Stall For Two

(Installment Two)

by GareCubOK

I walked out of the men's room with extremely wobbly legs. Hell you would be wobbly too if you just got force fucked in a bathroom stall by a dominant leatherman with a footlong cock! My intention was to go get another beer to cool off, but after only a couple of steps I froze next to the wall when I saw who was already up at the bar. My hot fucker was standing there talking to a near clone of himself. Bald head, goatee, tattoos on the arms, and a leather vest. I wasn't sure how to proceed. Should I go on up and try to talk to him, or maybe steer clear of him and act like everything was ok? What was I thinking? It was just an encounter...I had to get it through my thick skull that it was just an encounter. Just get over it! But it was hard to get over leaking ass was literally a painful reminder. I needed a beer. So why wasn't I moving? Suddenly they both looked in my direction and kept talking with big smiles on their faces. Were they talking about me? I couldn't let them get to me. I decided to head for the bartender, get a beer, and just be cool and calm. Okay, I had it together now. I took a step forward...

An arm shot out in front of me, stopping me in my tracks! It was a muscular and extremely hairy arm of a Bear, his huge hand planted firmly against the wall and his whole stocky body now blocking my way. He was wearing a black t-shirt and a tuft of fur was sticking out at the top of the neck line. I had to wonder how much more fur was under that shirt. I couldn't help but stare at his full but well-groomed beard.

"Ya look like ya might be thirsty." He said while he lifted his other paw into view holding a beer bottle. "You can have a swig."

"Thanks, but I can get my own." I replied politely and tried to step around him.

He blocked my move and stressed, "I really wish you would taste's a little warm but I think you will like it."

I felt as though I were insulting him so I took the bottle and gulped down quite a bit. It was warm alright, and very flat. I handed the bottle back to him. "No offense but that is pretty bad beer."

His mouth formed into a wicked grin. "Ya know, your lips sure looked good wrapped around that bottle." Before I could react, he locked his furry mouth onto mine, crammed his tongue deep inside and began to explore, tasting my tongue. When he pulled back, he added, "But it was ok, right? I mean, what if it were the only thing around to drink?"

I was stunned by the kiss, but it was also kind of nice. I still tasted the stale liquid and agreed, "Okay, yes, if it were the only thing to drink I would drink it."

He seemed pleased with my answer, though I had to be honest, "But it was still pretty bad beer."

He smiled broadly this time, showing all of his straight white teeth. "Who said it was beer?"

"What?" I was confused.

He leaned in close to me and almost demanded, "Come with me and I'll show ya." He put an arm around my shoulders and urged me back to the men's room. He turned me towards the stall of which I was now very familiar. If he only knew what had happened in there earlier. He insisted I sit down on the toilet and he began to unzip the fly to his faded jeans.

"Now wait a minute, what are you doing?" I started to rise up but he quickly pushed me back down.

"Sit down there and open your mouth!" He said as he pulled his chubby limp dick out into view.

"I don't wanna..." He slapped me before I could get out the words.

"Open your damn mouth!" He growled.

I did as I was told and his stream started immediately. He was pissing into my mouth!

"Swallow it all or it will get all over you and make you stink like a pig." He moved in closer and I took the head of his cock into my mouth, letting him use me like a urinal.

I swallowed it as fast as I could. Why was I doing that? What the Hell was I doing? The taste wasn't fact it was familiar. Oh Lord! That's what was in the beer bottle! No matter how hard I tried, there was still some leaking out of my mouth and dripping down the front of my shirt. Oh God no! I didn't want to do this!!

"Don't waste it!" he grinned as he saw the leakage. "You're gonna smell like a pig! That what you want? You like a little piss on your shirt pig? You must be a sure are gulping that shit down. You my little piggy? Yeah I thought ya looked a little thirsty when I first saw ya. Drink that piss, pig! You're nothin but a damn urinal!"

His hot stream began to weaken to a dribble, and then stopped, but I began sucking. What was I doing? This can't be happening! I had to have more of that tasty cock. As I sucked, it began to lengthen and widen in my mouth. The Bear began to fuck my mouth as his cock grew and hardened. It was a good eight inches and almost too wide to fit into my mouth, but I managed. I had to have that thick Bear cock in my mouth! I needed it! My hands roamed up inside his shirt finding a a thick forest of Bear fur...God it was a great feeling to run my fingers through all that manly chest and belly hair. He continued to ram harder, shoving that meat down my throat. I was choking and gagging...Oh God, I was going to smother to death! Someone help me!

"Yeah pig, choke on my cock! You know you need it! My balls are startin to churn pig! Getting ready to blow a heavy load! That what you want pig? Want me to feed you my load? Yeah, you need to be fed piggy! You need to feel a man's cock shooting down your throat! You need to swallow fill your belly full of sperm...ain't that right piggy?"

I couldn't answer, only moan as I sucked harder and harder. The taste of that fat cock leaking tons of precum was almost too much to take...I was in a state of euphoria as it used my throat like a pussy, knowing full well that cum could shoot out of it at any moment. I couldn't help it...I needed it...I needed to be used by this big bear! No! I can't do this! I already took his piss...I can't take his cum too!!

"That's right pig, keep're gonna get a nice hot treat! I'm gonna drown you with my cum! That's right, take my fuckin man cock down your faggot throat. You need my fluids, don`t ya boy?. You need it bad...taking cum and piss like a fuckin toilet...damn you're a nasty PIG!"

No! That wasn't me! I couldn't do this...someone please help me get away from this dirty man! Oh my God...what is that? My ass was leaking cum, soaking the seat of my jeans...I could feel kind of felt hot. What the Hell was happening to me?!

"Okay, Piggy, get ready! I'm gonna pump you so full of cum it's gonna shoot out your nose! Here it cums boy! Keep suckin! Gonna feed ya my seed! OH SHIT!!! I'M GONNA SHOOT RIGHT DOWN YOUR FUCKIN THROAT!!! AH FUCK, YOU DAMN TOILET, TAKE MY NASTY LOAD!!! I'M CUMMIN!!! TAKE IT!!! CHOKE ON IT!!! SWALLOW IT ALLLL!!!

I sucked. I swallowed. I loved every bit of that hot, salty load. Oh God save me, I've lost my fucking mind! My belly was full of this nasty man's fluids and I wanted more! I kept sucking even though he was spent, and he suddenly pulled away.

"Enough pig! Get the fuck away from me! You make me sick, ya damn toilet!" He slapped my face again and shoved his cock back into his fly. Go find somebody else to feed ya, ya nasty piece of shit!"

And then he was gone through the stall door. I leaned back against the tank of the toilet, my stomach was beginning to gurgle, or was it my guts? I stayed still until the feeling passed. Until I came to my senses. I was thirsty...after all, I had just consumed alot of salt. Maybe now I could get that beer.

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