Mark lay in his bed dazed and confused at how his boring life had changed so drastically. The land he had purchased gave him so many joyous perks, especially the boys group home next door. His pedophile inner nature had been awoken and had created a sexual monster who only craved the affection that only a young boy could offer. His mind wondered enhancing the flavor of their young juicy sperm and their fragrant boy bung holes. He remembered the silky texture of their smooth, virtually, hairless bodies. The mind boggling aroma steaming from their heavy heaving lungs as he pleased and worshiped them in every special way. No matter who he concentrated on, it was always Chad who filled his perverted mind. The young boy of all of twelve with snow white hair and crystal entrancing blue eyes, who begged to have a hard cock up his impossibly extra tight ass.

As he lay in bed, he pondered the idea that Chad was incapable of taking a shit, and if he did, it certainly could not smell like shit. In Mark's mind, Chad could never do any wrong, nor could he ever offer any fowl or revolting odors from his perfect angelic body. The boy was simply too gorgeous! Mark knew that there was still more sexual delights that could evolve his and Chad's on going relationship. Without a doubt, Mark knew all too well that he had fallen deeply in love with Chad, but he also knew that the boy was in the custody of the state. The longer he lay there thinking of Chad, the harder he absentmindedly stroked his man meat. Mark began to pound the flesh off his nine and half inches of thick bull meat to the point that his sperm struck him square in the face and coated his chest by the gallons.

Chad stared intently at the ceiling of his shared bedroom with thoughts of only Mark. He knew he was gay and he loved being around his new man friend. Mark treated him far more special than anyone who had ever shoved their poles up his begging ass. Mark's long, thick cock pleased his young body in so many ways, but he also realized that for the first time in his young life, he discovered the feeling of love. Sure, he loved having a man's hard cock plunge his ass, but there was just something different, no special, about Mark. He was so kind, pleasant to be around, and Mark never pushed him to do anything. Chad knew he could spend the rest of his life in the arms of Mark, but unfortunately, he belonged to the state. His right hand stroked his hard five inches of boy cock while two fingers on his left hand dug passionately inside his hungry asshole.

Periodically, Chad would slip his fingers from his butt and inhale his own, what he considers, fragrant aroma. After sniffing his fingers, he shoved them inside his oven like mouth and suck the ass juice that hid deep within him before slamming his fingers back inside his cock craving poop chute. His brain took him to a place not so long ago when his step father would make him squat over his face and shit right into his abusive drunk step dad's mouth, while his own natural blood mother watched. Chad had become his parents sex tool, not toy. His mom and dad abused drugs and alcohol and would force him to service their every diabolical sexual urges. His mind remembered the time when his parents were broke and needed drugs. They swapped his eight year old ass for their quick fix addiction. Four men savagely tore into his asshole, made him drink their piss and each one took turns shitting in his face and mouth.

Chad recalled, for almost three years, his asshole supplied his parents with their drugs. He had been beaten, brutally raped, nearly tortured, and almost killed in order to provide his loving parents with their drug problem. None of his memories made him sick, and he was extremely proud that even when the police raided the crack house while he had two men slamming their hard poles in his mouth and asshole, not once to this day, did he squeal on his parents. Had his parents not been sent to prison for their possession of illegal narcotics, he would never have been forced to live in the hell he was now living in. He was not a criminal and to the best of his knowledge, violated no laws, but yet, he was in the custody of the state with felons. His hard cock softened as the tears of pain flooded his sky blue eyes.

Two weeks had passed since Chad had the opportunity to sneak over to Mark's and both were sadly disappointed, as well as both being extremely horny. Chad no longer sought the attention from the other boys in the group home. Non could compare to Mark's soft touches and definitely not one boy had a cock like Mark's. It was a hot Saturday mid afternoon and Mark was laying on a lounge chair by the pool when he heard a knocking at the fence leading up to the pool. When Mark opened the gate, he was caught dead in his tracks by an older man with a large pot belly. After the introduction, the man was a family court judge, named Judge Clark. The man spoke in definite words and walked with a distinguished character.

The Judge spoke as he sat in one of the chairs, "It seems as though we have us a little problem. I have gotten wind from some people that some of the boys are sneaking out at night and coming to see you. Now, I don't know what this is all about, but you and I got to get on the same page here. These boys belong to the state and not you. I put them here and they can't do or go anywhere unless I approve it. Do you honestly think I am dumb enough not to know what's going on here? Son, I've been dealing with these kids for many years and I have seen it all. You are not the first man to have had young visitors and you sure as hell won't be the last. These boys have had to grow up fast and hard and many of them are hard core felons who would just as soon cut your throat as to look at you. These boys who are placed in the group homes are actually the victims, many of which, victims of life. Many of these boys have no manners, no discipline, no proper structure of adequate hygiene. The group homes try to teach them the values of being a good citizen, and not criminals. What about Chad and Greg? How did you like their visit?"

Mark was stunned and feared the worst from the judge. He had been caught red handed and he knew it. His legs trembled with fear and his heart almost thumped out of his chest and he discovered his throat had completely dried up. Mark tried to speak, but no words would escape his shivering lips. Tears formed in his eye sockets as he tried to look away from the cold brown piercing eyes of the judge who he had remembered some of the boys refer to as the hanging judge. His squeaky voice cracked out, "How, how did you know?"

The judge folded his arms across his large belly while adjusting his large frame in the chair and harshly said, "Why young man, I had no clue............................until now!" Mark bowed his head in shame as the tears dripped form his eyes onto his shaking thighs. He felt awkwardly dizzy and just knew his perfect land would be sold, thanks to him being locked away for the rest of his life. With his head bowed in shame, Mark uttered, "But, but.....I" Judge Clark boldly stated, "Relax my boy, I have a proposition for you. It seems in my little chat with Chad, he loves you far more than any sexual desire he or you may have for one another. The little lad has been through a lot in his young life and it warms my heart to see the sparkle in his young eyes while he speaks of you. I don't blame you one bit for falling prey to his sexual desires. Shucks man, the boy's prettier than any girl I'd ever seen and too damn pretty to be a boy. I might be a judge, but I am human you know. Let's me and you cut out the bullshit okay and get right down to the nitty gritty. I've been married to the same woman for forty years and just like you, I have desires too. Now, me and the misses love one another, but I need something she would never do in a million years. To be honest with you Mark, I am no different than you. I like young boys, but never quite had the opportunity to be with one. You, you lucky son-of-a-bitch, have them coming over to seduce you, and not the other way around like one would suspect. Here's the deal, there is a young boy over there who I have dreamt about since he came before me the other day. His name is Andy and he is almost just like Chad, except he has curly brown hair with the prettiest little button nose I had ever seen. The boy is thirteen years old and comes from mixed origin. His mother, the slutty bitch, is white and his father, the drunken molester, is black. I can arrange it rather easily for the boy to come here right now, but I have one thing you must do for me."

Mark was stunned to learn that the hanging judge was a closet pedophile just like him. Now, he was confused because the judge wants another young boy to come over to his house for whatever reasons, sexual reasons. Mark stopped shaking after hearing everything the judge said and looked at the judge and asked, "What do I have to do sir?" The judge smiled and broadly whispered, "Son, you do whatever I tell you when the times right, understand?" Mark had no other option but to respond positively to the judge. The judge barked, "Good, the boys have been outside playing basketball for over two hours now. He'll be good and sweaty for the taking!" The judge asked to use Mark's phone and Mark handed him his cordless phone and listened to the judge as he arranged for Andy to come over to his home.

In less than five minutes eluded when in walked the boy who the judge foamed at the mouth over. His skin was an exciting mocha flavor and his hair was more a blondish brown than just brown as the judge described. Andy stood 5' 4" and weighed a muscular 110 pounds with the brightest brown eyes a human could ever possibly hope for. The shorts he wore were as usual, three sizes too big and his soaking wet tank top clung to his upper body like glue. The judge was right about the boy's beauty. Andy was certainly one gorgeous boy, but not as gorgeous as Chad in his eyes. Mark's eyes fell on the boy's wet crotch as he walked straight up to the judge as if awaiting sentencing. Fear shot in the twelve year old's eyes as he patiently stood before the hanging judge.

Andy was bladed toward Mark's direction and Mark had a perfect view of the young boy's extra large bubble butt. The boy's butt almost seemed out of place compared to his slender, yet muscular, physique. Mark's eyes danced up the boy's arms and observed several little peach fuzz formations of hair and noticed that the boy's chest was perfectly mocha colored and totally hairless. Even Andy's thin eyebrows were blondish brown with thick dark eyelashes highlighting his glorious frontal features. Mark's eyes trailed down the boy's slender legs and only detected peach fuzz running on the front of the young boy's shins. The shorts hung down well below his knees and Mark began to drool at the mere thought of seeing this gorgeous boy without any clothes on.

Sweat glistened off of Andy as if he had been standing in the rain, his chest rising and falling sharply in fear of the heavy man seated before him. Mark caught the judge's eyes as they wondered all over the boy's youthful frame. After the judge introduced us, he cleared his throat and stated, "Maybe we should go inside!" We all walked into the livingroom with Mark leading the way. Mark sat in the recliner as the judge and Andy sat on the sofa, each at one end. The boy looked nervous as he sat there with his legs just a shaking. I could clearly see that no matter what juvenile came across Judge Clark, they all feared the man for many factual reasons. Up to this point, Andy had not uttered a single word as if frozen in time with the solid elements of fear nipping at his heels.

Judge Clark looked at Andy and asked, "When was the last time you took a shower?" Andy gulped, hung his head down and softly, but angelically said, "Two days ago sir!" Mark watched as a huge smile flashed across the judge's thick face. Clearing his throat, the judge flatly said, "The reason you both are here is that both of you are in some kind of trouble and I know what kind of trouble it is. Mark here has already said he will do everything I say and now you get the same question. Andy, you already know what caused you to come before me, and you are smart enough to know what all I can do to you. I know your past and I have a pretty good grip on your future. Will you do everything I ask of you, and I mean, without a hesitation or a question?"

Sounding like a frog lodged deep inside his throat, Andy replied, "Uh, yes sir, your honor!" Mark watched the judge grab at his crotch that was almost hidden by his meaty stomach while intently gleaming upon Andy. The judge's right hand fondled his crotch that steamed well below his spread legs. Judge Clark howled, "Andy, everyone knows you are gay and that you like to have fun with older men. Now, here's your chance once again to get something I know you want and need!" Andy looked more embarrassed than anything else as he sat there trembling all over. The judge quickly looked at Mark and yelled, "What are you waiting for, get your shorts off so as this boy can suck on your dick!"

Mark stood up and did just as the judge ordered, yanking his shorts down and completely off in one swift motion. His dangling five inches of soft man meat bounced from side to side over his man sized soft ball enlarged balls. Mark sat down and his cock was even afraid of the judge as it refused to stand at attention. The judge looked over at Andy and barked, "Go ahead son, suck his cock. I mean suck him good!" Andy jumped up off the sofa and quickly walked in front of Mark and dropped to his knees. Mark's cock jumped as Andy's soft hands brushed his cum filled balls while grabbing onto his flaccid member. Mark's eyes opened wide as he witnessed Andy stretch his mouth and swallow his soft manhood in one motion.

The heat from within Andy's mouth burned the flesh of his shaft, forcing his balls to withdraw as the boy's tongue darted over his pre cum dripping piss slit. Mark could smell the sweet innocense of youthful sweat as it pipe lined up his nostrils forcing his cock to expand rapidly inside the young boy's willing mouth. Within seconds, Mark's giant manhood rose high above his lower stomach with the lower portion of his shaft completely glistening from Andy's cock sucking saliva. Placing both hands on the side of the boy's bobbing head, Mark became more excited at the texture of the boy's hair as his fingers danced in and around the curly locks. Andy's hands worked skillfully along Mark's hard shaft while his mouth and tongue traveled up and down on a good seven inches of thick meat. Mark was surprised to see how much of his large cock Andy could force down his boyish throat.

The feelings in his loins increased drastically and Mark knew all too well that if the boy continued this, he would surely blast his thick creamy load. The judge sat on the sofa still playing with his hidden meat with a smile as broad as China dashing across his fat double chinned face. Mark had a difficult time trying to keep his eyes open while the young boy masterfully sucked on his cock like no-one before him. Andy gagged several times, but skillfully managed to swallow all nine and half inches of Mark's thick beast. Mark could feel the boy's throat muscles as it squeezed the sides of his shaft and feel his lips as they brushed against his pubic hair. The boy's hands softly stroked Mark's heavy balls while Mark's hands fumbled through the young boy's curly hair.

