This is strictly a work of fiction and if sex with an adult and underage boys offends you, please do not read any further. Thank you!


Hi, my name is Mark and I am in my mid thirties with average looks and a pretty good body. I had recently been in the market to purchase a home with a minimum of ten acres. After a nasty and bitter divorce, I decided it would be best for me to move out to the country. Without offending any true boy-lovers, I am a closet pedophile who only dreamed about any sexual activities involving young boys. Up to this point, I had never sucked a cock or done anything remotely close to gay sex. I would never go out and try to seduce a boy to quench my perverse sexual desires, but I masturbated more than enough having a young boy in mind.

To make a long and boring story shorter, my real estate agent finally located some property. It was a pretty big home that rested on 25 acres of gorgeous land. The price was unbelievably low and she couldn't or wouldn't tell me why the cost was so low. I purchased the property and moved in within a week's time. I had only been in my new home for less than a couple of days when I discovered the two story home (my only neighbors for a mile or so) that sat across the wood line from my bedroom window. It wasn't exactly the home that caught my eye, but the residence who lived there.

I looked out my window and saw a group of boys, maybe six or seven, playing basketball. Their ages ranged from about ten to fifteen years young. Naturally, being the inner monster I was, I quickly went to the nearest Radio Shack and purchased a telescope and a high powered binocular. From my telescope, I could clearly see into the two second story bedroom windows. With my binoculars, I could see pretty much everything else. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything close to any of the boys revealing themselves in the slightest. I did notice a couple of male and female adults who appeared to be monitoring the boys at all times.

After a couple of weeks or so, I decided to go there and introduce myself. I quickly found out that this home was a boys group home. Each of the residence had been sentenced to this program in lieu of the juvenile justice incarceration center. Their crimes ranged from molestations to arson. I was also informed that these boys would run away if given the slightest of chances and if they damaged anything on my property, the group home would gladly pay for it. I had been speaking to the program director who was feeding me all this information.

After discovering the information of my neighbors, my dirty mind began to form some type of plan to get closer to the boys. I had a pool installed the very same week and since it was the beginning of summer, I invited the program director, and the boys, to share in my new pool. The very next day, one of the counselor's knocked on my front door and inquired about the use of my pool. Without any hesitation, I assured him that the boys swimming would in no way disturb me.

Before I get too far along, I had my eyes set on one of them from the very start. The boy looked to be about eleven or twelve years young, with snow white blond hair. Short, I guess about 5' 2" and surely couldn't have weighed no more than ninety pounds soaking wet. Though I never heard him speak, he had been the creation of many wild orgasms since I moved into my new home. His facial features caused my heart to pound rapidly with his thick white eyebrows and long white eyelashes. His lips were thin, but rosy red and his cheeks had perfect little dimples indented on both sides. The boy's teeth were miraculously pure white and in a perfect line. Whether be through the telescope or binocular's, he always caused my cock to grow extremely hard.

This boy was bay far the prettiest of the bunch, but some of the rest of them were cuter than hell as well. By the time I went outside, there were eight boys already in the pool and one counselor sitting in one of the chairs. My heart throbbed as my eyes watered at the sight of so many young beauties. I had to fight back the ever loving cock hardening problem. I sat down next to the counselor and we chatted briefly, but my eyes never left the boys, especially the one with snow white hair. Oops, his hair, not when wet, had been cut short on the top and the sides perfectly feathered back to form a perfect point just above his neck line. Seeing this boy in his three sizes too big swim shorts set my heart on fire. When he got out of the pool to go to the diving board, I studied his ever feature with pen-point accuracy. His nipples were hard, but a bright pink in color. The boy's nipples looked like little dots on a hairless chest. His legs were lean, yet muscular with no sign of hair whatsoever. His navel was just a small line that didn't go inside to form a hole, or protrude outside. As he raised his hands to perform his dive, I couldn't detect any hair form under his arms.

He was so slender, his ribs became visible as he stretched his arms and his smooth stomach slightly formed a little six pack as he dove. This boy was simply the pure essence of poetry in motion, from his little head to his hairless little toes. When his back was towards me, I could clearly see the outline of his little bubble butt as the wet baggy material clung to his cheeks like glue. His butt was definitely small, but looked like two small watermelons had replaced each cheek. My eyes watered and my tongue caused my mouth to drool.

As each boy got out of the pool to take a break, the counselor introduced them to me. My cock stayed rock hard during each of the introductions and my heart melted when my hand touched theirs with a friendly handshake. Finally, my cock pounding desire got out of the pool and we were introduced. His name is Chad and I almost lost all control when I stared into his amazingly sky blue eyes. His hand felt like a spool of silk as my hand was graced with his small hand. My eyes inadvertently traveled to his crotch upon our introduction. No hair, or even a trace could be seen as my eyes rested upon the dripping wet cloth that concealed his boyhood. Thanks to the bagginess of the material, I could see a very small outline of his wet boy cock. It looked like it was resting peacefully between his legs, and in my mind, hung down a good two or three inches.

Without thinking at all, my eyes remained on his wet cock for quite some time, but when I looked back into Chad's entrancing eyes, the boy was smiling preciously wide. I knew the boy had busted me staring at his most private of parts, but I was left utterly speechless sitting there in my own shame. I was completely taken off guard when Chad hopped up onto my lap and leaned his wet hair against my heart pounding chest. His firm butt was sitting on top of my man sized eight inches of angry, depressed meat. I literally thought he was intentionally squeezing his butt cheeks together because it felt like he was slowly milking my cock with the solid flesh of his little ass. I felt like I had died and gone straight to heaven. When he got up, after about ten minutes of squeezing his hot little butt on my cock, his right hand slid under his butt and softly squeezed my erection.

Chad stood up, looked down at me and a breath taking smile parched his lips as he strode off to go back into the water. A little while later, Chad got out of the pool and started toweling off. He approached the counselor and said he had to use the bathroom. Since I was the host, I invited the boy to use mine. The counselor agreed and I led the way to my bathroom. What happened next surprised the living hell out of me. After showing Chad where the bathroom was, I was getting ready to leave when he said, "No, you can't. We're not allowed to use the bathroom by ourselves. You can stand by the door, that's what the other counselor's do." I did as the boy said and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't look away. Chad walked up to the toilet and lifted the seat. He untied his draw string and yanked his wet shorts to his ankles. I couldn't believe my eyes as the boy of my many dreams was standing before me, buck naked with his shorts down to his little ankles. From a side view, his little butt was even more impressive as it bubbly, yet muscularly, jetted out from his backside.

He grabbed his soft cut cock and positioned it over the toilet and I watched in total fascination as his bright yellow pee splashed inside the bowl. Every few seconds, Chad would look over to me and smile. While he was peeing, Chad looked at me and flatly stated, "I'm here cause the courts say I'm a sexual predator!" The only words that could evade my shocked lips were, "Predator, but how?" Smiling, he softly said, "I'm gay, but I don't really like fooling around with boys my age. I like men and I like the way men make me feel. Before you say anything, yes, I like to get fucked!" He started slowly rubbing the flesh of his right butt cheek with his right hand while still pissing a steady golden stream. I had no clue as to how to respond to this boy's tremendous straight forwardness.

As the last of his golden stream subsided to a mere trickle, I watched as his two inch soft cock started expanding. Within seconds, Chad was holding his now rock hard five inches of torpedo shaped boyhood. His boy cock stood proudly straight out in front of him with a slight downward angle. He started to shake the excess piss free while slowly stroking the hard flesh of his shaft. From my angle, I couldn't tell if he had any pubic hair, nor could I see his boy balls. My mouth was wide open as I stared intently at the boy softly stroking his wonderful masterpiece.

Chad was looking at me smiling and with a manner-of-fact tone to his voice said, "Mark, you can suck it if you want. We really don't have a lot of time you know. Come on, let me shoot my load in your mouth. It won't take long, I promise!" I was torn with all kinds of sorted emotions. I had never sucked a cock before and my dream boy was now offering his lovely cock to me. He said, "Come on, close the door and lock it so we don't get busted. Hurry man, I really do need to bust a nut. If you're worried about me telling on you, forget it. I'm here cause I wouldn't tell the cops anything. Come on Mark, please suck my dick!"

He slowly inched his small frame facing me and I could see a few whisks of solid white curly hairs that bordered on either side of the base of his cock. His balls had definitely dropped, but they were tightly snuggled into a hairless sac. The boy's balls were much larger than I had anticipated being that they were already the size of a couple of ping-pong balls. My hand certainly acted without any help from my brain, as I stepped inside the doorway, closed the door and fastened the lock. My legs felt very heavy as I stepped closer to this blond heavenly creature. My heart was pounding furiously as I slowly placed the weight of my body on my knees before the boy's throbbing five inches of torpedo meat.

I shoved my nose into his crotch and inhaled deeply as my tongue drew circles over his perfectly smooth hairless balls. Chad put both his hand on my head and said, "You gotta hurry man, I'll come back later when there's more time. Just give me a blow-job, okay!" Upon opening my mouth to speak, Chad slid his slender hard cock straight inside my mouth and began slamming his hips into my face. I did gag a couple of times, but then I was okay with his ramming his boy meat in and out of my mouth. I wrapped both of my hands around his little firm cheeks and began caressing the silky flesh. His rhythm quickened as my fingers traced his small ass crack. Needing more, I gently spread his cheeks and allowed two fingers to softly dig at his hairless boy bung hole. Chad flung his head back and whispered, "Yeah, yeah, hell yes man, suck my cock, I'm getting real close now, yes, yeah that's it Mark!" I was more than proud of my first taste of cock, but wasn't so sure about my first taste of sperm. Chad softly grunted, slammed his pulsating cock deep into my mouth and shoved my head forward with a vice like grip as I felt his hot fiery load unleash, splashing the roof of my mouth and rapidly filling my cheeks already filled with his boy meat.

The boy shot an unbelievable load and was still squirting off several small shots and I could feel the hot substance fill my mouth completely. After his cock began to grow soft, Chad pulled his dick out of my mouth, stroked his shaft and wiped the excess sperm onto my bottom lip while having the most devilish look on his face. With a mouthful of his sperm and a bottom lip covered with his boy globs, Chad softly said, "Go ahead man, swallow my spunk. I bet your gonna like it!" My initial reaction was revolting at the mere thought of swallowing someone's sperm, but Chad looked so precious standing before me with his grin and begging eyes.

I let just a little of his boy spunk travel down my throat and quickly found myself in total love with his sweet honey of sperm. I was really expecting my taste buds to go into a riot with fear of something extremely salty and very bitter, but was more than shocked as to its non saltiness and definitely no bitterness. I savored each morsel and hungrily gathered his globs of boy cum that was on my bottom lip and like a wine connoisseur, slowly drank his delicious seed.

We had to go back to the pool, but I wanted more and without thinking, begged, "Please, turn and bend over!" Chad smiled and said, "Okay, but we gotta hurry!" He turned around, placed both hands on the top of the tub, and asked, "Like this?" I had no idea what I was thinking of. I had never desired to put my tongue up someone's asshole before, but now, for some unexplainable reason, I craved Chad's asshole. Quickly, my hand spread the boy's ass cheeks apart and I had to take a brief pause just to look at his bright pink extra tiny butt hole. Needing no additional encouragement, I crammed my tongue against his boy hole and slobbered over it like a pig in heat. Chad let out a soft, low moan as my tongue, totally unaware, opened his tiny hole and climbed inside. With my nose shoved firmly in his little crack and my tongue now invading his anal chute, I got my first taste of ass juice. At first, I sort of gagged, realizing where my tongue is. Just like his delicious sperm, the more ass juice that slid down my throat, the more I craved like a blood thirsty vampire.

Chad bent way over and used his small hands to grab his cheeks and he literally yanked them wider than ever. My tongue shot up his chute a little farther until I had no more tongue to offer. It was hot, tight, and definitely juicy, but most of all, the boy's ass juice was down right delicious. His right hand released his cheek and began pounding his cock for all he was worth. I was tongue fucking the young boy's sweet asshole while he was working his cock into another sweet sperm spewing session. In less than a minute, Chad spun around forcing my tongue out of his ass, pumped his beautiful cock directly over my open mouth. He grunted and squinched his eyes as his angry load shot into my sperm savoring mouth. His second load was not as powerful as the first, but I was more than thankful for any and all that he offered me. Chad squeezed a few droplets of his boy cum onto my sperm gathering tongue before rolling his piss slit over the tip of my tongue to catch the remainder. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I slowly sipped his candy like sperm down my greedy throat.

