This is the continued story of Simon's Journal.
I would highly recommend you read the first volume of this story,

Simon's Journal Thirteen Days -- The First Crusade
before you begin this novel.


The following narrative is nearly a complete work of fiction.
Any similarity to actual individuals living or dead is completely unintentional.
If reading a coming of age story about boys wearing diapers and exploring their awakening sexuality is offensive or illegal in your area, then might I suggest you go read War and Peace or something equally stimulating.



Simon's Journal

Volume II

Thirteen Nights -- After the Crusade

Written by

Author of Thirteen Days



Chapter - 7

Saturday, March 06, 2004 -- New Friends, New Experiences

Amazingly enough I slept extremely late Saturday and didn't wake up until midday. I'm sure the only reason my brother let me sleep so long was because his mother probably threatened him with bodily harm if he woke me.

When I did rejoin the conscious world it took me a few moments to comprehend where I was. Lying on my back with the covers tucked tightly around my shoulders and under my chin, my mouth widened in a jaw stretching yawn as if my body were attempting a last ditch effort at not waking up. As the yawn abated, I slid my hand to the front of my diaper and found that I was scarcely wet. It amazed me so much that I pushed the covers off and down to my knees so that I could see for myself. Sure enough, the front of my diaper was barely showing signs of wetness. I felt pretty good about it until I found out later that the reason it was so dry is that Marsha had changed my diaper while I slept. Apparently, I had sprung a small leak during the night and Jamie had reported it to her.

I was equily bothered over the fact that I did not wake up at all during either diaper changing last night but somehow I was able to push that out of my mind, enough so that I was almost able to forget that they even happened.

Since I was not very wet, I figured I would get myself dressed before walking out of Jamie's room. When I finally did venture out amongst the waking world I found Jamie and his mom sitting, watching some show about a bunch of kids battling against a bunch of adults in some crazy obstacle course.

"I see you finally woke up!" Marsha said with a smile.

I rubbed at my left eye to try to get the last of the sleep out of it.

"About time!" Jamie said mockingly to me.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Nearly lunch time!" Jamie continued with his joking tone.

"Are you hungry?" Marsha asked.

I had to stop and think about that for a second before I was able to answer her, "Yeah I think so." I said though I was not sure if it was hunger I was feeling or just a sour stomach from all the junk that happened yesterday evening.

"You don't look so hot!" Jamie said.

"I don't think I feel so hot!" I said back.

Marsha got up and led me off to the bathroom where she took out a thermometer from the medicine cabinet and stuck it under my tongue.

A minute later, she pulled it out and announced, "Nope, no fever!"

"I could have told you that!" It came out of my mouth sounding sarcastic, but I had not meant it that way at all. I think she gave me some slack given all the crap I've had to deal with recently.

Before we left the bathroom she whispered down to me, "Do you need another change?"

I think she was relieved when I shook my head no and answered, "No, I'm good."

I was secretively horror-struck over those two words, `another change'.

Marsha made me toast and honey-tea for breakfast, which helped to settle my stomach. Jamie joined me at the table but he had a fried balcony sandwich, which I normally would have found tantalizing, but today it sounded, smelled and looked disgusting. I could tell that they both were trying hard not to talk about anything that might make me feel uncomfortable or upset me; however, something was on my mind and the only way I was going to find out was to ask.

"Any news on Mike or Tater?" I asked Marsha who nearly dropped a cup of hot tea when I said it.

Though she said, "I don't think so." I thought it sounded like she knew something but did not want to tell me.

As I was popping the last bite of toast into my mouth, there was an irritating kind of buzzing sound. Marsha went over to the door and spoke into the intercom. I figured out that it must be the security guard calling up and I was right. A minute or two later she opened the door to let both mom and dad come in. I immediately therorized, that Marsha must have called them right after I woke up. I mean, how else would they know to come now?

After taking their coats, she sent Jamie to his room. I think I was the only one who saw that he didn't actually go to his room, but only acted like he did. Instead, he was standing just out of sight, so that he could hear what was going on.

After mom and dad hugged me, a lot, the four of us sat down. I noticed that dad looked as if he had not slept all night; his eyes were sunken back into his head and were so very red. He also had not shaved as his face was covered in little stubbly hairs. Mom on the other hand looked like she usually does whenever she has to leave the house, tidy and put together. Although I did notice that she must have spent a lot of the night crying because her eyes too were red and also very puffy.

Dad proceeded to explain everything that had happened and why they sent me here instead of just letting me stay at Lowell's house last night. Though I already knew a lot of it thanks to Marsha, I didn't let on that she told. We shared a quick knowing glance to acknowledge that we were going to keep that part between the two of us. I slouched against the back of the sofa and listened to dad while mom mostly just cried. Every so often, she would insert a bit of information here and there between sniffles and blowing her nose into a heavily used tissue.

Dad seemed to have a hard time telling me about my room being demolished and he didn't go into the details that Marsha had used. He did tell me that Mr. Nader, the man that had rescued BJ and I from a near snowy grave just a couple days ago, was at our house while we were talking. Dad said that he'd called Mr. Nader right after the police said they were finished taking pictures and dusting for fingerprints in my room. Dad also said that Mr. Nader, dad called him Ruddy, had been there most of the night. He was helping clean up, repairing the walls and replacing all the doors to and in my room.

Mom spoke up right then and said, "He even found someone that could replace the window this weekend."

Mom and dad both said that they didn't want me to see my room like it was; which is one of the reasons why they asked Marsha to take me to stay with her and Jamie last night. The other reason was that the police wanted me somewhere safe, where Tate couldn't get to me and given that no one can get into her building without a key or without going past the security guard in the front lobby, mom and dad thought this would be the safest place.

Dad said, "We were going to go out first thing this morning to order new furniture for your room." Dad paused long enough to smile at mom before saying, "Bishop Vandoan..."

I interrupted him, "Who?"

"Your friend's father, Lowell's father!" dad said with raised eyebrows.

"Oh, yeah him!" I said.

"You did know he was a preacher?" mom asked.

"Yeah Lowell told me yesterday but I forgot." I answered.

Getting back to what he was saying, dad cleared his through and continued, "Anyway, he showed up at our door at first light with a big U-Haul Truck and several men from his church."

"Why?" I asked.

Dad smiled in a way that seemed to make me feel really good inside. Kind of the way hot chocolate does when you are really cold.

"I'm getting to that!" he said and then continued, "They are at the house working with Ruddy now to. Seems Bishop Vandoan made a few calls to a few local pastors last night and was able, literally over night, to get all new furniture to replace what was destroyed."

Dad stopped to scratch at his bristly face, "I've no idea how he knew just what you needed."

Not really thinking I responded, "Lowell probably told him."

Both mom and dad lit up as my comment helped them to put that part of the puzzle together.

"Well!" Mom squeezed my thigh, "Of course!" she said swatting the air as if she were swatting dad upside his head for not thinking of that.

Way in the back of my mind something odd was nagging me the whole time mom and dad were talking to me. However, the more dad talked the more keyed up I got and the harder it was for me to focus on what it was that was bothering me. It wasn't until after they left that I realized just what it was that had me so vexed. It was the fact that last night I had a dream about all of this and I think it was my subconscious minds way of getting a message to my conscious mind.

