell almost as much as mine do."

"Yeah I like the way your pits smell." Evan smiled and turned his face into his right pit and tried to lick the hairs as he stretched his tongue to the max.

"They taste pretty awesome. I bet yours do too."

With that, Evan leaned forward and started to lick my exposed armpit. He was sniffing my body odor too. It felt so hot to have my underarm licked by this sexy boy. Then, after a few minutes, Evan leaned back again and let me have my turn. So I leaned forward and dove into his pit with my tongue out. He tasted salty and sweaty and sexy! The smell was incredible too. This was awesome, everything we were doing.

I got even hornier feeling his wiry pit hairs with my tongue. I knew that this was real sex for me. I had no interest in the `romantic' hand-holding and wimpy stuff my school friends wanted with the girls in our class. This was a revelation. Pissing, talking about our dumps, licking our smelly pits and riding on giant dildos was totally awesome sex to me.

Finally, after licking Evan's underarm for a few minutes, we both squatted on to our dildos and started bouncing up and down a lot faster. You could hear the squishing sounds from the slippery dildos and our ass juices and Vaseline.

A couple times, my dildo popped out of me as I rode it up and down. Each time it popped out, I cut a loud fart.

"Oh yeah, Tom, cut those farts," Evan panted. Oh man! He liked hearing me fart as much as I liked it when he was cutting them earlier. Now, my shit smells were filling up our noses as much as his big dump, still sitting in the toilet already did.

Evan looked at me and said, "Ready to trade dildos? You gotta try this one. It's gonna stretch you lots more."

"OK" I replied. With that we both lifted up just enough for the rubber dicks to come out of our puffy assholes. Evan reached under my hole and rubbed his fingers on my swollen ass lips. That felt real good so I did the same to him. His asshole was awesome. It was sticking out almost an inch and was slimy and dirty with shit and Vaseline. I didn't care about getting his shit on my fingers; I'd already held my big craps before and liked it.

Next, Evan grabbed my dildo and brought it up between our faces. It was streaked with my shit, especially under the rim below the fake dickhead where there were some pretty big clumps. I grabbed his even larger dildo and it was even shittier. After all, Evan hadn't wiped after taking that big crap in front of me.

The shit-caked dildos were hot, I thought, but I wasn't sure what to do next so I followed Evan's lead. He just smiled and put my shit-covered dildo under him and sat down hard. This was incredible. My shit was now inside him! This was something I instantly realized I wanted to do too.

So I took his shitty giant dildo and put it under me while Evan watched intently. I pushed out like he had instructed earlier and cut a massive, deep-sounding fart as I squatted down on the toy. It popped in, stretching me to the max and maybe beyond!

The feeling was slightly painful at first but I focused on the horny feeling of having teen stud Evan's shit inside of my stretched hole. I slid down on it pretty fast and it felt awesome again. Evan knew a lot about dirty sex stuff and I was so grateful to be learning from this smelly seventeen year old.

"You like it?" he asked.

"It feels great," I panted.

"We've got each other's shit inside us, you know."

"Yeah, I like that too." I admitted.

"Same here. " Evan had a look on his face half-way between ecstasy and tears. "Right now, I could cram your whole dump up my ass and carry it around while I mow someone's lawn."

Hearing that filthy admission, I felt like I could orgasm at any moment. However, suddenly I felt an overwhelming need to piss. I told him.

"Me too. Wanna piss together?" Evan asked.

"Yeah. Can we piss with these things inside us?"

"That'd be cool. I'm bursting," Evan continued, "do you want to go in the bathroom and see who can piss higher up in the air?"

"Sure." This sounded like something real sexy to try.

"Let's go." With that, Evan stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom. As I followed, I could see the clear dildo hanging from his ass like a tail. His butt crack had shit smears all over it which turned me on even more. As I followed, my erection kept slapping my abs, I was so hard and horny.

We stopped in front of the toilet and Evan said, "Check it out. My shit is so awesome."

"Fuck, Evan, it's huge. Bigger than mine, even. I gotta start storing up to make some like you do." His turds were gigantic. There were three of them and each must've been at least seven inches long and real thick and knotty. "They must've felt awesome coming out of you."

"Oh yeah. It was a great dump, especially knowing you were watching."

"Do you make shit that size in your underpants?" I asked.

"Un huh, it feels cool to carry a heavy load in my stretched out jockeys." Evan admitted. "Maybe you and I can dump in our shorts together and check out our ass bulges?"

"That'd be cool." I said. My mind was reeling by now.

Well, I followed Evan's lead as we climbed into the tub. The smell in the bathroom was even more intense from his monster-size dump. We stood facing each other with one hand behind us pushing our dildos in and out while we got ready to piss.

Almost simultaneously, our foreskins pushed out as fountains of urine spurted straight up from our erections. We both started to piss nearly vertically; both piss streams were nearly shoulder height. Evan leaned back a bit and started to piss allover his chest. It was so sexy to see him enjoy urinating on himself. His piss poured down from his chest allover his hairy crotch and down into the tub. I leaned back to do the same. It was so much sexier to piss on myself in front of Evan than it was when I did it at home alone. I really got off on the exhibitionist thrill of showing Evan how I liked to urinate on my naked, smelly body.

