Simon's Journal

Volume II



Thirteen Nights After the Crusade



Written by

Author of Thirteen Days


Chapter - 10

Tuesday, March 09, 2004 Parts Unknown

I had fallen asleep again. I knew it for sure this time because I had been brought back to consciousness as the van drew to a stop and I was once again treated to the pleasure of having two pairs of heavy boots kicking into me as the men shoved themselves out the rear door of the van.

With no more ceremony then when I had been dumped inside the night before, I was dragged back out again, although only halfway, with my shoulders still resting on the carriage floor and my legs dangling outside. A sharp rap on the head silenced the squeak of pain I let out at having been left in such an uncomfortable position.

"Shurrup, yur" the command came in the low, disguised voice I now was sure belonged to Detective Segal.

"We leavin or takin `is things art o' t' van?" Doc asked, his accent seeming to get worse the more he talked.

"So we were in a van!" I proudly thought to myself.

"If we ivva expect gerr owt for `a' lot we best be bringin it wi' wee, dooant yur think?" came Segal's quick reply. "Runt is takin t' van daahn `n ditchin it soon as we gerr tutheur lad unloaded."

"RUNT!" I screamed inside of my head, "I knew it!"

I felt myself again being grabbed and then a shout rang out, "Hey t' blanket is orl witched!" Doc exclaimed, "How yur thin `a' ap'n?"

"Oh beeam!" I heard Segal groan and I must admit I took a small amount of pleasure knowing Doc had been contaminated with me pee. Segal continued groaning as he worked up to a full growl, "Ha gormless can `un bloke gerr? T' beeam obviously pissed `imself naw didn't `e?"

"Oh `a' is just pleeam disgustin!" Doc shouted.

"Why dooant yur be eur lahl louda, ah dooant think t' sheriff's office cross tarn 'eard theur t' fust tahhm." Segal snapped at Doc and then as if he were trying to explain something to a little child he spoke in a sort of broken pause, "The--kids--still--wears--nappies; that--is--why--we--have--some--in--the--van--rememba?"

"Well whoa is goan change `im?" Doc's voice cracked nervously.

"Oh t' `ell with `im; let `im lay theear i' `is own piss for orl ah care!" Segal barked.

With that I felt someone grab my ankles and I was pulled out of the van and my upper body came crashing down to the ground with a heavy thud.

I let out a big groan that got me another rap on the head with what felt like someone's boot.

"I done towd yur ta shut it!" Segal commanded again.

Unfortunately the force of my body crashing against the hard ground was all it took for my bowels to release into the blanket. Oddly enough, I had forgot that I had needed to go before falling asleep in the van but now that I'd crapped myself, I found the warmth of my poop against my bottom and the back of my legs somewhat comforting but only for a minute or so before it started to cool and I started to get cold all over again.

"Put orl `is stuff except `em diapers o'a i' `em thea bushes `n stuff `em diapers in dis `eear sack while ah gerr tutheur `un." Segal ordered to Doc.

I lay motionless on the ground gasping for air as the wind had been knocked out of me when he hit the ground and for the first time I realized I was still wearing my plastic body armor.

In the distance I could hear the sound of water and a faint deep toned horn. I had never heard a horn sound like that before but imagined it was what a ship horn would sound like so I assumed that is where they were taking me next and I was right.

Soon I heard the van start up again and pull away, then felt what must have been the bag of diapers being dropped on my stomach. Two hands gripped my ankles and another set of hands took hold of the blanket near my shoulders and lifted me into the air.

The two men carried me farther then when they had removed me from wherever it is I had been kept after the accident. I could hear the sound of crunching gravel again with each of their steps they took, which eventually turn to more of a clopping sound like that of a horse. It took me a few minutes to realize that what I was hearing was the two men walking on something wooden, like very loose floor boards that creaked and groaned with each step. Hearing the `clop clop' of their boots hitting the wood and the smelling the salt water on the cold morning air as again it blew through the now, very wet and soiled blanket helping me to piece together that we must be at some kind of boat dock somewhere far from home. As the wind cut through the blanket goose bumps arose on my skin and sent shivers rolling up my spine as me teeth began to chatter uncontrollably.

Thud! Thud! Two more raps to the head. "Gi'o'a makin those infernal noses or well just drop yur int' water `n be done wi' yur!" came Segal's now usual growl.