The judge must have sensed Mark was getting too close, because he screamed, "Stop! Do as I say, I tell you!" Andy slowly raised his young head all the way off Mark's long and thick cock with a smacking sound just as his sucking lips slid off the head. The judge barked, "Get your clothes off, get them off now!" He was pointing at Andy as he was yelling his order. Mark sat patiently and his cock leaped by the boundaries as Andy yanked his wet sweaty tank top over his head. Mark saw no underarm hair whatsoever, but his eyes fixed on the dark erect nipples before him. Andy's nipples were larger than most boy's his age and definitely harder, as so it seemed. His mocha flavored skin shot down to his shorts with perfection and Mark sure wasn't about to take his eyes off the boy now.

Andy tugged at his shoes and tossed off his socks, then gripped the baggy shorts and slid them all the way off. Mark's eyes opened even wider as he was entranced by the mocha color of the young boy's glistening thighs and the rather large bulge trapped inside the boxer's. Andy stood straight up and hooked the inside of the boxers and slid them down, showing the two men his twelve year old six inch impressive erection. A tiny patch of curly black hairs sprouted alongside the base of his cock which stood straight out from his young body with a downward slope. The boy's balls looked mouth watering to Mark as they looked to be the size of a fifty cent piece and totally hairless. Even Andy's proud young cock and cum filled balls were mocha colored. Mark felt the drool slip out the corner of each side of his mouth.

Mark's eyes fell onto the bright pink knob of Andy's cock. The head was much larger than the shaft and one single pearl drop of pre cum glistened as it stayed fixed to the boy's piss slit. From where Mark was sitting, he could tell whoever the doctor was, he or she, knew how to circumcise. There wasn't anything that closely resembled a scar whatsoever. The nude young boy's cock danced in rhythm with his parading heart beat as he stood there awaiting the orders from the judge.

With an almost passionate plea, the judge said, "Turn around Andy so we can see your hot little butt!" Andy inched himself around showing us his wonderful bubble butt. It almost looked like someone sliced his ass cheeks open and replaced his fat tissue with two perfectly inflated footballs. This boy was mocha flavored all over and Mark was dripping pre cum at the mere vision of this naked young boy. The judge wasn't doing so bad himself due to the fact that the drool from his open mouth darted down his double chin.

"Bend over and spread your cheeks for us. We want to see your shit hole!" Andy bent at the knees and leaned forward with both hands gripping the insides of his crack. Once completely bent over, the boy's bright pink poop chute smiled freely. Mark noticed that there wasn't a single life form of hair to be found anywhere on the boy's crack. The boy's spread butt cheeks forced his pink poop chute to slightly open causing both Mark and the judge to shiver in their seats. Mark thought that the boy's ass was all too lovely but he did remember the boy saying he hadn't taken a shower in two days, not to mention, he had been outside in the sun playing basketball for over two hours.

"Mark, get on the floor on your back and put your hands by your sides!" Mark did as told as the judge looked at Andy and said, "Squat over the man's face and look at me when you do it!" Mark watched as Andy turned around and walked over to him and placed both feet beside his head. Mark's eyes lit up as the young boy began his slow squat towards Mark's face. Mark could already detect the heavy sweaty smell and as Andy squatted even closer, the boy's pretty ass unleashed its overwhelming intoxicating odor. Sweaty, definitely unclean ass was inching towards his face and the closer Andy squatted, the stronger the odor, as well as more of his poop chute was being exposed. The bright pink pucker hole was within inches of Mark's face as the judge said, "Andy, rub your asshole over Mark's nose and Mark, don't you go to licking it until I tell you!" Mark had no other option but to breath as Andy began wiggling his hips, grinding his asshole onto Mark's enraged nostrils. The sweaty, pungent, stale, shit smelling odor crashed through Mark's nostrils like a runaway freight train.

The judge admired the young boy's mobile body as the boy squatted on his feet allowing the man under him to inhale the sweet fragrant aroma spewing from his outstretched asshole. Andy knew better to disappoint the judge, and besides, the nose caressing his unclean asshole felt rather good. The more Mark inhaled the foul odor, the more excited he was becoming. The odor was no longer revolting and he patiently awaited the command for his tongue to replace his nose. The boy's messy ass juice covered his nose completely and now Mark was whimpering to shove his tongue up the boy's unclean bung hole. Even the judge could smell the odor from Andy's bubble ass, but to the judge, the scent was ever so pleasing and definitely arousing. The judge longed for the sweet aromatic odor of a young boy's unclean fiery hot pink asshole and the smell that graced his nostrils was ever so breathtaking.

Mark could feel Andy's cum filled hairless balls as they slid across his chin as the boy grinded his hot poop chute over his deeply inhaling nose. Mark couldn't understand why he was so excited having Andy's stale shitty asshole creaming on his nose. The one time fowl and revolting odor was now stealing his every heart beat. Mark fought back the urge to hold the boy's hips with his hands and slam his tongue deep inside Andy's perfect pink stink hole. Andy wanted desperately to wrap his own hand around his painfully erect cock and pound the sperm right out of it. His pre cum pearl was no longer a drop. It had become a stringy line that started at his piss slit and fell onto Mark's throat.

"STOP!" Andy raised from his crouched position and Mark was ever so depressed that he did not get the rewarding opportunity to lick and suck on the boy's sweet aromatic poop chute. Mark could only stare up in between the spread legs of Andy. The boy was so damn gorgeous and Mark couldn't get over the fact that how somebody so gorgeous as Andy could actually have an asshole that smelled so shitty. But, Mark's perverted way of thinking redirected the fowl odor into one hell of a heavenly scent. "Come here Andy!" Mark rose his upper body up to find that the judge had removed his pants and had his fat legs spread holding his thick five inches of judge meat in his right hand.

Mark inched closer to get a better view and could only see the rash that trailed on the crevice between the man's thick thighs. Initially, Mark thought that the sight seeing the older judge holding his so called heterosexual man meat was just down right awful, but Andy wasted no time in swallowing it right to the pubic hairs. Mark could no longer bare to see the judge getting a blow-job from Andy. All he could clearly see was that the boy's butt was in a perfect eating position and it appeared that Andy's pink pucker hole was steadily winking at him. The judge barked, "Suck my dick boy, suck that big cock, oh yeah, yeah, that's good, suck it good boy!"

The judge looked at Mark and yelled, "Go ahead son, eat his hot spunky asshole. Cram your fat tongue up the boy's shit hole!" Mark lay on his back and scooted under Andy and spared no time as his tongue flickered around and on Andy's tasty bung hole. Andy began moaning as Mark started probing the boy's juicy asshole with his exploring tongue. Andy on the other hand, was revolted at sucking the judge's nasty smelly fat cock. The odor piping from under the judge's legs smelled like raw sewage and caused his stomach to churn. Ignoring the fowl odor, Andy worked his experienced mouth on the fat piece of meat hoping that the judge would bust his nut and leave him alone with Mark. In one way, Andy was a little embarrassed about not being clean. He knew that his asshole had not been properly washed in two days and he had taken a crap earlier this morning, but he also figured that Mark apparently didn't mind his uncleanliness.

Mark sure didn't mind, not in the slightest. His tongue probed inside Andy's hot little hole and began drilling to get more of the boy's hot ass juices down his throat. Mark even took the time to lick the boy's crack clean from any excess that the boy evidentially missed earlier. Mark bathed at the feeling of Andy's smooth balls wiggling on his forehead while his tongue savagely attacked Andy's extra juicy asshole. Andy stuffed the judge's thick cock in his mouth and bobbed up and down on it feverishly. The judge held onto the sides of Andy's head, aiding him to drive his sucking hot mouth harder and harder on his thick cock, smashing the boy's chin on his heavily hairy balls.

Andy was all to use to satisfying two men. He had done it plenty of times in his young life. Many of those times he was more the willing participant, but only a couple of times had his body been sexually abused by two or more men. All in all, Andy loved sex and he really loved raunchy sex. This was the secret that the judge already knew about Andy, mainly because he had access to all the boys files. Mark had no clue what he was getting himself into, but only the judge and Andy knew all too well what the events of this evenings activity would eventually result in. Mark was just happy to be eating Andy's bubble ass for all he was worth and then some.

Andy had been sucking on the judge's thick cock for some time and Mark was lost in time tongue fucking the juicy boy's asshole. The judge yelled, "Whoa, wait, stop, STOP!" Andy stood up but his knees were shaking from having his asshole tongue fucked by Mark. He wobbled before getting his balance and Mark stood beside him with his raging nine and half thick inches staring straight at the judge. Pointing at the recliner, the judge told Mark to sit down. Then the judge had Andy climb on his lap, place his head on the thick legs of the judge with his knees pointing toward the floor, and the judge pushed the young boy's legs outward, forcing them to spread far and wide. Mark watched the judge as the judge stared intensely at Andy's slick asshole. The judge raised the boy's hips upwards with his hands and ran his super fat tongue up and down the boy's ass crack.

Andy's eyes locked onto Mark's eyes as if pleading for help. The young boy's eyes blinked rapidly as the judge increased his slobbering tongue licking gesture inside the boy's spread mocha crack. Mark could see the judge's thick nostrils flare at the aromatic scent streaming from within the young boy's shit cavern. His eyes no longer looked like they were pleading, but looking more like being that of being pleased, Andy flung his head from side to side as the fat tongue swashed around his crack. The judge was moaning, groaning, and whimpering while swabbing the mocha skin of Andy's sweaty and smelly ass crack. Andy's mouth was open as his head no longer rested on the man's thick legs. His head was bouncing off of the judge's knees, pointing toward the floor. The tongue roaring inside his asshole set his insides in flames, forcing his young body to wiggle beyond any of his controls.

Mark wanted some more of Andy, he had to have some more of the young mocha skinned boy. Mark looked at Andy's angry erection as his tongue slowly licked across his lips in hopes of milking the sweet fluid from within those wonderful hairless balls. Andy didn't care any longer because the tongue inside his asshole was forcing his mind to go blank, but he still languished at the thought of Mark's super big cock plugging his shit track. The tongue in his butt felt great, but now he had to have something much bigger and much longer inside him. His eyes stared at the huge cock to his left and wanted passionately for Mark to walk over and shove his big cock in his mouth.

Mark was looking at Andy and noticed the young boy's eyes suddenly grew larger and his mouth formed a perfect circle. Mark looked at the judge and saw three of his thick stubby fingers slamming in and out of the little boy's poop chute. The judge had his tongue right at Andy's asshole and as his three fingers would appear, his tongue would lovingly bath the boy's ass juice off of them, then slam them back in, while twisting and turning. Soft precious moans splintered from Andy's little mouth as the judge dug and tore into his dark, anal canal. The judge looked like he was eating his last meal at an all you can eat buffet. He was constantly lapping his fingers clean from Andy's ass juice, making the loudest slurping noises Mark had ever heard.

The judge removed his fingers and sat up, holding Andy by his hips. He guided the young boy upwards and lifted his butt high in the air with his hands, spreading those bubble cheeks in the process, before shoving the boy on his fat boner. Andy screamed, not so much in pain, but at the suddenness of the anal penetration. The judge held the boy's back with his arms wrapped around him, forcing the boy up and down on his thick man stick. Mark watched as Andy's meaty ass slammed down on the judge's fat thighs. The sight of the boy's ass flesh bounce off the thighs and clutch the man's cock was ever so mouth watering. One thing Andy knew how to do well was use his ass to milk a big cock, and he was using his ass muscles to squeeze the judge's sperm out as fast as he could.

From Mark's angle, he could clearly see that the judge only thought he was fucking the young boy, but in reality, it was Andy who was fucking the judge. In less than five minutes, the judge had to literally yank Andy off his cock. Mark looked at the judge's cock and saw that it was covered with Andy's shit juice. The judge looked down and saw his shit covered cock and smiled hardy as his left hand scooped up some of the substance that was running along the shaft and slammed it into his wide mouth. Andy thought it to be disgusting, but the judge was moaning in sexual delight and Andy was watching with the biggest grin ever. Pushing his hard cock outwards, the judge looked at Andy and said, "Go ahead son, your turn!" Andy climbed between the judges legs and Mark couldn't help not to notice the excited look on Andy's face when the judge told him it was his turn. Mark's eyes widened as Andy grabbed the thick cock with his right hand and shot his tongue all over the shaft, soaking up the shit trails that saturated the man's thick cock.

