Quinnan's Game.

by George Gardner

Forty minutes into the meeting Ryan knew he shouldn't have had that fourth cup of coffee. It was an important presentation to a prospective client and Quinnan had warned them all that no interruptions would be tolerated. Jobs and arses were on the line here, he had said, and Ryan suspected his arse and job were top of the list. Quinnan was a bastard and Ryan didn't like the man. He was rude and offhand with his staff and he always seemed, to Ryan, to be particularly patronising towards him. He was only a couple of years older, too, about thirty or so, but he had risen rapidly through the ranks and was now a junior partner.
 Ryan squirmed, guardedly, in his chair as his bladder protested to him again. The room was hot enough as it was and the effort of containing himself was making him sweat even harder. He dared not try holding himself lest Quinnan or one of the others spotted him and wondered what the hell he was doing playing with his dick during the meeting. He knew that just one little drop leaking out would be enough to give him away. The light grey trousers he was wearing would show it blatantly and he had left his jacket out in the office so he had nothing with which to hide it  if the worst happened. He tried crossing his legs which earned him a dark scowl from Quinnan. He uncrossed again and tried to concentrate on not needing to go. His bladder was beginning to convulse as the meeting ended and the clients left with the senior partners. Ryan was just about to dash for the gents when Quinnan grabbed his arm.

 "What's the matter with you, shit-head?" he demanded "My office. Now."

 "I just...." Ryan began.


 Ryan followed him along the corridor and into his office. He was a little surprised when Quinnan locked the door.

 "Sit." he said as though he were commanding a dog.

 Ryan sat down on the indicated chair as Quinnan first removed his jacket and then went and fetched another chair from against the wall of his office. Normally he would have seated himself behind his desk. This was strange, indeed. Quinnan placed his chair so that he was facing Ryan and only a couple of feet in front of him. He raised his arms above his head and stretched luxuriously, spreading his legs quite wide apart as he did so. Ryan glanced at his open crotch. Quinnan was an attractive guy even if he was the biggest bastard alive. The sight of a large cock-bulge pleased Ryan in spite of himself.

 Quinnan regarded him for a moment, a thin smile on his lips. Malice, Ryan thought.

 "Need to go?" Quinnan asked.

 "Yes," Ryan answered.

 "Tough shit."

 "Come on, Quinnan, the meeting's finished now."

 "This one's just starting."

 Ryan looked imploringly at his superior. He knew he couldn't hold on any longer. His dick was jerking inside his briefs and he could feel the too-long-contained liquid forcing it's way past his overwhelmed sphincter.

 "You sit there till I tell you you can go." Quinnan said with a cruel grin.

 "It's your chair," Ryan snarled through gritted teeth.

 "It's your pants, shithead."

  Ryan felt the first drops leak into his underwear. He felt the hot wetness spreading down the shaft of his dick as he tried to hold back. It was no use, though, his bladder convulsed one last time and a hot flood jetted into his pants and through his trousers, spreading down and around his buttocks and then trickling over the impervious chair seat and finally dripping on to the deep pile of the carpet. Even in these circumstances the relief was welcome and he let the flow continue until the pressure eased and the pain diminished.

 Quinnan laughed aloud at him as he sat, sheepish and ashamed, in his sodden trousers. Ryan was about to throw caution and his career to the winds and have a real go at the bastard when Quinnan again stretched himself. This time, however, Ryan was amazed to see a small wet patch appear in the crotch of Quinnan's trousers. Quinnan lowered his arms and stared straight into Ryan's eyes.

 "I really need to go, too," he said, quite quietly for once.

 Ryan watched in awe as the patch suddenly expanded. He could see the hot liquid glistening where it flowed through the fabric of Quinnan's trousers. They were darker in colour than his own but the spreading wetness still showed clearly.

 "You wearing underpants?" Quinnan asked suddenly.

 Ryan nodded, bemused by what was happening but, somehow, fascinated. He felt his dick beginning to stiffen.

 "Briefs or boxers?"

 "Briefs," Ryan answered absently. His mind was having trouble assimilating the strangeness of the situation.

 "Maybe you're not such a shithead, then. Show me."

 Ryan stared at him and didn't move.

 "Okay, show me please." Quinnan said.

 Without really knowing why he did it, Ryan got to his feet and unfastened the clasp on the waistband of his trousers. He slowly pushed down the zip and allowed them to fall to the floor. He stood there in his sodden, white briefs with an almost full erection.