We pissed like this for about half a minute and then Evan, with me again following his lead, stood back up straight. He grabbed his erection and pointed it at me, pissing all over my abs and crotch. It felt spectacular for Evan to go to the bathroom on my penis.

I pushed my dick out from my nearly hairless thirteen year old crotch and urinated on him. "Oh yeah, piss on me Tom," Evan moaned. Right then, I thought there was nothing better and sexier than going to the bathroom on Evan and letting him piss on me too.

When we were done, Evan squatted down in the tub and grabbed my penis. He pulled it to his mouth. Fuck! I was going to get a blowjob. He sucked my piss and semen coated dick into his mouth and gently licked allover my foreskin and dick shaft. He started sucking up and down as we both kept ramming the huge dildos into our sloppy, shit-smeared assholes.

"Stop!" I cried as I nearly orgasmed. "I want to suck you too."

Evan pulled off my erection and looked up smiling. "Ok" he said, grinning.

So we traded places and I started out by licking up and down his big boner. From up close, it was clear that Evan's hard penis must've been about nine inches long. The salty taste of our piss and his semen was out of this world. I loved it. I licked down to his balls and smelled the odor of his raw shit and this was even hornier. Next, I opened wide and sucked his dick into my mouth. Taking my cue from how Evan sucked my dick, I ran my tongue allover his meaty foreskin. It tasted great, with lots of precum inside his dick hood. I bobbed up and down on Evan's smelly penis for a few minutes until he too got too close to sperming.

Evan pulled my up and we stood facing each other. Our lips were slimy from each other's semen as he leaned in and kissed me. This was a different feeling from all the sexy, gross stuff we were doing. It was tender and really sweet. It was also super raunchy that we were kissing like this while urine dripped off our sweaty bodies and Evan's dump smell permeated the bathroom. I liked it this way, instantly!

He pulled back and, reaching under me, pulled my dildo out of my ass and held it up in front of his face. I did the same with his. Then, Evan grabbed my boner and started masturbating me. I grabbed his and did the same. We held our shit-covered dildos up in front of us as we jacked each other off.

"I'm getting close, how about you?" Evan asked.

"Yeah, I'm almost ready," I replied.

Evan started whimpering as his orgasm approached. Without warning, he looked me in the eye and popped the dildo that had just been up my ass into his mouth. He started sucking the shitty dildo. This was amazing. I'd thought about licking my turds before but never quite dared. Now Evan was sucking on my shit-flavored dildo as he grunted and shot a huge load up onto my chest, stomach and penis. He started yanking up and down on my dick even harder. I moaned, knowing what I had to do. I wanted to taste Evan's shit desperately. So, I popped his dirty dildo into my mouth and sucked the bitter flavor off. I could feel the texture of his shit on my tongue. The total filthiness of what I was doing was almost too much. I moaned hard and shot the biggest, most powerful cum load of my life so far. My sperm went allover Evan's nasty, piss and body odor-covered body.

Well, we were both spent after this. Evan smiled shyly at me and said, "Maybe we should clean up a bit?"

I giggled and said, "Do we have too?"

"Yeah, this might be more than our parents can put up with." Evan laughed. The tension I'd started to feel after the dirty sex stuff was instantly dispelled. This was the raunchiest, most fun thing I'd ever done and I knew I wanted to do it more. I just wasn't sure how to ask Evan if it was OK to have sex again. I didn't want this to be a one-off thing.

Well, we showered (no soap-a decent compromise!) and, since the rain had stopped, I biked home. Later, after dinner with my parents, the phone rang and my mom answered.

"Sure Evan, Tom's right here," Mom said.

Mom gave me a slightly puzzled look and said "It's Evan Marks, he wants to talk to you." She handed me the phone.

"Hey Evan."

"Are you the only one on the phone?" Evan asked in a serious tone.

"Yeah, it's cool."

"Wanna spend the night over here on Saturday?" This was only two days away. I didn't even have to think about it.

"Sure! Let me ask my parents if it's OK."

Well, my parents were cautious at first. Evan was four years older. But I convinced them. After all, he was our lawn boy and neighbor. They knew and trusted him. The fact that we were both going to be in high school together helped. Plus, I think they felt relieved that I had a friend in the neighborhood. They knew how boring and remote our way out suburb could be for me.

"My parents say it's cool." I was thrilled to tell Evan this.

"Awesome. My parents are cool with it too. We can get some pizza and rent some dvds and hang out." Then Evan said, "Are you sure no one is listening on your phone?"

"Yeah, I can see them both from here," I whispered.

"If it's cool with you, promise you won't take a dump until you come over, OK?" Evan quietly asked.

"Yeah, but you better promise the same, OK?" I replied. My dick went instantly erect thinking Evan wanted to us to take a shit together. I'd been almost deliriously horny from the minute I got home after our first time having sex together the day before.

Well, we hung up knowing that the next time we saw each other, we'd spend the night, fool around and even, I figured, I'd get to watch Evan push some big turds out of his hole. I couldn't wait!

Part II-The Sleepover-coming?