He pulled up his shorts and kissed me right on the lips, then said, "I can slip out tonight after everyone goes to sleep, that is if you want me to come over." I just nodded my head as I felt my tears running down the corner of my cheeks. Chad said, "Good, I'll come over tonight, but we got to get back to the pool before they start wondering." I followed Chad out to the pool and my eyes never left his butt. Although his shorts were back on, my eyes remembered the silky flesh and envisioned him walking totally nude.

We walked back out to the pool area, Chad dove into the pool and I sat down next to a sleeping counselor. One of the other boy's named David approached me and said he had to use the bathroom. David was one of the older boy's, being around 14 or 15. He was about 5' 10" and weighed a solid (lean) 150 pounds. In his own way, David was cute. His short jet black hair was feathered back and he seemed to always have a sort of childish grin on his face. His chins had small curly black hairs while the rest of him seemed to be hairless. He did have small patches of black hair under each arm, but his chest and stomach was totally void of any hair.

He followed me to the bathroom and just like with Chad, I stood at the door. David, just like Chad, dropped his wet shorts to the floor by his ankles. The boy's butt was small, but impressively bubbly. My mouth began to water as my cock strained against my own tight swimming trunks. I could see from my side view that David had a pretty thick patch of solid black pubic hairs just above his soft, uncut four inches of teen meat. I watched him as he unsheathed his bright pink cock head and began pissing his golden stream. David looked at me and said, "I bet you Chad did everything he could to get you to fuck him!" I shook my head no, but my eyes remained fixed on his uncut piece of glory. He was pissing like a race horse when he said, "Look Mark, I know Chad too well. The boy likes to get fucked, so I know he's tried something with you. Shit man, I've fucked Chad plenty of times and I'll tell you one thing, he's got one heck of an ass to be so young. One things for sure, if you didn't fuck him, someone got a blow-job. You guys were gone way too long just for him to take a piss."

I didn't say a word and was even more surprised how straight forward these boys talked. There was no beating around the bush with these guys and that's for sure. David maintained his boyish grin the entire time while pissing and just as the last few drops was being flung out of his uncut cock, he softly whispered, "Man, I sure could use a blow-job right about now!" He had finished peeing and had turned his body around to face me. His low hanging egg sized balls dangled a good 2 or 3 inches down in a sac that was just getting some curly black hairs darting unevenly all around it.

Just like with Chad, I shut the door and locked it, slowly walked towards David and dropped to my knees. His cock was semi erect as I opened my mouth, swallowing his cock all the way to his lovely sperm filled teenage balls. Almost instantly, his uncut meat grew to a good 6 to 7" with a little thickness to the shaft. Just like Chad, David grabbed my head and start pile driving his teen cock in and out of my mouth. My hands slid over his smooth soft cheeks and my fingers dug at his hairless asshole. While having his hard cock slide in and out of my mouth, I managed to stick my tongue under his protective hood and was instantly gratified with his fresh remnants of salty piss and his sweet gooey pre cum.

My second taste of cock in one day caused my heart to pound nearly out of my chest as David groaned, "Fucking A dude, yeah, yeah man, suck my cock, oh fuck your mouth is hot, yes, yeah play with my shit hole!" He grunted and I felt his hot load splash by the bucket loads inside my mouth. Several hard blasts of thick and creamy teen sperm shot out of his wonderful cock and I fought back the urge to start drinking his spunk as he fired. As he was pulling his still hard, spent cock from my mouth, I wrapped my lips over his covered head and politely licked his piss slit clean of his chunky boy sperm. Unlike Chad's load, David's sperm had a little hint of salt, but was absolutely delicious. After swallowing his huge load, I opened my mouth wide and sucked his boy balls into my mouth while digging desperately at his moist poop chute. He was still grunting softly as I released his balls from my mouth and spun him around. Using my hands, I silently guided him to bend over. His hands were directly on the floor just inches from his feet. David's little boy cheeks happily spread revealing a light pinkish brown tiny pucker hole. I slammed my nose right into the boy's hole and desperately tried to suck his oxygen from his body through his quivering little asshole.

It was more of a musky odor mixed with the chlorine from the pool as I replaced my nose with my exploring tongue. His young body began shaking as my tongue dove onto his little bud and forcefully pried the tight pucker open. He was shivering in delight as my tongue traveled as deep as it could go into his hot, very juicy, boy bung hole. The boy's ass juice aroma alone caused me to go into an ass eating frenzy. My tongue was buried to the hilt when our ass eating session was interrupted by the knocking on the locked bathroom door. I stood up and helped David get back into his shorts. He flushed the toilet and I opened the door to find the counselor standing there and he too had to take a piss. David and I walked back out to the pool and neither of us acted as if anything had ever happened.

The remainder of the day went without any sexual events, but as they were getting ready to leave, Chad walked up to me and softly whispered, "Leave your backdoor unlocked and I'll be back over tonight, I promise!" I nodded my head and watched with a temporary broken heart as the young boys walked across the field to their group home. I lay on the lounge and remembered Chad's velvety cock and the taste of his sweet hot sperm, as well as David's. My nose detected the intoxicating aroma darting from both boy's precious little bung holes. Before I realized what I was doing, I busted a huge nut all over the place.

It was getting rather late as I lay in my bed praying against all odds for Chad to make his promised visit. With no clothes on, I replayed the earlier occurrence with Chad in my bathroom. While dreaming of the gorgeous little boy, his voice brought my mind back into reality, "Mark, Mark, you awake?" After whispering yeah, I felt him climb into my bed. The boy had removed all of his clothes somewhere in my home prior to entering into my bedroom. His smooth silk flesh sent shivers up and down my spine as my hands roamed his entire body ever so freely. His small hands slid over my chest and stomach as our lips met for the first time. His breath was fiery hot and smelt fresh of toothpaste.

Chad's little tongue slid into my mouth as mine slid into his. Our tongues entwined as I got my first sample of the boy's heart warming, sweet saliva as it slid down my throat, awakening every taste bud in my body. We kissed long and hard while my hands held the young boy close to my body. As soon as Chad's hand fell onto my hard member, he gasped and preciously whispered, "Oh yeah, yeah Mark, now that's a cock!" I was too busy running my exploring tongue all over the boy's face area and inhaling his breath taking aroma that streamed from his succulent lips. Words alone could never justify the boy's pure beauty. He was gorgeous, far beyond any beauty that could ever possibly be described.

My fingers traced along his soft, firm crack while kneading into the boy's vivacious butt crack. He was moaning and I was in the mood to eat him from head to toe. Placing his little erect left nipple around my lips, I sucked gingerly while my tongue flickered all over it. Chad was in ecstacy as soft and gentle moans escaped his panting lips. I knew the boy had been fucked, and fucked hard, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to make love to this troubled boy. I took turns working on each erect nipple while my left hand groped and caressed his smooth inner thighs.

My tongue traveled south, washing his freshly soaped chest and stomach area completely. The lower my tongue slid, the louder Chad's moans became. I licked and sucked each leg before slipping his soft little toes inside my mouth. My tongue swabbed in between his little toes before returning up his smooth hairless legs. His legs were already spread and slightly raised on his heels as my face was within inches of his hard five inches of pure boy meat. I could see his cock was throbbing as it seemed to dance on unison with his heart. A little drop of his sweet pre cum glistened in the moonlight as it held firmly to his piss slit. My tongue slowly extended and touched his pre honey and my heart was pounding at the premeditated taste. Slowly scooping up Chad's wonderful pre cum, I swashed it around inside my mouth before savoring the sweet fluid as it fell down my throat.

My hands were trembling as they lovingly pushed on the inside of his legs, forcing them to spread even further. His hairless balls looked so delicious restrained in the wrinkled and rapidly withdrawing sac. I sucked both balls into my mouth and began sliding my tongue over and under each one. Chad began to slap the bed cover with both hands while slamming his golden head onto the bed. I could feel his small legs as they shook in anticipation. The young boy was biting his lips, holden back the virtual urge to scream out in pleasure. I released both balls from my oven hot mouth and began licking the area between his balls and his sweet asshole. His bucking motions and grunting became increasingly louder as my tongue flickered away, driving the young boy insane with passion.

Pushing on his thighs, the young boy's small body raised in the air and my hands guided his lower half over his head. His innocent little butt cheeks automatically spread wide as I slammed my tongue into his little, sweet, love hole. He could hold back the urge to scream no longer as he yelled, "Shit yes, yes, yes, ah man, eat my ass, eat it good, fuck yeah!" Just like the first time, his resistance was minor as my tongue escaped into his dark, hot anal chamber. His natural instinct was to grab his cock, but my hand caught his and prevented him from doing so. I wanted this night to be very special, for him and for me, as well. His hole was tight, but my tongue explored his creamy insides with all the love in the world. My just reward was tremendous as his sweet ass juice began to fill my mouth as my tongue had traveled to its farthest limit. Maintaining a stiff tongue, I began to tongue fuck the boy's ass ever so slowly.

Chad released his grip on the bed and grabbed my head with both hands as my tongue rocketed in and out of his juicy butt. His small mouth formed a perfect circle and his eyes were tightly sealed, only loud moans and grunts escaped his shaking lips. There was no doubt that Chad had been used by several, but never loved by one before. From the sounds escaping his young body, he was enjoying every lustful second. After this night, I wanted him to know that there is a lot more to sex than getting fucked. He would definitely realize the difference from the pleasure I had in store for him.

Several minutes had passed and my tongue was still plundering in his sweet anal opening. Softly, I rolled Chad onto his stomach and sat between his spread legs. I felt somewhat dizzy from the boy's intoxicating ass juices as I sat on my knees looking at his soft, firm, bubbly butt cheeks. Scooting myself backwards, I lowered my head onto the boy's smooth butt cheeks. I could spend the rest of my life with this boy and use his bubbly butt as a pillow. Using both hands, I tenderly spread his loving cheeks and shot my tongue back into his juicy hole. Chad slowly raised his knees towards his upper body and began softly sliding his little butt back and forth on my ass loving tongue. Within seconds, I had crammed my entire tongue inside the boy's tight asshole and was milking his ass juices with a fiery passion.

Up until this day, I considered an asshole taboo. I would gag at the mere thought of licking someone's butt hole, must less, actually tasting their creamy ass juices. Now, thanks to Chad, I couldn't get enough of the delicious forbidden juice. The deeper my tongue traveled, the stronger and more intoxicating the aroma became. Just hearing the precious moans and grunts that constantly fled his young body caused me to dine on the boy's young, tender asshole that much longer. While lovingly milking his ass from his sweet juices, my hands were busy caressing the boy's smooth legs. My own cock was jerking and dripping pre cum by the bucket loads, but my own urges of shooting my load was far from any of my intentions.

Though time was not a factor, I had eaten the boy's hot hole for well over an hour. Throughout my tongue drilling, ass eating adventure, Chad consistently and constantly begged me to fuck him. The boy wanted my eight inches of man meat inside him, but I wanted to prolong his loving experience as long as I could. Letting my tongue unplug his asshole, I quickly flipped over onto my back and slid between his quivering legs. Using my right hand, I brought his rock hard boy meat towards my anxious mouth. There was a three inch line of pre cum spewing from his piss slit which I eagerly gathered with my tongue. The taste rocked my mind as it slowly slid down my throat.

I encircled his cock head with my lips and began sucking and licking his piss slit. Chad's body shook violently as the hard silk like flesh slowly slid further and further to the hilt inside my cock sucking mouth. His hips began rocking forcing his boy pride to shoot in and out of my mouth at a rapid pace. I reached around his small frame and locked onto his silky butt cheeks with my large hands. Using the index finger on both hands, I began inserting them in rhythm with his mouth fucking cock. Chad screamed in joy as the two fingers plunged inside his cock hungry asshole. My thumbs played with his hairless jewels as two fingers plundered inside his hot hole and my mouth sucked on his torpedo shaped cock.

Chad was screaming into the pillows as his cock expanded, then exploded. His hot creamy load fired volley after volley, striking the roof of my mouth. To be so young, Chad could shoot a whopping load of his sweet honey like sperm. I felt his asshole cinch down hard on my fingers as his cum rocketed out of his pulsating cock. Seven to ten hard blasts rang out, followed by numerous hot gushes before five or six more hot shots blasted out. After the second volley of sperm missiles erupted, a series of mouth filling gushes oozed out of his boy cock. Every time he tensed his young body, more and more of his hot cream fell into my mouth. Chad could take no more sucking on his cock as he quickly rocked his little hip backwards, forcing his boy meat to vacate my cum filled mouth. I held onto his cock tightly with my lips to clean any of his wonderful sperm off before savoring in the divine taste.