 Quinnan whistled quietly.

 "You have hidden talents," he said. "You can take your trousers off - if you like."

 As Ryan complied, Quinnan removed his own clothing apart from a pair of equally sodden black briefs. it crossed Ryan's mind that the bad guy always wore black. Without thinking he removed his own shirt as well. Quinnan sat down in his chair again and beckoned Ryan towards him. Ryan didn't know what was coming but he didn't seem to care. Something inside of him had woken up and was taking control. He stood right in front of Quinnan and looked down at him.

 "You done anything like this before?" Quinnan asked.

 Ryan shook his head.

 "I think you might like it, Ryan," said Quinnan almost gently. "I hope so or I'm in the shit, I suspect."

 He pulled Ryan down until he was sitting straddling himself, their piss-soaked groins pressed together.

 "I won't hurt you, Ryan," he said softly, gently clasping Ryan's semi-erect penis in his hand. "You got any left in there?"

 "I - I think so. Why?"

 " 'Cos I want you to piss on me, on both of us. Make us even wetter, Ryan."

 Ryan's mind reeled but the prospect elated him. He wanted to do this. He wanted to piss on the bastard who had made his life hell these past two and a half years. But Quinnan had changed.

 "I'll try," Ryan said as Quinnan continued to massage his dick through his pants.

 "How often d'you get the chance to piss on the boss?" Quinnan said with a thin smile.

 It didn't take much effort even with the partial erection. There was still plenty to come and he let Quinnan have it all, grinding harder and harder against the other man as it flowed between them. Suddenly he felt Quinnan's lips on his own and he pulled sharply away, staring into the deep blue eyes of his superior.

 "Sorry," Quinnan said. "I sort of hoped you wouldn't mind."

 Ryan hesitated for a moment. He hadn't disliked the kiss. No, it had taken him by surprise, that was all. He leant forward and slowly allowed their lips to meet again. This time he sank himself into the kiss and didn't even flinch when he felt Quinnan's tongue begin to explore between his teeth. It felt good and he returned the action willingly. He noticed, too, that the man was actually holding him in his arms as they kissed. He was stroking and caressing him as if he were someone special. It felt so good.

 "Okay, shithead," Quinnan chuckled at last. "You can have your reward now."

 He stood up and turned them around until Ryan could sit in the chair. Quinnan smiled warmly at the younger Ryan as he slowly pulled the sodden briefs away from his loins. Ryan's dick sprang up as it was freed from its prison, fully erect and ready. Quinnan slowly leant down and took the head into his mouth. Ryan leant back in the chair as the warmth of Quinnan's mouth engulfed him. This was something the like of which he had never felt. His dick became so hard that it hurt but it was a wondrous pain and he revelled in it. He knew he could last only seconds of this and he tried to push Quinnan away. Quinnan let the throbbing dick fall out of his mouth and placed his hands gently on Ryan's knees.

 "I know, I know," he said soothingly. "Don't worry about it, Ryan. Just relax and let it come. There're no prizes for going any distance, mate."

 Ryan relaxed as instructed and let Quinnan go back to work. His whole body resonated to the stimulation his dick was receiving from his..... mate? That bastard?

 In a few moments he felt it begin. The electrifying sensations built up around his balls and around his backside. He grabbed Quinnan's head in both hands and held on, digging his fingers into his hair and pulling him harder and harder against his crotch as he built to release.

 "I'm coming, Quinnan," he moaned.

 Quinnan responded by taking the full length of Ryan's dick into his throat. Ryan almost cried out as his dick exploded into Quinnan's welcoming warmth. Again and again he felt his dick contract as his come jetted from its slit. It seemed to go on for ages and when it finally ceased he felt so light headed that he almost slipped out of the chair.

 "Good man," Quinnan said with a smile. "That was some load you shot there."

 Ryan smiled back wanly as the warm tingles of the aftershock overtook him. Quinnan leant down and kissed him briefly again.

 "You can get cleaned up in there," he said pointing to the door to his private shower and toilet. "There's a pair of jeans in there that should fit you. We're about the same size, I think."

 Ryan looked at him for a moment and knew he didn't want this to be over just yet.

 "No," he said firmly. "I don't think I will just yet."

 Quinnan stared at him.