In my dream, I was a detective, with a brown trench coat and a beat-up old felt hat. I was still the same age, except I looked kind of leathery, the way any seasoned detective might look after 20 years chasing bad guys. I was going all through our house looking for clues and trying to figure out who it was that had broken in and why. In true Hollywood fashion, in my dream I was not only the seasoned, boy detective but I was also the normal me. As the normal me, I was sitting on a pile of broken furniture and trash wearing nothing but a diaper, I didn't even have on my armor. I was holding the broken remains of my golden yo-yo trophy while I, as the boy detective, asked me a bunch of questions. The real me, the one sitting in the diaper on top of the pile of trash and rubble, wanted to answer but couldn't because there was a metal plate rivited over my mouth. The metal plate had an old fashioned keyhole in the middle of it, but there was no key to open it. The me that was the boy detective kept asking the same questions over and over but the other me couldn't answer.

Eventually, the me in the diaper, with the rivited metal plate over my mouth, stood up and pointed to the only unstained, untorn and undamaged item in the whole place. A little book appeared to be shining as if a bright light was beaming from behind it. I, as the boy detective, reached down, picked it up and saw that it was a bible. The diapered me saw instantly that it was the bible my grandmother had given to me. Then I, as the boy detective, kept asking the diapered me what the bible had to do with the crime, but since I still had the metal plate rivited over my mouth, I was still unable to answer.

I think my dream ended at that point because I can't remember anything else that happed. It wasn't until after mom and dad left that I was able to figure it all out for myself.

However, before they left to go back home, mom had asked if I minded staying another night. Marsha then chimed in and told me that she wanted me to stay too. She said that Jamie would love to have me sleep over again so that he could have someone to play with. Hence, I said I would stay regardless of really wanting to go home and be near mom and dad. There was this yearning within me to have them hold me and make all the bad stuff that's been happening to me disappear forever.

I kissed and hugged them both before saying goodbye and heading back to Jamie's room. I have to give him credit, he tried really hard to look innocent while sitting in front of his computer, but I knew he had only just barely got himself in that chair before I walked in.

I grinned and said, "Oh please! I know you were listening all along!"

"No I wasn't!" He said with an evil grin and then as if someone pulled the expression off his face he went completely blank, "So, are you okay?"

I shrugged as much as I could with my armor on and then a thought occurred to me and was out my mouth before I had a chance to stop myself. "You know they must have destroyed your stuff too."

I don't know why I said it, it sort of fell out of my mouth. I could tell by the way his eyebrows seemed to drop that he had not thought of that either.

"W..." he started to say something but stopped, closed his mouth and then tried again, "Wh..." he stopped himself again. It was as if he was searching for something to say but was only getting random letters. He stuck his tongue out and pulled hard on it as if trying to pull-start his brain.

"Want me to do that for you?" I asked causing him to suck his tongue back into his head quickly.

He gave me a mean look, "No, because you would try to pull it off!"

"Can we do something?" I asked quickly changing the subject.

"Do you think they will replace my bed and stuff in your room?" he asked.

"I don't know, probably!" I said and then asked again, "Can we please do something?"

"Man this sucks!" he said running his fingers through his hair.

"Jamie?" I whined.

"What do you want to do?" Jamie finally asked.

"I don't know! Anything! I just don't want to have to think right now!" I said with clenched fists.

"Want to go and meet some of my friends?" he asked.

"Not right now!" I said and then asked, "Got any good games?"

"Ever play Uno-Attack?" he asked.

"Yeah, but that's not as much fun with just two people." I said.

"Want to go ride the elevators?" he asked with a stupid smirk.

I picked up a sock that was laying on the floor and threw it at him, but given that socks are not very aerodynamic it didn't even make it half way across the room before falling back to the floor again.

"Hey! You could have put my eye out!" Jamie joked.

"Yeah! Well just be glad it didn't have a brick in it!" I managed to laugh but it was an uneasy guffaw.

"So what do you want to do?" Jamie asked.

I growled, "AARRGG! Let's just do something!"

Jamie stood up and started for his door, "Alright! I got an idea, come with me!" he said but stopped, "Wait, we might need jackets."

"Are we going outside?" I asked.

I stepped aside, out of his way as he crossed over to his closet.

"Here this should fit you!" He tossed me a red windbreaker that said Nyoga on the back.

"What's Nyoga mean?" I asked pulling the jacket on.

"It's a hockey team!" he said and after putting on a jean jacket he said, "Alright, lets go!"

"Where?" I asked as I followed him out of his room.

Jamie didn't answer me, but instead Jamie shouted into the air, "Mom! Simon and I are going to Ian's!"

"Is Ian home?" she shouted back.

"I don't know!" he shouted again, "If not we will come right back!"

"All right but don't be bothering the other neighbors!" she said.

We were out the door and headed down the hallway before I finally got the chance to ask, "Why are we going to Ian's?"

"We're not!" Jamie said.

Being the rocket scientist that I am I said the most intelligent thing I could think of, "Huh?"

"Gee-whiz! How stupid can you be?" Jamie said.

I stopped walking, "HEY! What happened to our truce?"

Jamie stopped, turned and subcountiously ran a finger across the bridge of his recently broken nose before apologizing.

"Sorry, that didn't come out right?"

Still miffed, I shot back with, "There was a right way for that to come out?"

Ignoring my last statement he said, "I just told her that so she wouldn't worry. She won't check up on us. I promise!"

I still wanted to punch him in the stomach for calling me stupid, but I managed to let the ill feeling drip off me like muddy water.

He was on the move again so I started walking while once again asking, "Where we going then?"

Jamie slowed down and took a lazy swing at me, but since he was several steps ahead of me he missed by a mile. "Will you just be patient? You will like it when we get there!"

I suppose Jamie was finally acting like himself again and I took a bit of comfort in it. I mean, if he was treating me like he always did then maybe he wasn't as worried about me as he was last night or earlier today. So, I continued to follow him down to the end of the hallway where he opened a big metal door that lead to a bunch of steps that went up and down. Logic would say that when faced with only the choices of up and down that I would be safe in assuming we were going to be going in one of those two directions. However, Jamie turned and pulled me through the door and pushed it closed.

"Now where?" I asked to which Jamie only gave me a slightly irritated expression.

He reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a quarter. He held it up as if showing me some priceless treasure and not just a plane old quarter.

This would have been a really good time for me to keep my mouth shut and not say something stupid, but the temptation was too great for me to resist.

"Oh that's pretty Jamie! You must feel so special to have so much money!"

He dropped his hands to his side and stood there looking at me.

After a few seconds I started to feel uncomfortable with his silent stare.

"What?" I asked.

"You know sometimes I just want to pound your head through a wall!" Jamie said and I saw that his hand that didn't have the quarter was being squeezed into a fist.

Realizing I was being a bit of a jerk I took the initiative and apologized, "Okay, I'm sorry too! I guess it's habit for us to fight all the time!"

I saw him physically loosen up and he said, "I don't always feel like pounding you, sometimes I..." his voice trailed off nervously.

"What were you going to say?" I asked curiously.

Without looking at me he finished, "Sometimes I just wish we were better brothers. Like on TV or something like that."

I looked up and down the stairs; to be sure no one was looking, and then leaned over and kissed his cheek. He immediately started to wipe off his cheek as if I'd left behind some infectious slime.

"I didn't mean like that!" and by his tone I could tell he was kidding.

"Alright, what's the deal with the quarter then?" I asked and watched as he used it like a poor mans screwdriver.

