Simon's Journal

Volume II



Thirteen Nights -- After the Crusade



Written by

Author of Thirteen Days


Chapter - 3

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


PART 1 -- Secrets, lies and Vanishing Cream

I don't think I have ever dreamt so much in a single night in my whole life. I am sure it was because I'd been reading Lowell's adventure-filled diaper story, because my own dreams all seemed to be about me in diapers, and taking part in some sort of crazy adventure. The longest dream I had was really beyond weird, and I still don't know what it was all about. I'd been at some man's house. I don't know who he was, but he had a nice home, like they have in Hollywood, with lush green trees all around. We were cooking veggie burgers on the grill out back on the cement patio. I was, of course, only clad in an overly large cloth diaper, and a pair of white with blue striped running shoes-no socks.

Okay, so that's not so odd, but what was weird was that we were not grilling the veggie burgers for ourselves, but for me to use as I broke into some sort of big office type building with my Mom. For some reason, after I got into the building, Mom and I had to return to the man's home again, to grill another veggie burger, which I was preparing in my hands as we pulled up to his house.

That dream seemed to last the longest, and was by far the weirdest one of the night. I'd also had a couple of others that were more enjoyable. I dreamt that Jamie had moved into our house and was living with us; I don't know why he had done this or what happened to his mom, but he and I were both in disposable diapers and sitting on a carpeted floor in a bedroom I've never been in before, but in my dream, I think it was my room. He and I were playing with Matchbox cars and cutting out roads from red and pink striped construction paper. That is all there was to that dream. The image in my head of Jamie and I sitting on the floor, playing with our cars, and wearing only diapers, is something I'll try to hang on to forever. Who knows, maybe the next time he's over for a weekend visit, I can get him to actually do it with me!

The only other dream worth noting here in my journal was about Peter, Tater, Runt, Bull, and someone else that I knew was there, but couldn't see his or her face. The six of us were sitting on some old, dirty, wood plank floor, in some equally dirty and dank room. Every last one of us were sitting in disposable diapers except that everyone's diaper was not white, but a sort of baby blue with green frogs all over them. We were sitting in a semicircle, and were tossing blue and red plastic coins into this baseball glove that was sitting in the middle of the floor. I've no idea what sort of game that was, but after everyone had tossed in several of these plastic coins; everyone pointed at Runt while laughing and shouting. Runt stood up, stripped off his diaper, and walked outside. As he opened the door a bunch of snow blew into the room, and we all huddled together to stay warm as we watched the door, waiting for Runt to return. The dream ended right there, and I've no idea why Runt had to go outside in the middle of what seemed to be a freezing snow blizzard, while being totally naked.

I just had to record those dreams here in my journal before I forgot about them. As soon as I woke up, I climbed from the bottom of my closet, got my E-Journal, and started to write about my dreams. Now that I'm done, I need to go see if Mom or Dad are up because I am really in need of a diaper change. I must have wet an ocean's worth last night. It's a good thing Mom put me into a cloth diaper, and not one of the disposables. Otherwise, I would have surely leaked all over the bottom of my closet, and probably stunk up all my clothes that are hanging above me.

It was pretty late in the morning by the time I emerged from my closet and went looking for one or both of my parents to help me get cleaned up. I found that Mom was gone again; she'd gone back over to her sister's to help care for her and her injured foot. That left Dad and I at home alone again. I found him sitting in his home office; concentrating so hard on what he was working on that when I softly said, "Morning Dad" he nearly had a heard attack.

Laughing, Dad said, "Son, you snuck up on me!"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to." I said.

"You look like you need some help there." Dad said, pointing to my diaper. I'd been holding onto the front of my plastic pants to keep my diaper from falling right off of me. With a big yawn, I nodded my head, and he left what he'd been working on and escorted me back to my room.

Before I assumed the position on my bed, Dad had me stand beside my bed while he pulled down my plastic pants. My diaper, being so very wet, came down with them. The stale stench of pee hit me in the face like a cold wet glove, but it was Dad that commented on the smell.

"I'd say we'd better get you in the tub this morning for sure!" Dad said, while turning his head to the side.

I gagged at the pungent odor, "Gee-whiz!" I exclaimed, while waving my hands in front of my face in a futile effort to dissipate the rank odor.

Once I stepped out of the wet blob as it laid around my feet, I started to turn to go, but Dad had taken hold of my left wrist to stop me. I stopped and turned back to him to find out why he stopped me.

"Don't you think we should take this off, too?" he asked, with a soft knocking of his knuckle on the plastic that encased my ribcage all the way around.

I rubbed the front of the smooth plastic with my hands, "Oh yeah! Wow! I'd totally forgot that I was wearing it already!"

"Well I guess that's a good thing!" Dad had said, while pulling at the Velcro straps that held the front and back pieces in place.

"Now, when I take this off, don't go wiggling around or moving too fast. I don't want you to hurt yourself again! Just take it nice and slow, even while you are in the shower!" Dad said, as he released the last strap that was over my right shoulder.

"My skin looks funny!" I said, as I saw how pink my chest was after Dad had removed the plastic. My two tiny nipples were super-sensitive to the touch.

Dad stood up with the two halves of my plastic body armor in one hand, my soaked diaper and plastic pants in the other, and said, "I think when we put this back on, I'll put a little powder inside, and that should help your skin stay dryer." Then he ushered me off to his bathroom.

Now I walked extra slow as I headed for the bathroom. Though I wasn't hurting, I could tell that everything felt really delicate. A picture flashed in my mind of a glass shop and a wild bull running through it, breaking everything in it's path. Then, the wild Bull turned into Bull, Jasper's older brother, and I started to giggle to myself.

"What are you laughing at?" Dad asked.

"Oh nothing, I just thought of something funny!" I said back.

When we entered the bathroom, Dad deposed all of my things into the sink and then helped me get into the bathtub. At first I was going to sit down, but I was kind of scared to, so in the end, I just stood there in the tub while Dad washed me all over. As he washed my boyhood parts and my backside, I noticed that it felt different, and not in a good way.

"Hmmm?" Dad hummed, "You've got some redness down here. I think your still having a problem with a rash!" Dad said, and I guessed that was the reason the water and soap seemed to feel, well not bad or painful, just not as soothing as it normally did.

I was only in the tub long enough for Dad to wash me from head to toe. Then he helped me back out of the tub and dried me off just as if I were his two-year-old little boy again. He wrapped the towel around my shoulders, gave me an angel's kiss on the nose, then had me stand there while he used the rag he'd washed me with, to wipe my plastic body armor clean. He also cleaned my plastic pants, and left those hanging over the showerhead to dry. My wet diaper he left in the sink, only to later retrieve it, and put it into the washer. It really did smell bad!

Back in my bedroom, I stood next to my bed with the towel still draped over me while Dad went to my dresser and got out the supplies he'd need to get me ready for my day. Sure enough, he put a light sprinkling of baby powder inside the two-pieces of plastic, before refitting them to my torso and strapping them into place.

"It's really amazing how well these protect me." I thought to myself.

As soon as Dad had strapped it firmly into place, I felt strong and able to move around freely again, without any worry of hurting myself. Except for my breastplate, I stood there before my Dad totally nude and honestly not ashamed of that fact either. I laid down on my bed and he put on a lot of the diaper cream this time. It was cold, but as soon as it made contact with the skin of my boyhood region, I felt instant relief. It had a cooling and soothing effect. I spread my legs without being told to do it, so that Dad could get the cream all the way between my legs. One leg at a time, he lifted them into the air and applied the cream. He did the same to both rear cheeks and I felt the same cooling feeling back there as well.

I hadn't noticed right away that he'd slipped a clean diaper under me while he had been buttering me up with diaper rash cream. I expected him to finish diapering me, however, instead of pulling the diaper up between my legs and pinning it into place; he grabbed the bottle of baby powder. He was just about to put it on me, but stopped and looked me in the eye, with a sort of thinking stare. I really had no idea what he was thinking about, but then he looked at the towel; the same one he'd used to dry me with after my bath. He took the towel and said, "Here, put this over your face so you don't have to breath the powder. I don't want to trigger another one of your asthma attacks."

"Good idea!" I agreed with a tiny giggle, as I attempted to smoother myself with the damp towel.

"Easy! You don't have to swallow it! Just let it rest over your face." He said with a small laugh.

I felt the powder going on, and then Dad's hand spreading it around. When I heard him let out a slight cough, I realized there must be a cloud of powder in the air. I chose to leave the towel in place until he removed it after he finished diapering me. When he did finally take the towel away, I saw that he'd put me back into cloth diapers. I was going to ask why, but I realized that I must not be going anywhere today and he must have figured that this way he wouldn't have to change me again for a while.

It wasn't until I tried to stand up, that I realized he must have used two of the cloth diapers, because no matter how hard I tried I could not put my legs together.

He went back to my dresser, pulled out a pair of light blue, but clear, plastic pants with red trim around the waist and leg openings. Actually, they were not totally clear; on the front there was an image that was a very futile attempt to make them look like real underwear with a `Y' fly pattern. It actually was kind of silly when I thought about it, but I didn't say anything to Dad. I just kept it to myself. At first, when Dad held them out for me to step into, I wondered if they would fit over a double diaper, but as Dad pulled them up, they encased the abundant thickness just fine.

"There we go! You ready for breakfast now?" he asked, patting my diapered butt hard enough for me to feel it through the heavy cloth diapers.

"Hey!" I complained at getting swatted so hard. Dad only grinned back at me.

Having Dad put me in extra thick cloth diapers, than not offering me any clothes to wear, sort of confused me, but at the same time, after all those diaper dreams I'd had last night and having begun to read Lowell's teenbaby story, I was kind of getting into all of the babyish attention and treatment. I literally had to waddle down the hallway and into the kitchen; it was completely impossible for me to walk normally with my legs being held open so wide by the double cloth diaper between my thighs. Actually, since the cloth diapers Mom got have multiple layers of cotton fabric sown into the middle of them, I'm actually wearing not just two layers of cloth but several. I've no idea how many, but I know it sure is a lot!

For breakfast Dad fried us both up some bacon and made two cheese omelets with toast, orange juice, and milk. I must have been ravenously hungry, though I didn't feel like I was when I started eating, because I ate every last bite of my food, drank all of my orange juice and milk and also had a second glass of milk. Dad served my breakfast beverages in two of my sipper cups Mom got me to use so I wouldn't spill drinks in my room. It was becoming normal for me to have all of my drinks in my sipper cups, no matter if I was at the table, in my room, or anywhere else in the house for that matter.

The two of us talked about different stuff while we ate. Dad listed several things he had to do for work today, and I figured I was going to have to entertain myself while he worked in his home office. Actually, I didn't mind, I had several things I wanted to do myself and most of them required privacy!

After breakfast, I helped Dad clean up and commented on the mess he'd made while cooking.

"If Mom was here and saw this, she'd be mad!" I'd said.

"Well she's not here, and probably won't be until dinner time!" was his comeback.

With the kitchen cleaned up again, we split up and went to our respective ends of the house. I again had to waddle my way back to my room, where I booted up my computer and signed on to check my email. The first one I opened was from Jasper and it said.


Simon -- I'm home from school still today. Both Dad and Bull are home now too. Lots to talk with you about but no time right now. I'll try to email you later. Can we talk on IM?



And that is all there was to Jasper's email. I honestly thought about writing him back, but this time I listened to that little voice inside my head and chose to just close his email and move on to the next.

Aside from a lot of spam emails I had one from Mike, two from Jamie my brother, and five from Lowell.

Since I had so many from Lowell, I thought that there might be a problem, so I read his emails first.


I can't sleep! Did you finish the first chapter? What did you think of it? Write me back as soon as you are finished! -- Lowell


The second, third, and fourth, were nearly the same, though the words were slightly different. He'd sent the fourth one at 1:13 AM according to the time stamp on the email header. The fifth and last email from him was from this morning at 6:01 AM.


Simon!!!!!! You had better be still reading and not sleeping, or I'm going to put live worms in your diaper! PLEASE write me and tell me what you thought of the first chapter of my story!!!!!!!! -- Lowell


I couldn't help but laugh at how desperate he sounded, and though the little devil in me thought about leaving him hanging a while longer, I didn't want to risk damaging our fragile new friendship. I also was dieing to read the next chapter of his story myself, which he said he wouldn't send until I emailed him when I finished the first one. So I started an email to him.


Good Morning Baby Lowell,

I hope you slept well last night. Ha Ha! Actually, I can tell from all of your emails that you are probably super tired right now since you didn't sleep much, if any, last night! Okay, I won't keep you waiting and freaking out any longer. Now don't get mad at me, I did manage to finish chapter one last night before I went to sleep. I printed it out on regular paper and read it in secret.


As I was writing the email, it occurred to me that I'd left those printed pages laying in my closet. I thought it might be a good idea to get them, and hide them away, out of sight of Mom and Dad. The last thing I would want to do is have them read it and then end up getting Lowell and his family into trouble.

I folded the pages in half, and put them into one of the books on the highest shelf, where I knew no one would ever find them, not even my snoopy brother Jamie! As I was climbing down off my desk chair, my elbow bumped a couple books off from one of the lower shelves. They fell to the floor with a fairly loud crash and thump. Luckily, Dad was far enough away in his home office that he didn't hear it, or at least I think he didn't, since he didn't come to see if I was okay.

As I was picking the books back up something fell out of one of them and when I saw what it was, I nearly fell over from shock! It was the money Runt had given me, it was my share of the money they had stolen from the convince store that one night when I'd snuck out of the house and was in the car with them.

In a panic, I fell to my knees and started to gather all the money up and was stuffing it frantically back into the Bible that I'd hid it in all those days ago. Now sweating bullets, I sat back in my desk with my head in my hands, still unable to believe that I had forgotten all about that money! Just knowing now that it was up there, made me feel like someone might find out and that I'd end up in even more trouble than I already am.

I looked up at the computer screen, and at the email I'd not yet finished to Lowell. My mind was racing and I couldn't think anymore. I read and reread what I had wrote, but the harder I tried to concentrate on writing the email, the harder it became to not think about the money. I finally just clicked the [Save Draft] button, so I wouldn't lose what I'd already wrote, and clicked off the power to the screen without logging out of my email, or turning off the computer.

I went over and sat on the side of my bed, my eyes kept drifting to the Bible stuffed with stolen money. After several minutes of teetering on the edge of a total Red-Alert Freak-Out, I finally stood up, grabbed the Bible, and slipped back into the bottom of my closet where I closed myself in. I still had my little flashlight so once I turned it on; I wasn't totally in the dark anymore. When I opened the Bible the money started to fall out again so I gathered it all into my hands and while holding the flashlight with my mouth I started to count it.

Most of it was small bills, ones, fives, and tens but there were a few twenties as well. The higher I counted the harder it became to breath and for the first time I started to feel that my closet was too small and was getting smaller by the second. When I counted the last bill I sat motionless as I stared down at the money, my flashlight dropping due to the fact that my jaw was nearly resting on my diaper!

"Three hundred and fifty-seven dollars?" I heard myself squeak out, "Three hundred and fifty-seven dollars was my share? I tried to do the math in my head as to how much that would be if all of us got equal shares but my brain was locked up and I just couldn't figure it out.

"But convenience stores don't have that kind of money." I whispered to the money as if I expected the face on each bill to start talking back to me. Heck, even if they had, I don't think I could have been any more scared or excited at that minute.

Then a thought occurred to me. What if they felt so guilty about nearly killing me that night that they gave me, not only my share, but the entire stash from the heist? "Heist?" I said aloud, "Geeze get a little stolen money and you're suddenly effing Al Capone!"

Okay, so I was not only talking to the money, but I was also talking to myself! That doesn't make me crazy... does it?

Abruptly there was a knock at my closet door. Not knowing what to do I quickly stuffed the money into my diaper and acted as though I'd been reading. Before opening my closet door, I picked up the flashlight.

"You okay in there?" Dad asked.

"Yeah I'm fine! I am just reading?" I said, but I could also tell that the tone of my voice was filled with alarm.

"You reading something scary?" he asked.

"Ah, um, I am reading ah..." I stammered.

"Oh, is that your grandma's old Bible? I forgot she'd given that to you!" he said.

