Simon's Journal

Volume III

Thirteen Sails
Adventures Abound

Written by Danny

Chapter - 30

Welcome to the family

If my life was a book and if Madam-M were the villain in the book I'd have to say that her character was very poorly written. Maybe the reason she reacted to my offer to join her band of evil doers the way she did was that she had been expecting me to take Bulls place by her side. Or perhaps she thought that since we were out at sea, there wasn't any chance of me changing my mind and trying to escape. At any rate, she welcomed me into the family quite literally with open arms.

She then took me on a tour of every part of the ship after first making a pit stop to get me changed out of my wet and soiled diaper and into a nice dry diaper. After being changed she took me to places on board that I hadn't seen before including the computer lab which was quite impressive. In there I saw Lowell working away but I don't think he even looked up once from his computer screen. If he knew I was there he didn't let on a bit.

Miss-M explained in a hushed voice that Lowell and the others were making subliminal DVDs and CDs that when watched or listened to by boys would, over time, cause them to become incontinent.

"Why on earth would you want to do that?" I asked.

"Oh my dear boy!" she schmoozed, "Because if all the boys of the world suddenly start wetting then they are going to neeeeeed?" Miss-M let it hang in the air as though she expected me to finish her thought.

"Diapers?" I offered and then I asked her, "Ok, I get that part but why would you want all the boys around the world to wear diapers?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she said pushing my hair out of my eyes.

"So then I'm guessing you have some stock in the Pampers or Huggies companies?" I asked trying to figure out the element that would tie all of it together.

"You could say that." She said knowingly. "For longer then you and I have been alive my family has been in the cloth diaper business. There was a time when nearly every cloth diaper bought or sold in the United States was made by my family."

"Oh I get it!" I said twitching my head to get my hair out of my eyes again, "You want to put your family back on top of the diaper industry." I said.

"Oh Simon you are so bright! You guessed exactly right!" She said patting me on the back rather firmly.

"So by listening to the CDs and DVDs anyone that hears them will become wetters like me?" I asked her.

"Not just anyone. The CDs and DVDs will only cause boys to wet." She said with odd pride.

"How's that work?" I asked and to make it seem that I was totally giving myself over to her I took hold of her hand as we walked.

"It's all in the way the subliminal recordings are created." She said.

"OK, but why not target girls too?" I asked not just to get myself totally engrossed into her diabolical plans but also because it didn't make sense to me not to target boys and girls alike. "I mean, won't you sell a lot more diapers that way?"

"There are two reasons for only focusing on boys and not the girls. The first is because the brains of the world will be looking at why only male children seem to be afflicted. They will look hard and intently at the male genetic code but all it will do is push them off the real cause for the boys' chronic wetting.

My head was started to hurt from all the information I had to take in, "Ok, I think I understand but what's the second reason?"

"Because only little boys should be in diapers!" she said cackling like a bad guy from some low budget spy movie.

As we walked to our next stop on the Banachelli tour I couldn't help but think that all of this seemed... well, so James Bondish! And let me tell you something else, I'm no James Bond and that is for sure! All of it was giving me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies; not to mention a whopper of a headache!

The power room was the next stop on the tour and I recognized the room because I'd spent so much time in it; I mean before it ever became such an important part of the ship. The power room was down in the belly of the Banachelli where the pits were. Ten generators had been set up, five on either side of the room. I had guessed that there had to be some sort of power station aboard but I hadn't expected there to be ten generators. I guess they were all needed to power the computer lab, ship lighting and everything else electrical.

"So what's fueling the generators?" I asked.

She gave me a smug grin as she answered, "Water of course!"

That one I didn't understand. I mean I get that we are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean but still, you can't burn water however I decided that I didn't need to know about that... at least not at the moment.

Next she took me to the very back of the ship to a large room the likes of which I'd only seen in movies. This particular room I hadn't been expecting at all. Everything in the room had been painted white and was spotlessly clean. I had a fleeting thought that my mother would love how clean the room was.

She told me that the twelve boys that worked in the White lab, that's what she called the room, had arrived with her. It turns out that they were a few of the boys that had escaped with Miss-M from the cave back in Ohio. They were all quite small, I can't say how old they were because every last one of them were dressed head to toe in white jumpsuits with hoods and each was wearing goggles and dust masks over their faces. Even their hands were covered in white cotton gloves. I found it particularly amusing that even with their jumpsuits on, I could still tell that all twelve of them were abundantly diapered.

The White Lab looked exactly the way you would expect a chemical lab to look with glass tubes, bottles, beakers and vials of all kinds of different colored liquids and powders. The only thing in the room that I recognized was the crates of small brown bottles.