I had not even noticed that behind the door there was a large metal grate that was screwed to the wall. Jamie turned four screws about half a turn each and then pulled it open. It swung up on a hinge at the top until it was standing straight out from the wall.

"Come on! Follow me!" He said as he climbed into the space behind the grill.

Without even a second thought, I ducked under the metal grate and followed him in. He wiggled his way past me to close the grate again and using the quarter was able to re-secure it.

We had to crawl on our hands and knees for about twenty-feet in a sort of curving left direction before coming out to a huge room filled with pipes, ducts and big valves. To me it looked like what I might imagine the inside of a submarine engine room would look like. We were able to stand up finally and there was even a light bulb hanging from a long cord over head which illuminated the space nicely.

"Whoa this is awesome!" I gushed.

Jamie spun around and hushed me, "Sssshhh!"

"Why?" I whispered.

He whispered back, "Because anything you say in here goes right to everyone's apartment on this floor and to all the ones above and below this floor!"

He looked across the way to another grate and started for it. He looked back and whispered, "Come on, this way!"

We reached the grate and using his quarter again managed to open it from the backside just as easily as he did the other grate. Once both of us were through, he closed the grate and whispered, "We are almost there!"

I looked around, but could not see much at all. Wherever we were, it was really dark and smelled kind of like an old attic or something like that.

I felt Jamie reach out and take hold of my hand, "Come on!"

Walking in the dark made it seem like we went a lot farther then we actually did. When we stopped again, Jamie released my hand; I heard a clicking sound and then a kind of metallic thud. Light began to spill in around a big metal door. I could see that we were surrounded by boxes and furniture. I guessed it was some kind of storage room, which explained why it smelled like an attic.

Jamie opened the metal door only enough for the two of us to slip through it and said, "Come on, through here!"

I followed him through to the other side of the door. It took half a minute for my eyes to adjust to the extreme brightness of the light, but afterward I could see that we had emerged into some kind of garden.

Behind me there was that same clink followed by another metallic thud. I spun around to see Jamie had closed the metal door again.

"Where are we?" I asked, still whispering.

"This is a super secret place that only a few people know about! My friends and I made it!" Jamie said at a normal volume.

We were in a glass green house that was about twenty-feet square with several skylights probably fifteen or more feet above us on a sloping ceiling. Jamie was right, we needed jackets as it was a little chilly in here, but not cold by any means. Actually, it was quite comfortable and enjoyable.

"No body knows this is here anymore! It was full of machine stuff when we found it and we carried everything out and snuck in some plants to make our own backyard to play in!" Jamie said sitting down on an overturned bucket.

I turned myself around looking at the plants and feeling the warm sunlight shining through the glass onto my face.

"You guys made this." I asked in unbelieving amazement.

"Yep!" He said proudly rocking onto the balls of his feet.

"This must have taken years!" I said.

"No, only a couple weeks. Well the plants been growing for a couple years, but cleaning this place up and getting the plants was only a couple weeks." He said.

"Where did you get all the plants?" I asked.

"Mostly just dug them up; like at school during recess. We would dig up plants and flowers, hid them in our book bags or lunch boxes and then bring them here and plant them!" he said.

"WOW! Why is it such a secret?" I asked, "Why not share this with everyone?"

"Then everyone would come here and we wouldn't have someplace that was just for us!" he said sarcastically.

Jamie got up and took my hand in his again and led me over to a corner of the garden were a bunch of grass appeared to be growing right on the concrete floor. It looked like a green carpet, or a blanket. We both laid ourselves down on the grass and looked up at the sky through one of the dirty encrusted skylights.

"How do you water all these?" I asked propping myself up on one elbow.

"There is a water valve back in there with all the pipes. We have a watering can over there." He pointed to a pale green watering can with pink flowers all over it. "We fill it up in there and bring the water in here."

I lowered myself back down so that we were laying side-by-side, "I can't believe you guys made something this cool!"

Jamie pointed up to a cloud going by, "Hey, that looks like a butterfly."

"Looks more like a bear to me!" I said.

"Maybe it's a flying bear!" Jamie said and giggled.

"I hope he doesn't need to poop!" I laughed.

We didn't say anything for a few minutes and then I broke the silence, "Hey Jamie?"

"Yeah?" He answered.

"You can let go of my hand now." I said somewhat comically.

"Nah, I kind of like it." He sang back.

"By the way." I started to say.

He grunted back, "Yeah?"

"Thanks for showing me this!" I said.

"I thought you would like it! But..." he didn't finish what he started to say.

"But what?" I asked.

"Well, now that you've seen this I'm going to have to kill you!" he said as if he were commenting on the weather.

I stifled a giggle, "Okay, but can you do it later? I want to keep watching the clouds for a while."

"Yeah sure! Anything for my bestest brother!" he laughed.

"Bestest brother? I am your only brother!" I said.

"So we've been told." He joked.

I groaned, "Oh don't even go there."

We stayed there looking at the sky through that dirty skylight for sometime before either of us spoke again.

I finally broke the silence by asking, "Know something?"

"What?" Jamie asked.

"I been thinking." I said.

"About what?" He asked.

"I think the police are wrong." I said.

Jamie sat up onto one elbow so that he was looking at me, "What police? About what?"

"They are looking for the wrong person." I said.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

I rolled my head sideways so that I was looking at him, "I don't think it was Tater that broke into my house and did all that stuff."

"Who do you think did it then?" Jamie asked so calmly you would think we were talking about something we had both seen on TV.

"I am not 100% sure, but I don't think whoever it was, was really coming after me." I alleged.

"You didn't answer my question yet!" he said somewhat flatly.

"I suppose it could have been Tater, but I don't think so. I think, whoever it was, they were after something else and not me." I said.

"Simon!" Jamie said out of frustration, "You keep saying the same thing, but you haven't said who you think did it."

I rolled my head back so that I was again staring up at the clouds lazily drifting by.

Jamie let himself fall back to the grass with a grunt, "You drive me crazy sometimes!"

After that, I got lost in my thoughts for a while. I think Jamie said something a couple of times, but I'm not sure what he said until he stood up, still holding my hand to pull me up and said, "Come on, let's go!"

"Yeah, okay! Do you need to water the plants first?" I asked.

"Not my week!" is all he said as he led me back through the metal door, through the dark storage room and into the room with the pipes where he stopped to secure the grate back in place. He had let go of my hand only to make sure the door was properly closed. When he was done he again clutched my hand in his as we then made our way back to the ductwork and back through the metal grate to the stairs.

"That was really incredible!" I told him as he helped me out of the wall.

"Remember! Don't tell anyone!" he said and kneeling down again he screwed the grate shut again.

"Yeah, oh and I thought you were going to kill me?" I asked jokingly.

"Maybe later! I don't want to get my clothes all covered with your insides." He joked too.

I figured we were going back to his apartment, but instead he took me to Ian's apartment where Ian got us a couple Cokes and showed me some of his artwork.

Ian's a fantastic painter and said that he would like to paint a picture of Jamie and me sometime! He doesn't do the normal kind of portrait painting; he said his form of art was called, `Speed Painting' in which he can actually paint a full, life sized person in about five minutes. Up close the paintings just look like someone splattered a bunch of paint onto a black canvas, but if you stand way back you can see that they have tremendous detail.

"Hey! That's your mom!" I said to Jamie when I saw this one painting that was done all in yellow tones against a grass green canvas.

"I've never seen this one Ian!" Jamie said coming over and standing next to me.