And taking his cue, "Yeah! I was just reading her Bible!"

"Oh well, that's good!" he said with a smile, and I knew I was in the clear.

"I need to run to the office for a few minutes. Do you want to come with me?" he asked.

Relieved that he changed the subject I answered, "You mean I can stay home if I want to?"

He got a serious look on his face, "Maybe I should have phrased that differently."

"You mean I need to get off my duffus and get dressed `cause I have to go to your office with you." I stated for him.

"You got it!" he said with a grin.

"Do we have to?" I whined.

"Yeah we have to!" he whined back.

"Can't Mom come home while you are gone?" I tried to bargain with him.

"She's helping your aunt!" he said.

I looked down at my diaper, "Dad, I don't want to go out like this!"

He screwed up his face and scratched at his head before saying, "Guess we'd better get you changed again then!"

"Ah Dad! Why can't I just say home? I been in here all morning by myself and I didn't need any help with nothing and I have been just fine! Can I PLEASE stay here?" I begged.

"I really don't think you should be alone." He said as if he was still thinking about it.

"You mean you don't trust me anymore!" I said and no sooner had I said it than I started to regret it.

Dad's face dropped and I thought I saw a hint of anger but then he said, "Alright, I'll only be gone for about fifteen minutes; twenty tops!"

"Can you bring me home some McDonalds?" I said excitedly.

"No I can't bring you home some McDonalds! But I might stop and get myself some!" he teased, but I chose not to play along.

"If you need anything, call me on my cell phone!" he said.

"On your old phone or the new one you got yesterday?" I asked.

He plucked his new phone from off the clip on his belt and wiggled it in the air, "It doesn't matter; the number is still the same."

"Okay!" I said.

"And..." he started to say but I cut him off.

"I won't open the doors, start any fires, or leave the house! I won't even leave my room!" I said with a smirk.

"Smart-aleck!" he said quickly, closing my closet door before I could say anything else.

I sat listening to him leave and just before I heard the backdoor slide shut, he called back, "Simon, I'm leaving now!"

I slid open my closet door to shouted back, "OKAY, BYE! I LOVE YOU!"

I crawled out of the bottom of my closet and watched out of my window as Dad pulled out of our drive. I continued watching as he headed down the hill, away from our house and toward his office.

When I knew the coast was clear, I quickly went back to my closet, picked the Bible back up and went to my desk to retrieve the money from my diaper. However, as I reached into the front of my diaper I found, very much to my shock and surprise, that I'd wet myself already this morning. Pulling open the front of my plastic pants, I looked down and the front of the outer diaper still looked dry but I was sure the inside was wet. Wet enough that as I pulled out the money it felt slightly damp too.

Something inside of me just wouldn't let me put pee dampened money into a Bible, so I returned the Bible to the shelf. Pulled every last bill from my diaper and laid it out on my desk to dry for a couple minutes while I went to the kitchen to get a Ziplock sandwich bag to put the money into.

Once back in my room I sorted the money into a single stack by denominations, the biggest bills on the bottom and then by folding the stack in half I was able to stuff it all into the baggy.

"Now where to hide this?" I thought aloud.

"Got to be somewhere no one would ever think to look?" I continued to reason.

Suddenly it occurred to me to not hide it in my room at all, but elsewhere in the house. After all anyone that thought I might have it would think to look for it in the only place on this planet that I consider mine and that's my room.

I went out to the living room and slowly turned around in a small circle as I tried to think where best to hide it. I knew it needed to be somewhere that Mom and Dad were not likely to innocently look and find it. Yet I needed somewhere that would be easy for me to get to if I needed without anyone realizing what I was doing.

My small creative mind was working overtime as it spat out idea after idea and then shot each one down almost as fast as it was coming up with them. Tape it to the bottom of the coffee table -- no that won't work, someone lying on the floor watching TV might see it. Hide it under Dad's chair -- no what if Mom goes on one of her cleaning fits? The thoughts kept coming like that, one after the other until it finally occurred to me that the living room was not such a good place and I needed to look elsewhere. I moved on to the kitchen where I rummaged through the cabinets and through the refrigerator and freezer. For a few seconds I thought about putting the money all the way in the back of the freezer, but I realized that with my luck, Mom would decide it was time to clean out the freezer and would then find the money.

I had just started to head for the laundry room when one of my previous ideas came back to me, Tape it to the bottom of the coffee table! Then out loud I said, "Not the table but the bathroom sink! No one would ever, not in a million years think to look there!"

So that is exactly what I did! I found a roll of duct-tape in the utility drawer in the kitchen, which was only called that because it had just about everything that didn't have a proper place anywhere else in the house. I made sure it was stuck real good and firm. I wanted no chance of it coming loose over time and dropping down to the bottom of the vanity cabinet.

I returned to my room and was surprised when I heard the backdoor opening.

"Wow, did it take me that long to find a hiding place?" I thought quietly but still aloud.

"Quiet Simon!" I chastised myself.

"I'm back!" Dad shouted.

"Wow that was fast!" I shouted back.

"You alright?" he shouted again.

"Yep!" I sent back.

"I'll be in my office if you need me!" he said.

"Okay!" I said back and then listened to be sure he didn't suspect anything and did go into his office as he said he was going too.

"Whew, that was close!" I said, breathing sign of relief.

I started to walk toward my desk and as I took a step, I heard my computer go `DING', which meant I just received a new email. I moved quicker for my desk, clicked on the screen again and looked at my email. I'd just got a new email but it wasn't from anyone I recognized. At first I thought it was probably spam so I ignored it and finished my letter to Lowell.


I know you are going crazy waiting for me to tell you if I liked it or not, but I'm not going to tell you. If you want to know how I really felt about it, you have to come over after you get out of school today and then I will tell you! Mawhhhhhhh!

Your friend, Simon


As soon as I sent Lowell the email I looked at the one that had come in moments before and something made me click to open it instead of deleting it. Boy was I glad I did choose to open it since it turned out to be an email from Bull. He'd gone online and setup a new email address on one of the free web-based email services online.


Simon -- I hope you are reading this and didn't delete it before hand. This is Bull, for real! I know the email address says `John Smith' but I promise it is me. I just thought that with everything that is going on, it probably is better if no one knows we are writing. Jasper gave me your email address and helped me to set this up. I have to confess that I don't know a lot about computers but Jasper sure does. I really hope you don't mind me writing to you and I will not write too much in this first email. I will wait to see if you write back and let me know if it is truly all right for me to send emails to you. ~Bull


Maybe it was because my emotions were working on overdrive just as this email came in after having only just found the money and got it restated all within a few minute time. Maybe that is why, without really giving it any thought I wrote Bull back right away.


Dear Bull,

Yes, it would be great if you could write to me though I am honestly wondering if you are mad at me!



Knowing I was doing something I knew was going to eventually get me into more trouble, the instant I clicked the [SEND] button I started to feel guilty. However, I only had a couple of minutes to brood on it before another email from Bull appeared.


Hi again Simon -- Glad you are online right now. Wish we could talk face-to-face but this will do for now. And NO, I don't hate you and I'm not mad at you. I'll explain more later, I want to send this so that you know I'm online still too. ~Bull


I quickly sent a second reply.



I am glad you don't hate me for calling the police. I wish we could talk too. It would be easier than this is now. So how are things over there? Do you know that Runt is okay now? If you want I can tell you everything I know so far but it's not much.



I sent the message and waited for his reply but it didn't show up as quickly as his last response had. I was just about to give up and check later when it finally appeared in my Inbox.


Simon -- It's not safe right now to write anything else. Moms on my ass. Any chance you would meet me somewhere to talk later this evening or tonight? I can't drive though; Mom took my car keys away from me. ~Bull


As I read and then reread his email I felt the creepings of fear beginning to take hold of me again. I'm not stupid; I know that Bull might just be trying to get me out of the house so he can exact his revenge. I decided to send the following reply.



I really wish we could meet, but I don't think it is such a good idea, not yet anyway. I'm only just beginning to be able to get around on my own after the working over Peter gave me. Also, if I was caught sneaking out of the house, I'd never see the light of day again. My parents know everything now including the time I snuck out and had you and the other guys help me go see my brother that one night. They would ground me and lock me in my room for the rest of my life if I tried to pull that sort of thing again! I think it's better that we stick to emails until things cool down a little. When you are able to email, let me know how you and everyone are and ask any questions you might have.



After sending my last reply I didn't expect to get another email back right away but I did. It was very short though.


Simon -- I understand. Will write you when I can. Thanks for not shutting me out! ~ Bull

Ps. Expect an email from Tater too.


"Expect an email from Tater too????" I thought to myself, "So they have been talking to each other." And as those words rang in my head vision of the two of them locked in a cell together played out on the view screen of my mind until I shook my head to clear out all those thoughts. To distract myself from thinking about Bull and Tater, I went on to read my other emails and the next few emails I read were basic stuff until I got to Mike's email.


Simon -- My little sister and I are going to be leaving to go stay with my aunt and uncle for a while. They have a computer so I should still be able to write back and forth with you and I will still be able to see you at school. I will tell you when I see you at school or the next time I email you why we have to go but I am sure you have already guessed. My brother is home. He has been in his room since he got home today. I have not even seen him. Yes, I know that my Mom came over to your house, she told me so and said you are feeling lots better. She also said that your parents are going to take you to see a Psychologist. Don't be scared to talk with them I have been seeing one for about a year now and it helps to talk with them.


Mike's email went on for a while but I honestly have no idea what else it said even though I read it through twice. I was thrown for such a loop over, `She also said that your parents are going to take you to see a Psychologist,' that I could think of nothing else but that. Thoughts like, "Why didn't they tell me?" and "Do they think I am crazy?" kept flashing around in my head like streaks of lightning through a dark storm filled sky.

I closed out of my email and shut down my computer before going in search of Dad to ask him if it was true about the Psychologist. I found him still sitting at his desk typing away at his computer.

"Dad?" I said soft enough so I would not startle him as I'd done the last time I'd come into his home office.

"Oh there you are!" he said smiling and turning his chair toward me.

"You ready for lunch?" he asked.

"Lunch?" I thought, and then considered, "Why was Mike emailing and saying he was home from school already if it was only just lunch time?" I shook the thoughts from my head and said, "Yeah I think I'm hungry!"

"Okay, what would you like?" he asked but I wasn't really listening. I was trying to figure out the best way to ask him about what Mike had said.

"Simon?" Dad called my name to snap me out of my thoughts.

"Huh?" I said not realizing I'd let my thoughts take me away like that.

"Are you feeling okay?" he asked and before I could answer, he'd stood up and placed his hand on my forehead.

"Dad!" I grumbled while pushing his hand away, "I'm fine!"

"You're not acting fine." He said with a slight scowl.

"Can I ask you something?" I said looking down at my shoes.

Realizing I was being serious, he put his two fingers under my chin and lifted my head up so that I was looking him in the eye. "What's on your mind?"

"Do you think I'm crazy?" I asked and the words nearly jammed in my throat on the way out.

"What on earth made you think something like that?" he asked.

I turned my head to the side to free my chin from his two fingers and so I could once again look down, away from his gaze.

"Simon?" Dad said so softly that it didn't sound like him at all.

Without looking at him I answered, "What?"

"Simon." he said even softer and this time on my own I looked into his eyes. He was crying as he squatted down to my level and said, "You are not crazy, or sick, or demented or anything else you might be think about yourself! You are a very good, very normal boy that just happened to get mixed up in things that you should never have had to deal with. And I am so very sorry that I failed to keep you away from those things."

Our eyes stayed locked, almost searching each other's eyes for a good minute before I said, "Spaghetti-O's."

"What?" Dad said with no small amount of confusion.

"That's what I want for lunch." I said.

He got a really serious look and said, "Did you hear what I just said?"

I nodded my head, but he got the idea that I didn't want to talk about it anymore just then even thought I didn't get the answer I had come looking for.

Dad found a can of Spaghetti-O's and got it down from the cabinet for me. He let me open and dump it into a bowl and then placed it in the microwave.

"You got it from here?" he asked heading back to his office without my reply.

I answered with a solid, "Yep!" and just before he was about to vanish from my sight I spewed out, "Are you going to make me see a shrink?"

You'd have thought I had thrown a ten-ton bolder at him the way he stumbled. He turned around and looked just as shocked as if I had really thrown the bolder.

"Well are you?" I asked again with just a little too much attitude, but my temper had flared up without me knowing it right away.

I was sure he was going to say something about my tone or ask me how I knew but he didn't do either, instead he walked back toward me and said, "I really think it would help if you talked with someone!"

I glanced into the Microwave at my lunch before asking, "Do I gotta?"

Dad nodded as he said, "I do think it's a good idea."

"But what if I don't want to?" I said with my focus fully on the microwave so that I didn't have to look at him.

"What say we give it a try?" he asked and without missing a beat I asked back, "So we're all going?"

I glanced over at him and he shot me a cold stare that said I was venturing into dangerous ground. I looked back at my food and added, "I will if I have to, but I really don't want to."

He continued to stare at me for several more seconds until the microwave dinged that my Spagetti-O's were ready. Without saying another word he turned around and went back to his office. I could tell I'd made him mad and that he was trying really hard not to react to my taunting. But I kind of wish he would have... I suppose its kind of morbid to think like that.

I took my Spaghetti-O's from the microwave and sat them on the table before crossing the kitchen to get a spoon out of the drawer. On my way back to the table I took the empty can, dropped it into the trash and sat at the kitchen table all by myself to eat.

After I had finished my lunch and had deposited my bowl in the sink, I got a cold soda out of the fridge and pored about half the can into one of my sipper cups before going to the living room, clicking on the television and watched a really good movie, even if it was an older one.

The movie was called `Ensign Pulver'. It was about this guy that was in the Navy and had this really mean ship's Captain. There were all kinds of funny little pranks and jokes all through the movie and I guess I was a little more than halfway through the flick when I realized that I was wetting myself as I sat there. I think that might have been the first time I had taken the time to react to the fact that I was wetting myself anytime and anywhere without really knowing I was doing it and it bothered me quite a bit. Looking down I could see through the plastic pants I was wearing that the front of my diaper was defiantly showing the signs that I was wet.

I spent the last half of the movie slipping between laughing and worry; I was laughing at the insanity of the movie and worry for the fact that I was not becoming dependent on my diapers but was already 100% dependent on them.

"Can someone become un-potty trained?" I whispered to myself.

When the movie was over, I spent quite a while just flipping through the channels, not really paying attention to what was on, but really just thinking and quietly talking to myself.

"How am I going to be ready to go back to school next week? I'll probably wet my pants before first period is over!"

My one-sided conversation went on like that for longer than I had realized. It was not until I heard Mom coming in through the backdoor that I grasped that I had been sitting there for most of the afternoon.

"Hi sweetheart!" she said when she saw me sitting on the sofa watching TV and wearing nothing but an extra thick diaper. Oh, and I did notice that she had looked right at my extra-thick diaper even though she didn't say a single thing about it.

"Hi Mom, how's Aunt Catherine?" I asked though really I didn't much care how the fat cow was.

"The doctor said it will be a couple of weeks before she can put any weight on her foot." Mom said as she pulled off her coat.

Dad came out from his office. "Welcome home my lovely wife!" he'd said to Mom as he gave her more than just a peck on the lips.

I managed to shield my eyes from most of the spectacle. From the way they were going at it, I could guess they must have made up last night after their big argument.

"Do you want me to go to my room so you can have some privacy?" I said very derogatorily.

"Alright, stop now! The boy's watching!" Mom said and I noted that I'd gone from being `Sweetheart' to `the boy' in less than two minutes.

"How's your sister?" Dad asked her.

"I was just telling Simon that the doctor said she'll have to stay off her foot for at least two weeks." Mom said as she handed her coat to Dad.

As Dad took Mom's coat from her something occurred to me for the first time, "Hey wait a second!" I said a little louder than I meant to. "If you wrecked the van, how are you getting back and forth to Aunt Catharine's?"

Mom smiled, "Motorcycle!" she said and Dad snorted with laughter. Mom spun around and smacked him on his bare arm for laughing at her that way.

"That's a sight I'd pay money to see!" Dad said still laughing heartily and trying to block his arm from another blow.

"No really?" I said.