 "I think I want to see you shoot your load, Quinnan. Right into those horny black pants."

 "You do?"

 "I do. I want to see you cream them."

 "I see," Quinnan said with a smile. "You don't have to see to me if you don't want to, Ryan. I can take care of myself."

 "Get over here, Quinnan," Ryan commanded. "Right now, arsehole."

 Quinnan laughed as he went over as bidden.

 As he stood before Ryan, the younger man reached out and grasped his crotch. Quinnan's cock was soft but it was rising.

 "Any left?" Ryan asked with a quizzical look.

 "If you like."

 "let it rip. Let me see you piss those pants, Quinnan."

 Quinnan placed his hands on his hips and allowed Ryan full and free access to his cock. He relaxed and his warm urine began to flow into the black material of his briefs. Ryan stroked and squeezed the flowing cock, turning the head upwards so that the flow soaked the whole front of the garment. By the time his urine was expended Quinnan's cock was fully erect. Ryan pulled him in tight against himself and locked their lips in a passionate kiss which rose from the depths of his soul. Gently, then, he knelt down and pulled Quinnan down with him until they both lay on the warm carpet. He pushed Quinnan on to his back and went to work on his cock with his right hand.

 "Now we'll see what the boss-man can do," he said with a grin "Cream those pants, Quinnan."

 "Yes sir," Quinnan said, smiling back up at him. "Anything you want, mate."

 There was the word again. Ryan let it pass for the moment and went on with his work.

 Quinnan began to moan softly and to writhe gently under his touch. Ryan could feel the other man's cock jerk occasionally as the pressure built. Quinnan began to thrust upwards against his strokes and Ryan knew he was near.

 "Here it comes, Ryan," he moaned. "Here it comes!"

 Quinnan raised his head from the floor, his face swathed in ecstasy, as streams of creamy-white come spurted into the black of his pants. Ryan watched in fascination until the last contraction sent the last small drop into the now slick fabric. He continued to rub gently, spreading the ejaculation liberally over the front of the briefs.

 "Not bad," he said at last. Then he leant down and kissed Quinnan again. "Not bad at all for a total bastard."

 Quinnan looked up at him with a look which could only have been sadness.

 "I know," he said quietly. "I can't hack it otherwise, mate. I'm not really like that, honestly. It's all a big put-on."
 He smiled faintly.

 "You don't have to believe me, anyway," he went on. "Besides, you've got me by the bollocks now. All you have to do is run to the senior partners and I'm finished here. Anywhere in the city, in fact."

 Ryan looked down on him and felt something very warm and pleasing stir in his heart. This guy wasn't a bastard at all.

 "Why'd you do this, Quinnan?" he asked.

 "Because I needed to," the other replied. "I've, let's say, had feelings for you for a long time. Maybe I sensed a kindred spirit, I don't know. I think I'd just had enough of wondering and wanted to know."

 "So you dragged me in here and made me piss my pants?"

 "It worked, didn't it?"

 The uncertainty in his voice was quite unsettling to Ryan. This was a different guy, lying here at his mercy.

 "Yes," he conceded.

 "Look, Ryan," Quinnan went on. "I'd love to get to know you better. I know what you think of me but I'd like to let you see
the real me. The real Gary Quinnan. I really like you, mate. I always have."

 "You had a funny way of showing it!"

 "I know," He admitted. "I was scared, I suppose."

 "What? Of me?"

 "Not really. Of being rejected, I guess."

 Ryan sighed and took Gary's unresisting hand.

 "Okay, I'll give it a go, Gary," he said. "Something in you talks to something in me. Ten minutes ago I hated your guts - now I don't know. Who knows anything?"


 Ryan nodded and raised the hand to his lips and kissed it gently.

 "Out there I'm still The Bastard of a boss, Ryan," Gary said. "In here or away from this place I'm all yours and you're the boss.

 Ryan smiled at him.

 "Yes, okay you piss-arsed queer. Shall we get cleaned up now?"

 "Yes boss," Gary said with a wide grin. "Maybe we can get together again soon?"

 "Oh, we will." Ryan said officiously. "My place - tonight, mate. No argument."

 "Just as you say, sir," Gary said with a happy smile.

 "And no sneaking off to the loo between times either."

 "Wouldn't dream of it."

 "We are going to have some fun tonight or else. Do I make myself clear?"