Mark sat in the chair and watched a total transformation of young Andy as he lapped up his own shit from the judge's hard cock. The boy was whimpering as his tongue gathered more and more of the shitty substance. When he shot a glance at Andy's bung hole, he could see the brown liquid as it gathered over his once pink poop hole. His only thought was that of scat and how revoltingly gross that must be, but the longer he stared at the greasy substance concealing Andy's once gorgeous asshole, the more he longed to taste it. Seeing that the judge's eyes were tightly sealed, Mark's pedophile animal instinct took over. Quietly he raised up out of the recliner and crawled on his knees behind the bubble ass that was spread wide for the taking.

One quick sniff proved exactly what the brown greasy substance was, but he remembered the sounds both the judge and Andy were making as they lapped the spunky substance up. Stretching his tongue as far as it could reach, Mark slowly lifted his tongue upwards, trapping the messy substance in the valley of his tongue before quickly shooting his tongue back inside his mouth. His taste buds exploded inside his mouth, causing him to struggle with a forceful gag. It was tart and tangy and his mind already warned him what the stuff really was. Goose bumps raised all over his body as the taste slowly worked its way throughout his taste glands before shocking his throat with the never before encountered flavor. Sure, he had swallowed some ass juice, and rather loved it, but this, this was the real thing.

Mark didn't even hesitate to repeat the ass licking process as he leaned forward and began sucking at Andy's recently fucked hole. His only thought was that of what he was now begging for. He had tasted the ultimate of grossest things known to mankind and now he craved for more, especially that of Andy, but his mind awoke the thought of how Chad's raw sewage would taste as well. While sucking and licking on Andy's wiggling butt hole, Mark received something he wasn't quite sure he was ready for. Andy reached back and held Mark's head to his asshole as the boy grunted from straining one massive log directly into Mark's once scat virgin mouth. The judge yelled, "You wanted the boy's shit, now take it! I told you to do what only you were told to do, now eat Andy's sweet tasting shit, but don't you go an eat all of it, you hear!"

Mark choked back on the log that was shot into his mouth and his mouth was soon filled with Andy's thick boy crap. As the first log entered his mouth, Andy clamped down on his asshole forcing the remainder to stay inside. The boy jumped off of the judge's cock and spun around and now both the judge and Andy stared at Mark with evil grins watching him to ensure he swallowed Andy's shit log. While their eyes stayed on him, Andy straddled the judge and using his hands held onto the man's thighs while shoving his ass into the judge's face. Andy's face was turning red as he strained against all odds to feed the judge what he so desperately commanded. Andy's eyes remained on Mark as Mark forced some of the content down his bewildered throat. The judge let out a loud growl and Mark knew that young Andy was shitting his guts out inside the judge's shit eating mouth.

Mark struggled to swallow the last portion that mixed with his own saliva. It wasn't until the last bit traveled down his throat that he realized that it was kind of exciting and really not that bad tasting. Creating a spit pool inside his mouth, Mark swashed his spit around the inside before sipping on the shitty, saliva mixture. Mark watched as Andy forced the contents of his bowels into the mouth of the judge. Andy even winked at Mark while straining. The boy's legs were quivering and from what Mark could tell, was pretty much shit free. The judge slammed his head hard against the cushion and his mouth was covered in the boy's shit, as he lay back panting wildly.

Andy turned around and began sucking on the judge's still hard cock once more and this time Mark walked in behind Andy and placed the large mushroom head directly against the boy's shitty asshole. Holding the base of his long thick cock with his right hand, Mark used his left hand to hold the boy's left hip tightly. With one heave, his enlarged and angered cock head ripped inside the shitty hole of Andy, causing Andy to moan very loudly as he continued to milk the judge's cock with his heavy blowing mouth. Mark inched his man meat inch by impressive inch up the boy's juicy slick ass and watched as Andy's body contorted to greet the mammoth intruder.

The cock expanding his asshole caused Andy's mind to sparkle with joy, forcing him to suck even harder on the judge's thick pole. Mark held onto the mocha hips with a firm grip as he pounded his long thick cock impressed with the meaty portion of the boy's butt cheeks as they struck his lower stomach with each heavy and hard thrust. The judge enjoyed the flavor that still remained inside his mouth, mixed with having young Andy masterfully worship his thick cock with his overly qualified mouth. Andy gagged numerous times as he shoved the thick cock in his mouth up to the judge's thick curly pubic hair while the mammoth anal invader pounded his cock hungry ass.

Mark was oblivious to his surroundings as he only thought of Andy's tasty shit while pounding the boy's sweeter than sweet asshole. His mind still returned to question whether or not Chad would allow him to dine on his poop shooting asshole. Even in the heat of passion, Mark still pondered the possibility of Chad offering any such anal odor. He had eaten, no devoured, the boy's pretty pink hole numerous times and had shoved his cock to the hilt as well. Not once had he ever detected a shitty smell or anything closely resembling the boy's excrements. In Mark's mind, Chad was immune from any fowl or degrading odor.

Andy began rocking his bubble butt, gripping the thick cock that was tearing his asshole to shreds. Mark came back to reality as the young boy's ass muscles chewed on his cock with a vice like grip while the judge was grunting and growling, sending his old man's load into the young boy's sucking mouth. Mark could hear Andy gulping down the thick load from the judge and knew he would certainly be next. Andy was swallowing fast and furiously as the judge pumped gallons upon gallons of his thick salty seed into the hot little mouth of young Andy. The muscles that gripped his cock, pumped the shaft like it had thousands of small little hands working on the shaft, forcing Mark to take a deep breath as his sperm flew high and deep inside Andy's creamy anal canal.

Mark lost all control as his cock spit and spattered his manly cream while pumping his cock feverishly into the gorgeous ass below. Andy was moaning due to his being able to feel the heavy missiles splash his anal walls while the air was being pounded out of his lungs. The judge finally released his heavy thick load and his cock began to grow increasingly small, but Andy enjoyed having a thick cock in his mouth to release it just yet. His own cock leaped and jerked while the cock in his ass pounded the daylights out of him.

Mark fucked the boy's hole with his love pole until he had no more man spunk to offer. He felt his cock as it began its deflation process, but he continued to follow-up with his ass pounding motion. The judge couldn't take any more suctioning on his cock and lifted Andy's mouth off of it with his large thick hands ever so gently. Mark's cock slipped out of the fiery hot tunnel it once invaded. The judge struggled to get his heavy frame off of the sofa and after finally doing so, he lay on the floor in front of the sofa and instructed Andy to squat over his face. Mark watched in awe as Andy straddled the man's thick face and begin his downward squat. From his angle, Mark could see a sperm string as it oozed out of Andy's well fucked asshole.

Andy looked straight at Mark and flashed his entrancing eyes while softly stroking his boy cock. Mark couldn't take it any longer. He had to have that boy's cock in his mouth and he had to taste his young boy cream. He lowered his body on all fours and crawled over to the squatting boy and without hesitation, slid his mouth over the mocha color cock all the way until the soft little pubic hair formation pressed into his nostrils. The boy's pre cum sent a spark of electricity throughout his body as it flooded his sperm craved mouth. The soft and gentle hands that coursed through his hair while sucking on Andy's hard boy cock sent shivers up and down his spine.

While Mark was worshiping Andy's sweet cock, he could hear the sounds Andy's asshole was making while he was feeding the moaning judge his anal contents. Andy's tasty boy shit, mixed with Mark's heavy man seed, flowed like a waterfall from Andy's hole and into the more than willing mouth of the judge. Andy felt as though he was in heaven as he forced his bowels to explode and was dazed by the heat on his young cock. Within seconds, Mark's mouth became flooded with Andy's boy sperm. Three rapid hard shots, several smaller spirts, followed by five or six rapid blasts, ending with numerous continuous oozes of watery sperm. Mark's heart beat out of control as the boy's fluid filled his mouth and only a tiny portion slipped down his throat. His sperm was sweet and Mark patiently milked the young boy's beautiful cock free from any and all of his remaining sperm.

Mark raised his head and looked straight into the eyes of the still squatting boy as his throat opened, allowing a small quantity to slip down his throat. The wonderful taste of Andy's sperm as it slid down his gullet caused his cock to bounce in quandaries. It was sweet with just a tad trace of salt. As the last of his sperm was about to leave the comfort of his mouth, Andy reached out and brought Mark's face to his. In one quick motion, Andy shot his young tongue inside Mark's hot mouth and they began fighting over the last of the boy's watery cream. Their tongues battled to gain ground and Mark's ears heard the gargling sound piping out of Andy's bung hole. Andy enjoyed kissing a man to the point that he forgot he was still releasing his bowels into the judge's hungry and greedy mouth.

A short time later, Andy's bowels offered no more and they all stopped what they were doing. Each one went to a restroom and took a shower before meeting back in the livingroom that reeked of fresh Andy shit. Mark was not disgusted by the odor in the slightest, instead his nostrils flared to gather as much of the fresh scent as possible. Once they all were in the livingroom, the judge sent Andy on his way to return back to the group home.

The judge and Mark walked outside and sat down on the chairs by the pool. After clearing his throat, the judge softly spoke, "Mark, you were fabulous today and I have something I need to tell you." There was a brief pause before the judge resumed speaking, "It seems as though Chad has been misplaced. The boy has committed no crime, he is simply a victim of some fucked up parents. The responsibility of finding him a new home falls in my lap. I can easily arrange for him to stay with you if you agree to it, but there is one stipulation. Being that I know these boys better than most, I would like to make it as to where your home could be used as a temporary holding facility until I can find them their proper spot. Now, naturally, the boys I would send you would definitely be special, if you know what I mean. So, what do you say?"

Mark didn't need to think about the answer, he was more than ready to say yes while the judge was still explaining. "Sir, it would be an honor!" The judge took a sip of his drink and said, "Good, I will make the calls necessary to have Chad placed into your custody. Damn, I still can't get over how pretty the lad is. Now that you have dined on some of the finest boy shit known to mankind, you think you could do that with Chad?" Mark eagerly replied, "Without a doubt sir!"

As the judge left Mark's house, he sat in the chair still remembering everything about Andy. He amazed himself that he even involved himself in any scat activity. The longer he remembered Andy's encounter, the more he thought of Chad. Without a doubt in his mind, Chad was indeed, the most gorgeous boy he had ever laid eyes on. His heart thumped like crazy knowing that soon Chad would be living with him and his boring daily routine would change forever. He also knew that from Chad living with him, the boys at the group home would visit on a more regular basis.

Three days later, the judge held true to his word. Mark had to go to family court and sign some papers that the judge had already prepared for him to take custody of Chad. Mark was surprised to see the smiling young boy seated in the court room. When their names were called, both Mark and Chad walked side by side with Mark's right hand on Chad's right shoulder up to the bench before Judge Clark. After making a speech, the judge awarded Mark full custody of Chad and had him sign the documents.

Outside the court house, Chad placed his little belongings inside Mark's vehicle and they drove off. Mark had to stop by the grocery store and pick up some food that Chad liked. The two walked up and down each aisle like kids playing in a romp-a-room. Chad was finally relieved that he was going to live with someone who he actually cared about and would receive the same affection in return. To say they both were excited would definitely be the understatement of a lifetime.

Once inside their home and after putting up the groceries, Chad looked at Mark with his loving blue eyes and asked, "Mark, now that I'm here with you, can we walk around naked?" Mark sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen and held Chad by his side while replying, "This is your home now. Feel free to do whatever you want, but I really don't know if I can control myself seeing you naked all the time." The two giggled by Mark's statement as Chad walked to go into the bedroom they now would share for all eternity. Mark had other ideas as well so he prepared the meal they were going to eat a little later.

Chad walked inside the bedroom and actually felt at home while he began taking his clothes off. Once all his clothes had been removed and placed in their proper location, Chad studied himself in the long mirror that stood on the floor, reaching up to the ceiling. He looked at himself with a full frontal view before turning to his side and looking at himself with a profile. His left hand dashed across his smooth butt cheeks and he admired his own soft texture. Turning completely around so that his back was facing the mirror, Chad bent way over while spreading his legs. Peeking under his legs with his head pointing to the floor, Chad shot a finger straight up his pink boy poop chute. His other hand fondled his hairless balls as he loved the feeling his finger was giving him, tickling the inside of his bung hole.

