James Search For The Perfect Raunch Escort

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This story starts out light but evolves, includes the following:

Dom, Sub, Gay M/M Action, WS, Raunch, some light BD/ SM and a mutitude of other sins and wild fetishes.

PART I James the Bi-Sexual Beginning

James Mason was just your regular average kinda guy. You could say he was your typical next door neighbor type. Standing tall at 6 1” with sandy blond hair and light green eyes and a decently hard body, he had his share of admiring glances from the ladies in his neighborhood. He had just celebrated his 35th birthday and had a great wife and two kids that he had a good relationship with, But he found himself searching for something more. His wife was good enough in bed but the sex was pretty basic and she never really liked to experiment or do anything other then your standard fuck and occasional blow job when he was lucky. More and more he found himself surfing around the net and trying to find more exciting and daring displays of sexual adventure. James thought of himself as pretty straight but couldn't help himself when his mind wandered and he thought about what it might be like to be totally submissive to someone not pretty or soft, but someone who was hard and strong. Someone who was every bit of a man as he was to his wife. What if he had the chance to let down all of his inhibitions and just one time go way out there and be total sex pig, A real male slut in a manner of speaking. The idea excited him and he kept thinking about what kind of guy he would let himself be dominated by if he ever allowed it to happen. As his curiosity explored the possibilities he wondered just what kind of person he would want to be with.

When he was in college he had experimented with guys a couple of times when he was really horny. Once was in a dirty bookstore and it was more of a quick release then anything else. He was watching a straight porn flick in one of those small booths after a date with a girlfriend that didn't want to put out. As he was so working on his cock while he watched the movie, He noticed there was a dark hole in the wall between the booths and started to see a mouth appear through the shadows of the hole. The person was licking their lips in anticipation of the cock that was now rock hard from stroking and was glistening with precum. He could tell that the other person was a man by the shape of his mouth and it really didn't matter to him at this point because he was so horny. He thought to himself what the hell, why not let this guy have his prize and let loose of the river of cum that had been building up for the last couple of days. He stood up to the dark whole and watched as the mouth opened eagerly and waited for him to put his cock into it. He let his pants fall to his ankles and gave another stroke as he showed off his cock to the man on the other side. Almost teasing him with something he would only get if the man proved worthy for it. Slowly James pointed his cock in the waiting hole. As he eased into the hole he felt this hot warm sensation all around his rod and let out a sigh of pleasure. This guy was really good. He could feel the mans tongue roll over his cock as he started to gently pump his mouth. He didn't scrape it with his teeth and he was able to take all 7 inches of his thick cock all the way down his throat. He was an excellent cocksucker and it felt incredibly good. As the man worked on his cock he would stop for a moment and lick his balls until they were totally tight with excitement then go back to work giving him one of the best deep slow head jobs of his life. He started to feel the familiar tension in his balls and he knew was going to cum soon, so James reached up and held the top of the booth wall while he totally let go and started pounding this guys mouth hard and rough. The man took every inch with every thrust of his body, although you could hear a slight muffled gagging in between swallows. The man wanted James to cum, and cum was what he was going to get. As his thighs started to tremble with excitement and he felt his cum steam up from his loins, He let loose with a huge torrent of sperm right down the guys throat as he let out a deep breath of approval trying to be as quiet as possible because of the public place his was in. He whispered under his breath “ Yeah man eat my cum , take it all man. Swallow that load. Take that cream man!. Oh yeah eat it all up. Lick up all that cum!”. The man on the other side of the booth was getting his reward. He was gulping down Jame's sperm as fast as he could but it was a flood of cum and it rushed down his throat, Some of it flowing out from the corners of his mouth as he was forcing himself to take all of Jame's cock meat. The man felt his lips touch the edge of Jame's hairy balls as they slapped against the partition of the booths. The man slurped and savored the hot streams of his cum and as the last spurt of cum shot against his lips, He backed away from the spent cock and kissed it. Whispering to James, “Thank you “ He wiped the last of Jame's warm sperm on the edge of his lips and tasted the few salty drops that had dripped onto his fingers. He continued to pump it until the last of the thick cream oozed out of the head of his cock and he watched it glisten as he licked the pearl beads off of the tip James pulled his tool out of the hole totally spent but feeling exhilarated. He didn't mind that he had just let a guy suck him off. He thought to himself, no one will ever know anyway. In fact he thought it was pretty fucking hot. He got off on how this guy was into sucking his big cock and that the guy was totally willing to take every drop of his cum. He found himself thinking about that scene in the bookstore from time to time, especially when he was really horny and he couldn't get any pussy. As time passed, he started to wonder what it would have been like to be that cum pig on the other side of the wall. What would it be like to have someone force his cock down your throat only for his pleasure, to be a real cum pig recepticle, a real man's personal sex pig. The thought raced in his mind and made his cock hard. What if he could somehow give his will up to someone as strong as him and let himself be used and forced to do all of those things that nice people just won't do. What if he found himself wallowing in the pure pleasure of it all. Could he let himself go that far?. He pondered the image in his mind. It was an exciting thrill of the moment. Then he would straighten up come back to reality and realize it was an impossible fantasy to fulfill.. He was a real man, finding another real man and the right situation to explore his sexual limits never really could happen. He let his desires and secret fantasy drift to the back of his mind but he never really forgot about it. It would come back to him in a wet dream or even sometimes when he was fucking his girlfriend. He would look at her and think to himself what if I was her? What if I was the one who was getting fucked and had to suck on that cock and swallow a huge load of sperm and be forced to lick up every drop. Could I take it all?. Could i really get into it without thinking I was a freak of nature? I wonder.