"The water?" I thought, "I must have been out of it a lot longer then I had previously thought."

It took some time to get where we were going, several times I felt as though they were carrying me up a hill feet first because all m blood kept running to my head and causing me a huge amount of pain.

After a final long descent, which was much less uncomfortable since it meant my head was higher then the rest of my body for a change, my two captors, Segal and Doc stopped. They dropped me with a thump to the ground as if I were already dead and unable to be hurt anymore, but I was still alive and it did hurt a lot; especially because it was my head that hit first leaving me dazed and confused for several minutes. However, it wasn't the ground I had landed on this time, it was something else, not hard metal like the van floor or solid like the ground had been when they had pulled me from the van and just let me drop. No this was solid but at the same time soft. I was completely at a loss as to where I was now.

Seconds after I had hit there was another thudding sound down by my feet and I wondered if that had been the sound of the "other boy" Segal had mentioned back at that van. I also wondered if he was still alive since I hadn't heard a single sound from him during our entire journey. And then I had a horrible thought, "What if it was Jamie?"

I lay there in the bundle for a very long time but didn't know just how long. It felt like several hours and I thought I might have even fell sleep again, or maybe lost consciousness due to all the blows to the head I have been taking; but I wasn't so very sure just how long or if I had really drifted away from consciousness or not since I was still rapped in total darkness.

I could hear nothing and felt no movement of the air around me though it was still quite cold. So I assumed that I was inside somewhere, but where? My stomach rumbled and for the first time I realized I was very hungry and I suddenly realized just how very thirsty I was.

"All right! All right! Relax boys; Mi will take care of dim. After all, where's dey going to run to in the middle of all dis water?" I heard the sound of a women's voice flavored with a hint of a Jamaican accent. She was talking from a distance and then I again heard footsteps coming closer to where I lay motionless and frightened that she was coming to kill me.

"All right now child! Mi going to let you out of dat blanket." The lady said and I assumed she was talking to me just then and not the other boy. "You be stinking up the place with your vile stench! Those wise-guy wanna-be's say you got to be tied and blindfolded. If you agree not to make a peep or try to run, I will get you unwrapped and into a dry diaper. Maybe you be more comfortable and stay a little warmer."

"So we have gone to sea?" I thought to myself, "I could take this chance to make a break for it but like the lady said, where would I go if we are out in the middle of the water?" So I resigned myself to staying quiet and hoped they would at least give me something to eat and drink. Another thought flashed across my mind, "This strange lady is about to see me naked as well as covered in poop and pee! Maybe I could just tell her that I didn't really need diapers?"

However that thought lasted only a moment and was replaced with, "Without the diapers, would they come and let me use a bathroom when I needed to or would they just let me set in my own filth as they had done before?" No, I decided it was better to just let her put a diaper on me.

I tried to answer her through the blanket; "I wall 'e gud?" is how it must have sounded from the outside but I guess she understood it well enough because I could feel the lady tugging at the ropes that were rapped around me as they loosen and fall away.

"Ok now, close dim eyes and don't go peeking." She ordered in a tone not unlike the man I thought to be Segal but coming from her it didn't sound so ... deadly!

I did as I was told as the blanket was pulled away and a large cloth, I think it might have been a cloth diaper, was placed over my face and pinned very tight at the back of my head. I was even colder now without the blanket and though I was trying not too, my body kept twitching and shivering against the cold. Once she had me adequately blindfolded the lady took hold of my arms, stretched them over my head causing the muscles in my chest to be stretched thus pulling on my ribs reminding me how tender they still were. She pulled me backward so that I was now lying on my back with my arms stretched over my head and then she tied me down in that position. Though I couldn't see, in my minds eye I imagined that in that stretched out position I must have resembled someone being stretched out on a medieval torture rack.

After a couple seconds the discomfort in my chest diminished until it was completely gone. That is when I heard the voices of two men who'd brought me here, shouting from far away but I couldn't understand what was being said by either of them.

When I felt the lady take a hold of the blanket and pull it open, exposing my wet and soiled body, instantly the cold air hit me and I gasped.

"Yes its cold out here child but soon you will be dry and warm again." The woman cooed.

For a brief moment I felt something cold and hard touch my skin just over my right shoulder that caused my body to go ridged.