Like always, Chad removed his finger and shoved it against his nostrils, overwhelming himself with the intoxicating enriched aroma from deep within his anal canal. After sniffing for a few seconds, Chad inserted his once anal plugged finger into his mouth and savored the rich flavor his ass teased him with. After repeating the process a few times, Chad decided it best to join Mark. Mark was standing at the table preparing a salad when in walks Chad as naked as the day he was born. Mark almost chopped off his finger admiring the boy's total nakedness charm. Both Mark and Chad knew what they wanted, but neither had built up the nerve to say or do anything.

Chad walked out to the pool and Mark stroked his covered cock while watching the boy's tight little perky bubble butt move in rhythm with each step he took. Chad lay on a lounge chair enjoying the freedom of being completely naked and his mind soon wondered to a time not so very long ago. He remembered his step dad forcing him to squat over his mouth while he, Chad, shit directly into it. His step father may have been many things, but he never once raised a hand to hurt Chad. It was his step father who always wanted Chad to use the bathroom in his mouth and for a long time, Chad never had a reason to use toilet paper. His step father used his tongue to clean Chad from top to bottom. Now, he wondered if Mark would be insulted and found him to be disgusting if he told Mark his undying ultimate sexual fantasy. Chad remembered his intense orgasm while getting a face full of feces. What some people considers gross, Chad found unremarkably rewarding.

Mark's game plan played out as he and Chad played basketball outside, both totally nude. He wanted to get Chad as sweaty as humanly possible and get his belly full with some good food. The two played and ate for most of the day until late evening. As they entered the house from the pool area, Mark looked at the back of Chad's head admiring the sheer wetness of his snow white hair all messed up from his heavy sweating. The sweat rolled down his smooth tanned back and dripped into the boy's appetizing ass crack. Mark's cock quickly jumped to a heightened state to the point that his large mushroom head stroked Chad in the back. Mark couldn't take the boy's gorgeous nude body any longer as he reached out and grabbed Chad by the hips and held him still.

Mark dropped to his knees and used both hands to spread the tight bubbly cheeks apart. Chad quickly responded by saying, "You think I should take a shower first?" Mark went completely deaf as his nostrils inhaled the fragrant aroma steaming off the boy's sweaty body. Mark's hands gripped the boy's muscular cheeks as his tongue lathered on the silky flesh, savoring the salty sweat of this mind boggling beauty of a boy. His tongue traced the small of Chad's back, gathering as much of his delicious, appetizing sweat as his tongue could absorb. The excitement and the heat of the moment caused Mark to become a tongue licking savage as his tongue roamed freely about the boy's succulent bubble butt cheeks.

Chad used the counter in front of him to steady himself with his hands as his legs slowly, but surely, began spreading. His five inches of boy cock was already at full mass and he anxiously awaited the arrival of Mark's thick tongue on his hungry asshole. Mark used his tongue to thoroughly soak up the boy's wonderful tasting sweat from his mouth watering bubbly cheeks before shoving his inhaling nostrils directly onto Chad's puckered moist poop chute. The aroma squeaking out of Chad's pretty pink love hole was the fresh enriching fragrant odor of a sexual aphrodisiac. Chad knew Mark was sniffing his hole and could feel the man's nose as it tried its best to gain entry. Chad didn't care about the sniffing, cause he knew the man's tongue would soon shock his body, pleasingly.

To give Mark a better shot at his asshole, Chad used his hands to climb down the cabinets and place both hands on the floor in front of him. Now, Mark could tongue fuck his poop chute with the easiest of access. Mark caught his hand stroking his cock while his nose was lost in the pleasure of sniffing the hottest ass his nose had ever graced upon. At one time Mark thought Chad could never release a fowl odor and up to this point, his thoughts were positively, absolutely correct. The smell that was smashing his senses was that of an aroma that he, Chad himself, could deliver. Wonderful and fragrant and extremely delightful, as well as mouth watering.

While his nose was buried in the boy's rectum, his tongue lashed out and struck the smooth area of the boy's sweaty crack, just below his dangling hairless balls. The hot fiery breath sent wonderful sensations crashing through Chad's body and the tongue that now licked his goody ass trail wasn't helping matters any. Chad felt his legs as they started shaking violently, but the feeling that his butt was getting outweighed his shaking legs by far. Mark worked his tongue up replacing his tongue where his nose had been seconds ago. The feeling of Chad's puckered hole on his ass eating tongue sent tons of mini volts exploding throughout his body. The soft flesh that protected his anal canal was more than a treat, it was purely heavenly. The breath escaped Chad's body as the tongue digging at his asshole sent his young mind into a sexual shock.

Mark was like an animal as he slammed his tongue inside the boy's clenching bung hole, milking the wonder juice out from its hiding place. As the first of Chad's ass juice struck his tongue, Mark became even more insane as he moaned loudly while silently begging for more. Chad's cock was dripping pre cum by the gallons, but the urge to take a poop was stronger than he could control, especially from the position he was now in. The boy's ass muscles coiled around Mark's exploring tongue making Mark plunge that much harder and that much deeper at the muscular constriction.

Mark's mind exploded as his tongue struck the gold he so lovingly and desperately desired. Chad was fighting back the urge with all the desperation a young boy could muster while the tongue in his asshole made his urge to shit that much stronger. Mark was beside himself with lust as he dug at the morsel using his plowing tongue as a shovel. Chad cried out, "Please, please stop, I, I got to, I gotta poop!" His cries of mercy fell upon deaf ears as Mark hungrily dug at the flavored contents inside Chad's illustrious ass.

Chad cried out again, "Mark, Mark, I have to shit, I, oh fuck, Mark, I....." The moment of truth lay before Mark as Chad's tiny bung hole expanded wider than he had ever seen before. Mark opened his mouth wide while licking the boy's inner anal canal walls like a dog dying of thirst. He told himself that the boy's poop should smell like poop, but in his crazed mind, it smelled nothing like poop at all. His lust and love for Chad was in total control and his brain sent signals to his taste buds explaining that Chad was immune from offering any fowl odors of any kind.

With his mouth open and his tongue lapping at the boy's exposed inners, Chad no longer fought back the pressing urge. Unleashing his bowels, his feces began sliding in Mark's mouth with the easiest of ease. Unlike the encounter with Andy, Chad's feces tasted nothing like his. As far as Mark was concerned, the boy's excrements was nothing more than a snack before the main course. Chad pounded his cock while sending his poop into the mouth of the man he had always loved. Mark was stroking his own cock while greedily dining on the boy's feces. His only thought was that he had been right the entire time. His precious, gorgeous, loving Chad was incapable of emitting any fowl odors. Even while getting a belly full of the boy's feces, Mark's perverted mind pretended it was superbly delicious.

Chad had released all of his contents into the mouth of Mark and Mark was eating and constantly licking the boy's rapidly closing poop hole. Even the air that sprang out of Chad's love hole was breath taking to Mark as he lapped at the now closed hole belonging to his love boy, Chad. Chad closed his eyes and stroked his boy meat while the tongue at his asshole enhanced his every being. The necessity to unleash his sperm from his hairless balls surprised Chad as he quickly turned around and sprayed his boy juice into Mark's groaning mouth. Chad jerked his meat while Mark leaned back and held his mouth wide open for the young boy to aim and shoot his young sperm directly inside.

Chad's body jerked and twitched as the last of his sperm shot free and he wiped the last little bubble of sperm over Mark's cum filled mouth's bottom lip. Chad was even more happier than ever knowing Mark did what he had dreamed of doing right from the start. He looked down at the man who's mouth was still open, watching as Mark slowly drank his sperm with all the love any one man could ever possibly hope for. Mark's mind was no longer with him as the sweet honey slid down his throat and the remaining sweet flavor of Chad's thickly sweet boy poop blistered through his taste buds.

The young boy looked down at his new lover and smiled as the last of his sperm disappeared down Mark's throat. Inching his flaccid cock over the man's still open mouth, Chad unleashed his bladder and began pissing in Mark's loving mouth. Mark was dizzy with excitement as his throat opened and swallowed the hot delicious piss flowing wildly out of his dream boy's lovely cock. Chad was amazed at how Mark was able to drink his piss without spilling a single drop. Finally, to the disappointment of Mark, Chad finished pissing. Mark slid the boy's drained cock into his mouth and milked it dry.

Keeping the boy's growing cock in his mouth, Mark lifted him up and placed him on the kitchen table with his butt cheek barely resting on the corner. Releasing the boy's cock with a smack, Mark squeezed some oil in the palm of his hand and lathered his rock hard cock completely. With fire in his eyes and gravel in his guts, Mark positioned his cock at Chad's bung hole and pressed the head in forcing the wind to escape Chad's precious lips. Chad raised up and grabbed Mark by the hips and slammed Mark forwards, driving the long thick pole all the way up the young boy's sweet tasting ass.

Chad yelled out, "Oh yes, yes Mark, that's it, fuck me, fuck me like you love me, love me please, please, please fuck my ass!" The words Chad yelled brought Mark out of his entranced state as he crammed his man meat harder and faster inside the tight chamber of his beloved Chad. Mark responded, "Oh Chad, I'll always love you, that I promise!" Chad smiled while the cock in his ass rocked his world beyond any description. The harder Mark pounded his cock in and out of Chad's tight hole, the louder Chad screamed in pleasure. Using the young boy's smooth thighs as grips, Mark tried to slam his whole body inside the boy's super sweet tasting asshole. Chad reached up with both his small hands and began tweaking Mark's nipples. Mark had no more control as his hips bucked sending gallons of his thick cream ricocheting off the boy's anal walls.

Mark pounded his sperm out of his cock and into the dark delicious chamber of Chad's fine ass. Though his cock was drained from any more sperm, Mark's cock remained rock hard inside the boy. He continued long, deep, hard strokes with his cock whistling away in the bung hole before him. Chad's asshole hurt but was pleasingly satisfied as well. Only Mark had ever made him feel extra special while slamming his cock into his cock hungry poop chute. Chad knew it would be only a matter of time before he would be able to ride that cock everyday for the rest of his life.

Pleasing Chad was all Mark could think of. He got off on the idea of sexual satisfying his new young lover in ever way. His cock slashed its way inside the tight chamber as he leaned forward and gathered Chad up into his arms like a ball. Their tongue locked and Chad remembered the taste of his own ass inside Mark's oven like mouth. Chad could taste his own piss and his sperm as their tongues entwined, swallowing the other's saliva mixed contents with eagerness.

More than an hour had elapsed and Mark wasn't even close to feeling the urge to bust another nut. His metal like cock ripped in and out of Chad's ass with vengeance, showing his young lover that his cock was at home inside his sweet tight anal canal. Chad realized he had been fucked senseless, but the hard cock that plundered his butt was really starting to hurt, no longer in a pleasing way. He bit his lips to give his adult lover the time to bust another load up his torn up ass, after all, it was he who begged for Mark to fuck him, and fuck him he was doing.

Both bodies were sweating profusely as the fall of the second hour of Chad's cock filled asshole approached. Mark only wanted to please, and Chad begged for him to cum. The hard pole drove hard, in and out of his sore hole, to complete perfection. After a mild begging, Mark withdrew his unbelievable rock hard cock out of Chad's well fucked asshole. It was Chad who yelled, "Feed me your ass, please!" Mark climbed up on the table (69 position) and swallowed the boy's hard cock up to the base. Chad looked at the little curly hairs that darted between Mark's butt cheeks and inhaled the fragrant aroma as his nose inched its way to the man's slightly hairy bung hole.

Chad loved looking at Mark's succulent asshole to the point his nostrils flared rapidly, absorbing the mind teasing aromatic scent. One slip of the tongue, Chad buried it to the hilt inside the man's bung hole and began slurping like a mad cow. The tongue working in his ass caused Mark to go into a cock sucking frenzy. The lust in his loins caused Mark to not only suck on the boy's boy stick, but he managed to swallow both of Chad's gorgeous hairless balls in the process. Chad took turns sucking and licking on Mark's poop chute and working on the cock that had plugged his asshole for over two hours. With a mouthful of cock and smooth balls, Mark's hands slithered over the young boy's body, sucking in his smooth rich texture of Chad's delightful skin.