"We did that one last night after the two of you went to sleep." Ian said placing a sheet over another painting.

"Why are you covering that one up?" I asked.

"It's a special piece that I'm not ready to reveal to the public." He said.

Jamie asked, "Can you do us now?"

Ian's eyes lit up, "Oh I would love to do you both!"

Jamie cracked up laughing! "That's not what I meant and you know it!"

Having totally missed the joke I asked, "What?"

Jamie rolled his eyes and Ian said, "I'd love to PAINT the two of you, but I just took my shower and I need to leave in a few minutes."

Jamie picking up an extra big brush and wielding it like a sword.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I'm meeting some friends." He answered taking the brush from Jamie and thumping him on the head with it.

"Ouch!" Jamie moaned while rubbing his head.

I think he said the next thing out of spite for getting hit.

"You mean you are going to go have sex!"

Jamie ducked away as Ian tried to grab him.

I was shocked and could not believe Jamie said something like that to another adult. Jamie moved around behind an extra big painting and grabbed me from behind and pulled me between Ian and himself.

"Hey! Don't get me involved!" I complained as Jamie laughed.

Ian was smiling and waving the paintbrush when he said, "What would your mother think if she heard you talking like that?"

"What would your mother think if she knew you were going to go have GAY-BUTT-SEX?" Jamie continued to joke.

"Hey! Let go of me!" I squirmed my way out of Jamie's grip and moved out of his reach.

"You can kill him if you like!" I said to Ian.

"I think I just might do that later!" Ian put the big brush down on a table.

Jamie was over behind an oversized and overstuffed chair, out of reach of Ian. He stuck his tongue out at Ian and made a raspberry sound.

Ian wiggled a finger at Jamie, "You are being incorrigible! Don't you want to set a good example for Simon?"

"Nope!" Jamie said with a laugh.

Ian walked past me and as he did he placed a hand on my cheek, "You doing okay little man?"

I knew what he meant so I answered him with, "Yeah, I'm good." although if the truth were known, I wasn't really doing so well.

A few minutes later Ian shooed us out of his place, so Jamie and I returned back to the apartment.

"Mom, we're back!" Jamie shouted.

"Have a good time?" she asked from the couch where she was reclining.

Jamie and I both jumped and Marsha laughed, "Got ya!" which made us laugh too.

"We're going to go to my room." Jamie told her.

"Alright, just try to play quietly." She said and went back to reading the book she was holding.

As we were crossing the room, she asked me, "Simon, you need anything?"

I figured she was asking again, if I needed my diaper changed and I honestly didn't have any idea but I answered her anyway, "Nope!"

"You let me know when you do." She said cryptically.

Back in Jamie's room, he sat down at his desk while I went over and sat down on the edge of his bed so that I could look over his shoulder to whatever it was he was about to do.

"What we doing now?" I asked.

"I want to show you this website I found." He said.

"Okay." I said and while he was booting his computer, I took a second to feel my diapered crotch through my pants. It felt somewhat squishy and I figured I must have wet without knowing it while we were lying in the grass.

I guess Jamie saw me out of the corner of his eye as I was checking the condition of my diaper because he asked, "You want me to change you?"

I'm really not sure why, but I was honestly surprised by his question and it took me a couple seconds before I could respond.

"Uh, if you want to." I said sheepishly hoping we might have a replay of the last time he was at my house.

"Let me show you this website first and then I will change your diaper okay?" he asked.

"Yeah." I answered back while trying not to feel embarrassed.

He eventually pulled up a website that I was very much familiar with. I found myself burdened with whether to let him know I knew of it or allow him to think he had made a new discovery on his own. I decided it was probably better just to tell him that I already knew about; he was not surprised either.

"Yeah, but have you seen these?" he clicked on the gallery button and brought up a group of pictures that I also knew but not from the Internet. The shock of seeing the diaper pictures of Peter Alderman posted to the net caused me to choke on my own spit. I began coughing and hacking so loud that it brought in Jamie's mom. Thankfully Jamie had the forethought to click off the website before she walked in.

"What's the matter?" Marsha asked.

Though I was coughing, I managed to eek out, "Spit went down wrong tube!"

She went to pat me on my back, which is something I still do not understand the logic behind, but she thought better of it and stopped herself. A couple more cough's and I was okay again, but now my ribs were hurting and I felt a little dizzy.

"I think you better lay down." Marsha said and I did not argue with her at all.

"Did you have candy or something?" she asked.

I shook my head, "Just swallowed my spit wrong is all."

I had to tell her I was okay at least five times before she believed me; and before leaving us alone again, she asked again if I needed anything. I must give her props for her understanding and willingness to not embarrass me by just coming right out and asking if I needed a diaper change. I told her I was fine despite knowing I was in need of a fresh diaper.

Alone again Jamie got up from his desk and sat down on the end of the bed next to me.

"You going to live or should I plan on burying you in our garden?" he asked sounding concerned though he was trying to make me think he wasn't.

"Yeah, it just hurt a lot to cough is all." I said symbolically rubbing my armor through my shirt.

"Sorry, I didn't think those would surprise you so much." He said referring to the online photos of Peter in a diaper.

"I'm okay, that just caught me off guard is all." I said trying to smile to reassure him that I was alright.

"So, um, that is him?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah, that was Peter!" I said and then asked, "Can you help me to sit up?"

"You sure? Maybe you should rest more!" he suggested.

"I want to see them again. I want to see if we can find out who might have posted them to that website."

I tried to set up by myself, but felt a sharp pain in my right side. It wasn't super painful, only enough to get me to stop trying to move for a little while.

A moment later Marsha returned.

"Your mother had told me that if you have any pain to give you one of these."

I recognized it as one of the little pain pills and I took it gladly. Within fifteen or twenty minutes, I was feeling fine again, except I was a little drowsy from the medication. After she had given me the pill she left and told me not to get up until the pain was gone. She said she was going to go make supper.

While waiting for the pill to take effect Jamie took the initiative and began to unsnap and unzip my pants. Without having to do any of the work myself, Jamie was able to get my pants pulled all the way down to my ankles and had maneuvered the diaper out from under my bottom.

He left me lying on the bed naked from the waist down as he went over to the stuff I had brought with me last night; the very same stuff I'd taken to Lowell's with the intention of spending the night there! I watched him as he rummaged through my things until he found a new diaper. He had left the wet one laying open on his bed, which for some reason seemed to be a little amusing to me. I am not sure why, to be honest.

Upon returning with the fresh diaper, he opened it all the way up before placing it between my bent knees.

"Can you lift up a little?" he asked.

It hurt a bit to do so, but I managed to get my bottom a couple inches up. It was enough that he could slide the diaper under me and get it positioned right.

"Okay you can rest now." He said patting my abdomen just above my boyhood member.

Instead of pulling the diaper up and taping it on, which is what I expected him to do next, he picked up the wet diaper and rolled it up into a nice, neat little package. Using the two front wings, he tied a nice tight knot to hold the bundle closed and with a toss made a perfect basket into his small wicker trashcan beside his desk.

I laughed, "Two points!"

Without commenting on the spectacular shot, Jamie again got to his feet and went back to my things. He returned with the wipes, powder and diaper cream. "Might as well do this right, huh?"

"Yep!" I smiled when I saw him grinning so eagerly.

I lowered my voice and asked, "Can you close your door first?"

"Oh yeah! I forgot!" he said setting the things down on his bed and walking over to the door.