"I've got your Auntie's car." Mom said.

And I nearly said, "That piece of trash car?" but I was able to swallow the words back down before they got past my teeth.

"Oh that looked painful!" Dad commented looking across the room at me.

He and I both knew he had been referring to my having swallowed my words. I only smiled because Mom had not seen it, but she was looking at me now.

She gave me a knowing look and went on to say to Dad, "Do you remember Millicent Bulstrode?"

Dad cringed as if Mom had just said something very foul and loathsome.

Mom smiled, "I'll take that as a yes!" and she went on to say, "Millicent is going to take some time off from work to come stay with Catharine too.

"Too?" Dad asked.

"We're going to take turns going over to help Catharine until she's able to get back on her feet." Mom finished.

When Mom stopped I asked, "Who's Millicent Bulstrode?"

Dad got a very evil grin on his face, "Remember the red hair and painted on eyebrows?"

And that was all he had to say and I knew he was talking about the lady from his office who had stopped me and talked to me when I was taking the folder to Mr. Kutter.

"OH! THAT'S WHO THAT WAS!" I shouted, "Millicent Bulstrode, from the church bazaar last summer!" I said and Dad again cringed as I said her name.

Millicent Bulstrode is one of the biggest busybodies this side of the Mississippi and probably in all of North America, including Canada! She's one of those women that can take a little tiny bit of nothing-news about a person and weave it into one of the biggest scandals since Clinton and that dress!

I made a face as if I'd just ate something quite fowl, "I didn't know she worked in your office!"

"Has been for about a year now!" he said with a mock shiver of revulsion.

"Oh, she's not that bad!" Mom said in defense of Millicent.

Dad and I both rolled our eyes.

"Well at any rate, she won't be here, she'll be helping over at Catharine's." Mom gave Dad a poke in the middle of his chest with her fingernail and from the look Dad gave her, it hurt.

"There's a scary thought!" I said not realizing I'd actually said it.

"What is?" Mom said rounding on me with her finger still extended as if she were going to shoot me with it.

I managed to back peddle as fast as I could, "Huh? What's what?"

Dad was standing behind her giving me the `Kill it' sign by dragging his hand across his throat like a knife. I got the message loud and clear.

Mom just glared at me and said, "What?"

However, I made as if I were locking my lips closed and threw the key over my shoulder.

Mom then said, "Yeah and you better button it too!"

"At least..." Dad started to say but the phone rang and he stopped to answer it.

"Yello?" he said into the phone and then looked right at me, "It's for you." He said.

"Oh cool!" I said carefully getting up off the couch.

"Is that thing helping?" Mom asked as I walked past here and she patted my plastic encased back.

"Yeah, lots!" I said taking the phone from Dad.

I put the receiver to my ear and said, "Hello?"

"Hi Simon, it's me!" I recognized BJ's voice right away.

"Oh hi BJ!" I said back.

"Bad news! I can't come over today." BJ said right off the bat.

"Why not? Too much homework?" I asked.

"Nah, nothing like that. It's my parents; they think that I might get kidnapped like those kids on the news." BJ said.

"Oh man!" I said and turned my back to Mom and Dad to let them know I wanted to talk in private. They both went back to their room, I presumed so that Mom could change.

I continued talking with BJ, "That really sucks!"

"Tell me about it!" BJ said, "It's probably better anyway, I have a lot of homework again!"

"I thought you just said you didn't have homework?" I asked.

"Did I? Sorry, I didn't mean I didn't, `cause I sure do!" BJ corrected.

"Yeah, I'm probably going to be buried in it when I go back to school next week." I said.

"So you are for sure coming back to school next week then?" BJ asked.

"If the doctor says I can." I answered.

"I hope so, it's not the same there without you around." BJ said.

"Wow, thanks!" I said.

"It's true!" BJ added and then said, "If you need help with your homework, just let me know! Since I will probably have already done all mine and should know all the answers!"

"Oh sure, you say that now, but when I come asking, you will say that helping me is cheating!" I said with a hiss.

BJ laughed, "Would not!"

BJ and I talked for another ten minutes or so. He confirmed Mike's story of all the security guards at school and how there have been people talking and saying stuff about me. I told him I don't much care what others are saying. It wasn't entirely true, but what could I do about it stuck here at home?

No sooner had I hung up from talking with BJ than the phone rang again and nearly scared the life out of me. Heck, I'd not even let go of the phone yet when it rang.

When I got a hold of myself again I shouted toward Mom and Dad, "I GOT IT!"

I picked it back up and put it to my ear again, "Hello?" I said.

"SIMON!" Lowell screamed into my ear.

"Lowell dang! You scared the crap out of me twice!" I screeched back.

"Twice?" Lowell asked through a fit of giggles and I told him about me hanging up the phone after talking with BJ and then it started ringing before I could take my hand off of it.

"I got your email! Is it still cool to come over?" Lowell asked and boy did he sound excited.

"Hang on, I'll ask." I said before pulling the phone away from my mouth as I shouted, "MOM IS IT OKAY FOR LOWELL TO COME OVER?"

She shouted back, "Ask if he wants to stay for dinner too!"

"Mom says yes! Do you want to stay for dinner too?" I said back into the phone.

Without answering me or taking the phone away from his mouth he screamed, "MOM THEY INVITED ME FOR DINNER TOO! CAN I?"

"Dang Lowell! Blow my eardrum out why don't you!" I growled comically.

Lowell laughed, "Sorry about that! Mom said she don't care! Dad's going to drop me off in about fifteen minutes; I mean if that's okay."

"That would be perfect, it will give me time to get some clothes on!" I said.

"What? Are you naked?" Lowell asked and it sounded like he was trying to tease or be funny.

"Noooo! I'm not naked, but I don't have on pants and a shirt!" I said feeling myself blush a little.

"You only wearing a diaper?" he asked in a near whisper.

I whispered back as if to mock him, "Why are you whispering?"

He laughed and whispered again, "I don't know but don't avoid the question!"

"Yes!" is all I said back.

"Yes what?" he asked.

"Yes Sir?" I joked.

"Holy diaper bags! I got to see this! I'll be right there!" And before I could say anything else I heard him slamming the phone down, which again killed my ear.

Now there was no way I was going to be wearing only a diaper when Lowell got to the house. I mean what if his Dad decided to come in too?

I knew that none of my clothes would fit over the heavy double-layer of diapers Dad had put me into so I went in search of either Mom or Dad to change me really fast so that I could put on some regular clothes.

I didn't make it half way down the hallway when I heard sounds coming from behind their closed bedroom door. At first I didn't know what it was and I thought they were arguing again, but I dismissed that idea almost instantly as it didn't sound like arguing. I moved up to the door and listened, but heard no words, only a sort of caveman grunting and that's when I realized what they were doing in there. I ran to my room, slammed the door, and covered my ears while humming loudly to myself.


PART 2 -- Tuesday, March 02, 2004 -- Secrets, lies and Vanishing Cream

I was dancing around in a circle, trying my best to get the images out of my head of what I knew was going on only a few feet away, behind my parents' bedroom door.

"Oh! That is just gross! They are too old to be doing stuff like that!" I said to myself.

I went over and clicked on the little television Dad had brought in for me to watch while I've been healing up and stuck here at home. Not much caring what was on, I cranked up the volume so there was no way I could hear anything other than what was in my own room.

It turned out I was watching the mid-day news, but it didn't really register at first. I'd gone to my dresser and started rummaging through it, looking for anything that would fit over the double thick diaper Dad had me in. I also started talking to myself.

"I been in this same diaper all day!"

I closed one drawer and opened another.

"And I already have a rash!"

I closed that drawer and opened the third drawer.

"I shouldn't have to stay in the same wet diaper all day!"

I closed the third drawer and opened the bottom one.

"Damn!" I swore aloud, but there was no risk of being heard over the television.

"I got to have something in my closet!"

I opened the closet door wide and started rifling from hanger to hanger.

Someone tapped me on the top of my head and scared me so badly that I literally leapt right into my closet amongst my clothes and shoes! When I turned to look, it was Mom standing there.

"Gawd Mom! You scared the shit out of me!" I said. It was out before I even knew I'd cussed.

She turned, walked over to the television, and turned down the volume enough that we could talk without screaming.

"How can you stand it that loud, I can't even hear myself think!" she said with a smile that was too big to be natural.

I was trying to climb back out of my closet and not look guilty, both about cussing and about knowing what she and Dad had been doing.

"Sorry sweetie, I didn't mean to scare you. I called your name twice, but you couldn't hear me." She said.

I couldn't believe she'd not heard me cuss! When she stopped talking, I heard something from the television that grabbed my attention.

"What did he just say?" I said, pointing at the little TV.

Mom turned to look at it and listen.

"... vanished without a trace from his hospital bed where he was reportedly strapped to his bed after attacking a nurse last night." The news reporter said.

Mom looked at me, "Who are they talking about?" she asked, but when she saw my face filled with a look of total shock, she forgot about the reporter and squatted down in front of me.

"Simon!" she said.

"Mom, they said Reggie Johnson. That's Runt's real name!" I said, looking past her at the television.

"Huh?" she said, spinning herself around to look back at the TV without standing back up again.

"... staff on duty at the time of the disappearance reported the patient was in his bed at lunch time. However, when an orderly came to collect the lunch tray, the patient was not in his bed. The restraining straps were reported to still be in place. A thorough search of the hospital has been conducted, and police are now canvassing the local area for any sign of the missing patient." The news reporter turned slightly so that everyone could see there was now a police cruiser behind him with its lights flashing and it was blocking the road. He continued his report. "The missing patient had been wounded in a police shootout after an alleged robbery in which one police officer was wounded. Police ask that if you see Reggie Johnson, he is to be considered armed and dangerous. Call your local police department to report any sighting. For Fox News, I'm Craig Taulbee."

"Runt's escaped?" I said in disbelief.

"Now sweetheart, don't start getting scared and thinking he's coming here!" Mom said, but before she could say another word, I butted in.

"Mom! I'm not worried about that; I'm worried about him! What if he's sick or laying in a gutter or..."

Before I could finish, Mom had swept me into her arms and squeezed me. She was also pressing my head against her shoulder and shushing me; the way she used to when I was little and would have a nightmare, or got scared by something.

She finally let go of me. Well, at least enough that she wasn't hugging me, but she was still holding on to both of my hands. "Now don't go worrying about Reggie, or Runt, or whatever he's called! The police will find him and get him back to the hospital. You just wait and see!"

I couldn't believe how naive she thought I was! How could she even think that I would bite into that load of crap? It was just another bit of proof that she still thinks I'm a baby that can't understand anything more difficult than Sesame Street!

I was about to say something; probably something that would have got me into trouble, but luckily, I was saved by the bell, the doorbell that is.

"Holy crap Mom! I don't want Lowell to see me like this!" I said while dancing on my tiptoes.

She let go of my hands and placed hers on my shoulders to hold me down to the floor. "Now just simmer down!" she said.

She turned her head toward the door and shouted, "Honey, can you get that while I help Simon?"

Dad's head popped in my room for half a second, "I'm on it!"

"Keep him busy Dad!" I thought it, but didn't say it, because Dad had already left to answer the door.

I was still looking at my door when Mom pulled my chin back toward her, "Cloth or disposable?" she asked.

"Huh, what?" I said before my brain caught up with her. "Plastic!" I blurted out.

"Okay, get on your bed, and we'll do this fast!"

I was on my bed and assuming the position before she had my dresser drawer opened.

"Your Dad said your rash wasn't any better this morning, so we better clean you up first." She said walking back toward me. I looked at what she had, and I was surprised to see a blue plastic box of Pampers brand baby wipes.

"When did you get those?" I asked, but she didn't answer.

She laid them beside me on the bed, went over, and closed my door; which I was more than grateful for, as I could hear Dad talking, along with Lowell's high-pitched squeaky voice.

"Okay, raise up!" she said while tugging on my plastic pants.

She had them down to my knees in a second, and was already working on removing the diaper pins before I had my butt back on my bed. Though she didn't say anything, I could tell she was thinking, or more accurately wondering, why Dad had put me into two cloth diapers today. I'm glad she didn't ask, `cause I really don`t know, but I sure did enjoy it.

When she pulled open my diaper she said, "Oh! You are red. I think we need to make sure you get changed more often. From now on," she was talking and cleaning me up at the same time, "when you are wet, I want you to come tell me or our father, so we can change you right away. Alright?" she looked at me when she had asked that.

"Umhum!" I hummed, with a nod of my head.

She proceeded to lift my left leg, wash my backside really good, then lifted my right leg, and repeated the cleaning for that side before having me lift my bottom into the air so that she could slide the diaper under me. I was ready to have it taped into place, but she wanted to put on the diaper cream. When I tried to talk her out of the cream just this one time, she wouldn't hear about it, and insisted that I needed it to help heal my rash.

She was right of course, I was just scared Lowell might come in while I was getting changed, which was probably stupid since he was probably the least likely person that would find it offensive or react badly to it. Anyway, I wasn't ready for Lowell to see me being changed.

Mom applied the diaper cream just as thoroughly as Dad had done this morning, maybe even more so and it felt good, too. The instant the diaper cream made contact, it felt cool and soothing to my irritated skin.

She used another baby wipe to clean off her hand before finally pulling the diaper up over my boyhood parts and taping it snuggly into place. She then pulled the plastic pants back up from my knees.

"Do I got to wear the plastic pants?" I asked.

"Yes you do!" she said without any hesitation what-so-ever.

She went to my closet, got out my blue sweat pants; the same ones that I'd let Peter wear that one time, and held them open as I stepped into them. She then pulled one of my plain-white T-Shirts out of my dresser and pulled it over my head.

"There, now go see your friend!" she said, and she too, swatted my diapered butt. I was reminded of how hard Dad had done it this morning. Adults must like spanking kids when they got on diapers. I wonder why?

I walked out into the living room, and Lowell was sitting on the couch showing Dad some new game on his Gameboy.

"Hi Lowell!" I said rather excitedly.

Lowell popped up like popcorn, his eyes wide, and a big grin on his face.

"Simon!" he nearly shouted, and as if Dad and he had not been conversing at all, Lowell bounded past Dad and came rushing up to me.

"I got a new game with the money I made at the show yesterday." Lowell shoved his Gameboy into my hands.

Mom came out of the hall and into the room, "Hello again Lowell."

"Oh, hello Mrs. Leonard!" Lowell said very politely, "Oh yeah, and thank you for inviting me to stay for dinner!" His voice squeaked as he said it.

"We are glad to have you!" she said, disappearing back into the kitchen, but not before giving Dad the "Come here" sign. Like a faithful dog, Dad followed her.

Lowell and I faded toward the back of the house and headed for my room. All the while, Lowell was talking about a thousand words per minute.

"I sold two TV's and so I got a hundred dollars! Fifty for each TV! I really wanted to go back today, but I couldn't miss another day of school. Well, that is what Mom said. I think I could have! You have a cool room! Whose bed is that?"

When Lowell finally stopped talking, I said, "That's my brother's bed." That was all I got to say before Lowell started up again.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about him! He was really nice at the party. Looks like you a little too, except he doesn't at the same time. Whoa, awesome ship!"

He had spotted the ship Mike had finished for Dad and I and given back to me for my birthday. I was about to make the comment that he'd seen it at the party, but I didn't get a chance.

"I didn't get to see it up close before! Whoa!"

He'd moved so that his legs were right up against my bed, which was as close as he could get without actually climbing up on my bed.

"Look at those cannons, they look so real! I bet if we were only an inch tall we could sail that ship around the world! Well maybe not, unless we shrunk the world too, but still, it sure is cool. So, this is your bed? Funny how it just sits in the middle of the wall like that. So what's with the yo-yo trophies?"

"LOWELL!" I nearly shouted, but not in a mean way. Only just to get him to shut up long enough for me get a word or two in. "Man, I never seen you so, uh, hyper!"

"Sorry, I had a Mountain Dew on the way over! I get that way if I have sugar, plus Mountain Dew's got lots of caffeine. Mom and Dad don't normally let me have soda unless it's diet and caffeine-free, but Dad let me buy one and it was really good, but now I feel like I could out run a speeding bullet!"