Chad was no stranger sucking a cock that had rooted his ass and he certainly wasn't revolted knowing the fact that Mark's cock was covered in his own ass cream. Chad's tongue slid up and down the thick long shaft, wiping away the forbidden and taboo anal juice. Mark's mind was torn with confused emotions. He loved Chad and he realized Chad loved him. The more his mind thought of the young boy, the more of his cock he wanted. With Chad's five inch hard boy cock stuck all the way in his mouth, along with the boy's juicy cock, Mark still wanted more. His cock hungry mouth did everything humanly possible to suck the flesh off the gorgeous boy's shaft.

After Chad cleaned Mark's entire cock, his tongue shot back inside the man's super hot and wonderfully tasty poop chute. Only the loud moans and their singing whimpers could be heard from within anywhere inside their home. Chad could hold back no longer as his cock unleashed a violent frenzy of sperm torpedoes inside his new lovers hot sucking mouth. Mark loved the boy's sperm to the point tears were rolling from his eyes, thankful for life as he now knew it. Mark could feel the jets of sperm as it sprayed the roof of his mouth with six hard blasts, several small gushes followed, then four more hard shots, ending with a delicious trickle of Chad's sweet sperm. Mark still held Chad's hard cock in his mouth when he began sampling the super fine, five star protein meal his young lover had just granted him.

While Mark was lost in the wonderful flavor of Chad's rich and creamy boy sperm, Chad was shoving a couple of fingers inside the man's butt hole in companionship with his ass eating tongue. The young boy's free hand skillfully stroked the giant beast that had just recently given Chad the fucking of his life and his asshole still retaliated from such a long and rewarding ass pounding. The fingers and tongue in his ass, along with the soft warm hand on his cock, caused Mark's body to twitch and shake beyond his control. When Mark felt Chad's little mouth close over his enlarge and angry cock head, his balls rapidly unleashed a hurricane blowing wad of man cream straight into Chad's fiery mouth. Mark could only grunt and Chad whimpered loudly at the fruits of his hard labor quickly filling up his mouth by the gallons.

Chad had never before received such a tremendous load before and struggled to keep the contents from spilling out. He was a little more than surprised to find the taste of the man's large seed wasn't at all bitter, nor was it flavored with salt. The more sperm that slid down his young throat, the more he strived to suck out. Mark had slid his tongue under the boy's legs and immediately swiped the boy's poop chute with his snake like tongue. Chad managed to swallow the heavy load and already knew he wasn't going to allow a single drop to spill from his mouth. With all the love in the world, Chad licked and sucked the man's huge cock as if it were a popsicle while Mark lovingly cleaned his butt hole one more time with his long and exploring tongue.

After Mark's cock was completely sperm free and clean to Chad's satisfaction, and Chad's asshole was licked clean to Mark's loving desire, Mark turned around on top of the table where their two lips met and their tongues embarked in a bitter battle. Mark already knew he could spend all day loving Chad, relishing the heat and smooth texture of the young boy's golden body. Chad loved the way Mark made him feel when their tongues battled and the man's hands softly caressed his young body. The more Mark touched Chad, the more in love the young boy became over his adult new lover.

As the night drew on, both Chad and Mark had a wonderful meal and sat in the livingroom, naked, watching television cuddled up to one another. Chad was pressed into the right side of Mark as their eyes met. Mark's heart melted when he saw a tear slip from the corner of Chad's precious face as the young boy smiled and said, "I love you Mark!" Mark turned his body and held the boy's gorgeous face with both hands ever so gently, kissing him on his forehead, replying, "Not as much as I love you!" The two went into the bedroom and for the first time in a very long time, Chad fell asleep peacefully. Mark could only lay on his side and look at Chad while the young boy silently breathed. Chad was more than gorgeous to Mark. He was the signal of youth and innocense with the purity of a snow flake. The boy's sleeping cock lay quietly peaceful resting on Chad's left thigh. His balls dangled freely between his spread smooth legs.

The partially open mouth of Chad's looked so inviting, but Mark knew the boy was resting so peacefully and preciously. As he lay in bed looking and admiring the beauty of the boy to his side, his thoughts were that of his perverted and pedophile mind. Without a question in his mind, he loved Chad more than life itself, but had he willed his mind to actually believe the boy could not deliver a fowl odor, even knowing that he had earlier devoured the boy's feces. His mind blocked out any poop odor, only the odor he silently craved. Even the taste of Chad's feces was unbelievable. Mark knew everyone took a dump, but his brain refused to allow him to detect any normal odor that Chad should offer, but for some strange reason, couldn't. Just as quick as the thoughts popped into his head, a smile covered any questioning traces he may have had. In Mark's eyes, Chad's shit had no odor and it tasted wonderful, and that's all there is to it.

The next month or so, the two newfound lovers had sex everyday, often times, three to five times per day. Both discovered that they enjoyed each other's scat play and their loving relationship only blossomed that much more. For the first time in Chad's young life, he literally felt alive, with a burning desire to live. The group home next door had several young boys come and go, but it was Chad who kept up with the daily rumors. The staff liked Mark and began to send some of the boys alone to his comforting pool. David, Greg, and Andy had long since been transferred somewhere else and more boys took their place at the group home. Initially, Mark was more than happy with the comfort of having sex with only Chad, but it was Chad who knew his adult lover loved the companionship of young boys just like him. It was Chad who created a plan to share Mark and his whopping cock with others.

It was a late Saturday afternoon when Mark got a call from the group home. It seemed as though they were going on a fishing trip on Sunday, but two of the boys, for whatever reason, couldn't go. Mark was asked if they could spend the day with him and Chad, and naturally, that certainly wasn't a problem. That night Chad and Mark made mad passionate love for a long, long time. Chad had gotten used to Mark ramming his man meat in his boy butt for hours and looked for it on a more than regular basis.

Sunday morning around 7am, a light tap on the front door sounded. Chad opened the door and already knew the boys standing at the entrance. Mark had basically lost all contact of the group home members ever since the arrival of Chad, but when Mark's eyes fell on the two boys, his mouth instinctively dropped. By far, they were not in the same class as Chad, but they were absolutely and positively beautiful in their own way. The shorter of the two stood on the left as they walked inside. His name is Tommy and he stood every bit of 5' 4" and weighed no more than ninety pounds. The young boy was about eleven years young with bright red hair, very short, with spikes on top. Tommy was wearing a baggy tank top and baggy shorts that drooped far below his knees. He had a pretty little button nose with several small freckles dashing over the front nose bone. In Mark's pedophile eyes, the boy was astonishing beautiful.

The taller of the two was indeed older. His name is Jay and he was at least fourteen or fifteen, standing 5' 8" and weighed a muscular 140 pounds. Jay's hair was a feathered back brown color that was very well maintained and his eyes were a dark emerald green with long and thick eyelashes. His cheeks were slender, but he had two perfect dimples impaling each slender cheek. Just like Tommy, he wore a baggy tank top and baggy blue jean shorts. Mark's eyes followed the boy's legs to his shins and could see that his shins were solidly covered with small curly black hairs.

As the boys sauntered off to go play video games, Mark's eyes followed their butts. Thanks to the bagginess of their shorts, nothing positively could be detected. Mark went into the kitchen to make breakfast while the boys played their games. What Mark didn't know was that Chad had previously arranged everything with Tommy and Jay and thanks to the two boys ingenuity, they got out of the fishing trip to make the plan work. Jay was and is just like Chad. The eleven year old by craved a hard cock up his ass and foamed at the mouth when Chad told him the size of Mark's adult cock. Tommy on the other hand, just likes sex. Boys, girls, men, and women. To Tommy, it didn't really matter who or how many there was, just as long as he was involved. He was no stranger of having a man's tool lodged deep inside his poop chute and the thought of Mark's extra long and super thick man pole rooting inside his ass made him hornier than ever.

The three boys concocted a plan that they would initiate after breakfast. One reason that Chad wanted everything to play out according to plan, is that today is Mark's birthday, and he wanted to give his lover something special, very special. The four sat down at the kitchen table and enjoyed the large meal Mark had prepared. Small talk enveloped and Mark joined right in as if he was their age. Tommy and Jay immediately liked Mark because they sure wasn't use to being able to talk around adults so openly and freely. The boys at the group home were jealous because the two got to stay with Mark and Chad, instead of going fishing all day. It seemed that everyone at the group home likes Mark and they all, for some odd reason, look up to him.

Mark was in the kitchen cleaning up the mess while the boys went outside to do whatever. Mark was wearing cut-offs when he walked out to the pool area. All three boys were frolicking in the water as Mark sat down in the chair reading the newspaper. Mark really hadn't paid much attention to the three boys in the water and they constantly pleaded with him to join them. After some time, Chad was out of the water dripping wet beside Mark, pleading with him to join them. When Mark looked up, his eyes graced the nude form of Chad's delicious body standing to his side. Thanks to many hours naked in the sun, neither Chad or Mark had any tan lines. "Come on Mark, join us, please!" Chad's pleading blue eyes was way more than Mark could stand as he stood up and walked to the side of the pool. That's when he saw the makings of two naked boys in his pool.

The moving water blurred their sunken crotches, but his own cock began to grow increasingly rapidly. Chad walked up in front of him and began unbuttoning the buttons to his shorts and before Mark realized what he was doing, it was too late. Chad slipped the man's shorts down to his ankles and left Mark standing there with a growing hard-on for all to see, and the two boys in the pool were definitely looking.

Jay was holding on to the side of the pool at the deep end with Tommy next to him and whispered, "Holy shit, he does have a big dick!" Tommy was licking his lips and felt his asshole cringe in absolute delight while replying in a soft whisper, "Yeah, and I can't wait for him to fuck me with it!" Jay whispered, "He'll rip your asshole in half with that big fat cock!" A smile shot across young Tommy's mouth as he whispered in turn, "I sure as fuck hope so!" Tommy's little hand shot between the spread legs of Jay and grabbed onto the boy's raging boner and said, "Um, looks like your dick likes what it sees too!" Jay never reacted to the younger boy's firm grip on his teen cock as he whispered, "After he fucks you with that, you won't ever feel mine anymore." Tommy replied, "My ass will always be ready for you!"

Mark dove in the pool with Chad hot on his heels. The four just swam to start off with until Tommy swam up to Mark under water and grabbed the man's now soft cock from behind. The electricity from the young boy's hand shocked Mark's cock to spring to full form. The hand snaked in between the man's butt cheeks as it softly stroked the adult cock. Mark looked and saw Chad and Jay swimming in the deep end. He could feel the young boy's hard cock press against his back and the hand on his cock masterfully stroked the long organ as if it were a violin. Mark reached behind him and latched onto the boney flesh that was stabbing his back. The hard cock his hand now felt was soft, yet extremely hard. From his touch, Mark figured the boy's hard-on was a good four and half inches with an upwards arch. He could tell that there was no hair on the boy's crotch just by the touch. Mark's hands slid down the base and cupped the boy's hairless quarter sized nuggets and became even more excited at the smooth silky texture of his hairless sac.

Taking it one step further, Mark lowered himself, allowing his hand to dart under the boy's spread legs and his finger slid between the boy's firm butt crack and snagged onto Tommy's hot hairless little love hole. Tommy spoke so that Mark could only hear, "Yeah, you want my ass? Oh shit Mark, you got a big dick. What would I have to do to get you to fuck my brains out? Tell me, tell me what I got to do to feel your big cock tear up my asshole?" Mark was floored by the way this eleven year old boy was talking. He couldn't believe his ears at the young boy begging him to plunge his adult cock inside his pre teen asshole. Before Mark could respond, Tommy went under water and positioned himself in front of Mark and slammed his little mouth on his man meat while under water.

Mark was amazed at how much cock the boy could take in his young little mouth, especially under water. A few seconds later, Tommy lifted his head up, took a deep breath, slid under water, and swallowed a good six thick inches down his milking throat. Tommy sucked on Mark's boner for a solid fifteen minutes before he realized that he had to do something. This boy made him horny, but he certainly didn't want to piss Chad off. While Tommy was under water sucking on Mark's cock, Chad walked though the water and approached Mark to his left side with a smile on his face as wide as China. Their eyes met and Chad whispered, "Happy birthday my one and only love!" Mark was speechless when Chad reached up and kissed him on the lips. As their kiss broke, Chad softly and lovingly said, "Go ahead Mark, take Tommy inside and fuck the living shit out of him. He wants it real bad and I mean really bad. Please do it. This is my birthday present to you!"