 "As crystal, mate. As crystal."


 Ryan got to his feet and helped Gary to his.

 "You're not really such a bad bloke after all, are you Gary?" he said putting his arms around his new friend.

 "Just give me half a chance, Ryan, and I'll show you," Gary said, returning the embrace. "I really do like you."

 "Not just my dick?"

 Ryan chuckled quietly.

 "It's a very nice dick, " he conceded. "But I liked you before I ever got near it. Honestly."

 Ryan stroked his hair and nuzzled him affectionately.

 "Funnily enough, I believe you," he said. "I think you and I might just get along very well together."

 "I hope so."

 "By the way, your dick's rather nice as well."

 "Thanks. You certainly made him shoot."

  Ryan led Gary through into the shower room and closed the door.

 A little later, Ryan slipped out of the office wearing the borrowed jeans. His wet trousers and pants were wrapped up safely in a plastic carrier under his arm. He lived not far away and had decided to dash home and change before anyone noticed he was suddenly wearing jeans. As he drove through the city traffic he found himself becoming aroused again. The knowledge that he was wearing Gary's jeans was turning him on and his vivid memory of the past hour added its impetus to his growing erection. By the time he pulled into his parking space at home he was fully hard and pre-cum had made a sizeable dark spot on the front of the jeans. No-one was about so he made a dash for his flat, opened the door and slammed it quickly shut behind him. He leant on the door as his hand, almost of its own volition, moved down and along the straining length of his dick. Images of Gary in his wet, black briefs played across his mind and he stroked himself harder and faster. In seconds he was pumping a load into the jeans and it felt so good that he didn't want it to stop. He looked down and saw the wet streak to the left of the fly where his hot semen seeped through. He heaved himself away from the door and half staggered into his bedroom. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and paused to admire the stain he had made in Gary's jeans. He grinned at his reflection as an idea for later popped into his head.

 Ryan took a quick shower and dressed himself again. He just had time to make it back to the office before his lunch hour was up. He knew that if he was late Gary Quinnan would chew him out as he always did but Ryan didn't want that to happen. Not today. Not when he felt so good. He made it with a minute to spare and busied himself with his work for the rest of the afternoon. He saw Gary a couple of times but they didn't speak. At four thirty he signed off his terminal and joined the exodus from the office. It was Friday and the weekend beckoned for everyone. As he was passing Gary's office he heard the familiar shout.

 "Thomas! A minute."

 Ryan turned and entered the office.


 Ryan closed the door to the corridor. He noticed that there was hardly a trace of their earlier encounter.  

 "You okay?" Gary asked, smiling as soon as he could not be seen from outside.

 "I'm fine. You?"

 "Never better, mate," he said taking Ryan in his arms and hugging him tightly.

 Ryan found himself willingly returning the embrace.

 "You still on for tonight?" he asked.

 "Of course I am. If you still want me."

 Ryan kissed him warmly.

 "I still want you, piss-arsed queer," he chuckled.

 "Where do you want to meet up?"

 "My place," Ryan said instantly. "I'll cook and then, my dear, you can jolly well reward me again. Be there at half seven.

 Gary nodded, and immersed himself in Ryan's embrace again. Ryan felt a hand gently cup his balls and squeeze them tenderly. He returned the favour and was pleased to find Gary getting hard.

 "Later." he said, pulling away and heading for the door.

 "I'll be there," Gary said quietly. "Thanks."

 "You haven't tasted my cooking yet," Ryan said with a grin.

 "No but I've tasted your cock and that was delicious," Gary said with a mischievous wink.

 Ryan left the office chuckling to himself. He was very surprised to find that, all of a sudden, he really liked Gary. He felt
happier than he had done for a long time. He knew he'd always found Quinnan physically attractive. The guy was quite tall and well muscled and his short fair hair and deep blue eyes set off a face that was ruggedly handsome. He also had the most gorgeous arse. And a nice dick, as Ryan had now learned.

 When he got home, Ryan set to preparing a meal for them. He could do a mean shepherds pie from his mother's recipe and hoped that Gary would like it. He had some wine and some beer in the fridge so that was fine. What to wear, though? He had yet another shower and then emptied out his underwear drawer on to his bed. No boxers. He wore them occasionally but he knew from earlier that Gary didn't like them. He settled for a pair that were almost the same as the ones he'd worn that morning. They were white and slightly snugger than the others having been through rather more washing machine cycles. He glanced at himself in the mirror and was satisfied with what he saw.