"Do not worry; I am only going to cut this plastic thing off you." She said soothingly.

"Oh please don't!" I said before I realized I should not have spoken.

I heard the lady sigh as I felt her loosed then remove the ropes that she had used to tie my hands. I still did not move but left my arms in the same position.

She took my arms and brought them down to my side before lifting my shoulders only a couple inches off of whatever it was I was laying on and pulled the blanket down across my back to my waist and off my arms. I could really feel the cold so much more now and could smell the sea air as it filled my nose mingled with the fowl odors emanating from the blanket. I couldn't help but allow my mind to wonder as I questioned to myself if we were sailing north toward icy waters. I'm not sure why but she again took my arms and returned them to their out stretched position above my head. She tied them in place again and I thought I was going to cry as felt the ropes tighten around my wrists.

Feeling her grasp my ankles as if I were a baby she hoisted them into the air and I felt the blanket peal off my bottom and the backs of my legs. She lowered my feet and began to remove the shoes Doc had place on me. She let each shoe drop the floor with a sort of hollow thud.

Now, I suppose I had been imprisoned in the blanket for so long that I'd grown use to the odor but now that the blanket was gone and I was again breathing fresh air I felt myself missing the blanket as I realized I was laying there completely nude, save for my plastic armor and what felt to be an ample slathering of my own waste.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted as I had become very much aware of the fact that my face had flushed red with embarrassment. I was totally exposed to some strange lady and my little boyhood member seemed to be aware of this fact and was beginning to awaken which caused me a great deal of embracement. I was so grateful that my face was covered by the cloth and my brain stopped for a moment as I thought to myself, "Grateful to be blindfolded?" I couldn't help but to let a giggle slip passed my lips but I don't believe she had head anything for if she had, she didn't let on at all.

I felt her lay a hand on my left side, just below my plastic armor, "Does this hurt?" she asked as the pressed lightly.

A small but sharp stabbing pain caused me to quickly inhale and served to take my mind off my boyhood member who seemed to go back to sleep, at least for the time being.

I nodded my head and grunted, "Yes!"

"Did those two S.O.B.'s bruise you up like dis?" she asked in an angry voice.

Fearing that she'd confront the men that had abducted me and then having them come to kick me more, I lay quiet and prayed that she would let the matter drop. But she didn't.

"What is this for?" she asked patting my plastic armor.

I started to tell her but only got out, "For my," before I started crying. I've no idea why I started balling but once it started I couldn't stop it and within a matter of seconds I was balling like a baby expelling tears into my blindfold.

Odd thing was that though I had begun crying so hard, she didn't seem to take any notice of me but instead busied herself with cleaning the filth from my tender skin. When she again grabbing my heals somehow instinct kicked in and I lifted his bottom several inches into the air to allow her to easily reach my backside but the lady still lifted up my feet, pulling my legs into the air as she scrubbed me raw. However, this time she didn't lower me back down but kept my lower half in the air. After a fashion of time I heard what obviously had to be a fresh disposable diaper being shaken open and then felt it being slide under me. As she then lowered me down on top of it I remembered something she had said to me and I realized that she had been right; it already felt more comfortable just feeling the dry Diaper as it came into contact with my bottom.

A loud noise from the other side of the room broke the near silence causing my whole body to tense. "Aren't you finished in there yet? Came the low gravely voice of Segal.

"MI WILL BE DONE WHEN MI DONE!" The lady screamed so loudly that my entire body leaped into the air several inches. Had it not been for the ropes around my wrists I have no doubt what so ever that I would have fallen to the floor

Again a loud noise from the other side of the room crashed and I knew it now to be a door being slammed.

As if nothing had just happened the lady continued her work while being swift and gentle with the skills of a mother. In no time I was tightly tucked into a clean dry disposable diaper and even blindfolded I knew it was thinker then any disposable diaper I had ever worn because I couldn't get my legs together and my lower back felt like it was being held in the air a couple inches at least.

Still crying but as hard as before I listening to each small noise the lady made, I knew she was now picking up the wet and soiled blanket and placing it in what I thought was probably a plastic bag from the crinkling sound it made. I was left alone for several minutes while she busied herself with other things. I again became aware of just how cold the room was since I was lying there sprawled out wearing nothing but a diaper and a cloth over my face.