Unable to stand no more of Tommy's seducing mouth, Mark led the way inside the house, or at least his raging cock was leading the way. Both Mark and Tommy strode down the hallway to Mark and Chad's bedroom and upon entering the doorway, Mark spun around to see, for the first time, exactly what this eleven year old horny naked boy looks like. His eyes watered as he stared at the boy's jutting cock. He was right as it stood straight up to the ceiling a good four and half slender inches. It looked like a bent torpedo with his two shriveled up balls in their smooth hairless sac. The boy's skin was fiery red from the sun and Mark could tell that the boy was not one who cared for a tan. Mark reached down and cradled the boy into his arms and carried him to the bed. Their tongues flickered out and slashed at the other, swapping saliva in the process. As Mark lay Tommy on the bed, their tongues still embarked on a bitter, saliva sucking, journey.

Tommy was cooing in the arms of the adult man and his left hand found the object of his every desire. His hand stroked the massive man meat while their tongues splashed in the others mouth. Mark's left hand was able to stroke the boy's steel like erection and fondle his smooth balls in one motion. As their tongues shot back into their own mouths, Tommy pleadingly yelled, "Oh please Mark, please fuck me now, fuck me, fuck me hard with your big cock!" Mark placed a finger up to his lips as he made the sound, "Shush." Mark ran a tongue trail down the boy's heavy breathing chest before resting in the crevice between the boy's spread legs.

His nostrils flared at the chlorine scent steaming from the boy's young body as his tongue lathered along the boy's smooth, bright red thighs. His eyes caught Tommy's young cock as it jumped and expanded as his tongue slid across each thigh, snuggling his nose just under the boy's shriveled nut sac. The warmth and smoothness of the young boy's scrotum sent shivers racing up and down his adult spine. As his nose lifted, his tongue raised, licking the boy's hairless sac with tender warmth. Tommy was crying out for all the world to hear, "Shit, shit Mark, oh God, ah, ah, humph, ah fuck that feels sooooooooo good!" The boy's legs inadvertently spread wider as his knees slightly raised higher. Mark could see the goody trail of the boy's crack as it slipped onto the bed cover. Knowing that the boy's asshole was within inches from being on display, Mark held his hand under the boy's smooth right thigh and guided Tommy's leg up and outward.

Low and behold, the glorious sight of Tommy's young asshole popped into Mark's vision. Tiny and a bright reddish pink in color burned an ever lasting impression in Mark's perverted mind. The little bung hole puckered as if it was going into convulsions. Mark continued to give the boy's balls a proper tongue bath while constantly staring at his winking asshole. Mark always believed in pleasing and thought of the other person's needs and wants before allowing his own pleasures to be fulfilled. And Tommy would not be an exception to his personal rule.

Mark completely worshiped the boy's balls before sliding his tongue upwards along the slender hard shaft of Tommy's jumping cock. Tommy was screaming and pleading as the tongue snaked its way up to his cock head and played with his little piss slit. Tommy was no stranger to sex. He had had a lot of sex, both with boys and men, but something was different with Mark. This man was more interested in his needs and not his own and this was something Tommy was not used to. He was more accustomed to having to suck a cock for a few minutes, then bend over for a good ass fucking. Tommy wasn't silently complaining; he was more confused at this point than anything else.

Mark's mouth opened, slowly swallowing the boy's rigid boy meat all the way to his balls. Tommy's hips instinctively began bucking as the heat from the man's mouth singed his hard cock. Tommy felt the tongue as it strolled all over his cock while Mark began bobbing his head up and down on his boy vessel. Mark enjoyed the cock that was teasing his mouth as he lifted the boy's balls with one finger and sucked them in the comforts of his cock filled mouth. Tommy was crying out from the sensation his lower half was getting and his hips bucked wildly from the suctioning, clamping device on his cock and balls. Mark slid a finger between the valley of the boy's ass cheeks and began drawing a small circle over the boy's asshole. Mark could feel the tight little pucker hole pucker as his finger embellished the forbidden fruit of a young boy.

Tommy gripped the man's huge organ and did his best to guide the man to a position best so that he could lavish in the adult's pre cum dripping cock. His mouth watered as Mark raised his right leg and dropped it on the boy's right side. Tommy's eyes lit up as he stared passionately at the man's slightly furry asshole. Tommy raised his head up and slammed his boy tongue into the fur of the man's crack and began slashing like crazy to find the adult's poop chute. The tongue in his ass caused Mark to apply even more suction on Tommy's young cock and hairless balls.

Tommy had snacked on the man's fine asshole for a short time before reaching up with both hands, grabbed his balls, and lowered the large meat to his craving lips. Tommy's young tongue flashed out, gathering the man's pre cum, sending shock waves to his little head as it slipped down his throat. Mark's cock jumped and twitched as the tongue of this young boy danced all over his piss slit while the boy's soft little hands stroked his bull balls gingerly.

Tommy opened his mouth wide and gagged as he shoved the man's horse cock deep into his young throat. Sucking cock was no big deal for Tommy, because he had been sucking cock ever since the day he was born, but this cock was the biggest to date he had ever had the privilege of sucking on. Mark was amazed at how much of his cock the young boy was capable of swallowing. He could feel the boy's hot breath as it burned the underside of his balls. For Tommy, this big cock was a challenge. Up til now, he always managed to deep throat his alleged victims, but Mark's cock was thicker and longer than he was used to. The young boy swallowed seven and a half inches of man meat and struggled to get the remaining two inches down his throat. Even breathing out of his nose became a sudden chore he had to struggle with.

Mark could feel the boy's throat muscles as they squeezed and slowly pumped his cock. With the fact that his mouth and throat was completely filled with man muscle, and his cock and balls were being cooked inside Mark's sucking mouth and the man's finger playing a tune on his cock starving asshole, Tommy bucked his hips one time too many as his watery semen gushed out of his cock like a waterfall. Mark awaited the blasts of sperm like he has grown accustomed to, but the cock in his mouth gushed out the young boy's watery semen by the groves. It was fiery hot and Tommy could do no more than scream grunts as his cock spewed his pre teen juice inside the icy hot mouth of Mark. Mark was amazed at the amount of sperm this eleven year old boy could produce. Although it didn't jet out, more so, fell out, the quantity was more than ample.

As the first of the watery sperm dripped down Mark's throat, he grew even more excited at its honey dew flavor. Mark had to force himself not to swallow the remainder rapidly, but ensure he savored the sweet semen ever so slowly. Tommy was panting for air, but still worked on the horse cock doing everything he could think of to swallow two more inches. Feeling like he was already choking to death, Tommy forced another half inch down his throat. He thought his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets as his throat expanded to its outer limitations.

While Tommy was working on the huge meat in his mouth and throat, Mark had reluctantly swallowed the last of the boy's sweet charm. Placing both hands on the outside of Tommy's thighs, he raised the boy's legs up under his arms and slammed his ass eating face into the boy's winking asshole. A strong odor of chlorine shot through his nostrils as his tongue squashed against the young boy's rose bud. Tommy did his best to control his pleas of joy at the sudden oral pleasure his asshole was relishing in, but the mammoth cock muffled his cries. The boy's often used asshole opened and welcomed Mark's plundering tongue. The stabbing tongue slammed inside the hot chamber and began swabbing around like a chicken with his head cut off.

The ass juice quickly filled his sucking mouth sending chills up and down Mark's adult spine. Mark was lost in an ass eating world as his cock suddenly exploded, choking Tommy to the point he began gagging and some of Mark's thick man cream came spewing out of Tommy's little nostrils. Tommy's mouth filled like a flooding river out of control. Opening his throat, he started swallowing as much of the rich, thick, super man cream as fast as he could. Mark's tongue, lodged deep inside Tommy's well ridden ass, went into a violent orgasmic convulsion.

Tommy was torn with swallowing the increasingly thick man sperm and lost in the felling of Mark's tongue screaming around in his hungry asshole. Mark was in his own dilemma as his sperm sprang forth violently inside the milking tight throat of Tommy. As the last wave of his mind boggling sperm dribbled out, Mark began adding two fingers inside Tommy's poop chute and spread the tight ring outward, allowing his tongue even more room to roam freely.

Both Tommy and Mark were too lost in their own sexual lust and delirious state to see Chad and Jay enter the bedroom. Jay was stroking his cock as he climbed up onto the bed and straddled Tommy's face. His fourteen year old six and a quarter size teen cock stood proudly straight out in front of his lean body with a downward slope. Tommy's watery eyes lit up as he watched Jay stroke his impressively thick cut cock while staring directly into Mark's saliva slick asshole. It wasn't so much the length of Jay's cock that was impressive, it was the thickness. The teen boy's cock was nearly as big around as it was long with the engorged mushroom head being a tad thicker than the already massive shaft.

With Mark's somewhat hairy ass jutting straight out and slightly up, Jay took a firm hold of his thick teen cock and began forcing his meat inside the unsuspecting asshole of Mark while Tommy was choking on the man's long thick cock. Mark cried in agonizing pain as Jay forced his thick cock all the way up the grown man's ass while Chad lay on his left side, positioning his hard five inches of miracle boy meat at the entrance of Tommy's tongue filled bung hole. With Tommy's asshole already slick from Mark's saliva, Chad's torpedo shaped cock shot straight in and Chad began gyrating his hips, slamming his cock hard into the willing asshole of Tommy.

Jay had found his comfortable pace, slamming his thick teen cock in and out of Mark's confused and outstretched asshole while Jay was slapping the man's butt cheeks with both hands upon each forceful thrust. Tommy, getting his asshole plugged by Chad, began swallowing Mark's huge cock while looking straight up between Jay's mouth watering, pivoting ass. Tommy was fascinated watching his friend's thick cock slam hard and violently into the adult's hairy asshole and the vision of Jay's half dollar sized slightly hairy balls as they crashed against Mark's huge balls with every animalistic thrust.

Mark's burning asshole was on fire, but his eyes caught the precious cock of his love child Chad as it drove in and out of Tommy's super sweet smelling asshole. Lowering his head and Chad realizing what his adult lover wanted, he began withdrawing his hard cock out of Tommy's sucking asshole and shoved it straight inside Mark's pain riddled mouth. With Chad's lovely cock covered with Tommy's bowel juice, Mark tried to suck the boy's skin right off of his gorgeous shaft. As soon as Chad's cock was clean of Tommy's anal juices, Chad would slam his boy cock back up Tommy's poop chute and pound the gripping asshole for all he was worth. Chad would stroke his cock in Tommy's asshole for a few seconds, withdraw it, and slam it into Mark's mouth.

Leaning forward a little more only offered Jay's thick cock to travel deeper, but Mark had an undying urge to suck on Chad's hairless nuggets while Chad was fucking the tasty ass of young Tommy. Chad almost froze as Mark inhaled his tiny balls into his hot searing mouth as his cock thrashed inside Tommy's anal muscle clamping asshole. The force of Jay's heavy thrusts forced Mark to constantly fall forward while the teen boy spanked his adult ass without showing any signs of mercy.

Jay was fucking the shit out of Mark, Tommy was swallowing Mark's huge man meat, Chad had his cock impaling Tommy's young ass, Mark was sucking and licking on Chad's juicy hairless nuggets and then added more to Chad's delight when Mark shoved two fingers up Chad's appetizing bung hole. The moans, the groans, the whimpers, and cries flooded Mark and Chad's home to the point that the noise could no longer be contained within the realm of the walls.

With two fingers buried and digging in his asshole and his cock blistering away inside Tommy's poop chute and Mark milking his nuggets, Chad screamed as his cock sprayed his hot, fiery boy cream up Tommy's still hungry asshole. Tommy could feel the hot jets as they splashed his anal walls. Mark resumed sucking on Tommy's boy cock while Chad was creaming Tommy's asshole with his love juices. Jay was lost in the tight world of Mark's adult ass to the point that one final grunt unleashed a massive and heavy load of teen cum up the man's violated ass.