Lowell would have continued had I not put my hand over his mouth. I just reached out, covered it, and he froze, as if my touch turned him to ice.

"Enhance your calm, or you're going to blow a fuse!" I joked.

I removed my hand and Lowell said, "Right, enhance my calm, right. Need to calm down, need to bring it down a notch! Hey, wanna play my Gameboy? I can show you how to get past level-one, that's all the farther I have..."

I put my hand over his mouth again. This time grabbing the back of his head with my other hand so that I could apply a bit more pressure. "You're blabbering like a three-year-old!" I said, and I could see from his eyes that he was smiling behind my hand.

"What?" I asked. I would have sworn I saw a gleam in his eye, like happens in cartoons.

Lowell glanced at the door and I got the message. Though I was apprehensive about removing my hand from his mouth again, I had to, so that I could cross my room and close my door. Surprisingly, he didn't make a peep at all.

When I'd closed my door, I turned around and nearly fell over from shock. Lowell was standing there in the middle of my room with his pants down around his ankles. I tried to swallow and got choked on my own spit, which made me cough. I didn't realize it at the time, but it didn't hurt a bit to cough just then.

"Gawd Lowell!" I managed to say between coughs. He seemed to be relishing my state of shock.

He was wearing what looked to be a real baby diaper, with little yellow ducks on the front, and it looked like it fit him perfectly. I mean, it didn't look small on him at all!

"Lowell! Put your pants back on, you nut!" I said, but he didn't budge; he just stood there proudly with his chest out and his pants down.

"Lowell!" I tried to sound serious, but I couldn't stop from snickering.

"Why?" he said.

"Because my parents might come in!" I said.

"Sooooooo?" he retorted.

"So, they don't know I like wearing them!" I confessed, "And they don't know you wear them at all!"

When Lowell didn't bend over to pull up his pants, I squatted down in front of him and pulled them up for him. He just stood there as I buttoned and zipped them up for him.

"I don't want to wear pants!" he said with a swat of my hands, trying to stop me from zipping up his zipper.

I got them zipped anyway, and then stood back up. Lowell was looking disappointed and at the same time somewhat quizzical.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh nothing; just was looking at your eye. It looks almost normal now!"

Lowell reached up and touched just below my eye. I actually surprised myself that I didn't recoil out of instinct.

"Does it hurt still?" he asked.

"Nope, not at all." I answered.

He retracted his finger, and I watched as his eyes moved down to my chest. Without him asking or saying anything, he reached out, took hold of the bottom of my shirt, and lifted it up.

"This is really cool! Does it help?" he asked, as he ran his fingers over my plastic armor.

"Yeah helps a lot! I already forget that I am even wearing it. Well, most of the time anyway." I answered as he lifted my shirt even higher. He felt each of the Velcro straps and traced around them with his index finger. I could feel myself breathing harder and hotter than normal, but for some reason, I didn't feel weird about letting Lowell inspect my armor like he was doing. Actually, I kind of liked that he was as interested in it as I was.

I reached up and took hold of my shirt so that he could check out the side straps with both of his hands. As he did, he traced the line of the waistband of my sweatpants across the plastic and with out any warning at all, he slipped his fingers into the front elastics of my pants and pulled them down several inches to expose my plastic pants and diaper.

Instinctively, my hands shot down and covered the front of my now exposed diaper. "Lowell!" I exclaimed, but he smacked my hands away as a parent would a child's.

"These are Attends Youth size right?" he asked, and I just shrugged as much as I could, given that my armor restricted to some extent that sort of movement. "They look like they are." He pulled down the front of my plastic pants to get a better view of my diaper. "Yep they are!" he announced. "And they are wet!"

I looked down, and sure enough, he was right it was not just a little wet either! "Holy cow! When did that happen?" I croked.

Lowell was smiling so wide, that I thought he was going to do something else. Instead, he put my plastic pants back into place, and then my sweatpants, before giving the front of my wet diaper a pat and said, "You need to go tell your mommy that you need your diaper changed!"

I must have blushed as red as Rudolph's nose in a Christmas Eve snowstorm, because it felt like my face was suddenly covered with molten hot lava! However, Lowell wasn't going to let me off the hook.

With a swish of his hand, he attempted to dismiss me, "You better go so you do not get a diapa-ash!" The way he was talking made him sound like a boy half his age, and made me feel like a toddler myself.

"Uh, too late, I already got one!" I confessed quite sheepishly.

"Ouchy! Well you better go tell your mommy to change you right now!" he said.

What I was thinking must have leaked out onto my face, because he cocked his head to one side and said, "What?"

"Well, she only just changed me right before you got here! I haven't been in this one for more than ten minutes yet!" I said. I could feel a small lump forming in my throat.

However, Lowell smiled back and said, "Still not gotten used to wetting all the time, huh?"

I shook my head because I was scared that if I tried to say anything, I might start crying and that was something I really didn't want to do in front of Lowell; or any of my friends for that matter. I don't know why, I just don't!

"It's okay, I totally understand." Lowell said sympathetically, and then there was that darn glimmer in his eye again. I was absolutely sure I'd seen it this time too!

Returning to his hyperactive-exuberance, he asked; "Hey, weyHeyant me to change you?"

Shocked, scared, embarrassed, excited, enthralled, fascinated, and titillated, are all words that come short of how I felt at that moment when Lowell asked that question. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I closed it, swallowed, and tried to speak again, but still nothing came out.

Lowell giggled, "You are too funny!"

Without the ability to communicate, I just looked at him with my mouth hanging so far open, a full-grown elephant could have camped out in my head, along with two hyenas, an orangutan, and three fat ferrets!

"Does your door lock?" he asked, and I just stood there like the idiot I am.

He giggled again and snapped his fingers several times, only inches from my nose. "You still in there?" he mused.

"Ahuh." I finally managed to grunt.

He full-out laughed, but managed to stop himself though it looked both painful and hard for him to do. Trying to sound serious, but obviously still playing, he asked, "Yes to which question?"

"Uh" I grunted with my usual grace and sophistication.

"C-a-n y-o-u u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d t-h-e w-o-r-d-s t-h-a-t a-r-e c-o-m-i-n-g o-u-t o-f m-y m-o-u-t-h?" He spoke so slow that even Forest Gump could have understood him.

I nodded, but didn't attempt to try to speak again. His next action happened so fast that it snapped me out of my daze, which was exactly his intent, and put my mouth back into business. With the reflexes of a cat, he thrust his right hand down into, not just my pants or my plastic diaper cover, but right into my wet diaper, where he gripped my greatly treasured boyhood with the force of a nuclear powered vice clamp.

"WOUCH! HEY!" I squashed a cry as the force of him grabbing me so firmly also managed to rattle my two gems within their handy-dandy carrying case.

"Oh dang Lowell, that hurts!" I was holding onto his arm to keep him from suddenly ripping my precious jewels right out of my diaper. That, and to keep from falling to the floor in a heap.

Using a voice right out of the who's who of bad guys, he said; "Oh, so you can speak!"

He was smiling so cute, that there was absolutely no way I could ever have gotten mad, despite the fact that his hand was down inside my diaper and holding onto my small boyhood member!

"Let go!" I whimpered, dropping my head forward and resting it on top of his.

With the same villainous voice, "Not until you answer us our questions!" Lowell demanded and he seemed to be relishing his control over me at that moment.

I continued my whimpering, "You're killing me!"

"Three simple q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n-s..." He strung out the last word.

"Okay, okay, okay!" I conceded.

"Do you want us to change your diaper?" he asked again.

"Ahuh!" my voice was in the clouds.

Continuing with his game of torture he said, "Say please!"

"Please, please, please!" I moaned.

"And does the door lock?" His voice went high, and he gave me a bit more of a squeeze when I didn't answer immediately.

I nodded and answered, "Ahuh!"

"Oh, you see? That wasn't so very difficult, now was it?"

Finally, he let go of me and pulled his hand from my diaper as I collapsed to my knees in agony.

While I was recovering, I watched as Lowell crossed to the door, inspected the knob, and then with the flick of two fingers, locked us in and anyone else out. That is, unless Mom and/or Dad triggered the lock to open from the outside, which they could do with a small screwdriver, or even a nail or paperclip if they really wanted to.

As Lowell once again turned my way, it suddenly occurred to me that he'd said I had to answer three questions but he had only asked two. "So what's the third question?" I asked.

Back to using his normal voice, "I thought you'd never asked!" he said with an evil looking grin and one eyebrow cocked up on his forehead.

"Oh no! I'm not going to like this am I?" I asked, sounding very much like Elmer Fudd from the Bugs Bunny Cartoons. It made Lowell giggle so adorably. I think for the first time since I met him that day at Wal-Mart, I saw him as that cute innocent little boy again.

"Naw, nothing like that!" he giggled. "I just want to know what you thought of my story."

Filled with relief that that was all it was, I eagerly told him. "Lowell, it is the best wetting story I think I've ever read!" I paused a second before saying, "Don't laugh, but I cried at the end when Jonas was laying in the hospital and missing his father so much! And that lady; what was her name?"

"You mean Lillian?" Lowell asked with such a prideful glow.

"Yeah, her!" I agreed, "She sounds really interesting, I mean, she's a woman, but she sounds tough and sturdy. I hope she is in more of the story." As I talked, I slowly slid myself across the hard wooden floor with one hand to the edge of my bed.

Lowell, still beaming declared, "Oh she is in the rest of the story and is one of my favorite people in it."

I grabbed hold of the side of my bed, pulled myself up so that I was sitting on the edge, and while still holding on to my dear little member with one hand - though the pain had already subsided - I said, "The second you get home, you have got to email me the rest of that story!"

Lowell smiled like a shaft of light, "I can do you one better than that! I have the second chapter on a floppy disk for you!" he said, as he commenced to open his backpack. "I also brought you something else!" He tossed his pack onto the bed right beside me.

He opened it so wide that I saw right away that he'd come prepared for any accidents. There were two diapers just like what he had on, two GoodNites, and one of those travel size baby-wipe containers, along with a small tube of Vaseline and a light-blue bottle of baby-powder.

"Gee, you sure do pack everything, huh?" I said. He smiled that same ultra-cute smile of his.

He pulled out a green floppy disk and handed it to me. "You got a Mac right?" he asked.

"Yeah, right there!" I said, pointing to my computer.

"Oh good! That's what we got at home too." He said.

"How'd you know I had one?" I asked, as he went back to rummaging through his pack. I moved over to my computer and turned it on.

"I seen it through the window that one day," he said without looking at me.

"But you were kneeling on the ground!" I popped the disk into the drive.

"That was only after you seen us! I'd already been looking in before that!" he said, as if it was nothing at all that he'd been peering into my window like some no-good Peeping Tom.

While I started the story printing, I turned back to him, and joking of course, I was about to accuse him of spying on me when he pulled out a little white box no bigger than a yo-yo. Which is what I thought it was at first, but boy was I ever wrong.

"Here" he said putting the box in my hand, "Open it."

I did as he said and couldn't believe my eyes. "It's brand new, I have loads of my own at home, and I thought you might like this one." He said pulling the red and yellow pacifier out of the box and holding it up for me to examine.

"You didn't have to..." I started to say, but he cut me off.

"I just thought you might want one and I figured you probably didn't have one."

He smiled again, held the pacifier in front of my face and said "Open up!" and then stuck the sucker (no pun intended) into my mouth.

With a giggle and the wrinkling of his nose he said, "That should keep you quiet while I get your diaper changed!"

I'm sure my eyes were bugging out of my head, however the pacifier gave me something to concentrate on while Lowell went to work.

"Okay, lay down on the floor." He instructed. For maybe half a second, I hesitated, only because no one had changed me on the floor yet.

I did just like he said, and while he had me lift my knees up and spread them wide apart he said, "I actually wanted to give it to you as a present at your birthday party, but Mom thought that would embarrass you."

He reached and took hold of my sweat pants by the elastic and pulled on them until he had them all the way to my ankles. I couldn't help but think of what I would have said had he given it to me at the party. Every scenario I came up with was not good for my reputation. Actually, giving it to me now was so much more meaningful!

"Wow! Cool plastic pants!" he said, lifting my shirt up enough that it was out of his way.

I found Lowell's methods slightly different than anyone else that had changed my diaper thus far. He seemed to give extra effort at every opportunity, and it made the whole experience so much better for me!

Before pulling off my plastic pants, he slipped a single finger under the elastic of each leg opening, and ran his finger all the way around Kind of like he was breaking the seal of the elastic to my skin. He did the same thing around my waist, though my plastic body armor sort of made that unnecessary. However, it was still a nice touch. Only then did he take hold of the elastic waistband and pull my plastic pants all the way down to my ankles.

Up to this point, I had been holding my head up so that I could watch him do all of this. I was flabbergasted when I saw the front of my diaper beginning to expand as my boyhood member swelled within and strained to be set free. Lowell saw it too, and was grinning like a kid at a candy store.

He placed his left hand on the front of my diaper. With his other hand he removed the first tape and then the second. I could tell he was being careful not to rip the outside of the diaper too. With equal care, he did the other side, switching hands to do it. He laid open both sides, and refastened the tapes to the back of the diaper just the way they were before Mom had put it on me just a few minutes ago.

When he removed his hand from the front of my diaper, I could see that my small flagpole was holding up the front of my diaper until Lowell freed it by lifting the front of my diaper off me and laying it neatly between my bent legs.

I expected Lowell to say something about my obvious enjoyment of his detailed care, but he didn't. He just continued to work with that grin of his stretched across his face. I was also going to tell him in which drawer of my dresser he'd find my diaper supplies, but he just took his baby-wipes from his pack and used those to clean my diaper areas. He took his time to make sure I was good and clean on the front before having me lift up so that he could pull out the wet diaper.

"Stay up there for a second!" he said, then he reached back into his pack and pulled out one of his baby-style diapers.

"I wanna see if these will fit you." He said as he opened it up and slid it under my bottom.

While he had my backside in the air, he took a second baby-wipe and washed both of my cheeks all the way up to the edge of the back part of my armor. When he ran his fingers with the wipe several times through my crack, I thought I was going to explode, but somehow I managed not to.

"Okay, lower away!" he said, and I did. "You do have a bad rash, doesn't it itch or burn?"

"A wittle." I answered past the pacifier.

Again, he reached into his pack and pulled out the tube of Vaseline. "This has stuff in it that helps heal rashes super quick!" he said, holding the tube as if he were posing for a magazine ad for the stuff.

Though I could clearly read the name I asked, "Wha `tis it?"

"Vaseline Diaper Care and it is good stuff!" he said.

I reached up and pulled the pacifier out of my mouth long enough to clearly say, "I'll buy ten tubes!" I joked.

He laughed, opened the flip cap, and squeezed a sizeable amount into the palm of his hand before working it into my entire diaper area. Well, everywhere except my stiff guy. He'd even had me lift my bottom again so that he could smear the stuff on both cheeks and into my crack. I honestly thought he was purposefully avoiding my mini flagpole, but he wasn't. He was just saving it for last.

"Gunna have to do something about that!" he said, pointing down at the proud little guy.

I didn't respond, I just looked him in the eye and sucked hard on the pacifier. As if I'd asked him to, he squeezed another glob of the jelly out of the tube and into his hand. Instead of applying it directly this time, he rubbed his two hands together then finally took hold of my little, eagerly waiting, member with his left hand, my two marbles in his other, and began to really work the stuff into my skin.

I rested my head back against the floor as Lowell slowly massaged my stiff little guy with a firm grip while being approvingly gentle with my two marbles. It sure didn't take long before I exploded with the force of a hurricane, but I wasn't sprayed with my boy-juices as I had expected. Nope, Lowell had been ready with one of the wipes and as soon as he seen I was about to blow, he gripped the end of my penis with the wipe and caught it all.

I didn't see him finish putting the diaper on me, which by the way, did fit me just fine though it didn't come up as far on my belly and back as mine did. I had my eyes closed and was panting hard while still reveling in my state of bliss. I only knew when he applied the powder because the smell filled my nostrils, though there was no cloud like when Dad had done it this morning. When he had the diaper taped into place, and with the same care that he'd used when he took them off, he put my plastic pants back on me, then ran his fingers around the elastic to be sure none of the diaper was sticking out. He then pulled up my pants and helped me to my feet.

