This is the continued story of Simon's Journal.
I would highly recommend you read the first volume of this story, Thirteen Days before you begin this novel.

The following narrative is nearly a complete work of fiction.
Any similarity to actual individuals living or dead is completely unintentional.
If reading a coming of age story about boys wearing diapers and exploring their awakening sexuality is offensive or illegal in your area, then might I suggest you go read War and Peace or something equally stimulating.

Simon's Journal

Volume II

Thirteen Nights -- After the Crusade

Written by

Author of Thirteen Days


In the first novel, Simon's Journal Volume I, Thirteen Days -- The First Crusade, Simon Leonard decided to take on a campaign to try and find other people, like himself, that wore GoodNites or diapers, but what he got was so much more then he bargained for, to be sure. Simon made several friends, and because of his efforts, a few enemies as well. Additionally, he somehow managed to solve a case that had been baffling the best efforts of the Police.

As the story progressed, it became apparent (although I was slow to accept it) that it was going to be impossible to tell the whole story in a single volume, and that a sequel was very much necessary. Therefore, Volume II, Thirteen Nights -- After the Crusade, was given life.

At the end of Thirteen Days, there were several plot points that had not been satisfactorily resolved. This was both intentional and unintentional. When I knew I was going to have to write a sequel, I made the choice to leave certain aspects of the first story unresolved, and to carry them over into the sequel.


Chapter - 1

February 29, 2004 Sunday


My Twelfth Birthday!

Today was probably the greatest day I have ever had in my life! Ok, so I'm only twelve and have not had that many days to compare it too, but of the days I've spent on this planet, today was by far the best!

It all started this morning when I woke up in my bed, while laying next to my still sleeping brother, Jamie. Though it took me a few seconds to realize it, I became aware that my right arm was completely numb. Opening my eyes, I saw that Jamie was sleeping soundly on top of it. Our faces were only inches apart. I could feel and smell his morning breath on my face and it nearly made me barf.

Last night had been unbelievable. No, that's not the right word - unimaginable is a much more accurate and descriptive word for what had happened and what we did! Two-weeks ago this boy, that is now laying so close to me, sharing my bed, was in every respect, thought by me, to be my arch rival. However, in a single day - in a single, glorious night - he'd become my best friend, and yet so much more!

Not wanting to wake him, I tried to move my arm out from under him but I couldn't even so much as budge it. I tried to roll him off, but he had his right leg hooked around mine with his knee firmly planted in the crotch of my very soaked diaper with his own diaper pressing against my thigh. I could tell his diaper was wet too, but not nearly as saturated as mine was.

"Jamie?" I whispered. Aside from the stench of his breath, there was no sign of life from him at all.

"Jamie!" I tried to shake him softly awake; that didn't work either.

I tried shaking him harder, but there was just no disturbing his deep slumber. I decided to try to cover his mouth and nose with my free hand so that he would wake up when he realized he couldn't breathe. I pressed my free hand to his mouth and nose and held it there for several seconds until finally he stirred, but didn't wake up right away. I continued to block off his air. After over a half-minute, his eyes opened, he grabbed my hand and pulled it away from his face.

Puffing in a deep breath of air he whined, "Why'd you do that?"

"Because you are sleeping on my arm, and I couldn't get you to wake up any other way!" I explained.

Jamie rubbed his eye with the back of his hand, "What time is it?" he groaned.

Pushing on him to roll off my arm I said, "I don't know. Come on -- get off my arm! I can't even feel my fingers!"

"Huh?" he said, still not very awake yet.

"My arm! You are sleeping on my arm! Move!" I commanded.

Without any acknowledgement, Jamie rolled away from me, and my arm became free again. "Oh! Thank you!" I gasped.

Jamie grumbled something, rolled back over, and draped his right arm and leg back over me. He'd gone back to sleep already, just as if I'd not disturbed him at all.

"Jamie!" I protested.

"What? I'm off your arm!" he complained, as his knee once again buried itself into the front of my diaper.