"What are they making?" I asked.

What she told me made my blood run cold. I honestly hadn't been expecting to learn about this particular secret.

"It's the vitamins you've been taking." She said very matter-of-factly and overly proud.

She didn't explain in to much detail what the concoction did but she told me enough that I got the general idea.

"So it's like you've bottled the fountain of youth." I said.

"No, not exactly but I suppose it is as close a description as is needed right now." She said and I got the feeling that she was holding something back.

It didn't much matter because over time I've been able to put the full picture together and now I know that the so called vitamins were actually a chemical cocktail with several intended side effects such as stopping and even in some cases reversing the early onset of puberty. It also permanently altered the takers natural ability to control their bodily functions. There were other chemicals introduced to alter and/or heighten ones mood and probably the most important aspect of it was the fact that each bottle contained just enough opium to get each and every one of the boys aboard the Banachelli addicted to the stuff. Yes that's right, even me!

Chapter - 31

Cut to the quick

I think I am going to stop journaling at this point because Lowell and Jamie are both awake and climbing down from their bunk. Wow, I can't believe I spent all night writing.

Lowell was the first to climb down from the top bunk. He waddled over, wrapped his warm arms around me from behind and pressed his cheek against mine.

"Whoa baby! Someone's got a messy diaper!" Lowell said amorously and then realizing the way it must have sounded he quickly said, "Uh... I'm a real sicko aren't I?"

I only chuckled as I saved what I was working on.

"You've been up all night haven't you?" he asked giving me a wonderful squeeze.

I nodded, "Guess I lost track of time."

"How'd you sleep?" I asked.

"Great! And I've never felt better!" He said yawning and stretching but then he quickly said, "No wait..." paused a moment then cut a long loud juicy sounding fart. "Now I've never felt better!" he said laughing at his own joke.

I heard Jamie's feet hit the floor with a thump. He came over and hugged both Lowell and I.

"I think someone forgot to go to sleep again last night." Jamie said.

Lowell then jumped in with, "Oh man you're breath smells like you've been licking the cats butt!"

"HEY!" Jamie shot back, "I was curious!"

"You're sick dude! You know that, right?" I said listlessly to Jamie.

"Well, I think someone's going to need a nap after bit!" Lowell added.

Jamie quickly backed away from the two of us and exclaimed, "Peeeew! Which one of you smells like something crawled out of you and died?"

In unison Lowell and I pointed at one another and said, "Him!"

"Well whichever one of you did it," Jamie started to say while holding his nose, "you better see a doctor `cause that smell is not normal!"

I turned in my chair, put my hands on my knees and said, "Like you'd know anything about being normal!"

Jamie's comeback was simply to wave the two of us off and head for the door. As he reached for the knob he stopped and looked over at the two of us, "You coming?"

"I'm just going to finish this off then I think I need to get changed." I said to him.

And right on queue in walked my mom looking like she had been up for hours already. Jamie jumped a good three feet in the air and squealed like a girl hopped up on helium.

"Morning boys!" she cooed not realizing that she'd just given Jamie a near heart attack.

"What the heck was that?" I asked Jamie with a laugh.

His only comment was, "What?"

Lowell thought it was hilarious. "For a second there you sounded like you'd been bit on the butt." He said with a snort of laughter.

"Morning mom!" Jamie said while giving Lowell and me the evil-eye.

Lowell must have got up on the right side of the bed because he sang out with, "Good morning to you! Good morning to you! Good morning, good morning, gooooooooood mooooorrrrrninnnnng toooooo yoooooooouuuu!"

After the note he struck there at the end dogs in Europe were howling and the penguins in Antarctica were falling over dead.

"Dude!" Jamie said while covering his ears, "Don't give up your day job!"

Lowell tried to sound hurt as he said, "But-but-but singing is my day job!" and that even got mom and me to laugh a bit.

Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek as she made her way over to the bed to get Lowell and my brother out of their wet diapers.

"Good morning my dear sweet boy!" she whispered into my ear.

Yawning I answered back, "G'morning mom!"

One by one mom stripped us out of our wet diapers and since I was the only one of us that had a load it took a bit longer to get me tidied up. The guys waited patiently for her to wipe my bottom, well at least most of it, and then the three of us were sent to have a bath. Let me tell you, we sure needed it too; between the three of us we were producing enough stink that even I was being gagged by it.

It was kind of crowded but the three of us got in the tub together anyway. We took turns getting under the shower and Jamie carefully washed my back for me. As I was washing my hair I felt something gritty. I gave a small giggle and said, "I still got sand in my hair."

What I hadn't known was that mom was walking past the bathroom door at that very second and heard what I'd said. She came in and took charge of washing us while investing extra time in washing my long hair.