"There you go, all dry and clean!" he said.

I didn't know what to say; really. I just felt somewhat awkward. I mean, a kid I only met a little over two weeks ago just changed my diaper and jerked me off at the same time. The only thing I could think to say to him was, "Thanks" but with the pacifier in my mouth, it sounded more like "Sanks."

"Anytime!" he answered back, still sporting that smile of his.

I popped the pacifier out of my mouth and asked, "Uh, do you need changed too?" I asked half hoping he'd say yes, and yet at the same time hoping he'd say no.

Without saying anything, he unbuttoned his pants, pulled down his zipper, and slid down his pants enough that I could see his entire diaper for the second time. He looked at it too. "Nope, still dry!"

"What kind are they?" I asked, not sure if he'd already told me or not.

"Pampers Size-6! Biggest diaper Pampers makes. They are for toddlers mostly, but they fit kids our size and they hold a lot too." He said, and started to pull up his pants again but I asked, "Can I look closer?"

"Yeah, sure!" he said, and bent over so that he could push his pants all the way down to his shoes. He also lifted his shirt up past his chest giving me a nearly fully-uninhibited view of his boyish form.

I slipped the pacifier into my pocket and bent over as far as I could with my armor on and had my face only inches from the front of his diaper. I could smell the unmistakable sent of baby powder and it was so wonderful.

"Go a head, you can touch it!" he said and I gratefully did!


PART 3 -- Tuesday, March 02, 2004 -- Those who live by the sword

It was so soft to the touch and warm, too. I was reminded of when Jamie had let me put a diaper on him, and how much I'd enjoyed doing that. I decided to take a chance. I cupped his diaper-encased boyhood parts in my hand and gently squeezed. I could feel that he, like I'd been, was getting hard. I could also see that his diaper was starting to form a tent in the front, though not as prominent as mine had been.

Without removing my hand, I leaned back up so that I was looking into his irrefutable face again. He had his eyes shut, and his head leaning way back. I could see right down inside his nose, which by the way, was booger free. He was still holding his shirt up for me and hoping he'd let me, I let go of his diaper and started to remove his shirt. He never once opened his eyes; he only let loose of his shirt, moved his head forward again, and let me pull his shirt off him.

Now that I had him nearly naked, I decided I wanted him all the way down to just his diaper. So I took hold of his arms and pushed him back toward my bed. He utterly and eagerly yielded to my will as he sat himself down, still with his eyes shut. It only took the gentle touch of my hand to his chest to get him to lie down so that he was lying sideways across my bed, with the soles of his shoes still on the wooden floor. Kneeling down, I flipped off each of his shoes, and pulled off his snow-white socks, before taking his pants the rest of the way off him.

Now that he was stretched out there, clad only in his baby diaper, I took his bare feet and lifted them up onto the bed. He turned his body so that his head was now resting just below my pillow. It was completely obvious that he was enjoying this as much as, if not more, than I had when he'd changed me. All the same, I sure was enjoying having my way with his young body. I wonder if that is how it was for Tater that night I'd slept over at his house?

I sat on the edge of the bed so that I was sitting perpendicular to his right hip. Then, reaching down, I spread his knees apart until one was resting against my bottom, and the other was as far from me as I could get it without making him uncomfortable. Like a hungry wolf, I reached up and grabbed his diapered crotch as hard as he had done mine earlier; except, when he had grabbed me, I didn't have a diaper between his claw-like hand and my groin. Instead of yelling out as I'd done, he only let out a diminutive whimper. I could feel that he was fully erect within his diaper and as much as I wanted to see it, I didn't want to rush this; I was having way too much fun with him.

Sort of in a rhythmic dance, I started squeezing his diaper, and after several firm squeezes, he started to pump his hips in time with each squeeze. The longer I kept this up, the harder he pumped. When I thought he might be getting close to climaxing, I stopped and just pressed my flat hand against his diaper, forcing his penis to lie inside his diaper while pointing up to his stomach.

When he stopped pumping, but was still breathing heavy, I took my hand away and moved myself so that I had my back to him, sitting up by his chest, looking down at his diaper. I laid my hand on his belly and he sucked in a hard breath at my touch. I slowly worked my fingers under the waistband of his diaper. It was so hot, but still dry inside. I felt his stiff hot boy-toy twitch at my slightest touch, and when I had my whole hand inside his diaper; I wrapped my fingers around it and started to move my hand back and forth. Within seconds, he started to wiggle his legs and arms all over the place, but I stopped after only a minute or so, pulled my hand free, took hold of the left tape, and pulled it. It came right open, thanks to the tape strip across the front of the diaper. I pulled the other tape off too, and finally opened his diaper to view the prize that awaited me inside.

He was breathing harder then ever, and now free of the confines of the diaper, his penis was standing straight up from his body. He wasn't as big as me, maybe two and a half inches hard, and very thin, but the head of it was nearly purple and was bigger than his shaft. The skin of his diaper area was coated in a light dusting of baby-powder, and it was apparent that this area of his body had not seen the sun in a very long time, if ever.

Again, I wrapped my hand around him. This time I started to stroke up and down. Slowly at first, then getting faster and faster. After maybe two minutes, he arched his back, gasped, and bit his bottom lip. I turned to see a tear or two escape out of the corner of his left eye, which was like the other, clamped tightly closed. No boy juices came out of him as they had me, but it was obvious that he'd had an orgasm, just as I had; only his was dry. He stayed arched for the longest time before finally collapsing onto my bed and breathing so hard, that his chest would heave, and his stomach would collapse with each deep, gasping breath.

While he was resting, I pulled his diaper back up and taped it into place without saying a word. He finally opened his eyes and though I know he hadn't been, he looked like he'd been crying. His bangs were plastered to his forehead with sweat. I helped him sit up, and he wiped the sweat off his face with his hand.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed, as he ran his hand though his hair.

"Yeah, tell me about it!" I said back to him.

"Here, let me get you dressed again." I offered but he said, "Hang on, let me catch my breath."

I laughed softly and dared to ask, "You done this before huh?"

That smile of his returned, and leaning toward me, he whispered, "Would you believe me if I said no?"

"I'd believe anything you said!" came my matter-of-fact reply.

Without missing a beat, he said back, "In that case, you should know..." he paused, looked around the room as if looking for spies, and then continued, "I'm not really who you, or anyone else, thinks I am!"

Adopting his secretive tone I asked, "Then who are you?"

He leaned even closer to me, "If I told you, I'd have to have you killed!"

Still whispering as if we were swapping great government secrets, I said, "That's okay, I've been mostly dead before..." I looked around the room myself before adding, "It's not all it's cracked up to be, but at least you get all the ice-cream you can eat!"

At that, Lowell erupted into fits of laughter, fell over, and laid spread eagle on my bed again.

"Okay, really now!" I said, taking his hand and helping him back up.

"What?" he said, wiping at his face again with his free hand and giggling still.

"Have you ever done, uh, that before?" I sheepishly asked.

He shook his head, "Never!" and then slapping his hands on his knees, "You ever hear of Cyber-sex?"

"Huh?" I said, while screwing up my face to show my puzzlement.

"Ah, guess not! Boy, how it must seem to be inside that head of yours!" Lowell said while poking me in the forehead with his finger.

I slapped his hand away as I said, "What are you talking about?"

He stood up and started to reach for his pants, but I was quicker and snatched them away from him before he could get to them.

"Not until you answer my question, and none of that mumbo-jumbo! Speak American!" I joked.

"Fine! I'll just stay in my diapers then!" Lowell teased as he turned and wiggled his diapered butt in my face.

With such a magnificent target offered up before me, I couldn't resist the temptation. I cocked my right arm over my left shoulder, and let loose a swinging backhand that made contact right on target. Lowell started dancing around, holding his butt, and saying, "Ouch, Ooooow, that really smarts! Ouchie!"

"Oh shut up! You couldn't have felt that through your diaper!" I said.

"You wanna try it?" He said, rubbing his backside and frowning at me.

"When you came in here I couldn't shut you up, now I can't get you to talk!" I cocked my arm again, "Unless you want another one, you best start s'plainin."

Lowell backed up against my desk, and was doing a very good job of acting like the little kid he looked like as he stood there, wearing only that Pampers diaper.

"Okay, but let me put on my clothes first?" he tried to haggle with me.

"I'll dress you while you talk!" I haggled back.

"Deal! But no more spankin's, `kay?" he whimpered, still rubbing the back of his diaper.

"No promises there!" I winked, and he groaned.

He stepped closer to where I was kneeling on the floor again. I held out his pants for him to step into while he was telling me about Cyber-sex.

"Okay, I've never actually done anything like that, not for real. But I have done Cyber-Sex online. You see, sometimes I make believe I am someone older on the computer so that I can get guys and girls to talk about sex stuff with me. It's really a lot of fun, and it is so way funny sometimes!" Lowell said, as I was zipping up his pants.

I stood up and pulled his shirt over his head before he had his arms up; as a result, I had him trapped in his own shirt. When his head and left arm finally emerged from their proper openings, Lowell was smiling as big as ever! "My Dad does that to me, too!" he beamed.

"Okay, sit on the bed for a sec' while I put your socks and shoes back on your foots!" I said and Lowell snickered at my use of the word `foots' instead of `feet'.

"Has anyone ever found out you were just a kid, pretending?" I asked while trying to put on one of his socks onto his foot.

"Stop spreading out your toes!" I growled, and he giggled.

"Yeah, a couple times, but I just created a new screen name and no one is ever the wiser. But if my parents knew, they'd probably think I was demon-possessed or something like that!" He joked, but there was also an ounce or two of sincerity in the way he had said it.

"Well, you could have fooled me! Uh, well, you did fool me actually! `Cause you sure seemed to know what you were doing today!" I said, finally getting his sock past his toes.

"You did too!" he said, and I couldn't help but flush red.

Seeing me blush, he exclaimed in a shouting whisper, "Oh my good gravy! You've done it before!" He spoke with his hands over his mouth.

"Oh my good gravy?" I snickered.

"Don't try to change the subject!" He gave my forehead a push, like those faith healers do on TV. "You got to tell me, and don't leave out any details!"

Lowell suddenly took hold of the hair on either side of my head, and was softly shaking my head from side to side.

"Tell me!" he ranted.

"Okay! Stop already!" I said, pulling my head free from his grasp. I was working on getting one of his shoes untied as I spoke. "There's really nothing to tell!"

I heard him take in a breath, as if he was about to make some profound objection, but I grabbed his pinky toe through his sock and gave it a twist.

"YEEEeeeooowwww!" He threw his head back and howled out. "What was that for?"

"To stop you from saying whatever it was you were about to say!" I shoved his shoe at him. "Here! I can't get this knot out!"

"That's `cause they are tied in a double knot... Ah, man you got it all boogered up now!" he said in frustration. He started to bite at the knot.

"Don't use your teeth!" I said, pulling the shoe away from him again!

"Well, that's how I do it at home!" he said, trying to get the shoe back from me.

"Do you want another swat?" I wiggled a finger in front of his cute little nose.

"No!" He pouted.

"Then sit still and stop your squirming." I commanded in my `dad' voice.

"You're mean!" he said, crossing his arms over his chest and jutting out his bottom lip as far as it would go.

"Yeah, and your short!" I shot back.

"Hey!" He complained and then laughed; I laughed, too.

"Okay, I got it now!" I said, finally getting his laces un-knotted. "Now put your foot in here and don't play or I'll spank your bare bottom!" I said and he obeyed, with that foot anyway.

"Sheesh! Well that's one foot done!" I said, as he stuck his other bare foot up in my face.

"Don't forget about this one!" he sang while wiggling his toes at me.

I couldn't help but laugh at him.

"You are cruising!" I warned.

He just threw his head back and laughed until I got hold of his pinky toe on that foot.

"YEEEeeooow! No! Not that one too! Yeeouch, ouch, ouch!" he cried, burying his face in his hands and squirming to get free!

I gave his toe a tug and it popped in my hand, which made him freeze for maybe half a second. Then he said, "Hey, that felt good! Do the rest!"

"No. Now sit still and let me get this sock on!" I said, pulling his sock on before he could spread out his toes this time.

"You are so mean!" he said again.

"We already had that conversation!" I joked.

"That doesn't change the fact that you are still a big stinky meanie-head with messy hair!" he pouted more.

"I don't have messy hair." I said, but no sooner were the words out of my mouth than he started messing it all up. I just sat there, unmoved, while he continued to tousle and shake my hair all over the place.

When he stopped and leaned back again, he said very flatly, "There, now you do!"

I looked up at him sitting there with a satisfied smug expression across his face. "You feel better now?" I asked.

"Yep!" He said in a very high tone.

I had to work hard not to laugh at him, or how I must look now. I didn't have to work so hard to get his other shoelace untied, but when I went to stick his shoe on his foot he curled up his toes so that I couldn't get them into his shoe.

Instead of reacting as he hoped, I calmly sat his shoe on the floor beside me and looked up at him.

"Um, are you ticklish?" I asked, very bland and calm like.

His eyes grew wide and he squealed, "No! Please don't!"

He had both hands held out in front of him as if that might stop me if I lunged at him.

"Please Simon!" he begged and pleaded no longer sounding childish or that he was playing.

"So you are ticklish then!" I said in my best old time bad-guy voice while rubbing my hands together menacingly.

"Okay! Here, here, here!" he said, putting his foot out for me to put on his shoe, but I just looked at his foot with my head cocked to one side.

He immediately retracted it again.


This time his pleading sounded genuine.

"Come on Simon, I'm so ticklish! Please don't tickle me?" he looked truly fearful that I was going to attack him.

I will admit, I was soooooo thinking about doing it, but I didn't. Instead, still calm like, I picked up his shoe and held it open. He quickly slipped his foot all the way into it. Without saying a word and I tied it in a double knot again for him.

"You weren't really going to tickle me were you?"

From the way he asked, I could tell that he was still worried that I might yet pounce.

With my chin down, I rolled my eyes up to meet his and hissed, "Would I do that?"

"Please don't, I hate being tickled!" he whinned.

I think, for the first time, I was seeing something very real about him.

"Uh, I think your printer is done!" he said, pointing up at it.

I knew he was just trying to distract me, but I went ahead and played along. I managed to scramble to my feet and pulled the printed pages from my printer before returning to my bed where I carefully plopped myself down right beside him. I'd already started reading the very first page of Lowell's story out loud.



City of the Dead

By B.L.

~ Chapter Two ~

"and a child shall lead the way"


"Oh! That is a good one!" I said pointing to Lowell's subtitle.

"Yeah, I heard that in a movie once and I thought it would be good." Lowell said as he scooted closer to me so that he could read along with me.

I continued reading aloud.


Six weeks had passed since I was released from the small local hospital. Miss Lillian Hassley had come everyday for two weeks to visit me there. She was even nearly fired from her job at the paper because she would not leave me alone in their miserable land. Not even for a single day. She knew I had no one now... now that both of my parents were dead.

There was something however that no one knew; something that had been eating me alive from the inside. That first day when she came to the hospital, that moment when she told me how my father had died, that was the moment I started to die too. When she said, "I guess one of the men must have surprised him and shot him before he could get into the room." I knew the bullet that had killed my father had come from my father's own gun. The gun I had been holding; the gun I had fired.

"It was an accident!" I kept telling myself, "You didn't mean to fire the gun!" Even though inside, deep within my heart, I knew the truth. Accident or not, I know that I had killed my own father.

After being released from the hospital, which had been an emotional event for the three nurses and the doctor who had cared for me. In those couple of weeks they had come to think of me almost as their own child, and didn't want to see me go. However, one can't live in a hospital forever. When I was finally well enough to be discharged, I went to stay with Miss Lillian Hassley in a little backroom of a restaurant, while I continued to get my strength back.

She had done some digging, or investigating as she called it, and was unable to discover who it was that had been after my father the night he died, or what it was they so earnestly wanted. During her investigation into the matter, Miss Lillian Hassley, the title by which I had gotten into the habit of calling her, although she constantly tried to get me to call her Lillian, had asked me several times if I knew anything, anything at all. However, I honestly didn't have a clue. She had also questioned me about something else. She asked me if my father had ever told me the story about a legendary city. A city that is supposed to only exist in storybooks and local folklore. The name of the city was Hamunaptra, the legendary City of the Dead.