Unexpectedly, I felt the front of his diaper getting very warm against my leg.

"Are you peeing?" I whispered.

He didn't answer, but I did see a hint of a smile even though his eyes were still closed.

Taking his cue, I tried relaxing my own body and a moment later, I flooded my own diaper again.

"Whoa, that's warm!" Jamie said.

I giggled, "Yeah, tell me about it!"

We continued to lay quiet for another few minutes and then I asked, "You ready to get up yet?" He didn't respond.

"Jamie!" I said jabbing him in his side with my finger.

"What?" he growled.

"You ready to get up yet?" I repeated.

"Do I have to?" he whined.

"Yes, `cause if I don't get out of this diaper, I think it is going to leak soon!" I said.

Jamie finally opened his eyes and looked at me concernedly before lifting the covers and peering down at my diaper. "Wow, you are wet!" he exclaimed.

"No kidding Sherlock?" I scorned, "What was your first clue?"

Ignoring my insult he smiled again, "Me too!"

I smiled back, "I know, I felt you let go just before I did!"

Jamie leaned close to my face as if he was going to kiss me, just as we'd done the night before, but I pulled my face away from him, "No offence, but I already smelled your morning breath! I ain't kissing you `til you brush your teeth!" I said, pushing his face away with my hand.

Jamie groaned, rolled off me again, and started to get up, "Okay ya grump!" he said, stretching his arms to the ceiling.

As he had sat up, he pulled the covers mostly off me in the process, leaving me exposed from my hips up. He was looking intently at the condition of my diaper and comparing it to his own. "I think you wet more than I did!" he confessed.

"That's why I need to change!" I said, and right on cue the door to our room started to open. Luckily, Jamie had the sense to pull the covers over himself to hide the fact that he too was wearing a diaper and had obviously wet it several times during the night.

With everything else that happened last night, Jamie had asked to try one of my diapers, which had both shocked and excited me. Up until that moment, I had always thought he hated diapers, because he was always teasing me about wetting my bed and having to wear GoodNites to keep from waking up with my sheets wet.

"Good morning boys!" Mom greeted us as she came into the room. "I thought I heard voices."

"Mor'n mum!" I said, yawning and stretching.

"So what's my birthday boy want for breakfast today?" she asked, and it suddenly occurred to me that today was my BIRTHDAY! You see, I was born during a Leap Year on Leap-Day. Every year, except for when I turned four and eight, I've had to celebrate my birthday on February 28, since February 29 only comes once every four years. This year, today in fact, I am 12 years old, but really it is only my third REAL birthday.

"Oh Yeah! Happy Birthday!" Jamie said, scratching his head and trying hard not to look guilty as he continued to conceal his wet diaper beneath my covers.

"I dunno." I answered, still not completely awake myself.

"How about IHOP?" Jamie offered.

"IHOP? What's that?" I asked.

"Oh that sounds like a lovely idea; then I won't have to cook!" Mom said.

"What's IHOP?" I asked again.

"I haven't been there in a long time!" Jamie said excitedly.

"What's IHOP!?" I nearly shouted.

"I-H-O-P, International -- House -- Of -- Pancakes." Jamie said, first spelling it out, and then saying each word slowly for me.

"Oh, heck Yeah! That sounds like a good idea!" I added, rolling up onto one elbow.

"I'll go see if you're father is up for that." Mom said, turning to leave the room again. Then she paused, "And you had best watch your language birthday-boy!"

"What? All I said was heck!" I said to my own defense, and Mom left without another word.

As soon as I was sure she was down the hall I whispered to Jamie, "Quick, while she's gone! Strip off the diaper and put it in the trashcan by the door!"

In acknowledgement, Jamie stood right up, pulled down his shorts, and ripped the tapes away from the diaper, allowing it to fall off him. He quickly pulled his shorts back up before almost running to the trashcan and depositing it in softly so as not to make any noise. He then went over to his bed and was going through his own clothes.

"You are going to have to wash off that pee or you will stink and give yourself away!" I instructed.