 Ryan was slightly shorter than Gary, about five feet seven inches, and he had the build of an athlete. He was slim and wiry without being skinny and he had good strong thighs and calves from playing football. His sandy hair was also cropped short and his soft, brown eyes sparkled in a boyishly good-natured face. He wasn't a particularly handsome guy but he was a good looker in his own way. He pulled on his comfortable, old faded Levis and  T-shirt and left it at that. He picked up the pair of jeans that Gary had lent him and looked at the faint, dried stain on the front. Strange ideas had been bubbling up in his imagination. He was new to the whole concept of pissing and coming in his pants but he hadn't found it unpleasant at all. He wondered if Gary was better versed. He seemed to be. That was probably why he had the spare jeans in his office. Did he actually make a habit of  the sort of thing he'd done earlier? And who cleaned up afterwards?

 Gary knocked on his door promptly at seven thirty. Ryan opened it to him and invited him inside. He couldn't believe how different the guy was now. He seemed almost shy as he smiled at Ryan. He looked totally different, too, now that he was dressed casually. He was wearing a light blue shirt with pale Chino trousers and, on his feet, worn old trainers. To Ryan he looked more attractive than ever. Ryan embraced him gently and kissed him welcome. He felt a gentle touch on his dick and balls as Gary renewed his acquaintance.

 "You found your way here alright?" Ryan asked as he ushered him through into the small living room.

 "No problem," Gary replied.

 "D'you want a beer before we eat?"

 "Thanks, I would."

 Ryan fetched two cans from the fridge and handed one to Gary.

 "This is really nice of you, mate," Gary said as they settled down with their drinks. "I don't think I deserve it."

 "You will," Ryan said with a devilish grin.

 "I can't remember the last time anybody cooked for me."

 "You're likely to remember this time," Ryan chuckled. "If you survive."

 "It means a lot to me, Ryan," he said quietly. "A lot."

 Ryan caught the heavy emotion in Quinnan's vioce. A great wave of feeling swept through him. Here was the Big Bad Bastard, sitting in his living room, almost blubbing because he'd cooked him a meal. Ryan got up and went and sat beside him. Gently he put his arms around Gary and held him, stroking his hair consolingly.

 "What's wrong, mate?" he asked softly. "I asked you round because I wanted you to be here. I wanted to be with you. I didn't want to upset you."

 "You didn't," Gary said with a thin little smile. "Not at all, Ryan. It's been a long, long time since anyone was just nice to me."

 "You don't make it easy, mate."

 "I know."

 "I won't tell anyone your secret, anyway. I promise."

 "Doesn't matter, Ryan. I'm jacking it in."


 "I'm jacking it in. I can't stick it any longer. I'm sick to death of being the bastard. I knew I'd had it as soon as you left my office today, mate. You said you liked me. The real me. Well the real me has had it with the other one."

 "But what'll you do?"

 "I'll find something. I'm not stupid, you know."

  He smiled at Ryan.

 "You did this to me," he said. "Thanks."

 Ryan could feel all the impact of the words Gary didn't say. They were written in his eyes in letters of fire. He held tight to his friend and felt their souls reach out and touch.

 "I'll be here for you," he whispered.

 Gary hugged him tightly again and smiled.

 "So what are we eating?"

 "My mum's shepherds pie," Ryan said sheepishly. "I can't do anything fancy."

 "It sounds great to me," Gary said. "Bring it on."

 "You sure you're okay?"

 "I'm fine, mate. Really. I just got a bit overwhelmed, I suppose."

 Ryan dished up the meal and they ate. Gary surprised him even more as they talked. He was really just an ordinary, everyday really nice guy. They talked about football and other guy things but the little looks and smiles belied the chemistry which was boiling between them. When the meal was over they settled down on the sofa and cuddled up together. They didn't talk. They kissed and carressed and looked and learned. Ryan could plainly see that Gary had a huge hard-on. The pale Chinos couldn't conceal it. Ryan stretched his legs out a bit so that Gary could see that he, too, was hard.

 "Want to know what I did at lunchtime?" Ryan asked.

 "Oh, let me guess," Gary said with a grin. "You jacked off in my jeans?"

 "How did you know that?" Ryan asked incredulously.