"Woah!" I exclaimed rather abruptly, making Lowell jump.

"Sorry!" I said with a giggle, "But that's a really good beginning for this chapter!"

"You think so?" he humbly asked.

"Yeah, and it's not what I thought you were going to do next either." I said.

Lowell cocked his head to one side and asked, "What were you expecting?"

"I don't know. I figured there would be more about his hospital stay, or the nurses, or something like that!" I answered.

Seeing an almost disappointed look in Lowell's eyes as he stared at the printed paged in my hands, I knew I had to reassure him further.

"It's great like this! I love it, really! I love when I can't guess what's going to happen next! When I read books or watch movies that I can guess the ending after just a few minutes, that bores me beyond words!" I said, and Lowell seemed to brighten up again.

"You know something?" Lowell looked serious.

"What?" I asked.

"You read really good!" he said.

It wasn't what I was expecting him to say. Actually, I've no idea what I was expecting, but it wasn't that.

"Uh, um, thanks!" I said uncomfortably.

"No, I mean you read like they do for audio books." Lowell said.

"What are audio books?" I asked.

Lowell stuttered slightly while he searched for what he wanted to say, "Well, ah-um, they -- they are books that people read out loud and record for people to listen to."

Lowell scrunched up his cute little nose and asked, "You've never heard of audio books?"

"Never!" I assured.

"Wow, I listen to all kinds, all the time! It's like having someone reading a bedtime story to me, except I listen to them even when I'm not going to sleep." Lowell explained.

"Where do you get them?" I asked.

"The library mostly." He said with a shrug.

"Really?" I said, mostly because I didn't know what else to say.

"Yeah, they have hundreds and hundreds of them!" Lowell said.

"What kinds?" I asked.

With exasperation in his voice, he said, "Every kind!" flinging his hands into the air as if demonstrating the vastness of the selection. "The last couple of days I've been listening to this kind of scary sort of mystery called `We All Fall Down'. It's about this 11 year old boy that sees a bunch of older boys break into this house and trash everything inside and also try to force this one girl to have sex with them. The 11 year old boy is called `The Avenger'..." Lowell stopped for a second and looked into the air as if he were trying to focus on something that wasn't really there. "I ain't figured out yet who `The Avenger' is. I think he's a good guy, but then he's already killed one of the bad-boys, and also his own grandfather who used to be a police officer when he was younger. I mean before he got old."

"Wow that sounds like a weird book." I said and then asked, "Your parents let you read stuff like that?"

"They don't really know that I get those kinds of audio books and I don't always get books like that one. Sometimes I get kid books, and sometimes I get books that aren't stories at all, but are about stuff like science, or space, or dinosaurs. Just depends on what sounds and looks good when I am picking them out." Lowell shrugged again, and was about to say something else, but I sort of butted in.

"Does your mom and dad ever read to you still?" I could tell my question threw him slightly.

"Sometimes, but only on special occasions." Lowell confessed, before returning the question to me, "Does yours?"

"Nah, not for a long time!" I answered.

"You should get some audio books then. It's almost the same as having someone read to you." Lowell slapped his hands on his thighs, "Heck, sometimes its better, because then you can listen to stuff your parents would never let you read."

"Yeah!" is all I said back to him.

"Keep reading!" Lowell pushed the printed chapter that I still had clutched in my fingers up off my lap.

"Um, it's your story. You read it to me!" I said, and Lowell got a really weird look on his face.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He hung his head as if he were about to cry.

"What?" I asked again.

"I don't read so good!" he confessed without looking at me at all.

Not really understanding what he meant, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I don't read so good!" he repeated a little louder and with attitude.

"But I don't understand, you wrote this, right?" I asked.

"I can read and write, but I... uh... out loud it just doesn't come out right." His voice sounded broken and sorrowful.

Finally understanding what he was saying, "Oh, you mean reading out loud!?"

"Yeah!" he barely answered back.

"Well that's okay!" I assured him.

He looked up at me with glassy eyes.

"You just need to practice is all! My Mom used to make me sit at the kitchen table and read stuff to her while she cooked. I've read stuff like my comic books, the Sunday funnies, or stuff out of my textbooks. All just for the practice!"

I gave him a slight nudge with my elbow.

"You just need to practice!" I said again.

"Here, start practicing with this, and don't feel bad if you don't read it so good out loud, just do it! It's only me here and I'm not going to laugh!"

Slowly, as if not sure he wanted to try, he reached out, took the pages from me and held them in front of himself.

"Come on! Start reading!" I nudged him again, only harder this time.

He shot me a cold stare.

"Don't give me that look! Read, or I'll tickle you for sure!" I threatened.

His coldness morphed into a kind of fear.

"Okay, but don't you dare laugh!" he warned, and after a heavy sigh he asked, "Where'd you stop?"

I pointed to the fourth paragraph and said, "Right here!"

He sighed again before he started reading.


Now I knew the story very well. My father must have told it to me a thousand times while I was growing up. It was supposed to be a fairy tale. A legend, and nothing more.


Lowell stopped reading and looked up from the pages.

"Why'd you stop? You were doing good!" I assured him.

"No I wasn't! I don't sound anything like you!" He said with a sneer.

Not really knowing I did it until afterward, I put my right arm around his shoulders and hugged him to my side.

"Look! I didn't get good at reading out loud after just two sentences and you won't either! You got to keep practicing!" I smiled and added, "You really aren't as bad as you think! I like listening to you read! Keep going, please?"

The corners of Lowell's mouth curled up slightly before he again took up the reading. As I listened to him, I noticed my arm was around him and wondered when I'd put it there. It felt nice holding him as he read, so I left my arm draped around him.


However, I had heard Miss Lillian Hassley telling my father that they (whoever `they' were) had found the city. She didn't know that I had been listening in on the conversation, and I wasn't ready to let on that I knew more than she thought I did; not yet anyway.

I knew a lot more, I mean about archeology and anthropology, than anyone really ever gave me credit for knowing, or being able to handle. I knew a lot more than just about the legendary lost city.

My Father had been the only one to ever give me the credit I deserved. Thanks to Father, I know how to speak seven languages fluently and can muddle my way through many more if I have too. I am probably the only child in this day and age that can read, write and speak, ancient Egyptian, and probably one of only a handful of any age that can do it. However, beyond all my book knowledge that my Father drilled into my head nearly every waking moment of my young life, I still knew so much more than he and others thought I knew.

I knew by the age of six that my mother had been killed when I was a small boy after being trapped in a pyramid, when a tunnel that the local grave robbers had dug the night before had collapsed in on her. I knew at age eight, that my father's best friend, my godfather, was killed when he tried to smuggle twenty-seven Jews out of a German occupied area and was caught, tortured, and finally executed. Moreover, and most importantly, I knew that at the age of twelve, I had shot and killed my Father, and that I no longer had anyone but myself to rely on.


Lowell stopped reading again and looked up at me again.

"What?" I asked softly.

"You really think I read okay?" he asked.

I gave him a squeeze with the arm I had around him and said, "Really, really!" to which he smiled bigger this time, and continued to read aloud to me.


Having traveled with my father for all those years I was able to learn so many things from him; much more than I ever could have learned sitting at a desk in some over-crowded classroom. He also managed to pass down to me his love for anthropology, and taught me so much about life, whether it be past, present, or even the possible future of mankind. He often told me that I knew more about ancient cultures than most of the greatest minds of our age.

Because I have always been a little short, and a lot skinny, I usually had been the one that got to explore all the little nooks and crannies of caves, pyramids, burial mounds, and so much more. Although my father got the credit, I was the first person in over three thousand years to look upon the twelve ritualistic statues of Amenities, buried within the now famous catacombs under Tibet.

My father had taught me something else as well. Something he knew would one day be the most important thing he could ever impart to me. As a young boy, he taught me the riddle of the dead city; better known to the rest of the world as Hamunaptra, the City of the Dead. Moreover, it is thanks to that riddle, that I believe I have figured out whom my father and Miss Lillian Hassley meant when they said they were looking to find, `Him'.

During the weeks I stayed with Miss Lillian Hassley, I managed to regain my full strength and nearly wholly recovered aside from a slight, yet irksome, wheezing sound whenever I breathe, which the doctor told me I may have for the rest of my life due to the scaring of my lungs. I also still had a cough that seemed to only plague me when I was tired, or breathing too hard and deep, which I discovered the day I had been sitting in the window of our little make-shift apartment, watching the locals.

I saw one, absolutely beautiful girl, walk by who appeared to be approximately my age. She wasn't covered in veils, or a hooded cloak, but rather was walking around in regular clothing that any girl her age might wear if they had grown up in the American States. However, one look at her, and I knew she was obviously not from America. Neither was she a local girl. As I watched her walk by, never seeing her face clearly, I found myself panting, with a strong stirring within my pants that I'd never felt before. The more excited I got watching her, the harder my breathing became, until I began to cough and nearly fell out of the window. After that, Miss Lillian Hassley forbid me to sit in the window. Whenever I would go near it, she'd clear her throat to let me know she was watching.

Despite Miss Lillian Hassley's repeated attempts to get me to call her by her first name, even to the point of yelling at me whenever I'd address her with her full name, I always addressed her as Miss Lillian Hassley. We both knew why, although neither of us ever voiced it. I was hurting inside, and despite her excellent, and sometimes overly protective care for me, I refused to allow myself to get close to her or anyone ever again.


Yet again Lowell stopped reading and looked my way.

"Now what?" I said.

He only smiled without saying a word.

"What?" I smiled back.

"I just wet myself!" he said.

Shocked at this announcement, it took me a second or two to absorb the information.

I eventually asked, "Uh, do you need changed then?"

Lowell shook his head violently hard from side-to-side making his hair fly out with the force of it. "Nope! Not yet!" he was grinning and looking so adorable.

I grabbed for the pages of the story, "Give me these!" I demanded, but not in a mean way.

Lowell looked kind of surprised at first. At least until I said, while setting the pages down on the left side of me, away from him. "Stand up!"

Still having my arm around him, I was able to give him a gentle push, so that he stood before me with his arms hanging down to his side.

He didn't protest at all as I unbuttoned the front of his pants and unzipped them too. Now, I supposed I could have checked the condition of his diaper just by pulling open his pants. Instead, I chose to pull them all the way down to his knees and with a single quick glance, I saw that he liked that sort of treatment.

With one hand I pulled at the waistband of his diaper, and with my other hand I thrust it down into the front of his diaper. With my hand still in his diaper I announced, "I don't know, from the feel and the look of it, I'd say you are pretty wet!"

But Lowell again, with the same violent head rattling shook his head and protested by saying, "No! I can wait a little longer! I don't think I'm done."

At that, I suddenly felt a strong warmth covering my hand, which was still down inside his diaper. I knew what he was doing, but still playing his little game, I asked anyway. "Are you peeing on my hand?"

"Well, you shouldn't have it in there!" He teased.

I pulled my hand out of his diaper. Sure enough, it was glistening with Lowell's pee.

I wrinkled up my nose and said, "You nasty, nasty boy!" which Lowell absolutely soaked up.

Since his pack was still sitting there open, I reached down and pulled out the small travel container of wipes, took one out, and wiped my hand clean before returning the container to his pack.

Lowell just stood there grinning with his pants down around his knees and his diaper fully exposed. Feeling frisky and daring, I reached up and took hold of the front of his shirt and pulled him forward. As if he knew what I was thinking, he allowed himself to lay face down across my lap, leaving his diapered bottom right there in the open and ready to be spanked.

His willingness surprised even me, since he'd complained so much earlier when I'd given him a backhanded swat on his diapered butt. Just to test him, to see if he'd really protest, I gave him a hard smack with the palm of my hand right across his diaper. I felt his entire body tense up, but he didn't try to get up of get away. I swatted him again, this time harder, and yet he still took it I could tell that he was sure feeling it. I raised my hand as high as I could without hurting myself, and brought it down as hard as I possibly could onto his diapered butt. That one did the trick, and I heard Lowell whimper. I gave him two more of my most forceful whacks and then stood him back up.

I was shocked to see that he was indeed crying, crying real tears that streaked down his face and dripped from his cheeks. For a moment I felt really bad that I'd made him cry, but then he said, "I'm sorry! I will be a good boy!" as he rubbed his diapered butt.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He was actually crying, yet it was still all just a game to him! All part of his teenbaby game!

While I was looking at him, I must have smiled, because he smiled too, then threw himself onto my neck, and hugged me before sitting back down beside me again.

I looked down. That little stinker had managed to sneak the pages of his story away from me while he was hugging me. He gave me a sly glance while trying to look innocent.

"I wanna read some more to you!" he announced. Not waiting for my consent, he began right where he'd let off before.


In the first couple of weeks after I was released into her care, during the time I was not yet strong enough to fully care for myself, she would help feed me, bathe me, and even diapered me as I was too weak to walk outside to the outhouse. However, as my strength increased, so did my resolve that I would never again need anyone.

In time, I took on more and more of my own personal care, including diapering myself. Diapers were something Miss Lillian Hassley insisted on since we were sharing the same bed.

When I knew I was strong enough, and healthy enough, I reached a decision I knew she wouldn't like, but that I knew I had to do. Therefore, I approached Miss Lillian Hassley with my intentions, and her reaction was just what I had expected from her. I had decided that I was going to carry on my fathers dream and life's work by going to Hamunaptra to find `Him'.

"That is out of the question!" She bellowed like the mannish person I'd met that very first time back in Jerusalem. It was also the first time she'd lost her cool so intensely since I'd known her.

"There is no way I am going to let you go down there!"

She was squawking and almost spitting with furry.

"I don't care if you do think you can find the blasted burial site; there is no way I can let you go! What if the men that killed your father come after you next? Have you any idea how hard I've worked to keep anyone from knowing that you are here and still alive?"

She pounded her fist on the table, causing the plate before her the jump, tossing food everywhere.

"No! Absolutely not! I will not allow it!" she roared.

I won't lie, I was mad. I was burning inside with the power of twenty volcanoes, but I managed, somehow, to remain calm. "You will let me go, because I have to go. I have to finish what my father spent his life searching for; what he would still be doing right now if I..."

I could not bring myself to say it. Something inside me wanted to get it out, to finally confess the secret I was holding in for the past two months.

"If you what?" She shouted. Her head glowing with rage at the idea of me going to Egypt.

I looked her straight in the eyes, swallowed, and opened my mouth, yet I could not speak the words. I closed my mouth again, looked down at the table, and thought for a moment before I attempted to speak again.

"I know everything!" I tried to sound confident. I wasn't so sure I was doing a very good job of it, but I was giving it my best try.

"What are you talking about boy?" She was almost foaming at the mouth.

I was struggling to keep my cool, but was failing a little more with each word I uttered.

"I know about the city of Hamunaptra. I know you have found it!" My voice steadily grew in volume, "and I know you needed my father to find a special burial site within that city!"

I paused as it became apparent to me that yet again, I had begun to wet myself. Nevertheless, I was too worked up, and too focused, to let my wetting myself be a deterrent. Miss Lillian Hassley had seen me wet myself on many occasions over the past weeks, and knew that my problem usually happened when I was excited or worked up.

It had become a morning ritual. I would wake up and she would already have the bathwater run for me to wash in. I'd climb out of bed, strip off the diaper, leaving it on the floor by the bed, before making my way to the tub. Whenever I have one of my accidents, it was the exact same thing. She would just go fill the tub without saying anything, and I would strip and get in it. She was always good about seeing that my clothes and the diapers were laundered by one of the local ladies.

From across the table I looked her straight in the eyes and shouted...


As Lowell was happily reading away. I sat listening, both enraptured to be hearing the story, and to have the author, that's Lowell, reading it to me. I was clutching my bedspread with anticipation of what was going to come next, but suddenly there was a knock at my bedroom door. Lowell jumped and sent the printed pages frying into the air. Having been leaning on Lowell as he'd been reading, I fell over when he jumped to his feet. We both started laughing as Lowell scrambled to get his pants pulled back up and fastened into place.

"Dinner's ready boys!" Dad shouted through the door. I got up, still laughing, unlocked, and then opened my door.