"But if I take another shower, then they might suspect." Jamie said, but no sooner had he got the words out than Mom yelled down the hall, "Why don't you boys get a quick shower before we go!"

"Okay!" Jamie and I yelled back exactly at the same time and also at the exact same time we looked at each other and said, "JINX!" which, when said by both parties in unison counters the Jinx, rendering both parties still able to speak. We laughed and Jamie asked, "You need help getting up?"

"Don't know yet." I said, and I tried to sit up. I got to one elbow again, rolled my hips, slid my legs forward, and let my feet drop off the side of the bed. I used the momentum to pull my torso up so that I was now sitting on the side of my bed.

"Look, you leaked after all." Jamie said, pointing at me. Instead of looking at myself, I looked at the sheet where I had been laying and didn't see a wet spot. "No, your shirt, it's wet!" Jamie added. Sure enough, when I pulled the bottom of my shirt out where I could see it, the entire bottom front was soaked and smelled of pee. I tried to take the shirt off by myself, but since my broken ribs were still taped and a little sore, I couldn't get my arms up high enough to get it off my head by myself.

Jamie came over and helped to free my head from the confines of my t-shirt before helping me get to my feet by just standing still and allowing me to pull myself up while holding on to him.

When I stood up, the diaper I was wearing fell right off me and went `Splat' on my feet. Jamie laughed hard as he bent down and had me step out of it, so that he could deposit it into the trashcan along with the one he'd just put in there.

"Guess I didn't get it on as tight as I thought last night for you!" Jamie said with a coy little grin. "You want your slippers and bathrobe?" he asked.

"Na, I'll just go like this!" I said looking down at my boyhood nudity, which would have been complete, had I not still had the tape around my ribs from where Peter Alderman had kicked the living crap out of me only a few days ago. He'd done it because he had thought that I had been the one that had hung up nude and diaper pictures of him in the school hallway. Actually, it had not been me that did it, but I do know who the culprit was. The guilty party was none other then my recently acquired friend, Jasper Hawkins. He'd done it to get even with Peter for picking on him all the time, and trying to beat him up. The result of Peter having kicked the crap out of me was that he and his friends all got expelled from school and sent away to some military school. It had been the final act in a long list of legal and school infractions they had committed over the years.

Jamie assumed his position in front of me so that I could hold on to the back of his shoulders as he led me across the hallway, through Mom and Dad's bedroom, and into their master-bath.

Neither of us dallied long in the shower this time. We were both quite hungry this morning and wanted to get to breakfast as soon as possible. However, given our newly discovered fondness for each other as a result of last night, instead of washing our own bodies we each washed the other's, making sure that we paid special attention to our diaper areas to wash away all traces of pee from our skin.

After our showers, we both wrapped ourselves in towels, and headed out of Mom and Dad's room to the hall bathroom where our toothbrushes were. We brushed together, spat in the sink together, and then went back to our room to get dressed together. When we walked in, Mom was already waiting for me so that she could diaper me before we left.

I also noted that she'd changed clothes since I'd seen her when she'd come in to wake us up, and I couldn't help but wonder if she'd been getting dressed while the two of us were taking a shower in her bathroom.

"Come on! Let's get you ready to go! Your Dad's getting the car warmed up right now." she said. Jamie led me to my bedside where I let go of him and Mom helped me to lie back down again. I also noticed that my bed had been made. Man, moms are fast! In the short time that Jamie and I were in the shower, she had time to change her clothes, comb and spray her hair with hair spray. I could still smell it in the air of the hall bathroom when Jamie and I were in there brushing our teeth. She had also had time to make my bed and get my diaper supplies ready for me.

Mom put another disposable diaper on me, and this time she also slipped a pair of pull-on plastic pants on over my diaper, "For extra protection this morning!" she said.

The whole time Mom was getting me diapered, Jamie had been getting dressed himself. However, I had noticed that he was watching out of the corner of his eye longingly. I nearly asked Mom if she would diaper Jamie too, but I knew that Jamie would have an absolute fit if I did, and I didn't think Mom would do it anyway.