"You know Simon..." Jamie started to say.

I read his thoughts and before he could finish I snapped at him with a firm, "NO!" I also made sure to give him a good, solid poke in the gut... I mean just for good measure.

Jamie giggled, "Let me finish first!" and he started to punch my arm but thought better of it seeing how mom was right there. It was actually kind of humorous because he had already balled up his fist and was in mid-swing when he realized that he probably shouldn't do it. So he tried to play it off by flexing his fingers and then running them threw his hair.

"Yeah you better not!" I warned while wagging a finger in his face.

"But," he tried once more to say what he wanted but I snapped at him again. "No!" However this time I didn't poke him.

He took in a deep breath and in one quick run-together sentence he said, "You-could-get-a-hair-cut-but-still-have-it-kind-of-long."

If mom hadn't just shoved me under the running water to rinse my hair I probably would have come back with more then just, "Stow it dork-boy!"

Jamie continued despite my resounding opposition. "I mean get it styled in a cool guy's sort of way."

Growling slightly I once again said, "No!"

"You could look more like a boy and less like a girl." Jamie added and I knew he was only teasing but I guess Lowell hadn't.

Lowell hauled off and punched Jamie in the back and I don't mean no soft, playful tap either; he really socked Jamie hard.

Mom got after both of them. "Lowell stop hitting or I'll be the one doing the hitting. And Jamie, leave your brother alone!" Mom said while lathering my hair for the third time.

I was beginning to get the feeling that I was being ganged up on when Lowell started in on me next. "You don't look like a girl at all but you should still get it cut like a rock star and get it died black with a cool white stripe down one side."

"Then he'd look like the bride of Frankenstein you nimrod!" Jamie said which got me to laugh and made shampoo get in my eyes.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" I squealed, "Mom it burns! It burns!"

"Well what did you open your eyes for?" She said trying to wipe my eyes with the wet washcloth while holding my head under the running shower water.

I continued to groan and complain for another minute until mom had me tilt my head back to allow clean water to flow into my eyes.

"Better?" she asked.

"Way better!" I answered trying to rub my eyes while still under the water.

"Stop rubbing them or you'll get soap in them again." Mom said pulling my hands away from my face.

"Whoa dude, your eyes are like soooo red!" Lowell commented.

Mom left me in the bathtub to soak a little while longer while she took Jamie and Lowell to my room to get them re-diapered. So I took the opportunity to relax a bit and turned the knob a bit more toward hot. At first the hotter water kind of stung against my sun backed skin and the healing wounds on my back but then I really started to get into it. Oh man it felt so dang good!!!

She returned a few minutes later with a disposable diaper in one hand and a hairdryer in the other. After getting me dried off with a towel she had me lie on the towel right there on the bathroom floor while she diapered me. She then had me stand with my back to her while she sat on the toilet lid to blow my hair dry and comb out all the tangles.

"I'm still seeing some sand next to your scalp." She said.

"Probably going to take just as long to get it all out as last time huh?" I said referring to how my hair was when I'd first returned home.

"If it was that bad again I would hold you down and shave your head myself!" she said running a fingernail over my ribs.

"Hey no fair tickling!" I objected.

I didn't say anything for a while but instead I just stood there while mom brushed my hair and blew it dry. Mom says that you shouldn't blow-dry your hair too often as it causes split ends and can make your hair brittle but I'm glad she offered to do it this time cause the hot hair from the hair drier after that hot shower made me feel even more relaxed.

While she worked I guess I was mostly thinking of what Lowell and Jamie had said in the tub. I mean I suppose that if I were to just get it cut a little, so that it wasn't quite so long and so much work to keep brushed then I would still have longer hair but not crazy long.

"Mom?" I said kind of sheepishly.

"Yes?" she answered but I could tell that she was concentrating on her work.

But I couldn't say it so instead I said, "Never mind."

She stopped brushing and spun me around so that I was facing her; however she had to move my hair out of my face to be able to look me in the eyes.

"What is it?" she asked in a sweet soft voice.

I couldn't get my eyes away from hers and I guess that was how I got the courage to say, "Do you think I look like a girl?"

The words came out so soft and mumbled that I doubted she had even understood me.

"Of course I don't." she said rubbing my chin. "I think you are very hansom."

After another moment of thought I said the words that were some of the hardest words I'd ever had to say. "Do you think that maybe if I only got a little cut off then it wouldn't be so hard to care for all the time?"

She leaned forward and kissed my lips, "Baby if you want to leave your hair just like it is then that is fine with me. I don't mind brushing it or helping you take care of it. But if you're thinking about getting it cut then you need to be extra sure that's what you want to do. Once it's cut, it can't be glue back on."