I watched as he closed and locked it. I couldn't help but wonder and hope that he might have other ideas in mind than just diapering me. That was about all the thought I had to have on the subject and before I knew it my little boyhood member began to lift his single eye skyward until he was standing at complete attention.

My eyes flashed back to Jamie briefly to see him standing with his eyes big as dinner plates and grinning like some evil cartoon character. I fully expected his tongue to fall out of his mouth and roll across the floor.

With my boyhood member pointing toward the North Star I giggled and said, "Take a picture, it will last longer."

The saying, `Famous last words' comes to mind now!

His smile widened, if that were possible, to a big toothy grin as he went to his desk, pulled open a drawer and produced a small yellow camera.

"Can I?" came his simple request.

"NO WAY!" I said with a nervous laugh, "You will probably put them on the internet with Peter's!"

Jamie laughed and put the camera back in the drawer, "I was only joking anyway!"

"Yeah right!" I said cautiously unsure.

He stared back at me, still grinning at my risen boyhood. Nothing else was said between us for the next few minutes. Jamie sat down on the bed next to me, reached out his hand and gently took hold of my penis. It felt like someone had hooked a car battery up to my marbles. I suddenly shot my boy juices straight into the air in several violent convulsions. The milky cream fell right back down onto Jamie's hand.

"Whoa!" Jamie exclaimed, "Dang Simon!" he said before breaking out into a fit of giggles as he pulled out one of my baby wipes too clean off his hand.

He used a second wipe to clean my diaper area and when the cloth made contact with my now soft and sleeping little penis, it tickled so much that I couldn't help but squeal.

"What?" Jamie asked.

"That tickled!" I moaned.

"What this?" He did it again.

"Stop you are going to make me hurt myself again." However, my complaint didn't carry much weight given that I was laughing right along with him.

Despite our fits of giggles, Jamie managed to finish cleaning me up and applied the diaper cream, which also tickled a lot. After the cream, he had to use a third baby wipe to clean it off his hand before he could apply the baby powder. He did it all like a pro would; it was almost as if he had been practicing since we were together the last time.

When he finished taping the diaper around my waist he asked, "Did that pill make you feel better?"

Given that Jamie had helped me to forget about the pain long enough to give the pill time to kick-in, with Jamie's help I felt well enough to sit up again. I sat on the side of his bed for a minute or two just to be sure nothing was still hurting.

Jamie made the comment, "Just don't cough any more okay?"

"Yeah, that wasn't any fun!" I said with a giggle.

I stood up cautiously while Jamie squatted down to pull my pants up my legs and over my diaper. I let him fasten my pants and then zip them up.

With a joking swat to my diapered bottom Jamie said, "All dry again."

When he stood up again I saw that the front of his dark-khaki pants were tenting and had to comment.

"Looks like someone has a bit of a problem too!"

He didn't have to look down to know what I meant. He thrust his left hand into his pocket and grinned. However, I couldn't let him stay like that. I stepped around behind him, wrapped my arms around his waist and used my left hand I pulled his pants open enough that I could thrust my right hand down into his underwear.

Like an earthquake he began to tremble within my arms as I took hold of his rigid penis. He tilted his head back and rested it on my shoulder as he began to breathe hard and heavy.

His pants were a little too tight with my hand shoved down the front of them so with my free hand I managed to unbutton them. That was enough to allow me to stroke him to the brink of ecstasy. However, when I thought he was getting close he lifted his head and pulled my arm out of his pants.

"Why'd you stop me?" I asked, confused.

He was still panting as he answered, "'Cause I want to save it for later."

I could not understand that then, nor now for that matter, but I gave him a kind of crooked smile.

He stepped right up to me and kissed me on my mouth long and hard. I felt his hand on the back of my head pressing my lips harder against his own. He eventually released me from his embrace and for the briefest of moments; I think I was actually floating.

Ultimately, the two of us decided to get back on the computer and this time he let me sit in his desk chair and bring up the website with the photos of Peter. I noticed right away that there were more photos of Peter on that site then what I had seen at school that day Peter and his friends had attacked me. There were fourteen pictures in all on the site and of course they were all fakes, some better then the others. A few looked to be someone else's body with Peter's head Photo Shopped onto it. We looked around the website to try to find out who might have posted them to the Internet, but all it said was some bogus `diaperzrule' name with a generic Hotmail email account, `', which could belong to anyone. Jamie had the idea of sending an email to that account but the email came back almost immediately saying that the account was not any good.

When we felt that we had exhausted any chance of finding out who posted the photos the two of us took to looking at some of the other photos of other boys in diapers. There were a lot that I had seen before but others I had never seen. It really surprised me that Jamie was enjoying doing something like this.

There was this one photo of this boy who looked to be maybe thirteen sitting on the hood of a military looking Hummer. He was wearing nothing but a diaper, socks and running shoes. That got us both interested in seeing more Hummers so we surfed away from and started running a Google Image search for Hummers.

I never knew there were so many different kinds of Hummers. I thought they were either like the militaries Hummers or like the big black ones I've seen in a couple movies. However, as it turned out, they make them in just about any color and several different styles. They have the open kind like a Jeep, the kind that looks like a big giant square box, which I guess is about the ultimate in SUV's. We saw a couple Hummers that looked like short bed trucks and a few other body types too.

We eventually found a website with a bunch of pictures of this one Hummer that was painted to look like the American Flag. I liked that so much that Jamie printed a couple of them for me to keep and then using his email we emailed the website address to my email account. It wasn't until after I clicked on the send button that I remembered my computer had been smashed and I would not be able to get into my email from home again.

"What's the matter?" Jamie asked when he saw my crest fallen expression.

I slid out from behind the computer, walked over to the far side of his bed, and sat down on the corner of the mattress.

With a sigh I said, "I just sent that to myself but... I don't have a computer anymore!"

I think that was the very first realization I had of just what had happened. I guess before that moment I'd not actually believed it was real.

"You still got that!" Jamie pointed to my electronic journal that was still sitting where I had left it during the early hours of the morning.

That was the right thing to say too! I perked right up when I realized that I could still do the stuff I really liked doing; such as sending and receiving emails and recording my thoughts via journaling. "Hey yeah! Runt didn't smash my e-book!" I said.

"You mean Tate!" Jamie corrected me.

I stopped moving toward my e-book, turned and stared right at him. It took five, maybe even ten seconds for him to realize that though what I had said was a slip of the tongue, it was also, what I believed to be the truth.

"You mean?" Jamie gasped and put his hand over his mouth. He was starting to put everything together finally.

"SIMON!" he said sharply but at the same time trying to keep his voice down so as not to have his mother hear him.

I still didn't speak, nor did I move.

Jamie couldn't look at me anymore. He turned himself away and sat down on his bed while holding the sides of his head with his hands.

I let him brew like that for no more then a minute before I said, "Can I trust you?"

Without looking at me and without letting go of his head he nodded. So, I sat down next to him and told him everything he didn't already know from reading my journal before. Every stinking secret came bursting out of me as if the walls that had held them inside my mind finally cracked and came crumbing down. Before I finished, I told him that Lowell was the only other person I had told all of it too. The only other thing I shared with Jamie that I didn't tell Lowell was about the stolen money Runt had given me.

"I think that is the real reason Runt or whoever broke into my room. They were looking for the money. Really, until right now only four people know I have that money and I am one of them. The other three are Runt, Tater and Bull." I said.