Looking up at his throbbing cock, I slowly drank his sweet, candy like sperm down my greedy throat. I almost shot my load as his sperm rocked my body with its mind boggling taste. So pure, filled with innocense, with not a single trace of salt to be discovered anywhere. My only depression came when the last of his sweet flavored cream slipped into my throat, leaving my mouth vacant of his loving, delicious seed. The young boy was panting desperately as he said, "Holy shit, that was awesome. I've never felt like this before after busting a nut!" After a brief pause, he added, "I didn't know if I was shooting sperm or peeing!"

I slid out from under his legs, not before giving his cock one more quick tongue bath, as well as slamming my tongue into his butt hole one more time. He was still in a doggie-style position as I lay next to him on his left side. Rolling his precious face towards mine, he smiled and whispered, "Now, shove your cock up my ass!" Smiling back, I said, "Not before you sit your pretty little ass on my face!" I watched as he struggled to stand up on the bed and walk to me. Chad turned around facing my feet and slowly squatted his delicious little ass over my awaiting tongue. As he was squatting, he said, "I sure don't know why you like sticking your tongue up my butt so much, but it really does feel awesome!" With that being said, his little hole impaled itself onto my erect tongue. Both of his small feet was deeply implanted on the bed as my hands reached around him and began stroking his still cock while my tongue whisked away inside his beloved anal canal.

My heart almost stopped when I felt his tongue stab at my pre cum oozing piss slit. Both of his hands grabbed onto the steel pole while his tongue bathed my angry cock head. His tongue gingerly graced my cock head and shaft, forcing me to dwell inside his juicy hole with an animalistic desire. My right hand was stroking his hard cock while my tongue stabbed in and out of his muscle clinching poop chute. Chad quickly raised his hips and shoved his hard cock inside my mouth as it unleashed another violent missile shooting load. His little hands gripped my hips savagely as he cried out from the piss splitting sperm missiles that was blasting out and into my mouth. Graciously enough, his second load was just as large as the first and I happily kept his cock inside my mouth, draining it free from its hot creamy life giving seed.

I was worshiping his cream as it slowly slid down my throat as Chad was moving his body over mine. He had turned around facing me and his lips was within inches of mine. He was smiling like boy wonder as he watched me drink his creamy sperm. I had just finished the last drop as his mouth opened. Chad stuck out his tongue and I saw a pretty good sized spit river trapped on top, and in the middle, of his tongue. Quickly, I wrapped my mouth over his tongue and sucked his fresh saliva from his mouth. When his tongue was completely sucked dry, I slipped my tongue into his mouth. We kissed for a long time as my hands played with the silky flesh of his boy butt. My fingers poked at his backdoor entrance, but never once entered. His eyes partially closed at the feeling of something getting ready to penetrate his cock hungry asshole.

After a long and powerful kissing session, I needed more of this gorgeous creature and he wanted my cock up his ass. I had placed some lubricant on my night stand near the bed and Chad reached over and squirted some lube on my cock. His hands felt wonderful as they greased up my cock. Not saying a word, I watched with the best of interests as he raised his little body onto his heels, facing me, and grabbed onto my cock with his left hand. I felt my cock head poke at his asshole and watched Chad as he grimaced at the initial pain of his asshole being pried open. He was whimpering while biting his lips as I felt him lower his body, impaling himself onto my rock solid cock. He screamed, "Shit, it hurts, it really hurts bad, damn your cock is fucking big!" I didn't try and do anything. Chad was in total control of how much cock he wanted up his ass. Although he was pleading in pain, the young boy kept on impaling his body onto my cock.

Chad had released my cock and had both hands on my stomach as he continued his descent on my thick shaft. The faces he was making was priceless and the sounds coming out of his gasping mouth was audible, but not any of it was in the human language. He was bound and determined to swallow my cock with his ass and after a minute or so, I felt his butt cheeks as they squirmed on my thighs. As if he had just conquered a mountain, Chad lowered his head to my stomach allowing his insides to adjust to the thick cock splitting his ass open. I watched as he slowly lifted his head and our eyes met. His eyes were teary as he inched his upper body up using his hands on my stomach. Slowly, ever so slowly, he began raising his little hips up off my cock, before slowly shoving it back inside him. I fought back the desire to start slamming my cock in his tight asshole.

His cock looked like a piece of metal sticking out from his body as he began to slam his butt onto my cock while gyrating his hips. "Fuck yeah, oh God, yes, oh fuck man, I, I love your big cock up my ass, oh shit Mark it feels so good!" After hearing that, I started shoving my hips upwards to meet his downward thrust. There was not a doubt in my mind that Chad was not enjoying this now. The boy plopped onto my thrusting cock like a cowboy riding a bucking bull. His pre cum started oozing out so I used my finger to scoop it up and greedily sucked my finger clean. As he was yelling while fucking his ass onto my cock, his sweet saliva dripped out of his open mouth and landed into my open mouth. I almost busted my nut when his thick spit hit my tongue. At first, Chad almost looked apologetic, but quickly discovered I was lost in heaven and craved more and more.

He began letting his spit drool out of his mouth, watching as it disappeared inside my mouth. There wasn't anything this boy could give me that I wouldn't happily accept. Somewhere, lost in time, my cock exploded sending gallons upon gallons of my sperm up his rocking ass. He was crying out and I was dizzy from my mind tormenting orgasm. His cock pounding ass slammed harder and faster as my cock fired round after round of my thick gooey man seed up his fiery hot tunnel. After my load was completely fired off, Chad was still slamming his boy butt onto my man meat. Thankfully enough, my cock was not ready to go to sleep.

I had still been skillfully jacking on his cock the entire time as he screamed out in joy. Using my strength, I lifted his small body off my cock and slid my body under his just in time to catch his flying sperm torpedoes. Proudly enough, the boy's third load was just as heavy as his previous two. I milked his cock free before partaking of his sweet boy cream. Chad was panting for oxygen as I climbed out from under his body and stood on my knees behind him. His small ass was jutting straight at my angry cock as I shoved the head inside his tiny cum filled asshole. Chad screamed as my cock slid all the way home and I began slamming my meat violently in and out of his asshole. I had grabbed his tiny hips and used them to drive his small body hard onto my thrusting cock.

The sound of flesh striking flesh echoed throughout the room, along with his loud moans and desperate grunts. Never before had I ever fucked anyone so hard and so violently. The harder I pounded his young ass, the more he yelled, "Fuck me, yeah that's it, fuck my ass, fuck me good, oh shit yeah!" We both had worked up quite a sweat and his back glistened from the hard ass pounding session. He was driving his small butt onto my thrusting cock and I squeezed more of his hips to aid in driving my meat harder and deeper. I watched as his snow white hair flung freely as he tossed his head about while having his ass filled with a man's cock.

A long time had passed and my animalistic thrusting motion never slowed, only increased. I was nearing my second nut of the night, but was still some time away before the necessity to blow a load would occur. I started pulling my cock all the way out of his asshole, pause for a brief second, then ram it back in. This was driving Chad crazy as he began to jerk on his own solid shaft. I rotated between pulling my cock all the way out of his bung hole and pounding his ass furiously. His little body twitched and jerked violently as I took full control of the situation.

Knowing I was getting really close, I rolled him onto his back, leaving my cock deeply implanted inside his anal cavern. I hooked both his ankles and pressed his legs over his head where his knees impaled the bed covers just above his ears. Showing no mercy, I started pile driving my cock in and out of his juicy asshole. His mouth was opened and his eyes partially closed and only groans of joy was audible, along with the pounding of skin. Leaning forward, I sucked in his nose and used my tongue to explore each loving nostril. Chad returned his hand back to his hard cock while mine was plowing his ass. My cock went deeper than ever and stretched his anal canal even wider. Thrust after hard thrust, I crammed my cock into the boy's asshole while stabbing my tongue inside his little nostrils.

I hooked my hands behind his head and lowered my mouth onto his. I sucked his tasty saliva straight from his panting mouth while driving my cock at a feverish pace inside his hot asshole. The young boy seemed as though he had no energy left as his hand fell off of his hard cock and lay by his side. His body was almost completely limp as my cock unleashed another heavy load, deep inside his bowels. I pumped my sperm harder than ever into the boy while keeping his head locked with my hands. Only soft grunts evaded his mouth, but those were silenced with my saliva drinking mouth securely fastened over his lifeless mouth.

As the last of my man seed clung to his anal walls, I felt my cock start to soften. I pulled my limp cock out of his sperm slick asshole and let his young body unfold from my clutches. His legs slid on the bed covers as they slightly parted into a peaceful resting position. He almost appeared to be sound asleep, but his cock was waving proudly in the air. His chest was rising and falling feverishly and his mouth was still open as his eyes were still closed. Lowering my mouth, I engulfed his hard cock and began sucking like crazy. Not a sound was offered as his cock sent sperm missiles into my mouth. My hands groped his cum shooting balls while my mouth increased the sucking pressure on his lovely cock. Five hard bursts of cum flew from his cock then it dribbled profusely for several seconds before the last delicious drops began oozing out. I drank the sweet fluid while keeping his now soft cock warm inside my sucking mouth. Chad lay motionless as his balls completely drained themselves of its baby making protein.

Releasing his cock from my mouth, I crawled up to his left side and began caressing his smooth face with my right hand. He was breathing very heavy, but appeared as though he was fast asleep. I flung my tongue out and creased it along both, his upper and lower lip. Chad's eyes barely opened and a precious smile shot across his lovely face. The young boy softly whispered, "Thanks Mark. I've never felt like this before. Can we do this again sometime?" I kissed his lips and whispered, "Anytime!"

We lay silent for some time before he had regained his full awareness. I helped him get dressed and basically walked him through the woods to the group home. I watched him as he climbed up a ladder and enter through the upstairs bedroom. I walked back home with my mind still in a daze over this heavenly adonis of a young boy. Having sex with Chad was much better than all the years I had been jacking-off to fantasy dream boys. Once my head hit the pillow, I fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

Three days later, I was lounging out by my pool when David walked in through the gate. With a smile on his face, he said, "Hey Mark, everyone else is gone to town and the counselor said I could come over only if that is okay with you." Naturally, I would not refuse his company. He sat in the lounge chair beside me wearing only a baggy cut-off shorts. My eyes stayed fastened to the boy's lean hairless upper body. He almost floored me when he stated, "Damn Mark, you must have fucked Chad pretty good cause he won't let anyone fuck him since he snuck out the other night to come see you." I offered no words, but remained in my chair frozen in time. David figured out that I was petrified cause he leaned over to me and said, "Man, don't worry about it. Everyone knows Chad likes to have a cock tear up his butt hole. Shit, most of the guys here have already plugged him more than a few times. Relax Mark, nobody is gonna say anything, I promise!"

Letting my guard down, I asked, "Have you ever had a cock up your ass?" With the most sincerity, he replied, "When I was younger, my step father used to fuck me on a regular basis, but that hasn't happened since I was nine. I'm fifteen now." I didn't say anything, but just looked at him in the eyes. Taking a deep breath, David asked, "Mark, do you like sticking your tongue up a boys asshole? I mean, uh, that's kind a gross. Shit comes out of that hole and all, but I know when you licked mine, it really did feel kind of good." Smiling back at him, I said, "To be honest with you, before you and Chad came along, I had never thought of doing that. In fact, the thought of doing that to anyone almost caused me to puke, but you and Chad have the ass of death. I can't explain why I did it to you guys, but I will say that I enjoyed it very much."

David sat there looking more like an adult as our conversation went forth. One of his responses was one that I took as more of a positive note than anything else. He had mentioned, "When you stuck your tongue on my butt hole, I felt kind of good inside and I hope that happens again to me someday." One thing led to another when I pretty much got tired of all the questions. Building up the courage, I blurted out, "David, would you like me to eat your asshole again?" His smile increased as he leaned forward and nervously whispered, "Yeah, but, but, I" I cut his words off as I stood up and helped him from the chair.

We walked inside my house to the livingroom. Standing side by side in front of the sofa, I turned to him and unsnapped the top button and slid his shorts free from his body. David was more than prepared as he had left out wearing any underwear. His uncut 6 " of teen wonder stood up at an upward angle with his foreskin dangling a solid inch or two from his beautiful pink cock head. My hands fondled his egg shaped balls while my lips found his tiny, erect right nipple. David began softly moaning and his body started shaking. With my left hand rolling his cum filled balls and my right hand slightly stroking the soft, smooth flesh of his uncut shaft, he closed his eyes while my mouth sucked his nipple and my tongues teased the very tip.

I lowered myself to my knees and stared at the bouncing cock before my eyes. Slowly, my right hand slid the skin of his shaft backwards until his shiny cock head was completely uncovered. I brought my nose within a fraction of an inch to the boy's pre cum oozing piss slit. The aroma almost swept me off my knees. I could smell the musky sweat, stale piss, mixed with his love juices. Thinking to myself that I now know what head cheese really smells like. The more I stared at his unsheathed cock, the more pre cum dribbled free. Sticking out my tongue, I caught the thin line of his pre cum that was falling to the floor and raised my tongue up towards his piss slit. After catching his escaping pre cum, I retracted my tongue and relished in the mildly salty flavor.