Chad's young body was shaking, as so was Tommy's, and Jay slipped his now soft, cum drained cock out of Mark's fully sperm coated asshole. As Mark rolled off of Tommy, his cock began slipping from the boy's ever loving cock sucking mouth. Mark lay on his back with his head on a pillow as Jay stood up, straddled Mark's upper body, facing the foot of the bed and said, "Clean my ass man. Lick my asshole clean!" Jay bent over and shoved his boy butt into Mark's face. The boy's dimly colored brown hole had a few curly black hairs surrounding the winking circle. The fresh, musky, almost pungent hole spewed its aroma straight up Mark's asshole loving nostrils, sending shivers up and down his boy craved spine. Needing no words of encouragement, Mark slammed his fat tongue on the boy's aroma screaming hole and began slithering his tongue up and down Jay's yummy butt crack.

Tommy rolled onto his stomach, lifting his lower body onto his knees and began sucking Jay's thick soft cock back to life. Chad stared at Tommy's asshole which was beginning to spew his own sperm from within. Chad crawled on his knees and wrapped his precious lips on Tommy's recently fucked asshole and began sucking and licking, savoring his own sperm mixed with the tasty ass juices of Tommy. As his cream and Tommy's hot anal juices began flooding his little mouth, Chad started whimpering at the mouth watering content as it slid down his throat.

Tommy's experienced young mouth swarmed over Jay's rapidly growing cock, lost in the taste of Mark's ass juice and Jay's thick and creamy teen sperm. Mark had no worry in the world as his tongue twirled and crawled up Jay's pungent asshole, milking the teen boy's anal juice from deep within the boy's anal canal. Jay reached out with both hands and aggressively spread Tommy's young ass cheeks, giving Chad more room to suck and lick on the young boy's poop chute. Jay yelled out, "Oh hell yeah man, that's it, yes, shit yeah, eat my dirty asshole, fuck yes, clean my shit hole, oh fuck yeah!"

Chad had sucked and licked until Tommy had no more sperm and ass juice left. His slurping and sucking sounds rattled off the walls as young Chad craved more of the sweet mixture ever so desperately. Mark enjoyed the feeling having his tongue rooting inside Jay's teen ass and the motion of the boy shoving and grinding his unclean ass onto his starving face. Tommy had completely cleaned Jay's rock hard cock from ass juice and sperm and was easily deep throating the thick teen beast, enjoying the pleasure his ass was getting from Chad's probing tongue and sucking lips.

Jay began slapping, with force, Tommy's sun burned ass cheeks while yelling, "Suck my big cock you little faggot. Shit yeah boy, suck that big meat, ah hell yeah, um, um, oh yes!" The hard smacks blistered Tommy's ass cheeks, but it seemed that Tommy worshiped each hard burning blow as he drove and wiggled his ass onto Chad's gorgeous face. All Tommy could do was grunt and moan, thanks to having Jay's thick cock slamming in and out of his mouth.

Both Chad and Tommy wanted a cock plowing their asshole's as they began switching to another position. Side by side, in a doggie-style position, both Tommy and Chad displayed their cock hungry bung holes for Jay and Mark to witness. It was Tommy who looked over his shoulder at Mark and softly begged, "Here, fuck me here Mark, please fuck my ass, I need it, please, please fuck the shit out of me!" Jay was mesmerized looking into the pink dot of a poop chute of Chad. By far, it had to have been the prettiest asshole he had ever seen. Chad reached under and in between his legs with his right hand, with index finger and middle finger, outlined his asshole for Jay's pleasure and whispered in a pleading angelic voice, "Jay, come on, give it to me. Take my hole please!"

Jay didn't know whether to stare at Chad's unbelievable gorgeous asshole, take a picture, eat it, fuck it, or just put it in his pocket for a treasure. His mind even questioned the thought that Chad was too gorgeous to literally take a shit and if he did, there was no way it could possibly smell like shit. The boy was simply too breathtakingly beautiful. Jay knew before he shoved his thick cock up Chad's ass, he would have to find out for himself if it even smelled like an asshole. Lowering his head, Jay put his nose directly over the jutting dot of a boy bung hole and began inhaling deeply. His mind was wracked with confusion as the strange, yet intoxicating aroma exploded inside his nostrils and coursed throughout his entire body. He was used to sniffing Tommy's asshole and was familiar with the smell of a slightly unclean asshole, but Chad's hole was much, much more different. It was fragrant, almost like some form of sweet smelling soap as his tongue darted out and sampled the intoxicating source of the mind boggling aroma.

Mark was more than ready to give Tommy what he was begging for, but as he was on his knees, inching behind the boy's spread ass, he felt the sperm belonging to Jay cramping inside his belly. Realizing he was ever so close to shitting out the sperm and whatever else may follow, Mark quickly said, "Wait, I gotta use the bathroom." With a precious inquisitive look, Tommy asked, "Is it Jay's shit needing to come out?" Mark nodded his head up and down and Tommy spun around and lay on his back, crawling under Mark's already spread legs. Mark fought back the urge to relieve himself as Tommy's tongue separated his clutching asshole and began sliding up his sperm filled chute.

Mark fought with an undying passion not to explode his bowels all over and inside Tommy's mouth, but the tongue forced something inside him to temporarily relax as a loud gargling sound erupted from his tongue filled asshole, sending wave upon wave of sperm and shit debris into Tommy's hot little mouth. Tommy's legs moved furiously as the anal content flowed like a spewing volcano and his hands dug deeper and harder into Mark's butt cheeks. Mark had no clue as if it were Jay's thick sperm or actual shit falling from his ass, but the gut wrenching cramps began to slowly diminish.

Tommy was no stranger to ass play, but this was his first time having to swallow human feces. Though young, Tommy was far from being innocent. Curious and not really having another option, he began licking and sucking and swallowing whatever Mark could offer. The loud gargling noises erupting from his asshole, slowed to almost silent puffs, but Mark could still feel the contents being sucked straight out of his poop chute by the more experienced youth.

Jay was dazed as his tongue dug as deep as it could go and was more than relieved when he got a sampling of Chad's ass juices. After his first mouthful, Jay believed what he had told himself earlier. This boy, Chad, couldn't shit because even the juices that gathered in his mouth tasted splendidly delicious. While tonguing Chad's super sweet asshole, he slobbered into the palm of his right hand and caressed his saliva over his rigid fat cock. Jay couldn't take it any longer. He had to find out what he was going to feel with his cock drilling inside the sweetest ass on earth, not to mention, the most gorgeous boy on the planet.

Slipping his tongue out, Jay leaned up and stuck his fat cock head at Chad's heart stopping asshole. Chad reached back with both hands and grabbed the inside of his crack and pulled them wide apart. When the fat cock head broke Chad's tiny seal, Chad screamed in a pleasurably painfully plea, "Ah fuck, shit Jay, oh my, I, I, oh shit!" Jay felt like he was trying to shove his thick cock through the eye of a needle trying to get his cock inside Chad's extra tight bung hole. Chad was already use to getting his ass plugged by Mark on a regular basis, but like always, there was that awkward initial, yet pleasing, pain. Jay pressed forward, cramming his rock hard thick monster up the tight hot ass of Chad.

With about three thick inches traveling up Chad's ass, Chad wanted to feel the whole thing, so he took a deep breath and slammed his little ass backwards, impaling his shocked and surprised asshole onto Jay's thick cock. Jay flung his head back as the scorching heat and ass clamping constriction overwhelmed his teen meat. Chad didn't wait for Jay to catch his breath as he began slamming his little butt on Jay's erect member. Jay grabbed Chad's slender smooth hips and began using them as handles to drive the boy hard and furious onto his ass impaling shaft. Chad screamed, "Yeah, yeah, that's it, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck it feels good, come on Jay, yeah, fuck my ass!" Mark and Tommy could hear the smashing of flesh as Jay started pounding Chad's ass like a bull fucking a prized cow.

Mark felt empty and Tommy was confused after getting a belly full of Jay's creamy sperm and Mark's soft feces. He wasn't revolted, but he was more than ready to feel Mark's giant cock root up his burning asshole. After ensuring nothing else would come out of Mark's ass, Tommy crawled out from under Mark's legs and resumed his position next to Chad. Tommy was wide eyed looking at Chad as Chad was biting his lips and shoving his butt onto the thrusting cock of his best friend and sex partner.

Tommy licked his lips and softly whispered, "Now Mark, fuck me now!" Mark walked on his knees behind the pleading boy and pressed his super hard cock at the boy's shiny poop chute. Mark crammed his cock so hard against the boy's asshole, his cock started bending from the pressure. Tommy reached back, slapped his own ass cheeks before spreading them outward. Mark's cock was still bent as the hole puckered allowing about four inches of thick man meat to invade Tommy's violated ass. Tommy cried out, "Oh, oh, ah shit, it's, it's tooooooooooooooo fucking big!" Jay never missed a hard thrust as he screamed, "Shut the fuck up. You wanted his cock and now you got it. Shut-up and take it you fucking sissy boy!"

Tommy could feel his anal walls as they began splitting from the long thick intruder. His whole body shuttered with tremendous pain as Mark slowly inserted more and more of his cock up the boy's Hershey Highway. Tommy bit his lips, but the muffled cries grew louder and louder as the long thick monster from hell ripped inside his anal chamber. Tommy began slapping his ass cheeks violently while slamming his face hard into the soft mattress. The pain only increased as the adult cock churned deeper and deeper inside his bowels. Reaching under his legs, Tommy needed to feel how much cock was in his ass and how much more was left. His heart thumped out of his chest as his fingers discovered that Mark had about five thick inches remaining before all of it would be crammed inside his asshole.

The cock belonging to Mark was a bit more than Tommy had originally bargained for and quickly realized it was the biggest and thickest his asshole had ever greeted. Mark continued his inward plunge, creeping the monster ever so slowly up Tommy's poop chute. The pain was intense, but something gave way and Tommy felt Mark's cock slip through the resistance and glide home. Mark's balls splashed against Tommy's hairless wonders as his cock fell to its farthest depths, forcing the remaining air from his young lungs. Jay yelled, "Yeah Tommy boy, ride that big cock. You wanted it, now fuck your asshole on his pole!" Mark held his cock in place allowing Tommy the time to get more acquainted with the length and girth of his adult cock.

Chad, on the other hand, knew all too well what Tommy was going through. He remembered his first couple of times having Mark's manly cock crammed in his asshole. Chad also knew that Tommy was experienced, but now he was getting ready to gt the fucking of his life. Chad couldn't spend too much time concentrating on Tommy due to Jay's thick cock rifling in and out of his butt a mile a minute. Although Jay's cock was quite thick, it was in no way near as thick as Mark's.

Mark felt little Tommy's ass start to gyrate up and down on his bull meat, so he followed the boy's rhythm and began slowly to give Tommy what he had begged for since the very beginning. In less than a minute after slamming his cock up Tommy's ass, Mark was surprised to see that Tommy was rocking his little boy butt back and forth as if he had been doing this for many, many years.

Tommy reached out and slapped the mattress with his right hand while his left hand still had a tight handgrip of his ass cheek, screaming, "Ag, humph, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck the shit out of me, oh hell yeah Mark, give me your cock, fuck me hard, fuck me, harder mother fucker, harder!" Mark latched onto Tommy's hips and did as he was requested. The slapping of their colliding flesh drowned out the cries and moans that evaded Chad's lips who was being fucked right next to them. Never before had Mark felt like such the savage, but it was one thing to use profanity while being fucked, but he really didn't like being called a mother fucker. Biting his lips and with a grimace on his face, Mark tried to shove his cock through the boy's ass, past his stomach walls, and see if he could cram his cock up the boy's mouth, via his throat.

The adult cock roaring inside his ass felt more like it was lodged deep inside his stomach, but the pain had retreated and his always accustomed pleasure of having his butt crammed with meat over came him. While Mark was assaulting Tommy's bucking ass, Jay raised his right hand and began slapping the creamy white cheeks of Tommy. Realizing Tommy enjoyed for his butt to be spanked, Mark began tearing up Tommy's right cheek with his right hand as well. Tommy screamed, "Shit yeah, whip my ass, oh God, ah, ah, FUCK, take my ASS!" Mark was more than surprised to see that Tommy went buck wild with the spankings as the young boy began driving his butt onto his cock in what seemed like an attempt to swallow Mark's bull balls as well.