I waited for him to respond, to tell me that he didn't hate me for the things I had done and had not done. When he finally did say something it was to ask a question.

"You were really inside Old Man Johnson's house?"

I stood up and held out my arms as if waiting to receive something. "Why is it everyone knows about him except me?" I asked more out of frustration than anything else.

Jamie shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe because you are a dweebe that never talks to anyone..." he trailed off at the end and it was obvious his brain just kicked into overdrive.

"What?" I asked.

Jamie stood up and was facing me.

"What if Tate didn't kidnap his little brother; what if those people Runt is hanging out with took them both?"

He froze again as another thought seemed to be forming.

"Oh man, what if Tater was mad or something with Runt and since you sent that email, maybe Tater went to the barn. But he didn't really know where the barn was so maybe he made Mike take him and those guys captured them both."

While shaking my head I said, "That's exactly what I have been thinking all afternoon."

As if something had suddenly shoved a light bulb in his mouth Jamie's eye opened wide and seemed to glow. He leapt for his bedroom door, flipped the lock and turned back to me with a finger to his mouth to tell me to stop talking. No more then five seconds later there was a knock at his bedroom door just before it opened.

"Dinner's ready." Marsha said.

"Already?" the word was out of my mouth before I knew I had thought it.

"It's about ten minutes after four." She said and both Jamie and I looked over at his alarm clock.

"What are we having?" Jamie asked.

"Stuffed grilled shrimp with grilled asparagus spears aaannnnd," she drew out the `and' for effect, "I have a surprise for you both for dessert." She said, "You two get washed up."

I followed Jamie out of his room and into the bathroom.

"Wow that was close!" I said softly.

"Yeah tell me about it!" Jamie said turning on the water in the sink.

"How did you know she was coming?" I asked.

"The stuff on my wall moves whenever someone walks past it on the other side." He said handing the bar of soap to me.

"Think she heard us?" I asked.

He started rinsing his hands under the water, "Nah, she would have said something if she had."

Dinner was fantastic, I mean once I got over the idea of having an enormous shrimp lying on my plate. It really was good and when we were finished eating, Marsha brought out the dessert. We each got a Death by Chocolate sundae served to us in big glass sundae bowls with a wedge of double-fudge brownie sticking out of the tops of our sundaes. They almost looked to beautiful to eat, with the keyword there being `almost'!

By the time Jamie and I finished off our sundaes, we were wired to the max. However, Marsha had another surprise for us that would help us burn off all that sugar.

"Simon, how are you feeling?" she asked.

"Huh?" I grunted before realizing why she was asking, "Oh, I feel fine now! I don't even hurt a little." I assured her.

"Well in that case; Jamie, why don't you call your friends and see if they want to come over and play Russian War?" Marsha asked.

Jamie and I looked at each other but for different reasons. My reason was to ask what `Russian War' was; Jamie's reason for looking my way was to shout, "WARRRRRRRR!" and laugh like a maniacal toon.

Marsha smiled and told him to go call his friends if he wanted to play. He was up and to the phone before she could draw in another breath to speak.

I helped clear the table while Jamie called his friends; it didn't take him long to call nor did it take Marsha and I long to clear the table. I was making my second trip from the table to the kitchen with dirty dishes when she said very softly to me, "I'll change you before his friends get here."

I smiled and said, "That's okay! I already did it."

I was careful not to implicate Jamie just incase she wasn't so keen on the idea of Jamie diapering me. I just had a thought as I wrote that; what would she think if she knew what else we have done together?

Just about the time Jamie hung up the phone from making his last call there was a knock at the front door. Jamie ran to the door to open it.

"Hi Becky!" he said and I saw a kind of plain looking girl walk in.

She wore big black-framed glasses and had long black hair that was pulled back with a pink ribbon which matched her outfit perfectly.

Jamie was closing the door again when a high-pitched voice squealed, "Wait let me in!"

The voice turned out to belong to a boy with sandy-blonde hair, blue eyes and ears that could double as wings for a 747 jet!

"Oh sorry Noah! Didn't see yah." Jamie said, "Hey, where's Paul?"

"He's coming! He had to untie his shoes! Seems they somehow ended up tied into a million and one knots!" Noah said with an evil grin.

Jamie closed the door and surprised me at his manors.

"Noah, Becky, this is my brother Simon. Simon these are my friends Beck and Noah."

He grinned wickedly and added, "I think you can work out for yourself which is which.

I suddenly was feeling shy as I gave them both an awkward wave and a quick, "Hi".

My reason for being so bashful was because as Jamie was introducing them to me; in my mind I was hearing his words from when he had told me about his friends and the sex club they had formed together. When he said `Becky' my brain replayed the worlds, "She's catholic. All she does is kiss and watch." And when Jamie said Noah's name two words came to mind, `Kiss' and `Suck'.

There was another knock at the door and Jamie started to move toward it, but since Noah was still standing right beside the door he said, "I got it."

He opened it and in walked, who I guessed must be Vanessa and I was right. She wasn't what one might call pretty but she wasn't a total bow-wow either. She had curly reddish-brown hair that looked to have been styled with a leaf-blower. When she smiled, I remember thinking that she looked better when she didn't smile. The recording in my head was saying, "She'll let you do anything as long as Becky's there."

"Hi Nessa!" Noah said as Vanessa walked in.

Vanessa punched Noah right in the arm and it wasn't a girly punch either.

"Don't call me that!" she screeched and then blushed a little when she saw me staring at her. "And why are you staring at me?"

She had put her hand up as if it would stop me from seeing her.

"Sorry, didn't mean too!" I said softly.

Noah gave Vanessa a small push, "Hey be nice! That's Jamie's brother Simon!"

That was all the prodding she needed to warm up to me.

The four of us ended up sitting down to wait for Paul to show up. When he finally did; aside from looking like he was ready to bite Noah in half, I noticed right away that he looked exactly like his brother Noah. In fact, if Paul were about two inches taller they could pass for twins. They both even had the same chipped front tooth. I found out later in the evening that they were both big into BMX racing.

"Everyone ready to play?" Marsha asked from the direction of the table.

She was opening up several decks of cards and laying them on the table. All five of us made our way to the table and I finally got to ask, "So what is Russian War anyway?"

It was Becky that explained the game to me.

"Well we call it Russian War, but really it's called P'yanitsa."

Vanessa jumped right into the conversation, "That means Drunkard!" and then smiled at Becky.

"There are many versions of the game, but we play by Russian rules because we like it best." Becky sat down at the table and then continued, "For every two players we add a deck of cards. So... there are six of us so we'll be using three decks of cards."

The rest of us sat down at the table and Jamie's mom, Marsha brought us all in a big pitcher of punch and six icy mugs right out of the freezer.

"Thanks Mrs. Applegate!" Noah said and we all in turn thanked her as well.

"I'll be in my bedroom if any of you should need me." Marsha said, but when she said it she was looking right at me. I got the message loud and clear and covertly nodded back to her.

Without missing a beat Becky went right back to explaining how the game was played. I had a little trouble getting the hang of all the cards and what trumped what, but after we played two quick rounds I caught on and we started playing for real.

Vanessa chimed in again, "The one with all the cards at the end looses and is the Drunkard!"

"Sounds good to me!" I said and then asked, "Anyone want some punch?"