 "It's what I'd have done," Gary said with a laugh.

 "Yes, but you're a piss-arsed queer,"

 "Look at who's talking," Gary riposted.

 "And have you been to the loo this afternoon?"

 "Nope. I keep my promises, mate."

 "You'll be pretty full then."

 "Getting that way. Another beer should about do it."


 Ryan trotted into the kitchen and took two more beers from the fridge.

 "There you go," he said, handing one to Gary.

 "You sure you want to do this?" Gary asked. "It's not everyone's bag."

 "I want to," Ryan affirmed. "I loved it, Gary. The sight of you in those black pants, all wet and comey, was fantastic."

 "I love to shoot in my pants," Gary admitted. "Since I was a kid I've nearly always wanked inside my pants."

 "I've come in mine a couple of times," Ryan said. "I never did it on purpose, though. The first time I went with another guy I got so hot I shot my load in my pants before he'd even touched me. Pissed him off no end. The other time was only a year ago. I'd had a couple of beers and I was lying here on the sofa watching a video, sort of half dozing, and next minute I'm creaming my pants like a teenager. It wasn't even a horny video."

 Gary leant over and gently stroked Ryan's crotch.

 "What about pissing?"

 "Not until now, no. But I liked it."

 "I've been into it for about five years. I found out by accident one night after I'd been out with some guys from the Bern office. I really had had too much to drink. I was so pissed I had to walk home and I really needed to go before we'd left the last pub. I didn't, anyway, and by the time I was trying to unlock my front door I was like you were today. I dropped the keys and I fell on my arse as I was trying to find them. While I was sitting there feeling about for them I realised I couldn't wait any longer. My dick was leaking pee into my pants and I thought to myself it felt rather good. I tried holding it back and the feeling of my bladder trying to force me to let it empty was fantastic. I held on until I really couldn't any more and it just emptied itself anyway. It felt tremendous as the hot piss ran between my legs and round my arse. My dick was like a rock by the time I'd finished pissing and I jacked off sitting on the doorstep. I'd never felt anything like it."

 "Horny bastard!" Ryan laughed.

 "You make me horny, young Ryan," Gary said. "I'd do anything to please you, mate."

 "Same goes for me," Ryan agreed.

They threw themselves into another round of kisses and cuddles. Ryan let his hand explore fully the crotch of his friend as they kissed. He found the unresisting complicity of the other man intoxicating as he stroked and kneaded the semi-erect cock. Gary was a very gentle guy and Ryan's whole body responded to his exploring touches.

 "Where do you want to do it?" Gary asked at last. "I'm just about at my limit."

 "Just where we are, mate," Ryan said softly. "Sod the furniture, it'll clean. I don't want to move."

 "It's your sofa," Gary chuckled.

 "It's your Chinos," Ryan growled, giving his friend's balls an extra firm squeeze.

 Gary put his hands behind his head and looked deep into the eyes of his friend. Ryan began to run his hand back and forth over Gary's abdomen, massaging his swollen bladder. In only a few moments, Gary moaned softly and the first trickle of piss darkened the fabric of his trousers. The material become semi-transparent and Ryan could see the blue colour of Gary's briefs show through. He massaged with a little more pressure and a strong spurt jetted into the Chinos.

 "I can't hold it any more," Gary said. "Here it comes, mate."

 "Okay," Ryan said quietly, moving his hand down to Gary's crotch. "Okay, mate, let it go."

 He gently kneaded and stroked Gary's cock as the piss flowed from him. The warm liquid ran over his hand and between his fingers and he loved it. The smell rose into his nostrils and made him feel giddy. As he had done before, he worked Gary's cock up inside his pants until it jetted up towards his waist. Ryan's mind was nearly in overload from the new sensations and, as Gary's flow began to die, he knelt across his friend and then lowered himself down until he sat on his sodden crotch. He took Gary's hands in his and kissed him deeply and warmy as he released his own dammed-up urine. The feeling was even more intense than it had been earlier. Knowing that his piss was flowing out of his pants and jeans and into Gary's Chinos and horny blue pants almost drove him mad. He could feel Gary's cock thrusting hard against him and his own began to stiffen as his flow eased. He relaxed a little and allowed himself to melt into Gary's gentle embrace.

 "You do like this," Gary said quietly.

 "I'd never have believed it could feel this good," Ryan said with a sigh. "Wierd but wonderful."