Chad did his best to mimic Tommy by forcing his beautiful butt onto the impaling member of Jay. Timing each forceful thrust, Chad used his butt muscles to squeeze and coil Jay's throbbing teen cock. Jay had never had the feeling that he was now feeling as his cock was being literally crushed and milked. Placing both hands on the perky little globes of Chad's gyrating butt, he spread the cheeks ever so wide while watching his thick cock go in and out at a rapid pace. Jay was a little surprised to see the flesh of his cock was just as clean looking as if he had just taken a shower. Even a sweet fragrance blessed his nostrils, tickling his lungs as it dispersed some where inside him. Before long, Jay blasted a load from hell deep inside Chad with such force that Jay almost passed out from the intensity of the spewing load.

As the first thick wad struck his anal wall, Chad's body shuttered in delight as several more bombs exploded inside him. Jay was lost in the feeling and he could actually feel Chad's squeezing ass muscles slowly drain his cock free from its sperm. The pressure his cock was feeling was far more better than any pussy or asshole he had ever fucked. All Jay could do was hold on to Chad's hips, bite his lips, and whimper while Chad did the rest. Chad's little butt rocked back and forth, milking Jay's balls of their wonder juices.

Chad was pumping his cock fast and furious, overwhelmed by the sperm blasting inside his butt. His mind was shattered and his asshole was stretched with a teen cock. Chad screamed as his hand worked on his cock with a blinding speed. Somehow, Tommy had enough sense left in his brain fucked mind as he contorted his bucking body, shoving his mouth directly over Chad's gorgeous cock. With Jay's heavy sperm coating his ass, Chad delivered a blistering load in Tommy's heavy panting mouth. The force of the first watery attack struck the roof of Tommy's mouth as the remainder spit and spewed all around his sperm devouring tongue. Tommy started stroking his own meat with his right hand while Mark was forcefully plowing his ass.

A strange and unfamiliar feeling overcame Jay while his cock was still being massaged inside Chad's sperm filled ass. Jay thought he was getting ready to blow another load as his cock suddenly burst into a gut wrenching spasm. Chad felt the hard burst of hot blasts strike his anal wall, hard and deep. All Jay could do was hold onto Chad's hips for dear life as his mind was filled with millions of tiny speckles. His heart pumped even faster and Jay felt as if he was going to faint at the tremendous feeling that crashed through his body unannounced. Chad was still pumping his hot watery sperm into the moaning mouth of Tommy, completely taken back from the force of Jay's torpedo shooting cock.

Chad had just squeezed the final drop of his cum into Tommy's air grasping mouth when he realized that Jay was actually pissing inside him, not shooting his sperm like he initially thought. Now, Chad fought like hell to trap the piss inside his ass while still shoving his butt on the rock hard teen cock that was spewing pee fast and violently inside him. Jay was too far gone, but in his mind, he was experiencing the most intense orgasm his body had ever had. Chad thought his stomach was going to explode and he bit down on his lips to struggle with keeping the hot piss trapped inside him and not shoot it all over Jay and the bed.

Jay finally finished pissing and his cock fell deafly asleep as it slipped out of Chad's muscle clutching ass. As soon as Jay's cock departed Chad's asshole, Chad leaned down, unable to move because the piss would definitely shoot out of his butt. His stomach was all cramped up and he knew he was in one hell of a predicament. Jay collapsed on his back with his eyes closed, panting feverishly with his legs partly spread. Chad remained in a doggie-style position and felt that Jay's hot piss had reached the point of being so full that his eyes were going to leak out the teen's bladder juice.

Mark was still pounding his man meat in and out of Tommy's already sore asshole and Tommy pleaded for him to shoot his load inside him. Thanks to Chad, Mark's stamina level had reached a profound level and Mark was in no way close to releasing his load. The more Tommy begged, the harder Mark slammed his thick cock in the boy's asshole. Chad thought he was going to shit everywhere as the cramps in his belly intensified. The struggle to release his muscle clenched bowels was nearly over and knew he didn't have time to run to the bathroom. Any movement would certainly cause him to shit in the bed.

Tommy was jerking his cock in unison with the thick cock ripping his asshole apart. In one split second, the young boy's cock spewed his watery sperm into the palm of his left hand. The harder Mark thrust his man meat inside his ass, the more watery cum filled his hand. Tommy's mind was free from pain as his cock spit tons of his watery cream with the most intense orgasm he had ever experience to date.

After spewing his load into his hand, Tommy lifted his cum filled hand to his lips and began slurping his won boy cream into his mouth. Once his hand was clean, the fire roared inside his ass thanks to the thick cock of the man who was riding him straight to hell. Mark sensed the pain that Tommy was in, so he pulled his cock out of the boy's charred asshole. The sudden rush of the cool air rushed up the gaping hole of Tommy's ass almost knocking him out from the cool rush.

Jay's eyes fell onto Mark's manly erection and his own asshole began to silently crave the man's giant meet. Chad felt the movement on the bed as it stopped and he softly and tearfully cried out, "Please, someone get me a towel, hurry please!" Jay ran to the bathroom and retrieved a couple of towels, then rushed back to Chad's side, asking, "What's wrong?" Chad replied, "Uh, uh, you kinda peed in me." Nobody said a word as if they all were frozen in time. Mark's ears captured his love boy's words and flipped onto his back. Jay's curious eyes followed Mark's movements, especially the man's mouth watering erection.

After a brief discussion, Mark had switched positions so his head was near the foot of the bed and his feet were at the head. Jay jumped on top of Mark, straddling the man's hips, facing the foot of the bed. Jay reached behind him and spread his butt cheeks while doing his best to impale his ass onto the giant one eyed beast. Mark felt his cock head as it opened the teen's ring and start its slithery disappearance up the boy's poop chute. Jay cried, "Oh damn, fuck its big, ah shit Mark, shit, fuck it hurts, hot damn, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Mark just lay on his back while reaching over to Chad and placed the towels under and around his head. The heat inside Jay's tight asshole was burning his cock in the most pleasurable of ways.

With the man's thick pole impaling his ass, Jay leaned back placing his hands on Mark's thighs and began riding the monster. Tommy had regained some of his senses as his eyes watched his best friend ride the man's bull meat. Tommy's eyes watered seeing Jay's once lifeless cock rapidly expand to its thickest and fullest state. Jay was leaning backwards, rotating his hips while shoving his teen butt up and down on the long thick pole as Tommy crawled up, facing Mark, straddled the man's chest and impale his ass on Jay's hard teen cock.

Tommy just lay there enjoying the feeling of his friend's cock uniquely fuck his hole while fucking his teen hole on Mark's giant cock. Jay was getting it both ways and closed his eyes to absorb all the sensations his asshole and cock were now receiving. Chad looked into Mark's eyes and knew what his adult lover wanted him to do. Using every muscle in his muscle clenching body, Chad slowly inched himself up while using his hands to shove his little bubbly butt cheeks together. Never in his young life had Chad ever had to take a shit this bad. The pee in his bowels created the most intense and painful pressure his young body had ever witnessed.

Chad, facing the foot of the bed, struggled to back his sperm and pee filled ass over the face of the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Mark's eyes watered as his beautiful love boy brought his gorgeous butt closer and closer to his eager mouth. The feeling his cock was enjoying was intense, but Mark knew that what was about to happen would be more intense. Jay was humping his cock, Jay's cock was rooting Tommy's asshole and Mark's mouth was directly under Chad's puckering butt hole.

As soon as Mark's hands reached around and softly grabbed Chad's soothing smooth thighs, Chad did his best to release a little bit of his anal content. Even Tommy lowered his face to the boy's clenching asshole as the first wave of sperm and piss came rushing out. Both Tommy and Mark got more than a mouthful as young Chad couldn't control the quantity inside his stuffed bowels. The pressure inside his stomach gave way and the mixture of his bowels came blasting out like a runaway water hose. Mark was in his own little sick heaven as the hot contents; a simply pure mixture of Jay's sperm and piss, properly mixed with Chad's own shit juice, flooded his every taste glands.

Tommy's taste buds became numb as the mixed concoction streamed down his throat by the gallons. As more and more of the contents flooded out, the more relieved Chad became as he began straining to release all that was inside him. It seemed as though the more he shit out, the harder his five inch boy meat grew. Both Tommy and Mark's face was covered with the spewing mixture, but Jay was too absorbed having his ass crammed with the giant beast and his cock rifling in and out of his younger friend's slick asshole.

Chad jerked his cock while spilling his guts into the eager and sucking mouths of Mark and Tommy. Jay was the first to release his load deep into the anal walls of Tommy. Tommy groaned as spurt after spurt struck his sensitive anal flesh as Mark's cock exploded with his thick jets of hot man cream up Jay's bucking ass. Jay reached down and grabbed his boy cock and began pumping with an animalistic passion as Jay's cock was spewing his load by the bucket loads. Jay felt the man's thick hot cream fire up his ass like mini missiles being launched into outer space.

Chad's asshole only spit out remnants as he was getting ready to shoot another load. He yanked his cock a couple of more times before pushing it backwards to his adult lovers lips. Mark's mind shattered when Chad's cock spilled its watery sweet juice onto his devoted boy loving tongue. While his cock was spewing his watery delight, Chad was milking his cock, squeezing the base upwards to push his love juice out and free of his throbbing cock.

Jay had bounced up and down, sucking the sperm out of Mark's now deflating cock, as his own was sperm free, sliding out of Tommy's hot little hole. With the last of his sperm milked from his cock, Chad fell onto his left side, totally exhausted. Clutching his sperm filled ass, Tommy crawled up Mark's body while still pounding his boy meat and shoved his cock inside Mark's mouth. As soon as the man's lips struck his shaft, Tommy's cock fired his own watery cream, what seemed like to Tommy, by the gallons. Mark savored the taste of Tommy's sperm before allowing any to fall down his throat. Like Chad, the boy's watery young sperm had no flavor, but it was certainly delicious to Mark.

With no more sperm from his cock to offer, Tommy stepped up onto his heels while straddling Mark's face and without any hesitation, unlocked his asshole, firing sperm cells into Mark's mouth. Both Jay and Chad lay there silent, intently watching Tommy shit out Jay's heavy cream, mixed with Tommy's own poop juice. Several mind boggling minutes passed and Tommy was completely empty. Using his tongue, Mark lovingly cleaned the boy's rectum to perfection.

Grasping the opportunity as Tommy rolled off of Mark onto his right side, Jay quickly walked over to the still prone Mark and squatted, straining to unleash his sperm filled asshole over the man's greedy mouth. Wave after wave of Mark's thick man cream splattered out of Jay's asshole and into Mark's mouth. Tommy's eyes lit up as he watched as he witnessed the gooey strings of sperm along with Jay's crushed up poop fall into Mark's gulping mouth and throat.

When it was all said and done, Mark thoroughly cleaned Jay's rectum while Jay was pumping his teen cock with a blinding speed. Mark's eyes were closed and his belly was more than full from all that he had been lovingly offered when Jay scooted off the man's tongue and forced his lips open with the head of his thick cock. As soon as Mark's lips opened, five hard bursts of teen cum struck the roof of Mark's mouth. His lips curled around the firing teen cock head and used his tongue to trace the mushroom and gather the fiery liquid. With not a whole lot of sperm to offer, Mark milked the teen cock dry before sipping on the teen nectar like fine wine. Just a trace of salt was all Mark could detect as the last portion slipped down his throat.

All four were breathing heavily as they lay there on the bed, lost in time. One by one, they walked in and took a well needed shower with Mark being the last to do so. With the utmost in perfect timing, the doorbell rang and it was one of the counselor's who came to retrieve Tommy and Jay. As they were leaving, both wished Mark a happy birthday and walked away, Tommy still on wobbly knees. Once the front door closed, Chad looked up and softly whispered, "Happy birthday my love!" Their lips met and they embraced in the longest of their many, many kisses.

While still embraced in a loving kiss, the doorbell rang once more. Upon opening the door, they discovered a police officer standing there saying, "I have someone who Judge Clark placed into your custody." Their hearts jumped into their throats as their eyes danced with blurry vision of the boy standing almost hidden behind the officer. Mark's pedophile eyes lustfully craved the boy as Chad's mind wondered how long would it take to get the new boy completely naked. Mark studied every intricate detail of the second most beautiful boy his eyes ever graced. Of course, Chad is still the utmost gorgeous of all angels his eyes had ever graced. The new boy...................................................................maybe we'll get to him if there is a part three.