I filled everyone's mug for them while Becky dealt the cards out to us. Each full round we played took about forty minutes to play and we were about half way through our fourth round when Marsha came back out and announced that this would have to be the last game since it was getting late.

I was having so much fun playing the game, despite the fact that I'd lost the first two rounds and nearly lost the third one too; however at the last possible chance I managed to trump Paul's card and he ended up with all the cards.

I was so wrapped up in playing and having fun that I forgot about the time that was passing; I think we all did. It wasn't until the last round ended, which I lost of course, and I went to get up from my chair that I realized I'd wet my diaper so much that it had leaked and left my pants wet in the back. As I began to stand up I felt it almost immediately and nearly went into a full blown panick attack. I'm so very, very glad that Jamie picked up on why I suddenly sat back down.

"Uh, I'll let everyone out if you sort all the cards back into three regular decks." Jamie said to cover for me.

"Yeah sure I can do that!" I eagerly volenteered.

"You want some help Simon?" Noah asked.

I quickly shot back, "No, no! I got it! Thanks though."

"Yeah he's got it!" Jamie said pulling Noah away by the front of his shirt.

I worked slowly and did my goodbyes from a distant. "Thanks everyone! This was really fun!"

"You're all right Simon!" Paul said.

"Yeah! Hope we get to play again!" Vanessa said.

"I guess you like him because he always looses and you don't!" Jamie charged them.

Becky smiled at me, "See ya Simon!"

"Bye Becky, nice to meet you!" I said as she and Vanessa walked out together.

"Take it easy Simon!" Paul said followed by Noah, "Yeah take it easy!"

Jamie disappeared outside the door for a moment or two before coming back. "Man that was a lot of fun!" he said as he closed the door and locked it.

"Yeah that was great!" I replied still sorting out the cards.

"You spring a leak?" he asked right out of the blue.

Feeling very crestfallen I answered, "Yes!"

"Thought that's why you looked like you were about to start crying!" Jamie said picking up some of the cards and starting to sort them too.

"I wasn't going to cry!" I argued.

"Whatever, but you sure looked upset there for a second or two." He said.

"Well, thanks for not embarrassing me." I said softly.

Jamie stopped sorting long enough to look right at me and say, "I might think you are a total dork, but I wouldn't do something like that to you!"

"Uh, thanks! I think!" I said.

We finished sorting out the cards and stuffing them back into the boxes they came in. Marsha had come out to help clean up as we were finishing with the cards.

"Mom?" Jamie said.

"Yes sweetheart?" she answered back as she picked up the now empty pitcher with two of the mugs.

"I think Simon's going to need your help." He said and I instantly felt myself flush red; both out of embarrassment and out of anger. Not two minutes ago he said he'd never do something like that and here he is doing that very thing!

When she realized what had happened she said, "Oh you poor thing! Come on; let's go get you cleaned up and ready for bed."

As I stood up Jamie gave me a wink and I just wanted to put my fist into his face. Marsha put her arm around me and started escorting me to Jamie's room.

Jamie opened his big mouth one more time, "Don't worry about this stuff! I'll take care of it!"

Back in Jamie's room Marsha insisted on helping me strip off my clothes all the way down to my armor and soaking wet diaper. We both could smell the stench emanating from my now exposed diaper.

"Maybe asparagus wasn't such a good idea!" she commented.

"Huh?" I said not understanding what she was saying that for.

"Asparagus will make your pee come out smelling funny!" she said in an almost childish sort of way. "I think maybe we should get you a quick shower before bed!" she said with a forced smile.

Without offering me a robe or towel she escorted me out of the room and into the bathroom. She knelt down in front of me to remove my diaper, but I guess instinct caused me to shy away.

Marsha smiled again and this time it looked genuine, "I guess being awake is a lot different huh?"

I managed to nod.

"You want to try doing this by yourself?" she asked but before I could answer Jamie popped his head in.

"I can help him!" he offered.

"Jamie! Go get yourself ready for bed!" Marsha said.

He held his ground and said, "But I can! We take baths together all the time! I can help him wash and make sure he doesn't get hurt."

She looked back at me and I nodded my head vigorously this time.

"Oh alright! But I'm going to be just in the other room. If you need me, I want you to yell." She said standing back up.

Jamie came all the way into the bathroom and as he and his mom passed she reached out and grabbed his ear, "And no playing or rough housing in the tub! I mean it!"

"Ouch!" Jamie said, but I knew he was only saying that to get her to let go of him and leave us alone.

After she left and closed the door Jamie waited a full minute before reaching out and locking the door. When I heard the lock click I let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Thanks man! You saved my butt!"

"Hey! No problem!" he said pulling off all his clothes and letting them drop to the floor where he stood. I noticed right away that his penis was standing straight out from his body but I didn't say anything.

Jamie bent down in front of me and had to comment on the smell too.

"Dang Simon! You really stink!"

"It's your mom's fault!" I said.

"Why? Did she pee in your diaper?" he joked as he released the tapes; it fell off me and squished as it hit the floor.

"I think you probably shouldn't have drunk so much punch!" Jamie said while trying to roll the diaper like he had the other a few hours ago in his room.

"I didn't even realize I was!" I said.

Completely naked now, aside from my armor, which I left on until we were in the tub, the two of us got in and Jamie turned on the water. He insisted on washing every inch of my body and took extra time when he washed my bottom and my boyhood member. He spent so much time washing me down there that he got me all worked up and stiff again, which was alright seeing how he was in the same condition. I also got to stand under the water without my armor on while I watched Jamie wash his own body. I think having me watch him turned him on even more so he started doing it as if performing for me. I wanted to dive on top of him, but without my armor I didn't dare.

We had to switch places so he could rinse the soap form his body and when we did, our two ridged poles poked into one another's legs causing us both to giggle.

When Jamie was finished rinsing himself he said, "You want to do it here in the shower?"

I was feeling so excited that I didn't have to think about that question at all.

"Yeah!" I said rather stupidly.

"Okay, come under the water with me." He said.

"What about my armor?" I asked afraid I might hurt my exposed ribs.

"I will be careful." He said.

I stepped under the water and he squatted down in front of me and before I knew it he sucked my little boyhood member into his mouth. I gasped at the sudden sucking force his mouth created. He reached up and held onto me just above my hips to keep me from moving. He bobbed his head back and forth rhythmically and even though I had only been a few hours since I last shot my boy juices it didn't take me very long this time either.

"Jamie I'm going..." was all I had time to say. He pulled away and covered my penis with the washcloth until I was spent. He had to hold me up as my legs seemed to turn to Jell-O for a few seconds.

"You okay?" he said with the left corner of his mouth curled up.

Panting I said, "Yeah, yeah!"

"You sure?" he asked again as he stood up.

"Okay you're turn." I said, but he didn't want too do it just then.

"No, I think we need to get you out of the tub now." He said reaching down and turning off the water. When he was sure I was able to stand on my own again he got out of the tub and retrieved a towel. He then climbed back in the tub and proceeded to dry me off from head to two. He was so very gentle and never once did anything which could cause me any pain.

As he was drying between my fingers he held up my thumb and said, "You still got a little bit of a scar too!"

He held up his own thumb to show where he had cut us both during our blood brother ceremony about a week ago.

After he had completely dried me off he got back out of the tub and told me to stay put. I watched as he then dried himself off using the same towel before picking up the two pieces of my armor and drying them. While I was watching him I felt a small funny sort of feeling inside me that at first I mistook for a twinge of pain. I told Jamie and he quickly climbed back in the tub with me and strapped my armor back on good and tight. I didn't really need the help, but he insisted on helping me out of the tub too. When I lifted my left leg to step out I realized that what I had felt was not pain but a small contraction of my bowels.