"You boy's sound like you're having fun!" Dad said, and then saw the mess of papers all over the floor. "What happened?"

I was still laughing myself silly; so Lowell answered for me while he bent down to gather up the papers. "We was reading and when you knocked on the door you scared me!"

Dad chuckled, "Well, when you two are ready, dinner is ready!"

"Yeah, okay!" I snorted while helping Lowell.

"Man that was funny!" Lowell said after Dad left us again.

"Yeah! But just when the story was really getting good." I countered.

"We can finish after we eat maybe." Lowell said, as he handed me the jumbled stack he'd gathered. I stuffed them all into the lap drawer of my desk.

"Yeah, but we'll have to resort the pages of this chapter!" I giggled.


When Lowell and I reached the kitchen, Mom was just carrying the plates into the dinning room.

"There, you are! I hope you two are hungry!" she said.

"Boy, am I!" Lowell exclamed.

Just as we always did when Jamie was over, Mom and Dad sat at either end of the table while Lowell and I sat across from one another. Lowell of course, was in Jamie's normal seat. Lowell was being a perfect gentleman, so I too had to put on my best manors so as not to be shown up by him. I could just hear Mom saying, "Why can't you be more like your little friend?" So it sort of became a kind of competition to see who could be the most well-mannered. I know Mom and Dad were blown away, and I know it don't sound like much fun, but it was, at least for Lowell and I.


PART 4 -- Tuesday, March 02, 2004 -- Those who live by the sword - Continued

All through dinner we kept shooting each other glances that showed how hard it was for us not to break into fits of laughter. When we were nearly done eating desert, Lowell finally outdid me. I still owe him for it, too.

"Mrs. Leonard, can Simon and I clear the table and wash the dinner plates?" Lowell asked.

I tried to kick him from under the table, but he was too far away for my short legs to reach him.

Regrettably, Mom and Dad had both figured out what the two of us were doing. Mom, without missing a beat said, "Why sure you can, and thank you so very much! You are just the sweetest little man!"

So after dinner, Mom and Dad retired to the living room while Lowell and I cleared the table, put away the leftovers, then stood at the sink and washed all the dishes. Well, actually I made Lowell wash while I dried and put everything away since I knew where everything went.

We joked around. Lowell splashed me twice. Once on accident and once on purpose. I snapped him with the dishtowel right on his diapered butt. He acted like it hurt, but I knew it didn't. He was just acting again.

As I was putting the last fork into the silverware drawer Lowell leaned over to me and whispered, "I definitely need changed now."

I spun around to face him, "When did you wet?" I asked.

"Just a minute ago while the water was running in the sink. That sound gets me every time." He continued to whisper.

With a small chuckle I added, "Yeah, it does that to me sometimes, too."

"You wet again, too?" he asked.

"I don't think so." I said with as much of a shrug as I could with my armor on.

Lowell looked toward the living room to be sure Mom and Dad were both out of sight, and then pulled the front of my pants down just enough to check the condition of my diaper.

"Hate to break this to ya but..." Lowell started to say, however he didn't have to finish. I'd looked down and saw for myself what he was seeing.

"Ah, dang!" I whimpered, "I didn't even know I did it!"

With a grin, Lowell whispered back, "Sounds like you are becoming a Teenbaby whether you want to or not!"

"It's not funny!" I continued my moaning, "How am I supposed to go back to school next week if I can't keep from wetting myself all the time?"

Lowell pulled my pants back up and said, "Simple, just do like I do."

"What's that?" I asked, while hanging the towel I'd been using to dry the dishes over the handle of the oven door like Mom always did.

"Let's go back to your room." Lowell said, pulling on my shirt.

As we past through the living room, Dad asked; "You boys want to watch a movie with us?"

"Nah, we're going to go back to my room." I said.

Lowell looked at his watch, "Yeah, my Dad will be here to pick me up in about forty minutes anyway."

"Okay, have fun!" Dad said, and the two of us went on back to my room.

I closed and locked my door again and was about to restate my question when Lowell, right then and there, kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants all the way down.

"Oh Yeah, I forgot you need changed!" I said with a smile.

"Can I wear one of yours this time?" he asked.

I countered his question with one of my own, "My disposable ones or the cloth kind?"

"The Attends Youth, like you was wearing when I got here," he said.

I went to my dresser, "Actually, when you got here I was still wearing a double cloth diaper my Dad had put on me this morning. Mom changed me right as you got here."

"Ah man! I would like to have seen that!" Lowell complained, as he laid himself on my floor.

I got out the diaper and my box of baby wipes, as well as my diaper cream and powder.

"So, how do you wear your diapers to school like Jasper does?" I asked upon returning with the supplies.

"I wear GoodNites to school most of the time. Sometimes regular Pull-Ups, but I like GoodNites the best!" Lowell said as I unfastened his diaper and pulled it open. I'd fully expected him to be rock hard again but he wasn't, and I was surprised at how small it looked when it was all soft.

I wiped him clean with the wipe, applied the diaper cream and lots of powder.

"Jeeze, take it easy! I'm not a doughnut!" Lowell complained.

"Well now you look like a powdered doughnut!" I said patting the side of his bottom.

He rose up and I slid the old diaper out from under him and the new, dry one into place. I made him stay up while I cleaned, creamed, and powdered his bottom too.

"What do you do when you are wet in the middle of the school day?" I asked while I worked.

"I keep a couple changes in the bottom of my backpack, and when I am wet I just go to the bathroom and change in one of the stalls." Lowell said. Then he let out a giggle as I rubbed the powder between his legs. "Hey! Careful! That tickles!"

"Sorry!" I said, "And no one knows? I mean at school?" I asked.

"My teachers know, and the school nurse knows. Oh, and so does one of my friends, but she'll never tell anyone." He explained as I was taping the diaper into place.

"A GIRL KNOWS?" I nearly shouted.

"Yeah, but she's way cool about it. She saw them from the back one time when I bent over in the hallway at school." He said.

"What did she say?" I gave the front of his diaper a pat, "There, all dry again."

"Can I keep my pants off, just for a while?" He bashfully asked.

"I got the door locked." Was all I said back.

"Yeah, she was way cool about it." Lowell sat up again, "I was walking home from school, and she caught up to me and told me that she saw."

"Did you freak out?" I asked.

"At first I did. I got scared, but then she said that she'd never tell anyone."

I shot back, "And you just believed her?"

Lowell got a distant look in his eyes before answering, "Not really, I mean not at first but after a while I guess I did."

"What do you mean, `after a while'?" I asked.

Squirming a little, he blurted out, "Okay, here it is! She's my babysitter now! She comes over every Friday or whenever my parents go out and she watches me!"

I didn't reply right away, but just sat there looking at him.

"Well, say something!" Lowell snapped.

"Why do you think that would be such a big deal?" I said flatly.

"Huh?" Lowell scrunched up his nose again, as if smelling something unpleasant.

"I think that's kind of neat!" I said very matter-of-factly.

"Just neat?" Lowell asked, his nose still all scrunchy.

"Okay, I think it is cool, and maybe I'm a little jealous of you!" I finally admitted.

The corners of Lowell's mouth curled up. Had he a mustache, I wouldn't have been surprised to see the points of it curl up too!

"No!" I said quickly.

Sneering like Hannibal Lector, he said in a very drawn out sort of way, "Wwwhhhhaaat?"

"No way, not going to happen!" I was waving and crossing my hands in the air as if signaling a racecar driver to cut his engine.

Dropping his sneer, he pulled out the big guns. With two big sad puppy dog eyes and a pouty lip he said, "Pawwweeeaaassse!"

I wanted to laugh, and had I not acted as fast as I did, I probably would have. Instead, I lashed out, grabbed his pouting lip, and pulled on it.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH!" Lowell cried out!

"That'll teach you to try using your cute eyes to break me!" I said while still holding onto his lip.

"Le-goooo!" he cried, and I released my grip.

He was rubbing his mouth and looking ticked.

"That hurt!" he whined, "And you still got powder on your hand.

"Then don't stick that lip out again!" It was my turn to sneer now.

"Brat!" Lowell said from behind his hand as he protected his lips.

I pointed my finger at him and said, "You better believe it, brother!" which made Lowell snicker, though he didn't want too.

"Why won't you?" He continued to whine.

I didn't answer right away, and I was glad Lowell gave me a few seconds to think about my answer. I stood up, went over to my desk, and got out the jumbled pages of his story before answering. "I-I'm just not ready for that yet!"

I set the pages down on the floor as Lowell sat himself up, then I plopped down on the floor myself just to his right.

"But you're still going to sleep over this weekend right?" Lowell asked almost as if he were expecting me to say no.

"Y-Yeah!" I said before I thought about it.

Lowell threw himself backward to the floor, throwing his feet into the air and kicking wildly, "YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!"

Grabbing his right knee, I pushed his leg back down, and he came up in the same motion. "I still got to ask my Mom and Dad first." I added.

"I'm so glad! I really thought you were going to chicken out on me!" Lowell was smiling so big his face looked like a giant mouth with hair.

"Who you calling a chicken?" I teased, but he must have thought I was serious because he stopped whooping about and the smile fell from his face.

"Oh I didn't mean it like that!" he said soberly.

"Lowell, I was teasing!" I said, letting him off the hook.

His smile returned.

"So, does she change you and everything?" I asked, returning to the subject of his babysitter.

He sort of popped when he answered, "Yeah!" Then added, "And she feeds me and gives me a bottle!"

I must have looked stunned or shocked, because Lowell suddenly stopped talking and just looked at me for a couple seconds before asking, "Does that freak you out?"

"Huh, what?" I stammered having been caught off guard, "No, I mean not really. I just, well, it's so hard to believe. I mean I believe you, but well... I have read about this sort of stuff in stories, but to actually have a friend that does it!"

In true Psychological techno-babble, that was light-years ahead of him, Lowell responded with, "So, you're saying that you are having difficulty assimilating my preferred lifestyle into your limited sphere of judgment and thinking?"

With complete bafflement, I asked; "What?"

Again, Lowell fell backwards in laughter, and again I helped him back up by pressing down on his knee.

"What was that?" I asked again.

Lowell was still laughing, "You should have seen your face!"

I gave him a soft thump with the back of my hand on his leg.

Trying to keep himself from laughing, he attempted to translate what he'd said into normal words I'd understand. "I'm sorry. Man, that face you made was too funny. Okay, I basically just asked you if you are having a hard time with me being a teenbaby?"

"Well it didn't sound like that the first time!" I gave him a push with my shoulder so that this time he fell over sideways.

"Hey!" he complained, and righted himself again.

"Yeah, maybe just a little, I mean I think it's cool and all, but I'm still having a hard time believing it all." Quickly realizing what I'd just said, I added; "Not that I'm saying you are lying or anything!"

"No, no! I understand what you mean and it's cool." Lowell said, grinning and chuckling.

The two of us busied ourselves on the floor, trying to re-sort all the pages of Lowell's second chapter so that we could finish it. It proved to be a lot more difficult than he or I had expected it to be.

Lowell made the comment; "I think from now on I'm going to put page numbers on all the chapters so this don't happen again!"

I added, "I think that's a really good idea."

Just about the same time that we got all the pages back into order, we heard a car pulling into the driveway. Lowell got up and scrambled to the window, which gave me a great view of him wearing one of my diapers. Which, on him, was obviously too big. It was high on his back, and puffed out almost as if he already had a load in it.

"Ah man, it's my Dad!" Lowell complained and turned back to me.

He started to bend over and reach for his pants, but I was closer and faster. I snatched them away and said, "You been wanting to go run around with no clothes since you got here! Well, here's your chance!"

"Simon! Come on!" He whimpered so excellently.

With a single finger, I gave him the come here sign and he reluctantly obeyed. I was still sitting on the floor, holding the now re-sorted pages of his story, while he stood only a few inches away from me. I was nearly eye to diaper with him. The front of the diaper looked as oversized as the back did on him, and it puffed out even farther than the back did. He also couldn't put his legs together like he could with his Pampers diapers.

I set the papers down on the floor, reached my arms around him, and buried my face in the front of his diaper, hugging him around his bottom. I heard him giggle and then jokingly begin to hump my face. I released him, and looking up into his big eyes, I melted like chocolate left out in the summer sun!

"Thanks for coming over!" I softly said.

"Yeah, this was really fun! Um, can I have my pants back now?" he giggled again.

"Yeah I guess so!" I said, and held them open for him to step into. He held onto my head while he put his feet into his pants and allowed me to pull them back up. I had a bit of a hard time getting them buttoned and zipped up again, but I managed.

I swooped up his shirt and stood back up so that I could finish dressing him. This time, I didn't try to capture his arms in his shirt, but slipped it on him properly. I also straightened up his hair so that he didn't look like such a scruffy dog, and then gave him a small kiss on top of his head, just for good measure!

He sat on my bed and put his own shoes back on without untying them this time. He'd slipped the last one on as I was opening my door again. No sooner had I opened it than Mom yelled from the living room, "Simon! Lowell's Dad is here!"

"We're coming!" I shouted back.

I quickly helped Lowell stuff all his things into his backpack, and helped him put it on as Dad came to my door to hurry us along.

"I'm ready!" Lowell said bouncing his pack to get it positioned on his back better.

Dad turned away, heading back to the living room. I quickly grabbed the printed pages off the floor and stuffed them under my bedspread before following Lowell out to greet his dad.

"Hi daddy!" Lowell said cheerily.

"You ready to go?" Lowell's dad asked him.

"Yep, got everything!" Lowell gave his pack another bounce.

"Did you have a good time!" Lowell's dad asked.

Lowell shot me a sinister grin before answering, "Boy, did we!"

Then Lowell turned to Mom, "Thank you Mrs. Leonard for having me over for dinner. It was the best!"

"It was a pleasure to have you over, and you can come back anytime you like!" Mom said back to him.

"And thanks for helping Simon with the dishes!" Dad added.

"He washed dishes?" Lowell's dad asked, "I can't even get him to clean his room!"

"Daddy!" Lowell complained, while trying not to look embarrassed.

I gave Lowell a soft punch in the back of his shoulder and he spun around, "Keep practicing every day! I expect improvement!" I said to him.

"Yeah, I got an idea about that! I'll email you about it when I see if it will work!" Lowell said, faking a punch to my gut, which probably wouldn't have hurt with my body armor on, but I'd rather not find out.

"See ya!" I said.

"Yeah, see ya later, Simon!" Lowell said as he followed his dad out the door.

"Thanks again for having Lowell over, I hope he wasn't too much trouble." Lowell's dad said from just outside the door.

"He was a perfect little gentleman!" Mom said back.

Lowell's dad looked at him as Lowell brushed by him and joked, "My son? A perfect gentleman?"

"Daddy! Will you stop?"

I only just caught a glimpse of Lowell, and he was beat red.

I watched as Lowell started to climb into the front passenger seat beside his dad, but he suddenly stopped, said something to his dad that I couldn't hear, and then came running back up to the house.

"Mrs. Leonard?" Lowell asked, and I turned to see that Mom was standing right behind me.

"Did you forget something?" Mom asked.

"Uh, no, I wanted to see if it was okay for Simon to sleep over at my house on Friday?" Lowell asked, and a wave of panic flooded over me like a tsunami.

"I don't see why not!" Mom answered him, "What do you think of that idea Simon."

"I think it's great!" I said, and couldn't believe the words came out of my mouth.

"YES!" Lowell cheered, "Thanks Mrs. Leonard! See ya Simon!" He ran back to the car, nearly floating above the ground.

I watched and waved from our door as Lowell and his dad drove away before stepping back and closing the door again.

When I turned around, both Mom and Dad were standing side by side looking down at me.

"What?" I asked nervously.

They both smiled knowingly.

"Okay, let me have it!" I said, hanging my head and waving them on.

"Why dear, what on earth could your son be going on about?" Mom jokingly said to Dad.

"Well my love, I honestly don't know!" Dad joked back.

With my head still bowed so that I didn't have to look at them I waved again and said, "You know you want too, I can take it!"

"Son, we have no idea what you mean!" Dad continued to joke.

"You know you want to ask why I can't be that well mannered; that well behaved all of the time!" I said for them and added, "Come on, you know you're just busting to say it!"