 Gary laughed and held him tighter.

 "So what d'you want to do now, boss?"

 Ryan sat back and grinned at him.

 "I want you to make me shoot in my pants, piss-arse," he said. "But first I'm going to make you cream yourself until it hurts. Okay?"

 "Suits me," Gary laughed.

 Ryan stood up and pulled his friend up with him until they stood, embracing each other. Slowly he unbuttoned Gary's shirt and tossed it aside. Gary smiled softly as he relieved Ryan of his T-shirt. They held each other again and Ryan thrilled at the feel of Gary's warm flesh against his own. He ran his hands down on to Gary's buttocks and pulled him in as tight as he could.

 "Now you get your reward," He whispered as he began to unfasten Gary's belt.

 He let his hand slide down and pulled on the zip of Gary's dripping Chinos. When it was down far enough he slid his questing fingers inside and pushed it the rest of the way as he ran his hand down the shaft of Gary's dick. Pre-cum had mixed copiously with his urine and the fabric of his underpants felt wonderfully slick to Ryan's touch. He undid the button at the waist and the Chinos slid to the floor. Ryan gently urged Gary to sit again on the sofa and pulled off his shoes and socks. With them out of the way, the Chinos slid easily over his feet and Ryan squatted down to admire the sight of his friend, relaxed and compliant, before him. Gary's blue briefs were piss-darkened in almost their entirity. Only around his hips were they paler where the flood had not reached. He reached out and stroked the bulging front where Gary's cock lay waiting for his attention. He watched as another bead of pre-cum glistened on the head. Gary sat forward and kissed him and then he felt his jeans being undone. He knelt to allow Gary to push them down and then he sat back on the floor to allow them to be pulled completely off.

 "Like your whites, don't you?" Gary said with some approval. "Suits you, mate."

 "I liked those black ones you had on earlier," Ryan admitted. "But the blue's good, too."

 "Glad you approve."

 Ryan moved closer again and began to stroke Gary in earnest. Gary lay back with his hands behind his head and allowed him to indulge in whatever he wished to do. Ryan went down and kissed the head of Gary's cock through the briefs. The blend of smells and tastes was intoxicating and soon he was licking and kissing all along its length with fervour and growing desire. At last Gary's moans and gentle thrusts told him that his friend was ready. He rolled up on to the sofa beside him and, resting his head on his friends chest, he set to giving him release. In just a few strokes he felt Gary's cock stiffening for the final outburst. He saw the throbbing erection grow even bigger in its blue, wet prison and then the first spurt erupted into the fabric as Gary gripped his free hand and squeezed it tightly. Ryan watched enwrapped as Gary's semen pumped into his briefs. It was, he cocnceded, the hottest sight he had ever seen. With little warning he felt his own cock stiffen to rock-hardness and then he was creaming in his pants without so much as a touch from Gary. As the contractions died away he gently spread the sticky fluid over the fronts of their briefs.

 "Sorry, mate," He mumbled. "You got me so hot."

 Gary stretched up and kissed him.

 "It doesn't matter," he said softly. "Not in the least. Have a break and then......... Or would you like me to go now?"

 Ryan snuggled his head on to Gary's chest again and held on to him.

 "You're going nowhere, mate," he said firmly. "Not till I say you can."

 Gary laughed quietly.

 "Now who's being the bastard?" he asked.

 Ryan sat up and looked searchingly into the deep blue eyes.

 "Gary, would you believe me if I said I loved you?"

 Gary tenderly stroked his cheek.

 "Of course I would," he whispered. "I love you, too."

 Ryan got up and pulled Gary to his feet.

 "C'mon, mate," he said gently. "We'll have a shower and then I'm taking you to bed."

 "Take me wherever you want," Gary said with a smile.

 "I intend to," Ryan said, giving him a loving squeeze."And the same applies to you. Any time, any where."

 And later that evening, basking in the warmth and light of a new-found love, Gary willingy added his contribution to the deposit Ryan had left in the old Levis which had played their part in their joining. They made their love for each other known twice more that night before they fell asleep wrapped up in each other's arms.

 Gary resigned the first thing on the Monday morning. Ryan resigned the following day and the two of them left the city behind them and went to meet their future together. Wherever they are now and whatever they are doing doesn't really matter. They have each other and they have time.


©2004  George Gardner