The boy's legs were trembling frantically as I opened my mouth and swallowed his wonderful cock until his pubic hairs filled my nostrils. David placed both his hands on the side of my head for balance as soft moans began flowing from his hot little mouth. Using my right hand, I placed it on his butt cheeks and was temporarily dazed at the velvety texture of his smooth flesh. Little goose bumps shot across the cheeks of his ass as my hand squeezed and caressed every square inch of his delicious globes. My mouth was rifling on his cock a mile a minute and his grunting and moaning became much, much louder. The teen boy began thrusting his cock hard in my mouth upon my every downward swallow of his rock solid meat. He yelled out that he was getting really close, so to prolong everything, I jerked my mouth off his cock and just watched it as it freely jerked, bounced, and twitched.

David couldn't believe that I stopped sucking his cock before he could blow his load and the look on his face was one of pure shock. Raising his hard cock upwards with my nose, I began sucking on both of his hard balls. Using my head as a brace, David arched his body upwards on his toes as my mouth boiled his tender young balls and my tongue explored every outline of his rapidly hardening sac. I could still taste the boy's sweat and stale piss I had gathered while sucking his cock and my nostrils was being filled with the odor steaming from below his balls. The fingers of my right hand played inside the boy's moist crack while I was working on his balls. Just from the aroma teasing my nostrils, I could easily tell that David was not as clean as he probably should have been, or at least, wanted to be.

My left hand grabbed his shaft and pulled his foreskin over his head once again. More pre cum had made his cock head shiny with its salty lubrication. Letting his balls fall free, I engulfed his cock while my fingers dug into his moist cavern. Just like earlier, David began shoving his cock in and out of my devoted cock sucking mouth. Though his legs were still trembling, David was looking forward to unleashing his load inside my mouth. His balls slapped under my chin upon each of his forward thrusts. My fingers found his love hole and began drawing tiny circles over the puckered entrance. He flung his head back and grunted loudly as I removed my mouth from his thrusting cock. The look of desperation shot across his beautiful face as his cock danced in unison with his every heart beat.

I guided him over to the sofa and placed him in this position. He was on his knees with his upper body flat on the cushion. I had raised his left leg so that it rested along the top of the sofa and his right knee resting on the edge of the sofa cushion. His ass looked so mouth watering delicious from this position, spread widely and fully exposed. His balls were trapped inside his shrinking sac and I could see little hairs as it sparsely darted here and there, over his wrinkled sac. The closer I brought my face to his asshole, the stronger the musky, almost pungent, odor became. Almost pleadingly, he said, "Wait, I'm, I'm, um" Throwing caution out the window and refusing the odor to be a deterrent, I slapped my tongue against his moist asshole and began lapping like a thirsty dog. He no longer tried to plead his case as his moans shot through the silence of the room.

I swabbed his dirty bung hole thoroughly before pressing at the tightly sealed pucker. The taste of his ass juice only heightened my already feverish state as my tongue slid through the tight seal and began stabbing at the boy's anal walls. My hands caressed his rapidly hardening nuggets as my tongue plunged to its farthest depths. David was screaming out in pleasure as his bubbly ass began slapping against my face while my tongue dove in and out of his super juicy cavern. Using my right hand, I reached under him and retrieved his teenage hard cock and brought it close to my mouth. I took turns eating his ass and sucking his cock for a good little time. David got close to busting his nut numerous times, but I refused to let him unleash his load just yet. The boy begged me to let him cum many, many times, but I wanted him to experience the nut from hell.

There wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wanted to slam my man cock up the boy's ass, but out of respect for David, I was not going to force him to do something he didn't want to do. I continued my oral assault on his asshole and cock for a long time. The boy wanted to, better yet, needed to, bust a nut. His balls felt like bricks and his sac was acting like a python squeezing his balls to death with its vice like grip. The more he begged, the harder I worked on his sweet asshole and delicious cock. I shoved a finger in my mouth and lubricated it with my saliva. While sucking on his cock, I shoved my finger up his ass. David grunted and he began riding his ass on my finger. I could feel his ass muscles as they restricted, causing extreme pressure to my finger digging away inside his super hot butt.

I released his cock to prevent him from shooting his load and stuck another finger up his bucking ass. The boy's body was shaking violently as his butt slammed back and forth on my two outstretched fingers. Taking another chance, I slipped a third finger inside the boy, but his bucking motion never missed a beat. David grunted loudly and quickened his ass fucking fingering pace. He squeezed his butt muscles constantly choking the fingers that were exploring inside his poop chute. I stretched my fingers wide periodically as he shoved his ass onto them causing him to inhale deeply while grunting loudly. In the mean time, I had freed my cock and was stroking it very slowly hoping David would freely give me permission to slam my meat inside his hot ass. The boy rode my fingers for nearly ten minutes before he shouted, "Oh fuck Mark, shit, fuck me, come on, fuck me now!"

I ran to my bedroom and retrieved the lube and ran back to him. Proudly, the boy never moved from his position. Greasing up my cock, I slammed my tongue up his well fingered asshole. After snacking on his juicy ass for about five minutes, I squeezed some lube on his hole and began working the greasy lubricant inside him with two fingers. I brought his hard cock back under him and began sucking him once again. In less than a minute, he cried out so I let his cock slip out of my mouth and held my fingers perfectly still. I got on my knees and removed my fingers and held my cock firmly at the base. David arched his back to look over his shoulder as I put my cock head against his slippery asshole.

Several attempts and all my cock would do was either slide up or slide down, but not once gain entry into his beloved hole. With one mighty heave forward, I felt his anal ring open and my cock head slip in. David cried out with several loud grunts as my cock slipped inside his hot tunnel, inch by inch. I tried to go slow, but it was David who slammed his ass backwards forcing the entire length up his ass. His upper body fell onto the cushion and he was gasping for air. I held my position with my cock buried to the hilt inside his tight chamber. "Fuck, damn it hurts, oh shit, humph, ah the fucking pain, wait, wait, holy shit!" In about twenty seconds, David began using his ass to slowly fuck my thick pole. Thirty seconds later, he screamed, "Yes, yes, oh yeah, uh huh, yeah Mark yeah, fuck my ass, come on man, fuck me hard!" Grabbing his hips, I began to pile drive my cock long, hard, and deep in and out of the boy's restricting asshole.

He reached for his cock with his left hand and I stopped him by saying, "Please, please don't cum yet!" He shook his head yes and began slowly stroking his meat. My cock pounded the boy's riding ass like there would never be a tomorrow. I was grunting and he was yelling at the top of his lungs in ecstacy. I couldn't believe that his asshole was much tighter than Chad's and he was definitely more louder than anyone else I had ever been with. My cock rifled in and out of the boy's ass at a record setting speed. I did notice he would jerk his cock for a few seconds, then stop. I alternated paces going from hard and furious to slow and loving. I wanted to prolong my orgasm as long as I could.

His young ass kept pace with my thrusting cock while the sounds he was making coursed though my home. I couldn't hold back any longer and unleashed a violent load of sperm up his juicy ass. I was pumping my sperm up his ass with an undying passion and he continued to play with his cock. "Yes, oh God Mark, I feel it, oh shit man, your sperm is hot, oh hell yeah man give me all your shit!" His words of encouragement was really not needed, but they did provoke my cum spewing balls to spill freely. I pounded every single sperm cell inside the boy like a savage until my cock was slowly, but surely, dying on me. With the last of my protein delivered, I slipped my soft cock out of his creamy asshole.

I lay on my back and slid under him and guided his pre cum dripping cock to my mouth. While sucking on his delicious cock, I slammed my thumb of my right hand up his sperm filled asshole. His muscles immediately clamped down on my thumb as he cried out. My left hand had slid back the sheath protecting his beautiful cock head as numerous powerful jets of teen sperm exploded from his cock and blistered the roof of my mouth. Constant and steady streams of sperm missiles erupted from the boy's cock as he was screaming at the intense pleasure from his built up load and the thumb digging inside his bung hole. My mouth quickly filled with his teenage love juice and I had no other choice but to start swallowing his mind boggling fluid. The taste was slightly salty and his cream was splendidly thick and creamy.

David was whimpering loudly as his cock continued his sperm firing war. His cock was shoved into my mouth and I did my best to suck the sperm shooting cannon. The more I swallowed, the more he fired off. Steady jets sprang from his piss slit like a wild and frantic thunder storm. Soon enough, his sperm began to ooze out by the gallons and my mouth was still filled with his honey tasting nectar. Slowly, I drank his seed to make room for more, and more was what he was offering. Steady pulsating throbs from his cock forced his sperm to fall onto my tongue by the loads. David was screaming at the top of his lungs with the intensity beyond compare. I felt his cock expand numerous times, straining to free his hot load from his hard balls. Regretfully, young David was spent and his hard cock was rapidly deflating.

Keeping the boy's soft cock inside my mouth, I savored each drop of his thick and creamy load until there was no more to savor. David was silent and his body felt heavy on my face. I had to turn my head in order to free his soft cock from my mouth. I inched myself from under the boy and stood on my knees looking at his well fucked asshole. Some of my sperm was oozing out of his ass and my cock began to grow by the second. The longer I stared at his lovely and inviting asshole, the harder my cock became. Pouring some more lube on my cock, I started to jack-off. I could tell from looking at his back, David was breathing extremely hard. Even his asshole looked like it too was trying to breath as it persistently clutched for oxygen.

I could feel the tension building in my loins as I stroked my cock looking at the gorgeous young boy. Letting my cock go, I grabbed the boy and gently rolled him onto his back. He cooperated with my every movement, but his body was shaking beyond his control. Once he was flat on his back, I guided his legs up and over his head. David assisted by hooking his arms around his legs from the inside, locking them to his side. I held my cock firmly and pressed it against his sperm spewing asshole and shoved. With very little resistance, my cock slid in and I pushed forward until I had buried it deep inside the boy's bowels. David gasped as the rod careened through his anal canal going deeper and wider than before.

Locking my hands behind his head, I lowered my lips to his open mouth and began licking his lips with the utmost of passions while driving my cock slowly in and out of his slippery, but tight, asshole. I couldn't believe I had already needed to send another load up the boy's ass so I stopped, leaving my cock implanted inside his loving ass. Our tongues collided and I sucked down David's saliva with the greed an animal could only achieve. His breath was hot and I became drunk with desire from his aroma that was enraging my nostrils. Without thinking, my cock began to rifle in and out of his asshole while our mouth were tightly locked and our tongues embracing one another. Absent minded, caught in lust, my cock blasted off my load into the boy.

It was my turn to whimper like a baby as my sperm sprang from my cock, coating the young boy's anal walls. He tried to speak, but our mouths were tightly clutched together and our tongues lapping inside the other's hot mouth. It seemed like hours, but only a few seconds, my sperm was no more. My aching cock fell asleep inside his tight ass, completely drained from any energy. I had just slipped my cock from his asshole, when we both heard the boys from his group home enter my back yard. We both tried to stand up quickly, but our legs just wouldn't cooperate. Like amateur thieves in the night, we fumbled to get our clothes back on in fear of getting caught.

David had just pulled his zipper up when the counselor peered through the glass door to see if we were home. Both of us quickly walked outside struggling to maintain our balance on weary legs. David jumped into the water as soon as he got outside and I sat down in the lounge chair and talked cordially with the counselor. In less than twenty minutes, one of the other boy's, named Greg, approached us and said he had to use the bathroom. Greg was good-looking in his own way. Probably, somewhere in the age of thirteen with curly brown hair that hung low on top and feathered back just above his shoulder blades. His eyebrows were thick and his eye lashes were unusually long for a boy. He stood about 5' 6" and weighed a slender 120 pounds. Greg had a swimmer's build and from what I could see, appeared to be virtually hairless.

I led the way to my bathroom and just like with the other boys, I stood at the doorway. His nipples were larger than Chad's, but just a tad smaller than David's. Bright pink and amazingly erect as I watched him fumble with his draw string. Just like the others, he wore a broad smile and he constantly flashed his beautiful hazel eyes in my direction. While looking down at his draw string, Greg nonchalantly stated, "You must have fucked the living shit out of David!" He said that and sort of peered in my direction. I had been busted but frozen in place. He then added, "Man, I ain't stupid you know. I saw sperm dribbling down the back of his legs before he jumped in the pool and your livingroom smells like ass! I also know you gave Chad a pretty good fucking cause he wasn't begging us to fuck him like he usually does." He was right in all accounts, but I was left speechless.