"Do you need help getting dressed the rest of the way?" Mom asked, as she helped me to my feet.

"Na, I'm good! I can do it!" I assured.

"Ok, just yell if you need help." She said, kissing my forehead and turning to leave.

Jamie added, "I can help him if he needs help."

Jamie still had his towel wrapped around his waist, but he was sitting on the side of his bed, pulling on a pair of socks.

"Thank you; you are such a good boy!" Mom said, giving him a kiss on top of his head.

Mom left the two of us alone to get ready to leave. Just as I had done before, I swung my feet off the edge of my bed, and used the momentum to get to a sitting position. I gave the doorway a quick glance before asking in a very hushed whisper, "Want to wear one of my GoodNites today? No one can tell you have one on cause they are so much like real undies!"

Jamie's eyes got wide, and I thought for a panic-filled second that he was going to shout his reply, but he managed to retain his senses as he whispered excitedly, "Yeah! Can I?"

I got up, walked across the room unaided, took one from my dresser drawer, and handed it to him. I then went to the door and acted as the lookout for him while he quickly put it on and then jumped into a pair of blue-jeans.

"Okay, done!" he said, and I turned just as he was pulling up his zipper.

"Hey, those are my jeans!" I protested at seeing him in my favorite jeans.

"I didn't think you would mind." He said, tugging at the crotch to adjust himself for comfort.

"I guess I don't." I said with a small shrug.

I went to the closet and got out another pair of pants. I stepped into them, but quickly learned that they were a little tight as I tried to get them around my diaper and the plastic pants. Without being asked, Jamie knelt before me and helped me get them snapped and zipped up. For added measure, Jamie gave my diapered bottom a soft swat, "There, snug as a bug in a ... diaper!" he changed it at the last second and laughed at his own lame joke.

"You should wear your green and black button-up shirt with those pants. That would look awesome!" Jamie said, and without my consent or objection, he pulled it off the hanger from the closet and helped me put it on. He even buttoned the buttons for me. As he was buttoning the last button at the top, he looked me in the eye and asked, "Can I wear your yellow Panther shirt?"

"No!" I teased.

"Please!!!!" he begged.

"What's in it for me?" I continued to tease him.

Jamie got a playful look in his eye, leaned forward, and whispered into my ear, "I'll get you into my club!"

That was not what I was expecting him to say, but let me tell you that it sure was the right thing for him to say! Last night, during our escapades in bed, Jamie had shared with me that he and several other kids, both boys and girls, who live in his building, had formed a sex club in which they not only talk about sex, but also do things together.

"Okay!" I said, rolling up on the balls of my feet with excitement.

"Cool!" Jamie exclaimed, and went after my Panther shirt. He had it on so fast that even if I had wanted too, I couldn't have stopped him. He was smiling and petting the shirt affectionately.

"This is too cool!" he said with a big smile.

"It looks good on you too." I complemented him.

"What shoes you want to wear?" he asked.

"Well, since I'm so dressed up, I guess I should just wear my school shoes." I answered.

"Okay!" he said, and dove into the bottom of my closet to get them for me. I had to have his help putting them on and tying them, which we managed to do without me sitting back down again. I just held onto his head while he slipped each one on, and tied them into double knots for me, so that they wouldn't come untied again. When he had both of my shoes tied, he went back to his own bed, sat down, and slipped into his own shoes that he'd worn over on Friday night. Then we headed out to the living room with him leading me along.

Dad was standing by the backdoor with his coat on. "Good morning boys!" Dad said, "And Happy Birthday to you my wonderful son!"

I smiled, "Thanks! Where's my presents?" I joked.

"Not till the party later!" Mom said, coming over with our coats.

"Is it cold out?" Jamie asked.

"It's actually really nice out this morning. I think it's going to be a perfect day for a party." Dad said.