I shivered and this must have caught the woman's attention, "Oh you are cold; Mi get someting to cover you up."

I heard her take a few steps away from me and return almost as quickly. "Ok, this should do ..." She stopped in mid-sentence and I felt her lay another scratchy wool blanket over me. It must have been thick as it felt heavy all over my body. She tucked the edges of the blanket in around me stopping at my feet. She lifted the blanket off my feet and then proceeded to tie a rope around them as well with his angles placed firmly together. After she had my feet bound and then tucked in tight under the blanket she moved back up by my head and made sure the blanket was tucked tightly under my chin to ensure I was kept warm.

Hearing what I thought was her gathering the bag filled with the wet and soiled blanket as she was preparing to leave I thought I would try to see if she would bring me something to eat. "Miss?" I said softly so not to sound demanding and mostly not to have Segal and Doc hear me talking.

She answered me with a simple, "Yes?"

"I am very hungry." I said.

Saying nothing the woman left the room and closed the door.

I guessed it had been about twenty minutes that I had been left alone, though I really had no sense of time really, when I again heard the door open and someone coming in. I now knew from the sound of the footsteps that it was the lady returning and she was alone.

"Child you still awake?" She asked with an almost caring sound to her voice.

I turned my head to where her voice came from, "Uhuh" I said beneath his cloth blindfold.

"Good, Mi going to take away your blindfold from your mouth and nose, lift your head and give you something that will take away the hunger. You must drink it all and no spitting it out!" she again sounded rough like Segal.

She did just as she had said and pulled the blindfold up just enough so the end of my nose just peeked out from under the cloth. Placing a hand under my head she lifted it until she could get a bowl to my lips. I helped to crane my neck up as far as I could stretch with my arms still bound above my head. I opened my mouth and began to swallow. It was a thick warm and gritty substance, tasted very salty and smelled of fish that had turned bad. I had no idea what she was poring into my and my bodies instinct was to spit it out but I was to scared of what might happen if I didn't do as I had been told and because I was so incredibly hungry, I forced myself to swallow every bit of the stuff.

Within no time at all she had fed me all of it, replaced the cloth over my face and promptly headed for the door.

I squeaked out, "Thank you!" just before the door closed again.

I lay there fighting my gag reflexes as my tongue licked around my teeth at the after taste of the disgusting stuff I had just been forced to eat. I thought to myself, "It would be a bad thing to vomit the stuff back out since my face is covered. I might drown myself!" Never in my life had I ever tasted anything so disgusting. I swallowed hard against the back of my tongue hoping to get the taste out of my mouth but it was no use, the taste lingered.

Having been freshly diapered, blindfolded, bound hand and foot, covered with a very heavy blanket and having a belly about half filled with what my mind now called `The Sludge'. I began to feel tired, my head started to spin; I felt as though I were falling into a deep dark hole and a moment later I was asleep.


I awoke feeling very groggy and confused. I had the feeling that I was being shaken and it took several minutes before I realized I was in fact moving. "No!" I shouted in my head, "I'm not moving the room is moving!" only that last part came out his mouth.

"Ah oh! He's awake!" came the voice of Doc.

I felt a hard blow to the side of my ribs, "Shut-up you!" but the blow didn't hurt, not the way it had been intended because my plastic armor had protected me that time.

"I thought I told you to give him another injection before leaving the blood boat." Growled Segal.

"Dere weren't time and besides you was de one in such a 'urry ta get 'way from ... from dat lady!" Doc sassed, "Ya know, I t'ink you is scared of 'er."

"Another minute on that boat with the two of you and I would have been guilty of three crimes! Kidnapping and a double homicide! But then it wouldn't have been a double homicide, it would have been justice!" The two of you are enough to drive anyone over the edge!" Segal shouted and then there was the smack of flesh on flesh and Doc let out a whimper.

Realizing that I and my two captors were again on the road, I couldn't help but feel the rush of fear overcome him again.

"You t'ink de o'der one will make it?" Doc asked sounding as though he was still trying to sooth his wounded feelings.

"Far as I am concerned, she should just toss the runt in the ocean and be done with the whole mess." Segal growled.