"Oh! I need to go!" I said.

"Go where?" Jamie asked not understanding what I meant.

"I mean GOOOO!" I said holding the sides of my hips.

"Oh you mean... okay!" he said helping me the rest of the way out of the tub and over to the toilet.

"I'll go get dressed while you do that." He said.

"Um Jamie?" I said rather sheepishly.

"What?" he asked as I sat down on the toilet.

"I can't wipe on my own." I managed to say, but I couldn't look at him while I said it.

It didn't take him long at all to figure out what I was asking of him.

"Okay that's gross!" he grunted.

he said then said, "I think I better get mom for that!"

"Jamie no please!" I begged, "Please! I don't want..." I started to say but wasn't able to finish.

"Simon! She saw you naked twice yesterday! What's the big deal?" he asked right as my bowels opened and a loud fart shot out pursued by a very foul smelling log.

Jamie crammed the wet towel to his face in an effort to keep the smell from reaching his nostrils.

"Oh Simon that's just wrong!" he said through the towel.

"I can't help it!" I said apologetically.

He retrieved the rag we'd used during our bath and rinsed it in the sink really good to get my boy essence washed out of it.

"Are you done yet?" he said still holding the towel over his nose and mouth.

I defended my own stench, "It's not that bad!"

"Are you done yet!" he repeated.

"I think so!" I answered.

"Oh boy, I can't believe I'm going to do this!" Jamie said as he started to pull on the roll of toilet paper.

He had me stand up and bend over as far as I could without hurting myself.

"Hey, you are hardly dirty at all!" he said sounding very relieved.

"Dang how does something that stinky not make a mess!" he said as he wiped my butt for me.

"All done?" I asked.

"No wait! I am going to use this too!" and he wiped my backside with the washcloth for extra measure.

"Alright, that should do it, but I'm changing your name!" he said tossing the rag into the sink along with the towel.

He picked all his clothes up and held them to his bare chest as I flushed the toilet.

"Aren't you going to cover up with a towel?" I asked seeing him reaching to unlock the door.

"No!" he said and with a click and a turn he opened the door and walked out. I quickly followed after him hoping Marsha wasn't within sight, but luck must have got washed down the tub drain because we both walked into his room and Marsha was standing right there looking at us. She'd come in to get the stuff ready for me.

"Jamie, take your things into my room and get dressed." She told him.

He dropped his clothes on the floor by his door, picked up his pajamas and was gone, leaving me standing there completely nude except for my armor which doesn't cover anything important.

I think I turned the shade of a fire truck in that instant and it didn't subside until she had me diapered. The subject of pajamas for me never came up. As soon as she had the last tape in place she pulled the covered up over me and kissed my forehead good night.

Jamie came walking in wearing his pajama bottoms but carrying his shirt instead of wearing it. I expected Marsha to say something to him about it but she just bent down, picked up all his and my dirty clothes and left the room leaving the door standing open.

After he put his pajama shirt back away, he crossed over, closed his bedroom door, then came over and climbed into bed next to me.

"Sorry about that!" he said.

"For what?" I asked.

"I didn't know she would be waiting." He said.

When I didn't answer he asked, "You mad?"

"No!" I said pulling my arms out from under the covers and placing them on top.

Jamie rolled over on his side so that he was facing me. I turned my head toward him.

"What?" I asked.

I thought he was about to say something but he looked over at the door instead. Throwing off the covers he got back out of bed, went over to the door and locked it before clicking off the light. The room went completely dark and the only way I knew he was back in bed was because the bed shook and I could hear him breathing.

Even though it was pitch black in his room except for his clock radio I had the feeling he was staring at me.

"What?" I asked again.

"How'd you know I was looking at you?" he said.

"I could feel you!" I said.

"Really?" he asked.

He got really quite and I wondered if he had fallen asleep. I listened to the sound of his breathing and realized he was breathing shallow and fast. He wasn't asleep, he was horny!

"Are you doing what I think you are doing?" I asked.

"I'm not doing anything!" he said.

"Then why are you breathing so fast?" I asked.

Again he got quiet, but not for as long this time.

In an almost inaudible whisper I heard him say, "My turn."

With those two little words I felt the stirring within my diaper begin again.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked trying to match the tone and softness of his whisper.

"I want to wear one of your diapers." He whispered again.

"Is that all?" I asked.

"Yeah!" he said.

"Can you turn the light back on?" I asked.

"He reached over and turned on a small bedside reading lamp." It wasn't anywhere as bright as the room light, but it was plenty bright enough to see by.

"I'll get the stuff." I said.

"Okay." Jamie said and as I was getting up he was pulling off his pajama bottoms which left him totally naked there on his bed.

I went to my things, pulled out a fresh pair of the plastic pants and one of the disposable diapers as well as the diaper cream and powder. I went back over to Jamie's side of the bed, laid them next to his pillow, and patted his exposed tummy lovingly.

I started to apply the diaper cream, which was kind of fun given that his boyhood was standing at a perfect 90 degrees from his body. I had him lift his backside to help me get the diaper into place under him, but before I let him lower himself back down, I reached under him and smeared diaper cream around his butt cheeks. When I ran my fingers down inside his crack he started to laugh because it tickled him so much.

"Simon that tickles!" He complained.

I didn't say anything but continued to move my finger up and down his crack. I could not see what I was doing so I had to rely on my sense of touch only. I pressed my finger deeper into his crack. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and was biting down on it. When the tip of my finger touched his hole his entire body convulsed. I stopped, applied powder under him and let him down finally. His entire body was quaking and his eyes were squinted so tightly shut that they looked like little wrinkles instead of eyes. I pulled the diaper up and pressed his penis down against his abdomen and put it into place. I glanced back up at Jamie who was so entranced and he had a funny little grin.

I patted his thigh and said, "Back up again." And he obeyed.

I then slid the plastic pants under his diaper and placing my hand directly over his boyhood member pressed down and he lowered himself. I was able to snap the plastic pants over his diaper and when I finished getting it properly secured over his diaper, I made sure that all the diaper was tucked into the plastic pants. Just the way I'd learned from Lowell and mom, I ran a finger around the leg openings before leaning forward and kissing him lightly on the lips.

"All done!" I said.

I returned the cream and powder to my bag before joining him in bed again. Once I tucked myself in under the covers Jamie rolled over, snuggled up against me and we both drifted off to sleep in each others arms.


I only slept for about two hours before waking again. I had been having a very bad dream that both Mike and Tater were being tortured by a man wearing a long black cloak that completely enveloped him. When in my dream I saw the man strike Mike across his face with a whip I was instantly jerked awake. I sat up in bed feeling scared and lost.

"Simon you okay?" I heard Jamie ask and I remembered that I was in his bed in his room.

"I-I w-was hav-ving a b-b-bad d-d-d-dream." I struggled to get each word out.

Jamie sat up and wrapped his arms around me, "Sssssh! It wasn't real, and I'm right here to protect you."

Jamie pulled on me until I lay back down. He draped one leg over mine and then his left arm over my armor clad chest.

"You are not alone; I am here with you." He whispered into my ear and ever so softly he placed his lips against my cheek and kissed me until I fell back to sleep again with him holding me.