Thankfully, the ride to the IHOP was not too bad. For some reason, since having my ribs busted up, riding in cars made me super sick to my stomach, but today it didn't bother me at all. Maybe it was because after Jamie got in the backseat, I got in after him (with Dad's help of course) and I laid my head on his lap. Somehow, lying down seemed to help me. On the way to the restaurant, Jamie kept petting my hair with one hand, and playing with my ear with his other hand. It tickled, but it also felt nice, so I let him continue doing it.

Mom commented as we entered the door to the restaurant that for a Sunday morning, the IHOP was living up to its name and was really hopping with customers. Even with the place nearly packed, we still were seated right away and had our food surprisingly fast. While we ate, we talked about silly stuff that seemed important at the time, but now, hours later, I can not recall any of it at all except for one part which kind of disturbed us all.

Someone in the booth directly behind Jamie and I had been having a conversation. I never turned around to see them because I'd been taught that it was rude, and though I knew eavesdropping on their conversation was rude too, I honestly couldn't help myself.

"Mom?" I whispered across the table.

"What is it sweetheart?" Mom asked, as she leaned over the table to hear me.

"Did you hear what that lady just said?" I asked.

"What lady?" Mom asked, looking around our booth to see whom I might have meant.

I thumbed over my shoulder to the booth behind me, "She said that someone was kidnapped."

Dad had leaned in to hear my whispers too. I'd even caught Jamie's attention. Mom frowned, "Simon? How many times have I told you not to listen in on other people's private conversations?"

That ended that conversion before it could get started. Nothing else was said about it as the conversation then turned to something about staples, though I might have heard Mom and Dad wrong because I wasn't really paying attention to them. I was still trying to hear more from the booth behind me. However, they had lowered their voices enough that I couldn't make heads or tails of anything they said.

On the way back to the house, I was again laying on Jamie's lap with my left ear firmly resting against his crotch. I was listening to Mom talk about how she wanted to buy a new sewing machine when I suddenly felt the front of Jamie's pants get really warm. I so badly wanted to say something to him, but I decided that it would be too risky with Mom and Dad so close.

Once home again, and feeling very full, Mom and Dad surprised me with an early birthday present. It was a new computer game for my computer and I completely forgot about the fact that Jamie had wet the GoodNite I'd let him wear this morning. I didn't remember about it until I was putting it here in my journal.

The game Mom and Dad had given me, was the newest Harry Potter game that had only just come out! Jamie and I took turns all morning playing it until Mom came in and announced that guests would be arriving soon. She asked if I needed changing before the party and though I had only wet a little, I figured it was better safe then sorry, so I let her change my diaper. Jamie had left the room while she did it, and when she was done we both went out to the living room.

The party turned out to be an absolute blast! Dad had cleared out the garage and decorated it all up for the party. I honestly have no idea when he had time to clean the garage either, as that would have been a monumental task to say the least! He had put a kerosene heater in the middle of the garage to keep the place warm, but with all the people in there, he ended up having to open the window to cool it off after about an hour or so into the party.

I made a mental note that the only kids that didn't come to my party were the boys from the hospital, but they all sent cards that they had made as well as did Jasper. Actually, I didn't realize Jasper had not come until well into the party, when Lowell came over with Mike who was wearing a huge balloon hat. They'd both told me that Jasper didn't come, but they didn't tell me why. I had to find that out for myself after the party.

It seems Jasper had finally found out that it was in fact me who had been the one to turn his older brother into the police, along with several of his brother's friends for robbing and stealing from several Convenience Marts all over town. The ironic thing was that one of the friends of Jasper's brother Bull had also been Mike's older brother Tate, or Tater as all his friends called him, but Mike had not taken the same offence to my actions as Jasper had. Sometime after the party, after everyone had gone home, including Jamie, I had called over to Jaspers house and tried to get to talk with him, but he wouldn't come to the phone. I could hear him in the background saying that he didn't want to ever talk to me again. When I went to check my email, I found that I had a single email from him with very descriptive words that described my character as he saw it. Despite the fact that I really had done the right thing by turning his older brother in to the police, he seemed to be blaming me for everything.