James remembered In college that his best friend and roommate had some great times together. They were known by the girls as the jocks with big cocks in the sorority circuit. They would play the field big time and they were always scouting for the hottest girls on campus and made bets as to who would take the sexiest one home for the night and how far the girls would go and what they were willing to do to before the night was up. One time they got two girls to go to bed with both of them together. They were twin sisters and really wild and didn't have any problem sharing each other and themselves with the two buddy jocks on campus. That was really the first time James saw the other side of himself. As each of the guys watched the two girls getting it on with each other, both the guys got turned on by the whole scene. The two girls together, watching each other fuck both the girls and experiencing a foursome for the first time and enjoying the feeling of all the hot bodies entangled with one another and both of them realizing the erotic senses of both masculine and feminine sexual energy. James and his buddy Mike never talked about it much but both admitted that was one hot night that they would never forget. A few weeks later Jame's started to look at Mike a little differently and realized that he could really appreciate how fucking hot his buddy really was. Mike worked hard at making his body hard and ripped. He was really strong and lifted weights everyday. He kept his hair in the short military style and had massive arms and thighs and a rock hard six pack that most men would be pretty jealous of. Mike was a mans man in the sense that there was nothing feminine about him. He walked the walk and was good at making woman beg for more. Jame's would find himself watching him work out and thought to himself, Gee Mike really is one hell of a hot guy. It's no wonder that chicks really go for him. Besides, Mike was laid back and liked to have fun. He was a joker and really didn't like to play by all the rules. He had a sense of self confidence that people would sense as soon as he walked into the room. James liked that about him. In fact he found himself admiring him more and more as they got to know each other they became almost inseparable as they wound up sharing everything from their deepest secrets to woman they would pick up while cruising the campus. One night after a big frat beer bust, they both poured themselves into their dorm room and were really wasted. They were laughing and joking with each other calling each other names and teasing one another, when Mike looked into the mirror and saw James in back of him catching a look at Mike in his cut offs and stripping his shirt off. A wryly smile began to come across his face and he turned to James and said “You think I'm a stud don't you?” James snapped back at him with a grin and told him to get fucked. Mike looked at him and taunted him saying. You want me don't you? As he laughed at him, James lunged at him and wrestled him to the floor and they both went down with a hard thump as they tried to pin each other down in a half nelson. Laughing as they made out like they were going to kick each others asses. Both were strong but it was clear that Mike was going to win and held Jame's hard and wouldn't let him go. Then he laughed again started to taunt him and yelled at him “Tell me you think I'm hot!, Say it man. James knew he couldn't get out of his grip and it was really starting to hurt so he decided to relent and yelled back at him in a sarcastic way “ Yeah right man your so hot I want you soooo bad.”. Mike released him from his tight hold and they both laid back on the floor as the room started to spin and they felt the effects of all the alcohol they they had drank. Suddenly the room was quite and each turned to one another both seemed totally at ease. Mike spoke up first and said to James, “You know man your my best buddy”. James looked back at him and said “It's mutual man, Your the best friend a guy could have”. Then Mike turned to James and put his large hands on James head and stroked it lightly. They leaned forward and the two of them found themselves wrapped in each others bodies feeling the heat and sweat of their manhood. Suddenly both men started to get really turned on in a way neither of them thought possible. James started to lick and kiss Mike on the neck and Mike reciprocated by taking his tongue and lightly circled Jame's nipples. It was a sensation that he had not felt before because no other girl had ever had the inclination to do it. They both begin to take each others clothing off, one piece at a time, making it almost an adventure. Each button ripped and undone, each zipper slowly went down. Then they were both naked and feeling each others hot bodies. The heat emanating from Mike was incredible. James could almost hear his own heartbeat it was racing so hard. They both found each other with raging hard ons and felt the heat of each others cocks against their bodies as they deep kissed each other exploring something neither had ever let themselves explore. James thought to himself, It was such a different feeling having this hard muscle body against him. He actually found himself getting turned on by the scent of his buddies body as they explored each other. James glanced down at Mikes huge cock. It must have been 9 inches and so thick he wondered if he really could put the whole thing in his mouth. Mike encouraged him further and whispered to him “ Go ahead try it, we already went this far”. James looked up at mike and saw he wanted him to do it, so he lowered his head down to his groin. Both of them had worked up a sweat and there was musky smell in the air that was unlike anything they were used to. The scent sent Jame's head into a spin. He couldn't believe he was actually this close to a man cock and that he was actually going to go down on Mike and taste his buddy's fuck rod. He slowly opened his mouth and put the head of it in and started to swallow his huge cock. Mike let out a load sigh and said “Go ahead and suck it man”. Jame's started to take Mike's cock and felt this new wild sensation of really sucking on this mans cock. In his mind he was going “wow, I'm really sucking on my buddies cock!. This is so wild!”