He finally untied the string, and from an angle, just stared at me with the most evil grin. Using his fingers to hold up his shorts, he blurted, "I bet your gonna stare at my dick and my ass! Oh well, what the fuck!" He slid his shorts completely off and stood there buck naked and I watched as his golden jets flew from his two inch flaccid cock. He was absolutely right. I stared with the grandest intent and admired his naked beauty. His butt was very small, but it bubbled out as if it actually belonged on a girl. His butt was way more bubblier than Chad's and David's. He had small little dark hairs on his chins, but they were scattered sparsely. Still peeing and looking into the toilet bowl, Greg said, "I bet you wanna suck my dick too, in fact, knowing what I know, you just might have to!" I couldn't believe how abrasive these boys were. Maybe it was life growing up in a group home, or something else, but they all spoke in a matter of fact kind of way and definitely didn't hold anything back when they spoke.

Completely in a daze staring at him taking a piss, my eyes swarmed his entire nude frame. By looking at his flaccid cock, I could easily see that he was circumcised. It looked like when he was fully erect, it would have some considerable thickness to it. His eyes darted from the toilet to me and I did nothing, or said nothing, knowing that he knew everything. Still pissing his golden stream, Greg said, "I tell you what dude, you do what I tell you and everything will be fine. Don't worry man, I won't tell a sole as long as you do what I say!" I stood on trembling legs and with a mind filled with curiosities. He finished peeing and shook his precious little dick around and yanked up his shorts. He walked right up to me and looked up into my eyes and whispered, "Tonight dude, I'll be here tonight!" I stepped from the doorway and followed him back outside. My thoughts were in total shock as I was being, something like, blackmailed by a kid. We went back outside where everyone was swimming. About an hour later, the boys had to go back to their temporary home.

That night, I lay in my bed with my mind wondering what Greg meant and what he wanted me to do. I already was smart enough to know that whatever he said, I would have to do it to buy his silence. From thinking of things he could possibly want and remembering his gorgeous nude body, I drifted off to sleep. Sometime in the early morning hours, I was awoken by a gentle shaking. It was Greg who simply said, "It's time! Follow me!" I got out of my bed, still a little groggy and stood up. Greg looked at me and stated, "So, you sleep naked, that's good!" He was wearing a pullover shirt and cut-off shorts.

We walked into my kitchen and he hopped up onto one of the barstool's. The boy just stared at me a few seconds and with a voice of total command, said "This is the deal. You do everything I say and nobody will ever know. It's that simple!" I shook my head in agreement to his words and stood before him like a whipped puppy. He lifted his left foot up in the air and said, "Lick my feet!" I knelt on all fours and began licking the underside of his foot. I worked my tongue all over the boy's small foot before sucking each toe into my mouth and lapping my tongue between them. Greg moaned and said, "Yeah, that's it, lick my foot, lick it clean!" After thoroughly licking and sucking his left foot, the boy lowered his left foot and stuck out his right foot. I repeated my actions on his right foot with a lustful passion. I was more than able to stick most of the boy's small foot into my mouth, and by the way he was moaning, I could tell he was enjoying having his feet worshiped.

When he felt I had cleaned his right foot off to his satisfaction, he dropped it to the floor and just looked at me, as if thinking about the next chore for me to do. He raised his right arm in the air and kind of folded it behind his head. Pointing at his underarm with his left index finger, he ordered, "Lick my pits!" I could see a small formation of a patch of little curly brown hairs in the pit as I lowered my head and began licking and sucking on his aromatic armpit. Boy sweat steamed from his body as I sucked, chewed, and licked. The sweet, musky odor was driving me out of control. He must have taken a shower as soon as they left the pool and although a few hours later, his fragrant sweat filled my nostrils. "Yeah Mark, suck my pits, clean em good!" I worked his underarm and foamed at the mouth with the bitter sweet taste. He held his left arm in the same position as he did the right and ordered me to do the same with his left arm.

I had no problem with any of his commands so far and happily cleaned his sweaty underarms to completion. He lowered his left arm and I stood before him awaiting his next command. My cock was sticking straight out and his eyes darted from my eyes to my raging hard-on. He pinched the skin surrounding his right nipple and said, "Suck it!" I did as ordered and without any reluctancy I might add. I softly bit at the small nipple and used my tongue to circle over the tip. "Bite the mother fucker harder, okay!" I bit down hard on the boy's nipple and he let out a gasp and grunted loudly. "Yeah, that's it. Bite that fucking nipple dude, fuck yeah!" Not waiting for a command, I rotated working on each nipple and bit the living hell out of them. The harder my teeth clamped down, the more he seemed to like it. While working on his nipples, my eyes glanced down to see a considerable bulge in his crotch. I wanted to tear the boy's shorts right off of him, but figured that I would play his little game to the hilt.

After being ordered to stop biting and sucking on his nipples, I stood awaiting for his next requirement. His eyes were very glassy as he sat there in what looked like deep concentration. He looked into my eyes and brought his left hand directly under his mouth as he spat into the palm. He spit several times and soon he had formed a spit puddle in the palm of his hand. With a devilish grin, he extended his left arm and said, "Lick my hand clean! Get it all up!" Placing his small wrist in my right hand I lowered my face to his spit pool and began lapping at his palm. What he didn't know was that I would have been more than happy to let him spit directly into my mouth, but this was his game and I was enjoying myself like a kid at a toy store. Warm, thick, and sweet as it warmed my taste buds. To my perverse regret, I had cleaned his hand all too quickly as he jerked his hand away.

He stood up off the bar stool and my eyes opened ever so wide as he started unbuttoning his shorts. With the last of the buttons free, he slowly slid his shorts down and kicked them off to the floor. He was wearing boxers and I could see that he had quite an erection and from the looks of things, his pre cum was flowing like rain. The boxers were a medium blue and I could detect where the head of his cock was at, a large pool of pre cum was forming quite nicely. I was unable to make out any measurements of his hard cock thanks to the color of his boxers, but I could see that as he stood straight, his cock was pointing up to the sky. "Lick my legs, but don't touch my dick!" I started with his chins and worked my way up to his thighs, just to the point where his boxers hung down. His skin was so soft and smooth and his little invisible hairs on his thighs tickled my roaming tongue. Greg leaned his hands behind him placing both on the seat of the barstool. I took my time and licked and nibbled on both legs before he ordered me to stop.

I could tell he was excited because his cock was jerking causing the thin material of his boxers to move frantically. A larger puddle of pre cum was forming and his breathing was vastly becoming more erratic. He turned around and ordered me to lick the backside of his legs. While my tongue explored his delicious, sweaty body, my hands slid all over his velvety legs. He was proud of being in total command and I was thankful for him just to be here and allowing me to service his childish needs. When I worked my way up to his thighs, I placed my nose within a fraction of an inch of where his covered bung hole was hiding and inhaled deeply. It was as if his ass was an oven and I could feel the heat burning from his boy hole. The smell was musky, but certainly not revolting. Apparently, I was not as careful sniffing his ass like I thought, cause he shouted, "Don't smell my ass dude, just do what I tell you!"

I went back to work on his legs, but soon he stopped me and turned back around and hopped back up on the stool. An evil grin coursed his face as he stated, "Damn Mark, you were sniffing my asshole. That's way too gross!" I didn't say a word and stood there awaiting his next order. He leaned forward and put his right hand behind him and I couldn't see what he was doing, but when he brought his hand back out, he raised it to his nose as if giving it a sniff test and said, "I just put my finger on my asshole, now lick it clean!" He was holding up his right index finger as I lowered my face to it. His boy juice was certainly on it as the fragrant aroma graced my nose and shattered my manly body. What he felt was disgusting, I considered to be appetizing. I sucked his finger in my mouth and greedily tried to suck the skin right off the bone. After a couple of minutes he withdrew his finger and said, "Shit man, that's sick, but..."

He stood up and climbed onto the counter top and ordered me to sit down. After he was through with his directions, I had turned around and had the back of my head resting on top of the counter looking up at him. It wasn't the most comfortable of positions, but he was in charge. He hooked his boxers and quickly removed them, throwing them to the floor. I couldn't see his cock, but I did get a good look at his lovely balls and mouth watering ass. His balls were hairless and fairly large for a boy as young as he. His right ball was much larger than his left and they both snuggled nicely in a smooth hairless sac. His right nut was the size of an egg and his right ball was the size of a quarter. The crack of his ass was beautiful to the sight. Small and mind boggling bubbly.

I watched in admiration as he looked behind him as he inched backwards placing both feet on either side of my head. When he got into position, my heart leapt by the boundaries as the boy began a slow squatting descent. The closer his ass got to my face, the wider his bubbly cheeks separated. Four or five inches from my face, I could clearly see in between his lovely cheeks. His little hole was a soft pink in color and it constantly appeared to be winking. The crevice between his crack was completely free from any hair other than a few little hairs lighter than peach fuzz. He barked, "You wanted to smell my asshole, well there it is, start sniffing!" The odor was a strong sweaty and musky fragrance burning from his puckering little hole. He placed his hole right on my nose and began sliding his hips, grinding his little chute on my nose. His balls rested firmly on my forehead and I was inhaling his fragrant odor like a cocain sniffing drug addict. "Yeah, you like smelling my asshole! Smell my shit hole dude! Smell louder, I want to hear you sniff my asshole!" I was sniffing like crazy, but I really wanted to run my tongue up his delicious chute.

Taking it one step further and tired of just smelling, I shifted my head and as he rocked back, his asshole was graced with my pointy tongue. I was using my tongue to pile drive at his tight puckered hole and Greg yelled, "What the fuck dude, you got your tongue in my ass. Oh shit, that's gross!" He might have said all that, but he never pulled his hole from my probing tongue. I lapped at his trembling hole until my tongue finally persuaded his tight pucker hole to open. When my tongue snaked its way inside the boy's juicy asshole, Greg grunted, moaned, and cried out, "Ah, uh, fuck, that feels good!" The young boy's delicious ass juice slipped into my mouth like a heavy rain. Not revolting at all, just the innocense of youth as he began grinding his little bubble butt in my face to feel more of my asshole licking tongue.

Between knowing that I was eating a sweet ass and feeling his heavy smooth balls glide over my forehead, I was doing my best to not grab onto my cock and pound the hell out of it. Greg soon started pumping up and down to force my tongue to fuck his hot little boy bung hole. "Damn, this feels soooooo good! Oh hell yes Mark, eat my shit hole, lick my asshole clean you sick fucker!" The more verbal of an onslaught he shouted, the harder I tried to shove more of my tongue up his humping chute. Greg slammed his wonderful bubble butt onto my probing tongue for a long, long time. My tongue felt as though it was going to fall off from all the ass poking it was doing.

Greg lifted up and told me to sit up straight. When he scooted his little body around on his delicious ass, I saw his cock for the first time. It may have been only four and a half inches long, but it was thicker than any cock I had ever seen. His rock hard boy cock appeared to be just as thick as it was long and his piss slit spat out his pre cum by the bucket load. Greg inched his body forward and placed each leg on a stool on either side of me. His boy pride stood straight up and rested alongside his stomach and the mushroom head was a tad thicker than his already thick shaft. Looking down at me while smiling, he questioningly said, "You're sick man. I can't believe you put your tongue in my ass. That's super gross, but it did feel pretty damn good. You must be one of those shit eaters I've heard about!" I sat on the stool admiring his cock and letting him bash me with his verbal assault.

"Suck my dick Mark, but first, clean my gooey shaft from all this slippery pre cum!" Happily, I leaned down and began lapping at the base of his shaft. His pre cum had barely a trace of salt and was rewardingly sweet to the taste. "Yeah, yeah man, lick my cock you nasty fucker!" I licked all around his thick shaft while working my way up to his pre cum spewing piss slit. The closer I got to his piss slit, the warmer and tastier his pre cum was getting and I began whimpering very loud while doing so. Greg was doing a pretty good job at moaning himself while my lapping tongue roamed his thick boy meat. While licking at his cock, I placed both hands on his thighs and caressed them, lost in their silky feeling.

My tongue flickered over his piss slit, catching all of his pre cum and savoring the glorious taste as it trickled down my gulping throat. Opening my mouth as wide as it could stretch, I slammed my cock sucking hole over his shaft and began sucking and licking his fat joy stick. Greg cried out, "Fuck, fuck yes, suck that cock you sick pervert, ah yeah, suck it faggot!" The boy sure did get off by calling me names, but I really didn't care, cause I was enjoying myself with all the pleasures anyone like me could ever possibly dream. His cock was so thick I almost choked on the fat piece of meat. Solid as a piece of steel, yet the flesh felt like soft velvet, and the taste, well the taste of the boy's hard monster was mouth watering.