"My love, it seems our son thinks we revel in torturing him." Dad said.

"Yes dear, I believe you are right about that!" Mom said, and I lifted my head to see the two of them grinning wildly, and trying their darndest not to laugh.

Shaking my head, I started for my room and just before reaching the hall I said; "Of all the families in all the world, I get stuck with a couple of clowns!" I thought I said it just under my breath, but they still heard me.

"We heard that!" they said in unison.

I spun around and tried to look innocent, but failed miserably. "What'd I say?"

Dad faked a step toward me. I spun around and took off for my room, but stopped at the door to look to see if he was still coming after me, but both of them had thankfully vanished from sight.

Feeling about as good as I possibly could feel without artificial means, I went to my computer and turned it on before going to my bed and retrieving the pages of Lowell's story from under my bedspread.

I went over to my closet, opened the door, and sat the story in the bottom to read after I checked my email.

Back at my desk, I sat myself in my desk chair and opened my email. I had several from Mike, one from Bull, one from someone I didn't know, and guessed it was probably Tater by the subject line, `Tater skins are yummy'.

I couldn't help but to giggle at his humorous way of letting me know it was from him. I also had two emails from Jasper as well as three from BJ.

I decided to start with the oldest emails that I'd not yet read, and work my way through them all. I sent short replies to each one and was getting caught-up pretty fast until I reached Taters. It was about as long as a 20-volume encyclopedia. It took me a long time to read it. At one point, about two-thirds of the way through, I even started to doze off because he was going on and on about boring football stuff. I could easily sum up his entire email with a few short bullet points.


Bull, Tater, and Two-Two's were kicked off the football team.

Bull's Dad, the High school Coach, was put on unpaid leave.

He and Bull don't blame me, but Two-Toe's wants me dead.

He and Bull still want to be friends when all this blows over.

I'm still their buddy!


Of course, he asked a lot of questions about how I was feeling and if I was working out at all. I did my best to answer all his questions with my return email and told him that I am glad we are still friends! I said a bit more stuff, but nothing earth-shatteringly important to note here in my journal.

Bull's email was not long at all, but basically said the same stuff he'd said before, trying to reassure me that he didn't hate me, or blame me in any way.

Mike's emails were mostly him complaining about Tater. I think he was needing to vent some serious pent-up frustrations. I'm totally cool with that, and I told him so.

Jasper's first email was just some silly joke he forwarded to me. I didn't read all of it and just deleted it before reading his second email. He wanted to tell me that he's going back to school tomorrow and wanted to know if I would be there too. So, I sent him back a reply to let him know that I'd not be back until next week and that was only if the doctor said I could.

BJ's emails were great and made me laugh. I was glad I'd read his last too. No sense in ending on a down note when I have such a great friend as BJ.

As soon as I sent my last reply to BJ, another email came in. It was from Lowell.



I really had a great time at your house today! I never guessed you would be as cool as you are! You and me are going to be the bestest of friends!

Here is my idea I told you about before I left. What do you think about me recording myself reading my story, and then emailing it to you as an Mp3? I've attached a small sample so you can tell me how I sound!

Thanks again, and I'll see you this weekend.

Sure enough, there was a file attached to the email. I clicked on the `Save' button on the screen. While it was downloading I sent him a reply.



Thanks so much for coming over! I think your idea is brilliant! I'm downloading the file now and will listen to it right away!

Your Biggest Fan,



After sending my reply, I only had to wait a few more seconds for the file to finish downloading. In the meantime, I went in search of Mom to get me ready for bed so that I didn't have to worry about her or Dad coming in while I was listening to the story file.

I found them both in Dad's office. Dad was showing Mom something. I guessed it was a bill, but I didn't pay attention.

"Mom, can you help me get ready for bed?" I asked.

"Oh my goodness! Is it that late already?" she said, looking at Dad's watch.

She followed me back to my room, and while she got out the diapering supplies, I got on my bed and assumed the diapering position.

Now I had completely forgot that I was still wearing one of Lowell's Pampers until Mom pulled down my pants and asked, "What is this?"

I was so shocked and embarrassed at having been found out, I couldn't think of anything to say for several awkward seconds.

"Where did you get this kind of diaper?" Mom asked.

"Ah, it-it's one of Lowell's." I finally confessed.

Mom placed her hand on my thigh, and speaking in a soft but authoritative voice she said, "Simon, I don't want you letting any of your friends changing you. If you need changed, you come see me or your father. Do you understand me?"

I nodded that I did.

Not another word was spoken between us as Mom removed the Pampers baby diaper, replacing it with one of my cloth diapers and a pair of clear plastic pants.

I knew she was going to go tell Dad, because when she left my room she took the wet Pampers diaper with her, and she closed my bedroom door as well. While sitting on the side of my bed, face in my hands and wondering how I could have been so absolutely stupid not to have had Lowell put me back into one of my diapers, or to at least have taken off the Pamper before going to get Mom.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" I kept saying and hitting myself in the head with the balls of my hands. "How could I have been so absolutely stupid?"

After a few minutes of punishing myself and realizing that Dad wasn't coming in to yell at me too, at least not right away, I got up and went to my desk. I retrieved my headphones from my bottom desk drawer, and plugged them into the side of my computer, then started the file Lowell had made for me.


Hi Simon,

This is Lowell. Sorry. That was dumb. Of course you know it's me. Okay, so I'm trying to see if I can create an audio book kind of recording myself. This is really just a test and I'm going to read the rest of the second chapter for you.

I'm not real sure where we stopped so I'm going to guess and start where I think I left off. So here goes!


There was the sound of Lowell clearing his throat. Before he started reading, when everything was quiet, I thought that I could hear someone else talking in the background, but I couldn't make out who it was or what they were saying.


In the first couple of weeks after I was released into her care, during the time I was not yet strong enough to fully care for myself, she would help feed me, bathe me, and even diapered me as I was too weak to walk outside to the outhouse. However, as my strength increased, so did my resolve that I would never again need anyone.

In time, I took on more and more of my own personal care, including diapering myself. Diapers were something Miss Lillian Hassley insisted on since we were sharing the same bed.

When I knew I was strong enough, and healthy enough, I reached a decision I knew she wouldn't like, but that I knew I had to do. Therefore, I approached Miss Lillian Hassley with my intentions, and her reaction was just what I had expected from her. I had decided that I was going to carry on my fathers dream and life's work by going to Hamunaptra to find `Him'.

"That is out of the question!" She bellowed like the mannish person I'd met that very first time back in Jerusalem. It was also the first time she'd lost her cool so intensely since I'd known her.

"There is no way I am going to let you go down there!" She was squawking and almost spitting with furry. "I don't care if you do think you can find the blasted burial site, there is no way I can let you go! What if the men that killed your father come after you next? Have you any idea how hard I've worked to keep anyone from knowing that you are here and still alive?"

She pounded her fist on the table, causing the plate before her the jump, tossing food everywhere. "No! Absolutely not! I will not allow it!"

I won't lie, I was mad. I was burning inside with the power of twenty volcanoes, but I managed, somehow, to remain calm. "You will let me go, because I have to go. I have to finish what my father spent his life searching for; what he would still be doing right now if I..."

I could not bring myself to say it. Something inside me wanted to get it out, to finally confess the secret I was holding in for the past two months.

"If you what?" She shouted. Her head glowing with rage at the idea of me going to Egypt.

I looked her straight in the eyes, swallowed, and opened my mouth, yet I could not speak the words. I closed my mouth again, looked down at the table, and thought for a moment before I attempted to speak again.

"I know everything!" I tried to sound confident. I wasn't so sure I was doing a very good job of it, but I was giving it my best try.

"What are you talking about, boy?" She was almost foaming at the mouth.

I was struggling to keep my cool, but was failing a little more with each word I uttered. "I know about the city of Hamunaptra. I know you have found it!" My voice steadily grew in volume, "and I know you needed my father to find a special burial site within that city!"

I paused as it became apparent to me that yet again, I had begun to wet myself. Nevertheless, I was too worked up, and too focused, to let my wetting myself be a deterrent. Miss Lillian Hassley had seen me wet myself on many occasions over the past weeks, and knew that my problem usually happened when I was excited or worked up. It had become a morning ritual. I would wake up and she would already have the bathwater run for me to wash in. I'd climb out of bed, strip off the diaper, leaving it on the floor by the bed, before making my way to the tub. Whenever I have one of my accidents, it was the exact same thing. She would just go fill the tub without saying anything, and I would strip and get in it. She was always good about seeing that my clothes and the diapers were laundered by one of the local ladies.

From across the table I looked her straight in the eyes and shouted,...


There was a pause at this point in the recording and then Lowell said, "Oh sorry Simon, I just realized that this is where I had stopped reading back at your place. Sorry about that! Good thing this is only a test, huh?" Then there was the sound of Lowell laughing into his microphone before he started reading again.


"I know who it is you are looking to find in that damned burial site. What's more, my father was not the only one that could find it!"

Miss Lillian Hassley fell back into her chair. Her eyes were wide, her pupils dilated, and the anger in her face morphed into a sinister pale-faced grin. A bead of drool dribbled from the corner of her mouth.

"That did it!" I thought to myself, "I've won!" and I was right! I would be going to Hamunaptra.

With my victory still hanging in the air, I turned so fast on my heels to leave that urine splashed from the hem of my pants and I stormed out of the room.

Once back in what was in essence our bedroom, I closed and locked the door. I looked down at my pants. They were totally soaked all down the front, and were still dripping onto the floor. I thought to myself, "Some great archeologist you will make Jonas; you can't even keep from wetting yourself."

I stripped out of my pants and diaper and rinsed them with the water from the pitcher on the table in my room. I retrieved my regular underwear from my pack, slipped them on; and then pulled on my dripping wet pants before I began to pack for my journey.

About ten minutes later, as I was leaving our little apartment, I nearly walked right into the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. I knew her instantly as the girl I had watched that day from my window perch. She looked to be maybe two or three years my senior, perfect olive skin, and deep, black-in-black eyes. Her hair was black: cut in the manor of the days of the Shepard Kings that ruled the rainforest valley of the Nile, a thousand years before the first pyramids were built. She had ruby-red lips that seemed to smile at me, causing my heart to leap in my chest. She had the beauty of the Egyptian Queens that had been painted on the walls of temples and pyramids over countless ages. I had only set eyes on her from a distance before and now I was standing only two feet from her. She smelled of cinnamon, myrrh, and spikenard. For a moment I was speechless, I turned to set my pack down and when I looked back, she was gone.

"Where did she go?" I thought aloud. Twisting my head this way and that in an effort to find where she had gone. To my sorrow, I could not see her.

It was getting close to noon when I again approached Miss Lillian Hassley. She looked sternly at me for a moment, then smiled and pointed to a bag sitting beside the door.

I returned her smile. "Good! I am glad you are coming!" For the first time, I realized that despite my best efforts of keeping her out of my heart, she had entered anyway.

We left immediately. Miss Lillian Hassley had a car take us to the airport. On the way, I had time to ask her about the girl I had seen. I described her in perfect detail as Miss Lillian Hassley sat beside me with a knowing grin on her lips.

Once I stopped talking, she said, "Well yeah, I think I have seen her around the past few weeks. Maybe she is hot for you, but is too shy to actually come up to you and say hello." She sounded much like she was making fun of me, but I let her get away with it with just a rolling of my eyes.

As I was starting to shrug off thinking about her, I thought I saw her again, standing in a doorway as we drove past the abandoned building. However, I assumed I had only imagined it.

"Yes!" I said to myself, "The worst of the worst of the worst has happened to you. There is nothing you can do about it. You must face facts Jonas, you are in love!" I groaned audibly at myself.

Once at the airport, we retrieved our tickets and went to board the plane. While Miss Lillian Hassley was getting our bags checked I realized that I was again smelling that same scent of cinnamon, mere and spikenard. That is when it hit me. I started pummeling myself in the side of the head for not having recognized it sooner.

"Those are the spices used in mummification!" I thought aloud, "Only the ancient Egyptians used that combination of spices to cover the smell of death!"

I quickly looked around for the girl, however I could not see her anywhere.

I did my best to put her out of my mind as we boarded the plane. It felt odd traveling without my father, but at least I wasn't completely alone. About halfway into our flight, I had the feeling that I needed to pee. Unfortunately, I knew we were on a plane that didn't have a bathroom. These little puddle jumpers, as father always called them, never have bathrooms. I sat in my seat with my legs crossed, trying not to think about it. However, I guess Miss Lillian Hassley recognized the signs and leaned over.

"Can you hold it?"

I was squirming by now, "I don't think so!" I whined softly.

She looked around the plane at the other passengers who were not paying any attention to either of us at all. She leaned back to me and was about to say something else, when she saw that I had already lost control. I had wet my pants for the second time that day.

She gave me a half smile, "Well, I guess that solves that, huh?"

I dropped my face into my hands in mock disgust and mild embarrassment. However, within a few minutes my embarrassment grew by a magnitude of a thousand. The inside of the plane's cabin was already overly warm, and the smell of my urine-soaked pants started to make its way through the small plane. I just sat there, looking out the window, and tried to act like I didn't smell anything.

Finally, subsequent to a long, bumpy flight, we arrived at our destination. After we landed, I stayed in my seat until everyone else disembarked the plane. I stayed directly behind Miss Lillian Hassley in an effort to try to conceal my wet pants. However, as I went past the pilot who was standing just outside the plane, he gave me a disgusted look. I walked as fast as I could to get as far away from the plane as I could.

Miss Lillian Hassley wanted to go straight to the camp, but I told her that we must go into town and get a hotel room first. She protested, but eventually gave in; which was a good thing. I knew my father would not have gone straight to the camp, because that is what would have been expected.

It was starting to get dark when we finally arrived at the hotel. The dust, kicked up by our open car, had managed to stick only to the wet area of my pants, making it even more obvious that I had peed all over myself.

As we went in to get our room, Miss Lillian Hassley surprised me by being able to speak the local language. They had only single rooms with single beds, with only two rooms being left available. We each rented one and went upstairs to settle in. I was on the third floor and she was on the second. She did not like being so far from me, but I assured her that I would be fine.

As we reached the second floor, she turned to me; "Do you smell that?"

"Smell what?" I asked, knowing full well what it was.

"Don't you smell it? Smells like, uh, spices or something. Somebody must be cooking." she said, scrunching up her nose and heading down the hall.

"I'll see you in the morning," she said, "and remember to keep your door locked, OK?"

I nodded and started up the last set of stairs. I could have told her what the aroma was; I had smelled that all too often running around with my father. It is the smell found when a hermetically sealed casket is opened for the first time in thousands of years, exposing the mummies wrapped in rust-colored linens and smelling of the ghosts of cinnamon, myrrh, and spikenard.

When I opened the door to my room, the smell of the funeral spices of ancient Egyptian tombs was almost overpowering.

No... no I am not going to tell you that a beautiful Egyptian princess of the days of Rah was waiting for me in the darkness, nor am I going to tell you that the mysterious girl was waiting there for me. This isn't a ghost story; it's a true story. There wasn't anyone in the room. I turned on the lights and opened the window... there was no one in the room but myself.

After a few minutes, the smell dissipated and I went to bed.


The recording went quiet, except for the sound of Lowell breathing until he said, "That's it for now! That's the end of chapter two. So, what do you think? Did you like the MP3 recording? Does it sound okay? If you want, I can try to record chapter three the same way, maybe make it better since this one is just something I set up kind of fast tonight to see if it would work." There was silence again and then the recording stopped.

I had to log back into my email and let Lowell know what I thought of the file right away.


That was absolutely amazing! How did you make that file? What program did you use? I would love it if you could record chapter three the same way. It sounded great! I even heard you laughing at one point and I laughed too. How long will it take you to record chapter three? I'm going nuts here waiting to know what happens next in your story! Where did you learn all that stuff about mummies and Egypt? That was so cool! Did they really use those spices when they made mummies?



I paused a moment before sending that email. I thought about telling Lowell what had happened when Mom had seen the Pampers diaper, but in the end, I decided to just send it as is. No use making Lowell feel like he got me into trouble.

After sending the email, I logged back out of my email program, shut down my computer, and crawled into bed. I must have been really tired because I think I fell asleep almost instantly.