. And before he knew it, he found himself really getting into it. He was doing to Mike exactly like he himself liked it done to him. Looking up and watching the pleasure of Mikes face as he was working his pole up from the huge mushroom tip to the base of his groin. He inhaled his man scent and started to lick his balls all over and started to chew his ball sack ever so slightly. That sent Mike into a total frenzy. “Oh yeah man lick those balls, You fucking know how to do that good man. Keep doing that, It feels so fucking good!”. James was now totally immersed in Mikes Manhood. The smell and the taste of his massive cock filled his nostrils and made his senses on edge, his mouth opened again and slowly swallowing him whole all the way until it would hit the back of his throat. “So this is what it is like to suck a guys cock” he thought. At that very moment he felt Mikes warm mouth start to lightly lick the precum that had been dripping down Jame's rock hard fuck rod. Mike too was tasting for the first time another mans juice and he was getting totally turned on by it. The two men started to explore every part of each others bodies and and left no spot unexplored. Both were on the brink of blowing their load that they had to slow down a little. They wanted it to last as long as they could. As they faced each other they started to kiss. First softly then harder. Soon they were sharing each others mouths hard and deep, tasting each others masculinity while submitting to each other and sharing each other in a way they had never experienced. They felt each others strength as they held each other tight against one another and enjoyed the hard hot muscle that each one possessed. Mike let his five o'clock shadow brush up hard against Jame's face He wanted him to feel it as he went down to his neck and started to gently suck and kiss the soft part of his neck. He nuzzled each of Jame's ear lobes and licked and lightly nipped at them sending James into the kind of pleasure he never thought possible. This man is devouring me he thought, Every inch of me is being tasted by my best buddy and I'm tasting every inch of him as well and he's loving it. The alcohol was starting to wear off now so there was no excuse. They knew what they were doing it and both wanted more.. They found themselves in deep hot man to man animal sex.. Mike then took James and held him in his arms and started to lean him on his back. James knew what was coming and wasn't too sure if he wanted to go that far but he was so into him at that point that he let him Mike put him to the floor until he was on top of him and James was on his back looking up to him waiting for what would follow. Mike took both of Jame's wrists and held them them down and pressed his heavy body on top of him with all the strength and agility that only a true athlete could have done. He spread Jame's legs wide open and placed them on his huge shoulders. Mike started to slowly finger Jame's asshole to get him ready for his entry. James took in a deep breath and let him explore his asshole without a wince. Mike told him to try and relax. He had heard it was better that way. So he did and let him take his finger and explore his asshole deep inside. Mike started to open him up at first slowly and gently then worked on his ass until James was almost ready to pass out from the pleasure of it all. Mike got so turned on opening Up Jame's ass and making him shiver with anticipation that all he could think about was how hot it would be to bury his big cock in that tight warm ass. At that point both were almost hurting because they wanted to cum so bad. This session had lasted longer then any girl they had fucked. Each mans cock was totally swollen and rock hard. Mike used his spit to lube up his finger and then began to go down on Jame's rim hole and hole with his mouth making sure it was completely lubed and ready for him to plow Jame's hot hole. This was a first for him but he wanted to fuck James so bad by this point he knew he was going to have to get a lot of spit on that hole for him to take him. He worked on James hole thoroughly and again sent James into a new high. James was now begging Mike to fuck him and Mike wanted to do just that. So he started to push into him ever so slowly and put his cock against his hole so that he could feel it against his ass so James could get used to the feeling of his hot cock and how huge it really was. He took some more spit and lubed his cock to get it as slick as possible and started to go in. James held his breath and tried to relax as must as possible to let this huge man inside of him. As he started to push himself inside of him harder, like a lightning bolt the pain was overwhelming . James began to think that maybe this was too much to handle. Mike could sense it and started to pull out a bit but just before James could catch his second breath Mike started to push himself into him again but more forceful. He wanted his buddy's ass and he was going to have it. Before James could cry out, he felt Mike's cock start to really slide into him. For some reason the pleasure of it all was now more then the pain. The pain did not seem to matter anymore. He wanted Mike to get all the way inside him and he was determined to let him do it. Then as Mike