Anyhow, despite Jasper's absence from the party, we still had a lot of fun. I got several gifts that were totally the best presents ever. The first was a present from both Dad and Mike, which surprised me probably the most. When I opened it, I found that it was a model ship; the same model ship in fact, that Dad and I had tried to build together a while back, but had never finished. Mike shared that last night, my Dad took it over to Mike's house, on Mike's invitation, and Mike had stayed up all night to finish it as a present to me. You see, when I first met Mike, I had found out that he was into building models. He has built and custom painted tons and tons of model airplanes that he's hung from his ceiling, or has displayed in various places around his bedroom. I'd told him about the ship and the fact that Dad and I had never finished building it. From what Mike told me, he'd called and asked if it would be okay for him to finish it as a birthday present to me, and Dad thought it was a wonderful idea. In addition, I just have to say that it was a wonderful gift from both Dad and Mike! I now have it on the wall-shelf over my bed, along with my championship yo-yo trophies.

I also finally got the skateboard I have been longing for since before last Christmas! However, I didn't get it from Mom and Dad, but from Lowell and my best friend BJ. The first time I had ever met Lowell was at Wal-Mart almost exactly two weeks ago. He'd walked up to me while I had been standing, drooling over the skateboard and dreaming of owning and riding it one day. He and BJ both knew how much it meant to me. So they put their money together that they'd been saving from their allowances, and from shoveling sidewalks, so that they could buy it as a birthday gift for me. For that fact, it means even more to me now than if Mom and Dad had been the ones to get it for me. I did however have to promise Lowell that I would let him ride it once the weather got warmer, and I didn't really have a problem with that.

My third favorite present was from Mr. Freeman, my school Principal, and his wife Nurse Gabby, whom I'd met in the hospital after Peter had beat me up and broken my ribs. The two of them gave me a cool multi-function watch. It not only tells the time, but it has a calculator, a lunar display, and a temperature read-out. It's all black, with a blue display readout.

I received many other presents, but those were the most memorable ones. Oh, and there is the one present I got from my Aunt Catharine. She's my Mom's sister. A couple days before my birthday, she'd sent me an electronic notebook that I use to journal in now. I'm using it at this very second! It's really cool. Not only can I use it as an electronic journal, but I can also use it to access and send emails and several other things. It is probably my favorite present of them all.

When the party was over and everyone had gone home, even my brother Jamie, who only comes over every-other weekend because he actually lives with his real Mom, I sat in my room admiring all my presents and looking back on all the fun everyone had at the party. It was the first time that I can remember having such a good party. Everyone also thought it was so cool that though I am now 12-years-old, today was really only my third birthday. Since I was born on February 29th, if you really wanted to get technical I am not really 12 but only 3. I guess that is fitting since I still wet my bed every night, and thanks to Peter beating the snot out of me, I've been having to wear diapers pretty much every day and night as I can't care for myself, or even wipe my own backside when I go to the bathroom, because I can't bend enough to reach.

Mary, my sweet angel girl, came to my party too. She let me sign her cast on her arm, along with everyone else at the party. You see, after Peter beat me up that day at school, a couple of his friends decided that since they couldn't get to me, they were going to take out their frustrations on someone I cared deeply for. So they attacked and broke Mary's arm, and because of it, they too ended up getting expelled from our school and shipped off to some military school.

One of the more memorable events of the day was when Mary was leaving to go back home. She'd pulled me aside, out of the view of anyone else, and gave me a kiss. My toes curled in my shoes and I could hardly breathe afterward. She left me speechless. I can't wait to see her again!

Dad was just in here and told me that it was time for me to wrap this up and get ready for bed, but I am still so pumped up over everything today that I doubt I will be able to get to sleep. He said that Mom would be in shortly to help me get my diaper changed, which I am defiantly in need of. I've been in this one since just after the party ended. So I guess I had better save this journal entry. Tomorrow is a new day, and I'm sure I will have more thoughts about today to write then.