He had both his hands on my head and used a little pressure as if actually trying to force me to suck his boy meat. Within a few minutes of greedily sucking on his hard cock, Greg grunted, held my head onto his wonderful cock and my mouth was flooded with his hot thick sperm. Five missile like shots, followed by several trickles, then three more hard missile like launches ending with his sperm just pouring out of his piss slit. Greg's cock throbbed inside my mouth and his sperm didn't ooze out, it more or less just fell out, as it constantly poured his thick cream into my already sperm filled mouth. Using his hands, he lifted my head off his cock and I looked up into his glassy eyes still with his precious honey trapped inside my mouth. Greg was breathing heavy, but barked, "You ate my shit hole, now swallow my nasty spunk!" As he saw my Adams apple bob up and down, an evil grin sprang across his gorgeous face.

Apparently, he thought he was making me do something I really didn't want to do. I wanted to grab onto my hard cock and pound it for all it was worth while swallowing his thick and creamy, and absolutely delicious boy sperm. I was certainly intoxicated on the flavor of his thick and milky, sweet to the taste, teen spunk. I was so overwhelmed with his extraordinary sweet tasting sperm, I didn't even notice someone else in the kitchen. I heard Greg yell, "What the fuck are you doing here?" It was Chad standing in the doorway and he must have been afraid of Greg as he nervously said, "I, I was, I was just uh..." Greg screamed, "Shut the fuck up you little faggot. You came here cause your asshole wants some cock, so don't fucking lie to me!" Chad was standing behind me and bravely said, "You're right Greg, I'm a faggot and everyone knows it, but you just let a guy suck on your dick, so you must be a little queer yourself!"

Greg looked like he was more than ready to fight, but he sat on the counter top and never once tried to hide his thick erection. I had stood up and was now standing next to Chad not really knowing how this all would end. Greg pointed at Chad and screamed, "Fuck you faggot boy, I ought to kick your ass!" Being the adult and tired of the way Greg intimidated Chad, I spoke, "Hold on guys. There will not be any sort of violence in my home. This whole mess is my fault and if anyone is to blame, it's me. I am the pervert here, not you (pointing at Greg) and certainly (pointing at Chad) not you. I am a pedophile and I can only apologize for that. I didn't ask to be this way, but this is who I am. You boys have to believe me when I say I would never hurt any of you in any way, nor would I make you do something you would not want to do. Boys, I am very, very sorry."

In one way, I was nervous, but in another way, I felt better telling them the truth. Greg's entire attitude changed as he spoke, "Sorry Mark, but I really ain't gay. I just wanted to get my dick sucked, that's all. Life in a boys group home sucks and we can't do anything that other guys our ages do. But, I still can't get over the fact that you put your tongue up my butt hole. That must have really been nasty!" Smiling at Greg, I softly said, "To you maybe, cause doing that to someone may not be your cup of tea. For me, it is though I died and went straight to heaven. As far as your ass being nasty, nasty is far from the actual truth. Let's just say it was delicious!" Chad spoke up, "Man Greg, Mark even put his tongue up my butt too. I thought it was gross at first, but holy shit what a great feeling it gave me." Greg smiled and responded, "Hell yeah, it did feel really good!"

Chad must have felt a lot more comfortable knowing Chad was talking with a better attitude, cause he smilingly said, "Mark, I missed your big dick and came over to see if you would give it to me!" I looked down at the smiling boy, then glanced at Greg to see what he wanted to do. Greg was shaking his head from side to side as he said, "I know I ain't getting fucked. There is no way a dudes cock is going up my asshole!" Greg looked down at Chad and said, "Well, take your clothes off Chad. Me and Mark are naked, so you need to be just like us, but nobody try and put their dick up my ass, okay!" Chad and I both agreed and while Chad quickly began taking his clothes off, Greg turned around on the corner and presented his bubble butt to me once more. "Go ahead Mark, eat my asshole again!"

Using both hands, I spread his smooth cheeks apart and immediately devoured the boy's juicy asshole. I was busy licking and sucking on Greg's hot hole when Chad wrapped his thin succulent lips over my pre cum spitting cock head. Both Greg and I were moaning very loud and Greg was arching his hips up and down, riding my asshole probing tongue. Greg yelled, "Shit yes Mark, stick your tongue up my ass, damn this feels good, fucking A dude, lick my shit hole clean!" One thing was for sure, Greg really didn't have to tell me to do any of that. I was more than happy to eat his asshole with all the love in the world. Chad's sucking mouth and wandering tongue forced more pre cum out of my aching cock and into his hot little mouth.

Several minutes had passed when Greg said, "We need more room, let's go into your bedroom!" Chad and I stopped what we were doing and all three of us walked toward my bedroom with our hard cock's leading the way. Greg still felt more comfortable pretending to be in charge as he climbed up onto the bed and sat down on one of the pillows facing us. Greg looked at me and said, "I wanna see you eat Chad's smelly asshole!" Chad was already on the bed and lowered his body into a doggie-style position. My mouth foamed just looking between his spread tender butt cheeks. Greg scooted over behind Chad to get a better look as my face lowered to eat the young boy's NOT so smelly asshole. The faint smell of sweat mixed with fragrant soap flooded my nostrils sending my hormones into a raging battle with the little common sense I had. Greg barked, "Go ahead Mark, eat Chad's stink hole. I wanna see your tongue go inside his nasty ass!"

I had to take one long, slow lick starting from the bottom of his crack, ending to the base of his smooth back. Greg was making weird noises as my tongues creased the boy's little crack, savoring in only such pleasures as Chad himself, could offer. Chad was groaning as my tongue increased the pressure as it was knocking on his tiny backdoor. Once his sweet hole was slick with my saliva, slowly but surely, it gave way to the constant pressure. Chad gasped as my tongue shut up his little hole and began swabbing at his delicious anal walls. Greg shouted, "Oh fuck man, you got your tongue way up his stinking ass. This is some sick shit dude!" Paying no attention to Greg, I dined on the ass before me as if it were my last meal. With an animalistic fury, I crammed all of my tongue into his sweet asshole and only wished my tongue were longer.

My saliva and Chad's ass juices filled my mouth and like the greedy and sick monster I had become, I only craved more from the boy. Greg was in total disbelief watching me tongue Chad's young bung hole, but as he sat there and watched, he remembered the pleasurable feeling he had with a tongue plundering inside his own poop chute. Greg stuck his left index finger just under my tongue and wiggled it inside Chad's quivering love hole. My tongue was rolling inside Chad's juicy hole and alongside Greg's plunging and twisting finger. Chad was crying out in joy as both tongue and finger dwelled inside his cock hungry hole. Periodically, Greg would remove his finger and bring it up to his nose where I could here him inhale deeply, then shove it back inside Chad's tight oven.

While eating Chad's heavenly poop chute, my right hand reached over and gently began stroking the thick cock of Greg. It was harder than ever and spitting pre cum as my hand slid up and down on the silky flesh of his thick shaft. Chad was in his own head space as he forcefully shoved his horny ass hard against my face and Greg's ass plugging finger. As usual, Chad began screaming for me to fuck him, but it was Greg who innocently believed he was in total and complete control.

Greg would ram his finger in and out of Chad's hot little hole for a while, then slip his finger to his nose and sniff feverishly. Though I couldn't actually see him doing it, I thought Greg inserted his ass juice covered finger in his mouth a few times. Chad reached back with both his little hands and latched onto his tiny butt cheeks and spread them wide, allowing my tongue to dive deeper into his anal depths. Greg slipped another finger inside Chad's tight orifice and began fingering the chute at a rapid pace. The harder he plunged his fingers in and out of Chad's love chute, the more ass juice I was offered. My tongue slid across Greg's riveting fingers deep inside Chad. Chad was screaming for me to hurry and fuck him as he slammed his precious little ass harder and harder onto my ass eating tongue.

I watched as Greg removed his two fingers and stepped behind me, out of my vision. With my hand now off his thick cock, I began using both my hands to roam Chad's gorgeous body. He is so silky smooth to the touch and his natural body odor is more than intoxicating. Greg's hands fell on my butt cheeks and I felt his hot breath slide across my ass crack. I was positive all Greg really wanted was for me to give him a blow-job to buy his silence, but things sort of escalated and now he was a willing participant to whatever was going to happen. Greg's thumbs dug into my crack and his breath was ever so close to my already exposed bung hole. Like being struck by lightning, his tongue crashed against my virgin pucker hole, sending a shock wave throughout my body. Greg was stabbing at my hole while using one of his fingers as a guide, pushing it deep into my anal cavity. His finger burned as it slid in and out, but his tongue felt mighty good as it slipped through the tight pucker and swabbed my insides.

I was in love eating Chad's delicious asshole while Greg was tongue fucking mine. From the sounds Greg was making eating my ass, I could tell he was more than enjoying himself. Several minutes later, Greg slipped his tongue from my butt and wanted to change positions. I flipped Chad onto his back while Greg was kneeling to my right side. Hooking Chad's small legs, I pushed them forward, causing both his feet to go behind his head to the point that his knees impaled the bed mattress. Greg stood up and walked on the bed to Chad and turned around facing me. I watched in total awe as Greg straddled Chad's face and began a slow squat. I had already resumed tongue fucking Chad's super hot love hole, but my eyes caught all the acts above my eye level.

Greg's rock hard thick cock snuggled tightly to his stomach as his legs bent, driving and spreading his ass in the process over Chad's whimpering little mouth. By looking at Greg, I could easily tell Chad slipped his tongue inside Greg's tasty poop chute. Greg's eyes sort of rolled and his body jerked tremendously a few times as Chad's tongue dove in and began slurping on his sweet and juicy asshole. Greg's hands rested on the inside of Chad's already widely spread thighs as his fingers began caressing Chad's shriveled up prune looking balls. I could faintly hear Chad groaning and whimpering as his tongue traveled deep inside Greg's, so-called, nasty hole.

Greg's pre cum was violently spewing from his piss slit so I quickly removed my tongue from Chad's bung hole to clean Greg's thick shaft. I replaced my tongue with two of my fingers and began drilling in and out of Chad's cock hungry hole while lovingly licking Greg's smooth thick cock clean of his mind boggling sweet pre cum. Chad's beautiful cock was doing a fine job of gushing his own pre cum and I was indeed in heaven with two very hard boy cock's at my disposal. I slammed Greg's thick pole deep in my mouth while fingering Chad's quivering tight asshole. Both boys were whimpering and moaning, especially Greg, who was having his ass eaten and his cock sucked. Chad was happy to have something inside his aching asshole and I wasn't sure if he was enjoying eating Greg's juicy asshole or not.

After sucking on Greg's thick shaft for a couple of minutes, I removed my mouth and began slowly licking the pre cum off of Chad's beautiful cock. Greg's pre cum is delicious, but Chad's is simply mouth watering. My own body shook as my taste buds were graced with Chad's super delicious pre cum. Hot and sticky, as my tongue gathered up the boy's slippery fluid. Once his cock was cleaned, I engulfed his lovely cock and did my best to swallow both balls as well. Greg screamed, "Fuck Chad, yes, hell yes. Eat my nasty ass, ah man, yeah boy, tongue my shit hole, fuck my hole with your tongue!" Greg was smashing his bubbly ass into Chad's pretty face as my fingers rifled inside Chad's tight hole and my mouth on Chad's golden cock.

Greg had begun to jerk his thick meat, enjoying having his ass plugged with Chad's pointy tongue. I took turns sucking on both boys impressive joy sticks. It was Chad who shot his first load as it sprayed the roof of my mouth with his hot, thick boy sperm. Thankfully, it was one huge load and I prayed for more as his cock oozed out his miracle baby making fluid. I sucked the sperm form the boy's shriveled balls with all the love and desperation a guy like me could ever possibly have. I was savoring the boy's absolutely sweet and creamy seed when Greg cried out, "Mark, Mark, I'm almost there!"

I swallowed the remainder of Chad's sperm and shot my mouth over Greg's thick mushroom head just in time as bolts of sperm shot out of his cock and into my mouth. Greg screamed, "Oh shit, drink my sperm, suck it all up, yeah that's it, fuck me!" My mouth quickly filled with his thick fluid and it was shooting one heck of a load. I had to begin swallowing to allow more room in my already filled mouth. Greg's cum is delicious, but there was something different compared to Chad's sperm. Both were sweet, neither being bitter or salty, but Chad's sperm is just simply grand to the taste.

With both boys cock's temporarily drained from their sperm, Greg hopped off of Chad's ass juice covered face and sat down on the pillow near the head board. I removed my two fingers and quickly shoved my tongue inside Chad's ass one more time. After cleaning Chad's ass, I knelt on my knees and let Chad's small body unfold from his awkward position. Chad's pleading eyes said it all. The boy wanted a cock up his ass, but we both waited for Greg to suggest something.