began to pump slowly in and out of him the feeling of his thick hot cock really filled him up and he thought to himself, wow I'm really taking my buddy's fucking cock up my ass. He's inside me and I fucking want it more. Each heavy thrust drove his cock deeper into Jame's ass. Mike's cock was so fucking hot and throbbing as it went into him deeper and deeper. Mike was loving fucking this mans smooth muscled ass almost as much as fucking a woman. In fact he loved the feeling of plowing his cock deep inside this tight hot asshole so much that he almost didn't want it to end, But he couldn't help himself. He could feel himself ready to explode and had to release his load. He took James into his muscled arms and held him as tight as he could. He started to kiss him hard and was now not only fucking his buddy in his ass he was fucking his mouth deep and intense with his tongue as well. Then he whispered in his ear, “You have the hottest ass man” Your so fucking hot! I love your hot tight ass against my hot cock. I want to cum inside you”. James wanted it too, He couldn't take it any longer. James opened up his ass muscles to let him in as mike put his full weight into fucking him as hard and as deep as he could go. All 9 inches of him were now deep inside him and they were fucking like wild animals. Then Mike yelled “ I'm going to cum man!, I'm going to fucking cum right into your ass!. James was writhing with every thrust and he let Mike pound him as hard as he could. He knew he could take it. Mike yelled out to him “Yeah James, take that cock like a man and pounded him even harder making sure he angled his cock with each thrust so Jame's could feel his full force against the walls inside his ass. James could now feel Mike's balls slap against his ass each time he hit bottom. The feeling of those hard nuts slapping against his ass started to make him start to cum himself. Mike quickly took James cock in his had and began to pump it and jack him off again using some spit as his lube. Just as James started to spurt his load against both of there abs, Mike's cock started to shoot his cream deep inside Jame's ass. James could feel the hot load jetting inside him watched Mike's face as he was unloading his load into him. Mike yelled “ Yeah baby, Your taking my fucking cum man! Take that fucking hot cum up your ass. You fucking sex dog! Pant baby pant! Show me how much you like my big cock!” Jame's could hardly speak and with barely a breath screamed out Oh yeah man give me all you cum. Bury that cum deep inside me. Oh yes Mike! James continued spurting his cum all over both of them. He just couldn't stop it. His cock was now a fountain of cum shooting streams of gizz all over both of the mens muscled bodies both glistening with streams of white pearls. He couldn't remember the last time he had spewed such and huge fucking load of cum. As each of the men released there wads into and onto each other. They collapsed in each others arms and lay against each other still hot with wet with sweat. Mike then carefully licked of the cum from Jame's chest and tasted for the first time another mans sperm. It was a bit spunky and had a salty taste, a little sweeter then his own. They both smiled at each other as Mike slowly started to slide his spent cock out of Jame's now really raw ass. Mike saw a string of his own cum that was dripping out of James ass and he let James have a taste as he fed him with his finger then they fell into each others arms completely drained as they finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning both of them didn't talk about what happened the night before as both felt a little strange about how far they actually went together. After all, both of them really loved to fuck girls and in Mikes mind he figured it as just part of his college experience with his buddy. But they did wind up jacking off a couple of times together to some straight porn. Neither one of them were really ready to stop what they had loved so much and that was chasing after girls and having fun. The last year of college each one stood as best man for each others wedding and soon were to grow more apart because of time and distance. But both had never forgot that one hot steamy night in their dorm room when they discovered what it was like to have real man to man sex.

James never forgot how that night felt and lately the thought of having a total sex pig session was now all he could think about. He wanted to explore that other side of him that he kept in the back of mind for so long. He constantly fantasized about being with a real man similar to Mike but going even further then even they thought was possible. He wanted to finally see how far he really could take himself. And he wanted to experience that wild animal sex again and somehow keep his other life intact as well. As he pondered the possibilities and the danger in what he was setting out to do, he had an idea. He would look for the perfect escort to do it with. He didn't want to have an involved relationship, he already had that with his wife and kids. No this had to be a different kind of relationship, someone he could tell his wildest fantasies to and then actually live it for real. This man had to look and act straight as an arrow but willing to take James into a world of his inner most desires. A man who could make him submit for a day or maybe a weekend and let him become the sex pig he always thought he might be deep inside. Finding him was another matter. He started to make of list of all the sordid things he wanted to do or have done to him no matter what they were. After all this was his fantasy. A fantasy on demand. So he began his search for the perfect raunch pig escort. And the journey began.

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