When I didn't respond mom gently turned me back around and continued brushing. After a while Lowell and Jamie returned to the bathroom looking like they were up to something.

"What have you boys been doing in there so quietly?" Mom said suspiciously.

Lowell held out a picture he and Jamie had printed off the computer. It was an anime picture of a boy about my same age but a little skinnier and paler too. The boy in the picture was standing sideways showing that he had long hair past his shoulders and down to the small of his back. It had all been pulled back and braided from the base of the boys' skull.

"It looks kind of the way the men wore their hair back in colonial days only longer." Mom said while scanning the image.

"Maybe you can do yours like that too?" Jamie said however the way he said it this time was different, like maybe he wasn't really making fun of me but was trying to be helpful.

"Well we can try it now without even having to cut any off." Mom offered.

I didn't speak; I only nodded my willingness to try.

It didn't take mom very long to braid my hair and when she was done she used a black hair band to keep the ends from coming unbraiding.

When I looked in the mirror I was kind of stunned; I mean it looked really cool the way she had done it. Instead of pulling my hair behind my ears she had just pulled it all back so that my ears were covered and started the braid where my head connects to the back of my neck. Even still my braided tail extended down past the edge of my diaper.

I hadn't noticed that Jamie and Lowell had gone back to the bedroom so they hadn't seen it yet.

"What do you think?" mom asked.

"I think I like it." I said quickly.

What I thought was cool was how fat and flat the braided tail was. It didn't look girly at all; as a matter-of-fact it reminded me of a dragon's tail... well sort of.

"What?" Mom asked when I'd stopped swinging it around and was intently staring at my reflection.

Sort of thinking out loud I asked, "Do you think it is still too long?"

"Do you want to try taking a couple inches off?" Mom asked very hesitantly.

She turned me sideways so I could see how it fell across my back and then she showed how much she thought I should cut off.

"About that much?" she asked.

"Do you think that would be good?" I asked back.

"Baby it is up to you but we can try that much and see how you like it." She said.

I pushed the bathroom door completely closed and locked the two of us in.

"Ok," was all I said.

Mom took the hair cutting scissors out of the vanity drawer and had me stand sideways again. She put the scissors in place and before cutting she asked, "Is right there good?"

"Yeah," I said with a cracking voice.

Holding my tail in one hand she cut about three inches off.

"Now hold still," She said, "let me get another hair tie on the end so it doesn't come undone."

I stood looking at the hair lying on the floor which she had just cut off. It was still wrapped with the black hair band and to be honest it didn't look like very much hair at all. When I looked in the mirror it didn't seem like she had taken anything off even though I knew she had.

"It looks the same." I said sturdily.

Mom let me take it in for a bit before asking, "Do you like it like that then?"

"Um, do you think we should do a little more?" I asked even though I wasn't feeling too confident about it.

The two of us did this same dance three more times until mom had cut off what seemed to be nearly a foot of my hair. It was now hanging a couple inches below my shoulder blades and though I almost got kind of teary for a couple minutes during the whole process it wasn't as hard to do as I thought it would be. Actually now that it is done I kind of like it shorter. I mean my hair isn't short at all but compared to how it was this morning it is a lot shorter.

When we finally opened the bathroom door I went down the hall to my room only to discover that Jamie and Lowell were not in there.

I decided that since I was sporting a new hairdo I needed to go all out. So I got totally dressed, nice black dress pants, a white button-up shirt over a clean white t-shirt. I even put on a black belt and black dress shoes before I went in search of Lowell and Jamie.

It didn't take long to locate them; they were in the kitchen giving dad a hard time about breakfast. When I walked into the kitchen all three of them turned to look at me. By their expressions I could tell that they hadn't expected me to actually go through with cutting my hair.

While the three of them stared with open mouths and bulging eyes mom had managed to sneak up behind me. I didn't have a clue that she was back there either.

"Well what do you think?" I said spinning around like a fashion model and that's when I saw mom standing there smiling and crying. I didn't bother to say anything about her crying `cause I know I sure wanted to cry a couple times too.

"Holy shit you really cut it!" Jamie gasped and I don't think he knew that he had cussed. Well he didn't know at first but when dad shoved the wet dish sponge in Jamie's face he got the hint.

Dad was beaming when he said, "I really like it!"

Lowell didn't say anything at first. He walked up to me and gave the braid a gentle tug before he commented but what he had to say wasn't for anyone else's ears. Leaning in close he cupped his hands over where he thought my ear was supposed to be and whispered.

"You look like a well dressed pirate!"

Let me tell you... that was the right thing for him to say too.