Greg smiled and said, "This gay shit's not so bad. I thought I would puke sticking my tongue in an ass, but it's not bad, not bad at all." Chad was gasping for air when he replied, "Yeah, but you really need to take a shower first before you shove your ass into someone's face." The two boys were smiling as we just sort of either lay, or sat there, awaiting Greg to make a move. Chad announced he had to go use the bathroom, but it was Greg who had other ideas. Greg said, "Chad, piss in Mark's mouth!" Both me and Chad looked surprised from Greg's statement. Chad replied, "What?" Greg fired back, "Like I said, piss in Mark's mouth!" Eating ass and swallowing sperm is one thing, but I had never imagined actually drinking someone's pee before.

As instructed by Greg, I sat on my butt at the top of the bed while Chad stood up and positioned his dick right at the entrance of my open mouth. Chad looked frightened and I was more than nervous as the young boy strained to release his bladder. Greg barked, "Go ahead and pee. Just piss into his mouth!" The bottom of Chad's cock head rested on top of my bottom lip and I sat there in fear expecting the unexpected. I was looking up into Chad's beautiful eyes when I felt the first violent stream strike the roof of my mouth. It was boiling hot and I detected a salty flavor as I had no other choice but to start swallowing, and swallowing fast. The smell of his fresh boy piss shattered my nostrils as it came rushing out in a steady and hard stream. Greg sat next to me and smiled as I was working over-time to drink Chad's piping hot piss. Gulp after gulp, I swallowed his salty piss and soon found myself enjoying the lemonade from his bladder.

Greg stood up and walked behind Chad while I was now sucking the piss from my heavenly beauty. Chad's cock didn't know whether to keep on pissing or get rock hard as my mouth engulfed his silky smooth rod. Chad screamed, "Oh fuck, ah shit, oh, ah, easy,!" Greg had slammed his thick meat inside Chad's asshole in one stroke. Chad's legs were already spread wide and Greg was pulling on the boy's hips to aid in driving his thick cock in and out of Chad's shocked asshole. Chad reached for the head board to steady himself as his ass was being pulled backwards by Greg. I could hear the force of Greg's ass plugging cock as he pounded Chad's butt with a vengeance. I sucked feverishly on Chad's now rock hard, piss free cock. The sound of flesh battering flesh echoed off the bedroom walls as Greg slammed and pounded his thick teen cock in and out of Chad's poop chute.

While Greg was tearing up Chad's asshole, my mouth was working on Chad's beloved cock. Using my lubricated index finger, I reached under both boys and shot my finger inside Greg's bucking ass. Greg screamed, "Oh fuck, fuck, I'm, I'm, ah fuck me!" My finger pressed against his prostrate as his cock erupted sending his sweet juice deep inside Chad's ass. As soon as Chad felt Greg's sperm spraying inside his ass, his own cock unleashed volley after volley of his honey sweet nectar into my mouth. All too soon, a thick puddle of Chad's creamy spunk, formed a puddle on my tongue. Slowly, I savored the boy's creamy sperm until my greedy mouth was free from his beloved fluid.

Greg was finishing up pumping the remainder of his thick spunk into Chad as Chad's cock fell limp inside my sucking mouth. Greg pulled his cock out of Chad's ass and loudly stated, "Oh shit Chad, you got a hot ass. Better than any pussy I ever had!" Chad was too busy trying to catch his breath to respond, but it was Greg who noticed his large load was oozing out of Chad's ass by the gallons. Greg wanted me to lay flat on my back and he had Chad squat over my face. Chad was barely able to stand, must less squat due to his shaking body. Greg smiled an evil smile and said, "Shit my cream out of your ass into Mark's mouth!" As Chad was squatting, I could clearly see Greg's load as it looked like it was falling out of Chad's gaping asshole. Thanks to Greg's fat cock, poor Chad's bung hole was wide open, trying to close back into a tight pucker ring.

I opened my mouth and began swabbing my tongue all around the outside of Chad's asshole. Getting my first taste of sperm mixed with Chad's delicious ass juice almost caused me to spray my own load all over the place. Greg's sperm was already sweet, but mixed with my dream boy's ass juices, was a simple mixture of pure innocense. It took some time, but I managed to suck most of Greg's sperm from Chad's hot little hole. Greg announced, "I gotta pee!" Chad was unable to stand as he rolled off of me onto his left side. Greg straddled me and positioned his dick right over my mouth. I could smell his sperm and Chad's ass as it steamed off of his velvety cock. With my head flat on the bed and my mouth wide open, Greg unleashed his over loaded bladder and I began swallowing frantically to match his pissing pace.

His piss odor was more stronger than Chad's with a slightly heavier trace of salt. I drank and swallowed faster and faster as his steady flow of piss shot out of his cock and down my throat. To be so young and so small, Greg had one large bladder. My stomach felt full as he showed no signs of slowing down. I felt movement on the bed and heard Greg gasp as Chad slammed his devilish tongue deep inside Greg's bung hole. Whether be it from pissing in my mouth, or Chad's tongue exploring inside his poop chute, Greg's thick member began to get thicker inside my mouth. His piss had just started to reach the stage of a steady trickle when I heard Greg scream, "Oh fuck Chad. Ah damn, what, what ya, oh shit!" Chad returned the unexpected favor of slamming his boy cock up Greg's asshole in one stabbing motion.

I was more than positive Greg didn't appreciate the fact that he was now getting his ass plowed, but from the sound of things above me, Chad really didn't give a shit. Chad yelled, "Come on tough guy, take my cock up your ass, hell yes man, you gotta hot ass here, yeah BOY, take my cock!" I could just barely make out the expression on Greg's face as he was biting his lips and grunting very loudly. Chad's hard thrusts forced Greg to inadvertently fuck my mouth with his thick boy meat. Greg's body almost went completely limp as Chad pounded his missile like cock, hard and furiously, into his violated asshole. A short time later, without any warning, Greg's cock threw-up inside my mouth. Several thick blasts coated my mouth before his sperm just sort of began trickling out by the bucket load. Both boys were grunting and whimpering and Greg's body jerked as Chad sprayed Greg's insides with his gooey hot cream.

I sucked and drank from Greg's cock until there was nothing left but a soft piece of wonderful meat resting peacefully inside my mouth. Chad pulled his still hard missile out of Greg's abused asshole and after slipping out from under Greg, happily sucked Chad's hard cock clean form Greg's ass juice and his sperm. Greg's ass was so beautiful laying there so I spread his cheeks and dove in. Chad walked on his knees in front of Greg and sat down, spread his legs and guided Greg's head up a little. Without anything having to be said, I watched as Greg slammed his face onto Chad's rigid cock. Chad's eyes closed as Greg bobbed his head up and down on Chad's gorgeous cock. I was lapping and slurping away at Greg's hot creamy asshole, savoring Chad's spent sperm and Greg's delicious ass juices.

Grabbing the lubricant from my night stand, I coated my cock with the slippery substance. Using my hand, I kind of guided Greg's hips to the point where his lower body was arched in the air, offering me a direct shot at his pretty asshole. Inching forward on my knees and with my heart pounding out of my chest, I pressed my thick cock head against Greg's little boy chute and slipped it in. Greg grunted loudly, but kept Chad's stiff erection inside his mouth. Greg had no clue what to do with his hands. He would bring his hands to his butt cheeks, then pound the bed as I commenced my downward descent into his dark inner regions. Chad was now looking at me, smiling from ear to ear as my cock pressed forward, impaling the ass of the boy who only thought he had control of everything. Greg was whimpering and grunting with every fraction of an inch pressing its way deeper and wider in his ass than ever before.

Taking my time, I finally buried my cock all the way inside Greg's wonderful bowels. His breathing was rampant, but continued his cock sucking effort on Chad's splendid boyhood. Within a few seconds, I started plundering inside Greg's hot cavern ever so slowly, causing Greg to moan and buck his hips. In less than a minute, Greg was ramming his bubbly butt hard onto my thrusting cock. Chad was no longer smiling as he had a handful of Greg's hair, shoving the older boy's head sharply, up and down, on his love stick. My hands held Greg's slender hips firmly and was using them to drive the boy onto my impaling eight inch man meat. From the expression on Chad's face, I could tell he was getting really close and was fixing to unleash his sweet and tasty load in Greg's hot little mouth.

Chad screamed, "Oh shit, ah fuck man, yes, yeah, here, here it, here it comes!" I heard Greg gag and knew Chad was busting his nut inside the older boy's mouth. Greg gagged several times and coughed twice, but never released his mouth off of Chad's hard pole. This must have been his first taste of sperm and the force from Chad's sperm spitting cock must have caught him off-guard. Chad yelled, "Drink it, swallow my sperm dude. Ah yeah, that's it, keep sucking!" Greg had done a pretty good job working on Chad's cock while shoving his butt onto my ass pumping cock. He was still coughing and gagging occasionally, but his whimpering grew much, much louder.

After nearly ten minutes of hard ass plugging, I felt my own fluids bubble, not so deep in my loins. I did my best to fight back the need to shoot my load for as long as I could. With no more will to fight, my cock erupted inside his hot, tight little channel, sending my man seed powerfully hard deep inside the boy's bowels. I was grunting heavily while spewing my man seed at a fast and furious pace inside Greg's quivering and throbbing poop chute. Chad regained his smiling posture and slowly guided Greg's head up and down on his still rigid boy cock. With the last of my thick load pumped inside Greg's hot hole, I felt my cock start to soften. As I slipped my cock out of his asshole, Greg moaned loudly as if deprived of more man meat. My eyes watched his anal ring close rather quickly, trapping my gooey substance inside his anal canal. One huge blob of my sperm formed a bubble at his now sealed bung hole.

Greg's ass was still jutting upwards and his mouth was now free from Chad's hard cock. Chad softly said while climbing to his feet, "My turn!" He stood next to me and lowered himself down to his knees. I crawled on my back between the two boys until I reached Greg's thick pre cum spewing cock. Before I could even get my mouth on his love pole, Greg began cooing and groaning. I could hear the slurping sound as Chad was eating Greg's cum filled asshole while his hands played with my semi-erect cock. The touch of Chad's small hands on my cock and balls forced my cock to awaken in an angry state. I stuck out my tongue and played with the piss slit of Greg's cock, savoring the boy's wonderful pre cum. Greg was besides himself in sheer ecstacy as my mouth engulfed his fat cock and Chad was driving his cum lapping tongue deep inside Greg's well fucked asshole.

The texture of Greg's cock warmed my mouth and the odor steaming off of his body began to drive me insane with lust. Chad was already straddling my lower body when I felt him adjust his position, grab my cock and the heat from his burning anal canal burned my flesh of my shaft as it slowly lowered onto my rock hard cock. Chad wanted to have a cock inside his asshole and could wait no longer. The tightness and the soaring heat gripped my shaft as his anal muscles milked my cock while the young boy impaled his little body on my man sized ass filling cock. Chad was whimpering like crazy and I knew he had to be feeling some discomfort, but the urge to ride a cock was more powerful than a need to recognize any pain.

Greg was lost in his own little world as my mouth worked frantically on his hard cock and Chad was tongue fucking his cum spewing bung hole. In less than three minutes, Chad was bouncing up and down on my cock like a world class bull rider and proudly enough, still was capable of tongue fucking the older boy's juicy hole. Greg couldn't take it any longer as his thick cock sprayed my mouth with his thick and creamy load. Four thick and hard jets shot out, then numerous gushes, finally resting to just a steady flow of oozes. He had began to pump his thick cock in and out of my mouth and I was lost in the emotion as to how slowly I wanted to drink his expensive seed. I fought back the urge to shoot a load inside Chad's cock humping ass as I savored Greg's absolutely delicious teen spunk.

The more of his sperm that trickled down my throat, the more I wanted. I had become a sperm drinking monster and craved more and more as the delicious fluid crawled down my throat. Chad had become out of control as he was jumping up and down at a fast and furious pace, slamming his perky bubble butt hard into my crotch area. His little hips gyrated as he did his best to capture every feeling he could muster having his bung hole completely filled with a pretty good thick cock. I was still sucking the life out of Greg's semi-hard piece of meat and his whimpering, body odor, and the taste of his sperm, had driven me to the edge of complete madness.

I was unable to see, but I think Chad shoved some fingers up Greg's asshole, cause Greg cried out as he drove his cock hard inside my mouth. Greg reached back and grasped his bubbly cheeks and aggressively spread them wider, allowing Chad more room to do whatever. Greg's cock twitched and expanded and thankfully enough, the young boy shot another more than welcomed load of his juicy cream inside my sore mouth. Although it wasn't as nearly as much as his previous ones, this one was definitely more intense. Greg was screaming all sorts of things while his cock shot out several small bullets.