Thought I was very much interested in that last statement of Segal's I couldn't help but to drift in and out of consciousness for the next hour or so before the drugs had nearly completely worn off enough for me to remain awake. I was sore all over and felt very weak; I also realized I was lying on my stomach face down on the floor. Trying to move or roll over I found that I was bound tighter then when I had fallen asleep. My arms were behind my back, my feet crossed over each other and tied so tight that they hurt if I tried to move them at all. I also was rapped in another scratchy wool blanket that reeked of urine and I though it must be the same one from before. By wiggled my hips and grinding my groin into the floor of the vehicle I was able to tell that I was not just wet, but completely soaked again and that's when I figured out that I must have wet so much that I flooded the diaper and it leaked. However that idea was hard for me to believe given the fact that the diaper the Jamaican sounding lady had put me in had felt to thick. I wiggled a little more and realized that I was no longer wearing that same diaper and from the feel of it, it felt more like a cloth diaper now. There was no crinkling sound so I assumed I did not have on plastic pants. "That's just dumb!" I said to myself, forgetting for just a moment where I was and why.

Another kick to my side, which caused an odd sort of cracking sound, knocked the wind out of me but didn't hurt as much as I thought it should. "Stop all that squirming around!" Segal grunted while kicking me several more times.

"That will keep you still!" Segal laughed.

I gasped for air as I began to cry again. The kicks were enough to start an asthma attack; panic hit me like an avalanche. I gasped and sucked but I couldn't get any air at all. I was now squirming against my bindings and flopped around wildly. Segal was kicking me harder and harder, to the back, to the stomach and then one good kick to my head and everything went dark.

I came around again as the vehicle my captors had placed me in was coming to a stop. My head was aching from the kick that had knocked me out and my body felt as though a truck had run me over. The vehicle lurched to a stop at last, and I was once again treated to the pleasure of having two pairs of heavy boots jabbing and kicking into me as the men shoved themselves out the door. I heard a noise that sounded like a bear growling but the noise then turned to a grunt and I decided it wasn't a bear at all but Segal. He must have been stretching or something.

Then, with no more care than when I had been pulled from the first van, I was yanked out and allowed to drop to the ground. I couldn't help but cry from the pain but for some reason Segal and Doc; they didn't kick or hit me to get me to stop this time.

However, a moment later I felt someone grab hold of the blanket and left my upper body off the ground, "One more time! Just one more sound and I am going to reach in and pull your tongue out of your head!" the command came in a low, angry voice from Segal before he again let me drop.

"We leavin' 'is stuff out 'ere dis time? Doc asked while holding me in place with a single boot resting on my chess. The pressure was enough to remind me of the asthma attack I had while still back in the confines of the vehicle and I still felt the pain from the boot beating I had received due to the attack.

"We are if we ever expect to see a dime for any of it," came the quick reply. "We will leave it all here with the truck until we get back."

"How 'bout de extra diapers?" asked Doc. "Do we leave 'em 'ere too?"

Segal cleared his throat with a snort and spit, "Why not? Weren't nothing said about delivering him with any stuff, now was there? We just take him as he is and get rid of him one and for all!"

I heard Doc say something that sounded like, "Flimble gimbledy."

"Let's get on with it. Here I'll take the feet again, you get the head." Segal ordered. I felt myself being once again being transported by the two villains. To where? And to what? At least the grim boat and truck rides appeared to be over. It did not seem to me that anything could be as bad as those had been. At the very least, I might soon be having the smothering blanket and blindfold removed, hopefully be able to get out of the soaked diaper and to be able to see once again. It didn't much matter to me what I looked upon as long as I was no longer imprisoned in a wet diaper and a suffocating blanket encamped by darkness.

I was only lugged a short distance on level ground and then up several very loudly creaking steps, I heard an old style bell ring; it was muffled and distant as if deep inside a building.

"You sure dey're expetin' us at dis godly witch'n hour?" Doc asked with more then a hint of trembling to his voice.

Segal, sounding like he was able to go nuclear on Doc snapped back, "It is called an ungodly witching hour you ass!"

And not missing a beat Segal continued, "When else would we be coming with this kind of delivery you simple minded fool? In the bright sunshine?" Segal snorted. "Of course they're expecting us. Don't think they don't know how everything's done. It's their business. Now, don't you go--"

He stopped at the sound of a door handle turning, and a door opening with all the special effects of a bad horror movie.

"We've got the uh ... package," Segal grunted under his breath.