After Greg finished giving me his load, the boy who was breathing very heavy, climbed up and rolled to his left side. Greg's eyes was watery and his face expressionless as he lay there looking at us. Chad never missed a cue as he slammed his tiny butt onto my hard cock. Grabbing his hips, I began to raise my own to meet his powerful thrusts. Looking into his eyes was the sight of a scenery that could never behold a price tag. Chad is so beautiful and his delightful body so smooth and soft, as if delicate to the touch. His gorgeous cock was as hard as a bone as it jumped up and down as Chad slammed his ass onto the man's cock that was more than willing to call his asshole home.

Greg lay on his side catching his breath with his eyes wide open, watching his young group home friend impaling himself on a man's cock. Greg was just as beautiful as the day I first saw him. I watched his cock grow from semi-hard to rock hard in just a few short seconds. Chad's ass impaling pace slowed to the point it was almost non-existent. He was sore and needed a break so he slipped my cock out of his punished asshole and lay by my feet. Greg leaned over and began licking my ass juice covered cock, starting from the base and resting on my piss slit. For something he once thought was so gross, he became a quick advocate to licking Chad's juicy ass juice off of my throbbing boner. Chad did not want to be left out, so he climbed next to Greg and now both boys tongues were lapping up and down, and all around, my rock solid shaft.

The sight of the two precious young boys was unbelievable as I watched as their young tongues worked over my shaft and did battle for the same spot. Their tongues would collide for time to time and it appeared that both boys enjoyed the other's sweet tasting saliva. Their hands slid across my thighs and fondled my balls while their breath and tongues scorched my metal shaft. The two gorgeous boys performed miracles on my raging man meat, driving me to the point of sheer madness. I was grunting, moaning and whimpering, while they were groping and slurping.

Their small hands pushed on my thighs, so I raised my legs while spreading them. I felt their tongues as they slid across my sweaty asshole and slicked my crack up with their hot little saliva. With Chad's tongue and mouth working on my cock and Greg's prodding tongue stuffed inside my asshole, I clearly was in heaven. Both boys switched positions periodically as all I could do was lay there in total bliss.

It was Chad who happily said, "I gotta have that dick back inside my ass!" But it was Greg who was thinking of how he wanted to see it take place. Greg stopped slamming my poop chute with his tongue, raised his head, and replied, "I got an idea!" At this point in time, I really didn't care who I was going to fuck, but I needed to fuck someone really bad. Greg scooted off the bed and looked around my bedroom for a couple of seconds. I watched him as he struggled to push the night stand closer to the bed. He had Chad get on his knees with his left knee on the bed and his right knee on the night stand. Assisting Chad with all the love in the world, Greg helped him lower his upper body to the carpet to the point that the top of Chad's beautiful head was carefully resting on the carpet. Chad's slender legs was definitely spread far and wide and his gorgeous asshole was winking at me and Greg in anticipation of a good ass plugging.

I climbed off the bed and Chad's winking asshole was in direct line with my raging hard-on. Just as I was about to put my cock head at Chad's asshole, Greg announced, "Shit, he's gonna really feel it now!" That was probably the understatement of the year. Chad screamed as his stretched legs felt my cock rip into his spread anal chute. "Oh fuck Mark, shit it hurts, oh my God, ah, ah, fuck, shit man!" Many other words followed as I slipped my thick cock deeper and deeper into his delicious bowels. In less than twenty seconds, I had my entire eight inches of man meat buried as deep as it could go inside the hot little shit hole of my young dream child. Chad's legs were trembling beyond belief as I began my ass pounding pace to satisfy the yong boy's anal passion.

Greg has stepped behind me and I felt his small hands as they forced my bucking ass cheeks apart and his tongue coursed over and around my puckering butt hole. The sound of my slapping flesh striking Chad's butt cheeks echoed through the room and traveled off somewhere down the hall. I crammed all of my meat and did my best to shove both of my balls into his cock hungry asshole. Chad screamed, "Fuck me, fuck my ass Mark, Damn it man, fuck my asshole hard!" With little or no encouragement needed, I fucked the young adonis without any mercy or any signs of regret. My hands were completely wrapped around Chad's spread legs, driving the young boy's ass onto my already thrusting cock. I could only imagine his young hard cock flaying in the air uncontrollably as I pounded the living shit out of him.

Greg was stabbing my hole with his tongue, and to my surprise, shoved two fingers to the knuckle and began finger fucking my bung hole. I was simply lost in my animalistic pace to be concerned with what was going on in and around my asshole, other than the fact, that Greg was doing a very skilled job at giving me great pleasure. Chad reached up and caught his flaying cock and began pumping the shaft with a vengeance while I was pumping his asshole with no remorse. Chad's left hand reached up and grabbed my balls and he stretched them towards him creating a mild discomfort, but that would only prolong my ass plugging rampage.

I had just thrust forward and was in the process of commencing to withdraw my cock for another violent thrust, when an incredible and sharp fiery pain shot through my asshole. Greg wasted no time in sending his thick cock up my ass and he quickly began pumping the thick boy cock in and out of my once virgin ass like an animal. My breath escaped me as the pain shot through my body and rapidly spread throughout. My cock was frozen inside Chad's hot anal canal, but involuntarily stroked the boy's anal canal upon each of Greg's powerful thrusts.

Greg shouted, "Yeah, that's it Mark, feel my cock up your asshole, fucking A man, shit yeah, take my cock!" I really had no choice but to accept his cock, but the sharp pain was a quick reminder that something thick had just forced its way inside. Chad screamed, "Mark, Mark, fuck me man, fuck me hard, shit, feed me your cock!" With his encouraging words, the pain in my ass began to dwindle somewhat as I timed Greg's thrusting cock and began pile driving Chad's sperm hungry asshole once again. Chad yelled, "Yeah, of shit yeah, that's it Mark, fuck me like you love me!" Chad had no clue as to the impact of his last statement. I was indeed, head over heels in love with the boy. Life meant nothing to me, only his pleasure, his mere existence in my life was pumping the blood to my heart. In my eyes, Chad could do no wrong!

Several minutes later, Chad had jerked his cock hard enough to send his sperm flying. His sperm torpedoes shot out of his dick and landed directly into his panting mouth. The young adonis was sampling his own wonder seed as my cock violently tore into his asshole while Greg's thick beast, plundered mine. I soon found myself in ecstacy having a thick hard object pulsating in and out of my gripping asshole. The urge to release my load was upon me and I fought and fought to control the burning desire. Greg grunted and I literally felt his already thick member get thicker and soon his hot waves of sperm volleys flooded my anal canal. The feeling of his hot jets of boy sperm shooting deep into my bowels caused my own ass ramming cock to spew bucket loads of hot cum deep inside Chad's bewildered ass.

The more cream Greg shot inside my ass, the more sperm I flooded Chad's wonder chute. Chad was screaming, I was grunting, and Greg was whimpering. All three cock's released their life giving seed and I knew my hard cock was getting ready to collapse inside Chad's super hot butt. Greg had just humped the last of his boy juice inside me and his cock began deflating rapidly. As Greg withdrew his cock from my poop chute, he leaned over the bed and collapsed, landing on his back with his legs partially spread. After pulling my limp cock out of Chad's sperm filled hole, I lifted him up by the hips and lay him on his back next to Greg. Both boys looked so heavenly gorgeous and mouth watering delicious as they lay there panting for well needed air.

Some of Chad's boy sperm was sliding off his cheek so I leaned down and licked the stringy pearl looking fluid up with my devoted tongue. Just like always, Chad's sperm tasted sweeter than ever. I licked the young boy's face, thoroughly cleaning all his spilt sperm, savoring the delicious fluid to the last drop. Our lips met momentarily and I was instantly gratified with a mouthful of Chad's sweet saliva. I sucked and licked his mouth dry, almost passing out from the grand taste that spilled from the boy's insides.

Chad stood up on shaking legs and held onto the headboard. I watched as he straddled Greg's face while facing the wall and lowered his cum filled ass over Greg's curious face. With about three inches to go before shoving his ass onto Greg's face, I was mesmerized as Chad unleashed his locked asshole and my sperm shot out right into the mouth of Greg. Thick, huge chunks of my sperm mixed with Chad's ass juice dripped into Greg's mouth. I could do nothing but watch as Greg began to swallow the mixture making weird faces. After receiving several thick globs, Greg reached around Chad's thighs and rammed his tongue inside the boy's slippery asshole.

Chad looked at me with his loving eyes and almost as if telepathy was in use, I stood up and walked in front of Chad, locking my hands on the bed post and crammed my own sperm filled asshole into his face. Chad's tongue immediately shot up my ass and I could feel Greg's slimy sperm as it slid from deep in bowels, down the chute and into Chad's hard-at-work sucking mouth. The feeling of having Chad licking and sucking my asshole caused me to get a fist full of my cock and pound it furiously. I wasn't the only one who was doing the same cock pounding thing. Chad had a handful of his cock and so did Greg. All three of us pounded our meats feverishly.

I was the first to feel the drastic urge to blow my wad as I quickly turned around and aimed my throbbing cock at Chad's open mouth. He looked up at me with his gorgeous blue yes as if pleading for me to give him my man sized load. Needing not to beg, I jacked my cock forcing my blasting load into the boy's anxious and open mouth. I was sending my thick cream into Chad's mouth and watched as the sperm pool formed inside the boy's little mouth. His eyes were closed and his hand was working on his cock a mile a minute. Chad scooted back and shoved his cock inside Greg's mouth where he unleashed a violent spew of boy sperm jets. I wiped the excess sperm on Chad's bottom lip and stood there on trembling knees as he swallowed ever so slowly.

Chad was grunting, drinking my thick load and firing off his own into Greg's hot mouth. Greg was pounding his meat and whimpering while doing so. Seeing Greg getting close, I stepped from my position and quickly lay down next to him placing my mouth directly over his thick boy cock. Taking two fingers, I slammed them up his sweet boy ass as his cock erupted his thick and creamy boy juice into my sperm hungry mouth. I was finger fucking Greg's hot asshole while wrapping my lips over his spitting cock head.

With my free hand, I shot three fingers up Chad's greased asshole forcing him to hunch over and cram more of his cock into Greg's cum filled mouth. Greg's hips began bucking from my fingers rifling in his ass and his sperm spewing cock blasted more of his delicious hot cream. I could tell Greg was having one hell of an intense orgasm by the way he was moaning and his body shaking like an earthquake. Chad wasn't doing any better either as my three fingers fucked his boy hole while Greg sucked on his juicy cock. Chad leaned farther over Greg's spread body and began yanking at the bed covers with both hands. Greg was gulping loudly to the point I realized Chad was no longer feeding him his sweet sperm, he was now pissing in Greg's mouth while thinking he was having an orgasm.

Greg experienced three hard sperm shooting orgasms in a row and his body was still shaking as if he was getting ready to fire another one off. Several thick blasts flooded my mouth, followed by one long steady stream. Just like Chad, Greg actually thought he was busting another nut, but in reality, he was pissing. I swallowed hard and fast to maintain the same pace as Greg's pissing cock. Both boys were literally crying as their cock's sprayed piss while thinking of an orgasm. Chad's small body was shaking like a falling leaf and Greg's body was acting as if he was caught in a wind storm.

I could hear Greg's gulping diminish as Chad's body began to slow from its violent shaking. Greg was still filling my gullet with his salty hot piss, but his body fell limp. Chad rolled to his left and collapsed on the bed. I was still busy drinking Greg's thunderous piss and both boys looked as if they were fast asleep with their eyes tightly closed and their chests rising and falling rapidly. A short time later, Greg ran out of piss and his cock lay sleeping inside my mouth. After cleaning his cock with my tongue, I lay next to the boys gasping for air myself. My stomach was full of sperm, ass juice, and hot piss, but I relished the flavor from all three mixtures, especially from the two lovely boys I lay next to.

Several minutes later while still on his back, Greg said, "Damn Chad, you pissed in my mouth dude!" Chad was smiling his gracious smile responding with, "No way man, I thought I was busting a nut. All I know is that it felt really good, but sorry I peed!" Greg said, "No problem, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Come to think of it, it kind of tasted pretty damn good!" I added in, "Well Greg, your last nut wasn't a nut either. You pissed in my mouth as well!" Both boys sort of giggled and Greg softly whispered, "Yeah, but it's different. You're gay and I, um, I, well let's just leave it at that!"

Feeling the warmth of their bodies, overwhelmed by their gorgeous nude frames, I quickly realized I now owned the perfect land!